Bad Karma (Mb,Mg,anal,bond,syfy, justified snuff)

Bad Karma (Mb,Mg,anal,bond,syfy, justified snuff)

Prologue: Justice has just arrived on earth, a being of space, of a god like mentality we couldn’t hope of understanding. In fact a universal elemental of a sort, guided by a need to feed in a way we couldn’t even conceive of, the end product, a vengeance of sorts.

….I came out of the eternal night of space drawn by the blue speck. Life would be there, intelligent life, all this I could tell the moment my senses touched the little blue world. To them I would be a god of sorts, an eternal spirit but I’m none of these. I am vengeance, I am justice, I am that voice you should have listen to. And I feed on revenging the innocent, I get no pleasure in what I am but I exists and here and now I search unseen by the intelligent life residing here finding the most deviant, cruel, and on this world I’ll feed well, very well indeed.

A pleasant looking home has drawn me to it and I shift through the wall finding what I came for. An innocent being wronged. A young boy being sexual abused by an adult the sense of wrong a feast for my kind. The man was thinking about hurting the young boy in more than just a sexual way. For now there was nothing I could do as this was my nature bound by it more than these creatures to their world, knowing the act might take place was far different than witnessing it. And it was the power of the act that made my vengeance possible. So I waited letting it play out…..

Albert was a young boy lover, had been sense his teen years. There was something erotic about forcing a young almost preteen boy to submit to a good raping. He laughed at people whom said that there were more gays now than in years past but he found most boys were anything but gay. In point of fact all he’d forced to submit were pleasingly revolted by his advances, forcing him to tie most up real tight just to give them a go. This young boy he’d just kidnapped was of just that type having just realized what Albert was about to do with him.

The boy was of maybe seven years old with gray eyes, light of skin and not too thin. He had a short crop of blond hair on his head and shook, trembling in fright of being forced to strip naked in front of Albert, a stranger to the young boy. Albert relished the way the young boy was unable to even put up a fight, his young mind so consumed by the unnatural situation he’d found himself in. The young boy had that full tight set of hairless testicles and soft penis that would be a pleasure to fondle while sodomizing him. This was a good boy, the type that would follow instruction without question, his parents had taught him well.

….I waited unseen my feast and justice before me. I would strike with the practice of countless eons of time and uncountable worlds. This here was a young world I would have many, many years of freedom to run rampant before they would have the technology stop me or foresight to know I even existed among them. But for now this was my first meal my first act of justified vengeance among them….

Albert stripped quickly not caring that the boy saw him as he lubed up his stiff adult cock. He could hardly wait to have his cock up the young boy’s tight ass, his hand fondling over his tight hairless young nut sack, and his tongue Albert was sure stuck down the young boy throat. Albert moved up close behind the young scared trembling boy and guided his fiercely stiff cock through his smooth pleasingly looking buttocks. With practice ease Albert found the boy’s anus and lunged home without regard. The boy screamed out.

….Energy surged through me fueling the vengeance of my kind creating a alternate universe for the abusive evil man, unseen and unreal to all but the evil being before me. Somewhat sated I moved on leaving the man to his fate, the boy suddenly alone took off unable to understand where the bad man had gone, only relieved he could get away….

Albert’s world went suddenly hazy, blurring out, changing in a way his own mind couldn’t explain. But the world snapped back into sharp focus. His arms were in pain extended out from his shoulders his head turning up to follow one up. A rope was tied to his wrist his arm going up at 45° the other arm the same. He couldn’t move his legs, looking down his legs were tied the same, a framework of wood went around him and he was held up his nude body in a X a couple feet off the floor. Albert could see his penis but it wasn’t his. It was a young boy’s penis his loin having none of the pubic hair he should have.

‘What the fuck?’ Albert thought looking up into a full size mirror on the wall before him ‘What The FUCK’

Before him was a gagged young boy, hanging, limbs pulled tight in a ‘X’ inside a wooden framework. The boy ‘him’ was about five or six years old, deep blue eyes, light brown hair, in fact it was him or what he looked like when he was of that age. A nude long stiff cocked man came up behind him reflected in the mirror. He was strangely familiar with blond hair, piercing gray eyes that gleamed with a devilish gleam. The man had a heavy duty bungee which he hooked into an i-bolt high above Albert’s head. He place a short hang mans noose, the other end of the noose there was a small loop tied in it so it went into the hanging end of the thick bungee cord’s hook. Albert went wide eyed at what its intent was for. The blond hair nude muscular man walked into full view in front of Albert.

