Sally’s Selfless Gift 1 (Mg,inc,anal)

Sally’s Selfless Gift 1 (Mg,inc,anal)

Prologue: Frank seeking revenge on his x-wife conceives a plan to abuse his loving step daughter.

Author: Lone Dog

Sally lay there in her bed her mind going over how unfair mommy had treated daddy. The lights were out in her room and she stared out of her window into thee night sky through the few branches of the tree that was just outside. The moon was bright and the stars twinkled all around. She was in first grade now, a big girl now and she wanted to help daddy somehow cause without mommy she learned he would be getting no sex. She learned from her new friends that men were ‘Pigs’ always thinking about sex, and she guessed it was so cause daddy spent a lot of time online looking at naked women. She’d seen it, watched when he didn’t know, how he watch men and women having sex in small movies he had on his computer.

But she love her daddy anyway, even if he was a ‘Pig’. She knew from talk that it was sex that made babies and curious, she had snuck in whenever he left the computer on and watch his downloaded sex movies. But she was baffled as to why women would suck on a mans penis or as she had see let him put it into their butt hole if it was the pussy that babies came from. She did like watching them though and here lately found herself rubbing over her young clit enjoying the pleasurable way it felt.

Frank wasn’t the least bit put off when his wife left. In fact it was the best thing that could have happened. Yes he was stuck with the bitch’s daughter, wasn’t his kid though. At first he was uncomfortable with having to take care of her but it wasn’t as much work as he’d thought. Being around her so much he found out that she was very gullible and as time went on she started looking more than just desirable, he couldn’t get her out of his mind most of the time. Like most kids she wasn’t shy about going about the house half nude. He’d taken to imagining sticking his cock into her perfect mouth and she had a beautiful set of buttocks that he wanted to bury his face in, even going so far as imagining sodomizing the young girl. More than once he had locked himself into his room to masturbate, the image of her in his mind taking him over that edge a few times.

It had come down with him coming up with a plan to use her gullibility against her, so he set the plan in motion starting with getting her to believe he was lonely and sex starved. He got the plan after finding her sneaking in looking at his porn. And ‘damn it’ wouldn’t it be a sweet form of revenge for his wife leaving them both high and dry.

Sally crept to the door of the room her daddy was on the computer and saw him setting there intent on the screen. Something wrenched deep in her heart for some reason thinking him all alone, she felt bad too because it was mommy that did it to him. Daddy sure wanted sex, because he went to the computer room a lot when he thought she was busy playing or watching TV. She saw him rubbing over his crotch and remember seeing the stiff penis’s on the men in the video’s he watched. Her hand slipped before she realized it to rubbing of her own clit through her short she now wore, she had been doing that a lot lately really enjoying the feeling it gave her.

Frank had place a small mirror adjusted to see the door beside the monitor and standing a the cracked door her saw her young head peer in. He was enjoying the challenge he had set for himself and fained intent on the computer screen. It plainly showed a women giving a man a blowjob with enthusiasm and he rubbed over his crotch gauging her reaction and seeing she didn’t pull away he clicked on the next video of a man taking a women plainly up the ass as she writhed about caught up in the moment. He saw Sally crack the door, to his surprise she was rubbing her young clit through her clothes. His heart bounded ‘this might be easier than he thought’.

He watch the mirror till she finely darted away. He left the computer on and the file opened she would find it easy to find and got up going downstairs. She was setting in a chair before the loud TV faining interest. Frank put on his sad face.

“I’m going to pick up some beer at the store, you want some chips dear” doing his best to sound sad. “Be gone for an hour or so”

“Yes” she said “Can I get some dip too”

“Okay hon”

‘That should do it’ he thought. Give her enough time to slip upstairs and nose around on the computer. He put his jacket on slowly grabbing his key acting as if he down in the dumps. Getting out into the car he sat there long enough to see the curtains move from the room with the computer and could see she was making sure he was leaving. He started the car backing out to give her time to looked the planted porn over.

