Country Wife (Mg,anal,oral,kidnap,rape,electro)

Country Wife (Mg,anal,oral,kidnap,rape,electro)

Prologue: About a man fooling kids into thinking they are really married.

Author: Lone Dog

She was the sweetest thing I had ever seen. Probably only about eight years old with shoulder length hair light brown hair. I had her here for over a week now out in the country, pretty far from any where and she had learned that. Her name was Angie she was to be my wife ‘for now’. Today I would have the ceremony making her think we were hitched. I laid out the small wedding dress for her making sure she put it on. And put on a suit and tie.

“Okay Angie it time honey” I took her hand and in short order went through the ceremony I had made up.

I kissed her full on the mouth, then led her to the bed room be her small hand. I removed my cloths then undressed her. She was the third girl I’ve had here and each one really believed they had gotten married.

“Lesson dear, I,m not ready to have children yet” I kissed her on the lips again. “We have to consummate our marriage so I’m going to do it anally”

She just sat there on the edge of the bed looking at me. I could tell she was confused. My own cock had firmed up at the thought of sodomizing her, her eyes lock onto it.

“Its okay to touch it, were married now” I said to her, and she reached over slowly placing a hand on my penis. “I’m going to put it up into your butt hole”

“My.. my butt hole?” she said her eyes never leaving my cock. “Is it.. will it hurt”

Her hand went around my cock shaft and she moved her head closer looking at it. She pulled back looking up at me.

“It’s too big” she said, mater of factually.

“You’ll get use to it dear” and I picked up the jar of petroleum jelly on the small table beside the bed.

“No… no I won’t do it” she stated.

“Don’t make me tie you down Angie, cause I will” And I opened the drawer pulling out a roll of gray duct tape. I had to tape the last girl up the first time and almost wished she would resist also. But she didn’t, lowering her head meekly.

“I love you honey” I said kissing her on the cheek, then grabbing the jar. “Tell me you love me”

“I… I love you” she said her head still down, but looked up when I popped open the jar and scooped out some thick paste of petroleum jelly.

My cock had grow fully stiff in anticipation and throbbed to my heart beat. I spread a goodly amount over my cock making it shine, leaving a thick paste over the head.

“Okay Angie stand before me and turn slowly around, I want a good look at my wife”

She did as I ask standing up a couple feet in front of me turning slowly a couple times as I looked over her nude body. The though that I would be sodomizing her shortly foremost in my mind. And my cock ached to be up in her tight rectum as I watch her reactions to being fucked in the ass.

“It time dear, lean over the bed on your belly”

She looked wide eyed at my cock, then moved slowly to the edge of the high bed and leaned over, I had to lift her a bit her feet coming off the floor over the side. I got some jelly on two fingers and came up behind her much smaller form staring down at the crack of her fantastic ass. I brought my fingers to the small target I sought between her buttocks placing a slick finger on her anus, making it slick before pressing it in. She jumped as my finger went past the mussel guarding the entrance into her rectum. Worming my finger around I slowly felt the mussel relax enough to force the other one beside the other.

“Ah-h….. It hurts” She groaned tensing till she grew accustom to it.

I move my two finger tips slowly with her squirming till I felt her anus relax. She was ready as she was going to be.

“I don’t want to have to tie you down dear” I warned “So keep your hands on the bed”

I move her arms showing her where to keep them, then gazed down onto her nude youthfulness. My cock now raging hard and the excitement surging through me leaving me trembling slightly. Her slight form looked almost too small to take my adult cock. And she had been warned. Staring down I guided my cock head between the slit of her buttocks where I knew her anus was worming as I pressed. I felt her tense up, anal mussel squeezing as my cock head went onto it.

“You need to relax dear”

“I c-can’t” she said.

“Yes you can, do you think you are the only girl to make love this way”

Still her virgin anus remained clenched tight as my blunt tip cock head wormed over it. I pressed hoping for some give but she remained stubborn trying to clench her buttocks together. Her arms and hands coming back defensively, I had enough and grabbed the duct tape. Grabbing one of her wrists and with some effort as she resisted managed to tape it firmly to her ankle on the same side, then did the same to the other wrist.

