Captive Audience (Mb,Mg,Mg,oral,anal,kidnapped)

Captive Audience (Mb,Mg,Mg,oral,anal,kidnapped)

Prologue: Young girl finding herself in a child porn video

Author: Lone Dog

Ava stood shaking in a dimly lit corner of the room, another dark haired young girl huddled behind her against the wall, squatting down as if she could hide there unseen. Another even more nervous young boy maybe just a little younger than Ava was there moments ago but one of the three men had come over and she watched the as the boy gasping out at the mans touch almost collapsed from shaking so bad as he was guide into the bright light at the other end of the room.

All of them had been stripped down to just their underwear and panties the young sandy blond haired boy that might have been old enough to start school soon seemed more scared than them all, his whole body kept shaking flinching to each guiding touch of the one man. Ava watched scared and nervous herself, the shaking boy didn’t help her emotional state any and her hands held together in front of her writhed nervously. She wished she could hide somewhere out of sight.

At first she was confused at to what the men were doing, at what they were going to do to them. Ava look around seeing the bright lights focused toward the other end of the room, to where the boy had been brought. Her blue-gray eyes looked over the things there, tripods with lights and cameras. They were making a movie of some kind. She was old enough to see that. Ava was the last of the kids she saw that was brought here. She had been playing around her house and as she neared a big bush at one corner of her yard a dark clad man jumped out grabbing her, a big hand over her mouth. He was horribly strong, she fought and tried to scream but found herself tightly bound in the back of a strange car then here. Ave was still reeling mentally from being take only a couple hours ago her own body going through body wrenching shaking’s.

The boy was being talked to in hushed but firm tones by the man whom had brought him over into the center of the light. Ava tried to hear what he was being told but it eluded her. Still looking about Ava could see a couple large TV screens come on the man and boy shown from two different angles. Two of the men now holding the cameras giving a quick thumbs up to the man with the young fair skinned boy. There were all kind of scary strange thing laid out on a coffee table and hanging from the ceiling within easy reach. Another shiver went through her as she watched wishing only she could hide and yet unable to turn her gaze away.

There was always talk around her friends about evil nasty men whom liked to put their penis in the holes of little girls. She wondered as she watched the man near the boy start to undress if they did the same thing to boys too. The floor was covered in a riot of different colored blankets a small mattress in the middle of it all and against the wall a comfortable looking couch. The last of the mans clothes came off. Ava’s eyes going to the first stiff adult she had ever seen in her life. It was vastly different than she imagined the proportions out of her perceived perceptions. The adult penis stiffly arch into the air looking to her more like a weapon and his heavily hanging double sack she knew held something called sperm that help make babies, from the size of them they held a lot.

As she stared at his loin her mind flashed to a couple dogs she had seen humping then getting stuck together for a long time and a trembling shudder went through her. Glaring lights on the cameras and the intentiveness of the men behind them showed they were recording. The glowing TV’s showing both the man and boy at two different angles. The man reached down pulling the fair skinned boy’s underwear down revealing his hugely smaller penis and tight sack. Ava couldn’t believe how different in size the young boy’s parts were from the man. The boy stood shaking visibly as one of man’s hands went feeling over the boy’s small penis and tight sack the boy face flushing brightly the man having to hold the shaking boy upright with his other arm.

Ava watched on never before seeing such apparent pleasure on the face of an adult before and that scared her even more. The man stood up before the small boy his stiff adult penis being angled down by a strong hand toward his young face, the man’s other hand going around his small head.

“Okay, suck on it” he commanded. The blunt head of his adult penis touching the boy’s quivering lips.

A whimper beside her made her glance down at the dark head of the young girl peering around her at what was going on in the bright light. Ava realized her legs were shaking and mouth was dry as her fearful anxiety mounted.

