One winter’s night (Mg,incest)

One winter’s night (Mg,incest)

Author: Uncle Tony

Prologue: A twelve year old girl and her older brother get marooned in a house with no heating. They name to devise a way to keep wam.

Things were tough after Dad died. We lived in a big expensive house, but without dad’s income we just couldn’t afford to keep up with the upkeep the bills and the mortgage. Mom decided to sell the house and downsize to something smaller. The house had quite a lot of land, so it wasn’t difficult to sell and the price we got for it, enabled mom to buy another place which she could pay for outright and still have money left over to keep us going.

Once the sale had gone through, we had to stay with friends until mom could find a new place. There were just four of us. My mom, and my two sisters. I was already eighteen and I had my drivers license, my sister Tammy was twelve and my youngest sister Janice was nine. I ended up staying with one of my friends and his parents and mom and the two girls stayed with one of her friends. I had my dad’s BMW, we would probably have to sell it if I couldn’t get a job real soon, because the insurance was horrendous for a young driver like me. Mom bought a second hand Volkswagen Beetle so she could get around cheaply.

In her younger days, mom had been a real beauty. She could easily have been mistaken for a film star. Tall and willowy with great legs, long, wavy, chestnut brown hair. Great boobs and a fabulous smile. The years and three kids had taken their toll and after Janice, she had let herself sort of go to seed. Tammy was going to be very much like her. At twelve she had a great body, and she was a real vivacious girl who got on well with just about everyone. She had been knocking around with one of the sixth form guys at a nearby school but that hasn’t lasted long and most of her mates were now girls. I often wondered if perhaps she was a bit of a budding lesbian. Janice was even prettier than her sister. She was very athletic, full of life, but very shy, she didn’t go out much, she was a bit of a bookworm.

It didn’t take too long before mom found a place. It was far too big for us, but it needed a lot of work, so it was very cheap. We were living in North Yorkshire, but the house was in Lincolnshire in a tiny village not far from Peterborogh. I went with mom to inspect the place. It had four bedrooms, which was great, a small living room, a garage for two cars a bath room and two toilets, but the kitchen was awful and the garden was just overgrown with weeds. The only heating was a small ancient coal-fired boiler. The living room had a fireplace as well, but we wondered if the chimney had probably been blocked up.

We hired a furniture removed company and they moved the furniture to the new house. It was winter, very cold. Only mom and I went to supervise the offloading. We didn’t unpack anything, they just took beds into the various rooms and the rest was just dropped anywhere. We went back and that evening, we made a plan to finally move in. I was to go first on Sunday morning with Tammy. We would start to unpack bedclothes and kitchenware and then mom would be just behind us, because she wanted to get a bag or two of coal and some wood. I was to get some wood and try to light the fire and if it didn’t work, I was to light up the boiler until mom arrived with the coal.

We set off very early the next morning. Tammy bitched and whined about having to get up so early, but she brightened up when the heater in the car got nice and warm. The sky was darkening and a few flakes of snow started to fall. When we finally arrived, it was past lunchtime. We had stopped for petrol and I had picked up some sandwiches and bits at the filling station. The house was freezing. The only wood I had been able to get was damp and it wouldn’t light. Then my mobile rang. It was mom.
“Are you alright? It’s snowing like hell up here. We had to turn back. What’s it like down there?”

“Thick snow and no sign of letting up. It’s bloody freezing in here. I couldn’t get any dry wood, I can’t get it to light. I don’t know what we can do.” I told her.

“Wrap yourselves in blankets, try to keep warm the pair of you. Keep trying to get a fire going.” So that was it. We were stuck.

“We’re going to die here aren’t we?” Good old Tammy always full of optimism.

“Don’t be daft, get those boxes with the bedclothes unpacked, get as many blankets as you can onto our beds. I’m going to hunt for firewood.” I went to the nearest neighbor a few hundred meters away. I introduced myself and asked if they had a free dry sticks for tinder to light a fire. They were quite pleasant and gave me a bag of dry sticks. I looked for more wood but there wasn’t any to be found. Back at the house I told Tammy what I had found.

