Print For Review (Mb,Mg,oral,anal)

Print For Review (Mb,Mg,oral,anal)

Prologue: In the not to far future we’ll be able to make humans or animals in an organic 3D printer. Pop in some code and in a few hours a duplicate of the original that even the duplicate itself doesn’t even know, with memory of the past still intact to the point they were scanned in detail, forming the shared code able to be passed around in downloadable ZIP files like pictures and videos were of old.

In the not to far future we’ll be able to make animals in a organic 3D printer. Pop in some code and in a few hours a duplicate of the original that even the duplicate itself didn’t know they were nothing but copies. There in arose a sub culture of Pedo’s that traded O3P code as download zip files to use for programing black-market printers. Like hidden camera’s in a bathroom hidden scanners could be set up to scan in the unwary child or adult for trade or personal use by this sub-culture. These printer worked down to the molecular level making the duplicate so exact that the memories and last thoughts were preserved. Genetic code was so well preserved that animals made this way were found to be able to reproduce.

 So with the Organic 3D Printer(O3P) finely setup Aaron nervously rechecked the house. He had the weekend off and the organic hoppers full of the needed organic matrix. The printer had cost a bit to get together and taken time.Industrial printers were tracked by the government but black-market blueprints on the dark-web made building one a simple if not costly endeavor, taking him two years of savings. Aaron scanned over the down loaded files he’d saved and traded. Others whom had used them had left comments about their thoughts so Aaron had a basic filing system for them ‘Screamers’ ‘Talkers’ ‘Quiet’ ‘Needed Bound’ ‘Easy’ he would devise others as necessary but for now as a beginner this would do.

 Some had uploaded videos of their handiwork and Aaron scanned over a few trying to come to a decision and decided on a young boy of about six going by the name of Jeffery, dark of hair, brown eyes, a talker that had been known to had been abused before being scanned. Some found the fact that the boy knew what was happening enhanced the experience. The young boy was easily persuaded into being tied up before doing what one wanted.Aaron uploaded the code into the printer and seeing that it took and noted the time would be a couple hours hence and left it to do its thing.

Aaron was mentally worked up for what he’d find as there were no errors on copying the code the machine’s interface showing successful. He’d gotten naked, a jar of petroleum jelly at the ready and pulled the hatch open on the fairly large printer box. Aaron wasn’t sure what he’d expected but there stood a naked boy.. a real looking boy looking confused at his surroundings. Aaron himself felt confused as he’d only masturbated to pictures and videos before and the real looking boy made him back-step on the moral implications of what his original intent was. The O3P printed boy reacted to Aaron seemingly knowing just what Aaron was there to do.

“You going to fuck me mister” young O3P Jeffery asked “Is that why I’m naked”

Dumbfounded Aaron could only stand there shaking his head ‘yes’. His adult cock was stiff but wavering with indecision. He’d never actually done it with a real young boy or young girl except in his fantasy masturbation’s. But others had used these black market O3P printers and swore by them as being as close to the real thing as you could get.

 ‘Fuck’ Aaron thought ‘he looks pretty fucking real’

As an after thought he reached up to O3P Jeffery’s face and pinched the boy hard on the cheek of his face leaving a red mark.

“Ow.. that hurts” Jeffery cried out his young arms coming up to knock Aaron’s hand away.

Aaron adult cock lurched iron stiff in need of a forceful sodomizing fucking of this mirror creation of a young boy. Only in his wildest of fantasies did Aaron get abusive with a imagined kid but touching the O3P’s kid’s warm fleshed face sent an aggressive need to violate O3P Jeffery with a vigor he’d probably not use on a real flesh and blood kid. Still in the back of his head was a slippery pang of empathy and doubt he had a little problem suppressing.

The real Jeffery never knew he was scanned, although he’d been abused by his uncle on more than one occasion and the real one most likely would be again. He had developed a mental blanket he rapped himself in during sessions with his uncle to cope with what was wanted of him. The scanning process created an exact image in code of any animal there. People were banned by law for moral reasons as there was no way yet to determine which was the original as even the copied didn’t know. So when Jeffery open his eyes in the large container it was to him like he’d just blinked and was in a different place but naked and somewhat confused. The front opened and a strange naked adult man was there holding a jar of petroleum jelly its implications clear. The man wanted to use Jeffery just like his uncle did.

“You going to fuck me mister” Jeffery blurted out “Is that why I’m naked”

The naked man shaking his head‘yes’ confirming Jeffery’s fear the protective mental blanket inside his young mind sweeping in over Jeffery. The man gave him a painful pinch to his cheek before pulling him from the large container out into a strange room with computer equipment haphazardly strewn about. Jeffery’s uncle gave him no choice either but Jeffery sensed something even more urgent in this strange man. A scary lack of empathy toward him as he was rushed through a doorway into a bedroom that had all the odors of an adult man sleeping here for awhile.

