The Backyard Tents #2 (MMgg,oral,anal,bond,rape,nc,semi-con)

The Backyard Tents #2 (MMgg,oral,anal,bond,rape,nc,semi-con)

Prologue: Seven year old redheaded girl Anita and six year old Latina girl Gina find they for different reasons have to camp out another night knowing what awaits them in the dark. Bill and Frank two bad young men gear up for another night camping out too, having blackmailed the two young girls with pictures of the previous night.

It was getting toward evening Bill and Frank were getting ready for camping out again. Beer was bought and weed was stashed into the backpacks amongst the other stuff on would bring on a night out in the woods.

“You sure about this Frank” Bill asked “You think they’ll really be in the tent tonight”

“Did you see their faces Bill” Frank replied “Both will be there, they were too scare of us showing those pictures to other people”

“I’d sure like to stick my cock down the throat of the Spanish girl” Bill mumbled.

“That’s why I brought that long dildo this time” Frank grinned “The Purger”

“I know the one” Bill chuckled out “Long and thin… puke em then cock gag em”

“A lot less of a mess for sure” Frank said flatly “You packed those homemade ring gags didn’t you”

“Never leave home without it” Bill said rechecking and triple checking his backpack “Lets get there early and make sure alls well first”

“On that were on the same page” Frank said.

Their past run ins with the law had taught them well. Look before leaping. So they hit the trail to the back of the row of houses that butted up to the trees and made their way cautiously till they were able to make out the tent near one yard. Bill and Frank saw the area was quiet and went to set up camp.

Six year old Latina slightly chubby Gina spent the day with her young mind switching from anxious anxiety to a strange anticipation like needing a fix. She rubbed her wrist where the rope had left slight burn marks her young pussy tingling at the thought of being tied up again then wondering if it was wrong to think that way. But the day for her wasn’t moving along fast enough. Gina wondered too if Bill would want to put his adult cock in her butt again, her young mind thinking about his large nude warm demanding presents against her. She like the the way he just took what he wanted, how he wanted. When she got older she thought, she’d get a boyfriend like that.

Seven year old redheaded Anita much thinner than Gina her best friend however saw it vastly different. In a lot of ways she was more shy and self conscious of her body. The thought of someone else seeing those ghastly pictures of her naked and… and… well it was unthinkable that others would ever see them. Gina seemed right, they had no choice but to camp out again. Anita tremble at the thought of the man Frank touching her again but the thought of anyone seeing those pictures kept her focused on seeing the night through. She wondered if Frank would want to tie her up again and put his adult penis in her ass, hurting her that way again. His ecstatic adult face kept flashing into her head with her trying to willing it away. To soon Gina came in seeming cheerful and much too bubbly ready to go out and camp. Anita’s world seemed all too surreal as she numbly followed Gina about her young mind trying to dull her senses even though her young body went on making all the expected moves till they were both in the tent ready for the night.

Gina sensing the time was right looked over to Anita “Time to move the tent”

Gina was already slipping from the flap into the half gloom of the onset of night. She was pulling up the few pegs that held it down doing it seemingly all the work as Anita mostly just stood there. She handed Anita some things and scooped up the rest having to push Anita into movement toward the place they’d set up the tent the night before.

“I’m scared” Anita mumbled out.

“Me too” Gina said too, but wasn’t sure it that was really true.

Gina sloppily set up the small tent and both slipped in, the night going into its full darkness around them the sounds of night seeming loud. Both girls quiet now listening for any sounds of movement the men might make outside.

“Do you think they’ll hurt us again” Anita whispered into the dark.

“No… Well maybe a little like before” Gina whispered back her young pussy tingling “Do you think the same man will want us or will they want to switch”

“My legs are still sore are yours” Anita whispered trying to build her courage up by talking.

Gina leg were still a little sore but Anita’s legs had been held farther toward her wide hands than Gina’s had been. Oddly Gina thinking on it now found the thought of Frank being purposely more meaner to Anita than Bill to her seemed exciting to think about. Her young pussy tingled intensely at the thought of maybe seeing Anita in distress again but felt bad just as fast as she thought it… but…

“Pssss-t” Came from outside of the tent having both girl jumping in place “Pssss… come on out girls”

Anita froze unable to move with Gina climbing on out into the darkness, both Frank and Bill there.

“Anita’s too scared” Gina whispered.

“A promise is a promise” Frank said in a low voice “Come on out Anita”

He knelt down pulling on her young arm till she out and on her feet.

“So your name is Anita, is it” he said “What’s your friends name”

Anita remained silent.

“My name is Gina, you.. you.. bad man” Gina said keeping her voice down. “You going to rape us again aren’t you”

“Come on girls, you’ll be back before you know it” Frank told them pointing out the direction they should be going.

Both girls never put on their PJ’s this time and both wore shoes not wanting to trample through the dark again without them. Anita numbly stumbled on having to be guided by Frank a hand on her shoulder pushing her onward at times as her nerves fail her. Bill had taken Gina’s young hand and let her pull him toward the dip Frank and him were camped in, fire ready and other things set up this time, an evening well planned out. They neared the dip the light of the campfire flickering against the tree top just ahead. Cresting the top Gina and Anita could see down into the dip that had been cleared even more.

Anita stopped her anxiety level reaching a tipping point of no return. She couldn’t go on and just stood there in place. Frank just picked her up and in short order all of them were in the lower circle the firelight filling the area along the slight raise of the ground around them. Gina saw Frank starting to strip Anita and looked up to Bill who just shook his head ‘yes’ to her. Gina started undressing herself feeling a weird wash of embarrassment pleasantly going through her as Bill watched on. She saw him rub over the front of his pants where a bulge was forming, knowing it was her young body able to do that to him. Gina looked over at her friend Anita dumbly standing there scared half to death and Frank pulled down her shorts and panties she was wearing, slipping her feet through them leaving her shoes on. Gina thought it a good idea and stepped out of her panties leaving her shoes on too.

“First things first girls” Frank said getting their attention “Got some water for you to drink… Bill?”

Bill went digging into a cooler pulling out two water bottles twisting the top off handed one to Gina and tossed the other to Frank that after twisting the top off handed to to Anita.

“Drink all you can you’ll need it” Frank grinned strangely.

Gina saw that Bill was sheepishly holding back a devilish grin too. They were up to something for sure. Gina’s young pussy tingling with the anticipating fear of the unknown. She was sure what the men had planned was fiendishly sexual in nature something she’d not yet knew adults did with each other but her young mind eager to find out regardless. Gina turned it up drinking what she could.

