Daddy’s Balls Deep Birthday (Mg,oral,anal,bond)

Daddy’s Balls Deep Birthday (Mg,oral,anal,bond)

Prologue: Rachel had been abused by her single parent father more than once. Growing use to it is sometimes hard to do especially when the act becomes the gift for his birthday.

Author: Lone Dog

Rachel had just finished her bath, she stood nude in front of the mirror looking at her almost eight year old body. Her straight light brown hair was almost completely dry. Her breast hadn’t developed yet but that didn’t stop her from bringing up her hands cupping them as if she was fully developed. She tilted her body to get a view of her bottom shaking her head as it still hadn’t developed, looking no different than any other kids bottoms. But still that didn’t seem to damping her father desire from taking every opportunity to have sex with her there.

It started almost two years ago with him making her suck on his adult cock, that went on till one day instead of just letting her pull away when he pumped his sperm he grabbed her head pulling her firmly onto his hard cock, the blunt tip slipping just into her throat as it went off making her gag more from the taste than from the adult organ pushed a little into her throat. The stuff got into her lungs and filled her mouth before he finely released her to pull away. She remembered the joyful gleam in his eyes as he pumped his cock watching her cough up the slimy lumpy acidic tasting stuff.

He went through a few week of what he called ‘teaching her to give proper head’ and at first it was a very trying time for her. Rachel was to keep her hands behind her as he tried pushing his organ deep into her throat but she couldn’t stop bringing her hands up pushing on his pelvis defensively to get off the choking stiff rod. Rachel’s father bought a pair of hand-cuffs as a ‘training aid’. And she found over the next few weeks he nightly would force his cock into her throat as she gagged horribly at first only slowly growing use to the stiff organ as he pumped it deeply. She almost always gagged up a spray of puke though but now she wasn’t always in a state of full panic and he soon stopped using the cuff’s.

Still at the mirror she found she that was rubbing her young clit from the memory and stopped. Rachel saw the door to the bathroom open her father was there a half drunk beer in one hand. He had an odd smile on his face. She knew why he was there it was his birthday today and he had made it clear that she was to stay at home all day, starting her day off with a bath.

It was six months now since he started sodomizing her the shock of the first time still played out in her head at times. He had been throat fucking her rather roughly, she was rubbing over her young clit her young mind engrossed in the act. When in a sudden move he pulled his thick cock from her gagging throat with a wet pop the slime and goo stringing out from her open mouth to the raging stiff adult cock. She was still ridgedly locked in the throws of a hunching gag when he spun her around mounting her from behind, his slimy adult cock finding her anus between her buttock pushing it up into her young virginal rectum. Thankfully he came instantly as her legs went stiffly out to each side, her hands clawing across the bed in an effort remove herself from the intense sharp pain that held her in its all consuming grip.

The next time wasn’t much better as it was the next day, her anus and rectum still sore he brought her to his room. She had fought him in an effort to not have him do it again but he got the ‘train cuffs’ forcing her hands behind her cuffing them together. She watch as he removed his clothes then got a jar of petroleum jelly from top of the dresser, opening the jar he scooped some out spreading it over his throbbing adult cock. Rachel could see the heighten sexual excitement flooding through him, his hand shaking as his cock became thickly slick with the stuff. She complained and even begged him not to do it again but she was forced to bend over the side of his bed one of his still slick fingers going into her sore anus becoming two slick worming fingers in her sore sensitive rectum.

He didn’t stab into her this time though, his cock pushing slowly up into her rectum filling her with the gripping stiff fleshy thickness. Her young mind working overtime to processes what was happening. Her rectum was sore but the stab of pain wasn’t there and she relaxed as he started humping slowly bring guttural grunting sounds from Rachel she didn’t know she could even make. Her rectum grew fiercely sensitive as his movements became more urgent till she cried out, her young body lurching out of control straining as if she could poop the moving cock from her rectum. Then he came, his cock swelling, spitting it hot loads of sperm deep into her tight rectum, more sperm than he had at any time. Rachel’s whole body shook her mind reeling at the shocking disgusting fact that she too had had her first orgasm.

