Hera (FMb,anal,forced)

Hera (FMb,anal,forced)

Prologue: Even the old Gods had family problems.

Hera look for her husband ‘Zeus’ and found him. She threw open the door catching him in the act of buggering a young boy ‘Ganymede’. He had recently brought the beautiful boy to Olympus. She watched, her furry mounting as her husband remained mounted on the young boy, even after making eye contact with her. His strong loins working up into the backside of the cute lad. The boy was lost in the sensation of being sodomized, his young face a mix of conflicting emotions as he gasp and grunted to Zeus’s controlled lust. She lost control, shouting out her rage. Zeus raised one of his arm in a simple gesture, white light filling her vision….
She woke with a start, looking about the simple straw hut. It was dark with the bright moon coming through the small open window. She sat up looking about, confused for a long moment before her memories flooded back. She was Arigh, five seasons old now. The sounds of the night filled her senses as she huddled back down on the small straw filled cloth bedding on the dirt floor closing her eyes, her young mind tuned to the night.
A sudden commotion brought her up again, sounds of screaming, men running, fighting ‘they were under attack’. Her farther, mother were up grabbing the simple weapons they had and rushing out, leaving her huddling against the straw wall. She trembled gathering her nerve to look out the small window. The gathering noise grew closer, shouts, screams, she rose wide-eyed peering out. Her mother, father stood with some of her neighbors facing the loud sounds piercing the calm of the night.
Leather clad forms came out of the dark, lunging at her parents. The fight was much too brief with her mother, father laying in a bloody heap. The door to the hut shattered inward a large leather clad man stood in the dim looking dead at her, still standing at the small window. His eyes gleamed like a demon possessed. She remained frozen in place as he started removing his garments. All the stories she had heard came back haunting her, of evil men that raped little girls, boys too.
His adult nude form came into the bright moonlight spilling into the small hut in front of her. Purpose shone on his face. Her father, mother had sex in the hut at night thinking her asleep and she watched sometimes, but she sensed this was vastly different. His penis was fully stiff, seemingly huge to her as he grabbed her by the arm. Unlike her father this man was a warrior, mussels rippling with each movement he made. Numerous scares covered his torso. He pulled on her simple coverings tearing them from her young body, leaving her nude in his strong grip.
One of his huge hands found her throat squeezing, choking her as he guided her head toward his loin. The huge penis loomed close, Arigh closed her mouth as it moved toward her face. The hand tightened more, in the end eyes bulging she open her mouth, thankful to feel the grip loosen. Her heart bounded loud in her ears. The musky firm head forced its way into her mouth going quickly to the back of her throat, forcing her to gag strongly. His strong hand gripped her head keeping her from pulling back, she gagged strongly again, her stomach lurching up. The thick penis went into her opening throat hole as she heaved up uncontrollably. Bile came up against the thick penis plugging her throat, her young face forced into the thick mat of course pubic hair. Another sharp retch took her the bile burning her throat as she tried swallowing it back down.
The thick penis pulled out suddenly the wet popping sound ringing through her senses. A string of spittle hung from her chin to the end of his adult penis as she sucked in a jagged wet breath that left her coughing harshly. His huge hands gripping the hair on the top of her head holding her face before his spittle slick stiff penis. Her eyed watered over the world becoming a haze. If not for the painful grip of his hand in her hair she would have teetered over.
The penis filled her mouth again and she gagged as it went against the back of her mouth. A hand against the back of her head pulled her abruptly onto his stiffness with it slipping on in deep. Her nose mashed against his densely matted loin, held there much too hard. Her body locked into a full open mouthed heave, so intense her stomach hurt. Puke came up against the plug deep in her throat so hard she couldn’t swallow it back down. She heaved again, her mouth open wide around the base of the thick rod of man flesh. The rod pulled free leaving her still heaving harshly, throat burning.
