Uncle Kurt Shows Madison His Trouser Snake (Mg,pedo,incest,toddler)

Uncle Kurt Shows Madison His Trouser Snake (Mg,pedo,incest,toddler)

Introduction: Uncle Kurt babysits his 3yo niece and makes her play with his cock telling little Maddy it is a snake.

Author: PeachKisser2004

Part 1 – Snake Medicine

Tonight I was babysitting Madison for the first time, my precious little three-year-old brunette niece. Madison’s Mommy was my sister Susan, and until recently I had only been peripherally involved in Madison’s life.

I decided to move quickly tonight, and figuring that she was only three years old and very young and innocent, I had a different more-devious plan in mind than my usual subterfuge to get into a little girl’s panties.

First of all, Madison’s Daddy had utterly fled the scene after she was conceived, so all her short life she had no close male figures in her life. I suspected she didn’t know much about the differences in male versus female anatomy yet, and I planned to take every advantage of that.

I wore loose-fitting shorts with a zipper and no underwear to get in the way. Before I came over, I took a magic marker and drew a small pair of “eyes” on the top of my cockhead, as well as a big curving smile right across the middle of the front of my glans, right beneath the bottom of the piss slit, making a little “face” on the end of my cock. I even painted little “ears” just at the outer side edges of my glans, knowing it would be one more familiar facial feature I could talk to Madison about.

All evening long as I was feeding her dinner and playing with her, my cockhead brushed against my shorts, inflaming my lust. Madison really liked playing the different games we did, and calling me “Uncle Kurt.”

Finally I steered the conversation the way I wanted, asking Maddy if she liked animals. She said she did, so I asked if she liked snakes. She kinda looked puzzled as though she wasn’t sure what a snake was. Bingo! I’ll show her! I explained that it was a long thin creature with a head at one end, and she sort of lit up and agreed that yes, she did know what a snake was, but she hadn’t ever seen one before. Double bingo!

“Well, I have a snake with me tonight sweetie,” I said coyly.

“Weally!?” she seemed very excited. Perfect!

“Yes, I always keep my snake with me.”

“Show me!” she said impatiently.

“I don’t know sweetie, you’ve never seen a snake before and sometimes they can be very shy.” I made it sound like it was a big privilege to see my snake, and it worked perfectly.

“Show me!” she said even more urgently.

“Well, now before I show you my snake, you have to promise me that you’ll be very nice to him, okay?” Madison nodded.

“Snakes like to be petted, but you have to be super gentle with them when you’re petting them,” I said. She nodded again.

“And another thing, my snake just loves it when little girls give him a big kiss… will you give my snake a big kiss for me?” She seemed a bit confused by this but shrugged and said “Okay,” and then quickly followed up with “Where is your snake?” She was getting impatient.

“Right here sweetie, I keep him right here in my pocket.” I pointed in my lap. I grabbed the fly zipper and said “I keep him inside this little pocket here, let me show you.”

I slid the zipper down and reached inside to find my rapidly-thickening cock. Sitting carefully I popped just the head of my cock out and said in a cheery voice, “Hello Edgar! How are you?”

Madison was absolutely fascinated by the appearance of the tiny little pink face, complete with eyes and a mouth, plus my piss slit where a nose would be. “That’s your snake?” she said incredulously.

“Yes sweetie, that’s my snake Edgar!” I said brightly, still only showing the very head of my penis. I rubbed my fingertips lightly around my sensitive glans, right where the “cheeks” of the little face would be, making the entire cockhead jiggle slightly. “See? He loves to be petted,” I explained as I kept stroking his cheeks. Madison’s gaze was riveted to my penis, which now began to thicken even more, the little head rising out of my shorts.

“Oh look, he likes you!” I said excitedly. “He wants to come out and play!” I explained to the little cherub. She just kept staring.

“He just loves being petted really gently behind his ears,” I explained, taking one forefinger from each of my hands and scritch-scratching carefully just below the bulging helmet, right behind the “ears.”

“Would you like to pet Edgar too?” I asked Madison, my fingers still stroking my cockhead. I felt so incredibly naughty exposing my bare cockhead to my little three-year-old niece, openly stroking and petting my sensitive glans like this!

“Yes!” she said excitedly, squirming around on the couch beside me.

“Okay, just use only one hand,” I said, taking my own hands away, pushing my hips forward a bit. My little cherub reached in and I said “Carefully!” very urgently, and she slowed down. She extended one pudgy little finger and the tiny tapered digit reached slowly towards my purple cockhead. Time stood still as I watched the distance between her finger and my glans close, and I saw a faint pulse of blood throbbing in my cock.

I had to desperately stifle a grunt when Madison’s tiny finger made contact, grazing the side of my cockhead to rest in the lip behind the glans, right behind a painted-on ear. She moved her finger up and down and said “Hewwo, Edgar,” in her little baby voice. My cock surged and throbbed and she jerked her hand away.

“He moved!” she squealed, clutching her hands together under her chin, staring at my lap in amazement.

“Yes, he did, he wants to come out and play with you!” I explained breathlessly. “Edgar just loves pretty little girls like you, and that’s why he hopped up and down when you touched him.”


“Yes, he loved how you petted him… he thinks you’re a really pretty little girl…” I said breathlessly, my cockshaft extending more out of my fly now.

“He’s gwowing!” she said excitedly, pointing at Edgar.

“He sure is,” I chuckled. “Why don’t you go down and have a better look at him, give his head a few more nice gentle pets.”

“Hewwo Edgar!” she said again as she lowered her head into my lap. Her little fingers touched my cockhead again and she delicately stroked Edgar behind his ‘ears.’ Oh christ, her stubby little fingers felt so good on my overheated cockhead!

Maddy examined Edgar’s face from up close and kept talking to my erection as though it was a little doll. Finally I could stand it no longer and thrust my hips up a bit, making more of my cock appear.

“I think Edgar wants you to kiss his face,” I said breathlessly.

Maddy leaned her pouty little mouth down and kissed my cock and I groaned as I felt her baby lips touch my sensitive glans.

“He feels HOT!” she said with concern, looking up at me.

“Oh no!” I said with concern. “Do you think maybe he has a fever?”

She stared back down at the swollen cockhead right in front of her face.

“Maddy baby, maybe you better take his temperature, maybe you better feel him with your lips, just kiss all over his face and tell me if it’s hot all over.”

“Okay!” she said and began rubbing her baby-soft lips around my cockhead. She did this for several minutes and I just groaned as I felt her lips, her breath, her pouty mouth tracing over my cockhead. I tried my hardest to resist stuffing my cock into her mouth and fucking her face openly.

“Ew, he leaked!” she said suddenly, pulling her mouth back. A long strand of precum dangled wetly between my glistening piss-slit and the child’s pouty lips. She wiped her lips with the back of one hand.

“Did he leak?” I said with mock surprise. She nodded.

“Well, that’s not good at all… he definitely has a fever.”

“Uh oh,” she said looking at my snake, her eyes uncertain.

“Oh wait, I think I have some medicine to help his fever go down,” I explained, reaching into my pocket. “Would you like to help Edgar feel better and put some medicine on him?”

“Okay!” she said enthusiastically, smiling up at me from my lap.

“Have you ever put medicine on a snake before?” I asked her. Maddy shook her head.

“Well, it’s kinda tricky, here, let me have Edgar come all the way out.” I patted down my clothing around my fly and the full length of my cock appeared, purple veins throbbing along the sides of it.

“First of all, use your hand and hold him right here,” I gestured, pointing at the base of my shaft. Maddy put her cool palm around my shaft and I sighed and thrust my hips upwards. Another dollop of precum oozed out of my cockshaft, a glistening dewdrop forming at the end.

“Yep, he sure has a fever,” I pointed. “See? More leaking!” Maddy adjusted her grip on my cock and I groaned, thrusting against her soft little baby girl hand.

“Now if you’re going to put a medicine on a snake, you can’t let go of this hand at all… no matter what, you have to keep holding him right here, so he doesn’t jump around or run away, okay?” Maddy nodded solemnly, looking pleased to be allowed to put medicine on Edgar.

I pulled out a little sampler pack of strawberry-flavored Astro-glide lubricant and showed it to Maddy. “This is the snake medicine here, and this will help Edgar feel a lot better.” I ripped the end off the little plastic packet and put a drop of the pinkish liquid on my finger. I smeared the slippery goo around and put it to my tongue.

“And it tastes like strawberries!” I said with a smile. “Here, try.” Still holding my cock with one hand Maddy opened her mouth and put out her tongue. I wiped my finger onto her little tongue and she tasted it, licking her lips. “Yummy!” she said with a smile.

“It sure is yummy,” I agreed. “And it will help Edgar feel a lot better too. Here, give me your other hand, I’ll put some on for you.”

She held her hand out and I spread some of the lubricant on her stubby fingers, on her palm. The warm liquid spread out slowly on her palm. “Okay, now you have to very gently rub it all over Edgar’s head with your hand, but don’t let go of your other hand.” Maddy nodded and scootched around so she was closer and could reach easily.

Every muscle in my body twitched as the child’s lube-slicked fingers closed around my bloated cockhead. She carefully spread the warm liquid around and spoke to my penis. “This medicine will make you feel aww better Edgar,” she said in a sing-song voice. I grunted and thrust my hips upwards.

