Chatlog – Amy11yo and John-Aus (Mg,pedo)

Chatlog – Amy11yo and John-Aus (Mg,pedo)

Introduction: Amy 11yo, tells John-Aus how her older brother, a paedophile 16yo boy, bathes her little 9yo lolita sister.

Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party

<John-Aus> Hi Amy 🙂
<John-Aus> this is John from Australia
<John-Aus> are you free to chat ?
<John-Aus> I sent you a kiss, but it didnt go through
<Amy11y_UK> lil busy
<John-Aus> oh sorry, i should have known
<Amy11y_UK> its ok now my bro was bothering a bit thats all
<John-Aus> so many guys, so little time hehe
<Amy11y_UK> i am alone home with bro and sis tonight so he is bothering a bit
<John-Aus> he is older than you ?
<Amy11y_UK> david is 16yo
<Amy11y_UK> and mary 9yo
<Amy11y_UK> hes kinda in charge when mum works nights
<John-Aus> yeah that could be kinda annoying
<Amy11y_UK> he likes to direct mary and me, like time for dinner,bath,sleep,etc…
<John-Aus> i bet he has fun ordering you pair around
<Amy11y_UK> he just said it was time to sleep now cause mary and me had both alrady bath and could not stay up all night
<John-Aus> did he get to bath you both or are you too old for that now ?
<Amy11y_UK> he helps mary bathing but not me he only gave me the towel when he came in with her
<John-Aus> shes lucky being little
<Amy11y_UK> david brought her to the bedroom all nudie, mary wanted to dry without the towel and david let her lol
<Amy11y_UK> we share bedroom and mary can do silly things sometimes
<John-Aus> i think he likes it when shes nude like that, its sort of sexy
<Amy11y_UK> marys only 9yo i dont think david likes that lol
<John-Aus> what sort of silly things does she get up to ?
<Amy11y_UK> like this thing about drying after the bath without towel, she just put on the sleepers and dries nudie
<John-Aus> its still fun for guys to see nude girls even sisters. we like seeing down there lots too.
<John-Aus> it sounds like fun
<Amy11y_UK> really u think so?
<John-Aus> does he ever get to see you like that ? you would be better to look at being a bit older.
<Amy11y_UK> yeah david seen me nudie sometimes when he comes in to bath mary sometimes i havent finished yet and he and mary wait there
<John-Aus> cool, i wish i had two little sisters, i would bath you both every night hehe
<Amy11y_UK> lol, i get a lil embarassed sometimes when david is thereee! I am 11yo alrady, not like mary
<John-Aus> yeah she wouldnt know your not supposed to show it all hehe
<Amy11y_UK> u can keep a secret?
<John-Aus> yes
<Amy11y_UK> promise??
<John-Aus> its okay i wont tell
<Amy11y_UK> i got some very lil fine cunny hair, its hard to see cause i am blonde but i have some lil there
<John-Aus> ooooh nice
<Amy11y_UK> u think so?
<John-Aus> yeah just a little like that is real sexy
<Amy11y_UK> i dont have boobies yet though, only pointy nips
<John-Aus> i played around with a few girls not much older than you and they were similar. They liked it when i touched those little nipples lots hehe
<Amy11y_UK> thats why its lil embarrassing when davids there to give me the towel with mary he he
<John-Aus> are they sensitive ?
<Amy11y_UK> i am not like mary 😛 u think david likes it??
<John-Aus> yes he would, guys like that a lot
<Amy11y_UK> really?
<John-Aus> did he say anything about the hair there ?
<Amy11y_UK> nope but sometimes teases me when I rinse he says like “hurry up or your lil rabbit will catch a cold” or silly things like that trying to be funny i guess..
<John-Aus> oh yeah, he is real lucky he has an excuse to come in with mary and see you sometimes
<John-Aus> you must think about seeing his now your getting older ? thats normal for girls to think about lots
<John-Aus> yeah he would be, hes still looking though which is a good sign
<Amy11y_UK> i dunno i just ignore him
<Amy11y_UK> u think he also likes looking at marys coochy??
<John-Aus> he would like it here, we have a big spa type bath so all 3 of you would be bathing together
<John-Aus> yes he would cause hers is bald and he can see more clearly
<John-Aus> in my bath you would have to sit on my lap while you got washed hehe
<Amy11y_UK> lol he probably tired of seeing anyways cause marys go nudie lots of times
<Amy11y_UK> u like nudie girls too?
<John-Aus> yes lots. it makes my penis get hard then it makes the sperm squirt out too 🙂
<Amy11y_UK> lol
<John-Aus> i wish i was your boyfriend then i could see your coochie when i wanted and i would teach you to rub my penis lots too 🙂
<Amy11y_UK> lol
<Amy11y_UK> and u help me bath too?
<John-Aus> yes
<Amy11y_UK> i bet my bro wash marys coochy when he bathes her
<John-Aus> i would soap you all over
<John-Aus> i bet he makes sure its real clean
<Amy11y_UK> what coochy u like moreee?
<John-Aus> yours is better cause its easier to rub, hers is too small yet
<Amy11y_UK> ok thank uuu muaa he he
<John-Aus> just a little hair hehe
<Amy11y_UK> wow there are many girls on the internet showing it
<John-Aus> yeah not shy
<Amy11y_UK> well i let bro see it and sis too 😛
<John-Aus> in my tub you could sit with your legs wrapped around mine, then we can kiss, ou would feel my penis cause your coochie would be right next to it
<Amy11y_UK> i have seen that in google he he
<Amy11y_UK> girls doing naught stuff
<John-Aus> yeah its nice
<John-Aus> when your older the penis can go in there, bet you seen that pic too hehe
<Amy11y_UK> yeah i think i am going to stop googling lots of naughty stuff there lol

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy, this is not a real chat log.