Masquerade Party (Mg,anal,scat,oral,kidnapped)

Masquerade Party (Mg,anal,scat,oral,kidnapped)

Prologue: Judy finds out something about herself she can’t ever tell her parents.

Author: Lone Dog

Judy stood beside her class mate a young boy ‘David’ like her just starting first grade. Party music blared from the next room the bass vibrating, each beat through her senses. They had been coming home from school going past his house first but never made it. A passing car squealed to a stop beside them, both turning to see what the sharp noise was about. Two men rushed from the large black shiny car grabbing them both pulling them quickly into the dark interior, the windows tented, dark. Both sat in silence facing the well dressed men in the roomy car.

Judy was quickly lost long before they pulled into a long driveway that ended at a big fancy house. Both were led a hand never leaving her shoulder into the big house and through a maze of halls into a room. And turned over to a couple of women maybe the same age of Judy’s own mom. They both assumed authority more so than most adult she had ever met and Judy and David stood in awe of them. So when they were told to undress for a bath, both Judy and the boy found themselves naked in a large tub being washed head to foot by the women. Toweled dried were led back still naked to small makeup table with a big mirror and lights all around. Strange half masks of all types of animals were there and makeup of every color. And tails of animals in fine detail laid out over another table.

David was brought up to the makeup table first leaving Judy to shuffle uncomfortable conspicuously naked as the women went about picking up different masks and colored makeup coming finely to a mutual dissension to what they seem to want. He stood at the small table, looking wide eyed about at the to over powering adult women remaining spellbound as if under control. One of the women picked up a set of pointy ears affixing it to his head, a nose piece, making him look like a fox. The other women went about applying colored makeup, enhancing the look of a fox on the boy young face. Judy was amazed how good the makeup was applied.

He was fitted with a small red furred half cloak that left his back and bottom exposed, naked. David was staring into brightly lit mirror at himself the transformation amazing. Judy watch one women sort through the assortment of animal tails picking out a bright red fox tail, one end having a four or five inch rubber like rod on one end. The women squeezed something a couple timed in the fur, Judy saw the thing swell some in the middle. Pressing at some hidden spot the rubber rod at the end of the tail returned to it smaller girth. The adult picked up a tube labeled KY, opening it she squeezed a bit over the smooth dark rubber like rod working it over the surface till it shined wetly. The women winked at Judy as if some secret was being kept.

David was suddenly grabbed by the other women, holding him in place tightly his small back facing the now approaching women with the bright red fox tail, the slick smooth rod being guided through his young boy buttocks. Judy stepped back bumping into the wall as she realized what the women was going to do.

“A-a-h-h-eee!” David cried out, his young voice high pitched.

The women seem to anticipate his every squirming buttock clenched move as the smooth rod was pushed up into his rectum. Judy watch as once it had fully disappeared from view the women squeezed in the place that made the thing swell. Another squeeze and David gasped in sharply his whole young body shaking rising up onto his toes, arms, hands going defensibly about. His face showing pained shock. The women tested the tail by pulling on it, the long furry end just touching the floor.

“No.. no.. no” David said in rapid succession. The women give it one more pump before seeming pleased with the how it felt when she tugged on it again.

The illusion of a fantasy fox, tail and all complete, very well done indeed. A choke chain was placed around his neck as he struggled to come to grips with the thing that the women had placed into his bottom, fidgeting in place legs slightly spread as if he was trying to poop it out but couldn’t.

Judy could see her young friend David, his mind turn inward his small hands going back to the cruelly place fox tail gripping it, releasing it then grabbing it again tugging on it tentatively. His fox masked face full of panic as the thing remained unmoving, the rubber looking smooth end where the one women had shoved it. Both women smiling broadly admiring their work seemingly enjoying David’s blight.

Then as if on queue both turned toward Judy looking her over, both lost in thought. She felt overwhelmed by the sudden flood of attention. Looking up at them wide eyed unable to react in any way, they were going to have full control of her, she was unable to resist their commanding presents as they went to work. Color being applied to her face a set of ears picked up placed upon her head, rejected, another picked up then fixed into place. A shoulder fur placed leaving her for all the world looking like a tiger.