“Yep, he likes it,” I said, my voice strained with pleasure. After a few more seconds of intense stimulation on my glans, I couldn’t take it any more. “Okay,” I hissed, “Be sure to put some extra medicine lower down too, here…” My voice trailed off. Maddy held her slippery hand to me again and I put fresh lube on her palm, then pointed at the swollen shaft beyond the top of her one hand gripping the base of my cock, leading up to the swollen purple head. “Put lots of medicine there, rub it in real good, nice and slow, up and down…” I said.

My little baby girl “snake doctor” smeared the medicine up and down the shaft, making it bulge and glisten as fresh blood rushed into my stiffness. “Grip the base firmly,” I said. “He might try to get away!” She tightened her stationary hand and my cock bulged a darker shade of reddish purple from her grip.

“Slide your hand up and down like that, rub it in really good,” I said. The sight of two little baby girl hands gripping my shaft was unbelievable! The contrast between her tiny little stubby fingers, the pale back of her hand, the deep throbbing purple of my stiff cock, glistening with lubricant… awesome! Another dollop of precum oozed out of the end of my cock and drizzled down to her pistoning hand, mixing with the lube, wetting Maddy’s fingers.

“Oh you’re doing such a great job sweetie!” I said through clenched teeth. “Edgar is feeling so good right now… he’s almost ready to feel all better again…” I panted and grunted as she shifted her hands slightly.

“Oh yes sweetie, he’s almost ready, almost ready to feel all better…” my voice trailed off as Maddy increased her tempo, her little stubby hand pistoning up and down wetly.

“Sweetie,” I hissed. “Why don’t you give Edgar a great big kiss, right on top of his head,” I urged her. “Snakes love kisses on their head…”

“Go ahead, open your mouth and give him a big soft kiss, right there… don’t worry, the medicine will taste fine… remember, it’s strawberry… just keep moving your hand baby, keep rubbing in the medicine… yes… good girl… keep rubbing…”

Maddy leaned down and pursed her lips. “Give him a nice long slow kiss sweetie, kiss him nice…” I grunted as the child’s lips sealed delicately around my piss slit. That was all I could take.

Suddenly my balls clenched, my cock bulged, and I thrust upwards sharply. The end of my cock pushed just slightly into Maddy’s warm little mouth. She jerked her head back in surprise but I grabbed her hair and held her so that she couldn’t withdraw. The first blast of my sperm erupted right into Maddy’s pouty little mouth, making her eyes bulge wide with surprise. “OPEN YOUR MOUTH!” I screamed, and my little angel did as she was told.

Pressing down with my hands and thrusting up with my hips, I buried half the length of my strawberry-lubricated cock into Maddy’s tight little mouth, just as the second blast of sperm sprayed out. She gagged and coughed as my salty sperm filled her mouth, and I lifted her head up slightly so she could breathe. I grunted as her teeth grazed my sensitive cockhead, but held her head firmly, still keeping an inch or two of my spurting cock in her little mouth, my hips fucking it in and out of her face.

Another couple of spurts and sperm began to drizzle from Maddy’s lips, down her chin, into my lap. She had let go of my cock by now and was holding herself up with both hands, trying to steady herself as I held her mouth around the end of my cock, I felt so naughty just using her face like a little fuck-rag, just using her to soak up all the sperm that flowed out of my aching testicles, but I couldn’t help myself. My orgasm had come on so powerfully I had just reacted by grabbing her head like that.

End of Part 1

Part 2 – Snake Cleaning

Helping poor little Madison to sit up, she just appeared stunned, unable to grasp what had happened. “I’m sorry sweetie! Are you okay?” She coughed once and string of my sperm drooled out of her mouth and down her little
chin. Her cute little features clouded, her brow furrowed and suddenly she started sobbing. “Aw sweetie, it’s okay!” I rushed to assure her, putting my arms out and drawing the tiny waif into a warm comforting hug. My cock
lay spent in my lap, my balls tingling from their recent release.

Maddy sobbed and choked for a few minutes as I held her close, rocking her gently. She reached her little arms around my back and held me close as I comforted her, soothed her by stroking her back, caressing her little head. “It’s gonna be okay sweetie, I’m sorry Edgar scared you…”

When Maddy finally stopped sobbing I held her for a few more minutes, and discreetly tucked my withering cock back into my clothes. Finally I felt Maddy start to let go of me and pull her head back.

“That wasn’t NICE!” she said with a pout.

“Sweetie, I’m sorry if Edgar scared you, he’s really sorry too!” I hastened to assure her. She glanced down at my open fly.

“Where did he go?”

“He’s resting now sweetie, he feels so bad that he scared little Madison that he ran back inside his cave and he’s hiding.”

“Weally?!” she said, surprised. “He lives in a cave?”

“Oh yes! Sweetie, snakes just love caves. They live in caves all the time, and they love finding new caves too!” A seed of an idea was starting to form in my head, but it would take some tricky maneuvering to actually pull it off.

“How come snakes like caves?” she asked innocently.

“I think snakes like caves because caves are usually nice and warm and cozy,” I explained. “Here, give me your hand.” I took her little hand and guided it inside my open fly. “Feel how warm it is in there?” She nodded. “Go ahead, feel around if you can find Edgar… be gentle!”

She tentatively groped around inside my loose shorts and I sighed as her fingers contacted my slippery, limp penis, still slicked with strawberry- flavored Astro-glide. “I found him!” she said with a smile. She started trying to tug on him, and I realized she was trying to fish out my penis.

“Careful sweetie, he’s very sensitive… careful! GENTLE!” I said, grabbing her wrist.

“I wanna see him again!” she said with a frown. A moment later she managed to pop my limp penis out of my trousers, and with her other hand she pointed her finger right at the tip of it, turning her head to align with the mouth and eyes that I had painted on earlier, and scolded my penis.

“Edgar, you are a vewy naughty snake!” she said, shaking her finger. “You scawed me vewy much!” she said, making me gasp as her grip shifted. I tried my best to keep a straight face as this little three-year-old berated my cock like this, but it was difficult!

“He’s so sorry,” I said for Edgar. “If he could talk he would tell you himself he’s sorry, but don’t worry, he won’t ever do that any more,” I said.

Maddy seemed satisfied. “Okay, now you go back to your cave, you naughty snake!” she said with a final shake of her finger. “Naughty snake!”

Taking Madison back into my arms I looked into her big round brown eyes and once again apologized. “I’m so sorry sweetie! Here, let me make it better for you… let’s go take a bath together, okay?” Using my shirt I wiped some of the sperm from her face and neck. “Madison wanna go take a bath with Uncle Kurt?” She sniffed again. “Come on, we’ll bring lots of toys into the bathtub!”

She brightened up at that and got up and scampered off to the bathroom. I followed and once inside I started the tub running, then turned and lifted Madison up onto the sink counter. I turned on all the extra bathroom lights, the ones over the mirror, so I could see her baby girl body properly while I took her clothing off.

First came her little play shorts, clingy little red terrycloth that I carefully eased down her pudgy thighs, revealing little strawberry-dotted white cotton panties. Next I pulled off her little top, a tank-top with spaghetti-thin straps. I guiltily noticed a large patch of wetness down the front of it, knowing that was my sperm, spilled down her front from a few minutes earlier, when I had ejaculated into the child’s mouth.

Finally it was time to reveal her little baby girl pussy. I held my breath and hooked my fingers in her panty waistband. She had lifted her arms slightly and stood with her legs just slightly apart. I pulled her panties down and revealed her little bald mound, cleft deeply by her pussy slit. Not a hair in sight, not even a wispy peach fuzz, just smooth pale bald baby pussy skin. I felt my balls tingle deliciously and felt a warm thickening begin in my just-spent cock.

“Oh sweetie, what a darling little coochie you have!” I gushed at her.

“Coochie?” she said with confusion.

“Yes, this right here,” I said, leaving her panties halfway off her hips and patting the front of her soft mound with my hands.

“That’s my bumbum!” she said, indignantly correcting me.

“Oh, your bumbum? I’m sorry, I thought it was your coochie!” I said with a big impish grin, my fingertips gently caressing the bare skin. So soft! So firm! Just like a ripe warm peach, the two puffy outer lips closed firmly around her slit.

“Well, I think you have a darling little bumbum then,” I said, gazing down at her pussy.

“Thank you,” she said, twisting her hips a little bit.

“Hey, do you think I could kiss your bumbum?” I asked with a big smile.

“Kiss it?”

“Yes, kiss your bumbum, just like you kissed Edgar before… here, like this.” Before she could protest I held her hips and leaned my mouth in and planted a great big kiss right at the highest part of her mound, then followed it down, kissing the firm warm skin repeatedly. Maddy giggled and her hands flew to my head and she gripped my hair, squealing with laughter as I kissed my way down to where her slit began. Here I started kissing her slower, kissing more firmly, opening my mouth and letting my tongue out to taste her smooth outer vulva.

“Stop!” she squealed with delight. “Dat tickews!” she gasped as my tongue slithered wetly along her firmly-closed pussy slit.

“Do you like it?” I said, pulling back and smiling up at her. She sort of nodded so I quickly went back to what I had been doing, kissing and gently licking her baby pussy. As I held her hips, I felt her twist around slightly, recoiling at first, then thrusting back against my mouth.

