Maile And Kurt Compare Genitals (Mg,pedo,erotica)

Maile And Kurt Compare Genitals (Mg,pedo,erotica)

Introduction: Uncle Kurt bathes with a little 6yo girl called Maile and they both play with their private parts.

Author: PeachKisser2004

I had already taken several different baths with my friend’s daughter Maile, but so far they had remained largely non-sexual, at least from the standpoint of Maile’s interest. For me it was a different story, for the naked little 6-year-old cherub turned me on something fierce and I always became at least partially erect during these bath sessions. But until today I never acted in an overtly sexual way with Maile.

We always washed each other too, and while I spent extra time washing out her vulva slit, she never touched my penis. It became a very frustrating thing for me kneeling there with my semi-erect penis jutting out as the little girl knelt in front of me and washed the tops of my thighs. I even said a few times, “Don’t forget to wash my peepee!” but she just smiled up at me and never actually touched it. Very strangely, she didn’t say anything, just quietly refused to touch my penis. I guess this was what her parents had taught her, or else she was afraid to touch it, but in any case she didn’t verbalize about it at all.

But this time I couldn’t resist. This time I decided I had to do something to bring the focus of our bathtime play down between our legs, both between her legs and my legs. I didn’t know what I could get away with, but I wanted more than just the casual mutual washing we had done so far, which had excluded any contact with my genitals. She didn’t seem to mind when I washed her vulva out, but that just wasn’t enough for me anymore. The past few baths my balls had actually ached for days afterwards, and I didn’t want that to happen again.

As usual I peeled Maile’s clothing off and lifted her into the tub, lifting her high enough to discreetly peek at her slit before putting her in the warm water. After playing for a while I announced it was time to start soaping us up and she cheerfully said “Okay!” and stood up.

Standing before me the wet little girl looked so desirable! I slathered soap on my hands and relished that first touch of her tummy, her back, soaping around her chest, her proto-breasts, her lower back, her little bottom, all those well-tanned childish curves. My front hand descended to her plump upper pussy mound, and I worked my way down very slowly, holding my breath as my cock swelled deliciously and I felt my balls churning out fresh sperm, tingling inside my scrotum.

Working my way down to Maile’s bare pussy slit I began to explore with my soapy fingers. As usual I announced my intentions, to avoid startling her, not to mention it turned me on to talk about her vulva like this. “Gotta make sure it’s all clean inside!” I said brightly, cupping her tiny bottom with my other hand. She always froze and looked down at my hand when I did this part of the bath, and I loved the feel of the firm, pliant flesh under my soapy fingertips.

Now was the time to make my move. I kept soaping Maile for a few more minutes, putting a little bit of extra pressure on her clitoris this time. I actually saw her leg tremble for just a moment as I stroked deep in her slit, so I knew it was having some kind of an effect.

“Hey sweetie, I have a new trick I wanna show you!” I said cheerfully. She looked at me quizzically.

“Guess what? I can make my peepee look just like yours!” I said, patting her compact vulva with a knowing look on my face.

She giggled. “No you can’t!” she said. “You have a thingy!”

“No, watch this!” I was already kneeling in the tub so I parted my legs slightly and quickly tucked my cock and balls completely down and closed my legs back together, withdrawing my hand from between my thighs.

“Ta-da!” I said proudly, pointing at my crotch. “See? I have a coochie now just like you!”

“Wow!” she said, staring down at my penis-free crotch. Angling her head further down she said “But it doesn’t have a slit!”

“Oh it does, you just have to feel for it,” I said, taking her little hand. She dropped to her knees as I guided her hand down to where the triangle of my shaven pubic area was, my fake pussy. Letting go of her hand when she touched it I said “Feel inside there, feel the slit?”

She prodded at my crotch tentatively for a few moments with her fingertips. “I don’t feel it!” she insisted.

“Keep feeling around,” I said. “It’s very small actually.” My cock began to swell up behind my thighs so I leaned slightly back and parted my legs just a bit. Suddenly my sensitive penis popped up from between my legs, semi-erect, and banged right into the palm of Maile’s hand.

The little girl let out a shriek and yanked her hand back in surprise.

“Ha, ha, ha!” I said playfully.

“You scared me!” she said scoldingly.

“Did you feel the slit?” I asked her again.

“No,” she said, still puzzled, looking down at my penis. “There isn’t a slit!” she insisted adamantly, glancing at my pubic area. The sight of Maile staring at my genitals turned me on even more.

“Let’s try again,” I suggested, tucking my semi-erection back between my legs and pressed my middle finger into my upper pubic area to try and dent in the skin to make a quick little slit. Pressing my legs tightly together I managed to maintain the slit and pointed it out to Maile. “See? It’s just like yours!” I said proudly. “Touch it!”

She stuck her tiny fingers out and touched the upper part of my slit.

“Cool huh?” I said to her. She was silent, just looking at my crotch and poking her finger at the slit.

“Ready to pop it back up?” I said playfully. Instantly she withdrew her hand and giggled. “Okay!”

“Here it comes then!” Leaning back I made a quick open-close motion with my knees, tensing my PC muscles at the same time, and pop! My half-erect penis sprang up into view from between my thighs, flopping over to one side and lying against my thigh. Maile just smiled this time, as it didn’t surprise her at all.

“Pretty neat huh?” She nodded.

“You wanna try and tuck it down for me?” I offered.

She shook her head no. “Come on, it’s fun!” I said enthusiastically. “Look, you just grab it like this and push,” I said, shoving my sausage- soft cock down between my legs and closing my thighs, then a moment later popping it back up into view. I did this a few more times, up and down, and all the while Maile watched me closely but kept her hands at her side, no interest in participating.