A movement to the side had her turning her head abruptly seeing the one women going through the ‘tails’. She backed away, into the arms of the other woman. Her strong hands holding her firmly in place watching as a long tiger tail was selected. The woman testing it like she did with the one the boy now had inserted. And Judy eyes locked onto the swell of the rubber like thing as the woman pumped the well hidden mechanism, she was close enough to hear the hiss of air as it returned to normal size. Firm hands on her shoulders had her head moving, splitting her attention back and forth between the two adult women her mind spinning rapidly, the image of what happen to her friend David vivid in her mind.

She could see the smooth end of the long tail having the slick stuff spread over it making her jerk in the grip of the other women. The long fingers dug in strongly controlling her instantly, forcing her around and all the twisting Judy did seemed to be for not. She was held tightly, strongly, her backside facing the women with the tail. She felt the world closing in around her. Another hand touched her buttocks, long cool finger spreading them enough for the blunt tipped end of the tail to press against her anus.

“Your going to look so cute dear” She heard from one of the women.

Shock flooded through her as the thing was pushed up into her rectum, her legs, feet, working on their own as if she could flee the world consuming sharp pain that gripped her anus and rectum.

“Take it out!!.. Take It out!!..” Judy gasped out, her entire world focused on the tightly stretched walls of her rectum, her anus painfully trying to grip the smooth slick rod. “You gotta stop.. please.. Take it out!.. Please..”

She tensed up gasping in, gasping sharply again as the seeming endless rod was worked the last little bit up into her bottom the end pressed into a deep place that just felt wrong. Judy had gotten her feet tentatively onto the floor supporting her weight, her rectum, bowel, a riot of on edge sensations that threatened to go over the edge of what she could handle.

“What are you going to do when your boyfriend wants to ass fuck dear” the women that was holding her said laying a hand on her face cheek plainly faining concern.

“Don’t you just love all these ass virgins” the other said. “I just barely remember my first time”

“My boyfriend held me down my first time. Hurt like hell too..” the other said “Still not my favorite way to have sex”

A hand gripped the tail squeezing the part that pumped air into the tail-end. The thing up inside of her expanded, and expanded again. Judy’s legs gave out, but the woman in front of her was ready catching her firmly, strongly as the once long smooth rod swelled again. Judy cried out in a gasping scream, panting unable to come to term with the fullness that consumed her. A hand slapped across her face, once, twice before her attention refocused onto the woman in front of her.

“Stand… stand.. on your feet girl” the adult said.

It took Judy a few tries to get her mind then body to work together, her shaky legs just barely able to support her, the adult in front of her at the ready to grab her if she were to fall over. One of her hands went, like David, feeling where the horrid thing entered her bottom, tugging on it tentatively and was rewarded with flood of sharp stabbing pain. Her whole body shook, legs week, as she stood wobbly on the balls of her feet leaning slightly forward from the still intense discomfort. Judy staggered a bit but didn’t fall, wincing at any swinging movement the embedded tail end made.

“You should see the look on your sweet face” the one women leaned in kissing her forehead “The men in the next room are going to love you”

“Love you long time” the other said her voice turning into a laugh.

“This’ll be a wild experience dear” the adult in front of her breathed deeply “First time getting sodomized you’ll always remember”

A choker chain was placed over her head and a leash clipped onto the ring with the one women pulling on the leash the choker going tight. Judy staggered forward gasping out loud to each jarring move, behind her the heavy firmly lodged swinging tail sending waves of unaccustomed sensations through her rectum. Judy and David stood wide eyed beside each other now, both consumed in their own minds by the horrible swell of the lodged tail ends.

A small red light came on David and Judy were tugged toward and through the open door into the lone hall. Other kids came staggering through other doors all with faces painted like different animals, all with tails coming from their bottoms being led by other women. None of them could walk normally from the uncomfortably embedded tails. The sharp gasps and groans from them echoed through the hallway with each jarring step they took. There were six of them all about the same age, Judy seeing only two boys by their small bobbing penis’s. Judy struggled to keep up the choke chain going tight when she slowed till finely she reached around with one hand gripping the tail firmly to keep it from moving so much, others had done the same. They stopped in front of a big door which swung open almost at once music and adult men’s voices flooding out.

Her rectum was tingling with discomfort and a fullness that kept her attention there. They were tugged forward into the brighter light of the room, the men’s voices dieing back all eyes turning toward them. A man stood.

“Gentlemen I take it everyone is high enough by now”

There was chuckling from around the room.