The boy clearly didn’t want to be there his deep blue eyes blinking rapidly, his young disbelieving mind not able to come to terms with what was happening to him. Not until the man squeezed the back of his neck did the boy relent opening his mouth just wide enough for the blunt head to slip in. The nervous boy stood blankly letting the man move the thick think threw his small mouth making the tip wet from the boy spit. The light haired boy doing his best to look anywhere but at the mans long organ, tip now dripping wet just in his mouth. Ava could see the other hand of the man slipping around the boy small head, the loin of the man being guided in a way to her was apparent to what his intent was. She watch the mans large hands tighten on both sides of the boy’s head the loins of the man moving his adult stiff penis farther into the boy open mouth in a move she could only describe as practiced. The boy seemed to suddenly comprehend the mans intent with his head jerking in the tight grip of the strong hands.

Both Ava and the other girl watch and heard the boy’s body hunch up in a body wrenching gag. Both her and the dark hair girl whimpering in unison with empathy for the young boy and realization that they were here also for some reason too. Ava backed up against the other girl slipping down the wall beside her, both girl hugging each other tears welling up as they both watch on unable to turn away.

The TV’s on the wall showed all to clearly the boy’s horrid blight. His young fair face had wrinkled up grotesquely, thick spittle ran out around the thick adult penis, the sound of him gagging filling the Ava’s senses. A moment later the boy staggered legs giving out, the stiff being pulled back with a loud wet sucking sound Ava couldn’t conceive came from his mouth. The man had a small bucket at the ready in front of the boy having to hold the boy up by back of the neck, letting a small amount of gagged up liquid go with long strings into the plastic pail the TV showing everything up close. Fully half of the mans long penis was slick with the stringy wet spittle from the boy. The boy’s mouth was still open wide gagging strings of thick spittle down over his chin a disbelieving shocked expression frozen on the features of his young face. The mans stiff penis being aimed back toward the red flushed face and gagged gaped mouth.

The young boy saw it coming and was having none of it. His arms came up defensibly as if to fend off the stiff organ. The man tried one more time before grabbing the boy firmly guiding him to the couch his little soft penis bobbing to his resisting steps. The man unceremoniously force him belly first over the cushion seat of the couch holding the young boy pinned in place with one hand on his back. His other hand grasping his stiffly arched penis guiding toward the boys bottom, then feeling with the spittle slick tip till the man found what he sought. The boy swiveled his torso and head around looking up with disbelieving shocked terrorized surprise at the grinning man pinning him down. The man was intently looking down onto the young boy with a look that scared Ava. She had never seen a man in her life look that way. The loin of the man moved.

“No.. no,no…” the boy cried out. Arms swinging back on each side a look on his face of being disciplined unfairly. “Ow.. It hurts.. it hurts.. Eeeee!”

The camera men had crowded around the now oblivious boy, Ava’s eye’s going to the TV’s to see what was happening. His eyes rolled back, whole little body was tensely trembling, his little hands locked in tight fists. The man behind him seemingly really enjoying the the poor boy’s blight. Ava remembered the first time one of her friends said that nasty men sometimes liked to put their things into little girls butts. Her mind dwelled on it for the longest time till playing by herself one day she took one of those large coloring sticked she had gotten for her birthday and wetting it in her mouth slipped it into her own butt-hole. It hurt so bad she shook just like the boy was doing now and the coloring stick was smaller than this man’s penis, she was sure of it. Her butt-hole hurt for the longest time, she told no one thinking she had done something she wasn’t suppose to.

She watch as the man’s hands went feeling over the young boy’s naked body, one hand slipping to the boys small organ feeling over it, the man seemingly enjoying what he found there cause his one hand stayed there fingers moving. His adult penis pressing and Ava could plainly see it going farther into the young boy. The arms of the boy still shaking came up onto the couch trying to pull himself up away from the seeming huge rod of flesh. One small leg came up as if to go over the edge leaving a clear view of his opened tight young anus stretch around the thick adult penis. Her eyes flash back and forth between the ecstatic face of the man and the terror filled hurt of the boy, realizing this was what even she was brought here for and hugged the other girl harder, more for her own comfort than the other girl whom she didn’t even know.

