Training a replacement (Mg,b)

Training a replacement (Mg,b)

Prologue:  Tony has to train a young boy to take over his job of pleasuring the girls.

Author: Uncle Tony

Gloria managed to come over twice more during the week. She was something really special. So young and innocent, but in many ways, so mature and adult. She had a good sense of humor, she was extremely intelligent and I was obsessed by her.

On the Sunday, Sybil arrived.she still looked as lovely as ever. We greeted and kissed. Mandy and Lisa started clapping.
“Are you two going to have sex right now?” she asked. We broke apart. We made tea and cakes and we all sat down.
“So how was your week?” Sybil asked them.
“It was great, auntie, poor Tony has worked very hard to make us happy, but he’s really got the hots for Gloria and she’s got the hots for him as well.” Sybil looked at me.
“Which one is Gloria?”
“She’s the oldest one with the long wavy blonde hair.” She’s got her period now, so there’s only us and Carmen at the moment.” Lisa told her.
“Now what’s the name of that boy at school that you’ve got the hots for Mandy?”
“Oh, you mean Terry. He’s dreamy, but all he seems to think about is his schoolwork. He doesn’t play with anyone. He’s made himself an outcast. If any of the girls go near him, he turns red and hurries away. He doesn’t have any friends. He’s much bigger than most of the other boys.”
“I think his parents have something to do with his behavior.” Sybil said. “If the rumors I’ve heard are true, they are both Belong to some religious cult, but the extreme type. I hear that they even sleep in separate rooms.” That struck a chord with me. My own mother was also religious and she had also had some very weird ideas about the terrible sin of sex and masturbation.
“Is he allowed out on his own?” I asked. “Does he talk to you?”
“Yes, he goes out and wanders around and sits by the river. He has a bicycle, but he doesn’t often ride it. He’ll talk to me, but when I asked him what his problem was with other kids, he just blushed and said “nothing”

“Do you think that he might talk to me?” I asked Sybil.
“I’m sure that he would. I just have to get him to meet you. I think the best way is that I tell him that I have a visitor who is a doctor and who specializes in problems of children and young people and that I would like him to meet you. If he agrees, I’ll bring him here, then take Mandy and Lisa and go to town. If he refuses there isn’t much else I can think of.”

A couple of days later, Sybil came back from town.
“I’m surprised.” She told me. I saw young Terry and he was very keen to meet you. He actually looked relieved. I’ve arranged to meet up with him tomorrow afternoon and bring him here. He made me promise not to tell his parents and to promise that you wouldn’t tell them either.”

