Runaways from rape (gg,M,rape)

Runaways from rape (gg,M,rape)

Prologue: Two little girls and their dog run way from home after a sadistic father brutally rapes one of them and threatens to do the same to the other.

Author: Uncle Tony

December 1976 was cold. There was a good chance that it would snow on Christmas Day. I was a veterinarian. I had setup my surgery in a small town in the UK. It didn’t have a big population, so I didn’t have that many customers, but it didn’t matter. I was independently wealthy. My folks had left me a substantial amount of money and properties, but I had no desire to be a playboy and that was the only reason that I was working at all. I had a big house outside of town, very isolated. It had belonged to my uncle who had left it to me when he died.
The icy wind was blowing when I started out to my surgery at about half past six on the morning of Christmas Eve. I had only had a single customer the day before, a cat that had a fish bone stock in its throat. I was planning to stay at the surgery for an hour or so and then leave my emergency telephone number on the door. After that, I would drive home for a relaxing Christmas. I had central heating, but I also had a big fireplace and I was planning to light up a log fire as soon as I got home.
There were a few flake of snow in the air when I saw them. They were struggling against an icy headwind. The two small figures were walking in the same direction as me. They had a big, very old and dilapidated suitcase which the bigger one was half carrying, half dragging,  I could see that they were cold and tired and almost on the point of collapse, as they were having difficulty putting one foot before the other. What caught my attention was the object that they carried between them. I was a dirty blanket but inside, I could see a dog’s feet. As I drew alongside, I saw that their faces were red and swollen. They were still crying, because their eyes were wet with tears. I couldn’t tell if it were two boys or two girls. I wondered why they were out in the freezing cold so early in the morning.
My first thought was that they had accidentally done something that had injured the dog and they were trying to somehow get rid of it. I stopped and got out of my car. They looked at me like two frightened animals. I saw that the dog was an Alsatian cross of around six months or so. It was breathing, but hardly moving. The two children looked terrified as I approached them.
“What’s the matter with your dog?” I asked. The bigger of the two spoke. Under the untidy and old clothes I could see that it was a girl. They were both in torn jeans, ragged overcoats with old dirty knitted hats and knitted scarves covering most of their faces.
“I don’t know, mister. He can’t walk and we couldn’t just leave him.”
“What happened?” I asked. They both looked at each other and started crying. My suspicions were confirmed, I thought. They were probably playing and had somehow injured the dog.
“Well, I’d better have a look at him, I’m a vet.” I told them. Tears ran down their faces. They backed away from me.
“Please don’t hurt us mister, we, we don’t have any money.”
“I don’t care about money, let me first see if I can help the dog, then you can tell me what happened.” I opened the back of my Station Wagon and motioned them to put the dog inside. They just stood there trembling with cold and fear. Both were girls, but their faces were red and puffed from crying. I noticed that the bigger one had a big bruise on her cheek.I beckoned to them again, to go into the back with the dog. The smaller one was shaking with fright.
“Please don’t mister, please don’t take us back. I’d rather die.”
“Look.” I pulled out my wallet and showed them my license. It stated veterinarian.
“Look, I’m a vet. I want to help your dog. I’m want to take you to my surgery. When I’ve helped your dog, you can tell me what your problem is and I’ll try to help you as well.” They huddled together and whispered to each other for a few minutes. There seemed to be a sort of argument. Finally and very reluctantly, they got into the back of my vehicle with the dog.
I drove back to the surgery and opened up. Together we carried the dog and put him on the floor of the waiting room. The two were blue with cold and shivering. I turned the heating up.
“Would you like tea, coffee or hot chocolate?” I asked.  They still seemed to be scared.
“Could we have some hot chocolate please.”
I made each of them a big mug of hot chocolate and whilst they were drinking it, I took the dog into the surgery. I found the dog was covered in bruises and had several broken ribs and his front leg had a fractured ulna. I gave the poor thing a general anaesthetic. After I had finished patching up the dog, I put him into one of my surgery kennels and went back to the girls. They sat huddled together. They had taken off some of their warm clothes and I was horrified to see that the smaller one had bruises on her neck.