Albert stared in shock as his mind clicked to whom this man was. The boy he was raping just moments ago, this was an adult version of that boy ‘what the fuck’. Albert was given the full act he’d done to a few boys in his life as the muscular man applied a thick coating of lube to his stiff adult cock in full view of Albert, his meaning plain as day. And what a cock it was, much fuller in thickness and length than Albert’s ever was. Finished the man came up to Albert a hand reaching down feeling over his now young hairless boy sack. Now Albert never considered himself gay and had been with many a women, boys weren’t men in his mind but sex toys. But this, this felt wrong having a man feeling over his young groin and Albert plainly could see the excitement escalating in the man’s eyes, he recognized that look having had it himself. This had to be a dream, just had to be.

Albert tugged on the ropes that held him within the wooden framework and they bit painfully into his ankles and wrist as he tried to twist them out of the tight hold of the rope. The man only stepped back watching one of his hands going to his adult cock pumping idly over it a bemused studious look on his face. If this wasn’t real it was then a hell of a nightmarish dream, but then again it had none of the indicators of a dream, and he couldn’t shake himself awake. The pain of the rope was all to real, all of it all to real. Albert was a young boy, was he ever a man, was that the dream. The strong muscular man suddenly looked all to ready and went around Albert, his wide scared looking eyes going to the mirror watching as the man stepped up close behind him. The heat of his adult body Albert could plainly feel as the warm blunt head of the man’s lube slick cock went through his spread buttocks against Albert’s young boy anus a strong arm coming around his waist latching onto his young hairless groin. The adult male organ pressed without ceremony up hard. Albert screamed out through the cloth gag.

If Albert somehow still believed this was a dream the moment his anus was forced to open over the thick blunt tip all that was dashed from his mind. This was real, painfully real. But the man was only encourage by Albert’s muffled scream and worked his cock like a pro through the virginal confines of his young rectum till lodge gleefully to the end of his young rectum. The young boy ‘him’ in the mirror thrashed about within the wooden framework throughout the assault his limbs tugging erratically at the ropes attached to each limb, the man watching, that sadistic calm bemused look on his adult face throughout Albert’s ordeal. The thick male cock stretching his rectum was flexing with excitement but Albert’s young boy cock was hanging limp in the man’s hand that still felt over his young groin.

Albert was in a horrid state of confusion about it all as the man reached up the hand crudely fondling him leaving his groin. He tilted his head up following the hands as they grabbed the noose pulling it down against the countering strain of the bungee. Albert could see the man’s intent was to place it over his head and struggled to keep that from happening moving his head about trying to dodge the loop of rope. Out of nowhere the thick cock still lodge deep in his young rectum lunged up the thick blunt tip slipping almost into his large intestine. Albert froze in shock from the sharp deep pain, the loop of rope went over his young head in a flash. The boy ‘him’ in the mirror was trembling in shock from the deeper entry as the man snugged the slipknot of the noose down tight around his neck and released the rope that snapped tightly up into place being pulled taunt by the thick fiercely strong bungee.

The rope went tight around his young neck, the man had placed it purposely so it was choking him horribly, he could barely get air and panic surged up causing him to thrash wildly about within the wooden framework. The thick adult organ’s blunt tip lunged, entering his large intestine the strong muscular blond haired man working to fully get the remainder of his long cock into place inside him. And once there it was none pause as the man tug his cock cruelly back humping with devilishly gleaming eyes staring at Albert as he brutally went about sodomizing his young gut. Every sensation he had wish on his own young victims seemed intensified three time over on himself. Albert grunted gutturally as the harsh sodomizing rape intensified beyond reason, his young boy body feeling the sensation as if for the first time. The rope around his young neck not near tight enough to end his hold on consciousness but choked him horribly making it hard to even breathe at all. The thick adult cock planted in deep with Albert able to vaguely see the man reaching up with another bungee cord, hooking it into place and pulling the free end down.

Albert’s entire bowel was sending horrid nasty signals of a impending bowel movement and he needed to pee although even with a relaxed bladder nothing came out. Vaguely Albert remember a time he experimented with a dildo in his ass and found it difficult to pee ‘the adult cock in his young ass’. The man pulled down and fitted the hook of the free end of the bungee into the small loop and released it without concern to Albert need for air at all. The added bungee would have lifted Albert now young body up off the floor if he’d been there but he was tied in place within the wooden framework his arms and legs X’ed in place. What little air he had went from little to choking, nothing. He stared dumbfounded into the mirror at himself and the strong sadistic man now moving rapidly back into place to finish his rape of Albert before Albert expired. He knew he’d be conscious for at least a couple short minutes with the man wanting to find sadistic release within that time frame. And sure enough with Albert’s young bowel in full disarray started a fierce animal like humping tuned to escalate as Albert reached his end.