Aaron mind was overwhelmed by the realism of the boy, every reaction as what one would need to get off down to the warmth and feel of the boy’s flesh. The info on this program code was that the boy had been abused before and knew what was going to happen. Aaron took in all the glancing clues from the young O3P Jeffery all of it heightening his need to enter the boy’s backside aggressively needing not to worry much about the niceties of fucking a real boy. As they neared the bed Aaron could sense Jeffery’s anxiety level rising, the boy’s pace slowing with Aaron having to urge him onward. The O3P boy knew, really knew this was going to be a ruff experience and was reluctant to be rush into the dreaded moment.

“Y-your wanting to h-hurt me aren’t you” O3P Jeffery stuttered out, then realizing there was nothing he could do about it “P-please go easy w-when you start”

 Aaron remembered the reviewed comments saying the boy was talkative when nervous. They were right,his young high pitched voice pleasing to hear, even heightening the urgentness of Aaron’s desire to get his cock up between the two beautiful boy buttocks his eyes were lock onto.

“Up over the side of the bed on your belly, Jeffery” Aaron commanded “Place your arms up over your head toward the other side”

Jeffery had only seen his uncle’s adult cock when it was hard. It wasn’t near as long as this man’s cock but it was just as thick. To Jeffery it was just a week ago fresh in his young mind of his uncle cock sodomizing him the thick blunt tip pressing disconcertingly hard to the end of his rectum with each shoving move of his uncle’s hips. And when his uncle’s cock lurched into spitting sperm Jeffery was brought up tensely as the pressing spitting tip wedged an inch farther into the curve of his snug colon his uncle’s loin going tightly up into his opened buttocks. That still vivid memory surging to the fore in his young mind. Standing beside the bed he looked up at the man’s staring face.

“P-please d-don’t go too deep” Jeffery’s young dark eyes going back to the long adultorgan a mere foot in front of him “Please.. please”

But as the man applied the lube to it Jeffery young mind didn’t fail to pick up the fact that the man applied the pasty slick stuff along the full length of the long throbbing organ.

“O-ooh.. Your going to do it anyway” O3P Jeffery’s face welling up with the look of something unfair and unwarranted about to be done to him “Please…. no…”

“Up onto the bed with your butt over the side” Arron told him “Open your legs so I can see your butt-hole”

“Humff..” O3P Jeffery breathed out in a huff of reluctant compliance.

Jeffery after climbing up on to the bed and sending his boy arms up toward the other side fully expected to feel fingers of the man stretching his anus and rectal passage some. But felt instead the thick blunt pressure of the man’s well lubed adult cock-head go against his unprepared boy anus.

The sight of the young O3Pmade boy over the side of the bed was too much, the slight spread of his legs enough to see both his hairless young testicular sack and tight target of his brown/pink anus. Jeffery went to rise up, turning his cute head back. Aaron stabbed onto the warm ring of muscle, then stabbed onto it again before it opened letting his cock pop in the tight rectal passage just waiting to be stretch tightly around his thick cock. Strangely Aaron was acting out a video he’d seen of this same O3P’ed boy someone had made for review. Aaron’s cock as amply built as he was wasn’t near as ample as the man in the video,even still he had like the man slap his large adult hand down onto the small of O3P Jeffery’s boy back to keep him from lurching off his now driving to get his cock in deeper loin.

“E-EeeeEee.. Take it out.. Take It Out” O3P Jeffery cried out “Your going to fast.. Too soon… Eeee-ee”

Aaron cock-head went firmly tothe end of the tight boy rectal passage with Aaron taking a breather staring down onto the trembling pair of buttocks with half his cock going up between them the tight hugging ring of the boy’s anus slightly creasing in the shaft of his rigid cock.

Jeffery was left frozen in place his stinging rectum stretched, his young face contorted in shock, panting. The man’s free hand going to the back of his neck, long finger going around and gripping around tightly holding him in place as the man adjusted himself behind Jeffery. The thick knot at the end of Jeffery’s young tightly stretched rectal passage pressed forward,the man angling his hip this way and that, his intent plain as day.

“No.. No..” O3P Jeffery cried out as Aaron gripped tighter to keep the squirming boy in place“Wait.. wait your getting it in too much.. ah-hh.. it’s too deep”

If this was an exact copy of the boy Aaron wanted to find out just how the boy’s deep passage would feel on his cock. The snug warm depths of O3P Jeffery’s bowel lured him onward to know the boy in this way. Aaron had seventeen downloaded O3P files to try out and wondered if he could tire of just even one of them. It was one thing to be masturbating to a video but this had him totally engaged into the life like action going on right within the grip of his very hands. He needed to show no empathy as when placated he could only place the O3P child back in the printer and hit erase, ready to try out another scanned downloaded code.Aaron’s thick cock found the elusive angle necessary to enter pastthe curve of tight colon into O3P Jeffery’s young intestine.

