Secluded Cabin On The Lake (Part 1 of 3) (gb,gg,b)

Secluded Cabin On The Lake (Part 1 of 3) (gb,gg,b)

Prologue: This series follows the adventures Brittany (11) and her younger brother Trenton (7) have with their new neighbors Stacey (14) Crystal (13) their twin step brothers Shane and Shawn (12) and their twin half brother and sister Maddison and Addison (7) as they explore themselves and each other over the course of the summer. The series will have straight, gay and lesbian acts as well as solo.

Author: C H Marshall

Brittany yawns, stretching in the bright morning sun. Rolling on her side to look out the open window towards the lake her blanket falling to the floor. She can feel the soft cool air hitting her face as it lightly blows thru the open wooden framed window billowing the thin white cotton curtains in word. She listens to the soft sounds of nature.

The family has been vacationing here since her dad bought the cabin when she was 3. She loves the quiet but misses people when they are here. With only 2 other cabins on the lake (both owned by older people) there is no one for an 11 year old girl to hang out with.

Eweeee I see your butt! The silence is broken by her younger brother Trenton who is 7. Go away you little pain she hisses back. “You can’t see my butt”.

Can too. I bet it smells. The young boy quips. Whatever she says rolling her eyes as she reaches back grabbing the cotton fabric shorts and pulling them back down covering the light pink cotton brief panties underneath.

Brittney sits up and looks across the room to the doorway where her brother is standing. She rubs her eyes blinking a couple times. Ok umm what are you wearing T? Who is standing in the doorway dripping wet. Standing about 4 foot tall weighing maybe 50 pounds the thin brown haired boy wore a tight neon green Speedo, tightly gripping the boys groin area the silky fabric clinging to his wet skin vividly outlining about a half inch mushroom cap with 2 small marbles just below it in between his legs.

This his my sexy Speedo, mom says all the ladies will love me in it. Trenton pronounces proudly.

Well I can tell you this. You didn’t see my butt, though I can plainly see your weiner, and I’m not all that impressed. Brittany says harshly.

YOUR MEAN! Trenton pouts stamping his foot. Momma said to let you know we’re playing on the beach and cleaning it up. There’s new neighbors in Buxxons cabin. They have kids to play with.
Brittney can hardly stifle her chuckles as the boys marbles jiggled when he stamped his foot. Fine I’ll be down in a minute. As Trenton turns and scampers out the doorway and across the main room Brittany is overcome with laughter. Not only is the boys Speedo skin tight but it’s a thong his glowing white cheeks bouncing and seeming to chew on the thin neon fabric running up his crack.

I’m telling, you are making fun of me. He calls back as he trots out the front door.

Brittney laughs a little more as she latches her door closed dropping the metal hook thru the eye screwed into the door fame. She’s not worried. Trenton always says he’s gonna tell but never has. They have each other back always. Snitching is not their way.

Walking over to her full length mirror she drops her shorts and steps out of them. She watches herself in the mirror putting her hands on her hips twisting back and fourth. She cannot decide if she is pretty or not. Her great grandmother was Cherokee Indian every one says she looks just like her except with lighter skin. Standing 4 foot 11 inches 72 pounds she only has the slightest sign of breast development. Just beyond puffy nipples her boobs are like half golf balls with tiny nipples poking out. Her pink tank top nearly hiding any sign of breasts she has. Grabbing the side’s of her pink tank top she bunches either side in each hand pulling the fabric tightly against her skin to make her breasts more visible. She twists for a side view the back to the front.

They are getting there she says out loud to herself. Letting her shirt go as she’s turned sideways looking in the mirror raising her hands up she lifts her long straight black hair flipping it upward then fanning it out over her shoulders covering her breast buds with her hair which reaches just inches above her bellybutton. Moving her hands back down to grab the wasteline of her panties she turns to face the mirror again. She pulls the front of her panties upward by the lacie pink elastic waistband.

Drawing the cotton tightly to her vagina mound. Twisting left then right she watches herself in the mirror focusing on her crotch. She lets go with her right Hand still pulling the fabric with her left. She reaches down to where the cotton fabric curves back and pushes her middle finger into the small crest between the 2 small mounds of her vagina, dragging her finger up as she pushes the fabric into her fleshy folds of skin. She shuddered as she reaches the top of the crack to the tiny pear shaped nub of flesh at the top. She let go of the fabric letting it drop back to her waist, the line she pushed into her flesh now seeming to pull deeper with the slack now in the cotton front of her panties. She turns around flipping her hair from her right shoulder around back and pulling it over her left shoulder to her front turning to look over her right shoulder into the mirror. She now grabs the rear waistband of her pink panties with her right hand pulling them up she pulls her left butt cheek out with her left hand. Then grabs her waistband with her left hand to pull her right butt cheek out, before letting go of her panties completely.

Grabbing the rounded bottom of each cheek in each hand she spreads and bounces the cheeks in unison as she watches in the mirror. She spreads them widely trying to get a good look.
Dissatisfied with her current view. Brittany bends forward pushing her panties to her ankles as she moves. Lifting her left foot she slides it out of her panties and spreads her legs. Looking back thru her legs into the mirror she looks up towards her butt. Her cheeks already spread by the position her lightly tan legs leading up to a creamy white buttocks that in comparison to the surrounding skin seems to be glowing. Near the bottom of her crack is a puffy pink spiral of folds of her anus. Just forward from that nestled between 2 puffy bright white hairless mounds of skin in the light pink crack is another hole slightly bigger in diameter still no bigger around than a pencil is her vagina hole. Farther forward still is a small light pink bump about the size of a pencil eraser but lighter in color in the shape of a pear, nestled between 2 thin folds of white pinkish skin that barely stick out far enough to pinch between her small fingers.

She reaches up putting her pointer fingers on the small folds of skin that are her pussy lips spreading them, so her hole opens to about the size of a dime, to look inside. This also opens her anus so that hole is the size of a pencil eraser. Leaning her head up as close as she can to her openings she tries to focus her sight into the small hole.

Brittney are you coming to help? She hears her mother call from outside the open window.

