Three weeks of hard work (Mgg)

Three weeks of hard work (Mgg)

Prologue: Two little girls and their two friends seduce a young professional man and turn his relaxing holiday into an orgy of sex.

Author: Uncle Tony
The regular weekend fuck sessions went on for quite a few years. As we grew older, we had to be careful. We tried condoms, but none of us liked them, so we had to rely on the right time of the month or coitus interruptus.

One by one our group got smaller. First Sybil’s family moved to Australia, where her dad had landed a permanent job. Then a year or so later, Pauline’s family moved to Scotland. Then Grammar school for Chrissie, Jennifer and me. Our getaway together got less and less frequent as we all had careers in mind and schoolwork and study took preference.

Chrissie got accepted by a University in the South East to study Chemistry, I went to University to study veterinary medicine and Jennifer went to a University in the south West studying astronomy. We kept in touch by letters for some time and then we gradually lost touch. Getting sex in ‘varsity wasn’t a problem. I got the impression that a lot of the girls went to university just to experiment with drugs, get pissed every night and have sex with as many men as they could. For those of us with career visions, the work was tough and it was either sex or study, so sex took very much a back seat.

In my final year, it was coming up to the summer holiday. Normally, I would work as a student with an established veterinary practice, but I couldn’t find a place and I decided to take a break. The week before the holiday, I got a message to call a telephone number. There was no name, only a number. I called and a woman answered the phone.

“Hi, it’s Tony. I got a message to call . . .”

“Oh Christ, Tony, is that really you, it’s been a while. I’m so glad I found you.”

“Maybe if I knew who I was talking to, I might be either pleased or sorry.” I answered.

“It’s me, Chrissie, have you forgotten me already?”

“Oh, wow, Chrissie, haven’t seen you for ages, how are you doing?” We exchanged news and chatted for a while. Then she got to the real reason for her call.

“Have you heard from Pauline or Jenny recently?”

“Actually, no. The work here is a lot. I spend most of my time studying.”

“Well the main reason I called is that Sybil was trying to find you. I told her that I would try to contact you. If I give you her number, will you give her a call?”

“I suppose so, but calling Australia . . .” She cut me off.

“Not Australia, she came back almost a year ago. She had problems and now she’s got another problem. It’s better she tells you. Here’s my number. Talk to her an then give me a call.”  I wasn’t too happy with this sudden change of events, but hey, I’d enjoyed her body plenty of times, so etiquette said I should try to help. I called the number. Sybil answered the phone.

“Thank God we found you, Tony. It’s been a while. I’m deep in the shit and I hope you can help.”

“I’ll try if I can”

“Look my elder sister has had some marital problems. They booked to go on a cruise of some sort for three weeks. They leave in two weeks. They want me to go up there and babysit their two kids for three fucking weeks. It’s impossible. They are supposed to leave for the cruise on the Friday morning. There is no way I can make it until the following week or I’ll lose my job. They say they can’t find anyone else and if I don’t go they’ll have to cancel and whatever happened then will be all my fault.”

“So how can I help?” I asked.

“What plans have you got for the summer holidays?” She asked me.

“Well I usually work with an established vet, but this year there is nothing special, but if I go and offer to babysit, they’ll probably call the cops.”

“No, I have a plan. My sister knows Chrissie and her parents and Pauline as well. Neither Chrissie nor Pauline can do the babysitting, because Chrissie is going abroad to work, but if Pauline takes you to see my sister and maybe Chrissie can go with you and if Pauline pretends to be your girl-friend or whatever and says that she is going to babysit with you, then they’ll jump at it.”

“So why can’t Pauline do it?” I asked.

“She’s also working, but she can take a day off to go with you to meet them and even take the Friday morning off when they leave. After that you are on your own. You have two little girls, one is almost eight and the other is nearly ten. At that age, we were fucking ourselves silly. I trust you and I know you wouldn’t force them or anything, but I think when they have a big guy like you around and get to know you . . .”

I can’t say that I was happy. I would rather have had Chrissie or any of the others, but, I couldn’t say no.

“OK, but you owe me one. How do we do this?”

Chrissie has the whole thing worked out. Talk to her.”