The man strongly turned her facing away from him, she could feel his stiff penis going between the crack of her buttocks. The air she sucked wetly into her lungs burnt her throat, thick drool of spittle and bile dripped thickly in strings off her chin. The firm spittle slick blunt tip of the mans penis went against her butt hole. He opened her virgin hole in a swift stab that left her rigidly stiff in his strong grip for a long moment. She could never have imagined such intense pain.
He held her tightly as he started humping, her rectum being pulled along with the gripping thickness, all the while the blunt tip digging deeper. The pain faded somewhat as the thick spittle spread assisting the stiff rod as it strove deeper. Arigh could almost handle what he was doing now, but for a building sensation deep in her rectum that she was going to need to use the bathroom, and soon. She tried to pull free but his controlling grip on her was complete. Arigh turned her head looking up at him in the bright moonlight that playing across them from the window. Sadistic pleasure gleamed in his eyes. The penis dug in deeper still making her cry out as it forced opened a deeper path than she thought possible making her body contort stiffly in his grip.
His loin went up into the cleft of her buttocks, his knees forcing her legs to open as one of his large hands came around her onto her abdomen keeping her from lurching free. And he kept pressing till firmly and completely up into her. Arigh’s gut churned through the sharp cramping, as a fierce growing need to defaecate was building inside of her. She realized in a flash of clarity that this was what he wanted her to feel. The pressure of urgent need mounted to unbearable before she felt him slightly preposition himself the stiffness inside her gut flexing stiffly then pulling back suddenly.
It was pushing back into her before she could react, digging fully in, swiftly, as a rush of sensation went flooding through her bowel. Arigh couldn’t even think of control in any sense, her mind collapsed into the vile encompassing sensations that was leaving her bucking lewdly, being controlled in the vilest way. Till his loin fully seated against her bottom, she could even feel the man’s seed as it rushed in madding spurts filling her gut, the shock of the act froze on her young face.
Dawn was just starting to light up the morning as his penis pulled from her intestine. She stood on weak legs as he washed from her dead parents wash bowl and dressed. He grabbed her arm pulling her through the door into the glow of early morning. Horror and shock met her. Her dead parent and neighbors were impaled on shaft running up through them. The boy next door was being pulled through the door of his hut, nude like her. She could tell they had rape him too. Two men held him, forcing him over as a man shoved a long wooden shaft up between his legs. He convulsed in their grip as they forced it through him till it protruded out his shoulders before lifting him upright still convulsing, impaled, letting it slide into a hole.
Arigh watched as they simply picked up another long thick wooden shaft coming toward her. She lurched in the mans grip trying to escape but she was held tightly by the arm as they closed in. Two men grabbed her by the arms ruffly forcing her over, her head swiveled around in panic, she screamed as the man came in behind her the thick sharpened rod aimed at her bottom and came up as it found her abused back passage. It was forced abruptly up into her rectum and farther. White pain went through her as the rod penetrated its way through her body leaving her convulsing in spasms of pain, she too was lifted upright……
She…? He woke with a start, Billy looked around, ‘he was Billy right’? The dream stuck in his head, it seemed so real, he could still remember the pain, the horror. The small clock showed 7:00 o’clock. His mother appeared at the door to his room.
“Time to get up dear” she said cheerfully. “Ready for your first day of school”
He was in first grade now and his mother and dad had shown him the way there only a few blocks away. He grabbed his books his mother kissing his cheek and he took off. He went confidently down the sidewalk holding his new books tightly thinking about the new friends he might make in school. Passing a van he heard a noise and turn, a hand went over his mouth and he was picked up suddenly. He was brought through the open side door of the van, his books spilling out onto the side of the road. The door slammed shut. He struggled vainly as a mans strong hands went quickly taping his arms behind him, his legs together, and finely a rag stuffed into his mouth with tape going over his mouth.