Startled she looses her balance falling back into the mirror. The cold glass touching her spread anus sending chills thru her body. She snaps up straight looking towards the window. Relieved to see her mother is still by the lake and not at the window. “I gotta get dressed” she yells back.

She hurries over to her dresser pulling the 2 sheets of plywood back towards her to open the dresser drawer. It’s empty…. She ponders for a moment, before rembering it’s vacation first day. She hasn’t put anything away yet.

Dad says he’s going to finish hanging this today and complete my room, that’s right…. Duh…. She says out loud. While grabbing one of the gym bags with her clothes inside off the dresser top. Pushing the wood back against the dresser she walks back to the mirror.

Reaching into the bag she pulls out her new swim suit. Seeing it for the first time as her mother bought and packed it while she was at her last day of school. Dropping the bag to the floor she holds out the suit with her hands half expecting to see Dora the explorer. A pair of black bikini bottoms drops, she catches them with her finger tips now holding the top in her left hand and bottoms in her right.

Awesome a 2 piece. Thanks mom, she says out loud. Twirling the bottoms in her fingers to look the over completely.

Not a thong but way better than last year’s unicorn she thinks. As she drapes both pieces over the hook to the left of the mirror.

Pulling her pink tank top up over her head and dropping it on the open gym bag next to her on the floor.

Lifting her head back to look in the mirror she raises her hands grabbing a breast in each hand wrapping her thumb and index finger around each half golf ball sized breast. She squeezes each simultaneously pulling her hands towards the mirror and pinching tighter the closer she gets to her light pink dime sized nipples. Clamping down tightly as she reaches the tiny button tips of her nipples that are not much bigger then a pencil lead.

Pulling out just hard enough to stretch her small breasts a little bit, she twinges and softly whispers “mmmmmm”. Before letting go and grabbing the small bikini top from the hook to her left.
She places the strings around her neck flipping her hair to the side she loosely ties the strings together behind her head.

Grabbing the small triangles one at a time pulling on each side of the fabric she centers each breast in its triangle to test the fit.

She then slides each triangle along the thin black string until the 2 ends com together at her left side. She tightly ties the 2 ends together and slides the string until she can feel the loops in the center of her back.

Turning her attention back to the mirror she giggles a little at the sight. The triangle for her left breast is in the center of her chest the black silky fabric bunched up into a thick line, nowhere near her breast. While the right triangle has bunched also but curled slightly around her right breast in the shape of the letter c.

Grabbing the small right bikini triangle first she positions it over her right boob. As she slides her hand down the string towards the left triangle she finds something she hadn’t noticed before. A small charm of 2 cherries the stems of the cherries turning into the clasp that holds them to the tie string. After sliding the left triangle and positioning it over her left boob she moves the cherries to the center of the string tilting it upward to get a good look before letting it rest on her lightly tanned skin.

Flipping her hair around over her left shoulder again, to tie the string around her neck more tightly now. Before leaning forward and squeezing her shoulders in word while looking down to insure her boobs stay fully covered. She can see some of her breasts and the top edge of her nipples, but that’s good enough she thinks.

The cherries on the string catch her eye. At this angle she sees her slit and tiny lips leading to the top. The cherry charm covering her small pear shaped clit from this angle. Making her giggle a little. She always calls her vagina her cherry, as that’s what it tastes and smells like to her when she’s playing with it. When it’s clean that is. If she hasn’t washed in a few days she thinks it’s gross. She’s made that mistake before.

She reaches down placing her hand just below her waist but above her mound, pulling up gently her slit draws together tightly her clit now visible to her above the cherries on her bikini tie string. She reaches with her left hand and begins softly rubbing the tiny pink pear slightly upward. Just for the sight at first but after a couple upward strokes she feels a wetness building in her pink crack and tingle in her entire body.

Glancing back over her shoulder to the window making sure no one is watching she lifts her right foot pinching the fabric of her chair shaped bean bag seat that’s against the wall to the right of the mirror. Sliding it to her feet she spins it around so the seat part is facing the mirror and the back faces her bed.

As she eases down onto the cloth bean bag she slides her but forward to the edge of the seat. Leaning onto the firm back of the seat she opens her legs widely, exposing her glistening slit to her self in the mirror.

With her left hand she grabs her small clit between her thumd and index finger, squeezing it lightly as she moves her pinky finger of the same hand close to her tiny pink hole. Reaching down with her right hand placing her right middle finger directly across from pinky. She pulls lightly her 2 hands away from each other. Opening her hole at first. Pinching her clit with her left thumb and pointer finger cause her hole to contract almost completely closed the push back open to nearly the size of a dime.

With her right hand index finger she begins tracing the edges of her tiny flexing hole.

As her finger starts starts to be pulled into her hole and milky clear juices flow into her butt crack wetting her pink puckering anus which is also expanding and contracting also.
She pushes in with her right pointer finger slipping it in to her second knuckle first. Then squeezing her clit harder with her left hand she feel her hole expanding and pushes deeper with her right hand sliding her finger in till her last knuckle, unable to go in any deeper but she is still pushing as if to try.

Now moaning softly she squeezes her clit hard again before letting it go. She shoves her left hand down to join her left, trying to push her left pointer finger in with her right. The tiny hole just being too tight. She pulls her finger out of her pussy, rubbing her juices all over her hairless mound and around her pink slit. Then jamming her pointer back into herself pumping it in and out several times the pulling it out again, to rub her wetness onto her clit. Pushing her left pointer finger and middle finger together into her pulsing soaking wet hole. She manages to get them both into herself but only the tips. She moves her right hand back down, using her pointer and ring fingers to spread her pink slit as widely as she can. Watching in the mirror as she wiggles and tries to push her fingers deeper into herself.

She feels the muscles in her vagina tighten. Pleasure over taking her body. She pushes her left fingers hard with her right hand forcing them in deeper.

“Oh yes” she softly cries out.

“Harder…. More… oh oh OH….GOD”

She pulls her right hand up twisting her left slightly. That causes a twinge of pain. But that pushes her closer to ecstasy.