“OK, your doggie will be just fine. He’ll need to stay here for a few days. He is badly bruised and has two broken ribs and a broken leg. Now please tell me what happened and then I’ll take you home.” Both girls burst into tears and clung to each other.
“Look, it doesn’t matter what you did, the dog is going to be fine. It was an accident, I’m sure.” The smaller one looked up.
“It wasn’t anything that we did, it was my bloody father.” She cried.
“Shut up, Sue. I told you we must never tell anyone.” The taller girl snapped at the other.
“I don’t care, Kelly, there’s no way I’m ever going back there and the bastard and his mates aren’t going to do it to me.” Kelly started to sob.
“No, shut up. I don’t want anyone to know, you don’t understand. I just want to die.” She got up ran out of the waiting room and into the surgery where she curled up in a corner sobbing.
“So you are Sue and she’s Kelly. Now tell me exactly what happened. I promise I won’t tell anyone, Doctor, patient privilege.” Sue looked at me.
“You promise? Cross your heart?
“Yes.” Tears ran down her face.
“Dad is a drunk. Mom is a drunk and she takes drugs as well. The bastard comes home drunk just about every day. Then he hits us if he sees us and he and my mother fight with each other. We try to make sure that we are in bed before he gets back. Last night he came back early. He was in a foul mood. Mom was so full of dope, she was unconscious on the couch in the living room. He shook her, but she didn’t wake up. Then the bastard turned on Kelly. He slapped her around, grabbed her by the hair and then started tearing her clothes off. She was fighting him and screaming at him to stop, but he was like an animal. He ripped her shirt off and started squeezing her titties, she was screaming in pain. Then, he tore off her panties and dragged her by the hair to the kitchen table. He bent her over, pushing her head onto the table. The dog tried to bite him but he kept kicking at him until the dog ran away yelping. Then he dropped his pants and his great big thing was sticking out. It was huge. I tried to hit him, but he backhanded me and I flew right across the room and banged my head on the wall.” She shuddered. “He put some butter on his thingy from the butter dish and then rammed it into Kelly’s pussy. She was screaming with pain. it was horrible. Then he started banging at her. All I could do was sit there on the floor and watch. I was sure he was going to kill us. He was grunting like an animal and kept on shouting ‘it’s time you got a good fucking, you little stuck up bitch’. Then after a while, he yelled ‘take that you little bitch, have a nice load of my baby juice’ and he shoved at her so hard, the table moved across the room. He just stood there for a couple of minutes When he pulled his enormous thing out, poor Kelly was dripping with blood and great lumps of his white stuff just oozed out and ran down her legs. Then he turned to me and grabbed me by the throat. He lifted me off the ground and held me against the wall. He stuck his face into mine. ‘It’s your turn tomorrow you little whore’, he yelled at me. I couldn’t breathe. With his other hand, he pulled down my panties and stuck his big dirty finger into my pussy. I screamed, because it hurt so bad. He yelled ‘It’s time you did something useful around here as well. I’m going to fuck the shit out of you tomorrow. I’m going to bring some of my mates back with me, then we can have a proper Christmas Party. It’s high time that you two started to earn your keep. When I’ve finished with you and my mates have finished with your bitch sister, then they can take turns with you as well. I’m sure they’ll enjoy some fresh meat’ Then he dropped me onto the floor. Kelly grabbed me. I was fighting to breathe and blood was running down my legs. It hurt real bad. We ran to our room and locked the door. Kelly was just crying, it was horrible. We were terrified that he might break into our room. Neither of us could sleep, we were so scared. We decided to run away. We waited until we heard him snoring then we put some things into a case and put on as many warm clothes as we could. Then we sneaked downstairs, but poor Prince, couldn’t walk. We weren’t going to leave him there, my dad would have killed him, so we decided to take him with us. We got an old blanket and got him onto it. Then we just ran. We tried to get as far away as we could while it was still dark.”
“Where are you planning to go to?” I asked. Sue started crying again. “We don’t know, all we want to do is get away.”
“Why not go to the police?”
“Dad knows some of them, he goes drinking and gambling with them, they wouldn’t believe us.”
“Where is your house?” I was shocked when she told me, they had walked almost four miles in the freezing cold carrying a puppy and a suitcase. I went into the surgery and sat down near Kelly.
