Maile And Her Uncle Kurt (Mg,pedo,cons)

Maile And Her Uncle Kurt (Mg,pedo,cons)

Introduction: Uncle Kurt and his 5yo niece take a shower together.

Author: PeachKisser2004

Part 1 – Setup, intro, slow

Maile bounced in the door after school, thoughts of the weekend ahead in her mind. The pretty little five-year-old was so happy because her mommy said that her favorite uncle, Uncle Kurt, was coming to visit soon. Now that was all Maile could think about as she rushed to her room to change.

Maile shimmied out of her little terrycloth sundress and peeled her panties down, leaving them in a pile on her bedroom floor. Since her bedroom was near the side door to the swimming pool, she dashed naked out the door and splashed into the pool, relishing the feel of cool water all over her smooth little body. Uncle Kurt was coming next week, her mommy said, and tomorrow Maile was having her best friend Tammy over to swim after school. Maile was definitely a happy little girl.

This gave Maile an idea. Tammy had never met Uncle Kurt, so she looked forward to playing with her friend and telling her all about Uncle Kurt, then maybe Tammy would get to meet Uncle Kurt next week.

Swimming to the shallow end Maile sat down on the rough concrete pool steps, feeling the gritty pool surface against her little round bottom.

Maile was a thin little girl, unlike her pudgy friend Tammy. Half-Vietnamese, half-caucasian, Maile was cute beyond all measure, with that exotic “half breed” skin, no tan lines anywhere thanks to living in Hawaii and swimming naked almost every day, and the cutest little smile, still with little milk teeth, now with gaps between them making her even cuter.

Thinking more about her Uncle Kurt, Maile slipped her fingers down to her little coochie, tucked ever so tightly down between her legs as she sat on the steps. “I wish Uncle Kurt was here now!” she said quietly as she started touching her little trickle-slit, touching all those soft little special places down inside there, like her little peehole, her trickle-hole, and especially her tiny little clitty-bump up near the top of her little slit.

Maile shivered as her tiny flat titty-nipples perked up from the cold water and the stimulation of her fingers. She rubbed herself faster, hoping to get that “special” feeling, but it didn’t really seem to work all that well, and then she remembered: she never seemed to be able to get that “special” feeling when swimming in the cold pool, unlike the hottub, so she thought “I’ll have to ask Uncle Kurt to help me in the cold pool, when he gets here, and maybe he can help me get that good feeling in the cold pool too. I bet he knows what to do…”

Splashing off into the deep end, Maile swam around and frolicked in the pool until she heard her mommy calling her inside for dinner.

End of Part 1

Part 2 – Tammy comes over to swim

The next day Maile’s little friend Tammy came over. Tammy and Maile were in the same school so they just rode the same school bus home and both of them got off at Maile’s house.

Tammy was the same age as Maile but she was not nearly as mature. People often mistook little Tami for being three years old, when in fact she was five. Part of it was that she was very small in stature for her age, but another part was she was very pudgy and round, her body completely covered in babyfat still.

The other thing about Tammy was her personality was much more shy and retiring, far more trusting and naive than Maile. To this end, Maile was definitely “the boss” in this relationship, and took it upon herself to guide the development of her darling little pudgy friend.

As soon as they were in the front door Maile’s Mommy greeted them both with hugs and asked how their school was today, asked how they were doing. Maile’s Mommy liked Tammy because she played so well with Maile.

After Maile’s Mommy had wandered off, Maile said “Let’s go swim!”

“But I didn’t bring my swimsuit!” said Tammy simply. Another thing about Tammy was that she wasn’t too smart, and Maile had to remind her that not having a suit was no problem here at Maile’s house.

“We don’t need our swimsuits silly!” said Maile, pulling off her little teeshirt and putting her hands on her hips and looking at her friend with mock disdain. “Do you forget every time?” she said accusingly.

Tammy’s face brightened. “Oh yeah, we just take all our clothes off…”

“Yep, just take ’em off,” said Maile, shimmying out of her little shorts and standing there only in her little pale pink cotton panties, waiting for Tammy to make a move. Tammy just stood there, looked shy and twisted in place, looking down at her toes.

