Jacque Works The Milking Beds (Mg,pedo)

Jacque Works The Milking Beds (Mg,pedo)

Introduction: A 6yo little girl is trained about sex showing her a video about a little girl jacking off a man. The 6yo little girl is then expected to fuck with daddy.

Author: PeachKisser2004

Part 1 – Instructional Video #1

Little Jacque Donohue turned six years old yesterday, and according to the bylaws of the Society For Sexual Nudism, she could begin her training in the sexual arts. She was no stranger to sex, having explored her own budding genitals and those of her similarly-aged playmates for several years. It was hard not to, given that the children played naked together and almost never wore clothing, except if they left the secluded nudist reservation for any reason.

Jacque’s mother Beth would be her first mentor, the first woman to introduce the little cherub to adult male anatomy, to teach her how to pleasure a man directly through his genitals, in the most-effective way possible. Beth chose one of the best and most-intense places to school her young daughter, the massage and milking beds at the main lodge. These were a series of private rooms, each with a specially-shaped and contoured bed designed to accommodate an adult lying face-down, padded in all the right places for the knees, stomach, chest, everything supported just like a chiropractor’s table, with one important difference.

A small circular aperture was located underneath the crotch, covered most of the time by a small piece of black velvet cloth held in place by velcro. Only those working the beds, who inhabited the space beneath the beds, could remove this cloth. These workers existed in what was essentially a completely separate room from the individual bedrooms overhead. These bedrooms, collectively known as the milking beds, were very popular with the males, but sometimes a female would use them too, although the circular access port tended not to expose enough thigh flesh for the tastes of most women. In any case, the adult who lay on top of these beds was traditionally referred to as “the client,” although no money ever changed hands. It was simply another built-in benefit of the Society.

“Today’s your big day sweetie!” said Beth eagerly. The little girl smiled, eager to begin her indoctrination into full womanhood.

Their first stop at the main lodge was the video training room. Jacque looked cute as a button as she sat on Beth’s lap to view the video that explained how the beds worked and what went on above the beds. The female narrator stood next to a sample bed as a male entered the room, his flaccid penis dangling loosely.

The narrator assisted him getting onto the bed and getting comfortable, and then in this particular man’s case, he requested the strap-down cinch, which the narrator proceeded to secure over his buttocks, which effectively prevented him from lifting away from the bed until it was undone. Most men selected this option, just because it simplified everything, kept them in place properly in order to complete the milking successfully.

The camera followed the narrator out the door and down a short flight of stairs, and soon they were in a whole other world, down underneath the milking beds. Everything here was painted light-colored pastels, and a relaxed lighting filled the area. It was one single common room that ran the entire length of the eight milking bedrooms, and underneath each bedroom were two special mechanical chairs and a small table with some equipment on it. The chairs had small levers and dials on them and appeared not unlike barber chairs of yore, with a hydraulic lift and adjustable just-about- everything.

This would be where Jacque worked, training as a Milk Operator. “Now watch carefully,” admonished her mother Beth as the video narrator began to explain.

“From here beneath the milking beds, the Milk Operator takes control of the client and conducts the actual milking. Today we have Tamie who will be demonstrating.” From off-camera a pudgy little blonde girl of about ten years age entered the frame, completely naked of course, and took a seat on the adjustable chair beneath the bed’s impression in the ceiling above.

The narrator explained how the setup worked and the camera lowered slightly and pointed upwards at the ceiling, where a reverse impression of the contoured bed above could be seen. “Normally the Milk Operator is already waiting here when a client arrives, and this light would indicate that the Milk Operator may open the blind and begin.” On the ceiling a small blue light flickered on, indicating the client above was ready.

Tamie smiled at the camera and operated the chair to lift herself up into place. The narrator discussed briefly how the chair operated and also how to unfasten the blind, all while Tamie followed directions and touched each part of the equipment.

Now Tamie reached up over her head and popped the small cloth covering off the ceiling, lowering it carefully and placing it on the table. “As you can see, the client’s genitals are completely available for the Milk Operator.”

At this point Jacque spoke up, and Beth paused the video. “Mommy, why is it a milking bed? Where is the milk?” Beth just smiled at her daughter’s naivete.