Anita mind went numb and when Frank handed her the water she raised it up drinking absentmindedly a little of it, but not enough as Frank’s hand kept helping lifting it up to her mouth.

“A little more… a little more” Frank encouraged “Gotta have something to purge”

Bill went to the backpack pulling out two handcuffs tossing one to Frank. Gina saw him pull Anita’s arm behind her placing the cuffs over her wrist and zipping them loudly into place. Bill approached Gina and she turn placing her hand behind her for him to do. The cold metal zipped loudly into place.

“Next” Bill cried out with Frank tossing him something.

Bill’s cock was fully stiff in his pants and would need to be freed soon. Frank tossed him the homemade ring gags they’d used before, one of them having had to made up for tonight being this was the first time they both didn’t have to share a kid.

“Open up Gina” he said as he brought the ring of smoothly finished PVC to her lips.

She opened wide and he worked it into her young mouth her teeth going over the top and bottom the hard plastic. It had a thick leather string tied around it with end going out to each side. He turned Gina and tied it off behind her head. The tube entering her mouth about two inches long was just round enough to fit his cock through. Tested and proven against the harshest of actions. He turned Gina back around looking into the white ring his cock lurching at the moist sight of her tongue and awaiting throat.

Frank was at work on Anita having to pinch painfully into the sides of her jaw to get her open up enough to slip the hard plastic into place. But once there he turned her and quickly tying the leather tie offs down snuggly. He and Bill had place two ropes over a tree limb hanging down and he walked redheaded Anita over to it. Bill following just after he got there. Slipping the end of the rope through the inside of the chain of the handcuff on Anita he pulled it up forcing her arms to follow with Anita having to bent over as her arms went higher. Anita was a little taller than Gina and Frank had to pull her arms higher to get her head down to waist high. He tied it off and went to strip.

Bill walked Gina to the ropes, with her standing there he too slipped the rope through the inside of the chain on her cuffs and pulled raising her arms up behind her. The girl Gina’s body bending at the waist as she was forced over. He too was eying where he should stop.

Anita’s though seemly out of it her young mind snapped back into sharp focus slowly pulling her into the here and now. As the rope pulled up her arms had no choice but to follow and so far brought pain forcing her to bent over, the higher Frank pulled her arms up the more over Anita had to go till she had to tilt her head up just to look around. Her tongue ran around the inside of the hard plastic ring in her mouth and pushing through it. She’d seen on her computer at home of a women with a man’s cock deep in her mouth and knew in that instant that was what this man wanted from her. But the woman in th video wasn’t tied or had a thing holding her mouth opened. Time clicked on with her seeing Frank coming out of his clothes, his cock coming free, his long long cock.

Gina’s young pussy grew wetter than ever in her life at watching everything going on around her. Frank’s long cock stuck out arching into the night air, she could see a stream of clear liquid leaking from the tip from where she was. Gina’s arms were pulled up too like Anita’s and the hurt forced her to bent over, her young dark head coming up to keep looking around. Spittle leaked from her mouth dripping down to the ground. Looking over to Anita Gina saw spittle too was dripping from her white tube. Although she’d not ever seen the videos Anita had seen Gina knew what was planned for them. Bill wanted to put his adult penis in her mouth at least she thought it was Bill and her sight went to Frank’s cock wondering if he might want to do it too. She and Anita with heads up watched as Frank pulled up a soft looking life like long rubber thing that looked like a mans penis.

“You want to purge first or let me go first” Frank asked Bill.

“Lets suck as beer and smoke some hooch first” Bill replied “Oh.. I got us something extra”

Bill went to his backpack fishing around into a side pocket.

“Found it” he cried out palming off something to Frank.

“Viagra!” Frank cried out “How did you know”

“Just know how you love them blow job’s.. dude” Bill jived.

Bill pulled two beers from the cooler handing one to Frank, both popped the pills and chased it with the beer.

“Lets get some smoke and take in the sights” Frank said grinning lewdly the long fake penis still in his hand. “We’ll purge after the buzz, you know don’t like it on my cock but the purge is just plain fun”

“Know what you mean, but I may go for the spray” He said to Frank “Your closer to the weed”

Anita and Gina stood under the firelight lit branch of the tree, naked arms high keeping them hunched over as the men kicked back and smoked marijuana blowing the smoke out filling the area with the unique oder.

“Frank’s cock that had softened some went back to full stiffness Bill’s too.

“ Viagra’s starting kicking in” Frank said taking a last draw on the joint then picking up the dildo “I get first dibs on purging”

Both with stiffly arching cocks, buzzed about right and eyes locked onto the young nude girls rose up to take on the night.

Anita her head had sagged down caught movement coming toward her and lifted her head up to see what was happening. The reddish hair on the back of her head was grabbed close to her scalp by Franks fingers digging in tightly with strands of the hair being pulled smartly out. She saw the rubber penis coming toward her face under her nose the tip being shoved into short the plastic tube in her mouth. It went in a shove from Frank’s hand into her throat, and deeper, then shoved deeper still. Anita gagged up harshly, the rubber rod was suddenly being pumped like Frank did when his cock in her ass the night before. Her stomach lurch hard unloading all the water she’d just drunk and more in a violent gush of liquid that went easily around the small rubber rod.

Frank pulled the rod from her throat just as the rush of the water and other stuff Anita had through the day came up in a spray through the plastic hole on to the ground getting some on his hand. Just as Anita had thought she puked her last the rubber rod went back into her throat working again forcing more up this time Frank didn’t pull his hand away this time as stuff came up through her nose mouth and Frank’s hand the rubber penis kept pumping, moving deeply in her retching throat.

Gina stared in shock at what Frank was doing to Anita, realizing the same was in store for her. What kind of sex demanded that the men should do something like that to them. Frank pulled the rudder penis from Anita’s throat leaving her gagging and handed it to Bill. Gina her head up watched as Bill took the water that was left in a bottle and pored it over the rubber rod rinsing it off some. She wanted none of it and took off with feet working to get away. But the overhead rope kept her from getting far.

“Whoa.. Gina” Bill cried out “Where’s the fire”

He sat the bottle down reaching for her head.

“Na.. huh..” Gina cried out through the plastic ring shaking her young head ‘no’

Bill’s hand slipped into her dark hair gripping in tight.