“Well light a fire then.” I shook my head.

“With this little bit of kindling, I can get a fire going, but it isn’t going to last more than an hour or so. My suggestion is that we wait until the snow stops, then the snow ploughs will clear the roads. I’ll go out and get coal and we can use the kindling to get the boiler going.” The weather didn’t look optimistic. It was starting to get dark. I switched on the lights.amazingly enough, the power was on. Mom must have organized it last time we were here. We scrabbled around like mad things until we found a small electric fan heater in the boxes.

“Tammy, take the heater and put it in your bedroom. Get into bed and try to sleep.”
“You’re crazy. You’ll freeze to death.”

“No, once I’m in bed, it won’t be too bad.” She scowled at me.

“Wait here.” She ran upstairs and a few minutes later she was back.

“Bring that bloody fan heater and come with me.” We went up the stairs and she went into my bedroom. She had put just about every duvet and blanket onto my bed. She grabbed the heater, plugged it in and switched it on. I opened my mouth to protest, but she cut me short.

“We can keep each other warm. It’s the only way and you know it. She stripped down to her pajamas. I turned my back while she did it and I too stripped down to my pajamas, but I left my Y-fronts on as well. She jumped into bed and vanished under the covers.

“Come on, for Gods sake, don’t be bloody shy, I’m freezing in here.” I hopped into bed. I wanted to keep her away from her. She was my sister, but just watching her undress had given me a raging hard on. She pulled herself up close to me.

“Put your arms round me and give me a bit of your warmth.” She demanded. I did, but my erection was tight against her body. She gave a little giggle.

“Wow, I didn’t know I could do that to you. I’ve often thought of you like that.”
“It’s the cold.” I protested.

“Cold, hell. That’s not cold it’s hot.” And she slid her hand into my pajamas. “Bloody cheat. Why have you got your shorts on as well. That’s not fair. I haven’t got my panties on.”

“Because you’re my sister and because you aren’t even thirteen yet.”

“Don’t talk such crap. You’ve been brainwashed as well. There’s several of the girls at school who are fucking their brothers and even fathers. It’s only a bad idea if you get me pregnant. Not that I would bother if I was older, but a kid now would be a disaster. Now come on, get those shorts off.” she vanished under the clothes and started pulling my pants off. Then she grabbed my shorts.

“Come on, don’t be shy.” She was laughing at me. Once the Y-fronts were off, I tried to put on my pajamas bottoms but she threw them across the room.

“You won’t need those tonight.” She grabbed my cock and started to jerk me off.

“Come on Paul, for fucks sake don’t be so fucking uptight. I’ve got two tits and a pussy for you to play with. There’s just the two of us, we need to keep warm, so let’s make the most of it.” She giggled. “I brought a whole pile of hankies in with the sheets,” she let go of me and quickly took off all her clothes. And dropped them on the floor at the side of the bed.

“Here.” She grabbed my hand and put it on her breast. As I massaged her breast, she started jerking me off again. With her free hand she pulled my hand from her breast and placed it on her pussy. She was soaking wet.

“Come on Paul.” She pleaded, “I’ve had the hots for you for quite a while. Tonight is more than I dared to hope for. I’m sure I’m not your first girl, so give me a bit of pleasure as well.

Truth was, I had never had sex with a girl, we had never got further than mutual masturbation., but I obediently began to rub her clit. It was a lot bigger than any of the girls I had been with before.

“Oh yes, Paul. That feels fucking fantastic. Don’t stop, for God’s sake don’t stop. It didn’t take long before she reached her climax. Shudders ran through her body, but her hand on my prick never missed a beat.

“Fuck, that was good. Tell me when you’re ready.” She said. I lost it there and then.

“Oh shit, Tammy, I’m coming.” She pulled back the bedsheets just in time as spurt after spurt of my semen splashed all over my chest and stomach.