The next day, Sybil arrived with a young guy. He was also quite tall for his age, around five foot seven or so. He was quite fit and muscular looking, certainly not fat, light brown wavy hair and very good looking. Sybil introduced us and then took the two girls and went out. When they had gone, I asked Terry if he had problems and we could talk about it.
“You must promise me that you will never tell anyone that I’ve talked to you, especially my parents.” He said.
“Anything that happens between a doctor and patient is confidential.” I reassured him. “In return, you must promise me that anything we do or say, is a secret between us.”
“Of course.” Came the reply.
“Right, now Terry, Sybil, Mandy and Lisa all tell me that you have no friends, you run away from girls and you seem unhappy. You obviously have problems of some kind. Why don’t you tell me everything and let me try to help you?” Terry was close to tears.
“I think I have a disease.” He told me. “It’s the sort of disease I feel embarrassed to talk about.”
“Have you told your doctor about this?” I asked. I was more than a little concerned.
“My folks don’t believe in doctors.” He told me. “They believe in prayer, but it doesn’t work. That’s why, when Sybil asked me if I would see you, I was pleased, but promise that you will never tell my folks.”
“I already did.” I reminded him. “What are your symptoms?”
“It’s between my legs, I think it’s called my penis. My mom told me I should never pull that skin covering off it and I didn’t. I never had a real problem until about three months ago. Well actually there has always been a bit of a problem, because sometimes it swells up, especially in the morning and it’s very uncomfortable. Sometimes the skin at the end gets very red and sore. I found some antiseptic ointment and I put that on the skin at the end when it gets sore, but that isn’t the worst problem. About three months ago it started to leak slimy stuff when it swelled up. I wipe it off, and I try to put the ointment inside but it doesn’t help. Is it a bad disease?” I almost started to laugh and I felt a wave of relief and anger against his stupid parents at the same time.
“When it swell up, do you masturbate?” I asked. He looked at me nonplussed.
“What’s masturbate?”
“Jerk off, wank? They are common terms.”
“How do you do that?”
“Alright, Terry. Let’s have a look at your problem. Come with me into the bathroom.” We went into the ensuite bathroom. “Take off your pants” I told him and let me have a look. I carefully checked his penis. Then I ran some warm water into the bath.
“Take off all your clothes and stand in the bath, Terry.” He did as he was told. I carefully bathed his penis and very gently and slowly peeled back the foreskin. It wasn’t attached any longer, but it was very dirty inside. I bathed it with warm water and then a bit of antiseptic soap. He watched me carefully.
“My mom told me I should never pull that skin back.” He told me.
“Terry, trust me” she is being very silly. You need to pull the foreskin back and carefully wash inside, especially round here.” I pointed to the rim of the glans. If you don’t keep this clean, you can get an infection. You should also maybe peel it back when you pee and then just dab the end with a bit of toilet paper and then pull the skin back. Then it won’t get sore. It’s the pee that stays on the for skin that causes it to get sore.”
“But what’s all that slimy stuff which leaks out, isn’t that a disease of some kind?”
“No Terry, it’s perfectly normal. It means you are becoming a man. Haven’t you noticed that hair is growing around your balls? Tell you what, follow me.” I took him back into the bedroom.
“Lie down on the bed. Now relax and trust me. You do trust me, don’t you? I promise that I won’t hurt you.” I lay down beside him and gently started to massage his penis. It didn’t take long before it started to swell. Terry started to look alarmed. I continued to stroke it slowly and gently.
“Don’t be scared, Terry. Just lie back and close your eyes. Isn’t it starting to feel good?” He looked at his swollen penis. By now he was fully erect and not a bad size for such a young boy. He was about the same size that I was at his age. He was starting to breathe heavily.
“Yes, it feels good.”
“Then lie back and enjoy it.” I started to speed up. His body started to tense up. I slowed right down.
“I think you should stop now. It feels really good, but I think I’m going to pee myself.” I chuckled.
“Don’t you worry, I guarantee that you won’t pee yourself. Just enjoy. Don’t fight it, let it happen. It will feel better and better until . . . Well you’ll know when it happens.”
I started to speed up again. His legs stiffened’ his head was rolling from side to side.
“Oh, oh, what’s happening? Oh, oh, oh.” His entire body convulsed and a long jet of white creamy semen erupted from the end of his prick. It was like a rope. I could actually feel it as it came out. The force was so much that it hit the bottom of his chin and slid down into the hollow of his throat, the spurt ending just above his pecs. His little body convulsed again and another rope shot out, landing on his chest, just below the first one. Then followed more spurts. It never seemed that it would stop as jet after jet of hot creamy spunk shot out of the end of his swollen cock. His entire body was covered in his hot sticky spunk. My hand and arm was also dripping with the stuff. I found it hard to believe that a boy as young as this could hold such a massive load of semen