“Uh..uuhhHhh..” wavered loudly from the now limp collapsed shuttering boy.

Aaron was placing his knees between O3P Jeffery’s legs, opening them up wider so he could finish the job of planting his loin fully up into the spread of his young buttocks. Once there the urge to hump sent Aaron into the action of sodomizing sexual movement that slowly started to escalate in increasing length and speed as the intriguing ever changing grip from rectal passage of the boy would allow. All the while having to keep a firm grip around the back of young O3P boy’s neck, keeping his movements in a tenuous sensuous check. Aaron’s balls lurching into release with him letting the urge let his loin ram hard against the bottom of O3P Jeffery with every intense release of sperm. The hand at the small of the boy’s back slipping around eagerly feeling over his young genitals.

Jeffery couldn’t believe he was being engaged so ruffly, his young intestine revolted in a fit of urgent need to poop the pummeling organ from his gut in waves of hard hitting spasms. Jeffery arms tried swinging back defensibly his legs kicking for a foothold somewhere and all for not. The man rammed hard up into his bottom jarring his entire body, doing it over and over bring on sudden bowel spasms with each deep plunge till releasing a huge feeling spit of sperm into the tremble of his revolting young intestine. Though he been used this way this man’s cock was different in a lot of ways in length shape and the way he wielded itall adding up to an inability for him to come to subdue the involuntary spasms in any controlled way. All he could do was let his young body do as it would his young mind fully aware of the man’s release in every detail. Jeffery letting the emotional wash of knowing the man’s sperm was being flooded into him deeply sweep him up wide eyed with disgusting horror.

Aaron’s release was more satisfying than he’d had in a long time. He’d slipped into the role of dominance much easier than he thought. The young boy seemed so real in form and action, it did take a few moments of mentally convincing himself that this was a O3P version. Aaron had spent a good bit of money and felt at least he should go through with it but he was now fully intrigue with trying the other scanned codes. For now though he needed to do another difficult task of deleting the program. Aaron’s mind still ebbed with indecisiveness as to the moral implications. Even still he pulled his cock in one swift move from the young boy’s young bottom letting himself enjoy the sight of O3P Jeffery being gripped be a harsh bowel cramp his used anus leaking a stream of lumpy sperm. Arron watched wiping his cock clean and was ready to see if he could find the courage to do what must be done.

Jeffery was pulled from the bed before his cramping bowel had let up leaving him standing then forced to walk stiff legged with his buttocks tuck up tight back toward the large box like thing he woke up in. He was in a state of confusion as to how he got here at all. Dazed he found himself back where he woke up a hum and light growing till he had to shut his eyes, a sudden shock like touching an electric wire, then ‘nothing’.

 Aaron sat still naked at theO3P printer console his cock long limp and hit the delete key watching the organic stock being returned to the hoppers. Aaron was still fairly young and knew in just a little bit he’d be ready for another round and idly looked through the zip files and pictures for each of the codes filed away coming across a slightly skinny redheaded lanky girl of around seven years old. Some associating videos showing her O3P version being deep throated and deeply sodomized, Aaron’s cock lifting with him hitting the ‘PRINT’ key. The machine loading code and whirling to life. A green load bar showing a three hour wait. Time for a bite to eat and a couple beers. The beer would help dampen his still wavering moral compass as there was still a debate whether O3P animals or people were real or not, a beer and some smoke ‘marijuana’ would help dampen the wavering debate trying to rise to the for in his thoughts.

Nancy an active red head girl of seven years old had been playing at a big park when she’d gotten lost. She had sat for seemingly hours waiting for her parents in as mall room. What Nancy didn’t know was she was led into a place where a body scanner had been installed. Nancy went on to be reunited with her parent, but O3P Nancy opened her young eyes and found herself setting naked in a large box like thing with no way out. In some ways she was a good girl as she did what adults told her to do.She had a deep fear of attention from people and would freeze up stuttering and mind fogged. Some called her bashful but if she had to talk to someone she didn’t know her entire train of thought would collapse leaving her unable to do or say hardly anything. Nancy learned to follow the rules that being the best way not to draw attention to herself. She didn’t have allot of friends and for the most part stayed in the confines of her own mind for play.

Aaron sat close to the organic printer its hum ebbing up and down in pitch. He took the time to read over the reviews of the girl. Most had her as easy, saying that she was one of those kids that froze up and you could do most anything. One guy posted that she was one of his go to girls as she would flush bright red when ass fucked, the same guy said he took delight in finding different ways to approach her that way. Sometimes tying her up, but finding her easy to scare verbally into anything he was in the mood for, throat fucking oral, anal, pussy even. Just perfect for those times you didn’t want a fight on your hands. The green bar went 100% and a second later ‘Finished’ flashed up. Aaron looked over the nude pictures again real quick just to get mood set just right and to flush to the back of his mind his doubt of returning the seeming living boy a few hours ago back to the organic hopper.