“Jeez, Paul, that felt like a lot. Here clean yourself up. I can’t see in this light.” I cleaned up and pulled the bedsheets back over us.

“I really enjoyed that, Paul, please hold me tight in your arms. I’ve always wanted to fuck you, but there’s never been a chance until now. You aren’t going to get much sleep tonight. I want to fuck you, all the way.” I wanted it too, but there was a problem.

“Tammy, to be completely honest, I often got a hard on when I saw you, but I never thought about having sex with you. I really would like to do, but I don’t have any condoms.”

“That isn’t going to work as an excuse for you.” She said. “I have a week before my period, so I’m safe, we can fuck ourselves silly and I won’t get preggers. I want you inside me Paul and I’m accepting no excuses.”

“But isn’t it going to mess up the sheets, won’t there be blood and all that?”

“That’s one of the things I love about my bro. You are so trusting. I had sex with one of the boys at school. It hurt a lot and yes there was blood. He was humping away, but the only way I could actually enjoy it was if I closed my eyes and imagined it was my big bro doing it.”

We talked and laughed and cuddled close to each other for well over an hour. Then she started kissing me and my dick started to rise.

“It’s too bloody cold to do anything adventurous, she told me. I see only two choices. I’ve only ever done it once’ the usual way. I think it’s called missionary, but I’ve watched some porn movies and I’ve seen them doing it side to side. I lay on my side and you get in from behind. I’ve also seen them do it face to face lying side by side. I’m not sure how to get there, we’ll just have to try and work it out together.

It took quite a while of messing around, but when it’s your first time and it’s bloody freezing outside the covers and it’s dark, it isn’t so easy. We were both going crazy with frustration, so we went back to hand jobs. She had three orgasms. Then finally I had mine.

“I’m sorry that I disappointed you Tammy, please forgive me, but i’ve never actually done it with a girl before.” She was surprised.

“Well as sure as hell, we are going to cure that tomorrow. We will find a way and we are going to do it many more times in the future.” We slept in each other’s arms that night, trying to keep warm. When we awoke, I have a massive erection. We huddled together.

“Tammy, I want you to stay here in bed. There’s a bit of heat coming from the heater, but it’s fucking freezing. Promise me that you’ll stay here snuggled up and I’m going to try to find coal, wood or whatever. I struggled into clothes” It had stopped snowing but it was pretty deep outside.

I shoveled snow to get to the road. There had been some traffic, so I got the car out and headed for shops. After asking around, I managed to find a couple of bags of the right coal for the boiler and a woodyard offered to bring me a load of logs later in the day along with a few more bags of coal. He knew the house.

“Best thing to do.” He told me, “is to get that old boiler lit up, turn off al the radiators except for one or two rooms and you can turn on the others as it gets warmed up. You need to scrap that old heating system and get a new one.”

“As soon as you can, please!” I begged. “I almost froze to death last night.” I bought some soup, and food we could cook in the microwave and a half bottle of whiskey. Mom called.

“Are you both OK? We won’t be able to leave here today. It’s just about a blizzard here and some of the roads are impassable.”

“Don’t worry, mom. I got wood and coal and I’m headed back to get some heat into the house.” I lit the boiler, made tea with a shot of whiskey in it and some toast and marmalade and a couple of boiled eggs and I took Tammy breakfast.

” Just stay there and keep warm until the room gets a bit warmer. They are bringing wood and more coal, and I’ll get the living room fire going.” I went down and eventually managed to get the fire going in the living room. There wasn’t much wood left, but they guy came and delivered a load of wood and ten bags of coal for the boiler. I phoned mom.

“I bought wood and coal. I’ve got the boiler going and the fire. I bought us some food, but that took the last of my cash and my debit card is also about finished. Can you transfer a bit of cash into my card. I think it may be a day or two before you can travel and we don’t want to starve to death.”

“I’ll transfer five hundred Pounds to your card, but please don’t waste it.” She was quite concerned about our welfare. I though she would have freaked out if she knew what we had been up to last night. I called Tammy.