After a few more minutes of kissing Madison’s baby girl pussy my cock was pretty much fully erect again. “Come on baby, let’s go get in the shower now,” I said, my hands shaking with lust as I eased her little cotton panties the rest of the way off. She held my shoulders and stepped out of the little clingy garment and then I drew my naked waif into my arms and lowered her gently into the warm bath water.

While I peeled my clothing off Madison started playing with some of the toys around the bathtub, oblivious to me stripping. Out of the corner of her eye she saw me approach the tub and get in, and she looked up at me. My cock stuck out over her head as I smiled and stepped into the water.

“Edgar’s big again!” she pointed.

“Yes he sure is,” I agreed. “Good Edgar,” I said, gently patting the tip of my cock with one finger as I stood in the tub, my shaft towering over the seated little girl.

“Uh oh,” I said, staring intently at my cock.

“What?” asked Maddy curiously, looking at my cock to see what I saw.

“I think Edgar’s dirty!” I said, twisting my mouth wryly. “We’re going to have to wash him really good,” I said with a shrug.

Kneeling down in the tub Madison kept staring at my jutting erection. “Whew is he diwty?” she asked in her little sing-song voice.

“Oh, snakes get very dirty, because they always like going into caves, and caves have lots of dirt in them!” I said with a grin. Picking up the soap bar I started lathering up my hands, then as I reached for my cock I stopped. “Oh I’m sorry sweetie, did you want to wash Edgar for me?”

Madison nodded eagerly and grabbed the soap. I rested my soapy hands on top of my thighs and knelt there facing Madison while she lathered up her little hands. “Just wash Edgar all over, up and down, just like you did when you put the medicine on,” I suggested.

Kneeling closer to me now, I gazed down at Madison’s childish body, the bulge of her little babyfat belly, the pudge of her bald pussy. She reached out and her soapy hands contacted my sensitive cockflesh. “Oooh,” I said with relief, “Oooh, that feels so good for Edgar!” Maddy smiled and began smearing the soapsuds all over my stiff cock. She ran out of soap and had to pick up the bar again and re-lather her hands, and then she returned them to my shaft, one little hand working up and down each side of my stiff shaft.

The sight of Madison’s stubby little hands wrapped around my soapy cock was unbelievable. The scale made my ordinary-sized cock look enormous, and the sensations were out of this world as her stubby little fingers rubbed all up and down along the shaft, along the bulging swollen veins. My suds- covered cockhead bulged a dark purple and my balls drew up tight underneath me.

“What’s under Edgar?” asked Madison, pointing at my scrotum.

“Oh that’s Edgar’s pillows,” I said with a struggle, as I’d been holding my breath and grunting intermittently as this lovely little girl child soaped my stiff cock up.

“I think his pillows are probably dirty too, so if you’re really careful you can wash them too.”

“Piwwows?” she said, gazing at my balls with curiosity.

“Yes, there’s two pillows inside there… here, soap your hands up and I’ll show you how to feel them. You have to be very careful because they’re very soft and sensitive, and you don’t want to hurt Edgar’s pillows, do you?” She shook her head.

“Okay, here, just squeeze really gently right here with your fingers.” I knelt forward slightly to bring my crotch closer to her and guided her two little hands between my legs, placing each of her palms underneath my
testicles. “Gently…” I reminded her as I felt her fingers slowly close around my gonads.

“Ungh…” I grunted out quietly as the little girl squeezed my balls. “Go ahead and wash them too,” I whispered, letting go of her hands. I knelt there with the stiff angry purple shaft of my cock jutting up towards Maddy’s cherubic face while she reached down and soaped up my balls. I felt my balls churning and tingling as they kicked into high gear, producing fresh sperm after my recent release.

“Oh yes, that feels wonderful for Edgar’s pillows,” I said, sighing with relief. “You’re doing such a great job washing them!” I said with a big smile. She liked that and kept washing my balls a few minutes longer. Finally Maddy pulled her hands back and said “All clean!”

I was a mess at this point. My cock was covered in suds and my heartbeat was hammering in my chest as I gazed down at my little three-year-old naked girl. “Thank you so much for washing Edgar and his pillows!” I said.
“Here, let me wash your bumbum now.”

I took the soap and lathered up my hands again. “Stand up sweetie.” I walked her closer to me so that she stood between my thighs while I knelt in the tub. I turned her sideways and cupped her bottom with my left hand and started smoothing down the soapsuds with my right hand, tracing the puffy outlines of her childish vulva.

“Oh yes, I think your bumbum got dirty today too, so we better wash it properly,” I said, stroking between the child’s legs. I traced my fingertips around the delicious little dimple up at the top of her pussy cleft and fingered my way along the firm outer lips.

“Dat tickews!!” she said again twisting her hips. I held her bottom with my left hand and kept her in place, feeling her little firm bottom cheeks pushing out against my hand as she reacted to my finger exploring her outer vulva.

“But we gotta wash your bumbum!” I said with a smile. She just laughed as I began probing her pussy a little bit deeper, running one digit along between the firm outer lips. I was amazed at how supple they were, how they yielded so readily to my finger, yet how firm and springy they were, how quickly they slipped back into place as my finger passed along inside of her soapy little cunny slit, smearing the suds along her soft inner flesh.

After a few minutes of exploring her pussy with my soapy hands, my balls began to seriously ache, and the arousal kept my cock jutting up and outwards stiffly. Moving forwards an inch or so I pushed the soapy underside of my cockhead against her little calf, thrusting and pushing my cock against her leg.

“Look, Edgar’s rubbing your leg!” I said with a smile. Madison looked down past where I was fondling her pussy and giggled. “He’s all big still!” I nodded and kept thrusting against Madison’s bare leg. Christ that felt so fucking good! I explored Madison’s belly, traced around the curvy outlines of the front of her hips, the indentation where her panties rested, the bulge of her tummy just beneath her belly button, how it smoothly went down to her plump mons, how her mons “pooched” outwards before it was cleft so deeply by her pussy slit. I felt inside her slit and found her baby clitoris, the tiny virginal bump that could bring her so much pleasure. I suspected that Maddy had never explored this button before.

I focused my attentions once again on Maddy’s pussy slit, sliding my fingers in deeper and probing to stimulate her baby clitoris. With my left hand I began tracing underneath her bottom, cupping the little bulge of her cheeks, feeling for the pouting of her lower lips. Without me even asking she squatted her legs slightly, spreading them to give me better access to her little childish private parts.

“Oh yes sweetie, that’s right… let Uncle Kurt wash your bumbum properly.” I gazed at my little girl and saw her eyes were closed. She was blissfully standing slightly bowlegged, turned sideways between my legs, her one palm out against the tiled wall, her other hand around my neck as I soaped her little privates. As I shifted my hands around under her bottom, between her soapy thighs, she arched her back and thrust her bottom out slightly.

All this time I had kept thrusting my cock against her leg, and suddenly as I concentrated on tracing the lower outlines of Maddy’s baby cunny, concentrated on bringing my hands together underneath her crotch, I started to feel that familiar onset of an impending climax. I felt the choking sensations start to happen deep in my pelvis, felt the clenching of my sphincter as I thrust my soapy cock along Maddy’s little calf.

Concentrating even more on the shape of her baby pussy I traced the outlines of it with my fingertips, the smooth firm lines where her undies tucked ever so tightly between her babyfat thighs. I caressed her babyfat thighs with my fingertips, I slid my left hand’s fingers into her puffy little pussy slit from behind, and felt her arch her back more and thrust her crotch backwards to meet my invading digit.

“Ungh! OH FUCK!” I said suddenly, and looking down I saw my cock begin squirting, thick bolts of white semen spraying out of the soapy cockhead, splattering wetly along Madison’s lower leg, spurting across the tub. My hips were on autopilot as I sat there and squirted off against her legs, my fingers still exploring her little baby girl privates, exploring her soft little vulva, tracing their way around her pussy slit, feeling all those delicious little places that hide out between a baby girls legs.

End of Part 2

Part 3 – Bumbum Kisses

As I slowly came down from my orgasm I kept thrusting my soapy cock against Maddy’s calf, and continued soaping up between her crotch, tracing all the precious little folds and curves between her legs, those secret little places that made her a little baby girl and not a little boy. My spent cock began to slowly wilt and a few more dribbles of sperm leaked out, and I started to feel profoundly tired.

Even Madison sensed that the bath was drawing to a close. “All clean?” she asked me, and I grabbed the hand-shower and started rinsing off between her legs. “Yes, all clean, but we have to make sure we get all this soap out!” She nodded.

“We sure used a lot of soap, didn’t we?” She nodded again, watching as my hands worked around her pussy, down between her legs, all over her little ass-crack, rinsing off the last traces of soap.

“Did that feel good?” She nodded. “Do you like having your bumbum washed?” She smiled and nodded again, and this time she blushed. “Does Mommy wash your bumbum?” She nodded at first, then shook her head. “Not like that!”

“Oh, does she wash it differently?” Maddy frowned. “She does it quickly,” explained the little girl.

“Oh, she doesn’t take a long time and rub your bumbum really nicely?” Maddy shook her head. “Did you like when I rubbed it?” She grinned and then nodded, but blushed again and looked away.

“It feels good having your bumbum rubbed, doesn’t it?” I asked, playfully tracing my fingers over her just-rinsed genitals, the squeaky-clean smooth hairless skin, smiling brightly at her. She just nodded.