“Kelly, stop crying, please. What happened to you was horrible. I can’t even begin to imagine how you must feel. I want to help all three of you, but I can only do that if you trust me and you allow me to help. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you all safe.” I tried to put my arm around her, but she pulled away and cringed.  Sue went to her and put her arms around her.
“It’s alright, Kelly. We need some help or we are going to die. If we don’t die of cold, dad will find us. I’d rather die that have that happen again. Please Kelly, I think we can trust this man. Kelly looked at me. Then she came close to me and I hugged her. She clung to me and sobbed in my arms for a long time. Sue sat with us. I think she must have cried herself almost into unconsciousness, but eventually she regained a bit of composure.
“Introductions, ladies. My name is Tony to you, and I gather that you are Susan and Kelly. Now, how old are you Kelly?”
“Almost ten. Sue will be eight in February.”
This was a truly bad situation. If I let the two go, they would probably freeze to death, but if I tried to help them, I could get into big trouble. I thought of confronting the father. I was a big guy, six foot four and almost seventeen stone. I Had my own gym now, but I had been involved in amateur bodybuilding for some time. I was also a karate black belt, so I wasn’t scared of him. I was just scared of what would happen to me. If I beat the shit out of him and he had friends in the police force. I sat in thought for some time.
“Now listen up, girls, we have to get out of here, but first. Where is your mother and father?” I asked. Kelly thought for a moment
“Mom will be out with her friends or looking for dope. Dad will be at work. Will you really help us? You won’t hurt us, will you?”
“No, I promise I won’t hurt you or do anything to you. What time will your folks be back? Is there anyone in the house?” I asked.
“What time is it now?” I looked at my watch.
“Just after eight fifteen” I told them.
“Oh mom won’t be back before five or six o’clock. Dad probably much later, but one can never be sure. He’s got a Christmas job at one of the big stores, sort of security, looking for thieves and pickpockets. He starts work at eight, so he’ll be gone already. He leaves the key under the door mat by the back door. After work he goes around to his mates and the pub.”
“I have an idea.” I told them. “Please trust me, we don’t have a lot of time. Just do what I say and don’t ask questions. Both of you, take off your coats and sweater and roll up your sleeves. I’m going to take a small amount of blood from each of you and Prince as well.”
“But . . . ” I cut them off.
“No questions. Trust me, it won’t hurt, just a pin prick” They rolled up their sleeves and I took about one hundred milliliters of blood from each of them. “Which room did dad rape you in?” I asked. “The kitchen?”
“Yes.” I took blood from the dog as well.
“What’s your address?” They gave me the address, and told me that they had left the back door open, but dad would have locked it.
“First I want to take a look at that bruise.” I told Kelly. Go wash your face and bathe it in cold water. Your eyes are all puffed up from crying. You as well, Sue. I’ll put some lotion on those bruises around your neck. I gave Kelly an ice pack from the ‘fridge. Hold this on it until I get back. Now please, wait here. Don’t show your faces. Don’t open the door. I have a key. Don’t make a noise and if the phone rings, don’t answer it.”
I took the case, put the vials of blood in my pocket and set off in the car. There were only a few cameras back then and I knew where every camera was, so I took a route to their house that avoided them all. I parked a block away in a deserted side road and went the rest of the way onfoot. When I arrived, I saw that all was clear and went in the back door. I kept my gloves on. I went first to the girls’  room and strewed the contents of the case all over. Then I splashed some blood from each vial onto the floor and wall. I splashed some more in the passage and in the kitchen, where I also added the blood from the dog In a dark corner. I opened the door to the living room and was shocked to see a woman lying on the couch. It must be the mother, she must have come home early.  I quietly closed the door, being careful not to wake her. Then I left the same way that I had come. When I got back to the surgery, I took a blanket, and then got the two girls together.
“I’m going outside to look around.” I told them. “When I’m sure it’s clear, I’ll open the back of the car. When I give the signal, you both keep low, run to the car, get into the back and lie down. Then I’ll cover you with the blanket and you stay there and keep still until we get to my house. Understood?” They nodded.
