Jill’s New Life (Mg.inc,anal, bond,scat)

Jill’s New Life (Mg.inc,anal, bond,scat)

Prologue: Nine year old Jill is being use by her demented child loving uncle Jake, she had heard but disbelieved the warning stories from her cousin Jane about what he did to little girls in the family.

Author: Lone Dog

I sat naked on the bed watching my uncle Jake take his cloths off. I knew there was no way out now and swallowed hard. He had locked us into the bedroom and I looked nervously about. My cousin Jane had said he had fucked her in the ass a few time, but I had never believed her, till now. He had waited till no one was about before making his move and I was too afraid to resist. His penis leaped free of his pants as he pulled them down. I had never seen a mans penis hard before, and it was much longer and thicker than I expected. He went over to a nightstand and opened the drawer pulling out a jar of petroleum jelly and a small bottle of Dawn dish soap.

I flushed as he looked at me intently while opening the small jar then scooping out some spreading it over the head and down the shaft. His man testicles looked heavy hanging all covered in coarse hair. All I could do was stare at his penis, and heavy balls knowing now what Jane said was true.

“Are you going to put it in my butt hole?” I asked flushing more hotly as a wave of embarrassment flooded through me. “Will it hurt?”

“You’ll be fine” he said, not really talking to me.

I remembered Jane saying how much it hurt at first, then after a bit it felt like she need to go to the bathroom real bad. And I wondered why anyone would want to to that to someone else. I looked over into the small bathroom at the toilet.

“Should I go the the bathroom first” I said nervously.

“Totally unnecessary” he said with a odd smile.

He reached for me pulling me from the bed having me stand before him. His guiding grip was strong and I could tell there would be no denying him. I was turned firmly facing away from him, looking up I could see him staring down at my backside intently as he urged me to bend over the bed.

“Spread your legs honey, as wide as you can” he commanded, “I want to see your cute butt hole”

He used a foot to urge my legs open and I heard the jar open again. I jumped as finger touched my anus rubbing the oily slickness over my butt hole. Then the finger wormed in, forcing my hole open as he squeezed the tip of digit into my rectum. I swiveled my head back and flushed to see him staring eyes locked on my spread rump. I could feel his finger working deeper up into my butt as he spread the thick oily jelly around.

“Ow” I jumped but found his other hand on my back pinning me down as a second finger force my anus open wider. I cried out “That hurts.. Take it out!”

“Relax girl, It’ll be alright”

It took a few seconds for the pain to die back and shortly he was worming the two fingers in my rectum. I squirmed, the feeling uncomfortable as my anus and rectum tightly gripped the worming fingers.

“Just a little more honey”

The image of his hard slick cock came into my mind, and I looked back at it. It suddenly looked too thick and was much longer than his fingers now worming around my rectum.

“I d-don’t think it will fit” I blurted out my face still flush from the oddness of his fingers still moving in my rectum.

“You’ll do fine….” he said, almost convincing me.

“Are you… are you sure” I stuttered out, my rectum growing sensitive from his moving fingers.

He shuffled closer behind me removing the hand from my back, using it to guide his penis toward my buttocks. His fingers slowly pulled from my rectum replaced by the blunt tip of his cock pressing against my stretched anus. I knew he was going to push it into me but still couldn’t believe it was happening. The pressure build against my now weakened hole and I turned my head facing forward feeling my anus giving in to the constant press.

I gasped out as my anus spread over the blunt thick tip, then it was in. It held my anus open uncomfortably wide as the blunt tip pressed into my rectum stretching it, forcing it to open around his blunt penis.

“Your ass is so… tight Jill, your going to feel so… good” he cooed. He went on “It might feel like you need to use the bathroom ‘okay’ let me know”

I lay bent over the bed trying to get a handle on the shear thickness of the thing pressing into my ass. Till finely the tip reached to where his fingers had been and press to go farther. A stab of sharp pain brought me up off the mattress, he seemed ready and with a hand firmly going to and holding me around back of my neck, the other controlling my hips he dug in most cruelly with his cock making me lurch from the sudden sharp gripping pain. He seemed to expertly anticipate my movements working the cock deeper still till it lodged feeling thick, much too thick.

“Ah-h…. a-ah… a-t-take it out” I cried out “Take it out…. I can’t take it”

“Relax…. relax… Jill” he said.