He pulled from her youthful hugging rectum and she couldn’t help but turn looking at the stiff rod that had been up inside her butt hole, a dome of her poop coated the blunt cock head her father shuddered again the tip of his cock urging a small gush of white sperm out over the dark dome of poop and down along the length of the adult organ.

Standing still nude before the mirror she scanned over her body again. It was her fathers birthday he’d want to do something especial with her she knew that. And turned to follow him down the hall to the bedroom. Rachel watch him turn up the beer finishing it off. He’d be rough with her she was sure of it, he always was after a few beers. Her pussy tingled almost wanting it to be rough, needing it so she to could get off. She had never told him about her first orgasm, or any of them for that matter. She seemed to have them when he was more abusive with her, when she felt the most debased. They entered the room.

Rachel stopped a few feet in looking at the bed. Ropes with slipknots. Were at the floor and on the bed. She could tell what was expected of her and she went over to the bed placing one foot in a loop and pulled till it went tight around her ankle. She had to reach over with her other foot to the other slipping her foot through it. She now stood facing the bed a towel had been draped over the side of the bed before her and she leaned over it. She had to reach out to the other slipknot to one side over her head and placing her hand into it let it go tight around her wrist. The other was almost out of her reach but she slip her hand through it and watch as it went tight.

Rachel felt oddly vulnerable as she tested the slipknots trying to pull her hands and ankles free. She was there until her father finished what he had planned for her.

“Been saving this for my birthday Rachie dear” her father said. “Time we get all my cock up your ass and get a real butt fucking from you”

That’s something she’d not thought about. He’d been sodomizing her for the last six months now sending her into one orgasm after another as the waves of sensations rush through her young body. Her clit tingled even as she grew apprehensive of the something new her father was planning to do. Rachel’s young mind was already settling into a deep uneasy submissiveness her body seem to grave. Her hand writhed in the tightening slipknots as she looked about at her father’s building lust.

He had been drinking hard already and she knew from experience she was in for it but good. Her rectal mussel spasmed in anticipation and her clit grew wet. Rachel eyed his adult stiff cock, his massive testicles as he stepped out of his clothes. His tongue licked around his lips.

“Almost eight years old now” he mumbled to himself “Bout time for balls deep”

Rachel father picked out a couple long socks from the top of his dresser balling one up into a tight ball.

“Happy Birthday To Me… Happy Birthday to Me..” he sung drunkenly out loud coming over to Rachel.

“Open up Rachie” he said bringing the balled up sock to her mouth. “Happy Birthday to Me…”

She opened her mouth letting him stuff the balled up dry clean sock deep into her oral cavity. The other went quickly around her head and over her mouth with him tying it off behind her head holding the balled up sock in Rachel’s mouth.

“Can’t having you spoil the happy mood” he sang trying to maintain the ‘Happy Birthday’ notes. Then sang “Gotta get me another beer… Gotta get me another Beer”

He was gone in a drunken joyous flash Rachel turning her head seeing his stiffly arching adult cock bobbing out in front of him as he rush through the door. She was left in the silence of the room for only a few seconds before he was back, the sound of the bottle top being twisted from the beer braking the quiet. Her father turned it up drinking almost all of it in one take.

“Ah-a-a… That hit the spot”

Setting the cold sweating bottle down he picked up large half empty jar of petroleum jelly popping the top off scooping out with two fingers a goodly amount staggering some as he went about lubing his male organ as he settled into mumming the ‘Happy Birthday’ song. He stepped up behind her tossing the jar onto the bed close beside Rachel. Rachel notice he hadn’t prepared her in any way. He had been probing her rectum with a finger or two before forcing his cock up into her ass. This was going to hurt some and her young mind rushed to prepare her for his entry into her bottom.