So, the plan was put into action. I think as long as I had looked vaguely human they would have been happy. As it was, I was a vet, well almost, anyway. People have this strange idea that doctors, dentists, vets, lawyers, bankers, and their ilk are beyond any kind of sin. Afterwards, Pauline and I met up with Chrissie and I had a drink and a chat, she had found a really nice guy and they were thinking of getting married. It appeared that Sybil’s mother had caught her husband and Sybil having sex and after a flaming row, Sybil had decided to leave. She had gone back to England. Some months later, she heard that her father had caught syphilis from a prostitute and her mother had left him and was now shacked up with a down and out Australian somewhere. Pity that she had chased her daughter away! Pauline was doing some part time work with electronics and getting big bucks, she was hoping that the work would become permanent.

On the Friday morning, as arranged, Pauline and I turned up for duty. Sybil’s sister had two children, both girls, one, Lisa, almost seven and the other Mandy, who was nearly ten. Instruction, bedtimes, food, rules, rules and more rules. The husband was a very insipid skinny little man with a handshake like a damp rag. He was in awe of my status and insisted on calling me ‘Doctor’, he was also plainly scared of us both as Pauline was also very fit and athletic. The two kids seemed very placid and scared as well.

Eventually, the taxi arrived and after hugs and kisses, tears and bullshit, they finally left. Pauline went to the phone and called Sybil. After a short conversation, she handed the phone to to eldest girl. After a long conversation, she passed the phone giggling to the other girl. When they had finished and put the phone down, I called the kids together.

“Look, the pair of you. Here are the rules. Pauline has to go to work, so that leaves me. All I ask of you is that you behave. Don’t scream, shout, break things, fight with each other or piss me off. I really don’t give a shit about all the rules that you got from mom and dad. If you want anything, ask me. If you want to go anywhere, ask me. I’m not a stickler on bedtime either, let’s try to be reasonable. You make a mess, you clean it up. Once Aunt Sybil comes, she can take over. Just behave and we’ll get on fine.”  The two girls looked demurely at me and nodded their heads.

“We promise not to be a nuisance, Sir.” They whispered something to each other and started giggling.

It was a quiet day. The two children were perfectly behaved. They helped me to prepare lunch, played quietly together, cleaned up their things and when the evening came they asked me if they could please watch TV. I agreed. My only worry was that every so often, they would whisper to each other and than start giggling. Soon after nine they announced that they were going to bathe and go to bed.

“OK.” I told them. They looked at me.

“Well?” There was a pause.

“Well, what?” I asked them.

“We are ready. Are you coming?” I was surprised.

“Why should I come?” I asked. “Surely you are old enough to get bathed on your own?”  They looked at each other. Mandy whispered something to Lisa and then she said innocently.

“But mommy always comes in to watch us in case one of us slips or something like that.”

I had no problems really watching two naked little girls get bathed, but I was worried about getting an erection that they could see. Oh well, I would just have to be careful.

“Oh, alright, let’s go then.”

“Oh no, you have to run the bath for us. We aren’t allowed to do that. Don’t make it too hot please.” Inwardly I groaned. I went to the bathroom and filled the bath about half way. I made sure that it wasn’t too hot and then called the girls. The came in together, holding hands, giggling and stark naked. I sat on the chair in the bathroom.

“In you go then.” Still giggling, they got into the bath. They sat and washed their legs and feet and then stood up and faced me. I could see that their eyes kept glancing to my crotch and seeing two pretty little naked girls standing in front of me was making the bulge in my pants grow.

“Will you wash our backs please?”

Something was afoot here. I remembered that they had talked to Sybil earlier and Sybil was one very hot little cookie. I decided to play along. This could be interesting or maybe I was being setup for a big disappointment.

“Sure.” I soaped the sponge and started to wash Mandy’s back.

“Ouch, not like that.” She complained, put the soap on your hand. The sponge scratches my back. I did as I was told.

“Don’t forget me!” Lisa complained. I washed her back as well.

“Now the front.” They chorused. My cock was almost bursting. I soaped my hand and proceeded to gently soap their chests, paying particular attention to Lisa’s nipples and Mandy’s budding breasts. They closed their eyes. I could see they were enjoying this as much as I was. After a while, I stopped.

“There you are, all finished.” I said. Mandy grabbed my hand and pouted.

