Secluded Cabin On The Lake (Part 3 of 3) (gb,gg,b)

Secluded Cabin On The Lake (Part 3 of 3) (gb,gg,b)

Prologue: This series follows the adventures Brittany (11) and her younger brother Trenton (7) have with their new neighbors Stacey (14) Crystal (13) their twin step brothers Shane and Shawn (12) and their twin half brother and sister Maddison and Addison (7) as they explore themselves and each other over the course of the summer. The series will have straight, gay and lesbian acts as well as solo.

Author: C H Marshall

Bill had come home for just a couple hours, visiting with the kids over dinner they tell him about the neighbors and how Trent said they could get the lake changed to low wake so they could run gas motors on the boats.
I have all this coming weekend off and Beth will be home too, so why don’t we have a big cook out and I’ll meet them myself. Don’t forget boys, if you dig a trench I will get the stuff to run water and electric to your man cave, four feet deep. I am checking with a guy about putting a small septic in too, maybe you will have a toilet, shower and sink… awesome right? Bill says.
Internet too? Shane asks
Yep internet and cable… I ordered a TV yesterday from the office 65″ flat screen.
Then the girls will wanna hang out too… Shawn already lets the girls in. Addy pouts
Stacey helps me hang ceiling boards, she can be in there whenever she wants. Shawn snaps defensively.
A lot of work has went into that cabin and EVERYONE has pitched in so we all can enjoy it. Bill says ending the argument as he stands to take his dish to the kitchen.
Shawn follows with his nearly empty plate, rinsing his dish and sitting it in the sink. He gives Bill a hug and tells him to be safe then heads out to the beach.
Stacey stands st the sink doing the dishes watching Shawn on the beach.
She realizes that she feels differently about him now, she can’t quite understand it buy watching him now her heart flutters a little. She thinks to herself wondering what has changed, they have masturbated together before and touched each other, no change in feelings then. She’d had sex before and never felt this way about them after.
She tries to push it out of her mind.
Giggling a little she thinks back to when Shane wanted to have sex with her, she told him he was too small and she wouldn’t have fun. He had not tried to masturbate with her or even see her naked since and it had been months.
She looks up from the sink out the window to the beach, Shawn is walking out of the water, his black cotton shorts sticking to his front perfectly outlining his penis and balls, Staceys heart flutters and she quickly looks back to the sink.
It dawns on her that Shawn is at least 2 inches smaller than Shane and not much more than half as thick, she just had the best orgasms in her life with him today.
She laughs a deep laughter out loud.
What’s so funny? her dad says behind her startling her.
Nothing just lost in my thoughts. she responds.
Yeah I do that too. Her dad says as he continues on his way packing.
Probably not like that Stacey thinks to herself as she puts the last of the pans into the sink.
Her thoughts go back to her friends, almost everything they had told her in regards to sex had not been true. But still she missed them and going to the movies and the mall.
I don’t know why I believed them, I can get myself off with one finger why couldn’t I with a small penis. Her friend Katie had told her “most girls can’t get off with sex… that’s why we have vibrators”
Pssh if Katie coulda seen my orgasms today she woulda changed her tune. Stacey thinks to herself.
Thinking back to Shane she starts to feel a little bad.
Picturing the sad look on his face and the way his penis softened quickly as her told her ” I am above average… look it up JERK”.
What’s done is done she thinks as she rinsed and drys her hands going to the front door to tell her dad bye.
As Stacey walks up to the group, they are just finishing telling their dad good bye.
Shane still shaking hands.
“See you this weekend Bill”
Crystal looking at her nails, says I’ve been neglecting my paws I am gonna go do my nails. And she heads up the stairs.
Stacey hugging her dad and kissing his cheek as he walks out the door.
She turns to the younger twins.
“If you want ice cream get it now cause you gotta wash before bed.”
She stands at the door watching her dad’s car as it winds down the drive onto the dirt road, wonder where her friends might be and what they are doing.
I’m going to play ps4 Shane says turning to walk upstairs.
Stacey watches his butt jiggle in his green silky shorts Wondering if she should apologize.
Nah… Shanes a dick. she thinks to herself.
I am going out to the……..
She stops and looks around.
Who an i telling… myself? I already know what I am doing. Stacey mutter out loud.
She walks thru the kitchen glancing at the young twins eating Neapolitan ice cream right out of the carton. She just shakes her head and continues to the beach.
