Little Fat Girl At The Swimming Pool (MFg,pedo)

Little Fat Girl At The Swimming Pool (MFg,pedo)

Introduction: A mum asks her chubby lolita 8 year old little girl to strip naked and teaches her how to stroke and suck a man.

Author: PeachKisser2004

While at the Oasis Court swimming pool in Irvine today I noted a slightly fat woman who was the mother and/or guardian of a number of little kids playing around the pool. One of them was a pudgy little brunette girl who just turned me on something fierce, inasmuch as she looked ultimately squeezable and kissable, and sported just a little more skin than she could safely tuck into her swimsuit. She was only about eight years old, wore a bikini swimsuit (pink and coral-colored bottom, lime green top), and the suit showed off all the folds and creases in the sleek babyfat which covered every inch of her pre-pubescent body. Watching her walk was a delight, as all her little curves and folds wiggled and jiggled. Around her belly button was a lovely little ring of “pudge” and watching it jiggle gave me great pleasure.

Before I knew it the three of us were up in my apartment, pudgy Mommy (Judith) and her little girl (Corinne) wearing her still-wet swimsuit. We sat on the futon in my living room, talking and laughing. Judith was first to get things going by saying “Corinne, I bet Kurt would like to see you without your clothes on. Why don’t you take off that cold, wet bathing suit and show him just how pretty you are underneath?”

Judith obviously knew how to get me started! Her daughter Corinne smiled, then without a word pulled the stretchy top of her bikini up over her head, exposing her small, rubbery, pale-nippled breasts to my view. My cock almost jumped out of its skin getting hard! Corinne’s nipples were so pale you could hardly tell where they began and ended, perched atop of little rubbery cones of babyfat. I longed to lock my tongue onto them, just to see if I could make them go erect, make them reveal themselves a little more atop her chubby chest.

Standing up in the middle of the futon, Corinne smiled proudly at me and whisked her bikini bottoms down and off. Two feet away from me now stood the sexiest, sleekest, youngest, most attractive little chubby girl ever seen! I couldn’t resist letting out a low moan, feeling my hormones drive me nearly out of my mind with raw lust. Rolls of babyfat covered every square inch of Corinne’s stubby body, all wrapped tightly in sleek, young pale smooth flesh. Her fat belly protruded out over her plump, pale pussy and she had a faint, healthy-looking tan everywhere, except under her bikini lines. Glancing directly at her pussy I noticed that the little mons was devoid of any visible pubic hair. I felt another wild surge of lust as I took in this last detail, and felt my mouth water slightly at the thought of tasting this child’s bare pussy.

Judith leaned over and placed her hand squarely in my lap, softly stroking the huge bulge. “Look Corinne,” she said. “Come put your hand here,” she beckoned towards my lap. “See how excited Kurt is?” Corinne squatted down and nodded as she delicately patted my boner. “Do you remember I told you how a man’s penis gets hard when he’s excited? Well, Kurt’s penis is hard just because he’s excited about seeing your beautiful body without any clothes on.” I let out more little gasps of pleasure as Corinne’s hand patted up and down the length of my bulging cock. “Actually, your body has made Kurt very excited. Here, just rub up and down.” Judith became the instructor, closing Corinne’s hand around the bulge, moving it back and forth slightly. I swooned from pleasure and grunted lightly, thrusting my cock back against their hands.

Corinne smiled innocently, looking right at me, and I tried my damnedest to keep my face pleasant, but I was on the verge of losing my cool and just wrenching up my face and screaming out my lust.

“Kurt, why don’t you undress so that Corinne can see how you look naked? That’s fair, isn’t it?” Judith asked. It snapped me out of my pleasures and I sheepishly got to my knees and pulled off my almost-dry Morey Boogie shorts and the damp underwear beneath. As soon as my cock was free, Judith gripped my penis at the base and instructed Corinne: “See? This is Kurt’s penis, Corinne. Hold onto it now, very gently, with your left hand.” Her chubby little fingers wrapped around my pole, and Corinne stared innocently into my face as she changed her grip on my prick, opening and closing her cool fingers around the middle of my burning shaft, squeezing it to see just how hard it really was.

“Gosh mommy, it really is hard!” exclaimed Corinne. “It feels like there’s a giant bone inside it or something!”

“See how good that feels to Kurt?” Judith said, pointing out my wrenched up face. “Why don’t you move your hand up and down, just like the girls in those videos I have up in my room, okay?” Corinne looked at her mother for a moment, unsure. “Do you remember how to do that, sweetie?” Corinne nodded and her mother removed her own hand from my cock.