“Not yet, haven’t you missed a bit?” She pulled my hand down to her bald pussy. “I need to be clean down there as well, don’t I?”  I looked at them and they giggled.

“Stop being little teasers. Come on, hop out and get dry.” They looked disappointed, but they got out and wrapped themselves in towels and went into their bedroom. I gave them a few minutes to dry off and then went back to their room. I heard them scramble into bed as I approached the room.

“I suppose you want me to tuck you in?” I told them as I covered them up and kissed their little foreheads. “Goodnight girls, sleep tight.” More giggling.

I tidied up, put the dishes away and then went to the master bedroom, which I had been assigned to. It had been a long day. I was pretty sure that I was going to be able to have both girls before Sybil came. I thought about their little nubile bodies and I started to get hard again. I tried to sleep, but I heard giggles and the patter of feet. Suddenly, the bedroom door opened and both little girls jumped onto my bed.

“Oh, Tony were scared. Can we sleep with you tonight, it feels so strange when mommy and daddy aren’t here. You need to protect us.”  They both got into my bed, both were naked. So was I, I always sleep naked. Lisa found my swollen cock.

“Oh, Tony, what’s this thing? Why is it all hard and swollen up?” She asked innocently. Then they both started giggling. I pretended to be cross with them.

“Leave it alone.” I said sternly. “You know perfectly well what it is and you should also know that something might happen if you fool around with it.” Both girls started laughing.

“But Tony, aunt Sybil says that you’ll let us see it and play with it if we ask you nicely. Please can we see it and play with it, Tony?” I pretended to think about it. Then I made a decision. I switched on the bedside light.

“Alright girls, I won’t pretend that I don’t want you to, but there’s a condition. You have to promise me several things. First, you won’t tell anyone at all except maybe aunt Sybil. We could all get into big trouble if you tell anyone. Second, you have to promise me that you won’t ask or let any other boy or man, fool around with you until you are grown up. Girls who mess around with other boys or men can get all kinds of really bad diseases and on top of that, some men and boys like to hurt little girls and make them do really bad things. Do you both promise? Cross your hearts?”

“Aunt Sybil visited us a long time ago,” Mandy started to gabble. “She comes here whenever she gets some time. She explained all about sex and men to us. She told us that we should never allow anyone at all to ever touch us or look at us. She told us all about diseases and bad people. Then she told us on the phone that you might be coming to babysit us and that you were good and kind and you would never hurt us and that we could trust you and you would teach us all about sex and that we could bring a couple of our really good friends that we can trust never to tell anyone. Please be nice to us, Tony, aunt Sybil says that being with a man is much better than playing with yourself or with each other.”  I was tired. Part of me wanted to enjoy their innocent little bodies, but I knew that it wouldn’t be that good, because I was really tired.

“Alright, ladies, you win. Sure we can have lots of fun over the next week at least until auntie Sybil arrives, but not tonight. I’m really tired. Please, let’s all sleep tonight and when we wake up tomorrow, we can see what happens. Is that good for you?” Both girls pouted for a while, the Mandy had to confess.

“We’re tired too, but we’ve been looking forward to this all day. Never mind. As long as we can stay here with you, we can wait until morning.” I kissed them both goodnight and they lay, one at each side of me and I went to sleep.

The next morning, I awoke with a massive erection. The girls had pulled off the duvet and we’re both examining my penis. I opened my eyes.

“Ooh, I can hardly wait to feel this beautiful thing sliding inside my pussy!” Lisa whispered. I frowned.

“Take it easy girls, the first time can be quite painful, so don’t rush.” Both girls started giggling.

“Show him, Lisa.” Mandy said. Lisa hopped out of bed, ran into the girls room and came back a few minutes later. She jumped onto the bed and showed me what I can only describe as a ‘Junior Dildo’. It was about five inches long and a bit more than half the diameter of a man’s erect penis (well mine, anyhow). She put it into her mouth and got it lubricated with her saliva and then pushed it deep inside her little vagina. Her little face looked ecstatic.

“No, it won’t hurt a bit, Tony.” Mandy explained. “Auntie Sybil gave it to me when I was six, I shared it with Lisa when she was six as well. Aunt Sybil told us to use it rather than to experiment with boys because we could get hurt or sick. Last week, she told us that you were coming to babysit us and that you and her had done it lots of times and that you would teach us. She said that being filled with a man’s penis was much better than a rubber toy.”