She walks up and sits next to Shawn, the cool water covering her legs up to her waist as she sits.
You ever wish we lived where there is more people… or still in Memphis? She asks Shawn.
Naw don’t really need people to be happy. Shanes always been my best friend, I only really ever had 1 or 2 others. I guess I don’t care to much for people.
Cept you. He adds leaning over bumping her with his elbow.
His legs pulled up with his arms around his knees in front of him.
I had tons of friends. She says as she pushes his arms from his knees.
Sliding between his legs she leans back into him resting her head on his chest, her legs now together in front of her knees in the air feet flat in the sand.
She looks around them as the sun sets into the trees to her left the sand looks golden and the small waves on the lake sparkling like dianonds.
I guess it could be way worse then this. she says snuggling him .
You say it could be worse I say it can’t get much better. Shawn says putting his hands on her knees.
Perception. She says
They sit together for a little while in silence.
Stacey gently opens her legs just a little.
Shawns hands slide down to her inner thighs.
Shawn rubs his fingers up and down her silky bikini tracing her slit, then hooking his finger into the elastic he pulls the cloth to the right. Running his first 2 fingers down her sparsely haired mounds then rubbing his fingers in the slit back up, softly spreading the folds of flesh as he drags upward.
Stacey shivers as the cold water rushes into her slit. Scooting back closer to Shawn she puts her hand behind her running up his thigh and into his shorts. Softly rubbing the tightly wrinkled flesh of his contracted balls.
Shawn runs his fingers back down her slit, when the tip of his middle finger reaches her hole he rubs small circles around it. He feels her wetness changing from the cool lake water to a warm silky feel of her own juices and pushes his middle finger in slowly.
Stacey running her hand up the firm wrinkled skin of his balls until her finger tips reach the cold firm skin of his penis head. She rubs the tip of his penis softly wrapping her hand around the shaft as it hardens.
Shawn middle finger slipping all the way into her warming slippery hole he starts hooking it to the front sliding it in and out. Moving his thumb to her rosebud clit, pushing the skin up he rubs it slowly applying pressure and he works his middle finger.
Stacey leans forward pulling Shawns shorts down his hard dick popping up over the waistband she leans back into it stroking it and rubbing the head on the small of her back.
Shawn pulling his finger from her warm moist hole slides his 2 middle fingers up her slit grabbing her clit between them he squeezes and pushes back down.
Stacey moans and shivers again, with pleasure now instead of cold.
Shawn pulls up squeezing harder before releasing and running his palm across her clit on the way back down. He pushes his 2 middle fingers into her now, making the same hooking and pumping motions, splashing water onto her stomach his thumb rubbing small circles around her clit.
Staceys breathing quickens and she rocks into his fingers then back into the tip of his cock.
Shawn slides his fingers back up, out of her hole pinching onto her clit again.
Stacey moans a little louder this time, leaning up onto her feet in a crouched position she pulls the back of her bottoms down scooting back she settles into his lap guiding his rock hard cock into her warm wet pussy.
The cold skin of his dick gives her chills as it slides in. The cold tip pushing on the front wall of her pussy perfectly launching an orgasm.
Shawn slides his hand back down from her stomach to her clit pinching between his middle fingers again pulling up and pushing down as he squeezes.
Her legs start to shake hard enough to splash water.
She just pushes down, driving his penis as deep as she can.
Ohhh…ohhh…fuck…unh…uhn. She moans
Her leg shaking slows, Shawn releases her clit sliding his fingers back down her slit, rubbing the soft skin around her hole that his hard dick is filling.
Stacey begins lifting and rocking, pushing his dick in and out.
Water splashing around them she grabs his left hand and starts sucking his fingers one by one.
Shawn pushes his 2 fingers into her one on either side of his cock.
Stacey launches another orgasm her legs shaking, she pulls his fingers from her mouth and pushes his hand into her top. Pushing down hard onto him again.
Shawn squeezes her entire tit in his hand, pinching down until he has the tip of her nipple. Only letting her push him deep for a moment before lifting them both off the ground and pumping strokes up into her.
He pulls his hands back, grabbing her ass cheeks using them as leverage, he slams her up and down as he pumps.
Gripping her left ass cheek he lets go of her right, running his 2 middle fingers up his shaft and into her as he pumps.