He done this before liking sometimes to watch as she lurched in an effort to get away from the sudden sharp pain. Sometimes she would lurch all the way off the stiff rod rolling about on the bed for a few seconds till the pain subsided, other times he would hang on staying with her. For the most part he would lube her rectum up real good then take delight in her when her youthful rectum grew uncontrollably sensitive to his movements making her squirm, grunt and strain up in waves of intense bowel spasms. But this was the first time she had been tied this way, there would be no lurching anywhere. Rachel’s young pussy need rubbing badly.

The cool air that was running through the open crack of her spread buttocks was replace by the closing warmth of her fathers body as he angled his stiff cock down placing the thick blunt tip against her snug anus Rachel’s head came up, her mind spinning in its effort to prepare her for his next move.

“Happy” lunge “Birthday to me” lunge again. “Happy” lunge his cock opened her anus slipping deep up into Rachel’s unprepared rectum “Birthday to me”

Rachel bit down into the soft dry sock in her mouth, her legs trembled stiffly in the tightening loops of the slipknots around her ankles. She found her spread wide arms were tugging, held by the loops of rope she’d place her hands through moments before. In tune with the song came another hard pressing lung, her young body lurching up in a vain effort to come off the rectal stretching thickness filling her rectal tube much too quickly. She cried out the sound muffled by the tightly packed balled up sock in her mouth. Slowly, very slowly the sharp edge of pain ebbed away leaving her rectal passage fill with the now familiar thickness of her father’s adult cock.

“Okay Rachie your gift to me on this special day will be a balls deep fucking up your tight ass” He leaned in over Rachel kissing the back of her head. “Been putting this off much to long, you’ve been old enough for a while”

As an after thought she heard “Been dreaming about your tight anus hugging at the base of my cock for a while”

Rachel felt the hard knot that was the the head of his stiff cock press hard at the end of her rectal tube, her father angling his loin this way and that all the while pressing harshly up into her bottom. The blunt tip slipped deeper a feeling of wrongness following the wedging organ, her gut ready to cramp up around the adult sex organ. Suddenly she wasn’t sure about what he was endeavoring to do cause her hips and abdomen was moving uneasily around in a effort to find a less distressful feeling deep where the thick cock head still wormed eagerly to get farther into her. Forgotten was her tingling young pussy, even the demented enjoyment she was getting from being tied now seemed frightening.

Rachel felt trapped as her toes and legs stretch trying to move her up away from the deepening stiff rod of adult male cock, that was making it way pasts the end of her rectum and pushing into a place it was never meant to be. Behind Rachel she could hear her fathers steady heavy breathing from his focused efforts. Half grimacing her legs started to uncontrollably and stiffly shaking held by the short lengths of the restraining tight slipknots, the mussels of her buttocks and abdomen wanting to clench up and tried to do just that as a slow sharp painful cramp formed in her deep intestine where the thick cock held the tube of it stretched tightly around it.

Her legs and buttock kept struggling to come together in a uncontrolled effort to clamp her bowel around the stiff rod but couldn’t as her father continued, the horrid sensation sending her over some edge of deepening panic that had her tugging hard against all four slipknots, her fathers hands coming down gripping her thrashing hips in a tight hold, letting her continue to vainly fight to free her hands and ankles from the slipknots. His hairy loin went pressing up into the clef of her buttock the shock of just knowing all if it was up into her had Rachel freezing in place her head come up wide eyed, her young mind taking in the gripping sensations of the long flexing thick organ deep up into her young bowel.

“Son-of-bitch Rachie” He cried “Your adolescent gut is tight as hell, don’t move dear or I’ll off my load right now”

Rachel couldn’t move at any rate, her young mind struggling with the overly full cramping stretched feeling protruding inches into her large intestine. The stiff cock flexed even thicher making Rachel half squeal her young body trying to angle itself around the ridge thickness in a dire effort to ease her distress. Her father was groaning, his hands gripping her waist holding her controllingly as she tensely writhed about unable to find any way to lessen the horrid sensation overloading her young scenes.