While she was talking, Lisa had climbed onto me and positioned my penis against her soaking wet pussy. My dick was almost dripping at the sight of little Lisa pushing that dildo into her pussy. Even before Mandy had finished speaking, Lisa was lowering herself onto my cock. She was tight, but she was so wet, she just sat onto my cock and it slid inside her up to the hilt. Lisa gasped.

“Oh, Jesus, Mandy, aunt Sybil was right, oh, it feels so good, it’s so much better than that thing she gave us.” She started rocking herself on my swollen prick.

“That’s not fair Lisa, I should have been first. I’m the oldest.” Mandy said indignantly. Lisa wasn’t interested, she was rocking faster and faster on my cock. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold on. I could feel my balls tightening.

“Oh, oh, yes, yes, oh Tony, this is so fucking good, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit” I felt her body tense. I knew that she was on the brink. So was I. Suddenly, her inner muscles grabbed my cock. I just couldn’t hold back. I sat up, grabbed her and pulled her close as my cock spurted jet after jet of my hot semen inside her spasming cunt. Lisa almost screamed.

“Oh my God. It feels fantastic.” Ever since I reached puberty, I has produced copious amounts of semen. My orgasm had filled her so full that it was spurting out of her. Semen was drenching my balls and running down between my legs. My prick was starting to shrink, but she continued to jerk and spasm. I fell back onto the bed. She made no effort to get off me. Even though my dick has softened, it was still inside her. She sat up straight and started playing with her nipples. Her cunt muscles tightened every few seconds.

“Oh, Mandy. You’ve gotta try this, it’s fucking fantastic. I felt so full and then he spurted his stuff inside me. There’s nothing ever like this. Oh Mandy, I want to go on forever.”  My flaccid cock started to swell again at the words and the sight of a seven year old, pretty little blonde girl, sat on me, with my cock buried inside her.

“Oh, Jesus, Mandy, it’s starting to get big again. Oh shit, it’s growing inside me, it feels so good., so fucking good.” Mandy grabbed her shoulder.

“Come on Lisa, you had first go. Now it’s my turn. Get off and let me have a go. We can both do it lots more times before mom and dad get back.”

Lisa reluctantly lifted herself off my now hard cock. It came out with a sucking sound and a small river of my spunk leaked out of her onto my stomach. I wanted to clean up, but before I had chance, Mandy was astride me and she manipulated my penis into her hot wet pussy. She just sat on it so that I vanished inside her right up to my balls. She gave a loud groan.

“Jesus Lisa, you are right. This is incredible. Having a real, hot cock filling you is so much better.” She started bouncing on my cock. Gasping, groaning and wildly. She wasn’t going to last long, I thought. I was right. It only took her a minute or so before she cried out.

“Oh fuck it, oh, yes, yes, yes.” Her vaginal muscles almost crushed my poor cock as she hit a massive orgasm. I sat up and grabbed her. She was going wild. Her little body was twisting and shuddering. I held her until her orgasm had subsided and then I grabbed her hips and started to move myself. Within a second or so, she started to help me.

This time it was more controlled. I was thrusting up at her as she thrust down, synchronizing our bodies. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw little Lisa. She had the dildo in her and was frantically fucking herself with it. I could feel myself getting close. Mandy cried out again as another orgasm swept through her body. I held her tight. I couldn’t stop. My cock needed release, but it needed a bit more time. Mandy continued to bounce on my prick as my thrusts got harder and faster. The wet semen on my stomach and my balls make smacking sounds as we came together, our combined juices made obscene squelching sounds. The entire bed was moving as we slammed into each other. I was at the end.

“Mandy, Mandy, I can’t hold it. I’m gonna come, deep inside your hot little pussy. Oh shit, here it comes.”

As my first load splashed inside her, she cried out again and her third orgasm swept through her. Although I didn’t produce as much semen as I had with Lisa, it was still a substantial amount and it was leaking out all over me. She fell onto my chest, gasping and groaning. She was hanging onto me as though I was trying to escape. I was exhausted.  Little Lisa had obviously had herself at least one more orgasm with the dildo, but she was complaining.