“Come on, let’s go dry off a bit and then maybe we can snuggle a bit,” I said, patting her wet bottom and holding her hand as she stepped out of the bath water. I took a moment to rinse myself properly and stepped out after her.

Picking my baby girl up I stood her once again on the counter and got out the big fluffy Tweety Bird towel. “Gotta dry you up!” I said and she giggled as the towel wrapped around her little body. “Lift arms!” I wiped her short little torso down. Her hair had gotten slightly wet, but not really. “Left legs!” She spread her legs and grabbed my shoulders to steady herself as she stood there bow-legged. I noticed her little baby pussy had a distinctly pink glow about it now, whereas before it had been just as pale as the rest of her body. The thought of Maddy becoming aroused by my touch as I washed her thrilled me, and I felt a fresh tingling in my well-drained balls.

“Okay, all dry!” I said, patting her pussy one more time with the towel. She stood patiently on the counter while I quickly dried myself off, then I picked her up and hugged her close to my chest. I felt so happy as I hugged my naked little niece. I perched her comfortably on my hip, legs apart, and carried her off to the bedroom.

In the bedroom I let Maddy down onto the large king bed and she scrambled to the head and peeled open the sheets, snuggling herself inside. I got in beside my little soapy-fresh angel and opened my arms and she climbed right into them, hugging me close. “Thank you for being such a wonderful little girl!” I said with a big hug, kissing her little face. She pulled back and stared at me “I love you Uncle Kurt!”

“Aw, I love you too sweetie!” I held her close to me and we lay there in bed with only a thin sheet over us. In moments I heard her slow breathing and knew she’d fallen asleep. I reached down between her little babyfat legs and cupped her bald pussy with one hand, sighing as I felt my balls churn deliciously. Adjusting my head slightly I left my hand cupped around her pussy and drifted off to sleep.


I woke feeling very refreshed and found my hand was still down between Maddy’s soft thighs. She had flopped over onto her back now and lay semi- spread-eagled under the thin sheet. I moved my hand slowly over the smooth firm flesh between her legs and watched her face. Her eyelids moved slightly but she remained firmly asleep, her breathing slow and steady. I had another idea.

Readjusting the sheets so that they covered her right up to her chin, I pulled them loose from the bottom of the bed so I’d have more room to move around beneath them. The room lights were still bright enough that underneath the sheets I could clearly see the sleeping child’s body, her little belly rising and falling with her slow breathing, her babyfat thighs laying spread wide as she slumbered peacefully.

Moving my head around underneath the sheets I brought my face up between Madison’s chubby little thighs. For several moments I gazed upon the gates of heaven itself, gazed upon the little three-year-old girl’s tiny pussy. Even with her legs spread wide like this, her pussy lips were almost closed. They only barely pulled apart, revealing just the tiniest crack of coral-colored flesh between them. Heaven. I nosed closer and sniffed, inhaling a wonderfully arousing scent of baby powder and bath soap, plus the slightest hint of her warm body. I could sense the warmth of her baby crotch radiating against my face and I let out a low moan as my cock stiffened. I pressed my cock gently into the mattress and eased my mouth forwards.

Time seemed to stand still as my lips first contacted little Maddy’s bald pussy. I nestled the tip of my nose into the very upper reaches of her pussy crack, carefully opening my mouth and taking in the entire “pudge” of her two fleshy outer pussy lips. Putting my tongue forwards flat against her tiny slit, I sealed up my mouth to her baby girl pussy and let out a low moan, holding my mouth there for what seemed like an eternity. My eyes were gazing up her body, past her bald pussy mound, up to her gently heaving belly, the little “outie” belly button plainly visible, rising and falling with her slow sleeping breath. Absolute heaven!

But I couldn’t resist eating this little girl a moment longer. Slowly and ever so gently, so as not to awaken her, I gently began to work my mouth, delicately lapping my tongue along her smooth tender outer lips, sucking and lightly “chewing” her pouty little cleft mound with my lips. It was just like sucking on the sweetest little peach in the world! Maddy’s pussy tasted so sweet, so succulent!

I wanted to eagerly devour her but I didn’t want her to wake up just yet, so I savored her little pussy, sucking and licking and slurping and moaning my way around it, pulling back to kiss and nuzzle her baby pussy lips every so often, then licking her thighs, kissing the little hollow down near her bottom, the little indentation on either side of her peach… I was going positively out of my mind with lust!

I really have no idea how much time passed while I lavished my oral attentions upon my little sleeping three-year-old niece’s pussy. I got into a slow rhythm of humping my cock into the bed sheets, thrusting forwards and kissing the upper reaches of her baby pussy, gently massaging her entire crotch with my lips and tongue, then gripping her tiny little hips with my hands, lifting her up a little bit and wriggling my tongue in along the lowest and furthest-aft reaches of her pussy crack, back where her bottom was. Her chubby little baby girl bottom was just as firm as her pussy, and I eagerly worked my tongue into that little cleft. I tasted her baby sphincter, that tiny little wrinkled entrance to her body.

I slurped my tongue wetly up Maddy’s pussy crack all the way from her anus on up to the very highest part of her slit, where I found her baby clitoris buried deep between the babyfat lips. My saliva flowed freely and Maddy’s pussy was completely slick from my oral attentions, and I could also feel a wet spot developing on the sheets where my stiff cock was drooling precum as I thrust it into the bed.

Finally my angel woke up. I heard her gasp with surprise and felt her legs clamp around my head, her hands grab my hair. “Nooooooo!!!!” she said with alarm, but I kept my head where it was, kept my mouth sealed around her little hairless genitals, just kept gently stimulating her baby pussy. “No, no, no!” she whimpered, but she was confused, clawing at my head, twisting her body, trying to sit up, but the tangle of sheets across her chest hid me from her view. I realized it was probably more than slightly alarming for her to feel this unusual stimulation between her legs and not be able to see what was doing it to her under the sheets, but I didn’t want to leave my precious spot at the gates of heaven. I didn’t want to risk that she wouldn’t let me continue later, so I kept sucking and slurping on her baby pussy, as she whimpered and sniffled and twisted a little bit, her legs, twitching open and closed, bumping the sides of my head.

Finally Maddy woke up enough to throw the sheets aside and stare down at me. I looked up at her and pulled my mouth off just long enough to say “Good morning sweetie!” before showering her pussy with kisses again.

“Nooo… what are you doing?!” she said with sleepy eyes full of surprise. I sealed my mouth back on her pussy and kept sucking contentedly, thrusting my cock into the bed sheets. Maddy spread her legs wider now and relaxed, and I saw that her eyes were blinking and drooping very slowly as she became aroused. Could I make this little three year old girl actually cum? Was she capable of an orgasm? Suddenly I felt like I had to know, had to know if I could bring her off with my mouth.

With renewed gusto I ravished my angel’s little bald slot, slurping much more aggressively now that she was awake, plunging my tongue into her pussy slit and eagerly slurping up and down between her puffy outer lips,
exploring every nook and cranny, eagerly eating her pussy. After a few moments of this Maddy’s arms fell limply to her side and her head rolled back. A few more minutes of my oral assault and I saw her tummy starting
to quiver and twitch. Her little thighs alternately spread as wide as they could, almost touching the outside of both her knees to the bed, and then they would clamp together firmly around my head, locking my face into her
pussy as I continued licking her.

A few more minutes and Maddy was repeatedly saying “oh, oh, oh!” in a little girl whimper. I could only catch glimpses of her face as her head lolled from side to side, sometimes snapping back, sometimes snapping forwards as she stared down at the magical sensations that she shot up from between her legs, a new collection of sensations that her little baby girl body had never before experienced. Her fists clenched and unclenched as her arms twitched around and struck the bed, sometimes pushed against my head or gripped my hair, other times squeezed at her chubby thighs.

I focused my oral attentions on her baby clitoris, which I found had grown much larger in the past few minutes, eagerly peeking out from between her bald pussy lips, begging for my attention. With the tip of my tongue I nudged the thin translucent covering of her clitoris upwards, exposing the shiny pink knob, the mass of nerves that would give her the most pleasure.

I swirled my tongue around this little nubbin, pushed the prepuce up and out of the way, mercilessly slavered my tongue over the little organ. Maddy began to twitch more now as I focused on her clit, and I saw her belly swell outwards, felt her back begin to arch. Now I had to hold her hips quite firmly to keep her from twisting or writhing out from under my mouth. Her vocal noises had turned to higher-pitched little “eh! eh!” and “ih! ih!” noises and she had clearly lost all control of her body at this point.

Suddenly my little angel went stiff as a board. Her two baby legs shot out straight, pressing down on my shoulders with surprising strength. Her baby belly bulged outwards and her arms thrashed and pounded on the bed, fingers fanned straight out, then clenched into fists. Her head arched backwards and so did her back, pushing her chest up off the bed as she began to climax. I felt her tiny pelvis rotating repeatedly, thrusting her sex against my mouth, humping back at my tongue, humping to seek out more of the intense pleasure and fire that radiated from her crotch.

I moaned and groaned as I suckled on my baby girl, and moments later felt a warm gush of liquid in my mouth. I gasped in surprise and swallowed the sweet nectar as fast as I could, slobbering all over her pussy as her juices splashed out of my mouth and drooled down my chin. I slurped eagerly at my baby’s pussy and was rewarded with another spurt of little girl quim, fresh little nectar from my baby girl’s pussy, squirting out of her little cunt as I licked her to her very first orgasm. Maddy stayed completely stiff for quite a while, twitching and turning slightly, and I drank several more little gushes of girlie cum, the excess dribbling out and down my chin as she climaxed. I felt my own precum all over the sheets beneath my cock.