My rectum was too stretched over his cock to relax, leaving me panting as I tried to come to grip with the intense discomfort of my rectum being held open so much. It seem to take a long while before I could take a breath. He still had me in a firm controlling grip.

“Damn Jill your ass is so tight” He stated as I felt him adjust himself behind me, then “Ready”

He drew his cock back, my rectum walls wanting to reluctantly follow the thick rod. Then pressed urging his cock back up into me. My arms went back defensively and I grab onto his forearm at my waist and grabbed at his wrist at the back of my neck trying to pull them vainly free, but couldn’t. He was just too strong.

“Oh-h….” The cock press to the end of my rectum, my head shooting up from the shock of it pressing hard there.

“P-please uncle Jake… Please stop…. Please..” The feeling unbearable.

“Hold on we need some more lube” he stated flatly and started easing his cock back.

I collapsed down into the mattress as the overly thick rod eased from my anus. I was vaguely aware of him picking up the Dawn dish soap. And a few seconds later felt the blunt cool tip press back onto my ass hole slipping in. The cock was much slicker and he slid in farther than I was ready for. He grabbed me again keeping me from moving away and in a couple humping moves was pressed back filling my rectum.

“Remember honey let me know if you have to go to the bathroom… Okay”

I didn’t even have time to reply as he pulled his cock back and started humping, his grip on me controlling me expertly. His cock slipped more freely in my rectum from the dish soap and in just a few moments My rectum sent a sudden signal of an impending bowel movement. The suddenness of the onrushing feeling made my face flush. ‘This couldn’t be happening’ I thought.

I struggled with the escalating sensation as his thick cock kept on the move. The feeling became unmistakable, I needed to use the bathroom, and soon. Embarrassment gripped me as I tried to form the word of what to say.

“I -I… I think I’m needing to go to the bathroom” I blurted out through the constant movement of his cock in my ass.

“Are you you sure Jill?” he said close behind me.

Still struggling to keep from having an accident I shook my head ‘yes’

His penis seemed to feel a lot more harder now and his strokes took on propose, feeling its way up threw my hugging rectum. And I could tell it was already too late, and deep inside I knew this was what he really wanted from me. I could feel his eyes watching everything his excitement tangible in the way his body and hands trembled. There was nothing I could do as I became overcome by the intense sensations flooding through me at the moment, and I was dreading the inevitable outcome.

“Ah-r-u-g…” his cock plunged up into my rectum. The feeling of it mashing into my deep stool sent a intense rush of debasing embarrassment through me just knowing he was actually enjoying this vile wretched act.

The cock suddenly wormed in, pressing harshly, his trembling hands roaming over my nude sweat damp flesh for a few moments feeling seemingly everywhere at once.

“I’m going to fuck the shit out of you now, Jill” the excitement plain in his voice.

I was taken aback by his words, how could he possibly enjoy doing something like this. His worming cock was let me knowing he was building up to something. A hand going to the back of my neck drove me down into the mattress my face turned to one side frozen in dazed shock. My back hunching up from his still worming cock mashing with purpose up into my deep seemingly stool fill rectum. He pulled his cock strongly back with my deep still thick stool being pulled along with it. The feeling of it more gross than I could have imagined and the cock was surging back worming deeply again, up into me before pulling back again. The entire act plainly geared to feel intensely degrading. I became unable to enact any form control over my bowel after a few strong strokes of his cock and just stared wide eyed fully engrossed in the vile experience. The sounds and sensations of his strong movements coming from within my rectum filling my senses with disgust.

His movement became suddenly erratic ending with a sudden worming stab filling my sensation recked rectum, the cock swelling pumping a goodly amount of his sperm deep into my stool churned rectum before he pulled it free and releasing me. I weakly looked back at him staring down at his dung smeared now half hard adult penis.

He had gone into the bathroom and washed his cock off. I got off the bed and rushed past him stiff legged, buttocks clenched with urgent need to get to the toilet, anus and rectum aching as he left the bathroom.

He gave a hardy laugh and said “We’ll be doing that again Jill hon”

It was three week later when my uncle made good on what he said. And I found myself suddenly alone with just him there. And he had me firmly by the shoulders again guiding me reluctantly into the room he abused me in before. I pulled free looking up at him.