“That was unfair, Mandy, you got to do it three times and I only got to do it once. That’s not fair.” I decided to mediate.

“It’s perfectly fair Lisa. You went first, and you were so exciting that I just couldn’t hold on and you made me come inside you quite quickly. A man needs time to recover before he can do it again. It wouldn’t have been fair if I didn’t get time to give Mandy my love juices and I only got to do it once with each of you, so that’s fair. In any case. If you really want to, we can do it again later on.” Lisa seemed mollified.

“Alright, but how long does it take before I can have another go?”

“Hang on. We all need to wash up and then eat. Just look at us, we are all covered in semen, and we all just stink of sex!”

“Semen? Is that what the white stuff that you squirted into me is called?”

“Yes and when you become a woman and you start your monthlies, that’s the stuff that makes babies. That’s why you have to be careful. Now come on, we can all get into the shower, wash each other down and then I’ll make us a nice breakfast so you can get your energy back and if you are good, maybe this afternoon, we can do it again.”

We had just finished a big breakfast of bacon, sausage, fried eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and baked beans when the telephone rang. It was Sybil.

“So how are you getting on with those two little sex-starved minxes. Have they managed to get you to fuck them yet?”

“You’d better believe it. They’re going to wear me out. You might have warned me!”

“I wasn’t sure how you would react. People change as they get older and what was normal as children becomes taboo as they grow older. I wasn’t sure and it’s not a good idea to broach the subject without knowing what the person is thinking. Now the girls have two friends at school who play with them. I got Mandy a small dildo when she started to masturbate. I know they have shared it with their two friends and I think they are going to want to bring them over. Just so you know. They all know not to tell a soul. There’s also a boy at their school that is incredibly shy. His mother and father are very uptight. He’s ten years old and he’s a very good looking and very smart kid, but the girls say he gets embarrassed and runs away if any of them come near him. He would be ideal for the girls when you have to go. Perhaps between us we can come up with some ideas.”  I was a bit surprised at the turn of events.

“Sybil, when are you due to arrive here. What do you have in mind?” I asked. Sybil laughed.

“I hope you are going to stay until their parents come home. The girls will never forgive me if I let you go before. I promise not to make demands on you. I think you’ll have enough on your plate with four little girls. I hope you still have as much stamina as you did all those years ago!” It sounded good to me. She continued. “I’ll be arriving on Sunday afternoon next week. Try not to let them wear you out completely!”

“So my quiet holiday that I had planned is going to turn into a veritable fuck-fest. As long as their friends aren’t spotty, fat little monsters, I guess I can cope.” Sybil laughed gaily.

“You didn’t complain all those years ago and it was good for all of us I think. Made us better people and we didn’t try out all the boys. I also think it helped us all to get through school as well as we all did. Took away the distractions and gave us real pleasure and relaxation just at the time we all needed it.” I certainly couldn’t help but agree with her.

The girls dragged me back into the bedroom twice more that afternoon. They wanted to see me ejaculate, so they jerked me off. Then they wanted to fuck again, so I managed to oblige Mandy and promised Lisa later on. When we went to bed, they demanded sex again, so I was awake until well after midnight before I managed to satisfy them both.

“Listen up, you two nymphomaniacs. I’m not superman. You are expecting too much from me. I can’t do this six times daily. We are going to have to slow things down a bit.” They looked disappointed, then Mandy burst out,

“Er, Tony, we have two best friends at school, and I wanted to know if we could invite them over tomorrow for a bit of fun. They know not to ever tell anyone. Can we, can we?” I glowered at them.

“Hmm, aunt Sybil warned me about this. Well, I want to have a look at them. You two are very beautiful girls. I’m very fussy, so I may not like them, in which case, the answer is NO.”

We finally got to sleep after yet another shower. We all three must have been exhausted, because I only woke up after eight and both girls were cuddled up to me, fast asleep. I sneaked out of the bed and made breakfast before waking them up.

After breakfast, the girls went to the phone and made a few calls. Shortly after lunch, there was a knock on the door. The girls were in the garden. I opened the door to find two really stunning little girls there. They must have been around eight or nine. One had black wavy hair, she looked very Spanish. The other had long naturally blonde tresses. They were both gorgeous, but the blonde one was absolutely stunning! They just wore cotton blouses and short pants.