“It okay Gina” his voice calm “I haven’t killed a kid this way yet”

Gina wildly looked about feeling trapped. Anita was loudly coughing and choking up harshly with the occasional gagging heave. Gina saw Frank stepping up in front of Anita his free hand guiding the tip of his cock into the round white hole of the short plastic tube in her mouth, a string of thick spittle being drawn by gravity slowly down toward the ground. Anita’s red flushed face was contorted up in terror as Frank stepped closer his cock head slipping in Anita’s eyes opening wide as a bulge form along the underside of her throat. A sudden spray of spittle and air came out around the shaft of Franks thick adult organ and Anita’s mouth as her tummy suddenly tensed as if she was suddenly throwing up.

Bill grip in Gina’s hair jerked on her head bring Gina’s attention back to the approaching rubber penis.

“Okay, lets get this part over with” Bill said flatly “You don’t really want to be puking as I throat fuck you, it makes a nasty mess”

For Gina there really was no choice in the matter as the end of the rubber rod was pushed into her mouth slipping over her tongue into her throat with no chance to prepare herself mentally. Gina screamed and gagged all at once the making wetly eerie sound as Bill pumped it like Frank did to Anita. Gina’s abdomen locked tensely up her stomach sending everything up in a instant as her back hunched up sharply. Bill unlike Frank just sidestepped the gush of water and other stuff never stopping the frantic pumping. Gina’s tummy ran dry and hurt as she was unable to stop dry heaving. Bill yanked the rod free suddenly leaving her stuck in mid heave unable to suck in a breath.

Gina’s lungs finely sprung into life sucking in loudly, gooey slim being sucked in too leaving her choking on the stuff. Her mouth sending sprays of thick liquid out through the short plastic tube her teeth were opened wide around and set firmly against. She staggered about lightheaded gasping and choking just like Anita had done, her arm still held high behind her keeping her slightly hunched over. Gina blinked the tears from her eyes seeing Bill in front of her a hand rubbing, pumping over his stiff adult cock that seemed eerily deadly right now. She looked over to Anita, Frank had a gripped into the red hair on top of her head holding her head up right to her hunch over body. His cock wasn’t in her mouth but inches in front of the plastic hole. Anita was terror filled faced was flushed bright red as she choked thick spittle up harshly onto the head of the pose male organ mere inches in front of her. The thick shaft of Franks cock was wet and slimy almost clear down to the base. Anita’s feet scuffled staggering about weakly, between Frank’s grip in her hair holding her head in place and the rope holding her arms high she shuffled around drifting very little from where it all started.

“Once more deary” Bill said to Gina “And that should do it”

Gina ignoring strands of her dark hair being painfully yanked out tried twisting her head free from Bills grip. If looking at Anita was a indication of the state she’d soon be in now was the time to move. She did manage to jerk her hair free from his fist and tried her best to avoid his now grasping adult hands. But she could only scuttle about as the rope holding her arms up high behind her would allow Bill had her in a arm hold around her neck her head facing Anita and Frank. Frank’s cock was almost fully pushed into the tube Anita’s blue/green eyes were wide staring into the thick hair of his adult pubes, her cheeks puffed out suddenly as the entirety of her young body went into performing a short powerful blasted of slime and air from her mouth and nose. What liquid that came from her mouth went around the short plastic tube and the stuff looking like snot running from her small button nose. Frank released the grip on his hand in her hair letting Anita stagger back off the cock gasping, gagging and choking for each breath, one of his hands pumping wildly over his hard cock all the while as he watch poor Anita struggle, staggering about weakly for each hard earned breath.

The rubber penis came up to the short tube in Gina mouth and was shoved in again being pumped. An instant gush of what was left in Gina’s stomach from last time came up onto the ground past the pummeling rubber cock and couple fierce dry heaves later he pulled it free from her still gag froze mouth turning Gina loose to fend for herself, choking and gagging wetly the rope the only thing keeping her from staggering more than a foot or two from her place under the tree branch. Bill just standing there watching a bemused look on his adult face.

Bill and Frank both had worked out the purging of a kids stomach contents a while back one night out of necessity while smoking dope and reminiscing about joys of deep fellatio with a kid. Both had seen more puke over their cocks than they liked and within a hour they’d come up with the beginnings of this idea. It was the second kid after the start of the purgings that Bill struck onto having the kids drink water adding it into the mix. Frank had found the perfect dildo for the job and both worked on perfecting the homemade ring gags. As far as the kids went it was what the market could bare, when opportunity knocks so to speak. Bill at one time thought he was just a girl person but weeks ago Frank brought in a young wide eyed scared boy of five or six, ‘yes’ they had to share but flipping a coin Bill got heads and ‘heaven’ it was. That opened up a whole new world of possibilities for Bill, that fifty percent of kids that he’d before ignored.

But in the end it all came down to the kid. Frank liked them more shinny than Bill who like a tad more meat and maybe all told a little younger. Both men over time developed a liking for bondage, trying to one up each other devising interesting ways to try out. What they were doing tonight was Bills idea and worked great. After all it was all in the presentation. The young girl Gina was purged more than just enough and pleasingly staggered about. Bill took the opportunity to set his phone in a nook of a close tree to record everything taking only a few seconds too get it set up. After a good purging it took a long while for a kid to get their feet back on sound ground again. Hell he could step up behind the young girl without her even knowing and stuff his cock up her ass right now without even a fight. Yep, the purging if done right made everything just plain go smoother. He look over at Frank who was just toying with young Anita, making it last as long as he could. The poor girl was kept on that edge of just passing out that both Bill and Frank liked so well, let them gasp in air till their footing got stable then ‘heaven’ for a full minute or so your dick was balls deep in the kids mouth. Doing CPR was never fun but sometime a necessary part of this kind of fun, hell both he and Frank could get jobs as EMT’s by now. And it really sucked having to taste your own cum just to keep a kid alive. Bill was wondering sometimes if it was worth it.

The young Latina girl Gina was still hacking up wetly with head tilted down her dark hair a sweaty mess but enough hanging down covering most of her flushed face, she was letting the slimy spittle that always seemed to be a part of a deep blow-job go in strands down toward the ground. Bill’s cock lurched into ridged stiffness thinking about that hot slimy oral sex hole. A good ass fucking for when you just wanted debase the kid so they’d know their place in this world but a tight throat fuck for some real action if you, like him, liked total control of some kids life. Bill walked up and with both hands formed Gina’s dark sweat damp hair on the top of her head into a ponytail that after clamping his hand around it came out the top of his tight fist. He ran his thumb through the shiny almost black hair tufted thickly out over his tightly clenched fist and pulled her head slowly up, her tear fill face red flushed and facing his posed cock just a couple inches from the slime dripping plastic hole. The act of raising her young head sending her into a bout of coughing that sent a strand of thickened spittle onto the head of his cock, her young hot breath making his cock lurch up greedily needing and wanting to feel the warm wet confines of her young mouth just on the other side of the short white plastic tube.