Albert knowing where this was heading tried to make his end graceful but the choke off air made that impossible as panic set in. And with his bowel churning in need of release panic did set in as the base instinct for survival took full control over him. Albert lurched about in full wide eyed panic within the confines of the ropes, the world in sharp cruel focus of the role he’d played in it. As his world did began fade, his young bladder did finely let go and he saw a stream of piss arch up from his now little stiffy, the adult cock pummeling through his intestine locking up into place releasing a huge gush of hot sperm. That moment freezing into his mind as a clear point of a last instant of time….

Albert’s world went suddenly hazy, blurring out, changing in a way his own mind couldn’t explain. But the world snapped back into sharp focus. His arms were in pain extended out from his shoulders his head turning up to follow one up. A rope was tied to his wrist his arm going up at 45° the other arm the same. He couldn’t move his legs, looking down his legs were tied the same, a framework of wood went around him and he was held up his nude body in a X a couple feet off the floor…. Déjà vu…Déjà vu…

….I went on needing to gain strength from my long hop through space/time from one life giving planetary system to another. I’ve spent untold eons in the void between the stars but this too is the nature of my kind. Some beings have thought of me as a god of sorts, that too would be short lived as intelligence grows and my true nature becomes known. I’ll be driven off again but for now and a thousand years hence I’ll feast and be unforgiving justice and vengeance as is my nature.

I’m drawn again to another injustice an adult female of these beings cruelly disciplining a young boy. She is deriving pleasure from the act and is moving out of control ‘a feast’ in the making and vengeance in return. I snap into place unseen, close, watching for the moment, I’ve never been wrong. Hatred and sexual deviance radiated from her thoughts as she whipped a nude young boy of five. Her thoughts were bringing her over an unseen edge into pleasure she was deriving from the act and timing brought the moment I would act to a head and as she rose my feast began. As I feasted for her time and space warped placing her into a bubble universe of her own making ‘vengeance’ and ‘justice’ filling the newly created void within it, making it all to real for her….

Judy was in a foul mood today when she came home from work, the baby setter had left early before she got home and her son Billy had gotten into her room and made a mess of her make-up and even got into her medicine cabinet. Work hadn’t been a bed of roses either as she’d been reprimanded for being late twice this week because of the damn brat. She’d had enough and blew a fuse grabbing a thick leather belt.

‘I’ll beat the brat to an inch of his life’ she thought, her anger growing.

Judy had whipped the boy on more than one occasion, each time she found she derived a at first unnerving satisfaction in the act. The last time she almost had an orgasm. This time she’d achieve that for sure, she stop caring about whether it was wrong to feel that way a long while back and called out for the boy.

“Billy, get your ass in here and strip naked” Her voice commanding “Your going to get it good”

Her husband or as it really was, her live in had left her a few years back with his brat. She wasn’t near ready to raise a kid and despised the fact the young boy looked so much like her X. She’d tan the boy’s hide but good this time.

Judy’s cunt tingled with anticipation, here and now she felt in total control and liked it. ‘I’d make a great dominatrix’ she thought to herself watching Billy’s young wide scared eyes following her every move as she stood ready. He entered the bedroom slowly as if he might bolt. But Judy knew he wouldn’t, he was far to beaten into submission now not to comply to her demands and she waited for him to strip down before her. To Judy it was like getting even with her X. And even if he didn’t know it gave her an intense satisfaction, as if it was him she was beating.

Billy was pulling off his underwear when she delivered the first blow from the wide leather belt. She gleefully watch as the boy tripped over the half pulled down underwear trying to fend off the next by moving away. She got him again as he tried to get up and Judy went to the door to her room and closed it. Billy was crying now the sound a thrill for her ears to hear. Her fucking X deserved everything she be doing to his fuck boy right now. Judy could see the welt rising over his young body but her cunt steamed with delight driving her on for another blow from the belt, then another her rage only getting started. She rose her arm to deliverer another well placed one when the world went crazy, fading, and refocusing into intense clarity she’d never had before.

My feast satiated me for the moment the adult female was gone into a universe of her own making, thus was my power in that short instant of time which I had no ability to guide or control nor the inkling to even try. I moved on, this world would gorge me, for to me a much to short space of time, before I’d be forced to leave.