She slaps the top of her slit with her right hand. Causing a blast of pleasure to shoot thru her entire body. She slaps her crotch again. Harder this time.
“Oh…. FUCK” She calls

SMACK….. She hits herself a third time. The muscles in her pussy pushing her fingers out with the 3rd slap, she immediately shoves them in her mouth sucking and licking them. Rubbing her entire length of her pink slit with her right hand she spreads her wetness from the top of her mound to her ass crack. As her fingers brush her puckered pink butthole she has feels a new surge of passions run thru her.

Pulling her fingers from her mouth she reaches to her butt. Grabbing her left cheek she squeezes it firmly spreading her anus open.

Looking into the mirror at her hairless pink slit. The pink darker than it was a few minutes ago. Her bright white skin of her mound now glowing red from the slaps. Slight finger welts rising off her skin.

She pulls her butt cheek spreading nearly painfully open. Drawing her right hand up she slaps directly onto her pulsing pink hole.


Smack as her hand lands a second time. Her aim even more direct than the first. He anus puckers hard, the muscles in her lower body all contract at the same time. Her left cheek slipping from her grasp with the wetness her cheeks slapping together and clenching tightly as her muscles tighten.

SMACK. She hits her ass again, this time only getting the cheeks, it was pleasurable but not as much as directly smacking her anus. She runs her right hand up her slit to the top. Covering her palm in her own juices.

Raising her palm to her mouth she licks her sweet juice off of it.

Spitting in the palm she just licked she reaches down rubbing her spit in with her juices all over her glowing pink skin. Before raising her hand again.

OH MY GOD……. FUCK…. YES.. YES… YES. She moans.
She squeezes the brightly glowing skin around her vagina in her right hand tightly. Pulling her hand up using her middle 2 fingers on her right hand she swiftly rubs her clit left and right then up and down. Increasing pressure as she rubs faster pinching her clit Between her fingers at the same time.
Her toes curle and her leg straighten as she lifts her head involuntarily from muscle contraction.
“Umphhhhh…. na na na”
Oh that was wonderful she sighs as her body relaxes and her muscles twitch lightly.
She raises up slightly scooting back to sit up right again. As soon as her butt touches the soft fabric it begins to sting.
“Oh. geeze” she mutters
Glancing into the mirror she sees he pussy is glowing red now and quite swollen. She grabs her knees pulling up and leaning slightly back. She clearly sees hand welts from her own fingers on Her cheeks and in her crack. Right across her butthole.
I shouldn’t have gotten that rough she thinks as she struggles to her feet.
She grabs her bikini bottoms from the hook and steps into them.
Gingerly she pulls them over her buttocks and swollen sore vagina.
She checks the mirror to see if the welts or redness is showing around the fabric. Back is okay she can see where the fabric is already wet from her juices from between her legs up her ass. But no redness or welts.
As she turns facing forward she sees there is a cherries patch sewn to the right hip of the bottoms identical to the one between her boobs only larger. As she turns farther she can see her vagina is quite swollen.
Her mounds pushing out and fabric clinging to her wet slit her vagina is clearly outlined .
She moves the fabric trying to hide he camel toe. But in doing so she exposed the welts and redness. She repositions the V in the black fabric covering her self inflicted sex wounds. But exposing her swollen camel toe again.
Maybe the cold lake water will soothe and reduce some swelling she thinks. As she unhooks the latch on her door.
Heading out of the cabing she swiftly joggs into the water. Diving forward from about knee deep before anyone can get a look at her already damp bikini bottoms.

Swimming into the cold clear water soothes Brittnays burning swollen privates just as she had hoped. She circles back towards the beach which is about 50 feet away and begins slowly doggy paddling back to her family.

Enjoying the cold bursts into her cracks and holes every time she moves her legs. As she drapes closer to the shore she stands on her tippy toes water hitting her chin as waves part around her head rolling towards the beach and log cabin beyond. She slowly moves towards her family, readjusting he bottoms with every step hoping the swelling and redness has gone, or at least is not showing around the fabric.

Walking onto the beach water dripping from her bikini she looks down to insure her self abuse wounds are hidden away. Adjusting the bottoms one last time she joins her family in the task of beach cleaning for the next couple of hours.

Four hours had now passed, Brittany, Trenton and, their parents sat on the freshly raked and cleaned cleaned beach in lounge chairs. The remnants of their turkey sandwiches and fruit salad sitting on the table in the grass between the family and the cabin.

Brittneys dad sitting to her far right. He was a handsome man with shoulder length jet black hair, feathered back in 80s fashion with a deep year round tan and almost black eyes, not many people ever doubted his Indiab heritage, standing about 5′ 10″ just over 200 pounds. He has large muscled arms, but had a bit of a belly most people thought he was Hawaiian. He was not fat by any means but had a dad body foresure. On his lap sat the odd ball of the family, Brittany’s mom a tiny framed woman she was about 5’2″ all of 105 pounds with light blonde hair green eyes and skin white as snow, by the end of vacation she would be only a shade darker and that would not last long. She always said “my Irish blood won’t let me tan”.

Sitting in the lounger between Brittany and her parents was her only sibling, 7 year old Trenton dark brown hair short on top with a thin mullett about 8 inches long growing from the bottom of his hairline all the way across his head usually braided into a rat tail was now flowing free. 4 foot tall and 50 pounds. His skin tone every bit as dark as his dad’s but his hair lighter. The boy is always on the move so he is more muscled than most boys his age. Sitting in his lounger with his legs spread tracing the outline of his penis thru his bright neon green Speedo. Not caring who sees. Then Brittany 4′ 11″ 72 pounds, her skin lighter then her father and brother but only a shade or 2. Thin build with long black hair every bit as dark as her fathers that reaches past the middle of her back.

Brittany notices something coming across the lake. She sits up dropping a leg on either side of her lounger. Rocking forward pushing her private parts into the wood slats her legs hand just been laying across. It’s not until she feels her nuby clit push into the wood that she remembers her workout this morning.