Terry just lay there, almost unconscious. I stopped stroking his dick and just held it gently. My own cock was going wild at the sight of this kid being jerked off for the first time in his life. It was very erotic. With my free hand, I grabbed some tissues and cleaned him off.
“What happened” he muttered.
“You just had your very first orgasm, Terry. You did fine. Don’t feel bad about it, it’s perfectly normal. All men have to do that from time to time. You need to do it, because that stuff just keeps building up and it’s the only way to relive it when it gets really hard and swollen. Did you enjoy it?”
“I’ve never felt anything that good before, you say all men have to do it. Do you have to do it as well?
“Yes Terry. If you like, you can do to me what I just did to you and you can see for yourself.” He only hesitated for a moment, looking a bit unsure.
“Yes, I’d like that.” He replied. I opened my shirt and took off my pants, my cock was like an iron bar. It was about an inch and a bit longer than his, but quite a bit thicker. He carefully examined it. Peeling back my foreskin and feeling my testicles.
“Will mine get like this?” He asked.
“At least as big as mine, probably a bit bigger.” He started to stroke it, gently. I didn’t intend to make a meal of it, but the boy had other ideas. He did as I had done with him. He varied the speed and length of the strokes and he kept stopping.

Finally, I sort my wad and there was a lot of it.
“Oh wow,” he exclaimed. “There was a lot more of mine.” I laughed.
“Yes, but you’ve been producing all that for three or more months without relieving it, and mine is only from last night.”
“Only last night, so you do it every day?”
“I should be so lucky,” I told him. “I had to do it three times yesterday.”
“So how do you know when you have to do it?” He asked.
“I’ll show you.” There was a TV in the bedroom and a tape deck. I had already put in a videotape especially for this occasion. I switched it on.

The film started with a young boy and girl, holding hands and walking. They found a secluded spot and started kissing. The kisses got more and more passionate and he started to feel her breasts, soon removing her top to reveal two perky young breasts.
Eventually, she took down his pants and started to rub his cock. After some time, he got off all her clothes and they lay naked together. The film moved in to close ups as the boy penetrated her tight young pussy with his cock and it slid all the way inside her. Terry’s cock was rock hard in my hand and I squeezed it and moved it ever such a little bit. He watched awestruck as the boy pumped away at her. Then the camera zoomed in and we could actually see his cock swell as he spurted his semen deep inside her pretty little body. In close up, he slowly pulled out and we could see a thick stream of his creamy spunk running out of her little cunt.

Terry’s little cock was at bursting point. I teased him and kept him on the brink for as long as I could he was going wild. Finally I took pity on him and he erupted for a second time. Another massive load of hot creamy semen. All the while he was hanging on to my rigid cock and also stroking it. The sight of his cock spewing another load of spunk sent me over the edge and I joined him. He was holding my dick in such a way that it was pointed at him, so my creamy load splashed all over him as well and we were both almost swimming in liquid semen.
“Now do you understand, Terry?” I asked him. His little cock was still quite firm in my hand.
“You mean, you mean, er you do that to Sybil?” He asked me.
“Why? Would you like to fuck someone as well, Terry?”
“Oh, now it makes sense, so that’s what fucking is.”
“It has lots of names, coitus, sexual intercourse, love-making, fucking, screwing. Take your pick. Tell you what. Come around again tomorrow at the same time and we’ll see if we can’t find someone for you.”
“Oh wow, are you sure. Do you really think some girl will let me?”
“Patience young man, wait until tomorrow and just maybe, you’ll get lucky.” We got into the shower and washed off and Terry left.

About an hour later, Sybil and the girls returned.
“So how did it go?” She asked.
“Luckily, just stupid fucking parents. I got him sorted. Who wants first go with him tomorrow. Both girls put up their hands. Sybil decided for them. I’ll collect Carmen. Gloria isn’t ready yet, so I think that Mandy should go first, then Lisa and finally Carmen.”
“Not a chance,” I told her. “What do you expect me to do, pull wire? No, I will take Carmen. Once we get Terry started, I’m taking little Carmen into our bedroom and I’m going to give her a good fucking. After that if Terry has any strength left and Carmen wants more. Then she is fair game.”

Next day, Sybil took the two girls and they went off to collect Carmen. While they were still out, the bell rang. It was Terry, half an hour early.
“Am I too early?” he asked. “Not really, just sit down for a minute or two.