Judy was confused as to what was going on. A leather mask covered the lower half her face and held her mouth opened by a short tube of sorts that her teeth just went over. Her arms were bound folded behind her by a leather binding of sorts. She looked about as she stood there trying to make sense of what had just happened, but couldn’t. There was a big mirror close and she could see a young girl of maybe five or six there. As Judy moved slightly the young girl moved too. Judy tried different ways of moving as she was held in place by a chain attached to a bolt in the floor, so was the young girl in the mirror. If there was such a thing as magic then this was it ‘she was that young girl in the mirror’.

She was amazingly clear headed, more so than at any time in her life and this didn’t make sense. It didn’t make sense and yet it was piercingly real. Judy looked around taking it all in. There were two were other girls here too, all about five or six years old, all bound like her and chained in place. Also like her they had the half masks that had their mouths opened. Judy had seen these before in movies and read about them in books, their purpose was evident. As she stood there she realized she had a butt plug in her ass, a big uncomfortable one. The feeling of it was unmistakable as was its purpose too, she’d used them once at a boyfriends request of anal sex and liked none of it. In fact she didn’t like anal at all, that was her first and last time.

Judy looked about the sparse room which had mirror placed in the walls catching reflected images of the other girls and herself, the closer mirror that should be showing her in fact showed a very scare looking young naked girl of maybe six or seven years old. Judy shuffled her feet the girl in the mirror going the same. She shook her head and realized in a flash of understanding that somehow it was her. She was confused staring blankly for a couple seconds before a sound of the door to the sparse room opened. A slightly overweight naked man came in carrying three long real to life looking dildos and a large jar of petroleum jelly with a couple rags, over one his shoulders was a braided leather rod with straps leather coming out, a ‘cat-of-nine-tails’. If this scene had been in the comic section of a magazine Judy would have laughed out loud. But this was harshly real her mind knowing right away that this wasn’t going to go well for her or the other girls.

The man had that devilish gleam of sexual of anticipation that would scare to death any woman on the receiving end of his advances. But this here and now had her scared, the other two girls including herself tugged to the end of the short chains away from the man. He laid out the dildos on the floor before each of the girls including Judy the rags placed between each young girl. She noticed that each that the dildo before her was different than the others in that the flat end where the realistic fake testicles were had a wooden handle attached to the end it, the others had head straps. The man stopped before the wide eyed girl at the end of the short line. His adult cock was stiffly arched up and a good eleven inches long.

“Your first little girl” He said his voice deep as he popped the top of the jelly scooping out a greasy gleaming glop of the stuff.

Judy’s heart started beating rapidly in her chest watching the scene play out sensing what she was about to see would reflect her role in these events.

The man spread the glop over his stiff cock making sure to coat the grossly over-sized bulbous head with a extra amount. The young dark haired girl before him at the end of her short ankle chain facing him wide eye with terror. The man pick up the long dildo smearing what was left on his hand over the end of the long fake penis.

“This will make sure you’ll do as your told” He said as his right hand went to the leather whip. The other still holding the dildo.

The man’s gleaming cruel eye’s scanned over them all seeming to linger on Judy longer than she’d like, his tongue wetting his lips eagerly as he turn his attention back to the young girl before him, raising the whip and bringing it down in a flash. Welts forming where the leather straps of the ‘cat-of -nine-tails’ went across the young girls torso. She wailed incoherency out through the open hole in the leather mask keeping her mouth open wide around it. But the man was far from finished and raised up again landing another blow across her twisting young body. After about five or six solidly landed blows from the whip the man leaped into action.

The young girl was in a state of hysteria crying out with wet tear flooded eyes unaware of what the mans real intent was. Judy saw as the man knelt down placing the dildo on the floor beside him at the ready. The young sobbing girl he placed belly first half kneeling over one of his large hands the other reaching up into her buttocks and pulling out the surprisingly big but plug with the young girl screaming out loudly as her anus was forced to open around the thickest part of it. The butt plug was tossed aside with the man maneuvering the young girls sobbing body so that she was she was on her knees facing away from him a arm going around her abdomen for support with her sagging over it. His long cock being guided by his other hand into the narrow crack of her ass cheeks.

The man showed the poor young girl no mercy as upon finding her anus wedge his cock through the abuse hole into the young girls rectum. The girl seemed to come alive rising up with realizing horror on her young face of what the man had just done. The girl screamed out as the man went about cramming more of his cock up into the young girls twisting body still held over his strong arm. Judy could see in a vividness of precise clarity she’d never had in her life, the young girls arm tugging vainly within the leather arm binders behind her. For some reason a wash of heart felt empathy swept Judy up along with terrorizing dread of the prolonged anticipating fact that the cruel man was far from finished and Judy was apparently last in line. She’d been with some rough men in in her life and knew if what she was seeing was the start, the finish was going to be far worse.