“What’s wrong? Come on!” said Maile. “Take your clothes off!”

“Um, are you sure it’s okay?” said Tammy, looking around the living room

“Sure, we’ve done it before, ‘member?”

“Yeah, but, I dunno…” said Tammy, twisting her little hips around and squirming more, delaying taking off her clothes.

“Here, I’ll help you,” said Maile helpfully, and walked over and gripped Tammy’s little teeshirt and began tugging it out of the elastic waistband of her little terrycloth miniskirt. At Maile’s touch Tammy became completely compliant and lifted her arms, as she really trusted and looked up to Maile, who just seemed so much stronger and more confident than she herself could ever be.

Maile peeled Tami’s shirt off and then put her hands on Tammy’s miniskirt to tug it down and Tammy shrieked “No wait!”

Surprised, Maile stood back a moment. “What?”

“I’m embarrassed,” said Tammy, blushing.

“Why, you and I are both girls!”

“No, I…” Tammy couldn’t continue.

“What’s wrong?” said Maile. For her age she was a very sensitive child and she could tell her good friend wasn’t happy now.

“I don’t wanna be the first one naked!” said Tammy earnestly, looking uncertainly around the living room again, as if someone was watching.

“Well, then I’ll take mine off first!” Maile grabbed her panties and whisked them down and stood naked before Tammy, saying “See, now I’m naked too!”

The sight of Maile’s little bare pussy put Tammy a bit more at ease, and she said “Okay,” but still made no move to drop her miniskirt.

Maile had an idea. “Can I maybe peek under your skirt?” Tammy nodded meekly.

Maile lifted the clingy little garment up her first-grade friend’s pudgy tapered legs, holding her breath until the tiny little peach of Tammy’s prepubescent vulva came into view. “Yep, no panties!” agreed Maile in a business-like tone, admiring Tammy’s vulva. Maile felt a little twinge in her own vulva at the sight of her friend’s slit, and it made her feel all funny inside. Maile admired Tammy’s pussy a moment longer before letting her friend’s skirt drop back down.

“Come on, let’s go swim!” said Maile, grabbing Tammy’s skirt at the waistband and wriggling it down the youngster’s hips. In a moment both girls were stark naked, standing in the living room and giggling at each other.

“Your coochie looks so different than mine!” said Maile with amazement.

“Nuh uh!” said Tammy defensively, not wanting to be seen as different or unusual in any way, even though she was clearly far paler than Maile, almost ghostly white in fact.

“Yeah, look how much bigger your coochie is,” said Maile. Maile stood closer to her friend and thrust out her own hips. “Here, push yours out!” said Maile, and Tammy timidly put her hands on her hips and thrust forward. The bulge of Tammy’s hairless vulva was enormous compared to Maile’s, and Maile looked down and said “See? Your’s is way bigger!”

“I guess,” said Tammy reluctantly.

“Here, watch this,” said Maile, walking forward with her coochie still pushed forwards until she was almost to Tammy, who just watched puzzled as her friend approached.

With a little wiggle and a push, Maile pressed her bulging bare vulva right against Tammy’s mound, and both girls shrieked with delight and fell back laughing.

“That felt so weird!” said Tammy.

“Yeah! Let’s do it again!”

More deliberately now, the two little girls stood close to each other, pushing their coochies out as far as they could, and when they touched this time they just sighed at the wonderful feeling of the two little hairless pussies rubbing warmly against each other. Maile held Tammy’s shoulder to steady herself and said “Here, you stay still, I’ll move.”

Bending her legs slightly and getting onto her tippy toes, Maile began rubbing her pussy mound up and down over the bulging pale mound of her friend. “See how different our skin is?” said Maile, pointing down at their touching genitals.

“Yeah, mine is so white!” said Tammy with embarrassment.

“No, it looks neat together!” said Maile, reassuring her friend.

Suddenly both girls shivered, and Maile noticed that both she and Tammy’s nipples had gotten all hard, turned into tiny little pointy nibs like pencil erasers.

“Wow, that feels so good!” said Maile as she took a step back from her friend, who agreed.

“Come on, let’s swim now!” said Maile, and both naked little waifs ran out to the pool to swim. They laughed and swam around and splashed each other for hours and hours, as only two five year olds can do.