“Can I at least use the bathroom first” I said defiantly.

“Sure” He said smiling, following me into the small bathroom.

He help me reluctantly undress before allowing me to climb onto the toilet. I squeezed out what I could and wiped. He guided me into the bedroom.

“Jill, hon” He said as he turned me facing away “Last time I only had half my cock up in your hot tight ass”

He hurriedly removed my clothes then pulled my arms behind me suddenly. And from somewhere had a roll of duct tape rapping up my folded forearms in the small of my back. The move was so sudden catching me by surprise. He pushed me against the bed. On the floor he had rope tied to each foot of the bed with slipknots on the ends. He pulled one ankle over and snugged the loop around it then pulled the other ankle over to the other rope spreading my legs wide as I stood there against the bed. A deep fear went through me as what he had just said sunk in. He went to and open a drawer pulling out two socks. He came back over and sat down on the bed.

“Open your mouth” he said pinching a finger into each side of my jaw, the pain making me open my mouth. He stuffed one of the socks into my mouth and tied the other around my head holding it in.

“This might hurt some and we can’t have you crying out, can we”

I watch him undress, and could see a mounting excitement in his movements and he kept looking over at me. His cock was throbbing stiffly now to his heart beat as he pulled his pants off. My eyes locked onto it now realizing only half of it had been in me last time. I still remembered the painful blunt press of the head of the cock at the end of my rectum it still fresh and foremost my mind. In his hand was a large tube of KY and he was squeezing a good amount onto his threatening cock. Then he move behind me, my spread legs leaving me undefended and open to him as I felt a slick finger feel for and find my snug anus.

He press the finger up into my rectum fully, worming it about, leaving me squirming as he work the slickness deeply around. He pulled his finger out getting more of the KY and repeating what he did. Then wasted no time moving up behind me placing his cock head onto my slick anus and pressing. Like before his hands and body trembled in his heightened excitement. I rose unconsciously up from the pressure onto my toes just before the blunt thick tip slipped in, with him pressing urging the rigid adult rod to get as much up into me as he could as quickly as he could. The sudden entry sent a sharp stab of pain through my anus and rectum as it was force to go tightly over the blunt tip. His arms going around me keeping me from going any farther from him.

My whole body went ridge, trembling from the clenching pain of my rectum getting force open around the stiff thickness of his cock and still he was still probing in with it, urging it deeper through the tight resistance of my little prepared rectal tube. Through the blur of gripping sharp pain I felt the blunt head seat firmly to the end of my rectum, worming then pressing as if feeling for a passage farther into my deep restrictive tube. I twisted in his strong embrace as the blunt press of the head of his adult cock grew unbearable. And still he kept worming and pressing, the thick blunt painful pressure of his cock head deep inside me foremost in my mind, the focus of my world.

Something deep at the end of my rectum was giving in to the constant press of the worming blunt bulbous thickness. He must’ve been feeling it too.

“Relax Jill…. let it happen… let it happen” He repeated close to my ear. “Thats it.. Thats it… just let it slip into your intestine honey”

There seemed to be nothing I could do as the blunt tip wedged in farther, nosing into an area where its not ever meant to be. I tried to shout out no, shaking my head as I looked back pleadingly into his unforgiving face. The tip slipped past the last resistance at the end of my rectum and I convulsed gasping in sharply in his strong grip with him probing his bulbous tip cock in deeper into my lurching shuddering large intestine. He thankfully stopped pressing leaving me froze with panic in place afraid to move as his excited shaking hands roamed my trembling nude torso.

“I can feel your hot gut trembling with my cock” his hot breath whispered in my ear. “Just a little more to go Jill hon”

I cried out through the damp sock stuffed in my mouth, tears streamed down my face as I felt him press again. His hairy pubes touching, then pressing firmly up into the cleft of my spread ass cheeks. Each throbbing of his ridged cock held me in its grip. A strong hand went to my hip the other gripping tighter around the back of my neck.

“I can’t believe you really took it all, Jill” And I could sense his excited readiness to continue surging inside of him.