Every move the man made into the young girl seemed purposely done to heighten her discomfort. The man seemed well practiced at keeping the young terror stricken girl under his control, as if he’d done this many time. Judy’s gaze was drawn to the sadistic gleam in the man’s eye and barely contained but focused control he had over himself. This was a man capable of anything to fulfill his deviant sexual fantasies… even, to Judy’s horror she realized ‘death’. She could see that now as plain as day. The cool ankle chain tugged at her leg as she back stepped falling on her bottom pushing the butt-plug deeper still making her squeal out in shock from the stab of pain. She came under the deadly gleaming gaze of the man that only just now had the young girl full placed over his long organ. The poor girls legs going out to each side of him her knees slightly off the floor, she was held in place tightly against the man, her one leg cocked uncomfortably toward the floor anchor of the ankle chain her young small buttocks pressed tightly into the man’s dark hairy pubes.

He idly reached down picking up the long life like dildo. Judy saw that the straps were strong elastic of some type. The young dark haired girl was frozen in shock and didn’t seem to notice the man bring it around with his free hand inserting the tip into the plastic ring that held her mouth open. His hand slipping to the loop of elastic pulling it quickly behind the young girl’s head letting it snap against the leather mask tied in place there. The flesh colored shaft of the dildo slipped a couple inches into the young girl’s mouth her young eye’s showing the panic of keeping the strongly pressing rod at bay. The man’s large hands slipped in a flash to the young girl’s hips latch on tightly as Judy saw him ready himself to deeply sodomize the young girl.

The dark haired girl gagged up, the long dildo went slipping farther into the plastic ring pulled by the strong elastic. The naked slightly chubby light haired girl beside Judy screamed out as panic took her up. She seemed to suddenly realize that she was next and went on a rampage of twisting to tug her arms free of the leather arm restraints and pulling hard against the ankle chain. Judy too felt the mounting fear welling inside of her and found her arms were writhing about inside the leather arm restraint she was bound in. She struggled to her knees and rose up, her mind trying to work out a way out of this. The man tugged his cock back, the unrelenting strong elastic band on the dildo had it slipping slowly deeper a bulge forming along the front of the poor wide eyed gagging young girl’s throat. Every muscle of her young body straining up as her base instinct to lurch off the two rods competed against each other. It was a horrid thing for Judy to watch knowing her turn was coming, but she couldn’t turn away from the watching, if only she could get free.

The man seemed to hang on gleefully enjoying the ride the young girl was puting him through, but it ended in short order as the young wide eyed girl slouched over. The man giving her a few test humped as if testing her to see if there was any life left before letting her slip soundly off his still throbbing cock, his sight going to the next girl in line. Still on his knees a hand of his swooped down grabbing a rag wiping off his slightly fouled cock his other hand grabbing the thick lube.

“Next.. Please” The big man said coming over walking on his knees toward the light haired chubby girl.

The poor light-haired chubby girl was in a state of frozen panic her breath coming in short squeals through the plastic ring in the mask, the man went about quickly lubing up his cock eagerly watching the chubby girl’s panicked stricken blight. Setting down the jar of lube he picked up the whip, his cold eyes unblinking went about the task of whipping the young girl raw, not stopping till she was in a hysterical state flinching to each imagined move the man might again make. Judy was close enough to see the vivid welts left from the leather straps across the young girls legs and torso. The whip fell to the floor close to Judy she knew in readiness for her turn with the man. Judy’s mine spun looking for way’s of escaping the horror of what awaited her soon.

The man grabbed the young girl and like the other easily worked the strong elastic band around her head with the tip of the dildo going through the short tube into the young scared girl’s mouth. He let it go. Judy watching it jump strongly forward pulled by the elastic band. The light haired girl’s eyes went wide as her shoulders hunched up her young body taken over by a body consuming retching gag. That was all the elastic needed to compete its task. The front of the young girl’s throat plainly showed the stretching contours of the exaggerated life like dildo as she stretched out across the man’s arm, hunched up all the muscles of her preteen body straining in a heroic effort to expel the deeply set fake phallic rod. Judy’s ears plainly pick up the harsh sounds of the chubby girls stomach snapping to attention with the violent precursory motions of retching something up. The man was not idle though having already moved the young oblivious young girl into place over his strong arm.

