Juliet at the beach (Bg,pedo,exhib,erotica)

Juliet at the beach (Bg,pedo,exhib,erotica)

Introduction: Eleven year old lolita girl, Juliet, goes to the beach with her sixteen year old brother. She loses her bikini at the beach and all kind of funny situations follow. Softcore child erotica story.

Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party

Juliet is blonde with long hair,blue eyes, slim, and quite tall for an eleven year old girl, she is still a shy little girl.

Juliet is in a crowded beach with her older brother who is sixteen, he is wearing shorts, she is wearing a small blue bikini bottoms tied up to her waist with a lace on the side, Juliet is also wearing a matching bikini top even thought she has no tits yet, only has tiny nipples sticking out of her chest.

Juliet’s brother approaches her little sister who is sleeping on the towel, he undoes her bikini bottoms string without Juliet noticing, he then slowly pulls out her bikini from behind uncovering Juliet’s little ass and returns to his place pretending to be asleep.

Juliet wakes up, not realising that her bikini bottoms have been set loose, she stands up provoking her bikini bottoms to be left on the towel, Juliet is walking towards the sea with dozens of people looking at her hairless pussy, she is only wearing her blue bikini top covering her tiny tits, that makes some people stare at her, it is bizarre for an 11yo girl to cover up her flat chest and not her smooth bald cunt.

Her brother watches Juliet walk away nude from waist down, he grabs Juliet’s bikini bottoms from the towel quickly burying them in the sand, goes back to his towel and again pretends to be assleep.

Juliet is now by the seashore getting into the water, a couple of men keep looking at her smiling, she ignores them. The water reaches her waist and Juliet feels the cold water wet her childish bald cunt.

Juliet realises that her bikini bottom is missing, she panics and blushing she starts to run towards her towel, Juliet feels really embarrassed, she places one of her hands on top of her bald cunt and calls his brother.

-“Oh! My God! I’ve lost my bikini bottoms James! Have you seen them”

-“Wow sis! Why are you nude from waist down?”

-”Please help me find my bikini bottoms”

-”You look very pretty like this sis, don’t worry about it”

-”All boys are looking at my cunnie!”

-”Aren’t you happy? That is a compliment, it means you are a pretty girl, let me look at your cunnie too sis”

-”Bro! Please! Stop teasing!”

-”Come on Juliet, everyone at the beach but me has seen your little pussy!”

-”Bro stop!”

-”Silly girl! If you don’t show me your pussy I will tell all your friends that you have been showing off naked to everybody at the beach”

-”No please!”

-”Well you have a choice sis, make up your mind quickly because my patience is running out, will you show me your pretty cunnie or do I have to talk about you at school?”

Juliet slowly takes off her hand from her lolita pussy, her 11yo smooth bald cunt appears, her brother stares at it smiling as he gets a hard on.

-”And your titties too sis”

Juliet loosens up her bikini top and let’s it drop on the sand. The blonde eleven years old girl is on her towel fully nude with tits no bigger than peaches and a bald cunt, her older bro looking at her with lust, Juliet feels mortified at the thought of everyone around her who maybe watching.

-”You are so pretty sis, why don’t you just forget about your bikini for the rest of the day and have fun?”

-”No! I want to go home!”

-”I am not going to go home just because a brat like you lost her bikini, you will have to stay nude until the afternoon Juliet!”

Julie sheds a couple of tears

-”Bro please! Let’s go home! Many boys are looking at me!”

-”Nonsense! Let me prove you that nobody cares about a nude little girls, you haven’t got any pussy hair yet! Hold my hand and come with me Juliet”

James takes his nude 11yo sister for a walk through the middle of the crowded beach, he is wearing his shorts and his nude little lolita sister is holding his hand, red faced and uncomfortably looking around.

Juliet and James come across many young men, women and children but only a handful of them stare at the nude little girl.

Juliet feels now much more at ease being naked at the beach, her rosy cheeks have gone away and she happily talks to her brother about how delightful it is being nude at the beach.

By the time they go back to the towel walking at least a couple of hundred people have already seen Juliet’s 11yo bald’s cunt and her puffy tiny boobs.

Juliet spends the rest of the day at the beach in the nude. Her brother James loves being able to watch his little sister bald pussy.

To much of his enjoyment, Juliet decides to build sand castles at the waterfront, Juliet spends a whole hour all nude, on her fours and displaying her smooth cunt from behind to everyone who is lucky enough to be at the front row of the beach.

James notices that apart from himself quite a few men are getting hard ons watching his nude 11yo preteen sister playing in the sand and building sand figures.

After a picnic at the beach with Juliet still naked, and a really tan all over, James and his sister pick up their stuff and go to the showers at the back of the beach.

His 11yo sister takes a shower, her wet body shines, James cock starts to leak a bit of cum watching his nude 11yo sister washing herself rubbing all over.

James spots a man far away with a camera taking photographs of his naked little sister washing, he does not really care and does not say anything to Juliet to avoid embarrassing her.

He wraps his sister’s prepubescent wet body with a big towel and dries Juliet all over paying special attention to her preteen bald cunt. James feels happy as he rubs his sister’s bald pussy with the soft towel, Juliet looks really gorgeous with her long blonde wet hair, nude and smiling.

James tells his sister to keep the towel wrapped around her body because the bikini has still not appeared and no other clothes are available.

James convinces Juliet to walk all the way home, as they walk he cracks a couple of jokes about Juliet’s being nude at the beach and old dirty men having heart attacks, that makes her laugh too.

They walk near a very old man with a stick, sitting on a bench and staring at them.

-”Come on Juliet! Give him a heart attack! “- laughs James.

-”Oh! How bad you are bro!”

Juliet doubts for a second, all of a sudden takes off the towel wrapped around her body and gives it to his brother. Juliet’s 11yo nude body, with her perky tits and bald pussy make the old man open her eyes like oranges, Juliet sticks out her tongue at him and she and James start laughing like devils running with Juliet still in the nude.

Little Juliet walks with her brother the rest of the way home refusing to wrap the towel again around her body, she seems to enjoy watching people’s face as they see her naked on the pathway and makes fun out of them talking to her older brother James about it.

The kids get home, ring the bell and daddy opens the door, his face gets all red with shame looking at his eleven year old daughter nude, he had never realised how beautiful his little angel was and his feelings distress him.

-”Juliet! What are you doing naked outside?”

-”You will laugh at it daddy, but I lost my bikini at the beach”

-”You are really a hell of a trouble girl! By now dozens of people will have seen your little pussy!”

-”Yeah daddy, I am sorry” – Juliet, still fully naked hugs her dad provoking a bulge on him.

-”OK , OK, just go to the bath and forget about it sweetie, a little girl like you can go nudie around whenever she likes, you are still smooth down anyway, little girls need not to worry about being naked”

Her daddy hopes that Juliet will decide to go around the house nude more often and smiles to James who is obviously aroused and staring at his nude preteen little sister.

*** E N D ***

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.

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