“Easy… easy girl” He groaned as he struggle not to orgasm just yet “Just a few more seconds”

“Whew..” He said drunkenly after much too short of time “Hang on girl I’m not pulling any punches with my birthday gift”

A noise had her looking panicky back watching him scoot his beer from where he’d set it and gulped the rest loudly, some of the cool liquid dripping onto her buttocks and back. The bottle went back down loudly wobbling around almost falling over, his still cool hand coming down regripping into her waist. The thick cock tugged back. Rachel’s whole body harshly shuttered as a sensation of having a thick turd pulled through her tight gut overwhelmed her senses making her collapse down onto the top of the bed trembling harshly in shock of the sudden act. He surge humping back into her, having to force his cock back through her still tight intestinal tube, her legs uncontrollably kicking against the side of the bed loudly. Rachel’s arms worked too as if trying to claw forward even though she was still held in the now even tighter slipknots that bit deep into her flesh.

His loin press back up between her open buttocks. Pulling back again as he started the slow forced animal moves of reproduction. Rachel screamed out through the balled up sock feeling the fleshy thickness of adult cock having to be forced to move in both direction, her deep rectal tube refusing to loosen even a bit of it’s hugging tight grip. And as if her torture wasn’t complete a sudden degrading feeling she was about to defecate was surging somewhere deeper in her abdomen threatening to go into full uncontrolled strain and still as if unconcerned about her blight he continued his animal like movements that were becoming even move aggressive, she was becoming totally overwhelmed, her body was racked by never before felt intense mix of sensations she’d could never believed possible. And panic surge through Rachel when the horrid urgent movement of her deep stool did indeed find its way into the path of the deeply implanting thick stiff organ of her father.

Rachel head collapsed sagging down from the shameful feeling of loss as the thick organ in one more deep forced plunge plugging the path of the moving stool off from where it urgently was trying to go. The pressure of it building harshly making her groan out through the damp rag stuffed in her mouth as her father now kept his loin pressed firmly up into the cleft of her buttocks, the stiff adult organ flexing stiffer still and slightly longer also, to her dismay. The thick tip of his cock seemingly trying to force the poop back up where it came from.

“MM..mmm…MM…. mmm” Rachel’s father was humming happy birthday to himself, then sung out loudly “Too…. Me….!!”

The cock flexed real stiff staying that way her father pressing his loin tightly against her bottom as wormed his cock cruelly about. Rachel was shocked by the way she actually felt her stool trying to squeeze around the thick blunt tip of her father’s penis in her large intestine, the worming movements of his action seemingly making it more than just possible for it to do just that and she knew from being ass fucked before what came next. Her mind reeled at the thought and she forced her mind to focus on trying to worm as least her hands free of the slipknots. For some reason if she was going to be sodomized this way Rachel didn’t want her hands bound, she believed she’d could handle it if she could pull off the gag and hide her face in her hands. The horrid worming adult male organ stopped moving about with his finger digging into her abdomen more tightly around her narrow hip bones holding her bottom firmly, strongly in place.

Nothing inside of her bowel felt right, she was totally not ready for what he was wanting of her and her wrist writhed about in the unforgiving slipknots trying to get at least one free. Young Rachel recognized all his readying movements behind her as he quickly adjusted himself for how he felt was necessary for him to continue at this moment. The fiercely stiff thick deeply implanted throbbing organ tugged back the best it could through the tightly hugging grip of her unprepared intestine leaving her limbs and torso to shudder harshly out of sink from a sensation she never knew existed as the deep uncomfortable pressure of her stool against the thick plugging action of her fathers cock head was released in a rush of relief that lasted till he reversed the move, her urgent relief was suddenly countered by his eager need to plant his loin back up into her again.

It was so horrible, she could feel everything, as the stiff adult penis encountered and slowly over came the resistance of her urgent onrush of stool, only to be pushed back up through her large intestine. The thick adult cock and her poop seeming becoming one, all of it feeling like she was trying to poop out something long and thick. Her father groaned with pleasure his hands deeply feeling over Rachel panting sweating torso as he wormed the last of his cock back up into her. Her mind reeled knowing this was only the start of the necessary movements he would be mading before he pump his seed up into her. He start a deep humping that seemed to tug at her intestinal wall pulling it along for the ride, sending more that urgent signals of a overbearing need to defaecate, her entire body welling up with uncontrolled need.