A huge ruff hand clamped down onto the back of the neck of the struggling boy, all the arm and leg flailing coming to not. The thick penis worming deeper up into the boy’s rectum. Ava could tell from the face of the boy he could feel everything intently that was happening to his butt-hole, his face showing he was turning inward, mind trying to escape the horror of being use in this manner, eyes loosing focus. The man plainly readying himself behind the boy, Ava unable to turn away stared unblinking at the seen just a few feet away. The man was going to have sex with the young boy that was a plain as day even with Ava inexperience in such thing she could see that. So when the man started humping up into the boy’s bottom she was transfixed and troubled by it all.

The boy started gasping almost in tune to the movement of the man’s probing stiff rod as if he couldn’t quite catch his breath. The humping movements of the man’s hip changed with the man worming his thick stiffness in a urgent blatant need to get the adult male member in even deeper the TV’s showing everything in sharp detail. The boy cried out a pitiful pleading heart rending wail. The stiff rod moving forward till only a couple inches remained out side the young boy’s small bottom.

“Oh.. Yeah, Oh… Yeah..!” the man cried out staring wide eyed in triumph onto the apparent heightened agony of the boy. “Almost there”

The boy lost to everything but the thick deep penetration of the man’s penis writhed about, then jerked up all his body mussels going taunt the moment the man’s loin urged his cock into fully disappear up into the young boy’s butt-hole. The man’s face a mask of intense ecstasy Ava had never seen on an adult man before. The boy was in trouble Ava could see that cause the man was making all the small adjustments behind the boy that were necessary for sexual intercourse. One large hand gripping tightly around the back of the young boy’s neck the other going to his fair skinned waist also digging in the boy now under full control.

The man’s loin tugged back starting the sexual animal moves that got our species to where it is today. The young boy coming to life under the onslaught, writhing hard in the man’s tight grip. Harsh gasps, cut off pleas to stop from the young boy going unheeded, and worse of all the escalating sounds of the moving penis through the tight rectum of the boy filling Ava’s senses. She cried openly hugging the other half nude girl with her.

The tempo mounted till the man suddenly yanked his stiff adult free from the still panicked boy pumping it wildly. Huge wads of white thick liquid shot out of the large penis head with force striking the back of the boy, whom had risen up body shaking in apparent sharp bowel cramp. Ava realized this was the sperm she had heard about the whole thing she had seen leaving her confuse as to ‘WHY’.

The boy still in apparent state of shock was led form the room by one of the camera men. The others readying the equipment and as soon as the other man came back huddled together for a long moment. The meeting broke up with one of the former camera men slipping from his clothes his gaze going over to Ava and the other girl. Ava felt the full impact of his piercing gaze, it was like he was looking at only her. She swallowed hard her mouth going dry. She was spellbound unable to advert her eyes from the now nude man and her heart raced in her chest as the man moved toward her. His adult penis hanging over his heavy testicles lifting slightly into the air as he stood before her. He reached down, Ava gasping out her world coming apart. But he didn’t grab her, the other young girl came came up screaming, being pulled by her arm toward the light. Even looking back at Ava pleadingly as if Ava could do anything but tremble with relief that she was granted a reprieve. She huddled now alone and scared against the wall staring with horrid fascination into the light of the room.

The men were moving around setting thing up hurriedly each one knowing exactly his chosen role. The young dark hair girl was looking in terror up at the nude man in front of her, she was shaking visibility an occasional sob going through her. Her arms were pulled back behind her by one man who had a wide roll of duct-tape. Ava watched her get quickly bound by the wide tape and led to a small padded stool. One man urged her to go knees down onto the padded top, wrapping the wide tape around her legs and stool pinning her there kneeling on the top. Her eyes moving from man to man pleadingly as if somehow one of them would help her. The nude man stood in front of her his loin a mere foot from her face. Ava saw the girls eyes lock onto the growing adult penis so close in front of her now. The dark haired girls forehead furrowed up with realization of the man’s intent.

“No.. No… Please don’t” her voice high pitched, afraid.

A man came over with a metal ringed thing with two leather straps hanging from it. One of his large hands coming up pinching in on each side of her jaw till she opened her mouth, quickly slipping the metal ‘O’ ring behind her teeth twisting it in place her mouth now held open wide. Then went about fastening the straps around her small head. The man in front of her penis lifted into the air noticeably more almost full stiff now. The other men taking their places behind the camera, pressing buttons, on lights glowing, all attention now on the man and young girl in front of them. The TV’s on the wall display in full detail what Ava was seeing herself from the corner of the room. A deep apprehensive shiver going through her. Whatever was going to happen to the dark haired girl she knew she was next, and she huddled farther into the corner peering out.