Opening the drawer I grabbed a rubber life like dildo that was a little smaller than my own cock. A little jelly over the things head I grabbed her as she wallowed on the bed and forced it quickly up into her butt hole. She went ridged against her taped wrists and ankles, face in a shocked grimace. Pulling it out she remained in the trembling grip of the sudden entry of the dildo and now was oblivious to the world around her. I guided her into a missionary position still taped wrist to ankle, bottom pulled to the edge of the bed and guided my cock back to her rear hole.

Her anus had remained slightly gaped and I took full advantage of her blight and press on in. A shutter went through her as I grabbed onto her narrow waist with two hands, her trembling bound wrists and ankles to each side of my arms. Looking down upon her I started fucking, sodomizing her tight trembling rectum the grimace never leaving her once cute face. A brown streak formed on the shaft of my cock along the area that went up into her very snug rectum.

She slowly got use to my cock now that the sharp pain of the initial entry died back. Discomfort showed on her face as she looked up at me in disbelief at what I was doing to her, I could see the panic welling inside her as her hugging rectum started grow sensitive to movement. Her bound limbs move erratically on each side of me adding to my excitement.

“U-g-g” she grunted as a wave of sensation made her bowel clench at my cock.

You could tell it in her face, any dream she had thought of what love making really was, was dashed from her as her mind turn inward to the uncontrolled reaction of her rectum. Her face flushed red, mouth open a few seconds later her eyes looked back up to me refocusing.

“I got to poop real bad… please.. I’ll let you put it… back in my butt”

I look into her panicked flushed face my hands feeling over her body as I continued to hump digging in deeper with my cock.

“P-please….. ‘sob’….”

“I like it this way Angie, try to relax”

“You.. you can’t… P-please.. I can’t” Disbelief flashing onto her youthful flushing face. “you… you… like it??”

Her eye widened slightly face flushing even more brightly with everything happening at once. My cock mashed in deep finding that her stool had moved there. I stabbed in worming my cock, stabbing again moving deeper all the while. Another shove and was surprised to feel my cock lodge passed the end of her rectum into her intestine. She cried out as I wiggling my hips side to side while pushing till sunk in to the hilt. My loin pressed to her bottom firmly.

Pulling back brought a sharp wet sound from her intestine as my cock head went from her large intestine back into her rectum, making her whole body shudder for a moment. Legs and arms pulling, at odds with each other. I gripped her slender waist hands on each side and edged my cock back into her intestine again. A deep frown flash onto her face and with her brow clenched up she tensed legs opening wider looking like she was straining, trying to shit my cock from her bowel. My cock went even stiffer a rush of need surging through me and looking down at her blight I started a strong but steady fucking movement, my heightened senses picking up on the wet sucking sounds coming from her young bowel as my cock move within her. And in a few more ever lengthening strokes the tell tell signs of my use of her gut showed as light brown streaks along the length of my cock shaft as I pulled back.

My hands instinctively went to her legs, gripping them and pushing them farther apart and down to each side of her body for a better view. I was mesmerized at the changing and growing streaks of her dung along my cock shaft, the tingle in my balls signaling the nearness of my climax. Looking up into her blank wide eyed face I surged toward release, her mouth open slightly head tilted back as my need reach its peak. My release flooding into her gut as I drove in fully against her bottom. I couldn’t wait to try out my wife’s throat. The last wife passed out almost drowned in her own puke before I came. ‘Damn’ if I didn’t want to do that again. And sleeping beside her that night it was all I could think about.

Most girls were only good for a week, two at the most before I grew tired of their fucking loose holes. And there was nothing I couldn’t stand was a wife that just laid there.

The next morning I was up before Angie and heard her in the bathroom knowing her bowel was taking issues with having been used like it had. She finely came out her arms folded across her abdomen looking miserable.

“I don’t feel well” she pouted.

“That’s OK hon” I stare at her mouth, the thought of her nose mashed against my pubes flashed in my mind “We’ll do falashio tonight, give your butt a brake”

“Whats f-falashio” she said

“That’s where if a wife really loves her husband she lets him put his cock in her mouth” I looked at her faining concern “You.. you do love me don’t you”

A long moment past before she replied and with her head down eyes averted she stammered “Y-y-yes”

That evening I couldn’t take it any more, I wanted my cock lodged down her throat and by damn now was the time. Looking around I found her on the tire swing out front.