We drove to my house, it was quite a way out of town and it had high fences and electronic gates. I drove to the front of the house and stopped. I got the girls out and led them into the house. The central heating was on and the place was nice and warm. I showed them around the big house. I had my own gym, heated swimming pool, library etc. I showed them the two main bedrooms, both with en suite bathrooms and the other four bedrooms. I lit up my log fire then, between us, we made up the big king sized bed in the second main bedroom.
“Where’s the suitcase we brought?” Kelly asked.
“I took it back and took everything out and strewed it around your bedroom with some of your blood.” I told them.
“But why? Now we don’t have any clothes?”
“Don’t panic, I’ll buy you some new ones, but you can’t come with me. Just give me your sizes, clothes and shoes and I’ll nip out and do a bit of Christmas shopping. I drove into town and bought clothes for both of them. Jeans, slacks, skirts, dresses, shoes, underwear, the lot. It wasn’t cheap rubbish. I bought the best that I could find from one of the most expensive stores. When I got back, The back of the car was loaded, but I left everything in the car.
“Sorry, girls.” I told them. “Everything in your sizes was sold out. I went to several stores. Don’t panic, I’ll find something on Boxing Day.”. I gave them each one of my T-shirts to sleep in and after a good meal, I told them to go to bed. The day, the cold, the long walk and the tears had taken it out of them. They were exhausted.
“Please can I get a bath first, Tony.” Kelly asked. “I haven’t been able to wash since, since he . . .” She broke off and her eyes glistened with tears. “I feel, sort of dirty and I want to just scrub myself and get all traces of his stuff from me.”
“Kelly, sweetie, you are exhausted. You are almost asleep. It’s been a long day. Please just go to bed and sleep now and as soon as you wake up, I promise you can have a nice hot bath, both of you and just soak in it for as long as you like. I don’t want you to fall asleep in the bath or hurt yourself. Please Kelly. Trust me and rest.
When they were asleep, I got out all the stuff that I had bought, it was all Christmas wrapped. Then I decorated the living room a bit. No tree, but it was rather short notice! Then, I drove down to a phone box several miles away and called the police. I told them that I had heard a rumor that the guy living at the address the girls had given me, had raped and murdered his two young daughters and that he had been seen leaving the house with a suspicious bundle, walking towards the river. Then I went to bed.
I woke to a terrible scream. It took me a moment to realize what it was. I pulled on a pair of pants and rushed into the girl’s room. Kelly was almost hysterical and Sue was trying to comfort her.
“You were just having a bad dream, Kelly. There’s no-one here, only Tony” Kelly was looking around wildly.
“But I saw him. He had no clothes on and he had a knife. He’s going to rape me again and then kill me.” I sat on the bed.
“Sshhh, Kelly, you were just having a nightmare. There’s no-one here, I promise you. Your father will never come here. I’m sure he has problems of his own now.” I waited until she quieted down.  Then, I went into my room and got out a sleeping bag and a pillow. I went back into the girls room and closed the door, locked it from the inside and laid out the sleeping bag in front of the door.
“I’m going to sleep right here tonight, Kelly. No-one will get past me. Now go to sleep.”
I woke early the next morning and started making breakfast when the girls came down. They were wearing their tatty old clothes. They were excited to see the decorations and even more excited when the saw the huge pile of presents. What they couldn’t see was that each was carefully labeled, either Kelly or Susan.
“No opening at all until you have both been back to your room and had a really good bath and washed and dried your hair. You look like a scruffy pair of tramps and you only get to open one of these when I’m satisfied.” I gave them each a parcel. In each one was new underwear, T-shirt, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, perfume and slacks. “You can open these when you have dried and done your hair.”
They were both gone for a long time, and when they came back I could barely recognize them. Gone were the two scruffy, unkept kids and they had been replaced by two well dressed, smart, lovely young girls. Until that moment I had never thought of either of them sexually, but things had just got different. Both had beautiful long naturally wavy hair. Is was a medium brown and whilst Sue had done hers in a pony tail, Kelly’s fell over her shoulders, highlighting the two small but beautiful perky breasts which poked at the tight T-shirt she wore. I could see that even Sue was starting get get her breasts already. They were both very slim. It was obvious that food had not been plentiful. The swollen faces and red eyes were gone, but the bruises were still very much there.
“Is that better?” They asked in unison.