” Soon after Sybil came back with the three girls. I introduced them solemnly.
“Now ladies, this is Terry. Terry – this is Mandy, Lisa and Carmen.” Terry blushed and held out his hand. Mandy put her arms round him and kissed him on the mouth.
“You’re mine,” she told him and she took his hand and almost dragged him to her room.
“Don’t worry, Terry. Mandy is a good teacher and she’ll take care of you. Just be gentle and be careful both of you.” I looked at the other two.
“Sybil, better make sure that Mandy doesn’t be selfish. Poor little Lisa needs some attention as well. I think Carmen and I can have a chat and maybe you and Lisa can make some snacks and we can have something a bit later.” I took Carmen’s hand and led her to the master bedroom.  On the way, I called to Mandy.
“Don’t forget your sister and be a hog. If you do, you’ll get big penalties.” Carmen and I fucked like rabbits for a good twenty minutes. We cleaned up and went into the living room. Terry and Mandy were obviously finished, because Terry was fucking Lisa doggie style. They were both grunting and gasping like rutting animals. I don’t think Terry even saw us come into the room.
“How was he?” I whispered to Mandy.
“Not bad for a first time. He’ll get better at it given time. Little Lisa started shouting.
“Come on, faster, I’m really close, oh yes, yes, yes.” Her little body convulsed and Terry stiffened and almost crushed her as he plunged into her spasming cunt and erupted inside her hot, wet vagina. He hung on to her like a drowning man, making loud grunts as each spurt of his semen was pumped into her. Eventually, he let her go and pulled his still swollen cock out, dripping with his white semen. It was running out of Lisa as well all over the carpet. He saw me for the first time, with Carmen sat on my knee and my hand under her blouse massaging her little nipples.
“That was so hot.” She exclaimed as she stroked my cock. “Can we do it again?” Food and drink first, I told her. We had food and coffee. Terry, Lisa and Mandy were still naked as the day they were born. Little Terry already had a hard on again, even while he ate.

After food, Terry , Mandy and Lisa got down on the carpet. I couldn’t work out who was fondling who. It was a real mix up. Carmen squeezed my hand and started to unbutton my fly. I dropped my pants took off my shirt as she stripped.
“Do you want a go with Terry?” I asked her. She looked at me.
“Maybe some other time, Tony, but I just love the feel of your big hard cock inside me. It makes me feel full and wanted and I know I have to make the most of you whilst Gloria isn’t available.”

I wasn’t sure how the girls and Terry were going to manage after I had left and Mandy’s parents came home. Sybil said she would make a plan. I knew that between her and the sexy young girls that she would. As the holiday started to come to an end, Sybil took me aside.
“Would you mind if we left the girls to Terry just for three or four days?” She asked.
“No, why?”
“Because I want you to fuck me. It will soon be my ovulation time and I want you to make me pregnant.” I looked at her a bit horrified.
“But why? You aren’t married who is going to take care of you and the baby. I’ve always liked you very much, Sybil, but I don’t want to get married just yet.” Sybil laughed.
“I’m going out with a guy. He’s a great bloke and I love him, but it’s a question of genetics. He is keen to have children, we’ve been fucking for over a year. I stopped taking the pill a few months ago, but nothing has happened in spite of trying. He got himself tested. He has a slightly low sperm count, but the doctor has given him some pills and he says we should just keep trying but it might take a while. You have great genes and if I can get pregnant, we’ll both be happy and I’ll marry him. We’ll probably have another later, if we keep at it, but if it fails, after a year or two I’ll give you a call and hope that you’ll fix me up again. I know you won’t be wanting my baby, I trust you. Obviously, we’re friends so you can visit us any time, you’ll get on fine with Jim and no-one ever needs to know.”

I told Gloria that I was going to take a few days to rest, and that we would get together before I left and that afterwards, I would make plans to see her again. Sybil had a son. Gloria and I stayed friends and met up for almost a year afterwards, at least once a month, but eventually she started going out with another guy and whilst we kept in touch for quite some time, we all moved on with our lives. Soon after this, I met up with  Julie and Jenny and my life changed yet again.