She wiggles her bottom a little to test for tenderness.
“Hmmmm”…..”Musta healed already” she thinks to herself.
Brushing her thought of her brutal masturbation away from her mind she turns her focus back to the object coming across the lake, it seems to be a paddle boat but it’s far bigger then the 4 seater fiber glass foot paddle boat her own family has.
It’s the new kids from Buxxon’s her younger brother shouts as he glances up from his penis tracing.
Trenton leaps up and runs to the shore next to the old wooden dock.
“Hey guys” he cries out.
“My name’s Trenton…. you can call me T if we’re gonna be friends”
The first to step off the boat in knee deep water is a 14 year old 5’3″ blonde hair dark blue eyes that are nearly gray, about 110 pounds most of it being in her large firm breasts. She wades to the beach sticking her hand out to the young boy.
“Trenton I am Stacey happy to meet you”
Giggling the boy shakes her hand.
2 boys pull the oversized foot paddle boat onto the sand with short ropes tied to each front corner.
The boy on the left turns to the young man and holds his hand out
“I’m Shane my man.. Since I know we’re going to be great friends and also neighbors I will call you T”
Shane is also 5′ 3″ around 115 pounds light brown short hair, hazel green eyes, muscled arms but almost flat stomach with a bit of a pooch in of baby fat, not much body hair he is nearly 12.
Trenton shakes his hand without a word.
Shawn Greets T next he is 5′ flat 90 pounds muscled arms a bit smaller than Shanes but with a light six pack stomach. Blonde hair and light blue eyes no visible body hair even in his pits. He is also nearly 12 (Shanes twin)
“Good to meet ya boy.. name’s Shawn Shanes my twin cool huh” he says as he picks Trenton up in a hug spinning him in a circle.
“Shaking hands for is strangers we are nearly family I just live across the lake” he says as he sits the boy down.
“Don’t mind him” the next girl off the boat says
Life in the sticks with lack of human interaction has taken it’s toll on my feeble minded step brother.
Crystal is 13 blonde hair dark blue eyes 5′ 1/2″ tall weighing 78 pounds she was extremely pretty thin build with small b cup breasts but her slender build and body shape made them look huge.
She holds her hand out lightly.
Trenton grabs her hand softly… Not shaking it but instead turning it to lift to his lips lightly kissing it.
“Wow your pretty” he says “I think I’m in love”
The girl giggles. Blushing a little she looks over to Britanys mother and says “ohhhh you got a real Casanova here….. and in them trunks… my I think I might be in love too.”
Trenton turns to Brittany. Putting his hands on his hips, thrusting his groin out and lifting his head high.
“See told ya there sexy and the ladies love me. She didn’t even say nutten bout my penis”
Trenton! His mother gasps.
His dad laughing so hard he almost topples himself and his wife over backwards.
The whole group roars in laughter.
A young boy and girl step off the foot paddle boat now.
7 year old twins (these 2 looking like twins other than being boy and girl) dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes on both the boy being 4′ 1″ 45 pounds no muscle tone compared to the young boy he us standing next too. His hair being maybe an inch long. The girl 4′ flat 48 pounds she is thin also with shoulder length hair. She has a little bit of a pot belly sticking out of her lacy 2 piece tie dye bikini.
The boy sticks his hand out to Trenton.
“I’m Addison but since we’re friends T you can call me Addy”
The boys shake hands and Trenton turns to the girl.
“Hello I am Maddison and you can call me Maddi” she says lifting the lace on her bikini bottoms as she curtseys.
Pleasure to meet you Trenton responds with a bow.
Hey gang i an Brittany this is my mom Missy and and my dad Trent. Nice to meet you.
Stacey taking the lead on speaking for her group starts to talk.
We seen you guys out here working earlier but we had to finish our chores before we could come meet.
I met your mother this morning. Missy begins to say.
“Step mother” Crystal interrupts
“Don’t be rude” Stacey snaps. Making it obvious she is in charge.
Stacey then explains the woman Missy met at the store is the older girls step mother but the mother of their twin step brothers and younger twin half brother and sister.
“Ohh”.. Missy says.. “She was telling me that you live on the lake year round right across from us. Asking if I had any kids cause she had some wonderful children who missed having friends close by since you guys moved here from Memphis I believe she said”.
The 2 family’s sit on the beach talking for nearly 2 hours.
The older girls telling how their birth mother had been killed when they were still very young and how their dad blamed big city life, which is mostly why he had moved them to the sticks of North Central Michigan.
The twin boys telling about their father whom they had never met, he was a young musician whom walked out never looking back when their mother found out she was pregnant. Bill tbe girls dad was the only dad they had ever known.

Bill their dad is a Ford executive who travels all around the country regularly and Beth his wife mother of the younger 4 children is an executive for a large record company, working out of Nashville and traveling a lot for work also the 6 children are more then latch key kids spending most of their time unsupervised.

“We had a nanny before moving to Michigan” Stacey informs them. “Out here there is not a lot of folks around and I told my dad and Beth I would be more than happy to step up if they paid me…. Some days I am just a sister some days I am the nanny”
That seems like a rather large responsibility for a girl your age , you might not want to go telling that to a lot of people. Missy says in her her sweetest voice trying not to offend the young girl.
“It’s cool” Crystal says in a chipper voice. We all get along great and try to pitch in and be our best. None of us liked the nanny situation, this is a whole world better. Besides on of them is home at least a couple hours every day.
Stacey now interrupts. Beth sometimes works from home weeks at a time, as does our dad. It’s not as tragic as it sounds I promise.
Things are only what you make out of them and if your happy and safe in your situation that’s what’s important. Missy tells them
I know all about working from home I am a medical transcriptionist, I can work from any where there is an internet connection. Trent here was an airline mechanic until he retired last month. Maybe we should move here full time hunny. Missy says as she stand and starts gathering the family’s lunch mess.
Brittany stands and begins to help her mother. When her dad says nevermind all that I’ll help your mom, you go hang with your new friends.
Crystal perks up with a huge smile on her face.
Can they come see our house? We’ve never had friends over since moving here.
Trent looks to Missy, who just shrugs her shoulders. Then looking back to the group of kids he says.
“Yeah but they have to take our paddle boat yours looks a little over crowded”

The twin boys help Trent uncover Brittany’s family four seat paddle boat and carry it to the water, explaining how their dad ordered their paddle boat special.
“It seats 10 and has 4 pedal seats. It’s great exercise and since this is a no wake lake it’s Either row, trolling motor or pedal this was the best option for the family. We have a pontoon with a troller but it barely moves.” Shawn explains.