He watched helplessly as the man climbed into the drivers seat and started the engine. He struggled against the tape vainly eyes moving wildly around as fear welled up in him. Shortly the van came to a stop, engine turned off, the man climbed out. The side door slid open. The tape was pulled from his legs and Billy found himself standing in a garage facing a door into a strange house. A large hand gripped the back of his neck tightly guiding him through the door through a kitchen and down a short hall. The room they went into had the windows boarded up.

Billy was shoved forward toward a small bed and staggered to a stop turning watching as the man lock the door. He backed up as the man came toward him bumping into the bed. He found himself lifted setting on the edge, with shoes and sock being pulled off. The man pushed him over laying back his large hands going to Billy’s pants, pulling them down and off throwing them onto a cushioned chair beside the bed. As the man reached for his underwear Billy kicked at the man almost connecting with his face and was rewarded with a swift hard slap across the head making his head swim. He looked up at the man holding his underwear, gazing down onto his naked half. He noticed the man rubbing a bulge in his own pants.
The man still staring at him started to undress, pulling his own clothes off. Billy lay there afraid to move but unable to turn his own gaze away. The man pulled his underwear off the adult male stiffened cock sticking out looking huge compared to Billy’s barely six year old boy penis. The attention of the man turned to Billy, turning him over and removing the tape binding his hands, then pulling his shirt off leaving him just as naked as the strange man. There was a large mirror on a wall with a pole running from wall to wall in catches. The man pick up a roll of wide tape from a small table guiding Billy by the back of the neck to the wooden pole in front of the mirror forcing him under and his back against it.
With the pole across his back the man pulled one arm along the pole taping it tightly to the pole, then the other arm. With Billy’s arms stuck out to each side taped along the pole, the man slid a step in front of him. Then lifted one end into another higher notch forcing Billy to step up onto the step or be left hanging in the air, then the other side was set even with the other. Billy could see himself in the mirror fully naked standing on the elevated step, the man walking around behind him looking him over closely, all the while rubbing over his stiff seemingly long penis. The whole thing seeming surreal as he stepped up behind Billy, the warm rod going along the cleft of Billy’s buttocks and up his back as the man press up against him.
A hand went around Billy’s waist, in the mirror he could see it feeling over his groin caressing over his tight small testicles, fondling his smaller penis. All the while the thick warm rod of flesh moving up between his ass cheeks and up pressing against his back. Both of the mans hands now roamed over him, feeling over his abdomen, chest, and face, always going back to his groin. The huge penis went between his legs poking out a full three inches with his small testicles press tightly on top of the huge rod. He stared down at the surreal sight. The tip move back and forth a few time between his legs sliding under his small boy testicles. Before pulling away.
The man went to the small table pulling out a small jar of patrolmen jelly and a length of rope with handles on each end. He watched as the man popped the lid scooping out a glop and spreading it over his fully stiff cock till it shined menacing in the light of the small room. The man moved behind Billy and through the mirror he could see the frantic excitement on the mans face as he move in close. The rope was looped around his neck, the wooden ends dangling down over his back coldly. Then a blunt fleshy press going between his buttocks, finding his butt hole. A hand went around him gripping his groin as the blunt pressure mounted against his virginal anus hurting him. Billy lifted onto his toes, the pressure only followed the hand pressing over his groin keeping him from worming free.
A lunge from the blunt headed penis had it popping up into his virgin boy rectum his body going ridged from the gripping sharpness of the sudden pain. The hand on his groin play ruffly over his young parts as he trembled in the grip of the sudden thickness holding his rectum open around it. In the mirror he could see the pained horror on his own face. He cried out through the now damp rag stuffed in his mouth. His legs squirmed stiffly over the top of the steps he was on as the pressing pressure from the thick penis had it going up into him even deeper.