Redheaded Anita’s world had fallen apart being absorbed by the long choking gaps between the struggling to breath enough to clear her head. Her knees had buckled more than once before the choking organ pulled free leaving her arms still held high behind her supporting her weight painfully, forcing her when able to rise back up only to be facing teary eyed that posed pre-cum leaking adult organ again. Anita’s throat worked trying to swallow the built up slime, a taste of something other than thick spittle was everywhere in her mouth. The clear thick stuff leaking from Franks pee slit dripped in a strand from under his stiff arched cock. She gagged even coughing up at thinking of that stuff in her mouth and throat but Anita’s young throat muscles wouldn’t even work from being force over the thick organ and it pained her throat even to try with weird wet noises filling her ears, as in a final effort she did finely get her throat to swallow hard, with that type of pain you get sometimes when you gulp to much fluid and it gets stuck halfway till you have to force it down anyway.

Anita’s shoulder ached, she was clear headed enough realized her knees had given out again and with wobbly legs she pushed them strait till the pain subsided, she shook her head to clear her vision. She saw the cock before her being pumped over by Franks hand then being angled down with her head pulled back up facing it by a hand full of her hair, all of it surreal, dream like. She had wit enough to attempt to will her gag reflex into submission, she did ‘somewhat’ the sight of all the adult leaking pre-cum not helping her fading will. Anita gasp air in to her lungs, like she was ready to dive into a pool just as the thick slimy male organ went charging through the plastic ring and down into her young throat. Clear head this time and able to at least for now keep her gag reflex in check Anita stared wide eyed into the hairy pubes inches in front of her face. A hand going to the back of her head pulling her open eyes toward the thick tuft of wiry adult pubic hair.

Anita’s nose went into the wiry tuft then mashed into the skin underneath her face fully in place against him. Her throat ached horribly as groans of pleasure above her coming from Frank his cock in her throat flexing wildly. Anita’s tummy shuddered on the edge of lurching into action the now strong taste of Frank’s pre-cum in her mouth making her gulp involuntarily in tune to her tummy’s shudders. A balance made if one could consider it a balance as Anita stomach and throat ached horribly. She purposely held in her breath as time went on and on and.. on.. the threat of suffocating looming in her thoughts suddenly as something becoming all to real.

“Mmm-mm..” Anita cried out the thick cock unmoving, panic setting it as each time her throat vibrated in protest the adult cock flex excitedly “MMMmmm-mm…”

Frank kept one hand strongly on the back of Anita’s head holding her young face in place against his loin, the other gripped in the hair on top on her head keeping it up facing him. He’d purposely let her catch her breath sensing she was coming to terms with getting her young throat plugged with a thick cock. Anita managed to raise up again gasping choking till her young eyes cleared focusing on the tip of his cock. Fuck he always loved the way a stiff adult cock held a kids attention, his was oozing pre-cum freely as it always did when he was deep throating a kid. This gorgeous young redhead was passed all that gagging, now for the scary stuff. Almost a full minute had past with her young head held fully onto his cock before her throat hummed out with the protesting vibrations, lifting his balls like cocking a gun. Frank looked over at Bill grinning broadly and winked a knowing wink at him.

“Got yours trained already Frank” Bill asked or knew Frank didn’t care.

‘Looks like” Frank replied “Time for the fun stuff”

“Be catching up soon” Bill said “Just a little slow today”

“Take your time… Take your time” Frank mumbled becoming absorbed in his own little world.

Anita’s young head jerked suddenly in his grip trying to tug free. A blast of warm moist air exploded from Anita young lungs sending a spray of spittle out each side of her mouth into Frank’s pubes her cheeks ballooning out. Frank had to hold on now his hands slipping to each side of her head as the young redhead struggled vainly to suck in more air, her young throat like a vacuum trying to suck his cock in deeper, all the while she was moving into full panic trying to tug her young head free of his grip. Frank had learned to play this part well, knowing not to let it go on to long before pulling his cock free. He was enjoying the sight of looking down along her light skinned freckled back, seeing the way her arms were held uncomfortably high keeping her bent over just right. He could see the top of her buttock, the other end of the food chain tantalizing to him as she move, jerking her young head to remove her face from his cock. Might just be the Viagra talking but he might have to tap that ass sometime tonight too. He kind of bet she was still a little sore from last nights action. Then an idea swept him up. He hadn’t had a piece of that Spanish treat, maybe Bill would be up for some double team. He slipped his cock from Anita’s throat, her first breath a pleasingly loud squealing wet intake of air, with her choking out hardly able to take another breath in her struggles.

“Bill up for some double team” Frank grinned, hoping “You know, I do your girls ass then you do my girls ass”

Bill stared at Gina just prepped and ready to be deep throated and the thought of her being sodomized by Frank while he throat fuck her set pretty well with him. He hadn’t had a taste of the young redhead yet and eyed the young light skinned girl. After cumming with Gina he’d have to give the redheaded girls rectum hell just to get off again but knew Frank probably was thinking that’d be the case. Both him and Frank had done at least three kids that way having to flip a coin for ‘heads or tails’ sharing just plain sucked. Bill knew Frank liked throat jobs a bit better than the back door and would more than likely save his cum for the redhead kid. Bill on the other hand kind of like the power he felt when behind a kid with his cock up their ass but a virgin throat wasn’t nothing he’d turn his nose up at either. Choking a kid with cum was a lot of fun if done right. Tonight him and Frank were doing it all just plain right.

“I’m bout ready to face fuck this one” Bill said winking to Frank “So you better mount up”

Leaving Anita still choking and gasping hunched over using her arm up high in the air for support Frank with stiff spittle wet adult cock bobbing in the firelight, went jogging around the choking redhead to the back of Gina. He looked down eying the problem having to bend his knees out to each side of the young girl to lower himself enough. Bill still had a hand gripped into the dark hair on top of her head keeping her leaking mouth pose inched from his cock. Bill grinned at Frank.

“After you” Bill said looking down into Gina’s young face.

“Don’t mind it I do” Frank replied, one hand guiding his cock into the crack of Gina’s more ample Spanish buttocks.

When the long soft rod was pummeled through Gina’s throat making her puke all of todays food up she felt a couple spurts of pee come from her pussy as it did when ever she threw-up, Her throat and stomach both ached now but Gina wasn’t far enough out of it just yet and heard the men talking ‘double team’ she wasn’t sure of what that was, but when her wildly moving dark eyes caught sight of naked Frank with his bobbing stiff cock still dripping with slime from Anita’s mouth moving fast, trotting off behind Gina. She knew then exactly what was about to happen to her.