“The milk is inside the man’s penis, and that is what the Milk Operator does: she helps take out the milk. Watch, you’ll see!” Jacque accepted this at face value, being very comfortable with the naked body, but she was still not really sure about this whole milk-in-the-penis thing. It just didn’t seem to make much sense to the little girl.

The camera zoomed in on the opening where the man’s penis hung down into the Milk Operator’s work area. So far he was not erect, and his thick flaccid penis dangled down alongside his scrotum, the two round globes of his testicles plainly visible in the thin sac.

The narrator’s voice began to describe the various parts of the male genitals, while at the same time the pudgy fingers of the little operator girl Tamie came into view, her fingers pointing at the different parts in time with the narrator’s words.

“In this particular example,” continued the operator, “The man’s penis has been circumcised.” Beth pointed at the screen for her daughter and said “See, his penis is different from daddy’s, because daddy isn’t circumcised.” The pretty little six-year-old nodded. She’d seen many penises before but she really hadn’t spent much time looking at them, and now as she stared at the crystal-clear image on the television before her, she was fascinated. Jacque felt a little tingling beginning down between her own legs, but she didn’t really understand it and for now she ignored it, just squirmed around a little on her mommy’s lap as the video went on.

Continuing down the list of genital part descriptions, the narrator explained everything, and Jacque paid close attention.

“Now is the time of first contact,” announced the narrator, and Tamie’s pudgy fingers appeared. The child wrapped her soft hand underneath the flaccid penis and just held it there, her thumb pressed against the top of the shaft, as though she were holding a pot handle. Jacque was fascinated, especially as the narrator continued on. “Usually after first contact, erection will begin, if it has not already.”

Jacque knew what an erection was, but she’d never seen it happen up close and personal like this. While little Tamie held her hand perfectly still on the man’s penis, the entire organ swelled and extended, the skin darkening as blood rushed furiously into its length. The exposed cockhead thrust forwards and downwards, and after a few seconds Tamie’s hand looked tiny in comparison to the enormous tool that now jutted down from the ceiling opening.

“As you can see, erection is now more or less complete,” explained the narrator. “If you are having trouble attaining the erection, you can also help with your other hand by manipulating the testicles.”

Tamie’s other hand came up and cupped the two globes within the man’s scrotum, tracing lightly around the sensitive organs. Jacque sat on her mommy’s lap watching, absolutely fascinated as she saw the enormous organ
on screen pulsing and thrusting in Tamie’s soft hand.

“We have selected this particular client today because he will provide a relatively easy milking. On your first day this may also be the case, but you can never tell. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to complete a milking.”

The camera pulled back and showed Tamie smiling as she sat on her lifted chair, her arms resting on supports so that she could easily reach the client’s dangling erection, which she still held now. “Tamie, tell the people what you think of working the milking beds,” said the narrator.

“It’s fun!” said the little girl with an even larger smile, turning her toothy grin to the camera. “I like making all the men feel good during their milkings,” she said with a smile.

“And that is the essential quality of a good Milk Operator,” said the narrator. “The client is here to feel good, in addition to being properly milked, and Tamie here is one of our best Milk Operators.”

Again little Tamie addressed the camera. “I love doing milkings, and if you pay attention to how I teach you, you too can do really good milkings!” she said earnestly.

The camera moved again and framed up the action over Tamie’s pretty face, her face in the lower left corner, the enormous swollen cock jutting down from the upper right, and the girl’s pale arms reaching up to where her
hands cupped the client’s stiffness.

“Now let’s watch how Tamie begins,” said the narrator. On cue Tamie began to slowly move her fingers back and forth on the shaft, and she renewed her gentle manipulation of the two heavy testicles, also visible in the frame. “First Tamie begins to slowly stroke the main shaft,” said the narrator, and this usually results in the client vocalizing a little bit. In the distance there was faint audio of a man grunting in ecstasy as the ten-year-old’s experienced fingers squeezed and stroked his member.

Tamie spoke up now and took her hand from the scrotum and pointed at the quivering purple tip of the penis. “Right here is where all the milk comes out,” she explained, and Jacque’s mommy said “See? That’s what I told you about.” Jacque was absolutely fascinated, this whole new world of milk within penises she’d never known about!