Tell your dad to contact me, if he bought all Buxxon’s place between my property and your guys we own nearly 3/4 of the lake and I am association president so we can probably upgrade to low wake lake allowing small gas motors. Trent explains.
Awesome the boy say in unison now holding the boat for Brittany to climb in.
Shawn grabbing Trenton swinging him in the air he proclaims.
“The royal boat is ready your majesty. Prince T now boarding”
Awesome! Trenton exclaims as he and his sister begin to pedal in circles trying to get the feel of the boat.

Trent calls out back by 8pm! As the 2 boats start across the lake.

After pulling the boats ashore the group of 8 make their way up the stairs to the large log cabin that’s built into a hill. From this side of the home it’s 4 story’s tall.
They enter thru the glass double doors of the walk out basement into a large game room.
Trenton and the younger twins dash off excitedly to a row of games and pin ball machines on the far wall to the left. The older twins telling Stacey they are going to work on their man cave, grabbing a couple tool belts off the floor and a wooden box with saws and hammers sticking up past the handle across the top, and running back out the doors.
As Crystal leads Brittany across the room and up the stairs she rambles off brief descriptions of the rooms.
Game room, stairs obviously, kitchen…. seen one seen them all.

When they enter the living room Crystal says living room and keeps walking.
Brittany stops, looking around taking in the beauty of the large room she just entered. With oak finished walls and vaulted ceilings that go up 3 stories. The wall facing the lake is glass all the way to the top. On the opposite side of the room is a hall which Crystal has now stopped in, to the left of the hall is a huge stone fireplace that is almost as tall as Brittany is herself. To the right of the hall way down the oak wall is a door way and farther back from the door the large open ceiling stops going to a 10 foot ceiling that goes about another 25 or 30 feet with one more door on that wall. The front wall having 2 large bay windows with seats built in and a door leading to a large front porch.
THIS ROOM IS HUGE! Brittany exclaims
It’s pretty nice but it’s cold in the winter. Crystal responds.
As Brittany looks around the room she sees a large wood burning stove hooked to a brick fire place in the middle of the room where it goes from vaulted ceilings to 10 foot ceilings. It’s covered to look like an oak beam as it goes up thru the hand rail loft openings of the next 2 floors.
That’s how our cabin is heated. There is no way you heat the whole house with that. Not even the whole room, you could fit 4 of our whole cabins in here Brittany says to Crystal.
The wood burner?…. No there is 2 of them on this floor, 2 on the next floor and 1 on the 3rd, plus 2 wood furnaces in the basement and 1 propane furnace. It’s a lot of work staying warm here. Crystal says laughing.
They continue into the hall. Crystal opens a door to the left, to a big office.
Just seeing if my dad or Beth was around she says pulling the door back closed and returning to the living room.
The pair now walk at an angle towards a doorway and stair case that Brittany had not noticed on the first way thru. Going up the stairs which toward the front porch they reach the landing.
This is what we call the common room. Crystal explains. There is 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on this floor. Shane and Shawn over there and Addy and Maddie over here. She says pointing to one side of the room then the other as they cross the room to the open staircase going up once more.
They enter a bit smaller common room at the top.
Crystal points to a door not far from the stairs.
That’s Staceys room.
They cross at an angle to anyone door. Here is my home sweet home. Crystal says proudly opening the door to a large room, bathroom is down on the right but if you use it, Knock, and try to remember to lock both doors if you want privacy cause it’s a Jack and Jill I share with Stacey.
I’ll remember that Brittany says.
They just good off for about 20 minutes or so.
Crystal showing Brittany her breyer horse collection and hand made glass figurine animal collection.
They discuss school and hobbies, Crystal walking to a large rectangle window over looking the the lake, Brittany sitting on the bed a few feet away.