The man in front of the kneeling dark hair girl reached over and caressed a hand through her shiny dark hair, then leaning down kissing the top of her head. His hand went under her chin lifting her face looking at her closely his other hand rubbing over his now full stiff cock.

“Damn you are beautiful” he told her. Reaching over picking up a wide pan placing it on the floor in front of the girl.

Hand still under her chin he leaned in looking into through the metal ring into her young mouth. Giving his stiffly arch adult penis a few more brisk pumps, the girl tried pulling her head away, he laughed. Both hands going to each side of her small head. Ava could see the fear on her face as the adult penis approached the open ring guided only by the loin of the man in front of her.

“N-n-Na-a-G-G-g” The penis head passed through the ring into her opened mouth.

The man stared down onto the girl his penis flexing stiffly the same look of ecstasy Ava saw on the other man flashed over his face. The dark haired girl was staring in terror down the length of it into the dark pubes of the man. Her small head trying to jerk back.

“Son-of-a-Bitch… Her mouth is hot” The man said more to himself than for the camera “Gonna love to see the throat action”

He grinned broadly looking into one of the now hand held cameras. “I can even feel her wet little tongue… Damn thats amazing…”

The dark haired girl was wildly looking about as if in disbelief, the pleading look on her face grow more predominant as she looked up into the man’s face holding her head so tightly in place.

“I’m going to throat fuck you.. you sweet… sweet beautiful thing” his loin moving slowly in toward her face.

Ava could see the young girl trying hard to not let the penis go any deeper into her mouth, the man just kept urging his loin forward the mussels of his body tensing with him watching the young girl closely expectantly almost patiently, the cock lurch forward an inch. The dark haired girl’s face showed full surprise just before her gag reflex kicked into gear. Ava could see and hear her tummy snap to attention forcing something up her entire young body hunch up in full body gripping gag. A second later the man pull his thick penis back with a audible sucking ‘pop’ quickly guiding her small head over the wide pan, a gush of off colored liquid loudly smacking down into it leaving thick wet strings of stuff hanging momentary down toward the tray.

Still gagging up stuff the adult penis passed through the metal ring working, Ava could see to go as deep as he could get it. The poor dark haired girl’s head lock in a vice like grip took another couple inches into her throat before the momentum of the man brought his lung to a stop. His hip humped rapidly for a few horrid seconds, ghastly wet sounds filling the room. Ava couldn’t take it anymore hiding her face in the crook of her arm so she wouldn’t have to watch. But the sounds continued ghastly sounds continued, choking, gagging and sounds of the penis moving wetly as the poor girl sounded like she was trying to cry out around the pummeling organ. The sounds stopped Ava looking up, the man in front of the girl was pumping his stiff penis with his hand several white globs of man sperm striking her fully into her dazed slimy wet face, being held up only the tight grip of his hand in her dark hair. Then it was over, the still shocked young girl being cut loose from the wide tape and unable to walk carried from the room.

The brightly lit room now being readied again, each man seeming to know exactly what to do. Ava realized they had a plan for each of them and she was the only one left. Adrenalin surged through her leaving her heart racing, she was shaking and scared. The last man fully dressed started removing his clothes. Giving quick glances over at Ava, her reprieve was at an end, eying the man she saw his fully stiff adult male organ come free as his pants were removed. She had never conceived in her mind as her being desirable but this type of cruel animal lust was beyond her grasp of understanding as there was absolutely no love, no affection in what the man had planned for her. She could see that in the way he now looked at her. He was going to be cruel only thinking of his own vile pleasure. And that scared her, terrified her, her mind turning inward making the world seem surreal.