“I know we all have the same unique sadistic views on sex and it is my turn to host this party” he was grinning broadly teeth showing “I have had these young animals rounded up to satisfy our pledge to each host these get to gathers in turn.. So enjoy”

Judy could see the men starting to undress, a choking tug had her moving toward one of the men, his eyes locking onto her, looking her over intently in a way she had never seen from an adult before. He was standing staring at her and quickly becoming nude each piece of clothes being thrown into a pile. Others around the room were doing the same. Judy knew she was scared and she looked around the room to see if the other kids were scared too, but their painted faces concealed any fear and she saw only the fantasy animal they were to resemble.

Her attention swung back as she staggered to the last tugging pull from the leash. Judy’s rectum was now filled with sensations she couldn’t hope to describe. Each jarring step she had taken had intensified the growing sensitivity to movement in her bowel. The leash was handed off to the well kept handsome man. He lifted the leash with the choker going tight around her neck, her young eye’s locking onto his now close adult groin never have been this close to a naked man before. She realized it was growing like a thing alive and couldn’t help but to watch as it rapidly rose. His heavy testicles hung there nestled in well trimmed pubic hair. Judy had heard that was where something call sperm was kept and was spit from the mans penis into a woman to make babies. His adult penis was now arching stiffly into the air and it dawned on her he was going to try to make a baby with her.

Her hands came up onto the choker chain as it became even tighter, leaving the tail to swing free suddenly. Each move from the embedded wedge end bringing gasps from Judy, her body, her bowel want to expel the thing from her rectum. She stood bowel straining for a long moment till she got it under some control the swelled rod not moving a bit. Judy looked up, the man had an odd smile on his face having been watching her the whole time. She felt a hot rush of embarrassment surge up inside her.

‘He’s enjoying what the tail is doing to me’ she thought.

Holding the leash up and taunt he reached down and grabbed the tail ruffly testing how well it was still embedded up into her rectum bring a wince from her then he tugged on it ruffly twisting it a bit. She went high onto her toes staggering in place gingerly Judy’s rectum a rush of feeling like she was going to need use the bathroom soon.

“Stop.. stop, stop” she strained out “It’s making me want to poop”

“I know” he grinned down mischievously.

Still holding the chain up and gripping the tail he guided her over to a cushioned foot stool her insides a rush of conflicting urges some painful and threatened to escalate if she didn’t submit going to where he wanted her. Judy’s eye’s were wide with fear moving wildly about the room seeing other kids being treated much the same, all groaning, gasping, the sounds growing into a chorus of frightening sounds that flooded her through her senses. Each man now nude had their own area of the room, each adsorbed into what they were doing, their attention firmly on the painted kid they were with. She was guided around the stool.

“Kneel” the man’s voice firm, commanding.

Not like she had a choice in the mater, he had his grip on the implanted tail and Judy fell hard onto her knees in front of the padded stool. Her gaze looking out into the room most all the kids were in front of stools now, some being push belly first over the padded stools in front of them and Judy plainly saw the choker chain being attached to a catch. David had just discovered he couldn’t rise up his hands going to catch trying hard to remove it but couldn’t and panic was setting in. His panic and seeing the other kids blight made Judy nervous as to what was happening to them. And all the men had stiff penis’s.

She was pushed belly first over the stool and went looking for the catch which did she see, the man’s hand grasping it before she could see how it worked. A loud ‘CLICK’ rang out the man releasing her. She tried rising up and found she too was unable to do so, her hands going automatically fumbling with the thing and unable to find anyway to make it release her. A cool metal ring clamped around her right leg just above her knee near the floor. Her other knee was forced over toward the other side of the stool and a sound of another metal ring locking around her left leg rang out leaving her legs spread. Judy could feel cool air on her embarrassingly exposed young pussy. She felt trapped, an escalating panic setting in that had her tugging, testing the unyielding metal that contained her with hard pulls that got her nowhere. Even through her arms were free to grasp the rigging she couldn’t release herself.

Judy managed to get the rising panic somewhat under control, wide eyed she looked around the room. Her heighten ‘fight-or-flight’ senses seeing, hearing everything clearly. The scene before her was surreal, all the animal painted kids, like her were bent over and unable to free themselves. Some were crying, others still panicking tugging, flaying about with their arms, grasping at the catches that held them down. The men some with devilish grins other with serous intent showing on their faces looking at the child they were with. Judy jumped as the hands of the man she was with touched her, then went feeling over her nudeness, going seemingly everywhere at once.

