The Bargain (Mg,pedo)

The Bargain (Mg,pedo)

Introduction: A man pays money to a woman to fuck her 9yo daughter.

Author: Tim Merrigan

They were early.

I was tired and wanted to get it over with. I was eager to escape this rented office in the squalid part of the city for the luxury of my hotel.

I had been disappointed five times already today and my expectations were low. However I made them wait until the exact second of the appointed time before opening the door to admit them.

The little girl looked about nine. She was dressed from head to toe in a deep red sari embroidered with gold, which I guessed was her Sunday best. She had the cutest little face and huge, limpid, brown eyes, completely free of artifice. She was accompanied by her mother, and both had very pale skins.

The daughter particularly could just about pass as a suntanned European apart from the mass of thick, black, glossy hair, peeping out from under her sari. I guessed the family was from the upper classes but had fallen upon hard times.

I bent down towards the little girl, hoping that by speaking to her from her own height I would seem less intimidating.

– “You’re a pretty little girl, aren’t you? What’s your name?”

– “Amma” – she responded with a shy smile.

– “Will you get undressed for me, and go and lie on the table?”

An anxious frown crossed the little girl’s face and she looked at her mother for guidance.

– “It’s okay, sweetie, do as the man says” -the woman smiled reassuringly at her daughter.

The little girl carefully unwrapped herself from the sari. It was a bit like seeing an expensive Christmas present being unwrapped, and despite the tender age and innocence of the girl, unexpectedly erotic.

Underneath the sari the girl’s slender figure was naked apart from a pair of white, cotton underpants, riding high round her waist and bunched around her crotch. Her figure was smooth and boyish, with little, brown, undeveloped nipples on her flat chest.

The girl made a move to get on the table.

-“Take off the panties please, sweetie” -I said it as gently as I could and yet dripping with threat.

– “Mummy?” – the little girl asked.

-“It’s okay, dear. I’m here. Do as the man says” -replied the mother

Amma peeled the white underpants down her smooth, coffee coloured legs, revealing a pretty set of pussy lips completely unencumbered by hair.

Shedding the underpants she hoisted herself onto the table and lay down on her back, with her knees dangling over the edge.

I went over to the table. Grasping Amma by the ankles, I lifted her feet onto the table, positioning them so that they were flat on the table with her knees in the air and her heels pressed against her buttocks. Then I pressed her knees wide apart, almost down to the table, granting me ready access to her pussy.

When I placed my hand on Amma’s warm, rounded, little belly she flinched slightly, so I let it linger there for a while until she was accustomed to it. Then I moved my hand down to Amma’s pussy lips, spreading them apart. Everything looked normal and healthy, with just a hint of a clitoris lurking under its hood. Opening her up widely, I saw the pink skin of her hymen partially covering the entrance to her cunny. Good, she was demonstrably a virgin.

Keeping her lips spread with my fingers, I lowered my head towards Amma’s pussy. It smelled fresh, clean, and slightly floral. The girl had been bathed just before coming here. I lowered my lips to her pussy and licked inside. The girl started.

– “Mummy?” -she asked, insistently this time.

– “Does the girl know why she’s here?” – I asked the woman, slightly annoyed.

– “Yes” -replied the woman. She returned my look with no artifice and I guessed she was telling the truth, but it was clear the girl hadn’t understood.

The woman came and leaned over the girl, hugging her and blocking her view. I licked the girl again, and this time she was more relaxed. I made long, deliberate strokes from her cunnie towards her clitoris, and was rewarded by the glans growing hard. It emerged from under its hood and kept on growing as I continued licking, eventually reaching two centimetres long, protruding like a little penis.

The girl was everything I could have hoped for, and I couldn’t resist continuing to sample the merchandise. I licked the glans along its length, sucked it into my mouth, gently nibbled it with my teeth, and all the while Amma was getting more and more aroused. Her pussy grew moist, at once salty and sweet with a mild hint of curry, and I lapped it up greedily. Returning my attention to the little glans, I resumed sucking, licking, and nibbling until Amma suddenly tensed her muscles, then squealed and bucked her hips as she reached orgasm.

I arose from the table, leaving the little girl lying there panting for breath.

-“That seems to be satisfactory. I have ten thousand dollars in my bag; we just need to complete the paperwork.”

– “Fifteen” -blurted the mother – “the price is now fifteen thousand dollars.” She had a shifty look on her face, the first sign of artifice I had seen from either of the two.

In truth I would happily have paid it and still considered it a bargain but I was annoyed that the woman was trying to hijack the deal in this way.

Ten thousand dollars was probably more money than she would have expected to see in several lifetimes, and certainly enough to see the whole family live in luxury for the rest of their lives.

I resolved to stand firm since I knew where the woman lived and could always resurrect the deal at the higher price if she called my bluff.

-“Ten thousand was the agreed price”- I responded sternly to the woman.

– “Get dressed, mummy’s going to take you home” – I said, turning to the little girl.

Amma roused from her post-orgasmic stupor with a disappointed look on her face, and hopped down off the table, leaving a small, damp, tell tale patch.

– “No, please, I beg of you, we need the money” – pleaded the woman.

The shifty look had gone, replaced by desperation and fear that she had blown the deal. Meanwhile Amma had pulled up her underpants and was struggling with the sari.

– “Ten thousand dollars” -I said, insistently.

– “Ten thousand, yes” -the woman conceded, with a dejected tone to her voice.

I gave the woman the bag with ten thousand dollars in it, and watched while she counted it. Then I showed her where to sign the legally binding adoption papers, so that Amma could leave the country with me.

Finally everything was done. Amma had failed to put the sari on as before, and settled for wrapping it round her body, leaving her glossy, black mane hanging free. Her mother gave her one last hug.

– “You’re this man’s daughter now. Be a good girl and respect him and he’ll treat you properly.”

She had no way of knowing that, but I certainly intended to love the little girl and keep her from harm, and I wouldn’t take her virginity until she was well into puberty.

– “Will you come and visit me, Mummy?” -the girl asked.

The woman shot me a worried look. Of course that was out of the question; even with her new wealth she’d never get a visa.

– “We’ll see, Dear” she replied non committally. – “but in any case we can write to each other.”

The woman shot me a questing look, and I nodded my assent.

I let the woman leave the office first; walking with a dejected ambiance as though the cares of the world were on her shoulders. I locked up afterwards, leaving the key where the rental company had stipulated. Then I took Amma back to the hotel with me, ready for the morning flight to her new life.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.