“Angie!!” I yelled out to her “Time to come in”

She came running, looking like she felt better, but I knew her rectum was still raw and would give her a day or two break, I wanted a tight hole when I had her there again. She grew serious as I held the door for her and looked up.

“You going to put your cock in my mouth now?” she ask.

“Yes Angie my loving wife I am” placing my hand on her shoulder guiding her to the bedroom. “And we want to get it right the first time”

I sat her down on the bed beside me my arm around her holding her close. I leaned in close kissing her flushed cheek. Opening the drawer of the nightstand I pulled out two thing, a metal dental gag and the ‘O’ ring gag, showing them to her.

“Okay hon, which one do you like” I handed them to her.

She looked at them not really understanding, but turned them studying them till she hand them back and pointed at the one of them.

“I like that one” pointing at the ring gag.

“Why do you like this one” I asked , curious.

“It looks like a dog leash, I like dogs” she went on “The other looks to… to… complicated, what are they?”

“They are used to to keep your mouth open while my cock is in it”

“I can open my mouth real wide” She replied opening her mouth, showing me.

‘Damn’ my cock lurch to attention at the view of her wet open mouth. I needed her bad now.

“Yes you can.. but you might get tired holding your mouth open for a long time this will help” I instructed. Showing her with it in my mouth how it worked.

“Do you put your c-cock through that metal hole”

“Why, yes I do and I strap it around your head to keep it in place” showing her the straps on the ends. Then handed it to her to look at.

She turned it around studying it for a bit, even placed it into her mouth trying to turn the ring into place finding it hard to get her mouth opened quite that far, but finely managed it. I turned her around and fastened the straps around her small head.

“Lets get you undress” And pulled her blouse up over her head, then her shorts panties and all which she stepped out of.

Her nude body came fully into view and her standing there mouth opened wide by the ring gag had my cock firming up quickly.

“Oh.. one more thing dear” I reached over to the drawer again and pulled out a length of rope I had placed in there earlier with slipknots on the ends.

I guided her around facing away and pulled one of her small wrists behind her looping the rope around it. Pulling her forearm high up her back I looped the rope around her neck and grabbed her other arm, she groaned out as I pulled it up high her back slipping the slipknot over her hand snugging it around her wrist. Her enticing buttocks close adding to my escalating excitement. I rose up to strip, and did so quickly. The loop of rope around he neck looked uncomfortably snug, her face plainly revealing the uncomfortable nature of it.

My cock swung free of the confining clothes and I unconsciously rubbed over it as I looked down at her held opened mouth. I could plainly see to the back of he mouth, her throat hole, my cock throbbing even more stiff in anticipation of the action to come. I move up close angling the stiff my cock down, letting her look down the length of it as it move toward the open hole of the metal ring wedging her mouth open. She wide eyed now looked doubtfully down the entire length onto my thick course pubic hair. I was more then ready and both my hand clasped the side of her small cute head and aimed my cock head toward the open hole her warm moist breath playing over the blunt head. Her eyes lock onto it as it went closer, under her nose and eased through the metal ring with ease.

My cock flex on it own as it came in contact with the warm wetness within her mouth. Her hot breath play over it as her breathing came more rapid. I eased in farther still feeling the the narrowing angle toward her throat, her head tried pulling back, I was ready locking my grip on the sides of her head still pressing in my world tuned to the feeling of the tip of my cock as it press to the back of her mouth.

Her back hunch up with her gagging, her head tugging back in vain to wiggle free, her contorted face flushing then going bright red as I wedged in feeling her tight throat hole giving in, being stretched by my cock till it relented, the head of my cock popping down into the wet snugness. Her whole young body now hunch up contorting over my cock that probed into her throat and I humped captivatingly engrossed by the sounds made by my movements. I pulled out in a swift move that made a pleasing wet sloppy gagging, pop. She remained back hunched for a long moment stuck in a silent gag like retch before sucking in loudly a wet ragged breath of air. It left her coughing, choking up a spray of slimy sputum over my pose ridged cock. Snot ran from her button nose, her eyes watering over.

