Fatimah (Mg,pedo)

Fatimah (Mg,pedo)

Introduction: Short story about Fatimah, 10yo Saudi lolita girl living in England and taken for a car ride by a stranger.

Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party

Fatimah is a 10yo girl from Saudi Arabia living in London, she has recently come to England to study and she wears the niqab (long black dress that hides the body shape and face), she is brunette and her eyes are black.

Fatimah is walking alone on the street when an English white man around 25yo driving a small car offers her a lift.

-“Come to my house and I will give you some tea and biscuits”

-“I really shouldn’t…”

-“It won’t be long don’t worry”

Fatimah is driven by the man who has said his name is John to an isolate house somewhere on the outskirts of London, they both get inside the house.

-“Are you going to have the veil on for eating?”

-“I should not take it off with men present”

-“Nobody will know don’t be silly, only you and me here” – Fatimah hesitates and finally uncovers her cute Arabic face keeping the veil clutched on her hand.

The man comes out of the kitchen with two cups of tea, somehow trips and manages to spill some on Fatimah’s long black dress.

-“Oh my! So sorry” – John leaves the cups of tea on the table and grabbing the 10yo girl dress from the bottom quickly pulls it up until is all off.

-“The tea was real hot I hope I haven’t burned you with my stupidity!”

-“But…” Fatimah can’t say a word about what is happening, she is half naked in front of a man, her preteen body does not have tits yet and she wears some white cotton knickers.

-“Damn! You really pretty down there girl! How old are you?”

-“Ten years old Sir”

-“Call me John please, so you growing any pussy hair yet?”

Fatimah blushes on hearing this

-“Well only one way to know”, the man smiles and pulls down Fatimah’s knickers getting a good look at her 10yo Arabic smooth pussy.

-“No!” Fatimah attempts to stop her knickers coming off and pulls them back on.

-“Ha ha ha”, John laughs I’ve seen lots of little girls pussy on the internet before, you really being silly here, John takes off a pen knife out of his pocket opens it and slashes Fatimah’s knickers on the side so that they fall on the floor.

-“What about now eh girl?”, 10yo Fatimah keeps her hands on her front stopping her slashed knickers from dropping off but John starts to tickle her.

-“Oh I can’t!”

-“Show me your little cunnie pretty girl!” – says John tickling until Fatimah can’t resist any more and lets her underwear fall taking her hands off her pussy, it is all bald of brown colour except by her pussy flat lips where a strip of white colour runs along her slit, Fatimah feels real embarrassed with John staring at her in the front.

John starts to caress her pussy lips softly with his three middle fingers

– “Oh! But…”

– “Only checking out you Fatimah, you do not need to worry, haven’t you ever been rubbed before down here?” John grows a bum under his jeans as he goes on caressing Fatimah’s smooth pussy lips until she becomes wet at which point she spreads out her legs and lets John carry on his business fingering her.

-“Do you like it sweetheart?”

-“Yes sir, it feels soo niceee”

-“Tell me the truth honey, you ever rub your cunnie at night?”

-“Daddy does sometimes”

John kneels and introduces his sharp tongue inside Fatimah’s preteen bald wet pussy back then forward then a subtle touch over her little girl clit, he manages to make the girl moan.

-“Daddy ever licks your pussy as well honey?”

-“Yes sir, he does, thank you so much for this Sir”



Fatimah starts to spasm and shakes as John holds her lolita waist tightly while keeping his tongue glued to her little Arabic smooth pussy.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.

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