Debate sites for people who want to modify the age of consent and laws discriminating against minor attracted people:


  • Annabelleigh: Better known as Girlchat or GC, is a girl lover board for silly talk.
  • VisionsOfAlice: Discussion forum for people advocating relationships between men and little girls. They also produce a girl lover magazine that is free to download.


  • BoyChat: Open forum for Boylovers, no registration needed to contribute but non registered members can’t post with Tor due to spammers.
  • BoyMoment: Multilingual Boylover forum for discussion and news.
  • BoyWiki: Multilingual Wiki with information about famous paedophiles, organisations and other boylover matters.
  • Safe Haven Foundation: Advocating a revision of the laws that forbid underage relationships.


  • ConsentingHumans: Blog looking at human nature and age of consent.
  • Heretic TOC: Blog about sexual morality and children sexual self-determination.