Her Twelfth Birthday (Mg,pedo)

Her Twelfth Birthday (Mg,pedo)

Introduction: A lolita girl turns twelve years old and her daddy deflowers her in front of her younger sisters as a birthday present.

Author: Charlie “the drifter”

Jenny turned twelve that very day. When she got up that morning she didn’t know that before the end of the day she would know more about sex than other girls her age ever would.

Jenny was still a virgin, but thinking about what it would be like to suck a cock and be fucked, feel a cock plunging in and out of her cunt and feel hot sperm flooding her inside.

Jenny lived on a farm with her parents, Jack and Millie. She had two younger sisters, Callie nine and Millie, five. She didn’t know that she would be the turning point in her families life style. She had never dreamed anything like what was to happen would.

Jenny was laying on her bed, naked, her legs spread wide, her fingers slowly caressing her throbbing we virginal pussy. Her other hand was fondling and squeezing and pinching her small developing breasts sending waves of pleasure through her young virginal body.

She didn’t know that there was someone watching her, with a sexual glaze in their eyes. Her door was open just a crack and he was watching her fondle and play with her body and finger fuck herself.

He had his cock out and was slowly fondling it as he watched her finger slipping in and out of her tight hot wet cunt.

He knew he had to have her. Her had to taste her young cunt juices. He had to feel her tight virgin cunt squeezing and messaging his big thick cock. He had to feel himself pumping his hot fertile seed up into her tight you cunt, giving her her first taste and feel of cock and man’s hot fertile sperm.

He didn’t care what the results of her taking his sperm up into her womb could possibly be. He just knew he had to have her and fill her cunt with hot sperm. He just had to use her body to his hearts desire, making her do what ever he decided he watched to see being done to her.

When he saw her body stiffen and she cried out with pleasure as her young body experienced an orgasm from her own fingers and hand, he slipped into the room.

She didn’t realize that there was anyone there, with the pleasure sweeping her body. She had her eyes closed tight, as the pleasure swept over her.

Suddenly she felt someone move onto her bed. Her eyes popped open and there he was already between her legs his big stiff wet cock head being guided to her throbbing pulsating virginal cunt lips.

She was so shocked that she froze, not moving. She couldn’t even seem to scream as his lips came down on hers, his tongue licking and probing her lips and mouth.

She felt his cock rubbing up and down her slit sending waves of pleasure through her. She wanted it but she didn’t. She as still a virgin. But she wanted to feel a cock in her.

She suddenly tried to cry out with pain when her young virginal cunt was suddenly invaded, stretched so wide she thought it was going to tear as it plunged up inside of her. She tried to scream out her pain as she felt her virginity ripped from her, young cunt, as his cock plunged through her hymen tearing it. She felt it ram against her deep vaginal wall, slam against her cervix.

She felt him push it hard and the pain as his big cock head slowly stretched her cervix as it tried to invade her womb.

The he pulled it out. She thought he was going to take it out but with only his cock head still inside of her stretching her so wide it still sent waves of pain over her, as he rammed it back up into her body, ramming it against her vaginal wall and cervix.

On and on he fucked his big cock in and out of her young body, her tight no longer virginal cunt.

Slowly she began feeling the pleasure of her first cock and fuck begin to sweep over her young body. She couldn’t help it. Her young sexual sensitive body began to respond to his invading stiff cock.

On and on he fucked her. He fucked her hard and fast. He fucked her slow, easy and steady. He plunged his cock in and rotated it in her tight tunnel. He would pull it out slowly, then ram it back up inside of her hard.

Her feeling grew stronger and stronger as he rammed his cock up into her, and at the same time fondled and squeezed her young firm developing tits and nipples, and licking and sucking and even biting them sending a wave of pain through her bitten young breasts. She had never even had her breasts and nipples touched by anyone before. No boy had ever seen her bare breasts and now she was having a man, do as he wanted with them as he fucked her taking her virginity from her.

Suddenly she cried out as she suddenly felt that spasm of pleasure sweep her body. She in her mind knew that she was having an orgasm from his big stiff cock. She knew that she was having her first orgasm from being fucked, no longer a virgin.

As her orgasm swept over her, she felt his stiff cock plunge as deep inside of her as he could get it. She felt a sharp stab of pain as his big cock head suddenly plunged through her cervix right up into her womb. The she felt his hot sperm coating and filling her young womb.

She screamed out with both pleasure and pain as he used her body and pumped his hot fertile sperm right up into her young womb.