“Wow!” I was lost for words. “Alright, you qualified. Now get into that pile of parcels, go to your room’ try the stuff on. Be careful with it, because if there is anything you don’t like or doesn’t fit, I can take it back.” They looked at me speechless.
“You mean all that stuff is for us?”
“Yes. You can’t stay here with me looking like a pair of waifs.”
For the next hour, all I heard was shrieks of delight as the opened all their new clothes. I was happy to see them so happy after the terrible experience of the previous couple of days. After all I had plenty of money and you can’t take it with you! They rushed off to their room and they were gone for a long time. Eventually they came back. They had dressed up in skirts and blouses and they looked good enough to eat. Before they could speak, I told them to turn around and  close their eyes. I had bought each of them a gold fine-linked chain. Well it was really three chains a gold one a white gold one and a red gold one all on a single clasp. I fastened them around their necks and produced a mirror.
“Happy Christmas to both of you.” They screamed with delight and hugged me.
“Thank you, thank you.” They chorused. Kelly looked serious.
“But Tony, we can never repay you. What if my father finds us? He’ll either sell it all or tear it up. I’m so scared of him finding me. What’s going to happen to us. We have nowhere to go.
“He won’t.” I replied. “But as you just brought up a subject, I would like you to give me chance to reply, without feeling threatened or awful or that you have any obligation to me whatsoever. No matter how you respond to what I am about to say, I promise you that it will make no difference. Please just sit still, keep quiet and hear me out before you speak. Is that OK?” The girls sat. They looked confused and there was a bit of tension in the air. Everything had suddenly gone from excited happiness to very quiet serious.
“What’s the matter, Tony, have we done something wrong?” Sue asked with a slight tremble in her voice.
“No, silly, of course not. The problem is that Kelly was brutalized and raped by her own father and you, Susan, had to watch those awful events and you had a horrible experience of your own. I can’t say that I know how you feel, because I don’t think that any man is capable of knowing what a terrible experience it must be for any woman, let alone ones as young as you, to have to endure such a thing. I’m also sure that this is going to stick in your mind for the rest of your lives and you will eventually be unable to trust any man or get any joy at all out of a sexual encounter. I know this sounds bad and scary and you might think that I’m just as big a lecher as your father, but I’m not. You had a terrible experience, but you have to forget it, put it out of your mind and move on. If you fall off your bicycle and hurt yourself. The best thing you can do, is to get back on again. What I’m trying to say, bad as it may sound, is that I have no wife and I broke up with my last girl friend more than six weeks ago. So the bottom line is that we can all help each other. You can get back on that bicycle and I’ll try to show you that not everyone is an animal and I promise never to hurt either of you or force you to do anything. Sex between two people who trust each other and want it is beautiful, fun, and necessary. I would like to show you. No obligation. Now you can speak. Please don’t think badly of me or run away. What happened, happened. It can’t be undone. You have to learn to live with it. When you do something new, your first experience is usually the one that makes the biggest impression. You mustn’t let what your father did, color the rest of your lives. Over to you.”
Both girls sat, staring at me. I could see that they were both thinking. Finally Sue spoke up.
“Will it hurt a lot if you stick your thing in me?”
“First, it’s called a penis and the very first time, there’s a bit of skin in the way, and yes, it hurts a little bit, but only for a short time. However in your case, I think your father did that already, that’s why you were bleeding, but even if he didn’t, it’s only the very first time and it isn’t very painful and its soon better.” Kelly looked at me.
“You’re right, Tony. I’m going to have nightmares about my dad for the rest of my life. I decided that I would never let any man ever touch me like that. You’ve been so good to us. I feel that I should do this for myself as well as to try to give you something back. Maybe you can help me, but I have to be honest, I’m terrified. He hurt me so much and it was so humiliating. I just wanted to die. I seriously thought of killing myself. It was only the thought of my sister being raped and brutalized by my father and his mates that stopped me. I can still feel his slimy stuff running down my legs.” She shuddered. “When do you want to do it?”
“Only when you are ready and I promise you that I won’t hurt you or make you feel bad.” Kelly was close to tears.
“But you are right. I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s haunting me. I need to do this and the sooner the better. Why not right now?” I went over to the couch and sat beside her.
