Swimming lessons (Mg,pedo,erotica)

Swimming lessons (Mg,pedo,erotica)

Introduction: Tom’s new girlfriend moves into his house with her 9yo lolita daughter, the little girl goes swimming at the garden’s inflatable pool and takes off her swimming suit.

Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party

Tom is 43yo, he has been dating a single mum aged 39yo, they get on very well together and she has recently moved with him in his house.

The woman has a little girl aged 9yo, Victoria, who has also moved in with them. Victoria is brunette with shoulder length hair and black big eyes, she is slim and pretty.

Tom lives in a big house in a quite neighbourhood, the house has a small garden surrounded by high trees that serve as a wall.

Today is a sunny day, Tom and his girlfriend get their swimming suits on and go to the garden with towels to make the best of the warm day. Victoria the little 9yo joins them, she is wearing a full body swimming suit and lies down on the grass.

Tom has an inflatable swimming pool and suggests to fill it up with water for Victoria to enjoy it, Victoria’s mum loves the idea too, Tom set ups the middle sized inflatable pool in the garden and fills it up with water using a hose.

-”Hooray!” – Victoria, the 9yo girl celebrates it and quickly dives in.

-”You don’t know how to swim sweetie, be careful” – shouts her worried mum.

-”It’s not really deep it will only cover her up to her waist, but I can teach her how to swim if you want to” – offers Tom

-”Yes please I want to!” – says the little girl real excited with the idea of learning how to swim.

-”You are always so kind with her honey”- Tom’s girlfriend gives him a quick kiss.

The preteen 9yo girl gets out of the pool all wet, her swimming custom is very thin thin, her body is slightly visible and her nipples pronounced, she gets closer to her mum lying down on the towel.

-”Look at your nipples Vicky! They are all sticking out like little gnomes!” – Victoria’s mum laughs at her as she blushes.

-”Not that she has any titties to hide yet, a full swimming custom is pretty much pointless for a little girl” – says Tom observing the little girl pronounced nipples with delight.

-”I think you are right Tom, she’d be better off without the top” – saying this Victoria’s mum stands up and rolls down her 9yo girl swimming custom up to her waist fully exposing the little girl’s soft flat chest and erected nipples as water drops trickle while the Sun shines on them.

-”Thanks mum it really feels better like this”

Tom grabs the hand of the little 9yo topless lolita and gets with her inside the pool. He first teaches Victoria some movements with her arms and legs and then holds her tummy while the 9yo little girl floats over the water attempting to keep the balance.

Victoria the prepubescent topless 9yo girl keeps moving furiously, this makes her swimming suit to roll down even further at times exposing half her ass with Victoria pulling it back up.

-”Your swimming custom bottom is getting in the middle of the lessons sweetie” – Tom tells Victoria.

-”It is just difficult to keep it half way rolled down on my waist and steady”

-”Why don’t you just take it all off Victoria? It will feel more comfortable!” – the girl’s mum shouts from the towel at her daugther.

Nine years old Victoria thinks about it for a few seconds and all of a sudden holding her half rolled swimming suit by the waist pulls it all the way down shamelessly parading her preteen bald pussy and smooth slit.

Tom has always been attracted to nymphets, this is too much for him to take, a quick hard on is clearly visible underneath his shorts, embarrassed, he apologies to Victoria saying he is tired and goes back to the towel with his girlfriend, sits down on the towel admiring the little 9yo girl nude wet body playing in the water on her own.

Victoria has a very soft rounded ass and a delicious childish hairless pussy, every time she stands up exposing herself naked from the waist below Tom’s dick gets bigger.

-”I have noticed the big swelling you got there, ha ha ha!” – Victoria’s mum laughs at him.

-”I can’t do anything about it, she is just too cute to loo at”

-”Don’t worry hlove, I want you to be happy. Get closer to me and I will help you out”

Victoria’s mum places a towel on Tom’s lap covering his hard on and introduces her hand inside his shorts rubbing her boyfriend hard cock with the palm of her hand.

-”Mmm, I love you so much Marcia, you are such an open minded woman”

-”I love you too Tom, keep looking at my little girl nude body and I will make you cum”

Victoria the 9yo preteen nude girl gets out of the water and runs in circles around the small garden chasing an inflatable football ball. Tom is being stroked by Victoria’s mum, he drools looking at the naked little girl and his eyes follow her lolita bald pussy wherever she goes.

-”Do you like my daughter’s smooth childish pussy honey?”

-”Damn! I love it! Thanks a lot for understanding this Marcia you are real nice woman”

-”My pleasure love, I know you men just need to enjoy yourselves looking at little girls sometimes, my daddy also used to masturbate looking at me naked when I was a 10yo girl”

Marcia calls her daughter and suggests her to sit down on the grass and rest for a while, 9yo naked Victoria sits down in front of Tom spreading out her legs and showing her bald pussy and slit wide open.

-”What are you doing with your hands down there mummy?” – asks curiously Victoria watching at her mum with her hands inside Tom’s shorts.

-”Your step daddy needs some relaxing and I am helping him out sweetheart”

-”Uahh..mmmm…Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this Marcia, she is only 9yo” – Tom whispers on the little girl’s mum ear.

-”Don’t be silly Tom, its not like you are fucking her right? You need this and Victoria doesn’t mind you looking at her hairless little pussy” – the woman pulls out the towel from Tom’s lap exposing his hard cock dripping precum along his hard shaft.

-”Wow! What is it mummy?”

-”Victoria honey, your step daddy sometimes likes looking at your little bald cunnie, would you mind to show it off properly so that mummy can stroke him while looking at you nakie?”

-”No mummy of course not!” – the preteen girl places her hands above her head exposing even further her bald slit and flat chest.

-”Just hold that position for your step daddy honey”

-”Yes mum” – the 9yo girl looks with amusement at her mum stroking her step daddy hard cock, Victoria seems happy to show off her preteen hairless pussy while her mum masturbates Tom looking at it. Victoria seems to love modelling naked for Tom but her step daddy is embarrassed and red faced.


-”Honey, don’t say anything! Just relax and keep looking at Victoria’s soft little pussy and chest, I will make you cum hard”

-”Oh!oh!ummm..aaaaaaaaahh!” – Tom shakes and spills his cum all over the woman’s hands, with some reaching the little girl nude body.

Tom has had a very hard orgasm looking at his girlfriend’s nude 9yo daughter, and Tom knows that this will not be the last time his new girlfriend will allow him to masturbate watching at the little girl.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy


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