She was being pulled upright onto her feet by one arm, pulled over into the bright light. Finding suddenly she was the center of attention of every man there. Too much was happening all at once and she looked from man to man, each one radiated an excitement that frightened her. Her arms were pulled behind her folder together and the wide tape rapped tightly around her forearms, her panties pulled down exposing her suddenly to all there. She could feel her face flushing brightly as all eyes were going over her young body each man lost in his own fantasy of her, she could just feel that disturbing fact. But the one nude man in front of her she knew was going to be the one to fulfill his fantasy, using her. After seeing what the other men were capable of she worriedly looked him over hoping what ever his dark fantasy was she would survive it and wishing it was already over with. What ever he had in his mind had his adult penis really stiff.

She felt herself lifted and placed standing on a wide low stool, looking back at the man placing her down onto the stool he pointed up, she looked up seeing a thick rope being quickly lowered with what she recognized instantly as a hang-mans noose. Hands on her shoulders kept her from dodging the open end as it was guided around her neck and snugged in place. The coarse rope felt harsh against her young skin and she grimace as the thing went taunt forcing her onto her wobbly toes, the stool now seeming way to inadequate under her. The other men moving quickly getting their cameras, glowing LED’s showing they were already recording.

One hand, then another from the man in front of Ava touched her nude chest, fingers feeling over her, going slowly everywhere over her much smaller torso.

“I’m going to sodomize you girl” He breathed lustfully “I’ve been watching you for weeks now, picked you over all the others”

The man strolled behind Ava hand feeling over her buttocks, squeezing them with both hands, leaning in close kissing/tasting her exposed flesh down over her shoulders and back. His face went into her hair, Ava hearing him breathing in deeply, taking in her scent. She wasn’t sure what ‘Sodomize’ meant but the way his hands were still feeling her buttocks, even a finger pressing over her anus she could guess.

“All you have to do is stay on the stool”

He walked around to the close table picking up a tube of something labeled ‘KY ‘ and another plastic pump bottle showing them to her. He held up the KY.

“This stuff will get my cock up into your tight ass” he held up the other bottle “But dear, once we’ve done that, this stuff will make you think your shitting your little gut out”

Ava couldn’t believe she heard him right and stared blankly back at him.

“You’ll see… You’ll see” a devilish grin forming on his adult face.

Placing the plastic pump bottle down he went about opening the KY squeezing a hefty amount over his stiffly arched adult penis making it shine wetly in the bright light. Then moved in a flash behind her, Ava’s eye’s searching out out the TV screens seeing him moving in close behind her his penis held by one hand going toward her buttocks. She felt the thick slick bulbous tip penis slip up through her buttocks going against her anus, her shaking toes threatening to give out as panic welled up inside her. Her only support was her straining toe’s on the stool and the bite of the thick rope around her small neck, she couldn’t even lean away from the mounting pressure against her clenched anus for fear of her neck taking the full load of her body’s weight.

Both of the camera men were a furry movement around her one of the cameras close to her face the other man low kneeling, the lens pointing at where the fleshy stiff penis pressed between her buttocks. Ava’s eyes locked onto the one TV that showed the terror filled look on her face, she hardly recognized herself. The other TV showed her tucked up trembling buttocks the much too thick looking adult penis pressed through them, hard up against her anus. And she could plainly feel her anus giving in to the slick blunt pressure. She only want to hide her face from the camera’s scrutiny a mere foot in front of her. She didn’t want anyone to see her the moment the horrid blunt pressure against her anus succeeded in it’s quest. And it was going to succeed, her guarding mussel against her will was giving in ‘rapidly’ and it hurt.

A strong supporting arm slipped around her abdomen catching her just before she tip-toed off the the low stool in an unconscious effort to move away from awful blunt tip that threatened then suddenly did pop up entering into her rectum. Ava’s buttocks clenched tight around the fleshy rod stopping any more progress up into her bottom, her back going ridged. She was high on her toes belly hard against the strong unyielding arm around her abdomen. The man close in behind her groaning with pleasure his thick blunt tip still pressing and slowly moving farther up into her back passage.

