Catching My Family And His Family (Mg,inc,pedo)

Catching My Family And His Family (Mg,inc,pedo)

Introduction: A man comes back home to find his wife cheating on him with her brother, wife and kids. He decides to have sex with them too.

Author: Charlie “the drifter”

What can I say about having sex with my family. Hell Why shouldn’t I? Hell my wife, Carlina, I found was fucking family.

I had been gone a couple of days, and actually came home before I was expected. It was about nine that night when I walked into the dimly lighted living room.

I stopped, staring at my family in the living room.

My wife, was on her knees, naked, behind her was her own older brother, Ben, also naked, his cock fucking in and out of her tight pussy.

That was not all, my wife was between our ten year old daughters, Tina’s legs, spread wide, her tongue licked and tongue fucking her little hairless cunt. That wasn’t all.

At Tina’s head with his cock in her small mouth was our fourteen year old son, Carl. My little daughter was taking her brothers cock down her throat. I did notice that our son’s cock was good sized for a fourteen year old.

Sitting there watching it all, also naked, rubbing her own little six year old cunt was our youngest daughter Mira. She had her own finger sliding in and out of her own little cunt, which I was surprised was so wet with her own cunt juices.

That wasn’t all, my wife’s brothers wife Kim and his eleven year old daughter Bonnie was sitting there on the couch, watching. They were also naked and they were finger fucking each other.

I couldn’t believe it. I knew my wife and her brother were close but I didn’t know this close. I wondered just how long they had been fucking. I was almost sure that they had been fucking since they were kids. Then I began to wonder as I watched him pounding his cock in and out of her, if all of my kids were actually mine.

Staring at his wife and daughter, I knew with out asking that he was also fucking his own daughter. Hell, seeing her and her mother naked, I wanted to fuck them both to.

Then I thought to hell with it, I was going to get some of it myself. But the one I wanted to fuck first was my own daughter. If she was still I virgin I wanted to be the one to take her virginity, why not, he was fucking his own daughter, I was sure, why shouldn’t I fuck mine?

I slipped back into the kitchen where I had come in and stripped. Then I went out into the living room, naked, straight to my little girl. I pulled my son away from her, pulling his cock out of her mouth, I then pulled her away from her mothers mouth.

Since she was already sexually ready her cunt licked and sucked and all wet and lubricated, I moved right between her legs, and with out hesitation, rubbed my cock up and down her wet slit. Then I drove it up into her tight ten year old cunt. She was tight, the tightest cunt I had ever had my cock in.

She cried out with pain as her pussy stretched and I felt her hymen rip as my cock plunged up through it to bury itself deep into her young body.

Yes, she was still a virgin and I had just stripped it from her. Hell, I felt if I didn’t do it, her uncle or her brother would be fucking her taking it anyway. As her daddy I felt it was my place to take her virginity as she was my daughter and her uncle had probably already been the one to take his own daughters virginity.

I fucked my little girl slowly enjoying every second of having my cock plunging in and out of her tight no longer virginal cunt. Her cunt was stretched wide with the thickness of my cock. I could feel my cock head pounding her deepest vaginal wall and cervix.

At first the tears run out of her eyes, as her daddy’s cock filled her tight cunt and pounded it for the first time. Slowly her pain faded and the pleasure began to spread over her young body and she began to slowly try to fuck her cunt back at daddy’s cock.

I put her legs around my waist and she used them to pull her cunt up at my cock when I would plunged it up into her. She learned to fuck her daddy very quickly.

Suddenly she stiffened and her body was swept with an intense orgasm. Sucking her brothers cock and having her mother lick and suck her cunt then daddy’s cock filling it fucking her, had brought her orgasm on quickly. It also looked like my little girl would be multi-orgasmic because I quickly fucked her through two mind bending orgasms and she still tried to hold my cock buried deep inside of her cunt.

I pulled my cock out as she lay there, with legs spread wide, her now gapping no longer virginal cunt fully exposed leaking her daddy’s hot fertile sperm.

I moved out from between her legs then stood there glaring at my wife, her brother and his family. He still had his cock buried in my wife, his sisters cunt. He had just cum in her while he watched me fucking my own daughter.

As I stood there, I looked at my son with his stiff cock.

“Go ahead and fuck your sister.” I told him. He quickly moved between her legs and plunged his cock up into her and began fucking her. She did not resist and wrapped her legs around her brother and fucked herself back at his plunging cock. Watching my son fucking his sister, I knew that he was not a virgin and I knew that he had fucked his mother.

I looked over at my little six year old daughter with her finger in her own cunt. I went to her and kissed her. No one in the room had said anything. I think they were all afraid too.

I lay her down, pulled her finger out of her little cunt. I leaned down and licked and sucked it until she too felt her orgasm sweeping her little body. I moved up, my cock still stiff and still wet with her sister cunt juices. I guided my stiff cock to my little six year old daughters tight virginal cunt. She didn’t try to resist.