Gina young pussy tingled betraying her as she was really deathly afraid right now. How can someone be so scared, frightened and still consumed by a tantalizing need to experience what is suppose to be really, really, wrong. Both adult men surrounded her Bill in front Frank close now behind her. She was helpless Gina’s pussy hummed cruelly sending waves of pleasure through her even as she was in fear for her young life. The though of two men moved this far out of control just because of her seemed to heighten the thrill and dread too that she felt, her young mind unable to separate the two right now. Frank’s adult cock found her anus and pressed sent a wave of sharp pain as it opened the tight ring of muscle wide open then pushing a path up into her snug hugging rectum.

“E-e-uh..” Gina grunted out.

The pain faded quickly Gina’s pussy quivering with delight as the thick male organ of Frank’s wormed deeper. She stared at Bill pre-cum oozing cock head knowing it too would be placed into the mix, her young clit turned wet.

Bill waited on Frank, if he planted his cock in to soon he knew from experience a child’s straining body could expel almost any cock from their young rectums, but get it past that colon into that deep freedom a young intestine and that kid was yours as long as you’d like.

Discomfort took Gina up as Frank worked his cock ever deeper, making her start to move about in an effort to ease the progress. Frank though seemed be to want none of that his hands grasping onto her hips, adult fingers going around her hipbones digging into her abdomen on both side keeping Gina firmly in place, her feet though still stepping about in the effort to move off the deepening thick male organ with her coming up onto her toes as if that might work. Gina remembered Bills cock from last night doing the same and her still tear stained eyes looked in almost disbelief at Bill’s cock in front of her seeing just how thick and long it really was. Frank’s was longer she’d seen that, her pussy hummed pleasurably countering the protest coming from the deepening cock in her young ass even as her young colon ached harshly as it was forced to stretch around the hostile adult male intrusion moving threw it. Gina’s young mind kept going to the night before as Bill did the same but kissing her like adults did to each other. His adult tongue going threw her mouth, the taste and smell all memorized by her young mind.

Frank’s cock pushed past Gina colon the tip entering into her more deeply now, the feeling was all-consuming, nasty, and more as her insides sent a wave of impending necessity of a need to get to a bathroom real soon. Still absorbed by that one fact of a welling urgent necessity to be going and soon her young mind went to work automatically trying to dampen the urge. Gina clit quivered up sending a wave of pleasurable sensation through her even more so than the night before vastly intensified, just as Frank’s loin went against her young buttocks.

“Did… did she just have an orgasm” Frank said out loud to Bill.

“Told you last night I thought she did” Bill replied “But I think I got the cure for that little problem right here”

Bill shook his cock in front of the short tube in Gina’s mouth.

“Well.. I’m locked, cocked, and ready” Frank said grinning showing his white teeth to Bill.

Gina watch the Bill’s adult cock move under her sight through the plastic hole and into the mouth. The warm fleshy male cock was much thicker than the rubber rod as it slipped over her small tongue pinning down into place the thick slimy pre-cum leaving a male taste in her mouth.

“Got a good grip” Bill warned Frank “If not ya better get one”

“Yep” Gina heard, Frank’s strong fingers digging in tighter around her hips.

Like Frank did to Anita Bill kept a one hand gripped into Gina’s dark hair holding her head upright the other slipping around behind to the back on her neck. Gina’s attention was split between between the two men, half her mind was willfully struggling with her young body’s urge to subdue the impending impulse to be settling onto a toilet right this very moment and Bill’s cock she was staring down the length of, the thick tip just now probing into her throat making her struggle to also suppress her gag reflex. Gina could tell she was going to lose on both fronts but still held out, that is, until Bill’s cock popped deeply into her still sore throat. Gina managed not to gag but the thick cock pained her a lot having her froze in place staring into the dark pubic hair of Bill’s loin that now looked a long way off. Another pussy shudder even more intense this time flooded from her own young loin in a intense rush going through out her young body.

“There’s one lucky bastard out there somewhere she’s going to make a great wife for” Frank groaned out still fiercely hanging on waiting for it…

“Yep” Bill said, his cock digging deeper into Gina’s tight throat “I do believe there is”

The thick organ slipped deeper into Gina’s throat and once moving Bill’s loin came in close, faster than she liked, her gag reflex hit full force with her trying to get off the throat stretching thickness. Bill was much to fast to allow Gina to simply pull away or even twist her head off sideways, the palms of his hands slapped tightly onto the side of her head, his long strong fingers going around the back through her hair keeping her face lined up to his loin just to his liking as he kept the long adult cock on the move.

“I’m going for the quick one Frank” Bill warned “Best keep up”

Gina entire young body was held tensed up gagging when Bill gave that last final shove, his loin mashing into her nose. Gina young pussy shot out a sudden fierce two second gush of hot piss that loudly landed on the ground under her with both men’s keen ears picking up on it. Gina felt both adult cocks lurch even more stiffly inside her at the same instant. An odd wave of masochistic pleasure swept Gina up, she didn’t know the word but if she did she’d know what is was she felt at that instant, and she liked what she felt, giving in to it greedily wanting the men to hurt her now. Wanting… no needing the men to take what they needed to satisfy themselves. Gina knew they were both bad men but it gave her a dark thrill to be used by them in this cruel and debasing way.

Gina had heard of bad men liking little girls and boys too, she was young herself only six years old. Bill and Frank were just the men her papi and mamá had warned Gina about. Both long thick cocks went into action slightly out of sync with each other. Gina’s young body was unable to get a handle on any of the sensation’s flooding through her and simply gave up trying to suppress the urgent urges the moving adult cocks were purposely trying to make her feel. With her young pussy quivering, tingling Gina let go, her mind forced to take in just how vile of sex the men wanted. The sounds of the moving cocks through her throat and bowel, and at times sharp pain as her body revolted to the insane movement added to effect her young mind suddenly craved, would from here on out crave. She felt ashamed, embarrassed, and that too felt good. Gina’s young bladder let go emptying in spurts loudly onto the ground as both men rammed to a stop.