“No, not right now. Let’s just enjoy the day. It’s Christmas Day. Relax, enjoy some good food. Maybe swim in the pool. Just enjoy. I have to pop down to the surgery and make sure that Prince is comfortable and give him food. I won’t be long, but you have to give me your word that you will be very quiet, you mustn’t switch lights on or off and if anyone calls or the phone rings, be silent. There is a very slim chance that they are looking for you. I doubt it because I want the police to think that your father murdered you and hid the bodies.” I told them what I had done the previous evening whilst they were asleep.
The rest of the day went quickly and as evening drew on, I set up the TV and between us we picked a movie. We sat on the couch and I had.a girl on each side of me. As the film progressed, I but my arms around both of them. I felt a momentary tightness in Kelly, but she soon snuggled up to me and relaxed. I stroked their arms and their backs. When the film ended I was hugging both of them tightly. I turned to Kelly.
“Kelly.” I whispered and as she turned to look at me I kissed her gently on the lips. She stiffened and I thought that she was going to pull away, but she didn’t.
“Sorry.” She murmured. “Please forgive me.” I kissed her again and she returned my kiss. It wasn’t very practiced, but she learned quickly. After a few minutes I turned as kissed Sue on the lips also. She must have been watching the movie, because she put her arms around my neck and pressed her lips to mine. Not a very good kiss, but no sign of tension.
I switched over to the news, Police had arrested a man for the suspected rape and murder of his two daughters and his wife. Police had found blood and semen at the house as well as blood and vaginal contributions from what was suspected to be one of his daughters. The mother had died the previous day as the result of an overdose, which they believed the father must have administered. Police were searching the river for the bodies of the two girls and anyone with information was asked to come forward. Both girls gave sighs of relief. I was a bit surprised to learn that the woman I had seen on the couch had been dead for some time. But I kept quiet.
“Dad must have killed her after we locked ourselves in our room.” Kelly said “I think he must have gone mad or something.”
“It isn’t over yet girls.” I told them. You mustn’t leave the house or be seen for quite a while. I already have a customer for my veterinary practice and he is waiting for the sale of his property to complete, which he hopes will be early next year. When the sale is through, I had planned to leave the UK and go to either Spain, Australia or South Africa. We have time to decide where. I’ll need to get you some false papers, but I have a contact who can organize these things. Then we need to change your appearance, dye your hair black or blonde and get you both passports. I promise to look after both of you until you are 18. After that, it’s up to the three of us to decide. The good news is, there can be no school, you will have to learn at home until we get out of the UK. I also expect you to work out and keep yourselves in good shape. I can’t stand fat girls, but you are both skinny. You need to eat well and get into the gym. I’m going to train you both. I’ll teach you a bit of karate and Aikido as well, just in case anyone ever tries to hurt you again.
I did some careful thinking. It was true that I felt that the best thing for Kelly would be to get right back on the bicycle. In short, I was convinced that slow and gentle lovemaking would help her to forget the rape. Without it, I guessed that the nightmares would just keep coming back. I also have to confess that I wanted to have sex with her. I don’t believe any man who says that he doesn’t get turned on when a young girl is willing to let him have sex with her. As long as it’s consensual, I just don’t hold with the witch hunt for pedophiles. When a girl of any age wants to experiment with sex, they will. No law on earth will stop them. If they pick the wrong bloke they could end up getting very badly hurt or even murdered.  With Susan, it was different. She had been violated but not raped. Nevertheless, her first experience with sex would never go away. She was very young to be introduced to actual intercourse, but I would have to leave this up to her to decide. It certainly wouldn’t be a problem for me. She was very pretty, in spite of being underfed.
“I have a proposition for both of you. Please don’t be scared to say no. As Kelly needs to put her experience behind her, and I guess she is going to keep having nightmares about her father, I’m going to suggest that we all three sleep in the same bed tonight. No-one has to do this and nothing has to happen. Just lets all relax together. You won’t need to call me if you have a bad dream. I’ll be there with you. I promise to keep you safe, no matter what. What do you think?” Susan was first to respond.
“Do you really think that it won’t hurt me?
“I can’t guarantee it, but from what you told me, you are no longer a virgin, and if you aren’t, it won’t hurt and you should be able to enjoy it.”
