The “Love Street” (Mg)

The “Love Street” (Mg)

Reader submitted story, based on fantasy.

Author: SweetMetalGirl

The love street” was a company focused in adult entertainment, managed by Gerald Castle, Lorraine (Succubus) Castle and Jack Castle, Gerald was the head of the company, director and actor, Lorraine was the makeup artist, actress, photographer and Jack was the technical engineer and web designer.

They work together with Arnold Stain an old friend who joined to them as actor. Arnold was married with Lina and they had a daughter the little Diana. After three years working together, Arnold started to change his behavior, he was always angry with his friends, always whispered “without me, they wouldn’t have this succes, I deserve more”

Every dat they had more and more troubles, one day, he filed a lawsuit against Gerald, accusing him of exploiting and abusing of one of his co-workers. Arnold bribed judges and policemen and won the lawsuit, leaving the brothers in the street.

Gerald was pissed off, all the work had been taken, being the older brother he had to take care about Lorraine and Jack

  • This’s war, I swear, I’ll make him pay – Gerald said hitting the wall – That was our company, we never should’ve trust him – Jack said while he was drinking.

Lorraine was quiet, thinking an looking and old photo where they were together – guys, I think I have an idea, we are looking for revenge, aren’t we? well, he took something valuable and especial for us, so, we’ll take something valuable and especial to him – an evil grin was on her face.

Gerald and Jack turn around staring at her sister – what the fuck are you talking about? – Gerald asked.

  • Jack is right, he took our company, he accused you of abusing one of the girls and destroyed our lives, we should return the favor, he has a daughter, we could rise of this situation and get our lives back. – Lorraine said showing him the photo, a cold chill ran on the Gerald’s and Jack’s back while their sister still talking

-We are specialists in adult entertainment, we know how this works and we can earn a lot of money with his daughter, she’s gorgeous and we’ll get our revenge, I met some people that I’m sure they would be willing to pay a lot, what do you think?

Jack and Gerald were thinking for a while, nodding at the same time Gerald answered

-If we did it, we could not get back… ok, I’m in, what about you Jack?

Jack nodded smiling – Let’s make that bastard pay.

Some days later, Lorraine went to Diana’s elementary school and waited for her, due to her parents were working in their stolen company, Diana use the school bus, that made Lorraine’s duty easier.

-Hi sweetie, how are you? did you remember me? – Lorraine asked smilling warmly, for a sec, Diana doubted but finally she smile at her

-Yes, you’re mommy’s friend – Diana said smiling.

-That’s right sweetie, your mommy asked me to bring you at home, but first, let’s go for some ice cream – Lorraine said pointing to her car.

-Yes! mom doesn’t allow me to eat ice cream before the meals.

-Don’t worry sweetie, that will be a girl’s secret, come on.

Once in the car, Lorraine gave to Diana a lollipop – Here, I’m sure you love strawberry like me – She said looking at the road while she was driving.

Diana started to eat the lollipop, a few minutes later she fell asleep.

-Jack, do you hear me? I got the girl, Is everything ready?

-Yes, we are just waiting for you and our little star.


Almost half hour later, Diana woke up, she was a little dizzy, suddenly she realized she was naked and retained in a chair, a bright light was in front of her, she just could see three shadows, she heard a familiar voice that recognized a few seconds after

-Welcome sweetie, I hope you have enjoyed your lollipop

-Where am I? Where are my clothes at? – Diana said sobbing trying to move while another voice started to talk

-This will be your new home Diana, your father did something really bad, he stole something important to us, and we will the same – suddenly, the lights turned off and the little girl saw the people behind the shadows, she only could recognize Lorraine and Gerald.

-No! that’s not true, my daddy is a good man – Diana still was struggle and sobbing.

-Shut up fucking bitch – Gerald said pulling her by hair – Jack, turn on the camera, we’ll star recording now, listen to me Diana, if you wanted to stay safe, you must obey, otherwise, your life will be worst, now stop crying, do you understand? – but Diana was still crying, that made Gerald pissed off and he pulled her hair harder – I asked you something, DID YOU UNDERTAND?

The girl nodded slowly, sobbing as Lorraine approached – Listen to me carefully sweetie, you’ll repeat after me everything that I’m going to say, oh! and henceforth you must call me Mistress Succubus, got it? – Lorraine kissed her cheek sweetly – Ok guys, we are ready – And Lorraine started to say her speech:

————————————— |Daddy, everything is your fault | |you’ve stolen something that you know| |wasn’t yours, now they’ll make me pay| |for you behavior, but don’t worry, | |they’ll make me a star. | | | |Now, you’ll see the beggining… | —————————————

Diana said each word while she was sobbing, as soon as she finished, she stared frightened at the men, they were naked as well, she had seen the body parts at school, but never had seen a penis for real, her heart was beating stronger and her tears were thicker than before

-No no no please, what are you doing to me? let me go home please – she begged crying while Gerald and Jack rubbing their cocks on the Diana’s face, Lorraine was recording everything excited

-Open your mouth – Gerald commanded to her – If you tried to bite us, you’ll regret for it

-Did you remember your lollipop? well, lick them like one and don’t forget smile- Lorraine said while she was carrying the video camera close to her face, Diana did as she was told but the flavor was gross for her, salty and sticky, Diana tried to throw up many times.

-Now, start to suck it bitch – Gerald commanded once again, Diana obeyed crying, a gross fluid was on her tonge and she was gagging – Please, no more please please – the little girl said crying.