Bill’s cock went deep his loin suddenly pressing against the young Latina girl’s face. Gina gagged straining up harshly, a stream of hot piss being forced from her pee hole. Bill’s cock went off first then Frank shoved in as deep into her intestine as deep as he could gushing baby making sperm into her intestine. Gina would have giggled but her young body was a wreck even as a spasm of pleasure from her pussy swept her up. Bill pulled free leaving her choking up his sperm and worse as more pee spurted from her clit with each choking sperm tasting gag. Frank’s cock in her intestine blocking an urge to defecate, ‘like now… and really bad’ She’d never be able to stop that when he pulled his male organ out and she flushed bright red with gratifying embarrassment. Gina knew it was wrong to feel this way but she did, and that was that. When Frank pulled his stiff cock from her she did poop just as the thick cock pull out right in plain sight of both men. They both did laughed at her and she flushed even more brightly with embarrassment, her young pussy tingling as if this was all okay.

“So Bill… Viagra’s still kicking but the is buzz fading” Frank hinted to Bill “Beer and some smoke?”

Bill was well ahead of Frank heading over where they placed the joint down. He got the bit of the joint that was left and a beer for each, tossing Frank one. Frank was wiping his still stiff cock off an saw the beer arching over to him in the firelight. Doing one of those football catches in the crook of his arm Frank never missed a beat of wiping over his still stiff cock. Dropping the rag he used onto the ground Frank opened the beer taking a deep swig from it.

“Was hoping to save my load for Anita’s throat” Frank got out after swallowing the beer he’d turned up “When I heard your girl piss, that was the end game for me”

“Ditto” Bill got out waving his beer in the air after a big swig “Fucking cock gagging will surprise you sometimes. Had one that shit herself with out being ass fucked… you.. you remember that one don’t you”

“That’s because I’d already ass fucked that girl” Frank said grinning raising his beer again for a swig coming over to set down.

“Oh, yea, that’s right” Bill replied sounding slightly drunk “You did… But you wasn’t at the time”

“That one I’d ass fucked twice before even calling you to come over” Frank said “That poor girl was so stretched out she’d shit herself anyway, without your cock going down her throat”

Bill was lifting a fresh joint to his lips setting on a wide blanket set out for themselves. His other hand raised with the lighter and fire was touched to the end. It flamed up a seed popping brightly with him looking about making sure he wasn’t getting burnt in some bad place being he was still naked.

“Your good” Frank reassured him.

The smoking seed was smoldering on the blanket next to Frank and he slapped it out. Bill handed him the joint. Frank took his hit both men eying the girls still tied. Gina and Anita both still dripped spittle from their opened mouths. Anita had her head lowered her red hair going down cover the view of her face but some spittle still went slowly toward the ground. The occasional hoarse cough going through her young body. Gina to stood there but she was staring back her head raised, she coughed too a bit of spittle mixed with Bill’s cum coming up to dip in a long string toward the ground.

“Strange how spit gets thick like that” Bill’s stoned mind putting the idle thought out there “Every kid does it… every last one”

“Nature’s way of making is easier to throat fuck them” Frank laughed.

Bill finished his beer and took one last hit off the joint. He looked down at his still stiff cock.

“I’m thinking about your girl” Bill said “Want maybe me to get her ass churned a bit before you give that head a go”

“She’s a screamer” Frank warned “You know, we’ll have to give her hell just to get off”

“Viagra will keep you stiff but after the last gusher this one will take some work to squeeze out another load so soon” Bill said standing up an rechecking his beer to make sure it was empty “Yep.. your girl will be sore for days”

“Kind of like to see her tomorrow trying to shit or talk” Frank said rubbing his stiff cock idly “Well have to keep kid a few days sometimes just to enjoy watching that won’t we Bill”

Bill got the thick lube still over by Gina on the ground and went to spreading it over his cock.

“I’ll be masturbating to that thought tomorrow you know” Frank said to Bill who was all ready moving around to Anita’s back side eying her different buttocks getting himself geared up for the upcoming action “What you think Bill.. good enough to fuck”

“We’ve done worse for ourselves” Bill said placing a hand on Anita’s tom boyish back his other hand lower his stiff cock and he bent his knees to each side of hers just enough, crying out “Vive la différence”

Anita was thankful for the reprieve, thankful that Frank had turn his attention to Gina. Anita felt guilty for the thought the second it passed through her mind but still was thankful to be left alone for now. It had taken a long seconds to clear her throat of slime and other stuff just to breath well enough not to pass out again. Her arms ached close to her shoulders where she’d slouched down to much when unable to stand on her own. Anita’s throat ached from being stretch by Frank’s cruel cock. And her mouth kept on leaking thick spittle from it as her lungs coughed to get clear of what it had sucked in. By the time she’d come fully back to her senses the men had finished with Gina. Anita could hear her coughing and gagging harshly close to her, the men setting down again the harsh marijuana smoke filling the area where they were.

Anita kept her young head down hoping to be ignored by the men like the adults did at home most of the time. Maybe having used Gina the way they did they would leave her alone and let them go. She held onto that thought with hope beyond hope. But all to soon there were sounds of one of them getting up moving toward her. Anita keeping her head down her young eyes moved looking through her hair dangling down seeing naked adult male legs and just make out the excited genitals of Bill moving around to the back side of her. Her hands writhed about in the handcuff held high by the rope, her heart picking up its rhythm as Adrenalin started being produced inside her again, things were moving way to fast again. She’d knew all to well what Bill was wanting from her. A hand went onto her back making her flinch. Anita’s head still hung low looking down under her she could see his knees bend some going to each side of her, the warmth of his adult body so close she could feel it now.

Anita want to be somewhere else, anywhere but here. Her young mind slipping into a surreal realm making everything seem as if taking place in a dream. A slick warm blunt pressure went on to her young anus between her buttocks with a cry from Bill “Vive la différence” The pressure went escalating having her unyielding anus being press on, dipping in ahead of the pressure rather than open around the thick organ. Adult hands went grasping onto her slender tomboyish hips. Anita’s feet stomped in place as she tried moving away from the painful pressure.

A-Ah-E-eee…” Anita cried out through the short plastic tube her feet still moving getting on where.

Bill looked up at Frank who just held up one finger and wormed it around in the air as a hint. Bill shook his head as if he should had known but hadn’t full given up yet letting Anita stomp about some more her hand writhing in the handcuffs with Bill plainly too intrigued by the scene playing out before him to stop.

“Fuck she’s tight” Bill cried out “Guess I’ll have to finger the little bitch, don’t want a blown O-ring do we”

Bill pulled his cock away leaving Anita crying, her anus aching horribly. But she came up again as an adult finger went slipping into her unready anus. She stumbled about under the rope unable to go far like a dog on a real short leash. Bill’s finger wormed cruelly around inside her rectum as if that was going to make everything okay, he followed her about under the tree limb till finished he pulled his finger free. Anita knew from last night it wouldn’t be just okay and tried to avoid his grasping hands as he went to try it again.