Finally when Maddy was done climaxing, her body went completely limp. I stayed between her thighs, stayed down at her “bumbum,” delighted to have given her such a nice little climax. I kept my mouth relatively still, just kissing here and there on her reddened little pussy. After a few minutes I heard her breathing deepen and realized she had fallen asleep again! Wow, what a wonderful little orgasm!

I spent a few more minutes suckling at the very gates of heaven, slurping my tongue lovingly all the way up and down her pussy slit.

End of Part 3

Part 4 – Snake Caves

Since Maddy was already asleep, and since I’d just cum myself, I just lay my head to one side and rested it on Maddy’s inner thigh. I found myself getting very drowsy and mellow as I lay there gazing at Maddy’s reddened little pussy slit, still slicked with my saliva. I tugged at the sheet and brought it around to cover her chest and tummy, and part of my head and her other leg, the one I wasn’t resting my head upon. In a moment I drifted off to sleep, lying right there between my little girl’s legs.


This time Maddy woke up first and lay there kind of humming or talking to herself quietly. She seemed confused as she stared down at me lying between her babyfat legs. As I woke to her movement and noise I heard her talking. “Why… wha…” she began, trying to form the words.

“Shhh” I said, coming up to lie next to my naked little angel. I put my arms around her narrow shoulders and drew her close to me and comforted her as she woke up fully. Looking at the bedside clock I realized that we must have slept for several hours, as it was the middle of the night, sometime after 2am. The blazing room lights made it difficult to comprehend the time. As I smiled down at Maddy and kissed her forehead, I felt her dry pussy juices still on my lips and cheeks. My cock seemed to have recovered fully too, so I knew it had been a few hours, since I had already cum three times tonight with my little girl.

“Will you sleep with me Uncle Kurt?” she asked in a little voice.

“Do you want me to?” She just nodded and rubbed her eyes against the light
and yawned.

“Okay, I’ll sleep with you,” I began. “But we need to find a nice warm cave for Edgar to sleep too…” I said, my feverish mind starting to scheme again.

“A cave?” she said groggily.

“Yes, I wonder if there’s a cave down here,” I said with a smile. I reached between Maddy’s chubby thighs and she obediently spread them wide for me, giving me full access to her little girl charms, the plump hairless pussy lips, warm and moist between her legs. She now trusted me with full access to her girlish charms, and I found the thought intensely thrilling to have her trust like that.

“A cave down there?”

“Yes, I bet there’s a snake cave down here somewhere…” I said with a smile. I licked my fingers and began exploring between her legs, feeling her slit, the pouty outer lips, the lowest reaches before her little bottom began.

“In my bumbum?”

“Oh yes sweetie, all bumbums have caves,” I began, feeling my cock throb at the thought of actually fucking my little angel, actually slipping the end of my cock into her little vagina. Could I pull this off? I didn’t want to hurt her in any way, and since my cock is relatively thin I figured she might not object. Could I actually stick my cock far enough into her to get myself off? My balls were tingling worse than ever now and I felt my hips ache as I explored between Maddy’s legs with my fingertips.

“I’m going to go kiss your bumbum again sweetie, see if I can find a snake cave anywhere,” I whispered into her ear.

“Kiss my bumbum again?” she said, confused.

“Yes, just relax sweetie.” I dropped my head to her lap and lost no time in sliding my tongue out, exploring her soft fleshy outer lips with my mouth, kissing and tracing my lips around her baby girl sex. I pushed lower and began probing between her lips in search of her vaginal entrance. Maddy mewled with pleasure as my tongue invaded her childish genitals and searched along her slit for her opening.

“Yep, there’s a cave down here,” I reported, looking back up at her.

“Weally?” she said with disbelief. She reached down with her hands and pawed at her plump little wet pussy mound, feeling around for the “cave.”

“Yep, right here sweetie, give me your finger, make it pointy…” she extended her index finger. “No, give me this one,” I said, tugging on her middle finger. She struggled awkwardly with her fingers and brought her middle finger forward ahead of the others. I guided her little hand down between her legs, down to that magical little slit. Aiming carefully I pointed the tip of her pudgy little digit at the spot where my tongue had probed the deepest, and pushed gently on the back of her hand, driving her finger into her pussy slit.

“Oh!” she said with surprise as she felt her own finger entering her body, felt her finger touching places that she’d never touched before. “Oh wow…” her voice trailed off. I let go of her hand and watched as she explored her pussy with the one digit, working it up and down between her chubby wet pussy lips. “It feels vewy hot!” she said earnestly.

“Does that feel good sweetie?” I whispered. She just nodded and grunted as she tried plunging her finger in further. “Don’t try push it in too far baby!” I warned her.

After letting Maddy finger her own pussy a few more minutes I gripped her wrist and said “Okay, let Uncle Kurt do it for a little while now baby, let Uncle Kurt rub your little bumbum cave and make it feel better.”

Grabbing the strawberry Astro-glide tube again I smeared some of the pink liquid on my own middle finger and dribbled some on Maddy’s little pussy slit. It ran down between her chubby thighs towards her bottom, and I scooped it up with one finger and smeared it into her slit.

Angling my hand just right I began to probe in between Maddy’s lower pussy lips, working my finger in gradually, mixing the artificial lubricant with the child’s own juices from earlier. She jerked a few times and whimpered as I probed her warm little slit. Within a few minutes of delicate probing and advancing, I had reached her hymen. I explored her thin little barrier carefully and found it was very sensitive. Each time I pressed against it Maddy’s belly would heave and she would jerk her legs a little bit as she whimpered.

“Sssh, don’t worry baby, Uncle Kurt won’t hurt you,” I said, soothing her forehead with my other arm, still behind her neck from our cuddling.

“Uncle Kurt has to check out your little bumbum cave, make sure Edgar will fit up inside,” I said earnestly, nodding my head at her to emphasize my point. She nodded and smiled weakly at me, still getting used to the
unusual sensation of a foreign object entering her vagina.

“Just relax for Uncle Kurt, sweetie,” I cooed at my angel, working more lubrication into her baby pussy slit. I studied how deep my finger went into her and estimated that I could penetrate her with about two inches of my penis without taking her cherry, judging from how many knuckles disappeared into her before I bottomed out on her hymen. Of course my penis was much fatter than my finger, so I knew it would spread her wider,
make her pussy not quite as deep as it felt to my finger. I massaged the upper entrance of her pussy, from where her pisshole was down to her hymen, pressing against that firm little patch and stroking my well-lubricated finger along. Maddy seemed to like that a lot.

“Oh yes, you have a nice bumbum cave right here!” I said with a great big smile. “I think Edgar will fit inside here just fine…” Letting go of her slippery little pussy I watched as she put her legs back together, framing her pussy perfectly between chubby thighs. I snuggled up alongside her and kissed her forehead. “Are you ready for Edgar to go play in your bumbum cave?” I said with a smile and another kiss on her nose. She nodded, still looking a little unsure about all this.

“Uncle Kurt?”

“Yes baby, what is it?”

“Will it huwt?” she asked in the tiniest of voices.

“Oh sweetie, Uncle Kurt won’t hurt you, I promise… it might feel a little bit funny the first time Edgar goes into your bumbum cave, but don’t worry, he’s very gentle, he’ll be very careful.” She didn’t seem too convinced of this so I continued. “Remember, you were very gentle with him, so he’ll be very gentle with you too.” She nodded and swallowed, my brave little angel.

“And see this?” I held up the Astro-lube package. “I’m going to put plenty of extra medicine down there, and that should make your bumbum cave feel just fine!” I said.

She nodded and drew her breath in, letting it out with a nervous but resigned huff. “Okay…”

I got onto my knees and climbed around on the bed. Lifting both of Maddy’s legs I gently spread them wide apart, then moved on my knees until I was kneeling between her legs. I let Maddy’s pudgy thighs rest comfortably on my own thighs and gazed down at her spread baby girl pussy, my cock thumping the air angrily above it. God this was going to be so fucking nice!

“Okay, Uncle Kurt is going to rub Edgar all over your bumbum now, so he can find the cave all by himself!” I said brightly. I gripped my stiff purple cock and angled the swollen head down towards Maddy’s bald pussy mound, towards the razor-thin little slit down the middle of it. I sighed as my cockhead grazed over her slippery lips. Pushing down I watched as her lips yielded and the head of my cock slipped wetly between her puffy outer lips. I groaned at the sensations of her firm outer vulva caressing the swollen sides of my bulbous cock. Maddy whimpered for a moment and I gasped as my cock bulged and throbbed in my hands, the warmth of my little girl’s pussy slit almost too much to bear on my sensitive cockhead, now glistening with juices.

Pushing forwards slightly I got my cock wedged just slightly against Maddy’s cunny slit, just so it would stay tucked between the puffy lips of her pussy, and reached for the strawberry Astro-glide. I dripped a few droplets onto Maddy’s pussy, then a few droplets onto the top part of my veiny shaft, protruding obscenely from her cunny slit. “There, we’ll put lots of medicine on your cave,” I said with a smile.