Pulling the over sized butt-plug free he guided his rigid cock expertly with malicious intent between the young girl’s buttocks and shoved into place, well almost, cramming it half way in. Judy now pulled back against the chain holding her ankle in place close to this horrid scene was transfixed by the man’s apparent callus ease in which he after lodging his cock up the young girl’s rectal canal went about working it past the tight turn into the girl gut. One of the reasons she’d hate anal was of this one fact, her first try at anal was done like that, the memory still vivid in her mind as she somehow managed to lurch off her that now x-boyfriend’s long cock. ‘Never Again’ she promised herself. Judy could see the muscles of the poor girl’s arms pulled tight in the leather arm binder behind her working to somehow get free and getting nowhere at all. It had seemed like a long time but Judy knew that it couldn’t have been but a minute sense the man first let the dildo go into the young girl’s mouth. Her panic just now peaking as she realized she was not going to be allowed her next breath of life giving air.

The cruel man’s eye gleam brightly as he stared down on to the panicked young girl’s backside his cock just finishing it’s deeper plunge through the girl’s intestine, his loin making the last moves to work her young ass cheeks open enough to get all his extra long goodness up into her quivering bottom. In the mirrors around the room Judy could see the young girl that was ‘her’ now, face showing full panic terror the kind welling up inside her for real. The mirror showed the man looking her way a chilling devil like grin on his face as he sodomized the young girl before him harshly. Judy swiveled her head back facing him, unable to back away any farther.

“I’m saving the best for last” he said grinning even more broadly “This is the makings of one fine day indeed”

Judy screamed out unable to contain the welling bent up fear induced adrenalin any more. Her leg tugged at the ankle chain with it biting into her flesh leaving a bruised ring around her ankle where she tugged at the unforgiving chain. Judy twisted her arm around inside the leather arm-hold finding no way to free them. She screamed again falling butt first down onto the cold floor then screamed again as the butt-plug went deeper. The chubby light haired girl eyes showing she’d as last given up the fight and slowly sagged over the man’s arm going limp. The man stopped sodomizing her turning his head looking right at Judy now.

“Your turn honey.. This one all used up” His voice deep talking like to a young child.

He pulled his long cock out of the limp girl’s bottom letting her slip onto the cold floor before him, giving her no other thought. Picking up the clean rag he’d placed there he went about wiping off his fiercely arched hard cock that to Judy seemed to have grown inches more in length, if that was possible. Her dread of anal, especially deep anal was enhanced by the one fact that this was how her life would end. He was still on his knees upright slipping over toward Judy, the young limp girl he’d just finished with gave out a last trembling shudder her legs kicking for a bit before going quiet. The man slapped the now deathly still chubby girl’s ass.

“All gone” He looked at Judy now “They were here just to get me warmed up to you… were going to have all the real fun before your end comes”

He dropped the rag picking up the whip and the life like dildo with the handle on the flat back end.

“You want whipped or purged first” he moved toward Judy “Not that it matters dear it’ll all end the same but I think some whipping is in order, you still have some defiance showing, we’ll have to place that in check”

It was as if the whole of Judy’s existence was focused on this one horrid instance of time as the man rose the whip she’d seen just used on the other two girls and swung it with precise control that left her no room to avoid. The damn leather straps seemed to have a life of their own in finding places to land across her body, all stinging like hell and leaving red welts. Judy screamed out through the plastic opening holding her mouth open, spittle leaking everywhere. She could see in her wild attempt to yank herself free flashes of gleaming sadistic pleasure on his face. The images locking in place in her mind one after another building up the growing terror she was experiencing. She knew this was just the beginning of what the man had planned for her. The whipping went on till she dropped to the floor tears flooding over her young face each welt over her naked flesh smartly stinging.

“Now that’s what I call beating the defiance from a kid”

The whip dropped close making her sobbing young body flinch away from the sound. A large strong hand gripping into the back of her neck pulling her upright his excited adult cock flash through her field of sight. She was going to be hurt and raped by the man for his pleasure, for what ever that was that got him off and she was just a object to fulfill his sadistic fantasy. There was going to be nothing she could do even if she could to stop the outcome her mind going into full panicked terror. Judy had come to terms with being mortal a long time ago but what ever had happened to place her here in this place and change her into being a young girl again, left her baffled, confused, the stinging welts and harsh strong grip of the mans hand around the back of her neck was proof though that this was all much too real. And that made no sense to her at all.