He abruptly started with continuous baby humps staying deep in my gut, the tip feeling its way through the never before use intestinal tube of my shuddering gut. I lurched out of control against the intense disconcerting discomfort with him struggling to control my movements with his strong gripping hands. I screamed hysterically into the damp spittle soaked sock gag in my mouth. His loin now slapping up into the cleave of my buttocks, cock flexing stiffly with each stroke till I uncontrollably hunched up against the awful sensations the cock forced through my shuddering large intestine. Suddenly he pulled it abruptly from my ass in one swift move, leaving my bowel and intestine cramping sharply from the sudden emptiness.

“Woo…! almost came to soon” He said.

Through the haze from my eyes I looked back and could see his hard slick penis stain in wet stained patches of my deep stool as he struggled to control his heightened excitement. Then much to soon he was moving back up behind me. With just one hand on my back he guided his cock onto my stinging anus, slipping it back up into my rectum abruptly to its end in one swift move. Then in another sudden move slipped into my intestine again pulling me with two hands by the hips hard down against his loin. The shock of my gut being reopened again had me lurching up and trembling violently, he then started humping as I struggle to get a grip on what just happened. It took a seemingly too long a time to get a handle on his movement as a waves of nausea went through me. It felt a lot like I had a case of the runs coming on.

Another wave of nausea washed through me as I hunched up again my intestine revolting to the constant movement forcing me to uncontrollably strain against the humping action of the adult cock as if I could just shit it out with the effort alone.

I heard his moans of pleasure as my bowel strained over his thick cock. His movements seemed designed to acerbate the out of control urge. I felt a warm rush come from across my large intestine the unmistakable feeling of an impending bowel movement. I stared bug eyed in escalating horror as the warm unmistakable movement in my large intestine closed in on his probing cock head. Our last session still firmly burned into my mind, the all encompassing wretched humiliation I felt flooding in a rush back foremost into my thoughts.

“Oh, Jill” he exclaimed suddenly “Oh… Jill”

He was suddenly absorbing himself into intensifying the degrading feeling that went along with his pleasure. I fought against the what was now my inescapable fate as a uncontrollable wave of escalating sensation swept through my bowel to defecate somehow. His thick cock and my feces seemed one as I became locked in a urgent need to expel them both.

I was grasped even more ruffly as his need to debase me farther over took him. And now firmly in his control he started sodomizing me in earnest. I bucked and lurched unable to find any form of relief from his cock plugging through my rectum, my sensation racked intestine. My legs twisted in the bonds that held them open and I danced to his pummeling cock in my ass and gut. I could feel with horror the degrading act unfolding within my intestine and rectum as I struggled not to have a bowel movement over the aggressively sodomizing action of his cock. The hair on my head went wet with sweat, it running down into my eyes over my red flushed face, and down my bare chest and back.

Then his loin jammed up into the crack of my open ass cheeks his own body trembling as he held me in a death grip onto his cock my gut still convulsing with sensation. His bulbous cock head swelling spraying, pumping sperm from his huge balls into my intestine. I was held in that gripping sway of the swelling stiff thickness till he finely pulled it from my ass, a gout of watery poop following his cock out onto the floor. Even then my bowel remained in a state of needing to force something, anything out. And I strained with a overwhelming need to urgently defalcate and stood there on weak wobbly legs that were still pulled open leaking foul runny liquid from my abused hole till he removed the rope from my ankles. I clamped the slick cheeks of my buttock together and still failing to squeeze my stretched anus completely shut went weak legged, buttock clenched, leaking liquid from my ass to the nearest toilet. He had to follow me there to remove the tape binding my arms. I slapped him hard across the face, he just laughed.

My bowel was sore for a few days after with my ass hole burning hotly when I went. But that went away, but anytime I pooped the memory of his cock moving in my backside came back leaving me flushed with degrading embarrassment. In my mind all I could do was think about him intently watching me enjoying the fact I had lost control of my bowel and he was the one causing it and in full control.

It was two weeks later toward evening on a Friday, after supper he sent me to take a bath. I ran the water and got in after a bit I saw the toilet top taped down. A wave of anxiety flood through me. I jumped as he appeared at the door ‘naked’.

“Finish up hon, we have a date” He grabbed a big towel.

He towel dried me, then led me down the hall ahead of him, turning into his room. I looked around, there was a few cameras. Some mounted on fixed tripods facing toward a point on the bed. A plastic sheet was laid out over the side of the bed, and rope with slip knots. He was going to tie me up again, and record it.

