Daddy’s Going To Make Me A Woman Tonight (Mg,pedo,inc)

Daddy’s Going To Make Me A Woman Tonight (Mg,pedo,inc)

Introduction: A woman explains to her little 5yo daughter how her dad fucked her for the first time at her age and explains the little girl how daddy is going to put his cock inside her tonight.

Author: Charlie “the drifter”

“Mama tell me, tell me all about it.” Ione said as her mother, Glenda, sat there with her young five year old daughter.

“Well honey, I told you I was also five when my daddy, your grandpa did it to me and showed me how good it was, with my mother, your grandma helping him.” She said.

“Yes, yes,” Ione said eagerly, waiting to hear the story.

“Your grandma, took me into the bathroom, and took my clothes off them put me in the bathtub. She gave me a good bath, then she washed my little pussy, my cunt, really, really, really good. When she did, it really felt good. I had never felt anything like it before.” She said.

“finally she dried me off as I stood there in the empty tub, especially my pussy. Yes it really felt good when she dried it too.”

“She then set me on the edge of the tub and spread my legs wide. She told me I really had a cute cunt and that daddy, your grandpa, was really going to like it.”

“Then she spread my legs really wide and leaned down and mama licked her tongue up my pussy slit and sucked on my pussy lips. She licked my little clitoris and sucked on it, making me almost pass out it felt so good. Then she pushed her tongue way up into my hole and slipped it in and out. When she did, she told me that was what it felt like to have something fucked in and out of me. I really liked it.”

“Mama told me that my pussy really tasted good and that daddy was really going to like licking it and sucking it, that he would love the taste of my virginal juices.”

“While she was sucking and licking my pussy, it got really wet, when it did, mama pushed her finger up inside of me. She told me that she was making sure that my hymen was still there and that I was still a virgin for daddy. I was.”

“It hurt when she first pushed her finger up inside of me but it got to feeling really good when she pushed it in and out of me. That was when mama told me that I would really like daddy’s big stiff cock in my little cunt, once I got used to it and my pussy stretched from having daddy’s cock in it.”

“She was right, after daddy had his big cock in my tiny hole for a long time, it quit hurting and began to feel really good.”

“Well after mama finger fucked me for several minutes, she took me into the bedroom and set me on the bed.”

“That was when daddy came in and I seen his big stiff cock for the first time. It looked really big and I wondered how he was going to get it up inside of my tiny hole.”

“Daddy came right up to me and put his cock right at my mouth. That was when mama began teaching me how to lick and suck daddy’s cock. It was so big in my mouth than I could hardly move it in and out, but I did at least a little bit. I know I tried to push my mouth down on his cock, trying to get it down my throat like she told me she liked it in her throat. She told me that it was ok because it took her a long time to learn how to take her daddy’s cock down her throat.”

“Finally Mama lay me down and spread my legs really wide. Daddy leaned down and began licking and sucking on my little wet pussy, pushing his tongue up inside of me. OOOOOOhhhh it felt soooooo goood to me.”

“Then daddy moved up between my legs and taking hold of them he moved up between them. I loved daddy’s tongue licking my tight little virgin cunt. It felt really good.”

“Oh yes it hurt when he pushed his finger up inside of me until he could feel my hymen. He told me that I wouldn’t be a virgin much longer.”

“Daddy then moved up between my legs and rubbed his big cock up and down on my little cunt, getting it all slick with his precum. Then he took hold of my legs, and mama took hold of his big cock and held it at my little hole.”

“Daddy held my legs tight against his sides and with mama holding his big cock, he began pushing it up inside of me. It really hurt as his big cock head stretched my little hole wider and wider, but then it slipped all of the way inside of me. It really hurt but it felt really funny inside of me. It felt so big.”

“Daddy started pushing it in and out of me and the more he did it, my pussy stretched and slowly begin to feel good as the pain left.”

“Then daddy holding my legs tight and mama holding daddy’s cock, he pushed hard. Yes, it hurt real back when his big cock tore my hymen, taking my virginity and when his big cock slipped way up inside of me, but the pain didn’t last very long.”
“Boy did it feel really big inside of me. Daddy held still for a minute then he began pushing it in and out of me. The more he did it, the less it hurt and the better it started feeling.”

“Daddy fucked his big stiff cock in and out of me, for a long time. He even told me he was going to push his cock into my womb and he began pushing it hard. Slowly the last three inches of his long cock, slipped up inside of me, when his cock head stretched my cervix wide and went right into my womb like he told me he was going to do. Yes, honey, it really hurt again and I really screamed with the pain, but it soon started feeling good again and I almost forgot all about the pain as he fucked it in and out of my pussy and my womb. Daddy fucked me for a long time, then he pushed it way up into me and I felt something really warm way up in my tummy. My daddy was cumming, spurting his sperm, that stuff that makes babies right into my womb.”