Corinne beamed as though she was a star student being called upon to show how well she had learned the class lesson. Her pudgy hand started jerking up and down lightly on my pole, awkwardly at first. I felt the cool flesh in her palm begin to warm up after prolonged contact with the intense heat of my cock, which was only getting more intense as the blood rushed violently into it. I couldn’t control the movement of my hips now, and found myself helplessly humping this little girl’s fist, pushing my meat up through her tiny little hand, groaning every so often.

“Go a little quicker now,” said Judith eagerly. Corinne was kneeling in front of me so unfortunately her pussy was no longer in view, but I could see her broad shoulders and watched her firm little titties jiggle as she masturbated me, smiling both at me and at her proud mother, who leaned nearer to see just how well things were going.

By now precum liquid had seeped out of my cock and was making little trails all over my sensitive glans as it dripped down. Some even reached the fingers on Corinne’s hand. Judith pointed to the very tip of my dick and whispered to Corinne. “You see that stuff dripping out of Kurt’s penis? That means he’s very, very excited, and that he’s probably going to ‘come.’ Remember the video I showed you, Corinne? Remember the man coming and how good it felt for him?”

“Yes, mommy, I remember,” replied Corinne, smiling as she looked down at my pole pistoning through her stubby young fingers.

“Right now would be a very good time to try and give Kurt ‘head.’ Do you want to just try licking his penis?” asked Judith.

“How do you mean, Mom?” asked Corinne, still jerking my cock, but slower now.

“Let me show you, baby,” said Judith, and I glanced down as I felt mom’s hot breath against my pole. “You can start by just licking it like this,” said Judith, and I felt her tongue flick against my swollen, purple glans, and I groaned longingly.

Judith got up, and now Corinne’s face went down to my cock. “Pretend that it’s a big lollipop; just lick it with your tongue, honey.” Corinne obeyed, and I felt her tiny tongue make its first lap around my cockhead. “That stuff tastes salty!” she exclaimed after she had licked up some of the precum fluid. “I like how it tastes,” asserted the young girl, smiling proudly at her mother.

“Yes, dear, so do I. Honey, would you mind if I did that to Kurt for a little while?” asked Judith, a moist, glazed look in her eyes. Corinne’s pudgy little hand came off my cock, and Judith replaced it with her own hand, jerking me up and down in quick, short strokes. Judith had obviously had more experience making cocks shoot goo, and I felt my orgasm approaching quicker now, and let out a low moan. “Judith that feels so good…” my voice trailed off.

Corinne just continued kneeling there, watching her mother’s hand jerk my prick. Judith couldn’t take her eyes from my cockhead, and she kept licking her own lips to keep them moist. Corinne peered under my shaft, noting my nutsack and bouncing balls, and asked “What’s down there?” as she pointed with her finger.

“Those are Kurt’s ‘testicles’,” explained Judith breathlessly, her hand a blur on my cock. “If you’re very gentle you can touch them, even squeeze them really softly. And I bet if you do, then Kurt is finally going to ‘come.’ Go ahead, touch Kurt’s testicles…” urged Judith.

Judith was right. I felt Corinne’s cool hand contact the base of my taut scrotum, her fingers wrapping up the sides between my scrotum and my thigh, and I went over the edge. Judith gasped with delight as my bulging
cock jumped and jerked in her hand and my come shot straight up in the air and landed back on her arm and wrist, continuing now to slowly dribble out of my cock, running over her fingers as she kept jerking up and down. “That looks so good!” she hissed.

“Mommy! He came!” exclaimed Corinne, a huge smile on her face as she continued to knead my descending scrotum with her cool fingers. The last few dribbles of jizz came out in time with Judith’s skilled stroking, and I leaned over to Judith to rest my head on her shoulder. She kept her hand firmly in place holding onto my cock, and used her other hand to run her fingers through my matted, sweaty hair, caressing my neck and turning to
kiss it lightly.

“You can clean Kurt up now, baby,” said Judith. “It’s all right to just go ahead and lick all of that white stuff off of his penis. I’m sure Kurt would really enjoy that.”

Corinne’s hand replaced her mother’s, and she leaned down into my lap and licked the cum from around my swollen, tingling cockhead. “This stuff tastes even more salty,” she said.

“Suck on it, baby, just like it’s a lollipop,” commanded her mother. Corinne gripped my cock to hold it steady, then wrapped her lips around the glans and started bobbing her head up and down as she sucked me. I was just dying from the stimulation, especially after just blowing my nutt, and my cock refused to go soft.

End of Part 1

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.