Crystal looking out the window says to Brittany, ” your dad’s pretty hot…. Have you ever seen his thing?” “You know…. hard I mean…. is it big or normal. I don’t like big or crazy veiny, I think big building veins are ugly and scary”
I uhhhhhh. What? Brittany responds “what kind of questions that?”
Curious, but I think I might get to see for myself Crystal says picking up a pair of binoculars off the padded bench in the window, looking thru them down to the lake she says “your mom has some nice tits also”
WHAT! Brittany exclaims rushing to the window looking towards her family’s beach. She sees her dad standing behind her mom but from this distance that’s about all she can make out.
Crystal handing her the binoculars says “look”
Gazing thru the lenses brings her beach right to her face as if she is standing right there.
Her dad standing behind her mom with her top lifted slowly moving his hands around the side’s if her breasts then cupping them in his hands pinching her nipples before sliding his hands down to her waist pushing her bottoms down. He grabs her pulling her back, lightly spreading her nearly fully shaven vagina slit open slightly.
Oh…My….God Brittany says nearly dropping the binoculars.
Crystal grabbing them and quickly puting them to her face.
Oh My… do you think he’s going to put it in her ass? Crystal asks Brittany
What….. is that what they are doing….. on the beach no less. Gimme them Brittany responds reaching towards the binoculars pushed against Crystals face.
No way… It’s getting good. He must be normal size or your mom’s a bad bitch Crystal says leaning away.
Brittany turns to the telescope, oddly interested in what’s developing between her parents on the beach.
She peers in the eye piece.
Hey I it’s my room, wait….
The telescope is focused right thru her curtains dialed right onto the center of her full length mirror.
NO WAIT! Crystal squeals
Pushing the telescope to change its focus, the adjustment screws set tightly.
The telescope rocks up on its tripod and settled back down, Brittany’s mirror still visible in the eye piece.
Brittany forgetting all about the situation with her parents. Only thinking of her morning romp with herself.
Her stomach twisting in knots, her mind racing . Not quite understanding her own feelings, anger, embarrassment, and yet some how turned on as Well.
Brittany slowly backs to the bed sits softly on the bottom corner and asks “were you watching me”
Only on accident… a little by mistake. Crystal responds.
I just wanted to see the neighbors I am truly sorry. It was a glimpse, I didn’t watch you masturbate.
Brittany turns red in the cheeks, she cannot get past her feelings or find words to speak.
Crystal turns toward the bed. Please don’t hate me I promise I didn’t mean to spy. I just saw you and the farther you went the hotter I got. I couldn’t stop watching… I am so sorry. Please don’t be mad.
Brittany still unable to grasp her feelings, tries to speak but stammers and falls silent again.
Crystal starts moving towards the bed, trying to come up with a way to make things better with her new friend makes a drastic decision.
Crystal reaching down and un tying the strings holding either side if her white bikini bottoms, pulling them forward until the back drops out in front of her.
Saying to Brittany “if you watch me then we will be even”
Brittany… who was already speechless and confused now even more so. Sits silently starring at Crystal.
Crystals bottoms fall to the floor. Brittany cannot take her eyes off the young girls crotch. Light brown tightly curled hair at the top thinning as it leads Down the soft puffy side’s of her dark pink slit. A small piece of one of her lips sticking out like the rounded edge of a pink piece of ham.
Crystal sitting near the head of the bed lifting her right leg over Brittany sitting it out straight on the bed behind her. Leaving her left leg on the floor as she leans back her slit opening up.
Brittany begins comparing what she is seeing to her own body parts. Crystals vagina being quite a bit darker pink then her own, her lips are thicker and longer sticking out farther the dark pink hole in the middle is also more open than her own. The larger darker lips leading to a pink bud clit with a slip of skin over about half of it, nearly twice the size of her own and also far darker in color.
Crystal runs her hands down barely brushing her clit as she passes moving down and slowly pushing her middle finger into her lightly moistened hole.
Slowly sliding her middle finger in and out of her hole as her wetness spreads she works her ring and index fingers up and down her dark pink slit and around her penetrated hole.
As she pushes her ring finger in next to her middle finger, Crystal scoots herself down the bed bringing her soft wet groin closer to Brittany, curling her right leg lifting her knee off the bed she opens her legs wider.
Brittany’s feelings of embarrassment and anger almost completely gone now, having been replaced with her lust. She’s now struggling with how seeing a girl masturbate should make her feel. She knows how it is making her feel and is not sure if it is right or not.
In the air Brittany smells Crystals vagina. Not quite the same as her own it still smells sweet, a bit more like sweat than her her own, slightly more bitter but still sweet.
Feeling her own juices flowing and making her bikini bottoms wet Brittany puts her hands onto the bed lifting herself and shifting her ass slightly. As she does this he finger brushing thru the soft bristled hair on Crystals mound lightly touching skin with her fingertip and brushing the protruding lip with the side of her finger.
Crystal letting off a soft moan as the fingers graze her before touching the bed.
Brittany becoming overwhelmed by lust hearing her new friend moan. She lifts and leans slightly pushing her right index finger softly into Crystal, it joining her middle and ring fingers, surprised is slipped in so easily but happy that it did she begins slowly moving her finger around sliding it between Crystals fingers and massaging the wet cavern.
“Unnnhhh” Crystal moans softly as Brittany works her finger back and forth inside her pussy.
After several strokes Brittany pulls her finger out. Raising her eyes to look at Crystals face while doing so.
The look on Crystals face saddened slightly.
Brittany raises her finger to her face lightly licking it before putting in all the way in her mouth.
The just feels thicker on Brittany’s tongue than her own, while the smell is not as sweet as her own the taste is much sweeter with a bitter finish. Brittany thinks
Crystals face brightens watching Brittany taste her vagina nectar. Lifting the white bikini top revealing her perky breasts with nipples no bigger then Brittneys. Laying in her back makes her tits look much bigger.
Brittany shifts again pulling her legs onto the bed pushing her own bikini bottoms to her ankles as she sits up on her knees. Leaning down to the top of Crystals dark pink slit she drags her tongue lightly across her clit which has swollen by half since it was first exposed.
Crystals moans loudly grabbing Brittany by the head, pushing it down lightly she pulls her other leg onto the bed and both legs back towards her chest.
Brittany drags her tongue across Crystals clit again with more pressure this time. Shoving her ass high in the air her own juices are now dripping onto the back of her own legs.
“OHH….NA….NA…OOOO” Crystal manages to stammer out. Pulling Brittany’s face away from her clit.
Stick your tongue inside me. She orders firmly as she pushes Brittany down again.
Brittany shoves her tongue as far as she can in side the slippery Hole. Looking up over the flat stomach in front of her.
Crystal now caressing her own breasts in the same manner she had watched Trent doing to Missy shortly ago.