The strong hand slipped into her hair trailing down over his hand tugging her head back her face pointing up toward the ceiling. Judy saw movement out of the corner of her wide tear filled eyes as the handle on the back of the dildo came up into view the man’s other hand gripping around it strongly, the life like dildo following till it was above her head. Her young body flinched strongly within the man’s strong grip, a knee-jerk reaction of knowing the man’s intent. The hand in her hair gripping in even more tightly as if in anticipation to her struggling to avoid the slow lowing of the blunt tip of the now long looking rod of fake penis. She could hear his breathing pick up in sexual excitement, his hot breath coming over her upturned forehead, her eye moving back and forth from his close sexually ecstatic face to the life like dildo being lowered and aimed at the plastic ring holding her mouth opened. She was suddenly drawn into the man’s cruel game of trying to place the tip of the dildo through the ring. Judy fought to avoid the entry of it for as long as she could as the slightly flexible fake organ went wobbling erratically above her opened mouth Judy’s wide young eyes tracked it in vain hope that somehow she would still find a solution to keeping the tip from finding its mark.

But in a flash of downward movement the man’s hand on the wooden handle found the right moment he was waiting for, the tip entered into Judy’s mouth through the plastic ring. Her eyes went wider forehead furrowing up as a new struggle now was lay out before her. She’d quickly brought the back of her tongue up against the blunt tip feeling it being spun about and angled around all the while pressing with escalating force the man feeling for a way over her young fast cramping tongue.

“You know girl I’m going to sodomize you while throat pummeling your throat with this dildo” He leaned in placing a sickening kiss on her furrowed forehead “But some prep work will help my stiffie out”

Judy’s tongue was forced down into submission the synthetic cock being suddenly forced into her throat and worked lodging in deeper without regard to Judy’s throat ability to stretch over the thing. And with the thing having been lodge in over half way the man released the handle leaving the thing stuck out swaying slightly over her field of vision.

“Time for that ass fuck little bitch”

Her hair was released and Judy found herself being leaned over his strong forearm as a sudden lurching gag from deep inside her failed to expel the over sized fake cock from her throat her face in the near mirror in front of her revealing her brightly red flushed wide eyed straining face the fake cock going through the short plastic tube holding her mouth open sagging down only slightly as it bobbed about in her growing panic to choke the thing up and out. Her throat hurt as another retching strain gag took her up also failing to dislodge the thing. She felt the heavily lubed blunt tip of the man’s cock as it was guided between her buttock onto her anus that though the least of her problems as her stomach lurch full swing into the horrid begins of adding itself into the mix.

Judy’s legs shot out to each side of the big man as the gripping pain of her anus being forced wide around the thick tip of his adult cock gripped her also the pain of it holding her in it’s prolonged grip her teeth trying to bite down over the short unyielding plastic tube. The hand that the man had used to guide his cock into her rectum now freed went up over her backside and back onto the wooden handle of the wedged in dildo.

‘Oh God’ Judy thought ‘Just let this end’

But her young body unconsciously tried lurching forward off the sudden worming press from the man’s cock in her ass, the man cruelly anticipating her moves working the handle of the didlo in her throat such a way that Judy went onto it deeper, that act making her instinctively lunge away and backwards down onto the worming thick male organ also wedged in tightly with it seating itself to the end of her rectal passage, at the ready to cruelly surge deeper still. Judy gagged harshly her young body sending a need for air soon adding that to her panicked desperation to get free somehow. She’d forgotten how much more a younger body felt intense sexual acts even if those acts were unwanted. Her rectum felt horribly stretched, every contour of the man’s cock she could feel as it went about seeking it’s pleasure inside her tight passage. The same with the synthetic replica of the cock as it was forced even farther down her throat leaving a harsh taste of what ever it was made of. Then just a suddenly it was yanked from her throat, she fell forward over his arm her whole body still strained up tensely gagging the man taking full advantage and ramming his stiff cock past the end of her rectum into her large intestine.

With the slimy dildo hanging still in the man’s hand before Judy, her whole body shuddered from the harsh reality of something that thick being push through her spastic seemingly virginal gut. Her mind reeled trying to pull herself awake and away from this ‘Twilight Zone’ dream. The loin of the man went against her bottom and she could actually feel by the way the man’s cock swelled and flexed about the sadistic pleasure he was deriving from being so deep inside her. The dildo still strongly gripped in the man’s hand trembled before her from his sexual excitement as he started bringing it back up, lining it up to the plastic hole. Judy was barely able to resist in any way. The thick overly long cock full planted in her intestine held her rigidly twisted up in place unable to mount any movement from her head, the sharp gripping pain of the deep sudden entry had her face furrowing up, teeth biting into the plastic ring in a effort to hold the gripping pain at bay. His arm around her abdomen was pulling holding her tightly against him fixing her in place against his loin, the cock inside her seemingly going even stiffer her young body wanting to but couldn’t quite conform to the natural shape of the engorged stiff organ. The realistically shaped dildo trembling wildly tried going through the tube, missing, and came again as the man went about trying to get it back into her mouth and throat. In his sexual excitement the flexible fake organ kept hitting against her face a few more quick times before he manage to find and slip it through the plastic hole. Judy tried crying out.