-Swallow it, it’s a good vitamin for you – Jack saying while everyone was laughing.

Diana was sucking their cocks for a several minutes, but to her, it was an eternity.

-It’s time to open our new production house, Gerald, can you do us the honors? – Lorraine said giving to him a lube tube, Gerald took it and put it on her pussy and his cock – Diana, this going to hurt you, but you are a big girl and you must endure it, Jack, record this – Gerald gave the camera to his brother and started to push his thick cock on Diana’s pussy, her face had a painful expression and her face turned all red.

-N-N-NOO P-P-PLEASE DA-D-DADDY HELP ME!! M-M-MO-MOMMY!! – Diana screamed, but that just turned Gerald on, and he started to move slowly opening her pussy and going faster and deeper each time until he stole her virginity, breaking her hymen Gerald stopped without take out his cock, the blood was running on her legs – Congrats! you are not a little girl anymore – Gerald said thrusting harder this time reaching her cervix entrance.

Diana was crying inconsolably, Jack was recording her face covered with tears and her pussy being fucked over and over while her blood was dripping out and Lorraine was taking some photos.

  • Holy shit, I never thought she could be so tight, her pussy is so warm and delicious, I do believe, we’ll enjoy this new movies – Gerald said thrusting his cock against Diana’s cervix – After all, you’re really enjoying this bitch – Lorraine said biting her lower lip.
  • Fuck yes, I do, man, I’m cumming – Gerald said filling Diana’s womb with his hot semen, the girl’s eyes were almost blank while she still crying, incapable to say anything, just enduring de pain – Lorraine, this will be the best photo and he took off his cock from Diana’s pussy, his semen went out her pussy mixed with her virginal blood, while Gerald was spreading Diana’s pussy, Lorraine started to take a lot of photos, her whole body could be seen in each photo.
  • Jack, give me the camera, is your turn – Jack smiled and gave to Gerald the video camera, Diana was staring at him petrified and she just screamed as soon she felt his cock inside her – Fuck!! you’r right, her pussy is so tight – Jack groaned and started to bite her mipples, Diana was crying without stop.
  • Look at the camera bitch! – Gerald commanded, Diana’s face was red, her eyes were begging for mercy and she only could think “let me go, let me go please”. three hours passed since everything began, her body couldn’t resist anymore and she blackout when Jack cum inside her, Gerald stopped to record.
  • This was awesome, let her rest a little, we need it as well, Lorraine, are you sure you don’t want to use her? – Gerald said to his sister.
  • Yes, i’m pretty sure, well I’ll use her but first, she would need a shower, you know, I don’t want your semen inside her – She answered laughing.

Some hours passed, it was already dark when Diana woke up, she had a headache and her pussy and chest was sore, she realized she wasn’t in the chair, this time she was tied down in a bed with her ass up with a camera attached in front of her face.

  • Hi sweetie, finally you’re up, how do you feel? – Lorraine asked rubbing Diana’s hair – Are you mad with me? Sweetie, your daddy is the responsible about this, look, if you are a good girl, everything will be easier, I promise.
  • I-I want to go home please, let me go – Diana said sobbing again – I d-d-don’t know what happened, this not my fault.
  • I know sweetie, I know, but he stole our work place, he ruined our lives and we must return it, well, it’s time. – Lorraine called her brothers, as soon Diana’s noticed their presence, she started to cry and struggle, but her efforts were useless. – Sweetie, keep calm, this will be painful, but I used a especial medicine that will help you to endure it.
  • N-N-NO PLEASE I-I-I BEG YOU – Diana was crying, Lorraine just spanked her softly and squeezing her butt.
  • Turn the camera on, we going to start with the second part – Gerald said opening her little butt and fingering her softly but deep, then, he puts his cock on the entrance and startet to push, Diana was screaming and crying, squeezing her butthole but that was turning Gerald on.
  • Fuck! this hole is warmer, yes, squeezing it bitch and look at the camera – Gerarld was thrusting, going deeper and spanking her until his balls reached her buttcheeks, pulling her by the hair, Gerarld started to move his hips, Diana was crying stronger than before, his cock was so thick and she could feel how he was fiiling each parto of her insides. Lorraine was taking more photos. 1 hour passed, Gerald still abusing Diana’s butt, until he finally explode filling her with his seed, Diana was crying and screaming staring at the camera, Jack was recording beside them and Lorraine still takin photos.
  • Jack, make her scream as well, I’m sure Arnold will enjoy this – Gerald said laughing

Jack started to rape her little ass, Diana was sore and exhausted, in one day she had lost her virginity and shd’d become in their main preteen actress. When Jack finished, Lorraine took a lot of photos spreading Diana’s ass, a bit of blood was dripping, then Diana felt a pin prick.

  • This will help you to rest, you have been a pretty good girl, well done sweetie, now take a rest – Lorraine said rubbing Diana’s hair, a few seconds later, she felt asleep.
  • Well, everything i ready, Jack, edit the videos and get ready the USB, Lorraine get ready our new star, we have a new job – Gerald dressed up and took his keys – I got a good place, that would be our new home.

One week later, a package was on the Arnold’s house entrance “I love you daddy” was written on it, whe he saw the content, he knew who and where it was recorded, a group of police arrived at Gerald’s house but it was empty, only Diana’s clothes were on the floor. Few months later a new video appear in the DarkWeb “Diana’s debut”.


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