He small pink puckered asshole seems to be winking at him as it expands and contracts with her ongoing orgasm.
Shawn pulls his fingers from her pussy, sitting up and putting his hands under the fabric on each side of her top, massaging and squeezing her tits.
Fu…fu…fuck me. She moans.
Shawn squeezes tight pulling her against him. He lets go of her right tit. Running his hand down and pushing 2 fingers in front of his cock he slams up as hard as he can. Caressing her left tit and pinching her nipple. He feels her pussy contracting, pinching down onto his fingers and dick.
He pulls his fingers out and grabs her clit. Her pussy locking down onto his throbbing cock.
He slides his hand up to her waist lifting and pumping.
Ohh..unh…mhm…I’m gonna…CUM. He moans.
Stacey pushes her hips back hard driving him deep inside her twice.
Lifting she reaches down pulling him from her pussy. His dick flexing back and tapping her clit as he shoots his first burst of hot clear cum right into the bottom folds of the skin around her clit.
The hot burst of silky cum covering her clit making it hot instantly. Temperature change sends her into another orgasm as she trys to milk his dick with her hand.
His second spray of clear cum shooting directly onto her clit deepening her orgasm.
Shawn reaches under her leg grabbing his dick as she shakes and quivers.
His third burst as he strokes up, the tip of his cock slapping into her clit shooting onto it again as he strokes down half of his third spray of cum landing just below her bellybutton.
His fourth and weakest squirt happens just as his cock slaps her clit again, the hot clear cum running down her slit dripping onto him then into the clear lake water turning into a silky hazey cloud.
She eases down in front of him moaning and shaking as she rubs his cum from her pussy and stomach into a silky cloud in the clear water.
Pulling her bottoms back up and straightening out her top. Then pulling his shorts over his softening penis.
She nuzzles back into him.
He wraps his arms around her and they sit in the water without saying a word until it is completely dark.

Addy and Maddi sit at the table eating their ice cream as Stacey walks thru heading outside. After she disappears from the door Addy looks to Maddi and says “lets take this ice cream upstairs.”
Ok Maddi agrees.
The 2 make their way into Shawns bedroom and thru the bathroom, peering through the door to see what Shane is doing.
He’s just playing his game… boring Maddi wispers.
They slip up the stairs to Staceys room as they go to sneak into the open bathroom door Addy stops Maddi and point’s.
Crystal is sitting on the floor with her back against the tub. Legs spread lightly tapping her finger into her vagina hole.
“Ohhh…eat it…please dont stop…eat it all” she moans.
Maddi leans in to see what’s going on.
She stares in at Crystal.
I think it’s ice cream. Maddi wispers.
“See there’s some melted on her legs and the floor.”
Addy looks at Maddi confused.
That makes no sense… why put ice cream there? Seems like a waste of ice cream to me.
Cause it feels good.. Maddi says shrugging her shoulders.
Addy turns back… watching Crystal as she spreads her wet creamy skin, tapping the tip of her finger in and out of her hole.
A rush of creamy white bursting out onto the floor, the hole in her wet pink flesh contracting onto her finger then expanding again.
Crystal pulls her finger out. Placing it in her mouth and sucking the cream off of it. Pulling her plain white cotton tee shirt up her firm round tits jiggling a little as she leans back into the tub.
Crystal starts rubbing her tits, pinching her small nipples.
Addy stares at her hairy pink slit watching her hole open widely then almost completely close as it pushes white cream onto the floor.
Crystal reaches down running her fingers in the cream on the floor and into her slit, bringing them up to her mouth and sucking them clean.
Addy turns to tell Maddi he thinks it might be ice cream.
Maddi is not there.
Addison looks around Staceys room but Maddi is not in there anywhere.
He returns to the door, peering into the bathroom he reaches down squeezing his boner thru his thin pajama pants and Spider-Man underwear.
Crystal is now standing with her back to the door, wiping the floor with a towel under her feet.
She bends forward leaning into the tub to turn on the water, her butt cheeks spreading showing the creamy white liquid stuck in her crack. Bending farther she runs her fingers in the water checking the temperature.
Her cheeks spread farther as she bends.
Addison watching intently as the lightly haired mounds push out with a slit down the middle with the pinkish puckered hole above it covered with cream.
Addison thinks of a winking monkey with a sideways smile and giggles.
He puts his hand over his mouth dashing out the door and down the stairs, afraid Crystal heard him.