She gulped in again for air and got only my cock as it lunged into her mouth, her throat, in a pressing move just before she could draw that breath. Her body convulsed as she instinctively kept struggling to get that breath, my cock sinking into her now even slicker tight throat hole even farther than before. I had to be careful, I had even more plans for her, something new for this wife and needed her to stay alive. I needed no accidents, just yet. I watched as she became wide eyed panicked before pulling free again. My stiff slime coated cock bobbing in her young face as she choked wetly, gasping for each breath, coughing up several sprays of think liquid onto my throbbing cock. The liquid dripping in strings from her young chin and running down my cock dripping in the same strings from my wet balls.

I was going to have to cum quickly if I didn’t want to kill her. And waited as long as I could bare letting her catch what breath she could. It had to be now, and I drove in, holding her head in a fierce grip in place, lined up to my cock. Plunging in I went deep, in my mind, wanting to cum directly into her young stomach. Her face mashing into the course hair of my loin, her button nose going hard against me. I could see her arms pulling madly still bound by the loop of rope around her neck, the rope biting into the flesh of her young neck. My mind taking in everything, the bright red flushing of her strained face, the rivulets of sweat over her youthful body. The surging panic going through her. I came, my balls lurching in earnest pumping huge wads of semen down deep into her throat, into her tummy.

I had to will myself to release her small head if I was going to fulfill the new deviant idea that consumed my thoughts of late. She slipped to the floor weakly coughing up sperm, thick sputum, and even puke. All the while gasping wetly in jagged breathes for air. My balls lurch dryly a couple time just watching her. Thankfully she recovered and seemed no worse for wear. She coughed hoarsely for a couple days still staying around the house, and with only deep forest for miles around I played it up telling her stories about the wolves, bears, and even big-foot. And in the mean time I worked on finishing my ‘Pleasure Box’ for the lack of a better word.

I had some small knowledge of electronics and got the idea on-line at a sick pervert site, the type I liked to serf. A battery back, a on-off switch, a on-off indicator light, a rheostat the type like you use for a volume control in a old style radio, a big momentary push on button, and a nice box to put it all in. Two long wires came from the finished box and I soldered on a pencil thin round metal rod about three inched long, checking for burrs, rounding off smoothly the end. The other wire I soldered on a small flat washer. And tested it with a volt meter, turning it on. The red indicator light came on ‘good’ placing the leads onto each end I turned the rheostat knob watching the voltage climb, up and then down as I move the knob back and forth. It needed testing.

I decided to try it on myself, curious on how well it would work and wanting to know what she would feel. More than anything if it was powerful enough to fulfill my needs. Just thinking about using it on her had my cock hard as I sat there now nude slowly getting up the nerve. ‘Hell’ I picked up the three inch rod, rechecking it for burrs, finding none I applied some KY to the thing and grabbing my cock I lined up the rod slowly inserting into my urethra placing a piece of medical tape over the head. I pick up the washer pulling the wire with it under my ball sack taping it into place.

I stared at the on switch then making sure the rheostat was turned all the way down turned it on. ‘Nothing’ good so far. I pressed the button, still nothing. I marked it. I moved the knob slightly then pressed the button. A slight tingle went through my cock. I released the button and moved it again. I press it again feeling my loin mussel tighten under the stronger tingle of electricity. Taking a deep breath I moved the knob even more. I pressed down on the button, my loin jerked tight and I released the button. Marking that setting with a slash then turned it up a bit I marked ‘Low’ It would be a good start for her. And there was still plenty to go.

All I could do was think about using it on her, now that it was ready. There would be no pretense any more, she would be useless after this I was sure. I got up removing the electrodes from me, my cock hard thinking about what I had planed pre-cum leaking from its head. She was setting on the front porch in a blouse and shorts looking despondent. I grabbed her by the arm pulling her through the house. She seem to sense something harsh was coming and resisted the whole way.

Pulling into the room I ripped her blouse off grabbing the duct-tape, not wanted to spent the time on rope. The tape got rapped tightly around her folded forearms behind her.

“You going to fuck me again” she babbled. “You’re going to hurt me again”

I didn’t bother to reply, no need. Her shorts came down quickly exposing her young slit. Picking her up I placed her setting on the edge of the small bed in the room. I spread her legs, opening her young cunt to view. She watch, her breathing paced as I got the homemade box placing it down beside her, I picked up the wire with the three inch pencil thick rod of metal. Moving to her young pussy finding her piss hole, aiming the end toward the small hole. She realized what I was about to do and jerk away.