Nancy could see where the opening had to be but all that was going through her head right now was the fact she was naked and there was nothing around to cover herself. Her young heard beat hard in her chest at the thought of someone seeing her like this. And as if to justify her fears the door to the box started opening her arms and hands moving quickly to cover her private parts. Already Nancy’s mind was fogging over with consuming embarrassment of being seen freezing her wide eyed in place as a strange man fully naked himself looking in. A sweeping knowing fear of his intent was the final nail leaving her to confused to embarrassingly scared to even move. An adult male hand grasped her by the forearm pulling through the opening into a strange room.

Aaron felt giddy, like it was Christmas and he was still a kid. He’d seen the pictures and videos of the young redhead but the O3P printer had out done itself in detail. The girl herself wasn’t ever going to be beautiful but had that lanky Irish tomboyish look that held your attention in a harsh ‘I want to fuck it hard’ kind of way. Even in the accompanied videos had most all O3P builders giving her a good rushed fucking. Aaron’s thought’s going to her flushed back hill country Irish young girl face. The bit of smoke and beer he liberally had combined to totally chase any moral doubt he had as he saw her cowering in the printer box.

“Come on out honey” Aaron said reaching in grabbing her warm left upper arm “You’ve got a long day ahead”

Arron was starting to get the hang of it. He could do anything imaginable without regrets, say anything without worry of it coming back to haunt you. His cock snapped to full attention, arching and throbbing to his lust flooded imaginative thoughts, hidden things he wouldn’t admit to any, even suppressing these debasing urges to himself afraid to admit there were some lines he would cross. Then there it was a sudden wash of guilt, a hard hitting but fleeting feeling what he was doing was wrong, the micro-shudder of guilt passed with Arron focusing on a base instinctual urge to dominate this young oddly desirable looking emotionally backwards young girl.

Nancy’s whole body shook, trembling with embarrassment and fear as she was pulled from the large container she woke up in. Her free hand went to covering up her exposed pussy slit wishing she could cover more of herself from view of the mans inquisitive eyes. Once out Nancy raise her arm up high with her having to come up onto her toes, twisting her arm forcing her spin around like a ballerina under his studious gaze, her free arm jerking around to try to cover her bare butt too as his eyes went over that part of her nude backside. She automatically averted her eyes but doing so caught sight if his adult stiff cock so close to her face. Nancy once had seen a young naked boy but never an adult man and wasn’t prepared at all for the sight, her head turning again but this time it was the end. Her mind went slipping into a heavy wave of haze of confusion and embarrassment.

Aaron could see that the young O3P Nancy mentally closing down, as if on cue. Aaron himself was a backwards child and knew something of what the copy of the girl was feeling. Sometimes in public he still had waves of apprehension being around so many people. But somehow it suited this young girl, her fully Irish face flush red as he head kept turning from the sight of his cock even though her young eyes kept having to flash sideways to it form every few seconds as if to confirm it was still horribly close at hand.

“You know your going to have to suck my cock” Arron said releasing her arm and slipping his right hand into her naturally red hair and grasping in at the back of her head.

O3P Nancy’s arm went dangling to her side as the man’s hand gripped painfully into her hair at the back of her head pulling her around to facing the stiffly arching long adult organ. Nancy was faced with looking at all of the adult maleness just a little infront of her face. His heavy wiry haired testicular sacks that held his tight moving balls inside them. His other hand came down to the base of the long organ forcing it over till the blunt leaking tip faced her close to her closed mouth.

“Open your mouth wide Nancy” The man said to her, his hand gripping tighter still into the hair at the back of her head “Stick your tongue out too.. as far as you can”

Even though she didn’t do what he demanded the thick strange looking leaking organ went up firmly against her lips. Nancy’s blue eyes darting about looking into the man’s dark coarse haired pubic area, his male odor smothering her senses sinking he farther into fog of her young mind. The fleshy tip opening her mouth and going in over her wet tongue. The odd taste of the leaking thick liquid suddenly a focus of distress with her jerking her head back involuntarily, but the man’s gripping hand making the move just a vain reflex a the tip slipped over her tongue going to the back of her throat. Nancy’s jaw was forced to open even farther the touch of the organ at the back of her throat bringing on a gag with her shoulders and back hunching up suddenly with the reflex.

“Aa-ug-gg…..” Came from around the slimy organ in Nancy’s mouth as she dry retched hard, her abdominal muscles suddenly going tight.