I smoothed some of the fresh lubricant into my swollen shaft, then worked some of it into the upper reaches of Maddy’s slit, fingering my way down to her clitoris. The little nubbin of her clit was pressing slightly against the bulging head of my cock, so I gripped my stiff shaft and guided it up to stimulate her clitoris for a bit.

“Do you like that sweetie?” Maddy nodded and spread her legs wider.

“Maddy wanna quick taste of the medicine before we let Edgar go into the cave?” I asked, holding a slippery finger to Maddy’s mouth. She stuck her little pink tongue out and slurped the excess lube off my finger. I groaned at the sight of a little three-year-old girl sucking lubrication off my fingertip, while the tip of my cock was jammed into her outer pussy. When Maddy had slurped my finger clean, I returned my hand to my cock and worked the tip of it up and down her baby pussy slit a few more times. Heaven!!

“Okay, I’m going to push Edgar in and out and he’s going to go play in your bumbum cave, okay?” She nodded and put one finger into her mouth, chewing on it nervously. “Don’t be scared baby, it’ll be fine!” I reassured her.

Angling my hips forwards I thrust my cock into the little three-year-old, staring as her hairless outer lips bulged obscenely around my invading shaft. I was careful to only push in just the head and maybe half an inch of the shaft, not wanting to take her cherry at such a young age. I moved around slightly on the bed and got myself into a comfortable position where I could hold my cock down and against her vaginal entrance with one hand, support myself over Maddy with the other, and rotate my hips just enough to move it back and forth maybe an inch. Could I get myself off this way?

After a few minutes of heavenly stroking I felt my balls tense and draw up close to my body. Staring down at the union between my body and the little girl I let out a long moan as I took in the sight: Maddy’s pale bald pussy cleft was spread around my thick cockshaft, and both her pussy and my cock were glistening with lubricant, slippery and ready and wet and hot.

Looking up at my angel I smiled down at her. “Edgar really likes your bumbum cave!” I said with a silly grin, feeling a little foolish talking like this, but it had the desired effect and Maddy smiled. “Thank you.” she said in a tiny voice.

“Does your bumbum cave like Edgar too?” Her face clouded over slightly as if she wasn’t sure, so I reached my thumb forward, the hand that was holding my cock, and gently twiddled her exposed clitoris. Maddy’s eyes bobbled slightly as I did this and I saw her belly tense and heave. “You like that baby?” She nodded now, just the slightest little nod of agreement, and I saw her hands clenching and unclenching as she lay helpless beneath me on the bed.

Unfortunately for me, the rhythm of my limited penetration into Maddy’s pussy was starting to feel a little short, a little inadequate. While I was as hard as could be and aroused beyond belief, I could tell that without more stimulation along the main part of my shaft, it was going to be very difficult to climax by only fucking Maddy with just the tip of my cock.

To help get myself off, I started stroking my cockshaft, as well as holding it in place, and that really worked for me. I was hip-humping my cock into Maddy’s outer pussy slit, stroking the glistening shaft with my one hand, and staring down at Maddy’s exposed little body as I did this. Christ, it would be so nice to just slip forwards and penetrate her fully… I wondered for a moment if I could do that. Would it hurt her? Of course it would hurt her… every girl hurt when she lost her hymen! But could I maybe mask the hurt by making sure she enjoyed the moment?

I took my hand off my cock shaft. The head of my cock was buried deep enough in Maddy’s pussy that it wasn’t in any danger of popping up and out. Resting my palm against her hip I angled my thumb down so it pressed against her baby clitoris and started fiddling with it. I applied gentle pressure at first, but then started to increase it, all the while gently thrusting my cockhead just a half an inch or so, back and forth in the shallowest reaches of Maddy’s baby pussy, grunting as her slippery outer lips caressed my shaft.

After a few minutes of masturbating her, Maddy began whimpering again, began saying “Oh, oh, oh!” and “uh, eh, ih!” as I circled my thumb mercilessly upon her sensitive little pussy bump. I saw her pale childish nipples harden into little pencil erasers and she put the fingers of one hand completely into her mouth and bit down on them, her eyes closed as her mouth worked rhythmically, chewing her fingers.

I couldn’t resist now. I was going to penetrate my little angel fully, turn her from a baby girl into a real woman at age three. Everything in my being focused on this one task now, this one goal that would unite me with
Maddy forever. As I had these thoughts I felt my balls churn, tingling deliciously as they happily rewarded my decision to fuck this little baby girl-child properly.

With my one hand still fiddling her pussy slit, pressing down and circling on her exposed clitoris, I leaned forwards onto my other elbow and freed that hand to caress Maddy’s cheek. I was closer to her face now and leaned down to kiss her cheeks. “Baby, this part might hurt just a little bit, okay?” She sniffled and blinked. “But don’t worry, because remember, Uncle Kurt loves you very, very much!”

“I love you vewy much too, Uncle Kurt,” she said with a smile.

“Aw, you’re such a big girl!” I said proudly. “Edgar just loves your little bumbum cave… he wants to go inside and play around… are you ready?” She nodded at this and bit her lower lip nervously, her eyes darting around anxiously as she chewed on one finger. I soothed her cheek and kissed her nose, making her giggle. All the while I had been slowly humping my hips, pushing just a little further each time, trying to stretch and acclimate Madison to my invading penis, trying to lessen the brutal shock when I finally penetrated her.

Lifting my body back up I took the hand I’d been leaning on and brought it down on Maddy’s narrow hips, just opposite where my other hand rested. I moved that hand out to her hips and squeezed her tiny pelvis in my arms. Oh god this was going to feel so fucking good! My cock bulged a deeper shade of purple as I took in the sight of my little baby girl, impaled just on the very tip of my cock, nervously waiting for me to penetrate her fully.

I took a deep breath and prepared to shove forwards, prepared to stuff the entire length of my adult penis into this little three-year-old girl’s vagina.

“Ready now?” I said, looking down at Maddy through slitted eyes, trying to manage a smile through my intense arousal. She grimaced and nodded one final time.

Gripping her hips as firmly as I could, I pulled back and withdrew my cock, but with my hands on Maddy’s hips, I tugged her lightweight little body downwards to stay with my retreating cock. NOW!

Clutching Maddy’s narrow hips and pulling her downwards to my crotch firmly, I rotated my own hips forward with a slow yet unstoppable force. My stomach muscles rippled as I shoved my iron-hard cock deep into the child’s body. I felt the momentary resistance of Maddy’s thin little hymen, but it was just for a split second before my bulging cockhead ripped through and plunged deep into her childish vagina, bottoming out against her cervix, far in the upper reaches of her childish little vagina.

Maddy’s shriek caught me completely off-guard. I had never heard such a blood-curdling howl as when her hymen ripped open! It surprised me enough that I paused for just a moment, my cock completely buried in the child, only an inch or so still visible, as her immature cunt muscles clamped and clenched helplessly around my invading member.

But a moment later I pulled back and started humping Maddy in earnest, fucking her tiny little body, hopefully to make it feel better for her, to hopefully to allow her to enjoy her very first fucking. “EDGAR!” wailed Maddy as my stiff cock invaded her insides. My heart hammered in my chest as I worked my hips, pistoning my cock in and out of the wailing child. Tears streamed down Maddy’s face as she clawed at my hands, but I held her firmly in place as I continued fucking her.

As my tempo increased I gripped Maddy’s narrow hips even harder and lifted her pelvis up a bit, lifting her baby bottom off the bed as I fucked her, Her back and shoulders were still on the bed, but her little crotch was mine to use as a fuck-rag, my own little three-year-old fuck-toy. I gripped her hips and shoved her up and down over my cock as fast as I could, fucking and humping and screwing my baby three-year-old girl for all I was worth.

After a while Maddy’s cries tapered off and gave way to what sounded more like mewling, but was also a bit of whimpering mixed in. Staring down at her naked front, her heaving little tummy, her bald pussy mound, I felt my balls draw up tight as my own orgasm began to approach. Maddy was totally under my control now, her arms loose and flailing around the bed, her head lolling from side to side as I hauled her up and down, using her like my own little masturbation doll, fucking her little body up and down my slippery cock.

Suddenly I felt more clenching and contracting inside Maddy’s pussy. Powerful muscles were now gripping at my cock, milking it into her body. Maddy’s muscle clenches made it difficult to re-enter her each time now, and I had to grip the child even more firmly to avoid just fucking her away from me with my powerful hip thrusting. Maddy began to wail now, and I saw her tummy heaving and falling, saw her back arching so that now as I held her bottom off the bed and fucked her, only her head and shoulders touched the bed. My little angel was climaxing again, two times in one day!

“Oh, ah, ah, OH!” shrieked Maddy as I pumped my cock faster in and out, my vision starting to blur as I neared my own peak. Suddenly the clenching in Maddy’s pussy peaked and she almost did a situp, her baby legs clinging helplessly around my waist and ribs as she lifted her head and shoulders up and completely off the bed, locking it there in pure tension as she climaxed. I felt warm liquid gushing out against my crotch, splashing out along my cock, into my pubic hairs, dripping down around my balls. I felt the clamping around my cock, and that was all it took.

“OH FUCK!” I bellowed as my balls cut loose. I reached under her back and gripped Maddy’s body firmly to my chest and fucked my cock into her as far as I could, falling forwards onto her tiny body. My hips were on complete autopilot as I pistoned my shaft in and out, up and down, hammering the child’s bottom into the bed, fucking her like a man possessed. I felt her face trapped under my chest, felt her gasping for air, felt her tiny hands clawing at my broad shoulders. I tried to roll slightly to one side so she could breathe and not be scared by my weight pressed down on her. But I was only barely in control as my hips continued humping, pumping thick loads of sperm deep into her baby vagina.