“Are Mandy and Lisa here?” They asked, nervously. I was very excited. My penis was telling me that it wanted these two beauties. I gave them my best smile

“Sure, I’m Tony. They said that you were coming, but they didn’t tell me how beautiful you both were. They are out in the garden. Come in. You know how to find the garden, I’m sure. Would you like some ice cream?” I could see that they were checking me out. I was fighting hard to keep my dick under control.

“Oh, yes please, that would be nice.” They ran through into the garden and I saw them all huddled together talking excitedly. I put out four helpings of ice cream and fruit and called them in.

“Come on ladies, ice cream is ready.” I put glasses out as well and got out a couple of bottles of cold lemonade.

After they had eaten, Mandy started the ball rolling.

“Tony, this is Gloria.” She pointed to the blonde beauty. “and this is Carmen.” I gave them both a hug and a peck on the cheek.

“They want to have a bit of fun this afternoon as well. We all know never to tell anyone anything, but I was just telling them, there is nothing like having a real man inside you. It’s a million times better than the thing aunt Sybil bought us.” I could see that the two were a little nervous and unsure.

“Now, now girls, don’t pressure your friends. Only they can decide what’s good and what they like. I will never force anyone to do anything they don’t really want to do. So sure, we can all fool around a bit, but your friends don’t have to join in or feel that they have to do anything. It all up to them. I know what they would really like to see, so let’s start there.”

“What do you think they would like to see?” Mandy asked innocently.

“What all little girls want to see. A man with no clothes on. Isn’t that right ladies?” I looked at the two newcomers. They nodded vigorously.

“Alright then, Gloria and Carmen. If you want to see me with no clothes on, then you had better take them off.” Mandy and Lisa started to get up.

“No, not you two.” I told them. “You’ve already seen me, so if your friends really want to see, then they have to do the work. I’m too tired.” All four girls started to giggle.

Gloria was the oldest, so she was the first. She came over and started to unbutton my shirt. My cock was getting way out of control. Carmen joined in and eventually they got the shirt off. They stroked my chest and felt my muscles and arms.

“Wow, you have a great body. You’re like one of these super guys in the comic strips.” Gloria struggled, but eventually managed to get off my belt. Back in the day, trousers had buttons on the fly, so they managed to unfasten the buttons. I was sitting on the carpet, but was soon as they had all the buttons open. I lifted my backside from the floor. Both girls giggled and they each took,a trouser leg and pulled. I lay there in my Y-fronts, there was a big bulge in the front. Nervously, they got hold of the elastic on each side and started to pull them off, revealing my very rigid engorged cock. They stopped pulling and stared at it.

“Come on, ladies. If you want them off, just do it.” They pulled them right off. Then sat staring at my rigid cock.

“Can we touch it?”

“Go ahead. I’m all yours.” The girls took it in turns to stroke it.

“Can we join in the fun now Tony?” Lisa asked.

“I guess so, but remember, this afternoon is for your friends, not just for you two.”

Lisa and Mandy both got undressed. The two newcomers looked a bit uncertain, so I tried to reassure them.

“Gloria and Carmen, neither of you have to do anything if you don’t want to do. No one is forcing you to do anything that you don’t feel comfortable with. Just do whatever you feel is OK.” Carmen looked at me.

“I’m sorry, I’m just a bit shy. My parents have always told me I should never let anyone touch me. I want you to, but I’m a bit scared. I think Gloria is as well. Please be patient with us.”  I motioned the two girls to come and sit by me. Mandy and Lisa took the hint and they sat back quietly and watched. I put my arms around the girls, one on each side. Carmen stroked my chest and arms and Gloria seemed fascinated by my erect cock. She gently stroked it.

I put my lips to Carmen’s. She had no idea how to kiss, but she was a quick learner. It wasn’t long before her breathing started to get harder. I started to gently stroke her arms and chest and after a minute or two, I opened a button on her blouse and found one of her little nipples. Her breathing got more intense and she started to moan.