She was held in the intense gag for a long moment before her young mind finely snapped into the realizing that the man was trying to get the blunt tip farther into her throat. Problem was, she was already hunch up slightly arched over the man pulling her head back with his strong grip in her hair making the path from her mouth and throat a straight line. She wasn’t dumb about sex no kids in this day and age was, knowing just what he was wanting to do with her. She was old enough to have fantasies about handsome prince’s wanting to have sex with her, but they were just fantasies young girls her age had. This was just too much, the thick cock slipped farther into her throat, there was nothing she could do about it at all. With eyes watering over from her tummy being locked up in a delicate balancing act she could see the thick tuff of adult pubic hair coming closer to her face, the first of the longer hairs touching her nose and chin where his heavy testicular sack hung down.

Having never been in such a situation before left Nancy with no frame of context as to how to counter what was happening. Her arms had come up defensibly to wide each side of the man swinging through the air only to freeze where they were as her contorted face went mashing into the dark thick male musky pubic hair. The fleshy stiff rod stretching in her throat as it flexed stiffer still all of it she could taste and feel vividly.

Aaron slipped his other hand into play with both hands going to both sides of the gagging young O3P Nancy’s head, his large hands in full control and holding her posed in a gripping distressful sounding gag fully onto his cock. His eyes were firmly fixated on the top of her head as they both teetered on a balancing act of perseverance between them both with Aaron wondering for a long moment if she wasn’t going to wrench free. But he was far to caught up into the amazing sounds to relinquish his hold till in a flash the harsh tones started ebbing. He tugged his loin back pulling her head free releasing O3P Nancy just to watch her stagger about her face still stuck in a silent gag for a few second more as thick drool went stringing toward the floor. His spittle wet cock lurching in a stiff arch skyward throbbing to his heartbeat.

He did keep his hands at the ready having to help the young girl keep her footing till she suddenly gasped in, lungs springing to life. Seeing this very same moment in one of the videos he sprung into action of guiding her fully dazed to a cushioned chair and placing her belly down onto the soft seat her bottom over the edge. Aaron was already on his knees, his legs spreading her legs wide enough to catch sight of the small tight dark target of her anus. After the boy Aaron trusted that the Organic printer had duplicated the girl in exacting detail placing his spittle slick cock onto the small target between her warm light skinned freckled buttocks and lunged hard, the second lunge opening the tight ring his cock slipping half way up her butt before stopping.

Nancy head swum sending her stagger about. Her lungs refused to suck in needed air. She was only vaguely aware of the man keeping her from toppling over. When she did finely gasp in she found herself choking on phlegm. The first she was aware that she’d been placed belly down over a chair seat was when she felt a sharp blunt anus caving press against her butt-hole. Before she could even grasp what was happening it drove against the weakened ring of guarding muscle this time forcing it into allowing the thick intrusion of adult male flesh up inside her unprepared rectal passage. Her upper torso lurched up off the cushioned seat into the downward press of the man’s large strong hands at the back of her neck. The other hand of the man pressing down onto the small of her back as his horribly thick cock started humping madly in both direction, but mostly trying to go deeper into her stinging butthole.

The deep chair armrests close on each side made it almost impossible to get her arms pulled up for support and like her legs and feet thumped about wildly trying to find support anywhere to lurch, squirm, or anything. All she could do was scream hoarsely through her sore throat at the close fiber cushioned back of the chair that seemed to absorb what should have been loud sounds. In a last thrust the thick fleshy male organ lodge deep the tip firmly pressing at the end or her rectal passage all movement from the man stopping a second later Nancy herself froze too as the sharp edge of pain died back enough to almost tolerate. Nothing about the way it felt was right about the pressing knot deep up inside her overly stretched stinging poop passage.

Aaron had heard that no two kids rectums felt the same, no two kids reacted the same, each encounter a different adventure. And with this second under his belt, well almost, he found it to be pleasingly true. The basic anatomy was the same but under use by a thick cock it all added up to a difference that made each so far unique in feel. And being a man like visual variety in his chosen partners. Yea some liked the perfectly shaped form a cultural form of beauty some were taken in by. But Aaron found his eyes wondering to the slight differences one found in the reality of life. Most kids he was drawn to would most likely not be very attractive when older but in the here and now held a kind of fetish appeal he found himself masturbate to a lot.

But now his roaming eyes were going over O3P Nancy’s young form as he held her pinned down into the cushioned chair. She’d stopped struggling seemingly in shock of his cock stuck tightly up inside her fiercely stretch tight rectum. Aaron’s cock was leaking pre-cum freely from his cock head making that deep warm area at the end of her rectal passage slick, real slick. Her arm went down along her slender body with hands and fingers writhing nervously against the side of his hips. She’d tried to pull them up but was unable to contort them enough in the confines of the chair though her elbows still pressed slightly into the soft side of the arm-rest. And ‘fuck’ Aaron could feel her stretch anus, the thick stretch muscle like a trembling warm huge rubber ‘O’ ring creasing into the shaft of his cock almost three quarters of the way toward the base of his ridged cock.