Using both her soft hands along the length of the client’s erection, Tamie stroked a little bit faster now, and more grunts were heard off-camera. “I love hearing the client grunt!” whispered Tamie, grinning at the narrator.

“Yes, it’s always good to hear your client is enjoying the milking process,” agreed the narrator.

“Aaah, here is the first leak,” said the little ten-year-old on-camera. She took one hand off the man’s balls and pointed at the end of his shaft, where a glistening dewdrop of precum had appeared. The camera zoomed in on the angry purple cockhead. As the swollen purple cockhead filled the entire screen, the glistening piss slit plainly visible, Tamie’s finger touched underneath the red helmet, where a clear droplet oozed slowly out of the piss slit.

The narrator explained, “This first liquid is called the pre-milk and isn’t actually milk, but kind of similar to it.” Tamie moved her finger through the glistening droplet and smeared it over the swollen cockhead, and a prolonged loud moan came from the man strapped in above.

“Moaning is totally normal for a man when he is being milked, and is no cause for alarm. In fact, most of the time it means that you are doing your job very well.”

The camera pulled back a bit and Tamie addressed the camera again, one finger still smoothing the precum over the purple glans. “This tip where I’m rubbing right now is very sensitive for most men,” she explained matter-of-factly.

“Basic milking techniques use only the operator’s hands,” said the narrator. “This tape will only cover hand techniques, but please refer to the next tape after this one, ‘Advanced Milking Techniques,’ for additional ways of milking.”

The camera pulled back and Tamie resumed her eager stroking with both hands now, the shiny purple cockhead glistening with fresh precum. The client’s moaning was steadily increasing now and with a practiced casual
motion, Tamie took a small stainless steel tray from the nearby table and placed it on her pudgy chest, right between her budding breasts, which were still just babyfat cones of flesh, capped with vaguely-pink nipples, each nipple slightly puffier than the surrounding skin.

“Tamie is preparing to collect the milk now,” explained the operator. “She usually rests the catch tray right on her chest like this and then aims the penis so that the milk squirts out right into the tray.”

“Aaah, and there it goes!” said the narrator, as the camera framed up perfectly, the ten-year-old girl and her bare chest with the stainless steel tray balanced between her proto-boobies, the enormous straining cock in her hands, and quick as a flash there was a white spray of semen blasting out of the cock. Tamie had expertly aimed the cock right at her chest and most of the expelled milk landed squarely in the stainless steel tray, but a little bit of it missed and went up her pale neck.

“Usually the first milk squirts are the strongest,” said the narrator, and Jacque watched in complete fascination as Tamie kept both hands working up and down the client’s swollen member, his cock spraying its salty load directly into the waiting tray on Tamie’s chest.

Finally the cock stopped spraying and only dribbles oozed out of its tip. Tamie lifted the tray carefully from her chest, tipping it towards the camera to reveal greasy clumps of fresh sperm. “Tamie’s client has made a wonderful sample of milk today,” said the narrator.

“And now Tamie is going to get the very last of the milk out,” she explained. Tamie held the tray with one hand while with the other she squeezed the enormous cock, now starting to soften a little bit.

“I like to run my finger underneath it like this,” explained Tamie, “because it gets all the stuff out.” As she ran her pudgy fingers beneath the man’s softening cock, a thick dollop of sperm oozed out into the tray. The child repeated the process a few more times until finally nothing more came out.

Putting the tray down on the table, Tamie reached up to the exposed organ and gently massaged the man’s testicles, which hung down significantly lower now, the wrinkly skin of his scrotum stretched downwards by the weight of his balls.

“And that concludes our first milking demonstration,” explained the narrator. Tamie turned towards the camera and added. “I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I do! Milking penises is fun!”

End of Part 1

Part 2 – Jacque Tries Her Hand At Milking

At the end of the first training video, Jacque’s mommy bounced the cute little naked six-year-old girl in her lap and asked her if she had any questions about what she had just seen.

“What is the penis-milk used for?” asked Jacque.

“There are lots of uses for it: they make special medicines with it, they use it for skin lotion, they do all kinds of things with it,” explained Beth. “Some people just like drinking it in fact!”


“Yes, some people drink it, especially some mommies. But mostly they use it for special medicines to help us be more healthy here at the Society,” said her mommy. “Some little girls like to rub it on their titty places to help their boobies grow big and soft like their mommies.” Jacque nodded thoughtfully.