“Damn girl, your going to make some boy very happy someday” his head close to hers his breath blowing through her light-brown shoulder length hair “Tightest ass I’ve ever felt”

A ruff hand felt through her hair along her neck and shoulder. Her eye’s froze on the one TV seeing the ecstatic face of the man looking her over intently. Apparently enjoying the way she was reacting to having his thick penis forced into her rectum. She couldn’t help it, the pain was so sharp she was held in it’s grip, her buttocks gripping, tucking-up vainly to imped any farther penetration of her horribly stretched rectum. The tightening of the ruff rope noose around her neck attested to her instability on the stool bringing her attention back to her mortality, her fear… ‘her fear of dieing’. If she was going to stay on the stool she realized to her horror she would have to stay in place… and that meant….

Ava felt the thick blunt tip go deeper, lodging feeling as if it filled her entire rectum. Through her squinting eyes the TV plainly showed it wasn’t so, only half of it stretching her poop tube open, her legs tip-toeing over the stool from the discomfort. She felt a kiss planted on the back of her head.

“Thats it girl.. keep it up.. feels so good”

Ava tip-toe squirming from discomfort was heightening the man’s pleasure and the thick penis flexed stiffly the blunt hard tip nosing hard at the end of her rectum making the discomfort even worse. The sharp pain she had felt had diminished but the overwhelming thickness of the male organ still was something she was trying to grasp, her entire rectum on edge feeling ready to sharply clamp up painfully again. Her mind trying to grasp control, to keep her from slipping over that edge into sharp pain again. And she achieved a balance, of sorts.

“You know what I like about the first time I fuck a young girl up the ass” The man said behind Ava.

“No” said one of the camera men “What is it you like about that first time you fuck a little girl up the ass”

“Well… It’s that they always think their tight short rectums is all there is to it, but it’s not, there’s still three more inches of cock to go. And a virgin large intestine just waiting to be filled” he took in an excited breath “That is where the real action is”

Ava heard it all, her young mind trying to processes the implantations of it’s meaning, that is till she felt and added pressure going up into her bottom the stiffness flexing harder with excitement and purpose. The blunted hard head affixed hard into a growing deep pain at the end of her rectum, ‘her poop came from somewhere’ Ava’s mind put together, and to her horror she realized was where he wanted to place his penis. But from the mounting discomforting pain she couldn’t see how. Her attention slash to the one TV showing him angling his loin this way and that as if feeling with a large stiff finger up into her butt. The blunt eagerly worming tip moving deeper the pressure mounting horribly her face reflecting the resurgence of penetrating painful intestinal stretching sensations, surging till she screamed out.

“Stop.. Stop!!.. Please Stop!..” The camera in her face humming away the buzz of it zooming in plainly apparent even to her.

She was going to get no reprieve. And in point of fact this is what they were waiting for, what they wanted from her. And like the other kids she found herself looking from man to man, pleadingly looking into each of their face’s hoping for some sign of sympathy, but each man had the same raptured lust rack expression, her agony only heightening their desire for it to continue. Her neck burned from the coarse rope as it took her full weight whenever her toes left the stool, the man’s hands keeping her expertly in place where his loin could have the best effect to fulfill this vile degrading plan. Her entire body gave out an uncontrolled shudder, her mind escaping inward onto the feeling of the adult organ as it made entry into her large intestine, ‘it was horrid’ she was left hanging, uncaring if it killed her or not, the thick bluntness going into a part of her that left her unable to cope with the new unexpected mixed of never before experienced sensations that follow the bulbous tip through part of her young large intestine.

Ava cried out again as the coarse hair of the man’s loin brushed up against her buttocks, knowing how long his adult organ was, her fear racked adrenalin filled young body shaking as it coursed through her veins. She was choking, gagging as the rope bit in, his knees working her twitching legs apart enough to spread her buttocks. His loin finding it’s way even farther up into her till fully seating himself up into cleft of her opened buttocks. A resurgence of fear gripping adrenalin had her wide eyed in full panic, squirming, legs flailing for a perches, head twisting inside the even more tightening noose.