“Nnnna-oOgGg-g-gg” was all she got out, she tried to say ‘no’ but the fake organ wasted no time searching out the back of her mouth.

She was held gagging on the end as it was posed to be pushed deeper.

For a brief moment like an eternity she could feel the man readying himself, his whole body trembling with coiled up sadistic sexual excitement. His jagged breathing the only thing that could be heard in the room. Judy’s intestine slowly cramping tightly in protest around the long adult male organ. Judy felt his hand grip tighter on the wooden handle, the muscles of his his arm around her abdomen snugging up even more, the dildo was pushed forcing it’s way down her throat in a full body gagging rush. A loud sharp escape of gas shot around the man’s fully implanted cock. Her young body shot up in a full fledge fight for her life. Her head went flying back facing up conforming to the semi-rigid dildo’s long shaft. She could see in flashes of horror the gleaming sadistic rapture the man was deriving as he plunged the dildo fully onto her face, the fake balls mashing against her chin. Then being pumped horribly like he was churning butter in a old type butter churn.

Even though she’d heard that fighting would make it worse she’d seen the callus way he used the other two young girls. Judy went into to full panicked fight for her life mode not caring about anything but to get free of the two thick rods stuffed deeply into both ends of her young body. It was the most harrowing experience she’d ever been put through as the ecstatic face of the man kept burning its self into her mind as she lurched about in the confining restraint of the man’s arm unable to do anything but give the sadistic man what he was striving for. The tempo of the pumping dildo increased, slimy spittle and even puke got into her lungs choking her making her body go into a fit of lurch tense attempts to cough up the liquid entering her into a new faze, a wet choking faze she couldn’t escape from the harsh sounds of it flooding through her as if emphasizing just how far the man was going to take this. Through Judy’s tear fill eyes she could see his gleaming studious cruel eye’s gaze down onto her young face as she could feel life’s precious hold slipping from her.

Judy gave up suddenly letting her young body go about it’s own struggle to hold onto life. This seemed to set off the man in some sick way as his cock in her intestine tugged back and went about moving rapidly deep making crude sounds. She stared up blankly her body lurching every few seconds in an attempt to gasp a breath of desperately needed air as she was bounced about by the impacting loin of the man against her bottom, a intense feeling she was having a bowel movement sent her rectal muscles into a intense gripping sudden strain to do so, there was going to be no stopping it. The loin of the man went lunging up planting its self against her bottom, the cock swelling in full release. All the while the man working the handle of the dildo in a eager attempt to continue hearing the wet gagging struggle of Judy’s body to grasp a breath of air. She was shocked at the shear forceful flood of sperm that spitted from the man’s cock into her large intestine. Blood pounded hard in her head as the world seem to narrow into a long tunnel the sound of the pummeling dildo deep in her throat wetly loud above all else.

Judy woke with a start from an intense too real of a nightmare, the light of the room blazingly bright hurting her eyes. She was on the floor and jerked herself upright. There were two young wide eyed girls there, the same two that was in her vivid nightmare. She tugged at her arms and couldn’t pull them around from behind her. Judy swiveled her head around looking into a mirror seeing herself, a young girl, the same as in her nightmare a plastic ring holding her mouth open wide. A chill went through her as everything seemed all too real. A sound at the door to the room had Judy looking over seeing a man coming in…. The same man as in her dream…. Déjà vu… Déjà vu…

….I went on being drawn to an old warehouse some thousands of miles away, another injustice, another meal. This planet was more corrupt than any I’d lingered on before. Already having created bubble universes for the cruel and violent to reside in till they would too would dissolved at the end of time. But this just was my nature and I gave it no other thought as I closed in to my next meal. These beings were evolved from a harsh unforgiving world that left them in a state of fear and confusion, many of these beings mentally broken and passing those genes on the the next generation. My kind reproduces rarely splitting like a single cell would, becoming twins not knowing which is the oriental, only becoming slightly different over time. I’ve never met any other of my kind in my travels from one life giving star to another. Only a need to feed in the way I must. ‘Yes’ this world would would feed me for a longer time than any before. And I sensed a need to reproduce, another clone of my kind that would only change slightly over the long eons of time. This world could feed two of use easily for a long long while….