Aaron hand gripping into the back of O3P Nancy’s neck slipped up twisting her head to the side enough for him to look down onto that side of her young light skinned flushed face. The discomfort of his cock in her tight passage all but evident, and something else he could see making his cock lurch even stiffer. She was one of those backward kids whether taught or just in their nature just couldn’t bare to be seen naked, and her was Aaron staring down on her. She kept her blue eye averted but the red flushing of her freckled face grew more intense the flush turning her once Lilly white young bare shoulders flush red also. Aaron’s leaking pre-cum had done an excellent job of freeing his cock head enough to really move, the stuff turning her entire rectal passage slick enough that he felt it was time to do this ass fucking right. Aaron was ready to make that passage just as sensitive as she could bare. Aaron drew his cock back confirming that the hugging young tight female rectal passage had indeed relinquished it resisting griping hold of his iron stiff member.

His entire body quivered from his sensitive cock head being able feel every imperfection found in O3P Nancy’s now pre-cum slick back passage. Aaron just bet if this was the real Nancy it would feel the same. Supposedly the Organic 3D Printer could duplicate down to every microscopic detail even so it was told if humans were printed in this way the copy had all of their thoughts, believing they were real. The upside for PEDO’s was all that and the positive feedback as all the nerves going to all the necessary parts were perfectly replicated in function, the copy reacting mentally and physicality exactly like the original would. So in was natural that Aaron’s mind would be sinking in to a fantasy of attempting to believe that this was the real Nancy, a real young girl he had abducted to defile in a nasty way. Being she wasn’t really real it was easy to steal himself against any doubt that wanted to creep in. And it was easy to be as ruff as his needs warranted, as much as a real raper of kids would be.

Nancy jaw dropped open as the slick thick male organ started moving through her still mildly stinging rectal passage. Her young mind struggling to get a grip on the disconcerting feeling starting to well up along with the still shocking thick feel of the adult penis moving in her butt. The sensation of movement staring to tip the balance away from the horrid discomfort to Nancy something far worse. An embarrassing sensation that she might be needing to poop and if the man continued doing what he was doing she just might. The man was just wanting sex with her and yes like most curious young girl she knew all about that kind of embarrassing stuff but other than see some videos on the web Nancy had given it no other thought. In the videos she’d seen all the men just before they were finished squirted white sperm from their stiff adult penis’s. In the back of her mind it felt weird that a man would want to use her to do that. With her face flushed red with heart stopping embarrassment at being watched so closely Nancy felt herself tensing all over from the escalating feeling that the movement in her rectum was akin to pooping, at least that was how it felt to her.

Aaron was all eyes watching O3P Nancy’s back starting to slowly hunch up. He kept working his cock finding a pace that had her pleasingly hunched up sharply her young face going even more flushed.

“How my cock feel in you ass dear” Aaron lustfully groaned out not expecting an answer.

“Feels like I gotta poop” Aaron heard in a hoarse strained voice “Feels like I gotta poop real bad”

“Of course it does dear” Aaron beamed out lifting her upper torso by the back of her neck, bring her face up and his down “How bout a kiss lover”

Aaron didn’t need an answer enjoying her backwards like submissiveness. He almost got his lips onto hers before she turned her head. He kissed the cheek of her red flushed face all the while keeping his hips moving but now at the end of each shove he started pressing and feeling with the thick tip of his cock to get deeper still up into the young girl. Her young shoulders remained slouched arms hanging swinging limply that is till Aaron in a hard shove got his cock to wedge deeper.

“Aaaah..” O3P Nancy cried out her arm going stiff the open palms of her hands coming back against each Aaron’s upper legs.

If not for her being up against the chair Aaron would have lost that bit he gained having to force her squirming young body back down into the cushion of the chair. He gripped in for another round and surged into his mission of seating his loin against her bottom. It all felt so deviously wicked what he was attempting to do. Aaron wasn’t sure if he could do it to a real kid, but this living replica was different having no rights a real person needs to be concerned with.

Nancy felt the thick tip of his adult force its way deeper up inside her, a deep sharp stab of pain announcing its entry into the snug curve of her young colon. All thoughts of just wanting to hide from being watched vanished into a struggle for perceived survival. The flash of pain vanished as fast as it came but there was no mistaking that if it was move into more it would be the same and it was as the man was far from being finished.

“EEEee….” Nancy squealed out the entirety of her body flaring up as the thick blunt tip wedged deeper paused and lunged again “Aa-Eeee..”