We had Christmas cake and a mince pie and we all three had a glass of Port. I hoped it would relax them. After the drink, we went upstairs and into my bedroom. I felt Kelly stiffen as we approached the bed. We all three sat on the edge of the bed. Kelly started trembling.
“Can we rather do this tomorrow?” She whispered. “I’m so scared. I know it’s silly but . . .” I put my arm around her shoulders. She was trembling.
“Shhhh” I whispered. “Don’t be scared, no-one is going to hurt you.” I hugged her and stroked her shoulders.
“Would it be better if I went into my own room tonight?” Sue asked.
“No Sue, your sister needs you to be with her. I know you re both scared. Hold her hand, try to comfort each other. You both know that I would never hurt either of you.” Sue held Kelly’s hand and stroked it.
“I’m here for you sis.” She whispered. “Don’t be scared. I like Tony a lot. He’s done more for us than our folks ever did. Trust him Kelly. I do.” We sat like that for a long time. Cautiously I moved my hand until I allowed it to just brush her breasts through the thin silk blouse. She stiffened again, but then relaxed a bit. Very slowly and carefully, I unfastened the buttons of her blouse. I was talking to her the whole time, reassuring her that no-one would ever hurt her again. It must have taken me almost half an hour before the last button was opened and the blouse fell open revealing two beautiful small, but perky breasts. I was horrified to see that she had dark bruises around both of them and it was an indication as to just what an animal her father had been.
I had to be very careful. I knew that if it didn’t happen tonight, I would lose her for ever and she would bear the scars of her rape for the rest of her life. Very gently and slowly I traced rings around her nipples with my finger. Soon they were hard as bullets, but every few minutes, she would shiver uncontrollably. It took around fifteen minutes before she relaxed and her breathing became shallower. Very slowly I moved my hand down towards her stomach and then back again to her breasts as she started to relax more and more, I gently pushed her back so that the upper part of her body was lying on the bed and her legs were still over the side. Sue lay beside her and took over gently stroking her upper body and breasts. Like me, she could see those bruises and she carefully avoided pressing on them.
Kelly’s breathing was getting faster. I stroked her tummy and after a while, I slid my hand down inside the elastic top of her slacks until I reached her pussy. She stiffened and tried to get up, but Sue held her very gently.
“Shh, don’t be scared. I’m not going to hurt you.” I must have said this fifty times over the next half hour. She was starting to get wet, but from time to time, the shaking started again. Finally I got my hand into position and managed to slide her slacks from under her until I could work them off completely. All that stood between me now was her fear and the thin lacy black panties that I had bought her. I could see the darker patch getting bigger and I knew that it was now or never. Very slowly I managed to work her panties from under her and take them off. She lay naked before me.
I knelt down and used my tongue up and down her still bald slit. There was just a trace of fine down around it. When I hit her clit with my tongue, it was as if I had given her an electric shock. She started to struggle, but only for a few seconds, because Sue was whispering to her and stroking her face and hair. I gently slipped my finger inside that wonderful tunnel of love. It took quite a while to bring her to a climax, working her clit with my tongue and her G-spot with my finger. Her back arched and she cried out. I held her tightly. My head was on her tummy and I could feel the contraction of her muscles.. I unzipped my pants and managed to get them off. My dick was like an iron bar. She was incredibly wet now and so was I.
As soon as it sprang free, I heard Sue gasp. I was only an average six and a half inches, but to an eight year old, it must have seemed huge. Slowly and carefully, I managed to position the head of my penis against Kelly’s lovely pussy, and slowly and carefully I slipped inside her. Sue was staring open mouthed as my engorged member slowly disappeared inside her sister. She had one hand inside her slacks and I could see that she was masturbating. I moved my mouth to those wonderful little, rock hard nipples and I sucked at them and massaged them with my tongue. I just groaned with pleasure.
Kelly lay under me as I slowly moved, with short slow strokes. She groaned and I could feel that she was ready. I increased the length of the strokes and she began to meet my downstrokes with her hips. The strokes got faster until we were fucking flat out with long thrusts getting faster and faster. I felt her stiffen and I knew that she was on the brink.