“Your attention please… Your attention Please..” a adult male voice loud over the other noise in the room. “The last three years we have been recording and giving out a copies to everyone in our exclusive club. This year will be no different, the only rules is to have fun, have fun, have fun”

“Oh, one last thing” He raised a glass of half drunk wine chuckling “Let the lube run free and for you oral lovers.. well thats self lubing”

The music in the room went louder and around the room Judy could see some of the men finishing off their drinks, scantly clad adult women going around refilling the glasses quickly. The man with her shuffled around in front of her his fully stiff arching adult male penis looking huge this close to her. He had a pleasant smell to him but Judy looking up into his face could sense a air of cruel malice there that made her swallowed hard her mouth going dry. One of his hands went under her chin lifting her head looking intently down into her face.

“This is the way it works little tiger” he suddenly looked very serious, threatening. “You will suck on my cock till I want you to stop, or….” he picked up a Ring Thing that had two leather straps attached to it “We use this to keep your perfect hot mouth open for my use”

“Well…” He leaned in close “Whats it to be”

The world closed in around Judy, she couldn’t think. What had she done so wrong to deserve this, how could he ask her something like this. She just wanted it all to stop.

“Please…” she started to say ‘no’ but there was no room for give in his look and the dangling strange looking metal ring scared her.

“O-okay” she got out “I-I’ll try”

“That’s better my little beast” he grinned broadly as if in triumph, Judy realizing that she was too scared to refuse what ever he would ask. His presence too commanding, too overwhelming, she felt small, scared, submissive.

Somehow it was a relief not having to be in control, having him telling her what he wanted from her. His closeness was overwhelming her senses, his stiff adult penis holding her gaze just knowing he wanted her to suck on it. She couldn’t help but study the thing having never seen one this close, or seen one this sexually excited before. And knowing that it was her that was making him this way. Judy’s mind spun as tunnel vision made his lion the whole world, now just inches in front of her face.

A cry of ‘NO!’ to one side had Judy glancing over to one of the kids made up to look like a fox having one of those metal rings forced into… Judy realized was her friend David’s mouth. He wasn’t liking it at all but being chained like they all were now the man easily overpowered him forcing the ring into his mouth, twisting it into place and fastened the straps around his little head. She was shocked at the heartless brutality, the man seeming not to even notice or care how terrified David felt. The man knelt in front of David rubbing over his long stiff adult penis, all the while staring down into David’s made up fox like terrified face.

A hand guided her face back to the approaching stiff penis of the man before her. Her eyes going crossed seeing the thick blunt tip, the pee hole at the tip and a thick glob of clear slimy looking liquid leaking from the pee slit.

“Open your mouth tiger”

Her mind having gone submissive dutifully open even though the new experience scared her. Judy’s eyes stared down over the long length of the fleshy male rod as the tip passed under her field of vision. The warm firm tip pressed between her lips, she had to open wider as it pushed into her mouth.

“O-o-h..” the man groaned in apparent pleasure. A moment later “Okay dear start sucking”

The thick clear liquid leaking from the tip had a salty taste but wasn’t foul, her dry mouth being moistened by the odd tasting stuff. Still staring down the length into his well trimmed pubes she started sucking over the head, her lips wrapped around the fleshy firm shaft just behind the head of the adult organ bringing loud groans from the man. She found herself able to make him groan louder by snaking her tongue around the odd shaped tip. More of the thick liquid leaked into her mouth mixing with her own saliva Judy’s senses being filled with the taste and oddly her young pussy tingled adding to the mix of sensation flooding through her. Judy felt guilty, like she was doing something wrong and knew it. She was now sucking over the man’s penis tip his moans filling her with an odd sense of control, the still embedded swollen tail still felt uncomfortable in her rectum and wrong, but her young pussy seemed to be all a buzz with sensations that more than thrilled her to feel. A hand went around to the back of her head guiding her mouth over his organ, thick spittle and the leaking thick salty liquid filling her small mouth to overflowing going down over her chin.

The tip probed deeper through her mouth as if feeling around, his loin in front of her moved in a way that she couldn’t stop watching almost as if he could control his stiff adult penis by the mesmerizing movement. Judy had stopped sucking letting the man move it on his own through her opened mouth. It touch the back of her mouth, her gag reflex kicking in with a hard sudden lurch going through her body. His hand held her head in place as she fought to not puke, a sharp stab of pain from her anus as her bowel push against the inflated tail end not able to expel the horrid thing. The penis pulled out of her mouth leaving her choking up slimy goo, her anus stretched over a small part of the bloated part of the tail.