My climax seemed to go on forever as my balls spent themselves utterly, pumping untold loads of fresh semen up into my little baby girl, flooding her insides with my fertile seed. Maddy was breathing hard and gasping for
air as I finally stopped cumming and collapsed on top of her in a sweaty, sticky mess. Falling to one side I took my weight off the child and eased my withering cock from between her baby thighs, which until now had been spread so wide that when she put them together she actually whimpered a bit as her pelvic bones readjusted.

I held the tiny shaking child close to me and kissed her neck and shoulders. “Oh sweetie, you have the BEST little bumbum cave EVER!” I said, feeling sweat running down my face as I kissed Maddy’s face. “Edgar loves your bumbum cave!” I said to my little niece, kissing her forehead and her cheeks now. She was sweating too, but I saw that her little face was shining, her watery red eyes squinting as she smiled at her favorite Uncle Kurt.

End of Part 4

Part 5 – Setting The Record Straight

I pulled little Maddy from beside me and lay on my back, drawing her up onto my chest and stomach. I lay there comfortable on my back with my little three year old niece on my chest. She lay there comfortably, her legs spread around my hips. I stroked her back, kissed her neck and shoulders, soothed her from the intense experience, told her how much I loved her. Pretty soon her breathing slowed and I felt her body twitch a few times as she fell asleep on my chest. How precious!

As I began to drift off I let my hands roam lower down her little back, around to her little rubbery bottom, down her pudgy thighs… such a sweet little girl! Out of curiosity I reached around between her legs, my fingers probing under her bottom, feeling for her bald pussy crack. I felt sticky wetness oozing out, the sperm that I had squirted so deep into her drooling out slowly. As I touched her soft little privates I felt a stirring and tingling between my legs. I smiled and caressed her sleeping body as she lay face down upon my chest, but I was too spent to do anything more than rub her lovingly.

Maddy and I must have drifted off to sleep at that point, the two of us snuggled together closely, stark naked, traces of blood still smeared on her thighs, a small dollop of my thick sperm oozing from between her baby pussy lips, trickling down her cunny and landing on my stomach.


“And just what the hell is THIS?” I heard a woman’s voice say. I struggled upright, finding Madison still asleep on my chest, warm dead weight pressing me down. As I sat up Maddy started sliding down into my lap and mashed down on my limp cock. I gripped her tiny torso with one hand and held her from falling away from me, while my other hand propped me upright. I blinked in the glare of the bedroom lights.

“Is this what it looks like?” said my sister from the doorway. I dazedly brought my eyes to focus on her and realized what she meant. HOLY FUCK! I had just been frolicking naked with her daughter, my three-year-old little niece, and holy crap, the memories came back to me… I had just fucked this little baby girl child, the same baby girl who now still slumbered naked in my arms as I lay naked in Mommy’s big bed. Oh christ…

“Um, Susan, I, uh, um…”

Holding up her hand Susan indicated silence on my part. “Stop,” she said. “I don’t want to hear about it.” She had lowered her voice so as not to waken Maddy, whose head lolled to one side comically as I struggled to sit more upright, clutching her to my chest. I carefully held the child and cradled her tiny body, laying her on the bed beside me. She curled up into a little ball and turned away to sleep on her side comfortably, smacking her lips in her sleep. So precious!

Susan stared down at Maddy’s bare inner upper thigh. I followed her gaze and saw little thin streaks of blood on the inside of the child’s legs, just below her crotch. “Oh fuck! So you took her cherry, huh?” Susan said, nodding and grimacing.

“Susan, it… it’s not like, um…”

“Well, I suppose I had fantasies of her still being a virgin on her wedding night.” Susan sighed. “But since I sure as hell wasn’t, no reason my daughter should be.” Susan seemed calm. I was confused as I continued to wake up and figure out where she was coming from.

Susan sat down on the bed next to Maddy and stroked her hand along the sleeping child’s side. “She’s a darling little baby, isn’t she?” cooed Susan, as Maddy squirmed slightly in her sleep. I just nodded dumbly, drawing the sheets into my lap and hiding my own nakedness before my sister, just waiting for Susan to drop the other foot, to do something to me, to cut my balls off or whatever she was going to do.

“I trust you didn’t hurt her, did you?” I shook my head.

“You were gentle?” I nodded.

“Good.” Turning back to Maddy’s sleeping body she cupped her daughter’s silky little bottom and caressed the little white cheeks. The sight of Susan’s graceful fingers and painted nails caressing her own naked daughter began to set my groin to stirring, and I watched mesmerized.

“God how I wish I had a cock sometimes,” murmured Susan absently.

“What did you say?” I said lamely, my voice still rough with sleep.

“You heard me… I wish I had a cock… I’ll never get to know what it’s like to take a virgin girl, to feel the inside of another woman’s body with something so sensitive as an erect penis.” My head was spinning. Was this going to be all right with Susan?! It was almost too much to ask for at this point so I just stayed silent.

Fixing my gaze Susan whispered, “What was it like? Did she scream?” I nodded. “But only a little,” I hastened to assure her.

Susan nodded thoughtfully. “Yeah, tough not to scream…”

“I tried to go slow… I didn’t want to actually take her cherry…” I said lamely. “I just got carried away, that’s all!” I blurted out, trying to defend my actions.

“Oh, I understand… I’ve been there myself.”


“Don’t tell me you didn’t know that Dad took my cherry?”

I shook my head. “Really?”

“Oh yes, he took it all right, took it but good. I was a lot older than Maddy here, I think I was eight or nine, but Daddy was the first one to take me.”

“Where?” I asked, unable to think of anything else to ask.

“It was on one of those Indian Princess outings he used to take me on, it was after we’d been out camping for several days and we had all gone hiking to some distant and remote lake in the mountains.” Susan’s eyes got a faraway look in them as she recalled the scene. “Must have been a dozen girls and a dozen daddies, and the day was so hot and humid, and we’d been hiking, and didn’t expect to find a lake like this, so none of us had brought swimsuits.”

“Daddy suggested we could all just take our clothes off and go swimming anyway, and that’s exactly what happened. Twenty-some-odd naked bodies frolicking around the lake naked, big strong Daddies and their darling little girls…” Susan paused, closing her eyes at the memory.

“After we’d played in the lake for an hour or so, Daddy took me aside and said he wanted to show me something very special. I remember it was funny because his penis was much larger than I’d ever seen before. In the past Daddy’s penis had always been limp and dangly, like in the showers, and now it was a long hard stick.” Susan showed me with her finger out, pointed up at an angle. “I still remember staring at my father’s erection for the first time, feeling an odd tingling in my body that I didn’t understand.”

“Daddy took me off in the woods a little ways and said that I was his favorite little girl, that he loved me so much, and then he asked me to give him a big hug. I remember feeling his stiffness pressed in against my tummy, felt him thrusting his hard cock into my soft chest, thrusting it up against his very own little girl…” Susan’s eyes misted over. Her lip trembled.

“Daddy laid me ever so carefully down right there in the woods, even made sure that the pine needles where he placed me were smooth and even… and then he got between my legs and put his mouth on my little baby pussy. He must have sucked my pussy for half an hour. I’d never felt anything like it before.” She sniffed again at the memory.

“Then Daddy knelt between my legs and leaned up over me. ‘Baby, Daddy is going to make you a real woman today.’ He said some other stuff I don’t really remember, and the next thing I knew I felt a dull pressure pushing up between my legs, felt him pushing into me… and suddenly *BAM*, a white-hot stab of pain as his stiff cock entered my little body, ripped through my hymen like so much tissue paper.” Susan’s hands shook as she wiped her tears away.

Susan hung her head now and I saw tears run down her cheeks. Lamely I scooted closer to my sister and threw my arm around her shoulders. She sobbed for a few minutes, tears falling to her lap. When she finally spoke she had regained her composure somewhat.

“I loved Dad more than anyone else in the world, and when he died I was heartbroken… I swore I’d never love another man again. Oh I tried, but none of them loved me like Daddy did.” Gesturing at her darling little daughter she spoke of Maddy’s father Tom, a man who had long ago left her life.

“Even Maddy’s Daddy Tom was a complete prick compared with Dad. But Tom gave me Madison, and I will always be grateful to him for that.”

Susan paused, then looked at me with serious eyes. “By christ, I sure the fuck hope you were gentle,” she said accusingly.

I nodded. “You know I love Maddy very much too,” I whispered. Susan sobbed and threw her arms around me. “I know…” she said. “I think this is wonderful, I just wasn’t expecting it so… soon!” Looking at her sleeping baby girl she added, “Christ, she’s only three, Kurt!”

I grinned impishly. “She is quite a little lady though, let me tell you!”

At that point little Maddy stirred, twisted around on the bed and tried to sit up. “Sssh baby, just sleep,” I said. Maddy saw her mother and said “Mommy!” and sat up and threw her arms around Susan. Susan just sobbed and held her naked little girl close. Sensing a need for closeness I moved in and hugged Susan as well, sandwiching her little baby girl between us. The feel of two women hugging at once set my juices flowing again and I became
somewhat embarrassed at the stiffness poking up from my crotch.