The hairy loin of the man went against her buttocks, the surprise of it freezing her in place. The man seemed not to even caring to let her get used to it and started humping, staying deep. To her horror she could feel the plug like shape of the adult cock slipping through the depth her young intestine a feeling she couldn’t quite get a handle on as a welling deep sensation of a unstoppable bowel-movement sweep her mentally up.She went wide eye turning inward caught up mentally in a balanced struggle to subdue the consuming urge as horrid wet gaseous sounds started coming from deep inside her where his bulbous cock head kept moving. Nancy’s entire world dropping away with her starting unconsciously starting to make audible straining gulps and gasps. Her young mind turned inward closing down the world around her and even though her eyes were wide open she was all but blind to everything but the ghastly sound of the deeply moving adult cock that was slowly but exorbitantly lengthening in stroke and speed. Her deep bowel revolted by clamping up tightly around the entire length of the male organ thankfully bringing all movement to a stop with Nancy’s buttocks clenched around the base of his cock just as tight as the rest of her young bowel.

Aaron had never seen or felt such a wonder thing. Every inch of her young bowel forming a tight hugging tube, gripping his cock in a pleasingly tight grip. Even her buttock getting into the act, contorting up it once moon shape unrecognizable. He could hardly move his cock at all or even wanted to. He’d used a dildo on himself a few time admitting to no one he kind of liked it. His own bowel had clenched up much the same way almost sucking the dildo fulling up inside him and making it almost impossible to pull it out. He freaked out the first time it happened pulling it out much too fast leaving his dildo accustom rectum to cramp painfully up. Aaron wondered it O3P copy’s had the same issues and tugged his stiff cock free in one swift move.

The thick organ her rectal passage was clenched tightly around suddenly became empty. Seconds later her still clenching bowel felt a horrible sharp prolonged deep pain where the thick cock was now missing inside her as Nancy’s tube like tautly held rectal passage tried to close up. There didn’t seem any way to stop it, all she could do was clench her teeth together and had no choice but let her tensely held young body ride it out for as long as it would last. Even still after the worse of it was over Nancy couldn’t dare to relax her tensely held passage the sharp pain threatening to return each time she attempted to do so. All this going on as she still held down, the blunt tip of the man’s cock started feeling around in the clef of her buttock, stopping pressing on her trembling tightly held ring of muscle of her anus.

“No… no.. no.. no” Aaron heard O3P Nancy cry out but shove it up into the tight tube like tight passage anyway “A-A-aagg.. Eee..”

Nancy still keeping her rectum tautly held in that tedious balancing act could only cry out in protest as her young rectal tube became refill with adult cock. But once it fill her passage the feeling that it would cramp up again vanished, replaced with a rush of relief that it was over. Even as the rush of relief flooded through her allowing her to relax the tensely held muscle in that area of her young body, the cock was already feeling deeply she knew to slip back deep into her intestine. In a way it was far better that way than what she’d just endured and hoped he didn’t suddenly pull the cock out to fast again. Nancy’s now weaken deeper passage gave in readily to his persist eagerness, even still her arms rose up off both sides the cushion of the chair with hand going against his upper legs attempting to slow if not stop the rushing plunge. Her open hands turned inward, palms facing out went flat against her youthfully firm buttocks between him and her, failing to even slow him in any noticeable way her upper torso lurching up a few inches against the strong press of his hand at the back of her neck.

Aaron was amazed at the strength the young O3P girl possessed, at least at the moment his cock reentered the deeper regions of her intestine and for a tenuous moment both struggled over that last couple of inches her torso was raised before Aaron in a sudden strong shove got her chest and head pressed back into the flat cushion of the chair. The entire warm moist trembling tube of her rectal passage held taunt and tight over the entire length of his cock her buttocks still pleasingly tucked up in evidence of the sensitive, on edge, condition her newly used back passage had left her in. If he never had the courage to take on a real child in his life this would tie him over for the rest of it. He’d often fantasized about how it would really feel with his cock deep up into a kid as he masturbated to a video or picture. He’d even got one of those dolls but after a few times went back to his hand to finish himself as clean up and really no positive feedback from the thing wasn’t worth all the fuss. These organically printed replicas were so much much better in the reality of the moment he had been craving all this time. He was ready to finish letting his mind slip into the moment, his eyes taking in all the positive feedback he’d always craved and let his loin start to move in the natural way nature intended man to do when striving to inject his seed deeply.

The shock of the thick adult cock being forced back into deep unnatural area of Nancy’s rectal passage had her rising up off the chair against the man’s strong pressing hand trying to keep her down. Both her hands remained pinned facing out against her buttocks between him and her. His hairy loin pressed so hard against her still muscle clenched bottom it took a bit for one hand then the other to get free how be it still unable to bring her arms up as the man had sent her torso back down into the chair and the high cushioned armrests made it impossible for her to bend her arms enough. But the short few moment she was held back down into the chair a sweeping evolved premonition went through her young mind as to what was about to happen now. It was a mix of base animal like heighten anticipation of mating and the intellectual realization that only humans have that this was meant to be a debasing sexual act which she wasn’t meant to derive pleasure from. A feeling no girl her age should have had to contend with.