The huge strong hands of the man went to his hips holding him in place all the while working his adult penis into him even farther still, unrelenting in its urgency. Billy cried out again through the rag his scream muffled as the penis filled his rectum the man still probing cruelty to get more into him. Then something deep at the end of Billy’s rectum gave in to the relentless assault. Billy’s body shuddered as the thick cock slipped past the end of his young rectum into his large intestine the man pressing on firmly till he had his loin probing up into the small cleft of Billy’s young buttocks. Billy body trembled in shock of the cruel assault into his gut, the mans hands roaming over his body again as Billy remained frozen in place unable to even move. The adult cock flexing thick.
The huge hands slipped back to his slender waist gripping him firmly as the man readied himself. Billy wanted to cry out ‘NO’. And collapsed down as the thick rod in his gut pulled back. He watched as his body convulsed under the assault of the cruel man, his hip held in place, the lower half of his body lurching in vain to conform to the uncomfortable thick stiff rod as it kept getting planted deeply into his intestine. A sudden urge to poop swept over him forcing him to strain hard suddenly. The blunt head of the mans cock mashed up into his deep stool, he could plainly feel it and moaned loudly from the deep gross feeling. This only slightly slowed the mans movements and sent a rush of urgent sensations through Billy’s bowel leaving him fiercely straining again, he couldn’t stop it. Through his watered eyes he could make out the mans gleaming pleasure racked features of his face in the mirror staring back at him. He blinked his eyes clear, the man seem to be enjoying Billy’s degrading torment, timing his movements into Billy’s gut for maximum discomfort.
Billy’s bowel screamed for release, his red flushed body tensing up under uncontrollable urge to defaecate. His young sweet drenched face now beet red a mere foot from his eyes reflecting the urgent strain he felt. The movement of the mans lunges became erratic and Billy stared wide eyes into the mirror as the man lifted the rope by the handles. The loin of the man went up into the open cleft of his ass, the stiff adult cock swelling hugely leaving him gripped by the overwhelming fullness of it. The rope looped around his neck tighten uncomfortably, and he looked up at the mans face reflecting back at him.
The man held the wooden ends of the rope in each hand pulling the loop tighter, a wild gleam washing over his adult face as he stared at Billy’s reflection in the mirror. Billy stared in horror at what he saw, he felt the huge cock swell even more and a rush of hot liquid spray deep in his intestine. Blood pounded in his head as the rope went even tighter, more liquid gushed into him from the blunt tip of the penis. Billy could see the mussels on the mans arms trembling. ‘MOMMY’ the world went white…….

Dr. Jane Hoffman opened her eyes looking around the sparse plastic and metal room. She was laying on a retractable bed of her own design. The room seemed to be a replica of the ones she had viewed of the Star Ship they were building in orbit… or would be building soon, she was confused. She got up going over to the small sealed view port that was set a little higher than the designs called for. Raising on her toes she peered out onto a sea of unknown stars? She turned rushing to the sealed sliding door passing a mirror and froze at the sight of her reflection.
A young boys image reflected back of about five or six clad only in a shirt. She pulled it up relieving the hairless groin of a young boys penis and testicles. More confusion? Hoffman’s mind spun trying to put together what had happened. What was the last thing she remembered, that was the key. She had gotten the call to go have her brain scanned as a template for the vitro’s that would be stored in stasis on the long voyage. They were grown in tubes and had no memories of their own, so first generation were to be given the memories of the top scientist and engineers to give them a chance of success on a new planet, a new beginning. Her mind was in the body of a small boy ‘What had gone wrong’.
She.. He went to the door key pad punching in her code ‘DENIED’ She.. He tried all the codes he, she could remember ‘DENIED’ ‘DENIED’ ‘DENIED’… A light came on showing the door being open from the other side. The door slid open squeaking sharply as if old. A nude man stood there grinning down at her.. him.
“Hello Dr.” He said “Before you ask, let me say were twelve years in, anther twenty-five to go and I am the only one left alive after the accident”
“Then why am I locked in” her voice high pitched like a child’s. “Why are you standing there naked”
“Oh.. the mission is still on dear” his voice came out as if amused “Don’t see the need for help just yet”
He stepped in tapping the close button, the door squealing shut behind him. His eye roamed over her, the boys body. She had see that look before in the eyes of some of the men she had dated. But this was different.