“Were going to make a movie, might as well make some money”

I had stopped moving and he was urging me toward the bed. My mind raced as it I realized someone else might see me as he used me. I tried pulling away, but both his hands grabbed my shoulders fingers digging in. I looked up at him and could see the grim determination. Soon enough I was at the edge of the bed looking at everything laid out. I heard a switch click, a couple monitors came on showing us at the edge of the bed at different angles.

He firmly lifted me bent over the side feet off the floor, forcing my resisting hands to each side into loops of slip knots. I lay on the cool plastic sheet, the monitors fully in my line of sight. I could see him as he pulled my legs over to each loop holding my legs wide open. A camera looked slightly down onto my bottom plainly showing the spread crack of my ass, showing the pink of my anus. My face was plain to see, with me looking about nervously. The tube of KY was next to the small bottle of Dawn dish soap and I flushed knowing now what the stuff did. The video showed him rubbing his cock hard as he looked down onto my back side.

Again a wave of embarrassment flooded through me, my face going bright red on the camera screen. The memory of his cock making my rectum so sensitive, then the feeling of needing to use the bathroom still so real in my mind. He picked up the KY. I watched on the monitor as he lubed his cock up, it seemed somehow unreal on the screen. He squeezed some on his fingers, I jumped as he wiped it over the pink of my anus, leaving a good bit coating my puckered hole. He lay the KY down picking up the Dawn pulling it closer, at the ready. And without even probing in with his finger he guided his now hard slick cock onto my anus.

He pressed, worming hard at the same time. He had never worked his fingers into my anus like he had always done before and my eyes went wide as his cock head was forcing my anus to open without any prep at all.

“I-i-e-E-E!!!..” My anus was being forced opened by the blunt tip. The pain grew sharp in a rush and the head popped past the guarding ring of mussel.

The blunt thickness press deep forcing my rectum around the thickness way too quickly to handle. My legs trembled, ankles tugging against the bonds, my hand forming fist as robe dug into flesh. I struggled with the gripping sharp sudden pain from my anus and rectum. My shocked face flash crossed my gaze on the monitors the look of terror, horror froze tensely there, then he was off humping, and pressing through the gripping sharpness of the pain flooding through my rectum. But in a few short intense stroke he pull unceremoniously from my bottom.

My anus hurt bad, my rectum felt overly stretched and on the monitor he was squeezing a good amount of the Dawn over his cock, then down the crack of my ass. Letting it run over my aching anus. The monitor plainly showed a dark brown dome of poop on the head of his thick cock head. As it move back onto my anus.

He shoved in, bring me up taunt against the bonds rope biting again into flesh. The slick dish soap let him seat his cock to the end of my rectum, worming it there as the effects of the harsh soap swiftly took hold and the feeling of an impending bowel movement took a firm and demanding hold of me. The monitor plainly showed the panic on my brightly flushed face and his worming cock in my overly stretched aching ass. His now worming movement making the urge to poop escalate rapidly as the harsh soap was being spread about inside my bowel.

“A-a-h-r-g-G-g” I groaned, the urge to defaecate becoming overpowering, consuming my senses.

His movement became immediately more urgent his cock now worming into my pressing need, pressure mounting from his cock and within my gut with his cock stiff winning the fight. And with my gut rumbling in protest, and now uncontrollably unable to stop my bowel and gut from what should be a natural act of defecating he started humping strongly in my rectum. His cock tugged at an area deep inside my rectum as my deep stool was being spread by his ridged cock. His movements getting more aggressive, the knowledge of the degrading act being recorded made me flush even more hotly wanting to hide. Through the overwhelming mix of vile sensations I managed to look at the scene unfolding on the video screen. One image showed his cock pummeling my ass, streaks of brown ran along his cock forming a ring around his cock shaft a little half way down.

But then came the harsh pressing at the end of each stroke into my rectum as he urgently struggled to go deeper still and soon. His cock dug deep, aggressively, my head came up as the pressure on each pressing stroke became too great to bare.

“Stop.. Please stop” I cried without thinking.