Gloria nuzzled up to me, so I started to kiss her. Carmen took off her blouse. Gloria was an ever faster learner than Carmen and within moments I was helping her take off her top. She already had two small but perfect breasts and her nipples were extremely sensitive. She started to grind her crotch against me and she grabbed me and the kissing got more passionate. I couldn’t help myself, I got down and started to nibble and suck her nipples. She just lost it completely. Her hips bucked and she cried out as she had an orgasm without me even touching her.

Mandy had moved up and was now playing with Carmen’s nipples and helping her get off her skirt and pants.

All three girls were now naked. Lisa, Mandy and Carmen were fondling each other. I could see that Gloria wanted more, so I got up and carried her into the bedroom. She almost tore off the rest of her clothes and stood naked before me. She was truly gorgeous. Her long blonde tresses, her innocent beautiful face, two tiny but perfect little breasts, slim boyish hips and two beautiful long legs. I held out my arms and our bodies joined. I picked her up and laid her gently on the bed.

I got my head between her legs to admire her beautiful little pussy. There was just a hint of soft golden down starting to show. I stroked her slit with my finger and the labia opened like the petals of a rare flower, revealing the wet, shining pink center. I ran my tongue up the slit. She tasted delicious.

When I reached her clit, she grabbed my head. I sucked her little clit into my mouth and slid my finger just inside her pussy. Her hips started moving wildly and she started to tense up. I started to flick her little clit with my tongue and gently finger her at the same time. It didn’t even take a minute before her legs clamped around my head and her bottom lifted clean off the bed as she cried out in ecstasy. I moved up the bed and held her close until the shudders and spasms finished. She looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes.

“I’m ready, Tony, please put it inside me. I want it so badly. It’s OK, my period is due in four days.” I hadn’t even thought about her already having her monthlies.

“You are the most beautiful little girl that I’ve ever met, Gloria.” I told her and I want to make love to you so much that I don’t think I’m going to last for very long. If it’s your first time, it might hurt a bit.” She put her finger to my lips.

“No, it won’t hurt. It’s my first time, but I’ve played with Mandy’s toy, so the hurt part is over. Don’t worry, just do it, you can come quickly inside me, then we can rest a bit and we can do it again slowly if you still want to do. I’ve read a lot about sex. So that when it happened, I would be ready.”

I was crazy with desire. I rubbed my dripping penis against her sopping wet pussy and then penetrated her. I’m not sure which one of us lost it the most, me or her. As I slid inside that hot, silken tunnel of love, I could already feel myself starting to lose it. Gloria didn’t  help. As I entered her’ she started to push back at me with her hips.

“Oh Christ, Tony, fill me. Oh my God’ I never knew anything could feel this good. Oh yes, yes, yes.” She gave a long drawn out cry and her body jerked, her inner muscles gripped my cock like a vice. As it did, my cock erupted a stream of my hot semen as deep inside her as I could get. She cried out again.

“Oh my God, I think I’m going to die. More, more, more.” I obliged. I thought I would never stop, seven or eight fountains of my seed pumped into her little body.

“Oh Tony, more, more. Don’t ever stop. This is the most wonderful thing ever.”

I was beside myself with wild lust. I wanted to fuck this gorgeous little girl forever. There was no way that my cock was going to give up on this. I was already starting to move again inside her. Now we were really fucking. Her little hips pushed up to meet my downstrokes, we were slamming into each other harder and faster. We were both soaked in sweat. I was panting like a horse that had just won a race. Our movements became more frantic. The squelching and slapping sounds got louder. I didn’t care, I was wild.

“Gloria my love. I can’t hold on much longer,” I gasped as I pounded away. “Come on, sweet thing, give me your love, come for me my angel.” Faster and faster we went. I could feel her start to tense.

“Oh Tony, yes, yes, yes.” She lifted me into the air as her orgasm hit. At the same time, I shot yet another load of my hot seed deep inside her wonderful little body. I rolled us both over so that she lay on top of me, completely spent and exhausted. I could feel semen running out of her, down between my legs, over my testicles and into the crack of my arse. I stroked her head and we kissed.

“Oh wow, Tony. That really was out of this world. I’m exhausted. Isn’t sex messy?” She giggled. “I’m covered in your sperms and it’s still dripping out of me.”

Even though my cock was now completely flaccid, it was still inside her. I never wanted to take it out, but I knew that I must. She rolled off me and lay by my side, still panting.