Rachel’s was shocked at the intensity of the urge, her whole body welling up in a sudden gripping strain she had no control over. And when over, left her panting through the damp rag her nose blowing out snot as she grunted gutturally to his continued movements. Sweat ran into her eyes blurring her vision, matting her fine brown hair against her forehead. Her father’s cock had lengthen it’s humping action freeing itself from her hugging intestine and poop, it was on the move, eagerly feeling it way through her rectum and deep intestine. Another body welling surge was forming inside of her, building, building till it too sored out of her control. When over she collapsed down, then up again as the intensity of the of her father’s movements escalated driving him closer toward release. She rose up turning her head back with a need to see his face. The look on his face scared her in its intensity of mixed emotions, but it was the gleeful sadistic self centered lust that shocked her the most.

The lurid sounds of her father’s movements up into her deep bowel fill her ears as another rush of body gripping sensation took Rachel tensely up in it’s fierce hold, her father went humping like a mad man in his final stages before releasing his seed. Rachel’s rectum burned hot from the abuse and fluidized stool being churned about making her bit down hard on the wet rag in her mouth till with her rectum smarting so bad she couldn’t stand it anymore making her have to cry out, that then turned into a long muffled scream. Eerily through it all was her father singing loudly, his tone sounding almost angry.

“HAPPY BirthDay To ME…..” his hard animal humping in tune to the song.

His loin stabbed in fully planting himself into her, the stiffness swelling in his intense release. Her rectum hurt, burning form the abuse so bad tears ran down her face as the first huge gush of sperm shot from his intestinal planted cock head. The next huge load of sperm had her young gut rumbling wetly sending a horrid sick like feeling of having the bad runs through her abdomen. Rachel struggled to keep her hotly burning rectum from clamping up over the embedded stool coated shaft that kept swelling with each release of male sperm deep up inside her. She cried with deep body racking sobs unable to come to grips with the hotly stinging hurt of her young abused rectal tube. The last of his sperm shot from the deeply planted cock with it dryly still swelling a few more times.

“Fucking perfect Rachie dear” He panted out behind her “One last thing I been dieing to do”

Rachel felt a gush if warm liquid filling her suddenly her father breathing out with relief. ‘He was peeing’ The salty liquid filled her to over flowing then surging around his thick cock adding to the fire of hurt burning in her abused rectum. Finished he leaned in over her still sobbing racked back planting a kiss into her sweat damp hair.

“Thanks for the best birthday gift a father could ask for Rachie dear” He whispered all out of breath.

He eased his half hard cock from Rachel’s bowel, with her grimacing, biting deep into the spittle wet rag in her mouth. Upon releasing her she still couldn’t dare to squeeze her rectal mussel closed and went wide legged and hunch over to the bathroom climbing onto the toilet, she tried to wipe but her swollen anus burned tot hotly for that, leaving Rachel quietly sobbing. Her father came turning on the shower and pulling her off the toilet both entered into the warm water. The water stung at first but help the burning of her anus. His humming of ‘happy birthday’ echoed merrily in the close confined of the shower stall. He did towel dry her after the shower. A deep sob went through Rachel.

“Now.. Now.. Rachel Dear” he said, his spirits high “In a few short weeks you’ll be taking it like a pro”

She realized it was true and a deep wave of dread fill anxiety took her into another body racking sob.

“So Rachie dear.. lets make some long lasting memories till then” he grinned devilishly eyes gleaming “I’ll let you recove… ah.. rest till tomorrow and we’ll practice it this way again”

Rachel did notice as his adult cock, even though spent from anal sex went lifting, swelling almost stiff again as he told her of his up coming plans. She pulled free and went hiding in her room, her anus and rectum still burning hot and aching. Somewhere deep up in her bowel threatened to cramp up sharply. Rachel climb into bed tossing about in discomfort for the longest time before falling asleep wondering if it was going to be this way for the rest of her life. And yet her pussy tingled strangely sending a guilty wave of pleasure through her.