Sally had stood at the door way to long and when the pleasurable shudder went through her she pulled back startled from the sudden sensation and ran back downstairs to the TV. Shortly daddy came down looking so sad she wanted to cry for him. He was going to the store and be gone a while ‘good’ her heart lifted she was getting to like to see the stuff he was watching and her curiosity of what he was just looking at and apparently really liking. The moment the door closed she got up scurrying up to the room. Sally went to the window and pulling the curtain open a little watching till daddy pulled out and drove up the road.

She sat in the still warm chair her small hand going to the mouse and finding the folder he used she clicked on the first one wanting to see what daddy liked. It was the one she saw him watching from the door, a naked woman kneeling on the floor a man placing his stiff penis into her mouth. She watch the woman go to work on it. Even go so far to try to get it into her throat and did so after a bit. Sally wandered if she could do something like that for daddy, wondering if that would help make him happy. She watch till the man pulled his penis out of her mouth and watch intently how it squirted globs sperm onto the woman face.

Sally clicked on the next one, a different man was coming up behind a woman whom was on her hands and knees her full butt facing him. He was smearing a tube of something that looked slick over his big looking adult penis, angling the stiff organ down and onto the womans butt-hole. She leaned in closer to watch the woman’s reaction as the penis pressed into her. Other than a sudden wince that faded she went face down onto a pillow butt high in the air as the man went about working the thing up into her bottom. Sally wondered what it felt like to having a man’s penis in her butt, it looked like something she might be able to do also. If the woman in the video could do it to make the man happy in the video she could do it for daddy till he found a new wife to make him happy.

Having made her decision to at least try to lift his spirits, she need to try to convince him to use her for the sex she could tell he really needed to be happy. But she was a little scared too being something she had never done before. And she wasn’t really sure how to go about it. But she wanted to really try.

Frank pulled up giving her almost two hours to snoop around on his computer. He got out of his car one eye out toward the window, the curtain moved opening a little and he slowly gathered up the stuff he bought giving Sally time to get out of the room. Going into the house he could see her flushed face as she fained still watching the TV evidence of her just seeing the porn he left her. He tossed her the chips and handed over the dip she liked. She looked at him as if she had something to say to him, he put on his best ‘down in the pumps’ face and pulled out a beer from the bag still in his hand walking slowly to the fridge in the kitchen. He took a deep swig his heart racing just feeling deep inside of him everything was coming together. He needed to push things along somehow.

Frank finished the beer grabbing another and went into the living room. Sally was gone her chips and dip half opened next to where she had been setting. He sat down tipping up the beer, she came back wearing a short nightie she wore during the day sometimes and grabbing her chips and laid on the floor in front of him facing the TV. Frank eyes automatically looked glance down her buttocks plainly visible through the thin fabric, she wasn’t wearing any panties. The bag of chips making loud noises as she dug through it munching the chip and dip with youthful enthusiasm. His cock went stiff at once, a mad desire surging, flooding through his imagination of what it would be like to fuck her. Another drag on his beer his buzz growing wasn’t helping his growing need for some kind of release. He was going to have to go masturbate soon but for now he just stared looking at her young body imprinting into his short term memory.

Sally setting with her chip watched daddy take a drink from his beer and waking sadly to the kitchen she had to do something. An idea popped into her head and she jumped up her face flushed red and her small pussy tingled at what she was going to do. She ran up to her room undressing quickly and pulled out her nightie she wore a lot around the house but this time she didn’t put on her panties remembering how excited the man looked in the video before he place his penis in the woman’s butt. She was either going to get into trouble or make daddy happy and swallowed hard ready to take the chance, she hoped badly she could at least brighten his day some. And ran back downstairs.

Daddy was setting on the couch with a beer, she grabbed her chips and dip. Her heard raced with excitement as she lay on the floor purposely in front of daddy on her tummy and faining interest in the TV she started eating her chip. Her young pussy tingled at what she was doing, it felt pleasurably naughty the think her father might be looking at her bottom and found herself wanting to spread her legs like the woman did for the man in the video she had just seen. She open her legs a bit then building up more courage she spread her leg till she felt a cool breeze on her pussy and anus. She heard a loud gasp from her daddy.