“Oh….. Son-Of-Bitch… That’s good” The man groaned, staying with her, his loin tucked firmly up into the cleft of her ass cheeks “Look at her go”

The horrid thick rod pull back her toes brushing the stool top, that becoming the focus of her efforts, to regain a toe hold there again. The thickness tugging along her bowel walls kept being thankfully pulled back into her tightly hugging rectum and out. He was suddenly gone, her toes finding the stool lifting her up, relief flooding back into her pounding head. The man stepping around to the table picking up a small towel. The end of his stiffly arch penis showed the horrid evidence that his organ had been deeply up into her deepest bowel. He simply wiped over it like he done it a hundred times, like it was nothing. He picked up the pump bottle looking up at Ava, licking over his lips thoughtfully a spark of evil malice showing in his eyes.

He pumped the off colored stuff over his heart throbbing organ, it was honey thick and he went about making sure his penis shined with the stuff. Setting down the plastic bottle he approached her looking deep into her face. Then place a almost tender kiss onto her sweat cover forehead. And said in a lusty whisper.

“This is going to make your day sweetie”

Ava could see the man shaking with an intense unnatural excitement that scared her. She pulled testing the wide tape that bound her arms behind her. Her rectum ached still and her gut still twitched where the stiffness had penetrated. The harsh coarse rope remained too tight around her neck and she teetered on her toes dizzily the rope the only thing keeping her from falling going over. A man’s hand going around her waist stabilizing her brought her attention back, the thick adult penis slipping through Ava’s buttocks feeling for and finding her sore weakened ring of anal mussel. It offered little resistance to his press. Although the thickness of his male organ was still to much to grasp as it made it way through the tube of her young rectum and went pressing now she knew at the tight restraining turn that led into her still twitching intestine.

Seconds later Ava’s forehead furrowed up with a start, her eyes moving back and forth mind turned inward on a sudden sensation that she was going to need to use the bathroom. She hadn’t been aware that this could happen, not while being raped, not while being watched so intently by all the men around her. The man’s fiercely stiff penis worked with more eagerness to reenter her intestine than it did before. And succeeded, his hands going to her waist holding her in place the thick blunt head filling that still unsettled area of her intestine it had lodged into before. To make it worse Ava’s could feel her entire abdomen sending more than just urgent signals to defaecate.

“Starting to feel it, aren’t you hon” his head coming over her shoulder, hot breath blowing over the side of her face. “Give it a few moments more dear, to settle in”

Ava heard a rumble of protest coming from deep inside her a feeling sweeping in over her that at any other time would have her running to the bathroom in more than a rush of urgency, leaving her trying to will the sensation to subside. And panic crashed over and through her when she came up straining suddenly and uncontrollably unable to will it to subside even a little. The hands of the man latched onto her hips as if in a death grip penis flexing even stiffer. Fingers digging in around her hip bones, a sudden change in stance and she more than knew her time had come to be the blunt of his animal lust. Ava had seen it done to the other kids.

Cameras hummed loudly, the men holding them moving around into position her world going surreal as the horrid implications of the timing of it all swept through her. And in a flash her world fell into pieces of sensations she couldn’t even hope to describe. Ava found herself choking from the noose her toes having left the stool, still straining way to hard to defaecate and with the man behind her now humping through her tight rectum and inches into her gut, she managed to find the elusive foot stool with one then the other toe. Moments later her deep bowel surprised her by a surge of real poop coming into play.

The man only moan in heightened pleasure his grip become even more pronounced. Ava was shocked by the shear nastiness of this new turn of advents, it flooded through her senses making her loose the tedious toe-hold on the stool. The man she sensed was moving toward his release of man seed. The tempo of movement reaching a point that she even though she was being choked by the harsh ruff rope around her neck, she screamed out unable to bare any more. The rapid harsh pounding went on a long moment more with just the gross sounds filling the room. In mind consuming frozen panic Ava’s bladder failed and a rush of her hot piss sprayed out in front of her with the loud sounds of the cameras focusing quickly missing nothing. The long stiff penis pulled from her abused bowel leaving her swinging in slow circles. Huge wads of white sperm spraying wildly at her, some of it striking various places over her swinging body.

But the rope had tightened to a point that left her head pounding the world fading, the lights of the room a blur her feet weekly searching, toes down for the stool finding nothing there….. The hum of the cameras playing on.