“No… no you can’t do that”

I sternly looked at her.

“Please…. no..” she said her face showing fear, tears welling up.

I pushed her slowly onto her back, over her taped arms and went back to what I was intent on doing. I spread her legs exposing her pee hole to view and brought the three inch pencil thick rod to the small opening and pressing the blunt end onto the small entry into her piss hole. Her urethra was tighter than the piss hole of my cock and I had to force it in somewhat.

“Ah-a-a-a….” she groan as I slipped it up into her snug urethra. And placed a piece of medical tape over the hole holding it in place the flexible wire coming out from under it. I taped the washer against the flesh of her taint (‘you know’ ain’t quite pussy, ain’t quite ass) piece of flesh between her pussy and ass.

Standing her up on the floor I was ready to test the unit on her. She looked nervously down at the wires coming from her. My hands trembled with excitement, flipping the switch on. The indicator light shining brightly. I adjusted the knob, bring it to low and edging it up just a bit more. My eyes turn to her, thumb over the momentary on button.

I press it, her legs gave out with her falling hard to the floor abdomen and legs trembling till I released the button. ‘Perfect’ well.. so far.

She jumped when I touched her, wide eyed with terror. I picked up her young trembling body laying her over the side of the bed on her tummy, legs over the side. Now for the real test and I wormed my finger up into her snug butt hole and reached over to the box, pressing the button. The mussels of her anus and rectum snapped tight over my finger mussels trembling in the effort, and I never got shocked. I finger fuck the gripping hole a few strokes before releasing the button. She collapsed down into the small bed sobbing suddenly. Her beautiful buttock moving enticingly to her racking sobs. I got the petroleum jelly quickly opening the jar, scooping out a good amount smearing over my ragingly hard cock moving up behind her.

She seemed not to notice me slipping my cock through the crack of her perfect ass cheeks onto the place I knew her back hole to be. I pressed feeling the opening give in. Her warm anal mussel slipped over my cock head. I couldn’t help but to press hard down onto the button. Her entire loin tightened, her anal ring gripped my cock head in a trembling death hold. My balls wanting to lurch, forcing me to release the button before I came. I dropped the box onto the bed grabbing her small hip forcing my cock deeper needing to fill her rectum quickly. The thought of it clamping on my cock as her anus had done drove me on aggressively. I seated my cock to the end of her rectum, my only thought was the button of pleasure on that homemade box. I slapped down onto it, feeling her rectum snap to attention, mussels trembling tightly over my cock in a riveting grip, her anus snug around the mid shaft of my cock as if to pinch it off. ‘Heaven’

I went deaf to her hysterical sobs absorbed in the moment before me. I forced myself to release the button of pleasure and stared down into the crack of her ass, my cock going through the wonderful cheeks. Surging in I wormed aggressively forcing my cock into her resisting intestine and moving in close using my knees to open her legs forcing my lion up into the cleft of her now spread cheeks, till I could go no farther. I dialed the knob up, unable to show restraint and press the button hard.

Her legs kicked out, buttocks trembling with all the mussels of her loin clamping down fiercely over my cock, holding my cock there in a tight grip, the mussel seeming to vibrate in their effort to remain clamped longer than they should. My balls lurched hard, then pumped huge wads of sperm wildly into her trembling gripping intestine. I kept the button pressed till my balls pumped dryly for moments longer before pulling my stiff cock back through the trembling still gripping mussels of her rectum and out before even releasing the button. I was spent and wanted more too. It wouldn’t be anytime soon though, my balls ached from the intense release.

And cute Angie had pass out, an occasional sob rack her limp form. I pass an ammonia inhalant under her button nose watching her come around. She open her damp eyes, a look of horror on her young sweat damp face. I pulled her up onto the bed fishing for the tape that held the electrodes in place, peeling the tape off her pee hole pulling the three inch pencil thick metal rod from her urethra. A strong stream of piss followed the rod out as it pulled free. Her small body going tense as she rolled around on the bed in apparent agony. I realized her bowel and loin mussels were cramping from her intense ordeal. And my spent cock stiffen on it own just watching her.

I’d be looking for a new wife but for now I had found a stop gap, might be able to squeeze another week or two from them. If you catch the pun.