Once they got out of the pool it was late and Tammy’s mommy was coming to get her soon. As they were drying off and dressing back up in the living room Maile told Tammy about her favorite Uncle Kurt. “He’s really handsome,” explained Maile.

“What does ‘handsome’ mean?” said Tammy innocently.

“It means he’s really pretty, but pretty for a man,” explained Maile. “Oh and he’s really strong too.”

Tammy just nodded, seemingly unimpressed.

“Uncle Kurt is coming to visit soon, and he and I always play really fun games,” said Maile, fishing for her friends interest.

“What kind of games?” asked Tammy.

“Well, my favorite game is when we take showers together,” said Maile.

“You take showers with your Uncle?” said Tammy incredulously.

“Sure, it’s fun!”

“But he’s a man, right?”

“Yeah, of course!”

“I’ve never seen a man without clothes,” said Tammy. “I walked in on my daddy one time when he got in the shower, but he got so mad at me that I ran out before I saw anything!” Her eyes went wide.

“Oh, some men are like that, but not my Uncle Kurt.” continued Maile, patting Tammy on the shoulder.

“In fact, Uncle Kurt never gets mad. He’s really happy all the time, and we have so much fun together. Hey, maybe you can come over and play games with us sometime!” said Maile brightly.

“Hmm, I guess so,” said Tammy, still unsure. Suddenly there was a honking horn outside and Tammy had to go.

End of Part 2

Part 3 – Uncle Kurt arrives

Maile was reading when she heard the front door slam and heard the familiar voice. “Yaaay!” she shrieked and ran out into the living room. “Uncle Kurt is here!” Maile ran into her handsome Uncle’s arms, and he swept the little cherub up and hugged her tightly, showering her face with kisses until she was giggling and squirming uncontrollably. Maile really loved her Uncle Kurt and was so happy to have him here to visit!

When the initial kissing assault was over, Maile caught her breath from all her giggling and leaned back to look at her Uncle, as he held her against his chest. “Do you wanna go take a shower now Uncle Kurt?”

“Oh wow sweetie, I sure do! I’m all dirty from the airplane ride!” Maile squirmed out of his arms and he let her drop, and the cherub sprinted off, yelling “Come on Uncle Kurt!!!”

Maile got into the bathroom and stripped down immediately, then turned naked to the door and watched her Uncle come in, his face immediately brightening. “My, my, you sure do undress quickly!” he said with a smile.

“Come on, let’s shower!” she said, reaching for her Uncle’s belt buckle, tugging at it. In moments her Uncle was naked, and Maile smiled at him as she admired his thingy, which was still sort of soft and dangly, but she could see already that his thingy was getting longer already.

Maile hopped into the tub and started the water, and using the hand-held shower she sprayed down Uncle Kurt and then her Uncle grabbed the shower and sprayed her down and they giggled and laughed and tickled each other.

“Do me first!” said Maile at last, grabbing the soap and handing it to her uncle Kurt eagerly. Maile loved the feel of her Uncle’s strong hands roving wetly over her little body, soaping her up. She stood while he knelt in the tub, and he washed her neck, her back, her shoulders, her arms, soaping up everywhere very thoroughly, washing her clean.

“Okay, time to wash your bottom,” said Uncle Kurt, and Maile turned around and presented her darling little tushy to her horny Uncle’s view. By now uncle Kurt’s penis had become completely erect and he admired Maile’s wet little behind as he soaped his hands up thoroughly.

“Bend forward and put your hands on the wall,” said Uncle Kurt. Maile complied, bending at the hips. “Spread your legs sweetie,” he added.

Reaching delicately out with soapy hands, Kurt kneaded both of the little cheeks in his hands, kneading the child’s damp skin, squeezing the little globes of flesh. “Oh sweetie, you have the most darling little bottom ever!” he said sincerely.

“Thank you,” said Maile, turning back to look at what her uncle was doing. Maile noticed that her Uncle’s thingy had gotten all hard and she pointed back at it. “Uncle Kurt, your thingy is hard!”

He chuckled and looked down at his erection. “Yep, it sure is… do you know why it’s hard?” Maile shook her head.