“Oh my God, oh yes.” She screamed and her inner muscles grabbed me like a vice. I was desperate to orgasm, but I fought it with every fiber of my being. Eventually her spasms stopped and I started to fuck her again. From the corner of my eye, I saw Sue also hit a body wrenching orgasm as well. Kelly’s hips were now slamming up to meet me. She was muttering gibberish, I couldn’t make out what she was saying. I felt her start to tense and as she cried out, I just couldn’t hold back any longer. Huge ropes of my hot sticky semen gushed out of my tortured prick and decorated the inside of her waiting womb and the walls of her vagina. I thought I would never stop. My body was on fire and my mind was in a different galaxy as wave after wave of unadulterated pleasure and euphoria shot through me. Dimly I heard Kelly crying out and I think she hit another orgasm on top of the one that had started..
We lay, locked together for a few minutes. I took a hankie and pulled out as I slipped the hankie under her pink open pussy. I remembered how she had hated his ‘slimy stuff’ running down her legs. As I watched great gobbets of my white, sperm-loaded semen oozed out of her. Sue gave a strangled cry and went into yet another orgasm. God knows how many she had already had. There is nothing more erotic than watching your semen drip out of a girl that you have just fucked, especially one that’s only ten years old. My semi-flaccid dick was already staring to harden again.
I kissed Kelly and she returned my kiss, locking her arms around my neck.
“Thank you, Tony, thank you. That was wonderful. Thank you for not hurting me and being so patient. I was terrified. But I’m so glad that you helped me, both of you. You showed me that sex isn’t horrible. You aren’t nearly as big as my father, his penis is huge. It’s much longer than yours and a lot thicker. It hurt so bad.” Tears ran down her face at the memory.
“I’m glad that I didn’t hurt you, sweetheart. Now try to forget what that animal did to you and just remember what we just did and I hope we can do it many more times in the future. Now it’s your turn to help Susan. Kelly sat up and saw my engorged penis. She stroked it.
“Sis, are you ready for this?” In reply, Susan rapidly shed her clothes until her naked’ eight year old body lay on the bed before me.
“Try not to make it hurt too much.” She whispered. The lips of her little bald vagina were open like the petals of an exotic flower. I could hardly believe that someone so young could get so wet. Foreplay was pointless. She had watched me fuck her big sister and that was foreplay enough. Kelly massaged her tiny budding breasts and held her as I slid my throbbing penis into her bald little pussy. She wriggled to try to help me get in deeper. She was wet with sweat and breathing hard. Kelly kissed her .and she found Susan’s clit with her fingers. She was incredibly tight, but there was no hymen to block my progress. It took some time before I could penetrate her completely.
“Does it hurt?” I asked.
“No, I feel, well, I feel full, but it’s starting to feel good now. Is it all inside?”
“Yes sis.” Kelly told her. It’s all inside. It should start to feel really good now.” She continued administering to Susan’s clit, as I slowly started to fuck her. It was incredibly tight and just a bit painful for me, but as we progressed and she became accustomed to the invader inside her, it got easier. With Kelly working the clit and me massaging inside, it only took a few minutes before Sue had yet another orgasm. It was a major one, I was sure that my dick was going to be completely crushed. She bucked and writhed and screamed with pleasure as her orgasm took over. Before she had properly come down, I was fucking her again. Sue was pounding back at me. I grimly held on until she peaked again and then I shot my load of hot sticky semen as deep inside her as I could. I don’t know which one of us made the most noise, because Sue was screaming, Kelly was screaming and I was also. I could hardly breathe. I was covered in sweat and we all three lay entangled together and watched dollops of my semen drip out of her no longer tiny cunt. The bed was wet with sweat and semen. We managed to somehow pull the sheet over us and we just collapsed together in a deep sleep until morning. I was dreaming and I had an amazing hard-on. I woke up. I found that Kelly was missing and Susan was stroking my penis.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“You don’t know?”
“Well yes, of course, but where’s you sister?”
“Kelly is making breakfast, so for now, you’re mine, at least for a while. Didn’t you enjoy having me last night?” I looked into her mischievous brown eyes.
“Of course I did, you are both very beautiful girls and I love you both.”
“Well, don’t just lie there, – prove it. You can have Kelly after breakfast. I did ask her because she’s the oldest and she says it’s OK.”
Well, how can a red blooded young man refuse such an invitation.


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