“When I ask mama if I was going to have a baby now, she told me no that I was way too young, but when I had my first period he would shoot it up into my womb and then make a baby in me, but that would be a long time from them and he would be fucking me a lot before that.”

“My older brother, your Uncle Ned was watching daddy fuck me, he was thirteen at the time, ask if he could fuck me too and mama told him no, not for awhile, that daddy would be the only one fucking me for awhile, then they would let my brother fuck me. She also told me that my grandpa’s her daddy and daddy’s daddy would also be fucking me, but not for awhile, not until daddy had broken me in and taught me how to fuck his big stiff cock.”

“As mama told me that, daddy just kept fucking me. After a long time, I felt felt funny and it just kept getting stronger and going all over my body. Sudden it was like a shock and I cried out and stiffened, a even pushed my pussy up at daddy big stiff cock. He pushed his cock as far up inside of me and mama told me that I was having my first ever orgasm. Boy did I really like what it felt like. I hoped that daddy would make me feel like that a lot.”

“After Daddy fucked me and cum in me, mama told my brother, that she would let him fuck her again. She had let him fuck her when he turned twelve and then let him fuck her every once in a while but with daddy always watching. Daddy liked watching Uncle Ned fuck mama.”

“I lay there with daddy’s cock still in me when mama lay your Uncle Ned down and straddled him, then she put his stiff cock up into her pussy and daddy and I watched mama fuck him, until he cum in her. She told daddy that she hoped he had just made a baby in her like they had talked about, because it was her fertile time. Mama and Daddy thought it would be exciting for Uncle Ned to get her his own mama, pregnant with his baby and he did.”

“Yes, honey, your Aunt Julia, is my brother and our mama’s baby. She’s also your Uncles sister and his daughter. Of course now honey no one knows that Aunt Julia is Uncle Ned’s daughter, so don’t tell anyone. Only the family knows.”

“Your daddy and I have been talking about me having my daddy’s baby. After my daddy fucked me for a couple of months, they let your Uncle Ned fuck me too. Then when my grandpa and your fathers grandpa visited with us, daddy and mama let both of them fuck me too. I was still only five and had daddy, my two grandpa’s and my brother fucking me. Yes, honey I really liked it and I still do. Your daddy likes fucking my mama and his own mama while his daddy and my daddy fuck me. My mama told me that she wants your daddy to fuck her and make a baby in her so she will have his baby too.”

“Mama does Daddy fuck Aunt, Mary, Uncle Ned’s wife and their daughter, Tarina too?” – little Ione ask her mama.

“Yes, honey, when we go visit them, your Daddy fucks both of them and your Uncle Ned fuck’s me. but in a while when we visit with them he will also fuck you too.”

“Will I really like it when daddy fuck’s me, mama? Will it really hurt bad when daddy puts it in me tonight?” – Ione ask with a worried look in her eyes.

“Yes, honey it will hurt when your daddy first puts his big thing up inside of you but you will really like it when the pain goes away, just like your mama did and still does. I know that your two grandpa’s are really going to like fucking your tight little cunt when they come to visit us in a couple of months. By then your daddy will have you fucking him really good with both your tight little cunt and your tight little ass. Yes, your daddy will also fuck you there after he gets your pussy stretched so you can take a big cock in it with out any pain.”

“When your grandpa’s visit, you’ll see how good it feels when your grandpa’s cock is in your pussy and your daddy’s in your little butt. You’ll like it honey.”- Glenda told her little daughter.

With that Ione hugged her mama and ask her if she was going to help her daddy fuck her like her own mama helped her. Glenda kissed her and told her yes, that she would be licking and sucking her little pussy, making it all slick and wet for her daddy’s cock to slide into her.

Then she told her, “now go play honey until it’s time to give you a bath so that daddy and mama can lick your pussy and daddy can fuck you.”

With that Ione, ran outside and went over to her girl friend, Tiana, also five. She couldn’t wait to tell her how her daddy was going to fuck her, put his big cock, his big thing up into her little pussy hole and take her virginity.

She wandered just what that was. She didn’t know what a hymen was, only that she had one and daddy wanted to tear it with his big stiff cock. As she ran over to Tian’s she wondered if Tiana’s daddy was going to fuck her too and take her virginity like her own daddy was going to do.

“Maybe” she thought as she ran over, Tiana would let Ione’s daddy fuck her and she, Ione could let Tiana’s daddy fuck her. She wondered if their daddy’s would like to do that. She would have to talk To Tiana and then talk to her own daddy. She was sure he would like to fuck Tiana.

As she knocked on Tiana’s back door, she couldn’t wait to talk to her and tell her that daddy was going to make a little woman of her that night.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.