“My thingy got all hard because your little bottom looks so good,” Kurt explained, squeezing the little buttcheeks in his hands, working his thumbs down between her thighs, into the little hollow immediately below her round bottom.

“Really?” said Maile. She knew all about why his thingy was hard, but she just liked to hear it from Uncle Kurt. She wiggled her soapy little rear end just a little bit. “Do you really like my bottom?”

Kurt let out a low groan as he kept soaping her little wiggling rear end. “Oh yes sweetie, I really do,” he said, blood pounding furiously in his cock.

Now it was Maile’s turn to groan, because her Uncle had shifted his hands down further, and he reached a soapy digit up between her legs and planted it right atop her tiny budding clitoris, pressing firmly and stroking up and down. “Oh, Uncle Kurt! That feels so good!”

“Good, we have to make sure you’re all clean down here,” murmured Kurt. He reached both of his hands between the child’s thighs and massaged her puffy outer genitals, soaping up the skin and rubbing in gentle circles. He heard Maile let out a long sigh of contentment as he manipulated her genitals from behind.

After a while Kurt announced “Okay, your bottom’s all clean, let’s do the front!” Maile stood up and turned around. “Oh, I thought you were already doing the front,” she said, her legs wobbling noticeably as she turned.

“Oh no, I have to do the front properly!” asserted her Uncle, soaping his hands up further and staring in anticipation at the child’s privates, tucked wetly between her soapy thighs.

Kurt was on his knees so he drew Maile close to him and plunked her bottom onto his upper thigh, giving her a place to sit. She shifted and brushed her soapy leg against his swollen erection and he grunted in surprise. “Ooops, sorry!” said Maile. “No problem sweetie!” he smiled at her.

Steadying her with one arm behind her tiny frame, Kurt reached down and cupped his niece’s tiny vulva with a soapy hand, working up and down slowly, squeezing her firm little peach, working all the way from way down by her bottom and on up to almost her belly button.

“Oh Uncle Kurt, that feels so nice!” sighed Maile, throwing an arm around her Uncle and hugging him closer. Kurt began to focus his fingers more and more on the little slit that ran down the middle of Maile’s pussy, and soon he touched her swollen little clitoris, making the child jump and twitch with pleasure.

Speeding his constant up-and-down rhythm, Uncle Kurt began to focus and stimulate Maile’s little clitoris, and the child began to whine softly in his arms. “Oh, oh, oh,” she said very quietly, almost little whimperings.

Drawing the tiny girl-child closer to him he kept up the stimulation until he felt her begin to tense up, and then the tension kept building until she stuck her legs out straight and he had to hold onto her as tightly as he could to keep her from falling away from him in the tub. Uncle Kurt kept circling his fingers on her pussy slit all this time and Maile gasped and groaned through her childish little orgasm.

Soon Maile’s pussy became too sensitive and she slammed both hands down into her crotch, banging Kurt’s hands. “Oh, no, no!” she said. Uncle Kurt froze his hand, feeling her twitch and relax more in his arms. He whispered into her ear “Did you like that sweetie?” Maile just nodded, breathless still.

After a few more minutes Uncle Kurt gave her soapy little pussy another quick squeeze, and Maile shrieked and jumped, giggling at the sensations. “Well, I think you’re all nice and clean now!” said her Uncle brightly. “Do you think it’s my turn yet?” he asked her. She nodded eagerly, standing up from his lap, her bottom all soapy still.

Now that it was Maile’s turn to wash Uncle Kurt, she stood behind him as he sat in the tub, scrubbing his back and neck and arms. Stepping over uncle Kurt to stand in front of him, Maile smiled as Uncle Kurt’s eyes followed her pussy slit intently, a giant smile on his face.

Now she stood in front of Uncle Kurt, her little hairless pussy right in front of his eyes, as she finished washing his neck and chest and tummy from the front. Uncle Kurt reached out again to her pussy and cupped the child’s tiny genitals in his fingers, rubbing the wet skin. “You really have a darling little coochie, sweetie,” he added. Maile just smiled.