I guided it to her little opening and I decided to make it quick, because I knew she would feel the pain. I plunged it up into her tight little virginal cunt. I felt her hymen tear just like her sisters did as my cock plunged up into her stretching her tiny cunt wide with my thickness.

She cried out with the pain of my taking her virginity. I again held still until her cries faded and her young body adjusted to it’s invasion by my thick cock.

I began fucking her. No she didn’t all of a sudden turn into a little slut and start fucking her daddy back like a little whore. She moaned and cried with the pain for a bit, then as her cunt adjusted and lubricated with her own juices and her daddy’s precum, she did quite crying and lay there letting daddy fuck her.

By the time I finally cum in her, her little body was responding to my cock. I could feel her tight cunt muscles squeezing it and her little body trying to
move back at my plunging cock.

As I fucked my little six year old, I watched my son fuck his ten year old sister through another orgasm and watched him spew his sperm up inside of her.

After cumming in my little six year old, I pulled my cock out and sit there looking at her gapping cunt leaking her daddy’s hot fertile sperm, just like her sisters had. But I wasn’t done.

I turned and looked at my wife’s brothers wife. She stared back at me. My cock was still stiff. I got up and went to her and pulled her down to the rug.

Well, I said, your husbands fucking my wife, I’m going to fuck his wife. I spread her legs and drove my still ‘stiff cock deep into her tight cunt. She didn’t resist. I fucked her hard. I fucked her for a long time having already cum twice.

Her husband, my wife’s brother, didn’t move or say anything as he watched me fuck his wife. I fucked her good too, having already cum twice. I fucked her through there orgasm’s before I finally filled her cunt with my hot fertile sperm.

I wanted to fuck her daughter too, and I would but I also had to rest for awhile. I had already cum three times in three different cunts.

After fucking his wife and cumming in her I stood there looking at them. All of them naked.

All right,” I told them. “From now on I will fuck any of you girls whenever I want too. I looked at their daughter and told her I would be fucking her as soon as I could. She just stared at me.

I looked at my loving wife and ask her. “Well now tell me, how long have you been fucking your brother and tell me, are the kids all mine or are they his or
someone elses?”

She didn’t hesitate, “They, their yours.” she almost whispered.

“How do I know that? Maybe I’ll have DNA tests done to make sure.” I said.

“Really they, they are yours.” she almost whined.

“Now how long have you been fucking your brother?” I demanded.

“Since we, we were kids.” she stuttered.

“I guess you’ve been fucking him ever since we got married too. Hell did you fuck him on our wedding day too, or the day before or during hour honeymoon?” I demanded.

She blushed and told me that they had fucked the day before our wedding. She also admitted that he had fucked her a couple of days after we were married.

I looked at his wife, “Kim, did you know he was fucking my wife, his sister, just before and after we married?” I ask her.

“Ye, yes, I knew. I’ve know he was fucking her all along and even watched them before you were married and after.” She told me.

“Ok, well, Kim you know I’m going to be fucking you and your daughter a lot catching up with the times that he’s fucked my wife, his own sister.” I told her directly.

She said nothing. I looked at him. “I hope you enjoyed fucking your sister, because I am going to be fucking your wife and daughter anytime I want too.” I told him. “Oh yes you can keep fucking your sister, that’s fine. Because I am going to enjoy your family.”

Then I looked back at Carlina. “And how long have you been fucking your own son?” I ask her.

Carl looked at me and told me. “Dad I’ve been fucking mom about six months now. Ca, can I, I keep fucking her dad?” he ask.

I looked at him, then her. “Yes, you can keep fucking her, hell why don’t you and you,” I said looking at her brother, “even get her pregnant. Yes I want the two of you to get her pregnant but not know which one of you is the father.”

I looked at Kim, then I told her. “Kim, I’m going to fuck you and get you pregnant too. Your going to have my baby. Maybe your daughter will too.” I said as an after thought. She stared at me, then grinned and whispered “yes, do it, both of us.”

As I stood there looking at my family, my wife with her cunt full of her own brothers cum and my two no longer virginal daughters with their cunts full of their own fathers sperm, my ten year old daughter with both her father and brothers sperm filling her and his wife with my hot fertile sperm in it, I knew that from that time on I knew that both of our families would be available to me in anyway I wanted. All of them knew that his young eleven year old daughter would also feel my cock and hot sperm in her tight young cunt and womb before the night was over.

Looking at my wife’s brother, I knew that he would not resist me doing anything I wanted to with his wife and daughter even to my fucking both of them and giving him my baby in both of them.

For some reason I knew that he himself was submissive, especially since he had not even tried to keep me from fucking his wife in front of him and he didn’t say anything when I told his wife and him I was going to fuck both of she and their daughter and get them both pregnant.

I knew that from then on, I in fact had two families women and daughters for me to enjoy in any sex that I wanted.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.