Brittney reaching back between her own legs, starting to rub her own hairless slit. When Crystal notices this she grabs Brittany’s arm pulling her hand away from her vagina and up to Crystals mouth she tastes Brittany’s juices from Brittany’s hand. As she sucks on Brittany’s finger tips she moans softly at first then growing more loudly.
Brittany attempting to pull her hand back only for Crystal to tug it back lightly biting the finger tips.
Crystals legs begin to shake and Brittany notices her wetness becoming more of a cream then a juice. Her moans growing louder and becoming commands.
“Stick your tongue deep…..ohhh….mmmm…yeah” “flick it flick your tongue inside of me” “Oh god oh god”
Crystal pulls er legs higher with her theigh muscles.
“Lick my ass PLEASE ” Crystal calls out.
Brittany does as commanded, as she drags her tongue across Crystals puckered pink anus, Crystal spreads her cheeks and pushes down.
“In my ass…put your tongue in my ass” she crys out.
As Brittany shoves her tongue in the tight hole a wave of creamy white escapes Crystals pulsing pussy hole running down into Brittany mouth. She pulls her tongue out of Crystals ass and back into her mouth pushing the cream up into the roof of her mouth.
Tell me I taste good.” Crystal demands now grabbing Brittany by the head again. “Tell me how you love it”
Brittany following commands tells Crystal how good she tastes and how much she loved it. As she does so more thick cream slides from Crystals hole running into her butt crack.
Crystal pulls Brittany by the head and hair up to her face.
Sticking her tongue into Brittany’s mouth swirling it around in a long slow French kiss as she squeezes Brittany’s ass cheeks and lightly pushes her finger in and out of each of Brittany’s holes. Before pulling her farther up and placing Brittany’s vagina in her mouth. Licking around Brittany’s slit and pushing her finger into her tiny hole.
Brittany bends forward reaching back to touch her anus she looks over her shoulder.
Brittany panics there standing in the door way is Shawn, she tries lifting up but Crystal must not see and is pulling her tight onto her face. Brittany turns back again. This time noticing that Shawn forest green trunks are around his knees and his 4 and a half inch banana shape penis is in his right hand being stroked like crazy. For some reason this excites her even more. Bending back forward and spreading her ass cheeks as widely as she can exposing her butthole she moans loudly.
Shawn looks to see what the moans are about and locks eyes with Brittany. He quickly yanks his swim trunks up and steps back.
Brittany shakes her head no at him. And he freezes in place. Debating on running.
Brittany wispers to Crystal “your pervy brother Shawn is watching can I touch him”
Crystal pushes Brittany up looking at her step brother, face covered by Brittany’s wetness. “Get outta here you little asshole”
Wait! Brittany says. “I think I like it.. I wanna touch him.”
With that Shawn blasts into the room and over to the bed.
Crystal tries to push him away telling him to leave.
Brittany pushes down onto her face and says “lick this and let him be, I’ll owe you one to be even ”
Crystal liked the sound of that. Besides it was just a show she had fooled around with both he step brothers before.
Brittany leans over pulling Shawns trunks back down just enough his banana shape boy toy pops back out. Grabbing it in Her left hand she starts to stroke it. She leans down and licked across the head.
I might cum Shawn squeaked out.
Brittany leans back up letting go of his penis and re spreading her ass cheeks, she commands him.
“Smack that on my butt”
Shawn is behind her in a flash smacking his penis onto one cheek and then the other.
Brittany moans and pushes down onto the tongue that’s penetrating her. “Slap on the hole she whines”
Using his right hand he starts smacking her pink puckered anus with The head of his throbbing penis.
Brittany turns back to watch and see that he has 2 fingers from his left hand slamming in and out of Crystals vagina. This excites her even more. Reaching down and grabbing Crystals hair she starts pulling her hard up into her vagina. Crystal now loudly moaning from the fingers and the hair pulling.
Brittany feels a fun building. She is about to blow.
She turns to Shawn and tells him “HARDER”
Dropping back a little as he makes his next swing with his boy cock.
As connection is made Shawn spurts cum onto her anus and downward onto Crystals chin, because of Brittany’s back and down motion, the head and first inch of Shawns penis gets crammed into Brittany ass.
A sharp painful burst of pleasure shoot thru her loins, starting from her butthole and wrapping around thru her slit into her clit and back to her butthole.
Brittany lifts slightly and pushes down again feeling the boys penis flexing in her ass as he shoots his baby goo into her asshole.
She crys out ” Keep cumming in my ass”
She feels it flex 3 times in her ass and she is about to cum herself and he starts to soften and pulls out. Looking over her shoulder she sees her own, now bright red asshole stretched to about the size of a quarter and leaking the boys clear cum out of it. This makes her hormones race.
She grabs Shawn by the hair and growls “lick my asshole now” Pushing him down she feels his tongue slide into her ass. She bounces and pushes and as she climaxes pulls him to her face making out with him, sucking his cum and her flavors off his lips and tongue. Sliding down she licks her juices and Shawns cum off of Crystals face and chin.
Lifting off of Crystal and shaking she puts her bottoms back on. Looking between Shawn and Crystal, she begins to feel embarrassment sneaking by in.
Crystal pops off with. Guess ya owe me one…. wonder what I am gonna use it for.
She still has her top pulled and no bottoms on and don’t seem bothered.
Brittany shyly says “maybe I should check on Trenton”
Shit…. that’s what I came up for to see if he could have an ice cream sandwich.
Shawn enters the door to the bathroom disappearing briefly, stepping back into view now holding a teal towel in his hand.
He wipes his face as he walks back across the bedroom to the girls. Stopping a couple feet away he pulls the front of his swim trunks down. His 2 1/2 inch soft penis bobbing lightly as he wipes the hairless skin around it.
Brittany stares at his groin, swishing her tongue in her mouth still tasting the salty sweet of Crystals creamy juice, and the salty bitter taste of Shawns clear juice, as he wipes away sweat and small amounts of his clear liquid.
Brittany feels her loins warm and clit begin to throb as she watches him carefully pull back the soft white circumcised skin revealing tan dark white pinkish head of his penis wiping around the shaft and head, into the space between his penis and balls. Feeling her juices begin to flow again as the boy grabs the base of his soft penis squeezing as he pulls from base to head pushing several more drops of clear sticky liquid from the small slit like opening at the tip of his penis.
Brittany steps toward him with a strong desire to retrace his motions on his penis with her tongue, licking up any droplets she can squeeze out.
Her brief fantasy cut short as Shawn looks up.
“Oh sorry. I bet you wanna wipe up too… here you go” he says tossing the towel to Brittany as he turns and jogs out the door and disappeared towards the stairs.
Brittany not coming out of her fantasy daze until the towel hits her face softly and falls to the floor.
Crystal giggles her firm breasts still showing under her bikini top jiggling as she laughs. She bends down grabbing the towel from Brittany’s feet. She raises up pausing as her face levels with the girls crotch.