“Okay, stand up now!” said the little cherub in a sing-song voice. As she suspected, Uncle Kurt’s thing was all hard still, and as he stood up, it was sticking straight out in front of him, and that made Maile giggle.

“Oh Uncle Kurt, look!” She pointed at his giant penis. “Your thingy is all hard still! Shall I should wash it now?” Uncle Kurt just nodded, so Maile soaped up her hands and reached out to the enormous organ.

She giggled as her Uncle started groaning while she washed his great big penis-thingy. Maile had to use both hands to fit around her Uncle’s giant thingy and she made sure there was plenty of soap so that it felt really
good for her favorite Uncle.

Maile knew how much Uncle Kurt liked having his thingy washed, and she knew how good it made his thingy feel inside when she rubbed it like this, with her hands all soapy and slippery. She was careful not to rub too hard on the very end of it, because her Uncle had taught her how that was the most-sensitive part on a man’s penis-thingy, so she had to be careful, but that she could rub the main long part as fast as she wanted.

Maile smiled and felt proud that she knew so much about her Uncle’s penis-thingy, and started moving her little hands faster and faster.

“Oh sweetie, that feels so good for Uncle Kurt!” hissed her Uncle, staring down at her through slitted eyes. He steadied himself with one hand against the tiled wall and one hand on Maile’s shoulder. She loved to feel his strong hands squeezing her little shoulders as she kept washing the giant organ before her, watching as her uncle groaned with pleasure.

“How long should I wash it?” asked Maile.

“Oh sweetie, please just keep washing it for right now,” hissed her uncle. “It won’t be much longer…” his voice trailed off into another groan.

“Oh no, I forgot, I have to wash under here too!” said Maile with great concern. She shifted one hand from her Uncle’s shaft down to the baggy thing underneath, which had little hairs growing out of it, and she started soaping up all around the two big lemon-thingys inside. Since Maile’s tiny hand didn’t fit all the way around her uncle’s shaft, she gripped it as best she could along the underside, stroking firmly as her other hand soaped up the lemon-thingys in the baggy thing underneath.

“Oh yes!” grunted her Uncle, and Maile knew she was doing a good job. She could feel the pulsing inside her uncle’s baggy thing, and suddenly she felt a powerful twitching inside the actual shaft as her slippery little hand went back and forth.

“Oh fuck!” yelled her Uncle, and Maile’s eyes grew wide with surprise as her Uncle bellowed out a warning. “Look out!” he cried as his hips thrust forward. Maile knew to keep stroking his thingy and her other hand kept soaping and squeezing his big lemons underneath, and she saw Uncle Kurt’s giant penis-thingy start to squirt out its juices.

“It’s squirting!” she cried out as the first bolt of semen sprayed out from the purple cockhead, driven powerfully out of her Uncle’s overheated balls. The second, third, and fourth spurts followed closely afterwards, one each time her soapy little hand slid along the underside of his turgid flesh, slicking the suds along her Uncle’s erection and making the thick shaft twitch with each pulse.

Finally Uncle Kurt’s thingy stopped shooting so hard. Every time Maile’s hand slid down the shaft a little dribble of the white stuff burbled out of the purple tip of his thingy and drooled down below the head, mixing with the soap as her hand came up each time.

“Okay sweetie, Uncle Kurt has to sit down now,” gasped her Uncle. “You did such a wonderful job of washing my thingy!” he said. “Here, give Uncle Kurt a great big hug,” he said, sinking to his knees and drawing the wet little girl to his chest.

Maile loved her Uncle’s hugs, and they felt even better when they were all naked in the tub together and hugging like this. She knew her Uncle really liked to hug after his penis had made the squirt-squirt stuff come out, and she just stood there hugging him back, her little arms around his neck, as she felt his heart hammering in his chest.

“Well, let’s get rinsed off and go lie in bed,” suggested her Uncle at last. “Okay!”

Uncle Kurt took the shower nozzle off the wall and adjusted the water temperature, then aimed it down at Maile’s tiny little pussy, then they got out and he helped her dry off, standing her on the sink counter and giving her little hairless pussy slit a quick kiss. Even this little gesture made Kurt’s testicles churn, but he had plenty of time for later!

End of Part 3

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.