Walking into his own room over by his bed.
Standing there quietly for a second, he looks over his shoulder to the door.
He pushes his thin pajama bottoms to the floor, looking down at his small boner pushing out Spider-Mans head he hooks his thumbs in the waistband pushing them down also. His 2 1/2 inch soft white boner popping straight out as it comes free of the red elastic waistband. The small mushroom cap head a deeper white.
He pushes down on the head of the hard flesh stretching his whole body, it springs back up as it rubs up his palm slapping his wrist.
He reaches up pulling his white tank top over his head stretching up as he walks towards the open bathroom door, his hard penis swaying left and right with every step.
As Addy walks into the bathroom Maddison is sitting naked on the floor, back against the tub. Her left hand pulling a mound of hairless milky white flesh towards her left leg. Her right pushing globs of melting chocolate ice cream down the open slit into her tiny hole, the pink flesh a brown color from the melting ice cream.
Addison stops and stares without a word.
Watching as she rubs the melting ice cream onto herself pushing it in deeply with her right pointer finger.
She runs her finger up her naked body leaving a trail of sticky brown across her belly, between her nipples lifting it from her chest and putting it in her mouth.
Raising her head she locks eyes with Addison.
She stares into his eyes not saying anything
Reaching into the tub she grabs more melting ice cream and pushes it into her slit.
Unnnh. She moans softly.
She holds her sticky fingers out to Addy.
Wanna taste?
Addy drops to all fours sticking his butt in the air. His balls the size of marbles poking out behind him just below his anus, in their soft white hairless skin pouch.
He crawls forward his testicles lightly bouncing. Pushing his face into her crotch licking down her right theigh across her hairless mound and into her slit.
He pushes his face and tongue down, his chin hitting the floor.
He pulls back lifting his head.
I can’t reach, sit here. He says patting the edge of the bath tub.
Maddi scoots up, drawing a quick breath as her bottom touches the porcelain edge of the bath tub, sitting the ice cream container next to her.
Addy sticking out his tongue pushes his face between her thighs, his tongue hitting in her slit just below her hole, sliding back to the edge of her butt cheeks.
He brings his face up, curling his tongue around the bottom of her hole, sucking like a straw a gob of melted chocolate ice cream from inside her, still cold in the middle as it slides down his throat.
Maddi moans excitedly as Addison drags his tongue up, pushing it into her hole before continuing upward across her belly between her nipples. Lifting his head to her face.
He giggles. “That is good.”
Grabbing more melting ice cream with her right hand and smearing it into her slit, she pushes his head back down with her left.
Addy sucks and licks for several minutes.
Pulling his head back he stand up pointing his penis to her face.
Do me now.
Well I uhhh… okay. Maddi replies smearing some ice cream onto his penis.
“Oh Jesus that’s cold” Addy says jumping back.
Maddi laughs pulling him back and wrapping her lips around his hard penis sucking from base to tip.
There… now do me again.
Uggghh. Addy pouts
He scoops ice cream into his fingers rubbing into Maddi’ s slit. Then licks it up and down quickly.
Leaning back Addy says “There… Done”
Maddi moves to the floor pulling her legs back spreading the to hairless mounds exposing her pink slit and small hole.
Do it good. She demands
Addy raising to his knees scoots closer to her.
Sitting his penis on her slit he pushes the head into her hole.
Owww. Maddi says flinching
Addy pushes all 2 1/2 inches into her.
“Stop that pinches” she says scooting away from him. His boner popping out of her.
Please… it’s feels good. If you do this I will eat all the ice cream from it.
Okay…I guess. Maddi agrees
Addy reaches into the ice cream grabbing a hand full. He rubs it into her slit pushing it into her hole with his fingers. He pulls his hand back dripping with strawberry melted ice cream rubbing it onto his penis.
Maddi moans as the cold ice cream is being pushed into her.
Addison putting the tip of his penis onto her cold hole. Pushing down with his fingers and in with his hips. Sliding in much easier this time, he pushes all the way in.
Maddi moaning, is surprised by how good it feels.
Addison pumps about 3 times, then pulls all the way out, rubbing his penis up and down her slit before pushing it back in.
Maddi pumps her hips against his body as he pushes into her. Her wetness changing from cool melting ice cream to a warm slick natural wetness.
Maddi’s moans turn to a shreek.