“It’s nice and warm in here now, you can come down.” She took out her purse.

“Mom gave me eighty Pounds in case I needed anything. Here, take it, let’s nip down to the shops whilst the road is still clear and get some food.” I still had twenty Pounds left, so we blew the lot on food. When we got back, Tammy cooked us a proper breakfast. We unpacked some of the boxes and one by one we turned on the radiators. By mid afternoon the house was nice and warm. We had some big soft rugs amongst the furniture so we put those down and maneuvered the settee and the two comfortable chairs into the lounge. We went hard at it arranging furniture and moving things around, until we had managed to get the living room and the kitchen looking like we lived there. I got the TV working. The weather forecast was pretty lousy.

“Looks like we are marooned here all alone for a few more days at least, Paul. Let’s get an early night. It’s time that my big bro lost his virginity.” We went upstairs and got the headboard and the side tables into place along with the bedside lamps. Tammy just took off all her clothes and stood naked before me.

“Well?” She asked. “Do you like what you see?”

“You are beautiful.” I told her.

“Well don’t just stand there gawping, get those bloody clothes off, get into bed and let’s have a bit of fun. That’s one great thing about sex, you can do it any time and it’s free.” I got into bed with her. We explored each other’s bodies in the light of the bedside lamps. She really was gorgeous.

“Tammy, are you absolutely sure about this. If anyone finds out, they’ll lock us both up. You’re only twelve and I’m eighteen and I’m your brother.”

“Oh stop being so bloody silly Paul. It’s MY body, and I know what I want. What I want is you, so shut up and just enjoy it.”

Finally she got me between her legs and rubbed my penis up and down the length of her wet pussy. I pushed and I was inside her. It was tight, but so warm and slippery. As I slid inside, I already started to lose it. By the time I was a bit more than half way in, it happened.

“Oh fuck, I can’t, oh Tammy, oh fuck, I’m coming.” My orgasm was intense. I tried to pull out, but she stopped me.

“Please don’t, Paul. Don’t worry. Just keep still. It’s OK.” She started kissing me. Hot passionate kisses. The feeling of being inside my twelve year old sister was so beautiful, I could feel my erection starting all over again. She stroked my back and her kisses got even hotter.

“I can feel you growing inside me, Paul. What a wonderful feeling. Come on lover, I want every millimeter of you inside me.” I was eager to obey. I pushed deeper and deeper until my pubic hairs were entangled with the soft down around her pussy. It was sheer ecstasy. The additional lubrication of the semen I had already shot into her made moving easy. She guided me. Talking all the time.

“That’s right, long, slow strokes. Oh it feels so good, her fingers were busy on her clit, a bit faster now. I’m almost there. Come on, Paul, fuck me, fuck me. Oh Jesus Christ, oh my God, I’m coming.” The last word was more of a scream. My prick felt as if it were caught in a vice. I had never imagined anything could be that good. There was nothing I could do. I spurted rope after rope of my sticky semen inside my little twelve year old sister. Her spasms milked my dick of very last drop. She clung to me like a leech.

“That was amazing. Oh my God, Paul. I want you so much. No don’t pull out. Just keep still. It feels wonderful to have my big brothers cock buried inside me. I wish I could keep it there forever.” She grabbed some hankies and tried to push them under her. “It’s leaking out the bed will be soaked.” I pulled out and helped mop her up. She ran into the bathroom with my creamy spunk still oozing out of her leaving a couple of big blobs on the floor. She came back with a towel and got it under us and over the wet patch.

“Just hold me, Paul. That was something very special for me. I don’t know about you, but I felt, so full of you and so very close that I was a part of you for a while. I don’t care if you’re my brother. I need you.” We fell asleep, locked in each other’s arms. When I awoke, she was holding my erection.