Frank couldn’t believe it when Sally opened her legs and gasped in more loudly than than he should have. His eyes locked onto her young now visible young private parts. His head pounded from the sudden rush if blood to his head. And his imagination running wild just thinking of having his cock planted into that tight pink hole if her anus only a few feet from his gaze. His cock jumped fully stiff and needed attention soon but he wasn’t going to move till this was over. She had to know what she was doing and hope went through him that his plan was getting close to fruition, he wanted her to make the first move, wanted to use that against her if she change her mind. But for now he need release and rose to go up to his room.

Sally heard daddy get up and looked back, she could plainly see the bulge of his penis in his pants. Her heart went out to him.

‘He needed sex badly’ she thought, her own excitement of what she was doing making the decision for her to act.

She follow him upstairs almost losing her nerve along the way but standing at the top of the stairs she watch him go into his room and closing the room. She hurried after placing her hand on the door keeping him from closing it.

“Daddy” she cried out “I-I want to help you feel better”

The door opened letting her come in and she was confronted closely by the bulge in his pants. She steeled her nerve to continue reaching out to touch the bulge with her small hand.

“Daddy…” she struggled to find the words “Daddy.. I been sneaking in looking at your movies”

She swallowed her hand feeling now over the bulge just before her eyes.

“I want to help” she looked up and could see him already looking happier. “I want you to use me like the women in the movies.. I want you to be happy again”

Frank knew he had her right where he wanted her, but needed to get past the next step carefully. He reached down placing a hand gently on her face.

“Are you sure dear” he said with false concern “I love so much, and would be willing to make love to you like adults do… If thats what you really want to do”

Sally had already made up her mind though and was wanting to see what it was like to have sex like adult did like the people in the movies did. She had her courage up now and seeing her daddy’s dark mood lighten she was full of questions she was dieing to know. She still was feeling over the big bulge in his pants.

“Daddy… why did the men in the movies put their penis in the woman’s butt” she asked knowing he would have the answer.

Frank grinned broadly having already planned for this one question and had himself worked out what she needed to hear. He was still touching, caressing her beautiful young face that reminded him of her mother. He knelt down to gauge better her reaction to his reply.

“Thats cause they don’t want to have babies just yet” he said “And the woman want to make her man happy”


“What, dear”

“Daddy.. I want to make you happy” she looked into her daddy’s face “You can put your penis in my butt if you want”

Frank was still in disbelief at it all coming down and so soon. But still had the frame of mind to know it was a Thursday evening, if he was to sodomize her he wanted the weekend knowing how her mother needed time to recover from a good ass fucking. But he had an idea.

“How would you like a day off from school tomorrow ‘dear’ and you could make me happy then”

“Okay” she replied kinda disheartened at not doing it when she was so ready.

Frank heard the disappointment in her voice and realized she might change her mind by then.

“Okay.. okay dear” his mind working a mile a minute “I want to too, but when a man gets worked up he might not be able to stop, you want to take the chance”

Sally shook her head ‘yes’ her pussy buzzing with delight.

“Can I see it… daddy”

Frank couldn’t take it anymore, standing he pulled his pants down underwear and all his eight inch cock going out arching stiffly in front of him. He watch Sally reach up touching it, then both hands went feeling over it. He had never felt something so pleasurable as her small hot hands gripping his sensitive cock. He looked down onto her his mind reeling at the sudden realization he was going to be able to sodomize her ‘today, tonight’ his heart pounding in anticipation. He still needed to tread lightly but knew it was all but written in stone. All he need to do now was to was to make sure there would be no back out.

Sally was thrilled to be touching the fleshy stiffness of her daddy’s penis, it was amazing. She was more than disappointed when he wanted to put off having sex, but when he changed his mind she was happily ready. As she rubbed her hands over it she thought about maybe sucking on it like she’d see in the movies, but her daddy was the one whom need cheering up, she’d let him decide. She thought of it in her butt ‘it looked so big’ and it dawned on her she poop from there and she had a new question she didn’t know quite how to ask. And caught up in the moment the question faded from her mind she quickly wanted to get started.