“And other girls like to rub it onto their trickles,” said Beth, patting her daughter’s bald little pussy peach.

“Why do they rub the milk on their trickles?” Jacque said, frowning quizzically.

“Milk helps you grow hair on your trickle, like Mommy has.”

“Oh,” said Jacque. “But I don’t want hair on my trickle yet!”

“Don’t worry sweetie, you won’t get any hair on your trickle for years yet, even if you do rub milk on your trickle.”

It was time for Jacque to go try her hand at milking, and she was a little bit nervous about it. “Don’t worry sweetie, I’ll be right there with you,” said her pretty mommy Beth. She took her daughter by the hand and led her down into the lower levels of the milking beds. The sexy mother felt a familiar twinge in her own pussy as she remembered her mother leading her down here in exactly the same way, some fifteen years earlier, when Beth had first been introduced to the milking beds. All those years, all those wonderful ejaculations that she’d caused, that she’d witnessed first hand. All that sperm that she had milked so lovingly from the clients above, and now her very own little six-year-old girl was being initiated into the same service.

Beth led Jacque to the first station, which by convention was the training station. Clients knew that if they used this station, they would sometimes have to wait while instruction was carried out down below them, while their milkers were educated in all the subtleties of their trade. Most clients didn’t mind either, as it was always pleasant having your genitals manipulated, and it was important that each new generation of children were trained in the arts, so that this wonderful service could be continued at the Society.

At her mother’s urging Jacque hopped up into the big chair and Beth operated the controls and brought her into position. The light was still out so Beth just gestured to the draping that hid the opening from view, showing Jacque where the velcro attachments were. Beth drew the little table near and showed Jacque the stainless steel tray where the milk was supposed to go, and then she adjusted the arm supports so that Jacque’s hands would be about in the right place. Being such a tiny girl, Beth had to put pillows under her daughter’s silky little bottom to lift the child up to where she fit the chair properly and could reach where the client’s genitals would soon be dangling.

There was a rustling in the curtain above. “The client is here, any minute now,” said Beth, patting her daughter’s bare tummy, right above her darling little pussy crack. Suddenly Jacque looked unsure.

“Mommy, I’m scared!” she said suddenly.

“Oh no, don’t be scared sweetie,” said Beth. “Mommy will be right here for you, and I’ll make sure everything is okay.” To emphasize her point Beth slid her hand down and cupped her daughter’s hairless little pussy mound, circling her soft fingers over the downy skin above Jacque’s cleft. “Mommy will make sure it’s all right,” she cooed into her little girls ear.

Jacque relaxed noticeably as she felt her mother’s familiar fingers tracing over her genitals, felt the first twinges of arousal between her childish legs. Her mother had stimulated her since birth, used her genitals as a source of comfort for both the child and the mother, and Jacque knew that if her mommy was touching her pussy, everything would be just fine.

The light came on and Beth squeezed her daughter’s mound one last time. “He’s ready!” she whispered to the child, and Jacque let out a nervous giggle, putting her hands to her mouth. “Go ahead and open the curtain,” coached Beth. Jacque reached up and tugged at the velcro and it popped loose. When the black cloth dropped to her lap, small directed lights came on that illuminated the client’s genitals perfectly, dangling just a foot or so above the naked child. Beth immediately stifled a grin as she recognized the penis that dangled limply above. She had suspected her husband might do this, knowing that his daughter was training for the first time today, but here it was: her husband’s limp penis dangled above her daughter, who of course didn’t recognize daddy’s penis yet. It really turned Beth on to remember the times she had milked various men as a child, including her own father, and many of the other Milk Operators fathers too.

“Wow!” gasped Jacque as she stared at the adult genitals dangling before her.

“See? This man has a foreskin,” explained Beth, pointing at the translucent sheath covering the bulby end of her husband’s penis. Jacque nodded.

“And this man has really big balls too,” said the mother, gesturing lower. It was true: up close like this and without the scale of his body being visible, her husband’s heavy testicles looked to be the size of avocados, stretching the lower reaches of his wrinkly scrotum, a thin spiderwork of blue veins visible in the skin.