“Your.. your going to rape me?” She was shocked, people were screened well for the job of ship attendants.
“Oh, your not the first dear… No not at all” He approached one hand going to his loin, rubbing over his stiffening cock.
“I’ve tried the minds of the others, but yours is the best”
Jane realized she was in the body of a young boy, no vagina. He was going to sodomize her. Even as a woman she had never allowed that. His cock was fully stiff now and she could see he was amply built the full stiffness throbbing as he moved toward her.. him.
“You can’t” she.. he cried out then “Please I can help”
“Yes dear, you most definitely are”
His much larger adult body loomed over her.. him. Reaching down pulling the flimsy shirt off. Leaving her.. him standing nude before him. He spit into his hand rubbing the blunt head of his long cock making it slick. It sure didn’t seem to be enough to Jane Hoffman for what she knew he had planned.
“Wait.. wait let me suck on it first” Her.. the boy vitro’s young voice high and shrill.
Jane worked up some spit and opened her mouth letting him step closer guiding his blunt tip into her.. his open mouth. Jane mouth over the thick spreading her spit making it as wet as she could when suddenly a hand clasped onto her small head pulling her.. his head toward the mans loin. The tip went against the back of her.. his throat Jane gagged, the cock drove deeper as he guided her.. his head full onto the long cock, the shaft going deep into the boy vitro’s throat.
Jane Hoffman gagged hard, the intense retch forced bile up from her.. his taunt stomach, and retched again unable to pull away the strong grip of the hand holding her there. The cock pull abruptly back and out leaving her.. him choking wetly onto the now slimy stiff rod still aimed at Jane’s young face.
Looking up at him coughing out “You’ll never get away with this”
“Who’s to stop me” He leered down “Know one will ever know”
“How… how many..” Jane choked out.
“Nineteen at last count, and six Dr. Jane Hoffman’s” He grinned sadistically “Always fall for the throat job”
Jane realized in a flash he was going to kill her sooner or later. “What happen to the rest”
“Spaced them, can’t have them using needed resources” he stated flatly.
“How.. how long do I have”
“We’ll play that by ear dear” He said, hands already forcing her boy body around “Lets just get through this first”
The boy vitro body was no match against the stronger adult male and she.. he was guided toward the bed. The slime spittle coated cock a dark reminder of her.. the boy vitro’s fate. Jane was forced over the side of the bed belly down the man kneeling behind, hand on her.. his back keeping her down. The cool blunt tip going quickly between her.. his buttocks onto Jane’s anus, digging in harshly. The pain escalated as the boy vitro virginal anus resisted opening to the mans cock worming hard over it. The small resisting hole opened.
Jane convulsed suddenly legs going stiffly out to each side of the man, the pain way more than she could bare, she.. he screamed. The cock just dug in deeper opening a burning path through her.. the boy vitro’s rectum. Deep in her mind she knew it wasn’t really her the man was raping, just the embedded memories of a now extremely old or dead person back on earth. Jane or whom ever he was now was picked up, the cock now filling his virginal rectum and was placed kneeling upright on the edge of the bed. A strong hand going to his smaller boy penis and testicles.
Jane was held against the mans warm chest, her.. his rectum ablaze with pain as it remained stretched around the girth of the stiff cock. The large hand played over the young boy’s much smaller parts for a short time. The thick cock flexed making her.. him groan. Jane sensed he was ready dreading the onslaught to come but was too young to even think of overpower the man. They fell forward onto the bed, the man over her.. his young back, the thick cock tugged back cruelly then drove in, worming hard at the end of the boy vitro’s rectum. Jane’s head bounced off the mans chest as she.. he lurch up from the worming stab.