“Daddy.. you ready to put it in my butt” she smiled thinking how happy he would be, maybe as happy as she had seen the men in the video’s.

“You bet” daddy said “Pull off your nightie and climb onto the bed”

She pulled the nightie up off her head and run jumping onto the bed. She watch as he fully undressed himself and opened a drawer pulling out a jar she recognized as petroleum jelly. He came over taking a pillow from the head of the bed placing it in the center. He reached down picking her up in his strong hands and laid her over the pillow her butt in the air.

“Spread your leg wide hon I want to see your butt hole”

She was more than happy to do it now and turn her head back seeing him looking at her now open buttocks her pussy sending pleasurable waves through her body just seeing her daddy looking this happy.

“I’m going to lube your hole up real good Sally” he told her.

She’d seen the men in the movies do this to the women and watched intently as he popped the top scooping out some onto his fingers. She started to wonder how it would feel, his penis in her butt and appreciation of the unknown set in. It was to late to back out now, she could feel that and wouldn’t anyway, for her daddy’s sake. She turned facing the head of the bed like she’s seen the women in the videos do.

Frank was in awe of what he saw Sally doing for him and more than willing to take full advantage of her naiveness. His hands shook from excitement. He move up onto the bed behind her wide spread legs a glob of petroleum jelly on his finger the pink target of her anus drawing him in. It wasn’t like he didn’t like a good pussy fuck but his wife had left him pissed at the world and Sally looked so much like her. It was like getting even somehow. His finger pressed onto her anus and slipped up into her hot tight rectum with him working the thick lube around making the tight orifice real slick. She squirm under his not too easy application of the lube. And he really enjoyed the feel of her tight hugging rectum on his finger. His cock now stiffer than it had ever been in his life. He wanted, no needed this, and after what his wife had done he deserved this.

Sally felt the finger press then slip up into her rectum, she lurch in shock from a stab of pain that faded as fast as it came. The digit wormed in deep but she knew that from the movies, what the movies didn’t tell her was the feeling of it happening. It didn’t really hurt but was oddly uncomfortable none the less. She was getting a little apprehensive being this would be the first time and she let her mind escape into the finger moving or really feeling its way around in her rectum. Then the finger moved like the men penis’s did in the movies she’d watch, getting faster. Her rectum grew sensitive rapidly and in short order she found herself climbing forward trying to get away from the now rapid moving finger. She got free.

“Whats a matter hon” he ask her. “Your not changing your mind are you”

“No..” she said timidly.

The sudden escalating rush of sensation had caught her by surprise but she really wanted to do this for her daddy. Sally’s rectum still tingled from the rush that flooded through her. But having felt it she thought she could will herself to stay still long enough for her daddy to find the adult relief she knew he needed. She dearly wanted him to be happy.

Frank watch her climb back onto the pillow her bottom facing him again and spread her legs open. Her anus was well lube but not too stretched ‘yet’. She wasn’t going to back out but he need to be sure.

“Sally” he said getting her attention “When a man… well… when he starts he can’t stop… Do you understand?”

“It’s OK daddy.. I’ll do better” Sally remembering how well most the women in the movies handled having a penis in their butts. Surely she do it too.

She got back into position her leg wide to each side of him with him now kneeling upright on the bed behind her. Sally was still shaking off the rush of sensation the rabidly moving finger had sent through her. She turned her head looking back watching him with his shaking hands spreading the lube over the adult stiff penis. She braced herself to do this ‘for daddy’ and she wondered seeing his large testicles if the penis would spit sperm from the tip like she’d seen. He was ready now placing the lube down looking at her but, she could see the twinkle in his eyes and it sent a thrill through her, this was the happiest she had seen him in a while. She turn facing froward as he moved toward her aiming his really stiff penis at her bottom.

Frank finished lubing his cock. Looking down onto Sally almost perfect opened buttocks he was more than ready. She would be the youngest girl he had ever fucked and to be able to to take her anally had his heart racing, his whole body shaking with more excitement than he had felt sense the first time as a teenager. Cock in hand he angled it having to go slightly over her because of the intensity of the stiffness and placed the blunt slickened tip dead on target adding pressure onto the small hot ring of mussel.