“Let’s not waste this, Paul.” She climbed on top of me and after a bit of fumbling, she got me inside her. We were both beginners. It was clumsy and I kept popping out of her it always seemed to happen as we neared climax, so it was very frustrating for both of us. Good sex takes practice, but we had almost eight days on our own to reach perfection. When mom called to say they were leaving, I was actually disappointed. That meant the end of a wonderful relationship. Tammy would go back to school and find new boyfriends, I would hopefully soon get a job and we would probably never be able to have sex together again.

“We have to get your bed sorted, Tammy.” I told her. “We don’t want mom to know that we’ve been sleeping together.” Tammy just smiled”

Mom arrived with Janice very late. They had stopped several times, car sick, toilet breaks, food. We all hugged, poor Janice was falling asleep, so mom put her to bed. We sat around the fire.

“You must have both been frozen, sleeping in a house with no heating. I’m so sorry, but I didn’t count on the snow.” Mom was genuinely concerned.

“Don’t beat yourself up, mom.” Tammy said. “We both slept together and kept each other warm.” I went ice cold. I expected mom to be furious. Instead, she just smiled.

“Very sensible, dear. I did think of suggesting it to Paul, but I felt that he might object, so I kept quiet.” I was about to tell mom that nothing happened, when Tammy put both feet in it I thought.

“Oh, it was great, mom and we did it.” I just sat paralyzed. I expected mom to jump up and start calling the cops. I didn’t know what to say. Mom just smiled.

“The most important thing is did you enjoy it?” I couldn’t believe my ears.

“It was great, mom. It took a bit of practice, but it just got better and better.”

“That’s good, my dear. Now I hope that I can stop worrying about you Tammy it’s great to know that you have someone who can satisfy you and who won’t give you a disease or get you pregnant. I hope that Paul will stay with you and not go chasing others. I’m not so worried about my boy. He can’t get pregnant or raped,but he can get a disease.” It was my turn to speak. My throat was dry.

“But mom, I thought that you would be furious, but you aren’t. Tammy is only twelve and she’s my sister. Isn’t that so very wrong?” Mom smiled.

“I don’t know why you would think that Paul. All girls want to experiment with sex, some start younger than others. I started when I was eight. Fortunately, my dad loved me enough to teach me and keep me happy until I met your father. It’s Tammy’s body and she decides what she wants to do and when and with whom. They can make as many laws as they want, but it won’t sop young people wanting sex. When your body tells you it’s time, that’s it. I’m just glad Tammy found you. I know you aren’t diseased. I know you won’t hurt her and I just want you to be careful for a bit. I’ll get Tammy on the Pill for a while until your ardor dampens a bit.” She laughed. “I wanted it every day for months, and then it sort of tapered off to a couple of times a week. When my monthlies started, we just did it during safe times. I never liked condoms. I hope this will be more or less permanent, you should have really good babies when you are older.”

“But they say incestous kids are deformed and idiots. Are you saying that it isn’t true?”

“This is a matter of pure common sense, Paul. If there are know familial defects, like hemophilia or heart diseases, then it would be silly to make babies, there’s nothing like that in our families on either side. There are plenty of cultures, like the Mennonites, that intermarry and they produce some outstanding people. Unless you can get some false papers for one of you, you won’t be able to marry, which would be a pity, but other than that, I don’t have a problem. It’s up to the two of you whether you stay together or not. Just one small point. There’s young Janice up there. It’s just a matter of time before she wants her share of sexual satisfaction. It would be great to think that Paul would do the same with her that he did with you, but that’s up to the two of you. Just know that whatever you want to do, I won’t interfere. Just stay faithful to each other and if one of you finds someone you like better. Promise me that you’ll tell the other one. I don’t believe in promiscuity. One man at a time, unless there is only one man and two women like we have here. As long as it’s kept in the family, I’m OK with it.”

“So you don’t mind if Tammy and I sleep in the same bed then?” I asked mom.

“I’d be disappointed if you didn’t. Just try not to make too much noise when you make love together and for God’s sake,don’t talk about it to anyone outside. There’s a lot of witch-hunting going on. The ones who promote it most are the worst offenders, because they think if they lead the crusade, no one will suspect them