Frank watching started laughing at the sight of Bill trying to grasp the young red head as she scooted about hunched over with her arms up high behind her under the tree. Bill stiff cock bobbing throughout the frantic short turns and twist till he got a hold of her.

“She’s fucking fast” Bill grinned out toward Frank his hands now locked back into her hips with him standing behind Anita again.

“I’ll give you a hand” Frank said getting up.

Frank came over his hand going into Anita’s hair, grasping in and pulling her head back up facing him.

“Okay Bill” Frank told him “I got this end”

“Gee thanks a lot” Bill said sounding playfully sarcastic “Big fucking help now”

Anita tried to wiggle out of the two mens grasp but they had her now and her heart pounded loudly in her young chest being surrounded by the two sexually excited adult men bent on using her for their selfish intentionally demeaning release. She was just a toy they were going to use. The blunt pressure went back onto Anita’s sore anus again her head now facing Frank’s pre-cum leaking adult cock a mere six inches in front of her terror contorted face.

“Uh-h!..” Anita cried out as the pressure surged hard on her anus, then “Ah-ggH-h”

The thick cock of Bill’s went up into her rectum Anita’s anus hugging tight as it slipped reluctantly over his cock shaft with Bill worming hard to get in as far as it could in one try.

“Looks like you opened up that back door” Frank grinned having trouble keeping Anita’s young head in place before him, studying her pain racked face.

Bill was having his own problems as Anita was bucking about trying wildly to get her bottom off his probing adult cock. Every pushing probe of his cock to wedge in deeper bringing on wild lurching and attempts to twist her back end off the intruding thick male organ. But Bill was latched on real good his hands dug in like a tick on each side of the young redhead’s slight hips, his gripped in fingers going around her young pelvic bone could be seen making impressions into her flesh that would probably still be seen even after Bill and Frank were long finished with her.

Anita couldn’t do anything but react to the thick hurtful intrusion up into her young rectal passage. Her feet at times being pulled off the ground as Bill strong grip on her young pelvic bone that lifted her up amidst his eager attempt to get more of his cock into her ass, her legs writhing and kicking about temporarily off the ground her front half hanging by the rope holding her arms up high behind her as Anita’s head pivoting about in the tight grip of one of Frank’s hands in her hair. The other hand of Frank was pumping over his long stiff cock aimed at her terrorized face.

“Think we got something here Bill” Frank said lustfully excited.

“Damn strait we do” Bill replied never stopping his own eager mission into Anita’s rectum stuff with his cock “Almost at the hard part.. You bout ready”

“I was born ready” Frank said his hand pumping his cock more eagerly.

The harsh movement to dig his cock up into Anita’s rectum suddenly stopped, leaving her rectum aching and stingingly stretched. The blunt knot of Bill’s adult cock head a dull ache deep up inside her bowel. Her feet were back on the ground but she was high up onto her toes with her stiff legs trembling weekly. Anita found herself staring down over the length of Frank’s long stiff cock, he’d stopped pumping his hand over it. The tip oozed pre-cum with time seeming to stand still for a breath taking moment. Anita’s world had been taken over by adult male sex organs, she seemed overwhelmed in her young mind, confused as to why adult men would use their sex organs made for having babies for this. She’d before thought sex was a way adults had fun, but Anita wasn’t having any at all. Her rectum ached horribly and in a moment Frank’s cock would be back into her still sore throat, she was deathly sure of that as he held her head before his pre-cum leaking stiff organ. Pressure mounted deep inside Anita’s rectum the blunt knot becoming more than just a dull ache.

“Okay Frank” Anita heard Bill say “Lets meet in the middle”

Suddenly the cock behind her went into action again, pressing to get even deeper up into her. Frank jerked her head, bring Anita’s focus also onto the approach of his own organ heading toward the plastic hole keeping her mouth opened wide.

“Give me one good gag dear and it will all be okay” she heard Frank say slipping the head of his cock threw the hard plastic hole.

Anita turned her attention to Frank’s cock slipping quickly over her tongue going for her throat. There would be no stopping him and her mind snapped into suppressing her gag reflex not wanting the still aching muscles of her abdomen to lurch back into action again. Anita took in a quick gasp of air before the blunt head entered her throat that made wet gassy sounds as it was forced even deeper pushing some air ahead of its thickness. A sharp pain deep inside Anita’s rectum as Bill’s cock pushed into her colon was all it took to remove her concentration, her tedious hold on her gag reflex. With Frank’s cock almost fully in place, her nose only just touching his wiry pubic hair Anita’s young torso lurched into a abrupt body gripping tensely held retch.

Both men seemed to go wild all at once throughout the long uncontrollable surge to puke something up, anything at all. By the time Anita’s body gave her tedious hold on her reflex back, her rectum, colon and deeper ached with her feeling Bill’s loin held tightly against her buttocks. Her face was fully buried against Frank’s loin with her now unable to breath holding her one gasp of air she’d taken in. Anita head starting to pound with the urgent and on the edge need to have to breath out, knowing that she would regret it as there would be nothing but slimy wetness in return, a temporary stalemate as time clicked on. Anita was nearing the edge of endurance, she was terrified, scared, and mad all at once. A bit of air escaped from Anita’s strained lungs as panic started taking its hold over her, taking away her reason. She lurched suddenly within the grip of the two men, their grips on her snapping down even more strongly. Anita was strangely aware of the two mens strong steady anticipating lusty breathing. She gave out another even more sudden and violent lurch as her breath did give out, her facial cheeks ballooning out around the shaft of the cock in her mouth, Anita’s lips vibrated loudly pressed around the fleshy base of Frank’s adult cock.

“There she blows” Bill cried out sounding like a old time sailer.

“About fucking time” Frank chimed in “Let her choke on cock some, I’m in a mean mood”

Anita young lungs reacted in a sudden burst of outward rushing of air around Frank’s cock and a cruel sudden attempted to suck air back in getting only the thick mucus into her lungs that seemed to be everywhere in her mouth and throat now. It sent her into a fit of body racking cut off coughs. The thick cock pulled from Anita’s throat suddenly leaving her choking, gasping for air and gagging up mucus and thick spittle.

“Feels fucking awesome” Bill lustfully breathed out, still hanging on cock fully in place, the last couple inches of his cock pressed a ways into Anita’s young large intestine.