“Make like your pooping” he groaned, his world focused on how it was already feeling.

Sally was more than willing to let him guide her, not knowing herself what to do and eager to do something other than just lay there. An odd joy filled her alone with the apprehension of her first time at sex. She just knew this was a pivotal moment in her life and let herself be taken away by the large blunt pressure on her young anus. Her young pussy tingled hotly a pleasurable sensation building that she realized was related to pleasing her daddy with sex, she liked it. She push against the blunt pressure feeing her anal mussels opening the firm blunt tip popping in.

“A-ah-p-mm…” she gasped in shock of a stab of sharp pain.

It held her for a few seconds before fading, her anus tight around the blunt tip. She knew now why the women in the movies sometime gasped, her eyes moved rapidly about without really seeing anything her young mind rapped up by tip of thick flesh just in her rectum. Recovering herself she turned back looking at daddy, her body wanting to call it quits her rectum on edge, like there was to be more sharp pain. But daddy looking happily engrossed in the act and she didn’t have the heart to stop him. She would endure in some how. Maybe this in what the other women did for their man.

Frank’s cock head popped passed Sally’s tight anus, her loud pleasing gasp filled his senses and he struggled not to cum when her anus went hugging tight as the sharp butt pain went through the young girl. It was more than just wonderful to witness and he defiantly wanted more. He had never be so excited in his life, and her so willing. He reached out touching her youthful warm nude skin, every fiber of his being driving him on even knowing the taboo society placed on the double act of sodomy and child sex. Each a joy unto itself. Sally turned looking at him for a moment, the pained look on her face making the moment even better. But even more he saw her resolve to continue, with her facing back forward finger digging in to the bed covers, the view up along her nude now flushed backside was simply wonderful. He eased his cock forward eagerly trying to wedge his cock farther into her young rectum.

Sally bit into her lower lip as the penis wormed farther into her rectum, she remembered her daddy saying ‘make like your are pooping’ and tried that, hoping it would help but wasn’t sure if it did.

“Thats it honey.. Thats it” she heard him say.

She felt he knew more than her in this type of thing and kept pushing as if pooping till the shear thickness overwhelmed her and she collapsed down. It felt like her rectum was way too stretched and she cried out for a second before catching herself and burying her head in the covers biting the blanket in her teeth. The blunt tip seemed to press to a stop somewhere deep inside her rectum and her whole body quivered from the painful fullness she was held in the grips of. The stiff penis seem to come alive spitting hot liquid from the end, she could plainly feel that. And even though it was still really uncomfortable her young pussy sent a pleasurable wave of sensation through her she really liked. The penis started going soft and her daddy pulled it out, a rush of warm liquid she realized was sperm ran from her sore butt hole over her pussy. She had done it and felt pleased with herself. A nervous giggle escaped from her at being able to do what she set out to do and she jumped up turning toward her daddy planting a opened mouth kiss on him just like she’d seen in the movies.

Frank was engulfed in the most pleasurable experience in his life. He’d sodomized a couple women in his life but this was vastly different. The tube of Sally’s rectum resisted stretching around the girth of his cock throughout its full length and just as he seated his cock to the end of the quivering tube her whole small body tensed up in a wonderful body gripping shudder. He lost it, balls unloading right there in an orgasm that drained him fully. With cock deflating rapidly he pulled free. Still in dumbfounded disbelief Sally jump up with bright flashing eyes and kissed him full on the lips, his arm went around her holding her tight against him kissing her back his tongue going through her young mouth.

His mind working over time on his next plan, maybe he would plant some bondage videos in the computer’s easy to find desktop folder. Or even some deep throat. He wondered just what the limit of her use was, but for now he’d like to get more of that tight ass as he was able. He was sure she would just as forgiving to any roughness he would defiantly be doing, it would be nice to inflicted more humiliation on the child of his x-wife. The more the better he felt wondering just where the limits were and wanting to test them.