But he didn’t. The blunt tip forcing an opening deep at the end of my rectum, I could feel it. He could feel it and went in pressing even harder with me lurching up in a vain attempt to get away from the probing lunges, he followed with the thick blunt tip slipping into my gut. It felt just as bad as it did before and my hips twisted on their own in a effort to find relief from the surge of discomfort it gave me. The horror of how it felt to me showed plainly on the features of my face. The uncomfortable odd gripping pain as it pushed farther into my gut, my large intestine.

I could feel my buttocks and legs trembling wildly against my will. My gut had a strange painful flutter where his thick cock probe into it. Panic flooded through me knowing he would be fucking me in earnest soon, deeply, much too deeply. And other people would see it also, cruel people like him. His grip on me became firmer, his hips moved and his cock went farther into my intestine till his loin pressed to my buttocks firmly holding me there his cock flexing as he readied himself.

I couldn’t get a handle on the all encompassing sensation of it. My body lurched, jerked in odd spasms I couldn’t control. Through it all I could feel his hands suddenly feeling over me, the cock embedded deeply in me felt overwhelmingly thick. And suddenly all my body wanted to do was shit the thing out as a feeling of having a gut wrenching, nauseating case of the bad runs flood my bowel, my intestine. My face flushed bright red as my intestine urgently insisted on using the bathroom forcing a consent straining urgent push from inside me to expel the stiff rod of flesh. My straining groans echoed through the room.

I couldn’t stop it as the feeling surge harshly through me. Suddenly he was humping and I mean humping. I couldn’t catch my breath as his cock move in my gut the sensation of having the runs overwhelming, all encompassing in the extreme and my mind turned inward focused on the intensity of it. I could feel myself tugging against the biting rope, mussels trembling as my arms and legs wanting to move but were held taunt against the bonds that held them. My buttocks want to and struggled to clench tight over the moving cock but trembled in the effort, being held open wide. His vile love making growing even more aggressive for a few second then pulled free suddenly. I remained taunt moments more then convulsed down into the plastic sheet eyes clearing enough to see the monitors. Slick stool covered his still ridge penis.

I realized I was sobbing my whole body racked by it. The monitor showed him wiping his cock clean, then my ass. He held up a green bottle of the Dawn dish soap in full view then squeezed some over his throbbing cock, the green thick liquid coating it. Then bringing the bottle down to my spread buttocks he pressed the tip into my stretched anus and squeezed the bottle hard. His cock was on my hole the moment the bottle was removed, pushing in, humping and digging with his cock to reenter my gut the slick liquid being forced in front of the bulbous head deeply into me, being slowed only for a brief moment in his effort at the turn into my intestine. His loin mash with a slap onto my open buttock. My entire being went building exorbitantly to pushing, bowel mussel surging the feeling of intense nausea returned with a vengeance, I couldn’t even think of stopping the urge. The cock flexed wildly in my large intestine as I hunched up straining with overwhelming effort arms, legs pulling taunt against the now dug in rope.

I felt suddenly horribly sick, really sick and my stomach lurched. ‘The bad shits, and now this’ I had only felt this bad when I had the stomach flu months ago, throwing up and bad diarrhea. He was off humping strongly in wild earnest, the loud wet gross sounds echoing throughout the room. A wave of deeper nausea gripped me, my stomach lurched, I swallowed hard trying to keep from throwing up. The next wave of sickness my stomach retched hard, a rush of puke came up. My uncle’s movements seemed to go wild, I heaved again the puke rush up onto the plastic sheet before me, the heaves coming in rapid all consuming successions. His ridge cock pummeling wildly into my straining intestinal tube with him at times struggling to fully reenter my out of control straining bowel, then pulling out at some point, wads of his warm wet sperm coming across my backside as I still dry heaved, unable to stop it. To my horror warm runny poop sputtered loudly from my stinging anus and down my legs.

The world was a blur as he untied me. I was weak, too weak to move, still feeling deathly nauseous, my deep intestine ached as if I had bad diarrhea all day. He brought me, no he half dragged me to the toilet letting me sag in front of it, head looking close to the water and heaved hard again with just bile coming up, and the taste of dish soap and I retched again. My uncle standing in the doorway with a video camera on, a hand rubbing over his half hard cock as he filmed my misery.

“Now that will make us some money, Jill dear” his breathing rapid, almost out of breath. “I’m taking on-line request”