I had to pee really bad too, so I broke off the hug and climbed out of bed. Despite trying to hide my erection, Susan noticed. “Come here a second,” she said. I stood over near the bed where she and Maddy hugged still. Looking at Maddy, Susan asked her, “What did you and Uncle Kurt do tonight? Tell Mommy!” Maddy stared at my stiff cock, where the remnants of the magic marker eyes and mouth were still slightly visible.

“Uncle Kurt let me play with Edgar,” she said, pointing at my stiff cock.

“Edgar?” said Susan with an odd grin, looking up at me for clarification.

“Um, er,” I went to explain sheepishly. “I told Maddy this was my snake Edgar,” I said, pointing at the magic marker eyes and mouth.

“Ha!” laughed Susan. “How very inventive of you!”

“Edgar is a snake,” said Maddy, pointing at my cock.

“I see,” said Susan. Looking up at me she said “What are you, some kind of a professional pedophile?” I shrugged.

Turning back to Maddy Susan continued. “You know what baby? Uncle Kurt was playing a game with you.” Maddy looked puzzled. “That’s right, sweetie, a game. Edgar isn’t a snake, Edgar is Uncle Kurt’s penis. Can you say ‘penis?'”

“Peanuts?” said Maddy in her baby girl voice.

“No, no, ‘penis,’ ‘pe-nisssss,'” corrected her mother.


“Good enough,” said Susan. “Step closer, Uncle Kurt, bring your penis over here,” said Susan. I awkwardly stepped towards my sister and niece. Susan reached out her hand and gripped my stiffness, making me gasp.

“Nice little snake you have here brother… I always wondered what it would look like all hard!” I just grunted and nodded as she fondled my erect cock.

“This is a penis,” said Susan. “Men like to play all kinds of games with their penises, and sometimes they play games like pretending their penises are also snakes. Uncle Kurt loves you very much so that’s why he played the snake game with you.” Maddy just nodded, staring at my stiff cock.

Cuddling her baby daughter closer Susan asked, “Did you like playing with Uncle Kurt’s penis?” Maddy nodded. “What did you and Uncle Kurt do with his big penis tonight? Can you tell Mommy what you did?”

Maddy thought for a moment. “Uncle Kurt let me kiss Edgar, I mean his penith, and then Edgar scared me because he jumped into my mouth and was
bumping my tongue and moving all over!” she said emphatically, pointing into her mouth with a finger, jabbing it in and out. Susan just grinned.

“And then we took a shower and Uncle Kurt washed my bumbum really nicely and it felt weally, weally good when he washed my bumbum.” She paused and drew a great big breath. “Then Uncle Kurt started kissing my bumbum when we were in bed and that felt good too…” her voice trailed off.

“Did Uncle Kurt kiss your bumbum with his mouth?” Maddy nodded.

“Did Uncle Kurt put his penis in your bumbum?” asked Susan. Maddy looked up at her unsure. “I think so…” she said.

I spoke up. “Yes Maddy, Uncle Kurt put his penis inside your bumbum… remember the bumbum cave where Edgar went?” I explained sheepishly and she nodded.

“Did you like that sweetie?” asked Susan, stroking Maddy’s back lovingly. Maddy looked down in her lap, a little unsure.

“Did it hurt your bumbum?” Maddy nodded.

“Did it feel good on your bumbum too?” Maddy nodded again.

“Well, I think Uncle Kurt loves you very much if he put his penis up in your bumbum, don’t you?” Maddy shrugged, then nodded and smiled weakly. Susan had let go of my cock and now I continued to stand there with my stiff organ still exposed before my sister and niece.

“In fact, I think maybe someday Uncle Kurt will put his penis up inside Mommy’s bumbum too. Would Maddy like to watch that?” I groaned at the thought. Would my sister really let me fuck her?! My cock throbbed at attention but I really had to go piss badly now.

“In fact, maybe if we ask Uncle Kurt nicely, he’ll let Mommy kiss his penis too. Do you want to watch Mommy kiss Uncle Kurt’s penis?” asked Susan, pointing at my stiff cock, only inches away. Maddy nodded out of curiosity and Susan beckoned me closer. “Here, this is how Mommy kisses Uncle Kurt’s penis…”

“Oooh,” I groaned as my sister leaned her mouth forwards and slurped her tongue along the head of my cock. Opening her lips wide she engulfed my member, sucking and slurping contentedly on the swollen head. “Urgh, oh god, oh christ Susan…” I said, my knees wobbling.

End of Part 5

Part 6 – Mommy Joins In

We then went to the shower all three of us, Maddy, he mum and myself.

“Oh it’s so wonderful finally being with you like this!” gushed Susan, pulling back and patting Maddy on the head. “Kiss Uncle Kurt’s big penis again,” she said. I groaned as the child’s tiny mouth pouted and kissed the throbbing hot cockshaft that jutted up from my crotch. “It sure looks like this thing could do with a little more action,” said Susan, reaching down to cup my heavy balls.

“Oh wow,” she said, her long fingers gently massaging my testicles while Maddy kept kissing my stiff cockshaft. “These are FULL!” she said, dropping to her knees. While her daughter continued kissing my shaft, Susan angled her head down under me and started sucking and slurping on my exposed balls. The sensations of her tongue were heavenly and I felt her working on each ball independently, sucking and slurping contentedly on it. After a few minutes of this my legs felt tired, so I said “Let’s rinse and take this back to the bedroom!” We flipped on the shower quickly and we toweled off and I swept little Madison up into my arms and brought her into the bedroom, following her mommy Susan.

Susan flopped onto the bed. “Give me that precious little angel!” she said with a big smile, her arms open. I knelt onto the bed, my stiff cock jutting outwards still, and handed her the naked little waif. “Aw, Mommy loves her little Maddy so much!” she gushed, drawing the child to her chest. As Susan cuddled Maddy to her chest I saw both of her nipples stiffen and thicken. “Num-nums?” asked Susan and Maddy nodded, nuzzling into her mother’s chest. With a comfort borne of familiarity, Madison locked her tiny mouth around one of her mother’s swollen teats. What a sight!

I gripped my stiff cock and started jerking it, stepping closer to my sister and my niece. Suddenly I saw a dribble of milk appear at the corner of Maddy’s mouth, and Susan’s eyes closed in pure bliss. “You’re still nursing?” I said with surprise. Susan just nodded, her eyes closed.

“Oh christ that’s hot!” I said enthusiastically, jerking faster.

Susan let out a long sigh and I saw her adjust Madison’s body slightly. Now Maddy’s legs were spread as she lay in her mother’s lap, and Susan began exploring the child’s hairless genitals with her fingertips. “Oh christ,” I hissed, jerking faster as I watched my sister gently masturbating Maddy as she nursed from her chest. Susan’s other breast suddenly leaked a little bit of milk, the runny white liquid drooling down onto Maddy’s bare chest. Susan let go of Maddy’s pussy and instead cupped and squeezed her bare breast. A second later she expressed a stream of warm milk, three little needles of nourishing liquid sprinkling out onto Maddy’s bare stomach and thighs and pussy. I could only groan as my orgasm approached, my hand now just a blur as I watched.

“Oh is Uncle Kurt gonna make sperms?” asked Susan coyly, when she realized that I was getting close. I grunted and nodded, watching as Susan now smoothed the warm slippery milk into her daughter’s body, smearing the
sticky liquid on Madison’s stomach, smoothing it down between her legs, rubbing it into her chubby little thighs. Staring right up at me now, Susan started asking me questions.

“You like that Uncle Kurt?” I nodded.

“You like seeing your sister making num-nums for Maddy?”

“Is your big penis going to make sperms?” I felt my balls tense deliciously at the suggestion.

“Is Uncle Kurt going to shoot his sperms all over Maddy?” Oh god, so close…

“Do you wanna mix your sperms with Mommy’s num-nums?” she said, lifting her hand back from Madison’s milk-spattered pussy. Madison just kept slurping and nursing contentedly at her mother’s other nipple. “You know, Maddy’s little mouth on my nipple feels so good… I bet it felt great nursing on your big cock, didn’t it?” I nodded.

Placing two fingers down between Madison’s thighs Susan spread open her daughter’s outer vulva lips. “Is this where Uncle Kurt put his great big penis before?” I nodded and stared at the coral pink insides of the child’s vagina. Susan dipped one finger into Madison’s milk-slicked pussy and I saw the girl’s chubby legs twitch momentarily as Susan penetrated her vagina just slightly.

That was all I could take. “Oh fuck… oh FUCK!” I howled, my cock thrusting and humping as I knelt closer to Madison and Susan.

“Yes, shoot it, blow your load… YES!” encouraged Susan, cupping and squeezing her daughter’s pussy, then parting the tiny outer lips again as my cock started erupting. My sperm flew everywhere. Bolts of it sprayed out and across Maddy’s naked body, splattering wetly on the underside of her neck, spraying onto her mother’s heaving, milk-dribbling chest. I grunted and felt my balls pour out tons of fresh liquid, splattering it wetly over my sister and my niece.

Susan just kept smoothing my sperm into her daughter, cupping and squeezing and stroking the child’s bare pussy while continuing to nurse her. Soon my spurts had changed to drizzles, and I knelt closer to let the last few droplets fall on Maddy’s bare thighs, right next to her baby pussy.

End of Part 6

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.

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