She tried squeezing her stretched anus mussels and for a long moment nothing happened till the thing slipped slowly back up into her. Judy could feel the whole thing happening inside her rectum till it finely nested itself back where it had been. The stiff penis was still in front when her watered eyes cleared, still covered in her thick spittle. Judy swallowed still taking in the mix of sensations flooding through her body and strangely her pussy still sent pleasurable signals through her.

“Open” she heard

Without even thinking she opened wide letting the adult male organ slip back into her slimy mouth. A surge of pleasure flood her young body she had never felt before, and guilt. But her mouth went wide letting the slimy salty tip slip over her young tongue, her eyes locked onto his well trimmed pubes. Knowing deeply he was deriving pleasure from her, another pang of guilt washed over her as her pussy sent a rush of pleasure through her more intense than she had never felt before. She liked the feeling, eying down along the fierily stiff penis she tried to prepare herself, letting the thing touching her throat and doing her best not to gag. Her little clit hummed as she let herself, her mind, escape deeply into the flood of unaccustomed pleasure she never knew existed. Her parents would would whip her but good if they knew she was enjoying this, another ‘pang’ of guilt.

The penis’s blunt tip slipped into her throat, her body surging up tensely in uncontrolled revolt. The hand on the back of her head holding her there the bloated tail in her rectum struggling to be expelled from her bottom. Her anal mussels not willing to open enough for that to happen sending sharp pain through her from the effort. And still her young pussy hummed with pleasure. The penis pulled free from her mouth with a wet popping sound sending more pleasurable sensations through her. Judy gagged up slime letting it drip down onto the floor, her stretch anus struggling to tighten up, feeling the bloated tail end moving back up into her again, her whole body trembling with sensations she had never even knew existed.

The man reached over picking up his empty wine glass, a women was instantly there poring a red colored liquid into it. He took a healthy drink from it, she topped it off not stopping till he raised his hand. Another healthy drink he put it down. Even through her watered eyes she could see that he was getting drunk. She had seen her father getting drunk more than once and knew real well the symptoms. She blinked hard clearing her eyes looking over to David. A man was behind him his face fill with irrepressible lust she had never seen on an adult face before. David still had the metal ring in his mouth, thick slimy drool dripped off his young chin. The painted fox on his face was smeared. Judy could see paint smeared on the cleanly shaved pubes of of the man behind him and realized instantly how that must have happened.

Her friend looked horrified, she could hear his distress, see it in his painted face. The man seemed engulfed in what he was doing, it dawned on her he was a boy, the tail from his rectum was laying on the floor. Men had sex with a girls pussy to make babies but she remembered from some of her friends once about men that placed their penis’s in girls butts just for fun ‘did they do that to boys too?’ she had never given it much thought to it, just talk. But she could see the man grasping David’s hips hard, his muscled torso moving in a way she instinctively knew to be sexual. The word that one of the women had said ‘sodomy’ rang in her head. It meant a man placing his penis into your ass.

Judy realized, just knew she was going to get ‘sodomized’ too. Her eyes going to the man in front of her now, his penis, his long thick slimy penis still close to her face. The bloated tail in her bottom still sending deep gross sensations through her as he started scooting around to her back side. David she could see was in the throws of a fierce sudden straining, his painted face going flushing bright red, he cried out loudly, pleading inaudibly through the ring for the man to stop.

A sudden ‘hiss’ behind her made her jump, a flood of relief flooded through her from her rectum as the bloated embedded tail end deflated. She tried turning her head but the latch kept her from doing that.

“Y-you going to put it in my butt” she asked her throat still hoarse from his penis.

The tail was pulled free and a sudden slick warm blunt pressure against her anus answered her question all to well. Judy’s mind tried to grasp what was happening but still she was in disbelief that this was really happening.

“No.. No.. no” she cried out.

Her anus resisted only a little to the sudden press up into her. His penis had actually gone up into her butt, she could feel it there. David’s face was beet red showing plainly through the smeared paint having gone through multipliable and rapid waves of harsh straining and still the man behind him move fluidly his adult face in rapture, the sexual sounds of the movement reaching her young ears plainly. The man behind her pushed his penis deeper going past the point of the embedded tail sending a wave of nastiness through her bowel. Judy was shocked by the deeper push of thickness in her rectum, she flushed knowing the man behind her was enjoying all of this, wanting her to feel just this way. Her pussy tingled again as her humiliation, her embarrassment grew. The thick penis wormed deeper, her already sensitive rectum flooding her in revolt of the deeper intrusion. Hands gripped her hips, finger digging in around her hip bone, into the flesh of her abdomen.