“Come on… come on you can do it” Frank encouraged Anita “Breath in.. breath in”

With a sudden loud wet sounding intake Anita managed to get her young lungs working. Tears streamed down her face mingling with her sweat. Her mouth was full of the thick spittle and some ran out of the plastic tube in long strands toward the ground. She was two wet breaths in before she started choking again sending sprays of mucus out from her mouth and running out her nose.

“Well Bill I’m ready” Frank grinned wickedly “You ready”

Bill’s thick cock flex inside of Anita’s real tight back passage.

“Yep” he breathed out’

Anita tried to gasp in air before Frank slipped his thick organ back into the tube but her lungs went into a wild fit of spasm like coughing just as he jabbed it deep. Bill’s thick cock pulled back with Anita’s feet being lifted from the ground again her legs writhing and kicking wildly about in the air around Bill’s longer legs as both men went to work, both striving for release.

Bill looked down over the young redhead girls naked backside, it as all inspiring the way her arms stretched up together toward the rope. Her young shoulder blades plainly showing. He was sodomizing her but good, his strong arms pulling her up to his level, angling her backside around over his cock as was his want enjoying the sight of her young legs as they kicked about wildly unable to find her footing on anything solid. Anita’s rectal passage was vastly different than Gina’s in that it was more tube like and fucking hotly tight. And unlike Young Gina this young girl plainly was in intense discomfort throughout the act. Any normal person would have had a pang of empathy for Anita’s apparent discomfort but Bill like Frank found he to was given over to being in a mean mood wanting to only ride out her distress till his came.

Bill sank into his own world of willful degrading anal sex with this young redheaded tom boy looking girl. Her youthful boyish physique lending an ting of the taboo to the act of sodomy with her that he was becoming totally engrossed in. Frank’s cock working her throat over had things happening inside the child you’d never experience with just kid butt sex alone. Bill was going for the gold, working his cock with the eagerness of experience, knowing if he picked up his pace any kid’s, this kid’s rectal passage would clench up tightly. Bill’s balls tingled at the ready, his loin working a feverishly as he could, forcing his cock threw Anita’s uniquely tight rectal passage sensing the moment was near, all the telltale signs of his previous encounters with sodomizing children a signpost for this very moment.

Thick pre-cum leaking heavily from Bill’s cock made his cock’s transit threw Anita’s hugging tight passage began to move easily rapid losing none of the affects on him of her young bowel’s irregular contours. He felt the moment of the transitioning taking place as her young passage slowly started tightening. He slammed home letting her bottom tuck up around the shaft of his cock, the deeper depths of her young gut like a vacuum trying to suck him in deeper still. Bill ears picking up the sounds of Frank’s cock working her young throat over real good. Bill’s balls snapped into action unloading what was left after young Gina, he held on staring down at Anita’s tucked up tomboyish buttocks, the entirety her young rectum tightly milking over that half of his cock shaft, her gut sucking like a vacuum the last of his sperm from his cock head like a straw direct from both his balls.

Frank was throat fucking Anita, his hands had slipped to each side of her head holding it tightly in place. He was moving rapidly so not to have to start over again. The wet gagging sounds music to him helping things along nicely, but the glorious sight of the redhead’s young body warping up around Bill’s cock as he unload had him jabbing in fully and unloading to the harsh tune of her wet sloppy retching gags. His balls manage to shoot a surprisingly good bit and so soon after his ass fuck of the other kid. He had to forcefully will himself to tug his cock from her throat so not to snuff the girl, his cock still Viagra stiff and sloppy wet from young girl throat slime. He release her into Bill well intentioned hands. Cum leaked from the plastic tube and her face was stuck in a silent gag for a long moment before she suck in choking up wildly, a full breath eluding the young girl as Bill stayed implanted against her backside, staring down with a look of pure sadistic joy.

Bill waited for Anita’s young body to relax it death grip over his cock before pulling free. He grinning broadly his still stiff cock bobbing as he went over to his phone checking it and turning off the record. He’d got it all. Bill flipped a big thumbs up to Frank, they’d be flapping to it for weeks.

Gina was somewhat recovered from herself having been used by the men. Her young pussy still tingled at the sight of Anita being used even more harshly and she was kind of scared for her too. Gina was aware of the sounds of her encounter but the sounds coming from the men with Anita sounded more purposely abusive than with her. Like the men wanted it to feel bad to her. Gina watch unable to avert her young eyes, not really wanting to. She rubbed her legs together making her young clit to hum pleasurably as her young mind kept telling her it was wrong to do so while Anita was looking so terrorized, so scared and in so much apparent discomfort. But a voice in the back of her mind kept her secretly enjoying what she saw, wanting more done to herself too.

But for Gina and Anita it was over, the men lowering the ropes and setting the girls huddled together near the fire as they removed the short plastic tube that kept Gina’s and Anita’s mouth opened for the mens use and removed the handcuffs. Anita was still coughing horribly spitting up stuff onto the ground but beside a sore throat and the taste of the Bill’s sperm still in her mouth she only coughed a little bit.

“Are you okay” Gina hoarsely ask Anita.

Anita opened her mouth but as she went to talk a pained half gag showed on her face her hand coming up to her throat and she went into a fit of coughing. She tried again but gave up remaining quiet. Both Gina’s and Anita’s forearms clenched against their abdomens Gina intestine still rumbled in protest, she’d have to find a place to squat if they remained here longer. Anita’s anus and rectal passage ached something awful and she felt nauseous and fully debased by what the men did to her. Anita averted her eyes from the men just wanting to go home.

The men went about the area pulling up their tent packing everything away and finished they sat down talking, laughing and drinking another beer. Gina had had enough and stood.

“Can we go now” she demanded standing there naked, defiant. “We came back, you’re not going to show the pictures to anyone, are you”

Bill and Frank looked up at the dark haired Latina girl.

“No.. no.. we promise” Bill lied “You can leave”

Gina ran and got hers and Anita’s clothes. She got dressed but had to help Anita, soon they were climbing out of the dip and heading the short way to their own tent. Getting there both girls went about taking it down in the dark with just the small flashlight they had in the tent and moved it back to where it was suppose to have stayed. Both went into the house having to use the bathroom. Anita didn’t want to camp out anymore and Gina went with her to Anita’s room. She stayed with her till she went to sleep and snuck back out to the tent. Gina by herself trembled with a kind of scary apprehension rubbed over her young pussy almost hoping the men would come back for her.

Gina woke the next morning and took the tent down and brought it home to her papi. She knew Anita wouldn’t be wanting to camp out again but she might convince her mamá if she could sometime soon, maybe in her own back yard this time.

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