Again he tugged back, then pressed in harshly. The end of her.. his young rectum no match for this last lunge. The massive blunt tip went into Jane’s.. the boy’s large intestine with the mans humping forcefully to seat his loin onto her.. the boy vitro’s bottom. Jane Hoffman’s legs jerked in a spasm to each side of the man as the boy vitro gut cramp tight around the thick inward humping cock. He was fully in now, his heavy adult ball sack hanging against the inside of her.. his open legs. Fear grip Jane, fear of dieing. It gripped her more than the pain she now felt.
“P-please.. don’t kill me.. I-I’ll do anything”
“Really” the man said over her, the cock worming, flexing in her.. his gut. “What you have in mind”
“I-I’ll let you th-throat fuck me again”
The cock stiffened inside her even more “You have a deal boy”
Jane felt the thick cock slowly being pulled from her intestine and to her.. his relief out his young stinging rectum. She.. he was pulled upright standing on wobbly leg facing the seemingly tall man. Her.. his head even with the stiff adult cock, a smear of dung lightly coated the head.
“Open” he commanded, the blunt tip posed at her.. the boy vitro’s mouth.
Jane took a deep breath and opened her.. his mouth. The cock slid in straight to the back of her.. the boy vitro’s throat, probing deeply, giving Jane no time to prepare as she.. he gagged over the plunging rod. Her.. his head was pulled strongly toward the mans loin till the vitro’s nose was planted hard against the dark mat of pubic hair. Jane heaved up so hard it hurt, then heaved again before he started humping her.. his boy throat, the wet sucking gasps she.. he made loud to her.. his senses. A few deep strokes later the man pulled it out of her.. his throat leaving Jane gasping wetly choking up thick flem from her.. his abused throat.
Hoffman was turned and push belly first over the bed with the man mounting her.. his backside again. The thick spittle coated cock found her.. his still wet anus and pressing quickly in.
“Ah-h-h!!” Jane cried out as her boy vitro rectum opened again around the thickness.
The stiff cock seated to the end of the boy vitro’s rectum the blunt tip probing hard for farther entry. And finding it, the cock open her.. him up to the full length of the embedded cock. A strong hand went to the back of her.. his neck holding Jane down. The cock tugging back then surging back, the onslaught started. Jane could feel everything the boy vitro was enduring, it was her. Her boy vitro body went from sudden need to defaecate that left her.. him straining red face to do so, to cramping pain so bad she.. he could hardly endure.
The frantic cock finely planted firmly against her.. his young backside, the thick cock swelling pumping huge amounts of sperm into her boy vitro large intestine. Till finely Jane could feel the stiffness less intense as the cock spent, grew softer, with the man finely pulling it out. A rush of sperm and some blood following.
Jane Hoffman watch as the man cleaned himself, her boy vitro young body ached and she.. he felt weak, spent. The man came over.
“Its time” he said grabbing her.. him by the back of the neck, guiding her.. him to the door. Punching in the code. The door slid open and they went down a narrow hall toward a airlock.
“Y-you said I could live, you said” She.. he cried out.
“What? You live? Your a freak of nature” He said loudly “The body of a boy, the mind of a girl. No you won’t live”
She.. he was shoved into the airlock. Dr. Jane Hoffman knew all too well what the changing sequence of lights meant and turned facing the outer door. It opened in a rush of out going air sending her.. him flying into the cold vacuum eyes bulging till they popped from her.. his socket.. The world went bright white……
Hera staggered, reeling her vision slowly clearing. Zeus was still sodomizing the cute boy cupbearer. She spit venom sending a powerful curse at him. He simply brushed it aside and continued with his lust on the young boy. She fumed out of the room strolling to the baloney of Mount Olympus overlooking the world, looking down onto it. A little later Zeus walked up beside her placing a light kiss on her cheek.
‘I’ll get my revenge’ she thought ‘Your bastard half god children will suffer’
‘Arcas, Myrmidon, Heracles, Perseus….’ Plans already set in motion.

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