The thick bluntness digging deeper still and there was no stopping it. It filled her rectum pressing hard still worming to go deeper still and making headway. Her whole body shuddered against the metal latches that held her bent over the stool as the blunt thickness push into a deep place, her large intestine. It felt all wrong and hurt a lot, her gut cramping up in protest and still the man wormed into her with not a care to how it felt to her. She cried out adding to mix of cries from around the room. His loin went hard up against her small buttocks. And she could vaguely feel his hand roaming, feeling over her panting body as she twisted about vainly trying to find a position to relieve the discomfort. His penis flexed with excitement inside of her making her squirm more.

Judy’s gut protested by an intense desire to defecate. It was something she didn’t expect from a sexual act no mater how cruel. At first she felt she could control the sudden urge but quickly that thought was banished as the feeling became more than just an urge. He needed to know, surely he didn’t want this.

“I-I gotta use the bathroom” maybe she wasn’t plain enough “I think I-I’m going to poop”

She was met by silence, his moving hands feeling over her continued, the feeling of losing control inside her escalated, the stiff adult penis flex even stiffer still. His stance changed behind her and even though still very young millions of years of evolution let Judy know what that meant. There was no preparing for what came next, nothing and I mean nothing prepared her for the rush of abuse her young unused bowel was suddenly grip with. Each push into and through the unprepared tube of her large intestine was beyond her experience to handle, her arms flailed defensibly back as if to fend him off, her neck and legs went hard against the chain latches that held her. And to her horror Judy strained up the urge to push the thick rod of flesh moving in her bowel went surging out of her control. And she went uncontrollably straining hard to do so, his hands a flurry of movement over her young body, feeling everywhere at once.

His loin mash up into the cleft of her buttocks his adult penis flexing stiffly the reprieve letting her regain a moment of control from the urgent straining. But she could tell from the slight nauseous feeling, her intestine was still on edge and familiar feeling of deep movement that she had felt many times before, the type of feeling that would have her scurrying quickly to the bathroom at any other time with the worry of the runs coming on.

“Please.. I-I can’t stop it” she yelled out not caring who heard it. “I’m going to poop”

A couple men turn their heads looking in her direction. Judy’s face flush hotly under their scrutiny and even though they continued in what they were doing to the kid before them they remain watching her. The thick penis flexed again she sensed his eagerness to continue his hand grasping firmly back at her hips. Her mind raced trying to find a way to stop what was plainly about to happen. Pressure built up deep inside her gut ‘To Late’ went through her head. Once more the thickness flexed, she groaned from the sensation it sent through her bowel.

The world erupted in a flurry of nasty vileness that she became engulfed in. In her entire life she couldn’t believe something this gross feeling existed, she could plainly feel her hot poop being pushed uncontrollably around the now eagerly moving stiff male organ. His groans of lust fill pleasure in contrast to her own now guttural grunts that she couldn’t stop from coming out. All the while the men continued watching her the impact of their gaze like sharp knives of embarrassing debasement. His loin wedged in suddenly deeply filling the cleft of her ass. The stiff thickness swelling, Judy could feel it all, a hot spray like a flooding enema shot into her large intestine. She knew immediately what it was and it shock her to think he would or even could release his man seed into her bowel, another large spray of it shot in with force. Judy became engrossed in his release never before feeling one, her pussy shot out a wave of excitement that had her whole body shuddering, her rectum and anus squeezing the rod of thick flesh in a death grip, another rush of seed flooded into her gut.

The men watching around the room cheered leaving her flushing hotly as the thick penis still convulsing inside her. Slowly the thick thing pulled free with her collapsing down onto the padded stool panting, relief and a strange fulfillment settled in over her. She could only watch the others till the men finished their own acts of lust on the child before then. Judy took it all in, she couldn’t help it, she liked what she saw but knew know one could know about it. The women came in releasing each kid. Judy followed letting the women wipe away the paint and clean her up. She got her clothes back and dressed. Shortly wide eyed David and her were in the car that got them here in the beginning. It was still light out when the door of the car open letting them go on the same road they were picked up.

David and her walked in silence to his house then she went to hers. She went to bed early and as the lights went out her small hand found her little clit, she rubbed over it hard the feelings and images of the day filling her young mind. A ‘pang’ of guilt, but it was a small one.