“Poor Carmen. Do you think you can manage her as well?” I smiled.

“I’ll have to have a damn good try. I hate to disappoint, but I’ll need a rest after this. Don’t tell the others, but that was the most wonderful sex that I’ve enjoyed for many years if not forever. You are magnificent. I can’t wait to do it again with you.. How old are you anyway?”

“They say I look younger than I am, but I’m just turned ten.”

We got up and went to shower. I couldn’t believe it. As I soaped her down, my prick got rock hard again. We got out of the shower. I locked the door and she knelt down whilst I fucked her again, doggie style.

“I don’t think I can do it again today, Tony, just enjoy it yourself.” It only took about a dozen strokes before I shot my load, yet again. There was very little this time, but we still had to go back into the shower to clean the leakage from her legs.

Gloria put her skirt and pants back on and I pulled on a pair of shorts before we went back to join the others. They were still naked and they had their dildo in Carmen. Lisa was playing with her nipples and kissing her and Mandy was working the dildo, whilst Carmen was rubbing herself. They all looked up as we came into the room.

“Oh my God.” Mandy exclaimed. “You look fucked.” She started to giggle at her own joke. Carmen bucked and groaned as she hit an orgasm. When she had finished, she reared up and looked at Gloria.

“So how was it?” She asked her friend.

“Fucking fantastic.” They all laughed at the joke.

“I’ve had three orgasms.” Carmen boasted. “Now when is it my turn, Tony? If Gloria can do it and look so happy, then I want some as well.” I looked at the three of them.

“Make me some coffee, just give me a break. You’re wearing me out!”

They all laughed, but they all ran to the kitchen and made me coffee and some scones, with lots of butter and strawberry jam. Mandy also put some ice cream into a dish for me. The sight of four pretty littles girls, all as naked as the day they were born, was enough to raise any man’s flagging libido.

Carmen came and sat beside me whilst I ate and then started to hug me.

“Come on, Carmen.” Mandy told her. “The poor guy is tired, you’ll have to do the work.”

Mandy and Lisa helped her to get astride me and she sank slowly onto my swollen cock. I was sure that I would never be able to reach another climax, but with Carmen bouncing on top of me, Gloria covering my mouth with very hot kisses and Mandy and Lisa massaging my chest and stomach, it didn’t take too long to change my mind.

Little Carmen had her eyes closed and she rocked herself on my hard cock. She had her first climax after only a couple of minutes. Her movements slowed down, but I grabbed her hips and started to thrust up at her. She looked a bit startled, but Mandy gave her some encouragement.

“Don’t stop now, Carmen, come on don’t let the side down. If you’ve had enough, get off and let me have him.”

Carmen took,the hints and started banging into me harder and faster. I managed to synchronize my movements, until suddenly she seemed to go wild. I just kept still as she started shouting and rocking like a mad thing.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, yes. Oh it’s happening again, oh God, yes, yes. Aaarrgggghhh.” I held her hips and slammed into her as her cunt muscles grabbed me. My balls started to ache as I shot a burst of my sticky seed inside her. She fell on top of me, gasping for breath. I think we were all completely worn out. We all laid together completely exhausted. After about ten minutes, I looked at the clock.

“Mandy, Lisa, hit the shower’ I told them. Don’t use all the hot water.. Go on Carmen, you’ll fit in there with them. Make sure you are clean, you don’t want to go home stinking of sex to your folks.”  They all ran off, leaving me with my gorgeous little Gloria. For the next them minutes, we held each other close and kissed like long lost lovers.

“You are so beautiful, Gloria. You are my special little angel. I hope we can do this again a lot more before I have to leave. You are magnificent.”

When the girls came back, I carried Gloria into the bathroom and showered with her again, tenderly soaping every millimeter of her lovely body. After, we had tea and scones and I took the girls almost to their homes and Mandy and Lisa walked with them to their respective doors and waved to their parents.

That night, there wasn’t even a suggestion of sex, we slept like the dead until late the next morning. I woke up aching and thinking to myself that this was only the start of the three weeks I had volunteered for. This was going to take a lot of planning and stamina. I just wanted Sybil to come back it might cool the girls off a bit. They were enjoying this far too much for my good. I wanted little Gloria again, before she started her period.

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