“Wow, they are big!” said Jacque, staring up at her father’s exposed gonads, her eyes wide.

“Go ahead and touch the penis, but do it very gently,” coached the mother. Jacque put out a tentative little stubby finger and tapped the side of the limp organ. Beth felt a twinge in her pussy at the sight of her daughter
touching her own father’s cock, not realizing who it was she was touching. “Use your hand more,” murmured Beth. “Hold it like a handle,” she said.

Jacque adjusted her hand and cupped the underside of the client’s penis. There was a sigh from above and the organ in her soft fingers twitched. Jacque just stared in amazement as her father’s cock began to swell. At first her daddy’s cock just thickened up in her fingers, thickened until Jacque had to open her hand more to accommodate the swelling.

Once it had reached its full girth the father’s organ began to lengthen, stretching along the silky skin of the child’s bare hand. Jacque shifted her grip around a bit. “Use both hands,” whispered Beth, feeling her pussy twinge as she saw her daughter bring the other hand up to cup both sides of her own daddy’s thickening erection.

“Just hold it like that,” whispered Beth. Jacque dutifully kept her hands around the swelling organ and stared as the cock in her hands slowly grew. Suddenly the foreskin began to withdraw slightly and she watched as the glistening head begin to appear.

Jacque held her breath with excitement, her little hands trembling around the thick organ. In moments the penis in her hands was fully distended, the succulent wet spongy head fully revealed, the foreskin pulled back by the intensity of the erection.

“Very good sweetie!” coached Beth. “You made it get all big!” Jacque let out a big smile, then took a deep breath, realizing that she had almost been holding her breath during this first sexual touching of a man’s penis, the first erection she had ever witnessed up close and personal, certainly the first one she’d ever held in her young hands.

“Try and lift his balls,” said Beth, pointing at her husband’s enormous dangling scrotum. Jacque’s tiny hand cupped only one of her father’s testicles and she lifted it tentatively, hefting its weight in her tiny hand. “Wow, it feels so heavy!” she whispered back to her mom.

“Yes, I bet it is dear,” murmured Beth, feeling her pussy contract. The horny mother squirmed in her seat and patted her daughter’s head. “You’re doing great sweetie!” she added.

Jacque shifted her fingers to the other gonad and lifted. “This one feels even heavier!” she exclaimed.

“Okay sweetie, put both hands up on the shaft and start stroking it,” said Beth. She was getting very horny, starting to feel impatient. Beth longed to watch her husband ejaculate, to see his own daughter make him spill his seed onto her babyfat chest. Beth slid one hand down between her thighs and found her pussy all wet and slippery, her juices making her upper thighs slippery and wet. As her daughter gripped the sides of daddy’s painfully stiff cock, Beth began to circle a finger around on her own clitoris, sighing as the waves of arousal washed over her.

Jacque settled into a comfortable rhythm on her father’s cock, still unaware that she was stroking her own father, just thinking it was some unknown man’s cock. But Beth knew better, recognizing her husband’s cock
for what it was, as she had sucked on it so many times, felt it penetrate her vagina, seen it ejaculate so many times in her own hands, in her own mouth. Watching her own daughter giving pleasure to daddy made Beth shudder with arousal and the thrill of how naughty it was.

“Here sweetie, use one hand and hold it up near his body,” said the mother, indicating the root of her husband’s cock. “Squeeze it gently right here, while you rub it with your other hand down here.” Jacque slid one hand up to the base and gripped the thick shaft, feeling the blood pulsing inside the enormous shaft.

Jacque was immediately rewarded with a long muffled groan from the client above, and the cock in her hands swelled and throbbed, the glistening piss slit on the end bulging a deeper purple as a droplet of precum appeared. “Good job sweetie, there’s the pre-milk!” said Beth, increasing the tempo on her clitoris. She knew her husband’s precum flowed very thin and runny, almost like a salty slippery urine, and sure enough as Jacque kept stroking the enormous shaft, the first glistening droplet separated and rained down on the child’s bare babyfat chest.

“Mommy, it’s leaking!” whispered Jacque, her face concerned.

“Yes sweetie, that’s right, you’re doing a very good job!” Another droplet appeared and separated, then another, and Beth added, “It’s okay to spill the pre-milk sweetie. If you want, you can rub it into the penis too. Oh, wait, keep your hands right where they are, I’ll rub the pre-milk in,” said Beth.

