This page contains downloads to books that are too long to be published as a single post:

  • Abby, the 1st Grade Panty Tease and Her Perverted Teacher 

Download link: Abby, the 1st Grade Panty Tease (PDF format 88Kb)

Author: FoxyCarl

Prologue: This story will be suitable for people who are obsessed with little girl panties. Those who are looking for sexual acts in this story may read this story but hopefully you won’t be disappointed.

  • Sam Bends the World (Mg)

Download links: Sam Bends the World (PDF format 970Kb) OR Sam Bends the World (ODT format 240Kb)

Author: Icepeper

Prologue: A man has a romance with a preteen girl, this is a long novel of over 300 pages.

  • Saving Amanda (Alternate Title: Saving Cindy) Mg, MW, Mgg, Incest, pedo, harem, public, 1st, watersports, diaper, rom, cons, long

Download links: Saving Amanda (PDF format 1.56MB) OR Saving Amanda (ODT format 349Kb)

Author: VegasDude
Prologue: What started out to be nothing more than an erotic short story about a man and his pre-teen niece, slowly evolved to become a nearly full-fledged novel (~125,000 words) about a taboo love story, which just happens to have some very detailed sex scenes.

I do not endorse child molestation. Simply put, no one should ever have sex with children. My story is a fantasy, in a fantasy world, with fantasy morals.

Something you will find in my story, just for fun, are several Easter eggs. Look for names and references that sound familiar and even historical references. Some are pretty obvious, but others are quite obscure. See how many you can find! A complete list of Easter eggs is at the end.

  • Lost Video Found (12 chapters) boy,girl,scat,force

Download links: Lost Video Found(PDF format 488Kb)  OR Lost Video Found (RTF format 288Kb)

Author: Lone Dog
Prologue: Did you ever have a fantasy that you couldn’t shake? I started writing them down and after some time had a few that I wasn’t sure what to do with. LVF is a group of rambling short fantasized stories that came about over more than a few years. They were never intended to be really tied together as one connected story. I wrote them with months separating them in my down time when a fantasy swept over me and I needed to jot down before the memory eluded me. LVF1 started as a story I once read and couldn’t get out of my head, the rest ballooned from there. I give full credit to LVF1 to that long ago unknown author whom story I started and could never find to finish. LVF is still not finished and as long as I’m alive and having new fantasies it might not never be.

  • A Very Special Neighbor (22 chapters) man, woman, pedo, shemale, incest, bondage

Download links: A Very Special Neighbour (PDF format 340Kb) OR A Very Special Neighbor (ODT format 126Kb)

Author: Missy Cum Slut
Prologue: Brenda and Thomas Fornsworth hurriedly drive to the hospital. Brenda Fornsworth screams out in labor pains just as the speeding car dashes through another yellow light. 5 miles away from the hospital, Thomas miscalculates a yellow light that suddenly turns red. The speeding vehicle, with no time to stop, smashes into the side of another car that was entering the intersection.

Young Thomas Fornsworth, who was in a mad rush to get his young 25 year old wife to the hospital, forgot to fasten his safety belt and upon impact with the other vehicle goes tragically through the front windshield to an immediate death.

The authorities were immediately called and young Brenda is rushed the last 5 miles of her speeding journey arriving in the Hospital’s Emergency care unit. The doctors perform an immediate procedure to deliver the baby and also care for the young mother’s miraculous minimum injuries.

The very next day, the doctor inform her of the tragic news of her husband not surviving. Five days, after the tragic event Brenda Fornsworth was released from the hospital with a baby boy. They both go home to somehow move on with their lives.

  • Short Stories: An ebook with 480 pages of hot preteen girl sex stories.

Download link: Short Stories (PDF format 1.20MB)

Author:: Uncle Tony

  • The Accompanied Development Program (Mg)

Download link: The Accompanied Development Program (PDF format 655Kb)

Author: Robert Just

Prologue: The Accompanied Development Program” is set in the second quarter of the 21st century, where relationships between young teens and adults are allowed under strict rules, the most important of which is that any sexuality has to be initiated by the younger partner. To make sure that all rules are followed and the relationship is in no way abusive, the organization of the ADP has been founded where each “educator” has to report nearly everything to his supervisor.

The story is a collection of archived mails about the developing relationship between 10yo Debbie and her educator George.

  • Maya’s Fantasy (7 chapters) Mg,bg,ws,incest

Download link: Maya’s Fantasy (PDF format 124Kb) OR Maya’s Fantasy (ODT format 46Kb)

Author: HG Collins

Prologue: A preteen girl called Maya experiences having her smooth bald pussy sucked, fucked and played with by her preteen brother and her dad.