Not saying a word she pulls down Brittany’s bikini bottoms. Staring for a moment at the hairless mound of flesh before reaching out with her left hand spreading the pink slit open. She uses the towel in her right hand wiping the soft skin she rubs Around the outer mound twice before slipping the towel down between the soft tiny pink lips from top to bottom. She pulls the towel around to the back of Brittany’s legs, moving her left hand from the soft mound she was spreading to Brittany’s upper inner thigh on her let leg. Wiping the back of each leg Crystal notices the young girl has light pink/bluish lines running down her soft mound into her folds, remnants of her morning pussy spanking Crystal thinks, running the towel up onto Brittany’s butt cheeks Crystal pushes with the fingers of the hand between Brittany’s legs pushing her left butt cheek out and up opening her crack as she slides the towel thru.
Crystal feels wetness dripping onto her left hand and directs her attention back to Brittany’s pink slit, dropping the towel she brings her right hand to the hairless mound. Spreading it open and running her left fingers from the opening of the hole to the tiny pear shaped clit at the top.
As she runs her fingers back down the wet slit she raises farther up Brittany’s body using her nose pushing the black top up over they tiny right breast puttin her mouth completely over the small mound of flesh circling the nipple with the tip of her tongue, she pushes her thin index finger into the warm wet opening.
Brittany now trembling again, flinching as Crystal pushes her finger deeply into her. Grabbing Crystals hand and pulling it back, slipping the finger back out. She raises the girls hand stopping as Crystals finger tip comes to rest on her clit.
“Rub here” she moans softly, lifting Crystals head until their lips meet.
Brittany pulls the other side of her bikini top up revealing her other breast, she pulls Crystal in close pushing her own nipples against Crystals, noticing that Brittany’s tiny nipples are slightly larger.
Running her hand down the soft curvy skin Brittany grabs Crystals right butt cheek, pulling it out spreading the crack open she pushes her middle 2 fingers on the spreading hand into the wet warm vaginal opening below, pulling tightly, flattening Crystals tits slightly against her own. Pistoning them in and out.
Crystal moans pushing on the soft nub rubbing small circles as she pushes her buttocks back and down slightly, pushing Brittany’s fingers deeper.
Brittany slides her fingers out pulling up she rubs the soft creamy juice onto Crystals anus. Applying inward pressure as she rubs.
“Unnnhhhh…. Not there, I’ve never had anything in that” Crystal moans into Brittany’s mouth.
It’s good I promise… really good. Brittany moans back softly. She feels the tight fold of skin slip up her ring finger as she makes penetration. Feeling Crystal clamp down onto her fingers with her anal muscles and softly biting Brittany’s lip.
“Just relax and push out” Brittany tells her pulling her finger out and gathering more wetness from her slit.
Okay Crystal wispers.
Pushing inward again her finger slipping in easily this time she pushes it in deeply, letting it rest there with no movement.
Crystal biting harder onto Brittany’s lip now moans loudly.
The pinch of Crystals bite onto her lip sends Brittany towards the brink of climax. Her legs weaken which puts more pressure on her clit from Crystals small fingertips.
Brittany begins working her finger in and out and around the tight butthole. Pushing her middle finger into the small hot hole with her ring finger.
Crystal yips slightly at the new pressure bit instantly feels her orgasm building. She forces her tongue deep into Brittany’s mouth.
Brittany works her 2 fingers spreading the opening and ramming in and out she reaches down between their sweaty body’s and forces her first 2 fingers on her right hand into the creamy clenching hole between Crystals legs. Ramming in and out with a sloshing slapping sound. She feels her palm filling with creamy warm fluid and begins slapping the ball of her palm up into Crystals clit, splashing Crystals creamy love juices across both girls crotches and down their legs.
Crystal triesto tell Brittany not to touch her clit but can’t utter the words.
Brittany now in full orgasm, shoves her pinky into the girls flexing ass. Now ramming 3 fingers into the tight anus she continues slapping the ball of her palm into her clit working her other 2 fingers inside Crystals vagina at the same time.
Crystal shakes uncontrollably white cream now gushing from her slit with the consistency of cool whip. She moans loudly. Pulling her face away from Brittany’s.
Crystal stammers “O….OH…..OH…OH GOD”
Her eyes roll back and her hand drops away from, Brittany’s clit, she limply drops, Brittany’s fingers sliding from her holes as she drops to the floor with a light thud.
Brittany covered in foamy white cream from the bellybutton down goes from orgasm to panic in a flash. Dropping to her knees she leans over the unconscious girl.
Oh My god… are you okay? She asks trembling and trying to catch her breath.
The girls large looking breasts heaving with her heavy breathing, so she knows Crystal is still alive. Shaking her lightly with tears forming in her eyes Brittany, panicked says “wake up…. wake up”
Crystals eyes flutter, then close briefly before opening.
Brittany rocks back onto her feet with her butt laying all the way back to the floor her bent legs popping out in front of her bent knees falling to either side widely opening up her girl parts to the just waking girl in the floor in front of her. Thank goodness she utters.
Crystal trying to catch her breath stares into her young friends slit. She eases onto her side propping her head up with her right hand resting her elbow on the floor.
“If I could wake up with that view everyday I would.” She says in a strained voice.
Brittany not moving or attempting to cover up shoots back.
“That shits not funny… What happened? ”
I don’t know what it’s called, if it’s even called anything. When I cum and my clits being touched its like I forget to breath and I pass out. Happens every time my clit is touched for to long. Crystal responds
Brittany using her stomach muscles to pull her self back upward to a leaning position resting her elbows on her knees she looks at Crystal puzzled and asks “really”
Yup every time.
Oh My that would suck for me, I can’t seem to cum from fingering my puss. Only clit play or finger in my butt. If I passed out from touching my clit it would be a nightmare.
It’s not too bad, your fingers in my butt might have caused it to, either way I says it’s your fault, Crystal states jokingly with a giggle.
Brittany grabbing the towel from the floor now and wiping herself off says. I thought I made a mess, wow you probably lost ten pounds with the sweet cream you pushed out.
Both girls laughing Crystal stands and staggers to the bathroom for another towel.

The girls giggle as the wipe themselves off Brittany asks “why did Shawn run off so fast earlier.”
Well it seems when boys cum they cannot think any longer, they become honest and sweet for a little while. So they have to run and hide so they don’t do anything nice. Crystal says with a laugh.
Great can’t wait to write in my journal. My summer escapades a boy who cums and runs away to hide and a girl who passes out if her clit is touched. TRAGIC! Brittany says sarcastically.
As Crystal ties the strings of he bottoms back together in her body the 2 girls walk towards the door.
Brittany puts her had out stopping Crystal.
Your tits are still out. If you think Trenton was in love before walk on downstairs like that, you’ll never get rid of him.
Oops I didn’t notice Crystal says as she wiggles her top back down pushing her boobs up and straightening the fabric to full coverage. Let’s go swim to rinse the rest of the sticky off she says.
RACE YA! Brittany crys as she darts out the door towards the stairs.
All eight of the kids play and swim together for the next couple of hours before Brittany and Trenton cross back to their own beach in their paddle boat.


End Part 1