One hand frigging her pussy, the horny mother reached out to her husband’s distended cockhead and scooped up the watery precum droplets and smoothed them over the sensitive purple flesh of his knob, causing another groan and an immediate new couple of droplets to appear, which dribbled wetly down to Jacque’s chest.

Beth moved her hand to her daughter’s bare chest, ran her fingers through her husband’s watery precum and wiped it over to one of Jacque’s bare little nipples, just vaguely pink and only the merest accent atop her budding babyfat chest cones. Beth moaned as she massaged the slippery precum into Jacque’s tender chest, and more droplets fell on the back of her hand.

Beth realized that her husband was about to ejaculate. So much precum oozed from his cock now that it was almost a continuous drizzle. Beth grabbed the stainless steel tray and put it on her daughter’s bare chest and coached her through the final part of the milking.

“Okay sweetie, the milk is almost ready to come out,” she whispered. “Be ready for it and just keep stroking your hands, just like you’re doing… my baby is doing such a good job!” she added. Jacque beamed as she kept pumping her own father’s cock, unaware of who he really was.

Knowing how loud her husband often yelled when he came, Beth hastened to assure her daughter in advance. “Now be careful… don’t be scared because this man will probably yell and scream a lot when the milk starts coming out, so don’t worry, just keep moving your hand like a good little girl,” said the horny mother, still frigging her own pussy, feeling her own orgasm approach.

Jacque shifted her grip slightly and squeezed the base of her daddy’s cock more firmly. A second later she heard a muffled howl from above. The enormous cock in her hand pulsed once and Jacque’s daddy began humping his hips violently, although since he was restrained he couldn’t move more than a few inches. He thrust his hardness eagerly through his daughter’s silky little hands, his heavy balls swaying back and forth, bumping against her soft little knuckles.

Suddenly the man was cumming, and Jacque wasn’t experienced enough to know how to guide the spurting cock to properly catch all the sperm, how to aim the shaft to control where the sperm went. In fact, poor little Jacque was
just staring innocently into the very end of her father’s swollen cock when all of a sudden the purple head bulged one final time and she saw a flash of white, then felt heat and wetness spray across her face.

Jacque let out a shriek of surprise as her daddy’s hot ejaculated fluids splashed on her cheeks, but she was careful to keep her grip firm on the cock, just like her mother had taught her. Jacque reopened her eyes in time to see the second bolt of her father’s sticky cum erupt from his cock and splash wetly across her lower face, some going in her mouth, some down her neck and chin.

Watching all this, Jacque’s mother Beth climaxed powerfully, her hips twisting and squirming as she watched her husband’s swollen cock ejaculate onto their little girl, the thick bolts of white milk spraying from his overheated cockhead and splattering all over Jacque’s face. Beth’s hand worked between her thighs as she watched her husband ejaculating through slitted eyes, hissing encouragement to her daughter. “Oh yes honey, keep rubbing, you’re doing such a good job baby!”

Suddenly Beth remembered the tray! “Push it down to the tray sweetie!” she squeaked as waves of pleasure erupted from between her legs, her cunt pulsing and spasming as she frigged herself, watching Jacque holding her first ejaculating penis in her little hands. Angling her father’s bulging cock downward, Jacque managed to catch the last few spurts of his potent semen in the stainless tray. Beth’s own orgasm subsided and turned into a cool blissful haze as she watched her sperm-splattered daughter grinning at her, proud that she had gotten through her very first milking.

“Be sure to squeeze the last few drops out,” sighed Beth, taking her hand out of her sticky pussy, the scent of her arousal thick in the air. She reached over to her daughter’s tiny little bald pussy and stroked it, massaging her own slippery adult cunt juices into the child’s hairless outer vulva, feeling the smooth warm skin.

Jacque dutifully squeezed the underside of her father’s withering cockshaft, just like the video had taught her, and a few more white lumps of sperm drizzled onto the tray on her chest. She smiled at her mommy because her mommy’s finger felt so good on her little coochie, and her mommy just smiled back and said “My baby, you did such a good job! Mommy is so proud of you!”

End of Part 2

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.