They Gave Their Virginity To Each Other (Mg,pedo,inc)

They Gave Their Virginity To Each Other (Mg,pedo,inc)

Introduction: A teenager boy is babysitting his 5yo little sister when she comes out of the bedroom naked, sits down on his lap and asks him to touch her hairless tiny pussy.

Author: Charlie “the drifter”

Tommy looked down at his little sister, Bonnie, looking at her bare hairless young pussy slit. Hers was the first pussy that he had actually ever seen.

Tommy at seventeen had yet to even be out with a girl. He had been curious, having listened to some of his friends talking about having fucked this girl and that girl and here he had never even kissed a girl before.

He was babysitting his little five year old sister when she came out of her bedroom naked. He had stared at her seeing his first naked girl and his first girls pussy.

Their parents were gone for the weekend and they had ask him to babysit her. He did love his little sister, she followed him around and he actually enjoyed having her with him.

She came over to him and climbed up on his lap.

Tommy, “Darcy told me that her brother likes to touch her down there. Would you like to touch me there?” she ask him spreading her legs so that he could see her slit.

Tommy didn’t know what to say. Darcy was Lita’s girl friend and they lived next door and played together all of the time.

“Darcy said her brother, puts his finger in her there and she likes it when he pushes it in and out. Will you do it to me?” She ask.

Well Tommy knew that it was wrong but damn if she wanted him too. He couldn’t resist it. Knowing Darcy, he wondered if she would let him put his finger in her too.

Tommy reached down and for the first time not only touch a pussy, but his own little sister’s pussy.

He began touching it and even slipping his finger between her pussy lips. He moved it down to her tight little opening and tried to push his finger up into her but she was dry and it started to hurt her.

“Tommy that hurts.” She told him. He knew he had to use something to make it slick.

He put his finger in his mouth and got it wet, then tried again. It still wasn’t as slick as it needed to be. Then Tommy remembered other boys talking about how they had licked a girls pussy and she got so wet before the put their cocks in them.

Tommy lay his little sister down on the rug and spread her legs. He then leaned down and for the first time tasted a girls sweet pussy. He licked her pussy getting it wet, slipping his tongue into her tiny hole.

He found he even liked the taste of her little virgin cunt especially when it began to get wet with her own fluids.

As he licked it, she began squirming around giggling about how it tickled and how she liked how it felt. He pushed his tongue as far up inside of her as he could get it and fucked it in and out.

She wiggled and squirmed and her own juices began flowing. The next time he pushed his finger into her it slipped in but she even said it hurt then to but he kept it up inside of her pushing it in until he felt a barrier. Not being dumb and having read about a girl being a virginity, Tommy figured that the barrier he felt was her hymen they talked about.

He didn’t try to push his finger through it. He did finger fuck her though with what finger he did get up inside of her. He could feel her tiny pussy muscles squeezing his tongue and his finger. Then he found her little clitoris the boys talked about.

She even squealed with pleasure when he began licking it and sucking on it. She wiggle and squirmed pushing her cunt up at his mouth.

Suddenly she stiffened, push her pussy up at his mouth and cried out as her first orgasm, brought on by his finger, mouth and tongue swept over her little body.

Tommy was smart enough to know that his little sister was having an orgasm. Tommy pulled away and quickly stripped like his little sister was. He couldn’t resist and moving between her wide spread legs. He moved up and began rubbing his stiff cock up and down her little slit.

It felt so good to both of them. Tommy could feel her raise her pussy up at his cock and knew that she was trying to get it up inside of her, even as young as she was.

He moved his stiff cock down to her pussy opening and began pushing it in. He just couldn’t resist. By this time he wanted it in her so bad he couldn’t stop himself even when she began crying with the pain and tried to pull away.

Tommy to far gone with his own desire lunged and drove his entire cock up into his little five year old sisters virgin cunt, tearing her hymen, tearing her virginity from her.

He buried his cock up inside of her. God her pussy was so tight on his cock. He could feel her little cunt muscles squeezing his cock. He didn’t even realize her pussy muscles were trying to get his cock out of her.

He began fucking his cock in and out of her little cunt. The more he slipped it in and out the better it felt to him. Her pussy slowly became well lubricated with both of their juices and his cock was soon sliding in and out of her smoothly.

Slowly it stopped hurting her and her pain began to fade to be replaced with a good feeling. After awhile it only felt good to her. She actually began liking the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her tight little pussy.

Suddenly once again she felt that surge of pleasure that she had felt when he was licking her pussy as his cock slipped in and out of her. She raised her pussy up at his cock and cried out with her new found pleasurable feeling that was sweeping her young body.

Tommy couldn’t stop himself as he drove his cock up inside of his little sisters virgin pussy. He knew it hurt her when he pushed it in but he still continued to fuck it in and out of her the feeling was so good to him.

As he fucked her and her pain seemed to fade, he could feel her pussy become slicker and slicker until his cock was sliding in and out easily and she was even pushing her little pussy up at his cock.

He felt her body stiffen and her pussy squeezing his cock as she cried out with the pleasure that swept over her from his stiff cock sliding in and out of her.

Tommy finally couldn’t stop himself and he pushed his stiff cock as far up inside of his little sister as he could get it then for the first time in his life he cum in a girls pussy, his own little sister tight little no longer virginal pussy. He filled her little cunt with his cum.

They lay together, his cock buried deep inside of his little sister, not believing the pleasure they were both feeling from his cock being inside of her pussy.

Finally he pulled it out of her and they lay there together. He held his little sister, now realizing just what he had done. He had actually fucked his own little five year old sister. He knew that neither she or he was a virgin any longer.

Then his little sister looked at him.

“Tommy it hurt me at first, then it felt good. I, I like you putting your thing in me and doing it to me. It was really feeling good. Will you do it to me again. I want you to.” She told him.

Tommy hugged his little sister and told her that he really liked doing it to her and that yes he wanted to do it to her again. He told her he wanted to do it to her a lot if she would let him.

She hugged him and told him he could do it to her anytime he wanted too.

Before the night was over, Tommy had fucked his little two year old sister three more times, cumming inside of her little cunt. She like it as much as he did and even licked and sucked his cock after he fucked her. She told him she liked licked and sucking on his thing. Of course he was more than willing to let her.

Of course Tommy showed her how good it felt and licked and sucked on her little hairless cunt. He actually like the taste of her little pussy.

As Tommy lay with her on him, laying asleep with his cock still in her pussy, Tommy knew that he was going to keep on enjoying his little sister as much as he could. He knew that from then on he would be taking her with him anytime he could and that he would baby sit her whenever he could.

As Tommy lay with his cock buried in his little sister he began wondering if Darcy’s brother was fucking her. He figured that he was. He began ‘ thinking about how he could get with Darcy’s brother and the two of the swapping little sister too. The more he thought about it the more exciting the thought was of not only fucking Darcy but of watching her brother fuck his own little sister Bonnie.

Tommy finally went to sleep with his cock still buried in his little sister but his thoughts of fucking her little friend while her friends brother fucked her.

Tommy drifted off to sleep with his cock buried in his little sister and his mind on fucking her little friend.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.

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