Please don’t tell. She says in a broken voice about to cry.
Addison freezes his butt cheeks clenched his penis twitching inside his sister.
Shane had been watching from outside the door since seconds after Addy walked in. With the front of his shorts down, stroking his rock hard 6 1/2 inch penis he stepped into the bathroom.
Maddi could only see Shanes chest up around Addisons body on top of hers.
Shane gives an evil smile. “I’m not here to bust you.” He says walking to their side. He rubs the head of his penis across Addys right cheek onto his lips.
Kiss this. Shane says softly
“Nnnuuunnhh” Addy says pinching his lips tightly.
I just wanna have fun with you guys too… our secret. Shane says in his sweetest voice.
He gets on his knees leaning his face down to where the 2 come together.
He licks the base of Addisons penis wrapping his tongue around it then licking up Maddisons slit pushing the tiny folds of skin back finding her small hard nub of a clit with the tip of his tongue.
Maddi shakes and moans bouncing her hips.
Nnnnaaaaa…na….ohhh…yes…YES. Maddi moans.
Addison relaxes a little.
Shane pushes Addy back with his left hand at the base of Addys penis, it springs up from the little girls hole. Shane pulling it up and sucking it into his mouth, rolling his tongue around the head Pushing back foreskin as he sucks. Playing with Maddis hard clit with his right hand.
He pulls Addy from his mouth. Pushing his tongue into the small slick opening in front of it, he pushes his tongue deep as Maddi shakes and moans.
Shane pushes Addys penis back into the small swollen hole, grabbing Addys hand from the bottom of Maddis thigh he sets it on the top of her slit guiding Addisons middle finger into the small folds of flesh to her small hard throbbing clit. Pushing down and making small circles.
Maddi shakes and moans pushing her hips as Addison quickly slams in and out of her.
“Unh…naaa…uhhh…uhh…YES” Maddi moans.
Shane stands tracing the tip of his dick around Addys lips, leaving a shimmering trail of precum.
Addy opens his lips slightly, Shane pushes the head of his cock past the open lips.
Addy tracing his tongue around the head pushing on the ridge with the tip.
Shane pushes deeper with his hips.
Addy chokes pulling back but still sucking.
Shane pulls from Addys mouth dropping to his knees he nudges the boys side.
Let me try.
Addison pulls out stepping onto his feet to Shanes left.
Shane pulls apart the hairless mounds of skin looking at her bright red and swollen slit and pulsing hole. He pushes the head of his cock into her, it makes a low popping sound.
“Ahhhhh…nnnaa” Maddi squeals in pain tears coming to her eyes.
Shane pushes with his hips, Maddi yelps again in pain, trying to scoot away. Tears stream from the corner of her eyes.
Shane pulls back his cock slipping from her hole with a suction pop sound.
Maddi wipes the tears from her face and eyes.
He leans down pushing his tongue inside of her flipping it around as he works spit and slobber into his mouth.
Pulling his tongue back he kisses the hole pushing his spit inside of her and slipping his tongue back in. He runs his tongue up pushing back the small folds of skin, locking his lips around her tiny hard clit he starts sucking it flipping the tip of his tongue onto it as he sucks.
Maddi grabs his hair pulling him in tight and thrusting her hips up.
Nnnnaaaaaa…UNHHHH…YEAH! she moans out.
Shane lifts back up, licking his fingers, sporting lightly into them and rubbing the spit onto his cock pushing the head back into the little girl. She wispers a little but does not try to get away.
He pulls back the bottom rim around the head pulling out of her hole he the shaft with his spit.
Pushing back in he slides his fingers to her clit and rubs it up and down. His cock sliding in an inch or so he stops pushing, just rubbing her clit. Turning his head to Addy he sucks the boys little cock right into his mouth.
Addy rubs the back of Shanes head as Shane sucks him and pushes down harder into Maddis clit.
Maddi moans and her legs shake.
Shane feels her hole massaging his cock, building his lust.
Shane pushes deeper slipping the cock from his mouth he looks down, more than half of his cock is inside the little girl.
She moans out half in pain and half pleasure as Shane tries to pump. Pushing deeper she winces Shane just pushes hard.
Maddi cry out in pain and tears stream from her eyes.
Shane pushes hard again pinching down on her clit. He feels her hole clamp down onto him, painfully hard. He attempts to pump but only stretching her slit out and pushing it in.