Finally they lay not moving. Her cunt full of cock and hot fertile sperm. He was still sucking and chewing on her small firm breast and nipples, sending sharp pain through her as he would bite them hard. She lay mesmerized by what was happing. Yes she had fantasized about it. Yes she had wondered what it would be like, but she had never expected what had happened to her. She had never expected to actually be raped and had never expected to enjoy it, enjoy being raped, but she had.

She couldn’t help herself. She wrapped her young legs around his waist and began to slowly fuck her young just fucked cum filled cunt up at his still stiff cock. She wanted more. She wanted to have that feeling of pleasure of an orgasm sweeping over her once again. She wanted him to fuck her again so she could feel his hot sperm filling her cunt and womb, sending the warms sense of pleasure through her.

He responded and began pumping his big cock in and out of her tight cunt once more. On and on they fucked, her pulling her cunt up at his cock as he plunged it in and out.

She didn’t realize that they had an audience. That there were four others watching her being fucked and fucking.

She didn’t realize that her mother and her two younger sisters were watching her as she fucked her tight cunt up and her daddy’s big stiff cock, taking his cock and sperm up into her young body.

She also didn’t realized that daddy was planting his seed in her small young fertile womb. All she could think about was the pleasure she was feeling from
his cock plunging in and out of her.

He fucked her through three more intense orgasms before once again he drove his cock deep, his cock head slipping back into her womb and added more of his hot fertile sperm to that all ready fertilizing the eggs that were in her womb just waiting for sperm to begin their growth of life.

After he cum in her, they lay there. Then he rolled off and lay beside her. She suddenly realized the audience that she had of her losing her virginity. She stared at her mother and younger sisters.

Her mother came over to her, then told her that since she had fucked him, then she had to clean his cock of her and his juices with her tongue and mouth.

Jenny stared at her mother, then her fathers half stiff wet cock. Then doing as her mother told her she grasp his cock and slowly began to lick it clean getting her first taste of her own juices and her daddy’s sperm

She finally opened her mouth and slipped it down over her daddy’s big cock head. She knew nothing about sucking a cock, but she just naturally began sucking it in and out between her lips. She sucked as much of it into her mouth that she could get, his cock head pressing hard against the back of her throat.

She was shocked and just naturally swallowed when his cock suddenly spewed sperm into her sucking mouth and down her throat. She managed to swallow most of it, but some did leak out from the corners of her mouth. She was shocked when her mother suddenly leaned down and licked her face and lips clean of her fathers hot sperm. She now had daddy’s sperm in her stomach, mouth and up in her womb.

Jenny lay there actually wishing that daddy had plunged his cock back up into her now well fucked no longer virginal cunt, to fuck her until she again had an orgasm. Maybe he still could, she thought.

She again took hold of daddy’s cock and with her mother and sisters watching her she again began licking and sucking his cock trying to get it stiff again. When it was stiff Jenny quickly straddled her daddy and dropped her own young cunt down on it. She then began fucking herself on it bouncing up and down hard.

She managed to fuck herself through two more orgasms before once again she felt daddy’s stiff cock spewing his juice up inside of her young cunt.

When his cock quickly wilted, she almost regretted it, she still wanted it up inside of her fucking her and cumming inside of her. She loved the feeling of daddy’s juices coating her inside.

Finally she had to pull herself off of him, pulling his soft cock out of her. She licked and sucked it clean then she lay down looking at her mama and sisters, smiling at them with pride of how good she felt she had fucked daddy.

Then her mother told her sisters to go to bed that their daddy would have to fuck them another night. Jenny knew then that their daddy was not only going to fuck her, he was also going to fuck her little sisters. She knew she wanted to be there watching when he did it. She wanted to watch him plunge his big stiff cock up inside of them just like he had her, tearing their hymens taking their virginity from them then fuck them, to fill their cunts full of his sperm, just like he now had hers twice.

Her mother kissed her on the lips, licking her daddy’s cum off of her lips, then told her husband not to spend to long with Jenny in her bed, playing with her titties, that he needed his rest because he had two more virgin girls to fuck in the next few days.

As her mother left the bedroom, she suddenly turned and grinned at her daughter. Then she told her.

“Happy Birthday sweetheart, I thought you would enjoy your daddy making a woman of you for our birthday present to you.”

Then she turned and left the bedroom, leaving her daddy laying holding her fondling her small firm breasts, letting her enjoy after sex fondling that goes with making love and especially after losing her virginity.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.

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