Time slowed for Nancy, she could sense everything down to the man’s perverted unconscious wanton desire to demean and debase her. Every perceived micro-movement she felt him making behind and over her leading up far to quickly to him starting to fulfilling that wanton desire. And Nancy’s young mind conflicted with dread and anticipating apprehension of having an adult male wanting to release his seed into her. The thought both disturbing and oddly something else as not so wrong. But the man was ready even if she would never be and in a sudden prelude to action the thick deeply embedded male organ flexed stiff like a firm rod and pulled back, her deep intestine reluctance to release it was hardly an obstacle, the sensation sending a body racking shudder through her. The realization that this was it, had her trying to will her entire bowel to relax to give in to the the sudden and abrupt sexual movement coming from the man giving him several free easy strokes before everything went awry inside her back passage. Suddenly as if with a mind of is own her bowel revolted to the movement of the cock sending wild and heightened mix of uncontrollable sensations through her entire body leaving her gasping grunting out animal like guttural sounds in rapid pants timed to the sudden erratic movement of the thick adult organ.

Nancy’s bowel muscles designed only for waste removal and never for intended for the propose of what the man was using it for started on their own going through a erratic bout of uncontrolled and harsh fits of clenching/pushes. The man just grew more aggressive in his desire to get his hairy loin against her bottom with every plunge into her and refused to give in till he’d overpowered any roadblock the deep muscular contractions of Nancy’s rectal passage unnaturally attempted. Till in the end, reaching deep within herself Nancy finely wrestled a tenuous control from the vile body flooding sensations and with the horror of the continued demeaning act moving over her young sideways turned face could only let the man have free rein for as long as she was able.

Aaron was used to having to will his mind to follow a planned fantasy and in a way this was a little unnatural to be playing out a kind of real life fantasy where you didn’t have control of the outcome. But sex with another he was involved in and he quickly fell into his role as a dominant participant, all remaining lingering empathy falling away as he was forced to adapt to the ebb and flow of O3P Nancy’s deep bowel contraction, finding creative way to surmount the temporary hindrances. The struggle lasting just long enough that when it finely ended he almost cried out in triumph, his cock now free to fully fuck into the warm rubbery tight passage. Looking down he could see  and feel the thick stretch muscle of O3P Nancy’s wide opened anus as it went depressing over the shaft of his cock with each escalating stroke toward release. Aaron leaned in over O3P Nancy staring down onto her flushed shocked fill face. His balls snapped tighter up into place his loin making it’s last erratic move it was able and went tight up against her buttocks sending out a fierce blast of sperm. O3P Nancy young knowing eye went wide.

‘Fuck’ Aaron thought‘ She’s never felt a man’s release inside her before’

 His deeply planted cock release another huge blast before winding down his balls tingling almost hurtfully from the intensity of the release. With his cock still stiff he tugged it out swiftly pulling O3P Nancy up onto herfeet and back toward the Organic Printer.

Nancy knew instantly what had happened when she felt the injected hot splash of sperm go deep in to her shuttering sensation racked large intestine. It was the scariest moment of her life and wasn’t prepared for the next heavy spurt of baby making seed the thought of something like that inside her hard to conceive as something the man willfully wanted to do to her.Finish the overly filling adult member went from her passage just aquickly as he did before, without warning, without thought to letting her cock accustomed rectal passage to ease back to some sort of normality. After last time even though knowing still left Nancy with no way to stop the entirety of the cock used area of her young bowel from severally cramping over the sudden emptiness again. The long strong fingers at gripping around back of her neck pulled her up onto her feet leaving her staggering about with her buttocks tuck up from the powerful sharp enduring cramping. Still in the grip of the lingering rectal pain she was brought back to the strange large boxlike thing she woke up in and with hot wet adult male sperm running down the insides of her legs she was shoved into it. Moments later she was stunned like a shock of electricity the world going white…

Aaron was more than finish for the day, like masturbating into a towel and tossing it to the side,he was finished with O3P Nancy. She staggered about with buttocks tucked up in another apparent intense bowel cramp as he guided her with her young face still grimacing back into the homemade machine,placing her in he closed the hatch and hit the ‘DELETE’ button, letting the machine do the rest. The hard part of making the organic printer was over and it worked, money well spent, even though his head still spun from studying all the on-line dark-web instructions on ‘how to’. Tomorrow he would try out another downloaded file and sat down at his computer screen finding his favorite PEDO site and started looking about for anything interestingly new. Another young boy file to add to his collection perhaps and started reading over the various reviews of the boy files posted there. Aaron’s abused adult cock weakly trying to lift, his empty tingling adult balls making the effort futile, for now.