He pulls back trying to slide his dick out.
Maddi slides a couple inches across the tile floor Shanes dick not coming out.
He releases her clit and pulls back again. Still not sliding out.
Shane leans in, pushing his cock in pulling the flesh of her glowing red slit with it. He rubs his thumb up and down on her clit and her hole begins to pulse, Sliding him in deeper.
Ahhhh…nnn..nnnnooooo Maddi crys, tears flowing down her face.
Shane pulls out with a pop. Leaning in and spreading her swollen mounds looking at her bright red slit he sees her hole has 2 small rips and is bleeding. He leans in kissing it and licking the blood from her hole. Then sucking hard on her clit.
Maddi moans out loudly, forgetting about pain. Her legs shaking uncontrollably. Shane lifts up to his knees, grabbing Her leg he pull her down till his dick lays across her lips. Reaching down he pulls up on the top of her slit spreading as he pulls, he grabs the last glob of melting ice cream with his free hand pushing it into her hole and sliding it up her slit. Releasing her mound and sliding his fingers into her small folds of skin he begins rubbing her clit.
Maddi opens her mouth pulling his cock head into it with her tongue and sucking him in.
Shane pushes down into her mouth.
She just swallows him in. Letting her clit go Shane grabs Addy by the hips sucking his penis into his mouth.
Addy grabs Shane by the ears pumping hard into his mouth pulling his face tightly into his crotch.
Maddi grabs Shanes hand from Addys waist shoving it back between her legs wrapping her other arm around his thigh grabbing his butt cheek she pulls him down.
Shane rolling her clit in his fingers pushes deeper into her mouth, feeling her throat massage his cock as she swallows it in.
Addy shakes and moans, pumping into Shanes face as hard as he can. He feels a tickle starting in his balls up thru his penis and into his butt.
Naahhnnnaa…ooo…OoO…OHHHHH…GOODDDDD. He moans out.
S…S…ST…ST…STOP IT TICKLES. He calls out trying to push Shane back.
Shane keeps sucking, pushing his weight onto Maddis face driving his cock down her throat. Pinching her clit hard and pulling out.
Maddi moans loudly, vibrating Shanes cock as she bounces her hips slapping her butt cheeks off the floor.
Shane let’s Addy go, his penis sliding out of Shanes mouth with a loud slurping sound as Shane still sucking.
He looks down to Maddi seeing his cock into her throat thru her neck. He pushes deeper, he can’t believe she’s not gagging or choking.
He watches his cock slip farther into her throat from her neck. He pumps with shallow thrusts pinching and twisting her clit.
Maddi moans louder the vibrations in his cock stronger.
Shane pulls back watching her neck regain its normal shape then thrusts down again, he cock buldging the skin in her neck again.
He feels his shaft filling with cum and pulls back.
Maddi biting softly around his head reaching up and grabbing his other ass cheek she pulls down digging her nails into his flesh.
Ohhh…OHHH…I’m gonna… c…cu..
To late, he shoots a huge wad of cum into her mouth.
She pulls down harder.
Shane giving in slams his cock back into her throat. Watching his cock flex, pumping another load of cum. He pushes hard and a third flex stretching the skin on her neck as his cock pumps more cum straight into her throat. A fourth flex, this time he feels a smaller bit of cum shoot out. He stares at her neck as a fifth twitch pumps the last few drops into her throat.
Still rubbing and pinching he pulls his cock back into her mouth. She pulls hard on his ass cheeks digging her nails in again, his knees slide back and he rams his cock back into her throat, she grabs his hand again forcing him to pinch and twist her clit, flexing and shaking her legs moaning loudly, and rapidly swallowing.
The vibrations and milking from her swallowing causes Shane to shoot again 3 more flexes with small amounts of cum stretching her neck.
Finally she releases his butt cheek, letting go of his fingers she pushes him up gagging for the first time as his cock slips from her throat dripping into her mouth.
Shane stands turning his butt to the mirror with his shorts around his ankles.
3 nail marks with trickles of blood streaming from them.
“You got me good” he says.
Maddi spreading her mounds of hairless flesh. Showing swollen red flesh blood mixing with melted ice cream.
You got me good too.
Sorry… our little secret. He says.
You guys wash up, I’ll take the ice cream container and spoons down.
Pulling up his shorts he grabs the container and spoons and heads down stairs.

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