Finally I had to just ask her directly. I lowered my voice and smiled right at her. “Sweetie, Uncle Kurt would really like you to help him try it out… would you do that for me if I ask you really, really nicely? Please?”

In a tiny unsure voice she said “Okay,” but I could tell she was unsure what all this sex play was about.

“Don’t worry sweetie, it won’t hurt at all. I can tell you exactly how to do it and everything! Here, I’ll help you…” Leaning towards her I said “Okay, put your hand around it and push it down between my legs and I’ll grab it with my legs okay?”

She darted her hand out and lightly gripped my cock. I stifled a groan at this first hand-to-penis contact from my little six year old sweetie, whose tiny hand made my cock look enormously large. “Okay, push it down,” I said, slightly out of breath from the sexual rush.

Maile shoved my cock down between my legs and I closed my thighs around her hand. She withdrew and lo and behold, I was a girl again. “See? Just like yours now!” I said. “Yay, you did it!” She smiled and beamed at her accomplishment and I parted my legs and up popped my penis, now starting to get seriously hard from all this attention.

“See, it just pops right back up!” I said, attempting to hold Maile’s focus on my own overheated genitals. “Try push it down again,” I urged her. She tried it again, a bit bolder now, and I thrilled to the feel of her tiny hand for the brief moments as she shoved my pecker down between my thighs. I deliberately closed my thighs very slowly to prolong the wonderful feeling of her holding my cock, angling it down between my legs with her hand. Oh if there was only some way to get her to stroke it with her hand while it was down like that! My balls churned and my mind reeled at the options I had. Already I was living out a little girl lover’s wet dream, being naked in a tub, and yet my heavy balls were relentlessly driving me to want more with my Princess.

“You know what?” I started, a big mischievous grin spreading on my face.

“What?” she asked.

“You can make yours look like mine too, did you know that?”

“No I can’t!” she said indignantly.

“No really, you can, honest!”

“But I don’t have a thingy!” she insisted.

“Aaah, but we can fix that!”


“You really want me to show you how?” She hesitated a moment.

“Show me!”

“Well, here’s how, just watch…” I drew Maile closer to where I knelt in the tub and turned her around to face away from me. I gripped her narrow hips and drew her wet body towards mine. Rotating my hips slightly I angled my stiff cock downwards and carefully guided it between the child’s wet legs. I stifled a groan as her soft inner thigh flesh grazed the sensitive head of my cock, as her thighs enveloped my aching erection and she slid down the length of it until her bottom rested on my pubic bone.

“That tickles!” she said, giggling, and her laughter made her jiggle slightly, making me grunt from the wet friction around my shaft.

“Yeah, but look sweetie, you have a thingy now!” She turned her head to gaze down at her crotch and I peered around with her, looking over her shoulder and down at where her pussy disappeared between her legs.

Sure enough, right there beside her tiny virginal slit was my cockhead, the purple skin several shades darker than her tiny vulva. I gripped Maile’s hips and thrust my cock forwards, and several more inches prodded upwards, the angry purple flesh throbbing with need and desire. A huge blob of precum oozed out of the end of my cock and spread out over my sensitive cockhead and I grunted.

“See? Now your coochie has a thingy too!” I smiled. She moved to get up and I held her hips firmly in place. “No sweetie, just wait like this for a bit.” She relaxed.

“Here, tell you what, try touching it… just pretend like its actually your thingy, your very own man-peepee… try touching it.” She tentatively put a fingertip down and traced the bulbous swollen head. “Try touch it with both hands sweetie,” I whispered, and she felt around my cockhead while I groaned and thrust my cock up between her wet thighs.

Christ this was driving me nuts! “Does Maile love Uncle Kurt?” She nodded.

“Uncle Kurt loves Maile a lot you know,” I said, gently thrusting my cock back and forth, feeling my balls churn as the sensations built. She let go of my cock after a few minutes of touching it, leaving me gasping and thrusting between her legs, just aching for release.

“You know, if you have a thingy, you have to wash it very carefully… and I don’t think you washed your thingy yet.” She looked thoughtful. “Did you wash your thingy today?” I asked her, whispering right into her ear. She burst into giggles. “Remember, this is your thingy right here,” I said, patting one of her hands against my cockhead.

“Here give me your hands.” I took the soap and smeared suds all over her palms, all the while gently thrusting my hips, which were now on autopilot, just thrusting every so gently back and forth, only an inch or so of deliciously wet motion.

“Okay, you wash your thingy now, use lots of soap…” I took both her soapy hands and put them down in her lap, grunting as her tiny fingers made contact with my swollen turgid shaft, which was harder and stiffer than I’d ever remembered it before. It felt as though every nerve in my body was connected to my penis as Maile began to move her little fingers up and down. “Oh yes, that’s it sweetie, very good, wash your thingy up and down, make sure it’s clean…” My voice trailed off in a long groan of arousal as she wrapped both hands around the end of my shaft and began pumping them up and down rhythmically.

“Oh yes, oh so good baby so good…” I babbled, my vision starting to blur and blank as my orgasm neared. I felt my balls draw up tight underneath me and my hips started humping in shorter, sharper jerks. “Keep washing your peepee… don’t take your hands off…” I whispered. Maile nodded silently and kept working the soap around my aching cockhead.

Finally my balls let loose and I felt a blazing heat of pleasure and pain burst from within my cockhead, from where Maile’s soapy hands still slowly massaged my overheated shaft. “Oooh!” I howled into Maile’s ear as I grabbed her around her chest, pressing her tiny body against my own chest and thrusting my cock up between her legs. My hips were furiously pistoning up and down now and I felt Maile’s hands groping and grasping to try and stay on my cock. I felt the pulses of fresh sperm flowing powerfully from my cock, even glanced down to see my white seed spilling out of my cockhead and mixing with the soap on the child’s tiny hands.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.