Capitive Audience #2 (MMgg,anal,bond,kidnap,hanging)

Capitive Audience #2 (MMgg,anal,bond,kidnap,hanging)

Prologue: Eight year old Debra and another girl were taken to be used in special made to order pedo videos by two heartless men.

Debra was pulled from the van by the two men, every time she opened her mouth to protest a she was rewarded with a sharp brisk slap across her face. Tears ran down her eight year old face, ignored by the men as one of them half drug her down a long hallway of a fairly large building. They entered into a big room well lit on one end the other in the dark her eyes slowly able to make out another girl naked her wrist handcuffed to a metal handrail her wide eyes watching Debra being pulled to a stop. Suddenly the men were all over her, one pulling her pants down her panties too. Her blouse pulled smartly buttons popping in all directions. She had a sudden bought of embarrassment a hand of her going down covering her crotch from the mens view the other coming up covering her flat chest.

One man grabbed handcuffs off a table then pulling her into the gloom toward the other girl. He snapped one end of the cuff over her wrist rather tightly the other going over the handrail and walked back into the light. Debra looked at the other girl, she was about the same age as her a little slimmer with jet black hair, her dark eyes looked back, she was scared too.

“My name is Debra” she said in a hushed tone.

“I’m Gila” she whispered back. Then tugged on the tight handcuff.

“What’s happening to us” Debra asked

“Don’t know, but I think they’re going to rape us”

Noise from the well lit side of the room had both of them turning their attention to what the men were going. Big light were being moved about and several video cameras were being set on stands. They were talking to each other and Debra found herself straining to here them.

“Our client will be paying big bucks for this one Bill” one man said.

“Full bondage, no gags guess they want to hear screams, also they said ‘anal oughie’ and to anal garrote at least one, even more money for possible hanging anal action, that’s a lot to fit in”

Both men looked over at Debra and Gila. A chill wash over Debra, a lot of what they said she didn’t understand but the gist of it scared her.

“Let’s start with the skinny dark haired one I want to finish with the other” the man Bill grinned devilishly “I like her ass better and I’ll be about ready to blow anyway”

“We could do both at the same time… You know facing each other for affect and go for the big bucks as a finally” the other man said pausing for a second thinking “Do a split screen in unison with garrote only upon release, Fuck my cock’s hard just thinking it”

“Na… You start with the black haired one I’ll work the cameras, let the other watch before I finish with the one with the perfect ass. We’ll get better camera coverage.”

“They’re going to rape us now” Gila chirped out, her breathing coming in short panicked gasps.

Debra felt the panic welling in her too and found her young body trembling her knees giving out, she sagged down her one hand still up cuffed to the handrail. The now naked men approached, their adult cocks stiffly bobbing out in front of them. Debra’s world went surreal, dreamlike as she stared at the nude men’s excited penis’s. They went to Gila unlocking the cuff and one man on each arm pulled her over into the light. Debra felt somehow relieved it wasn’t her but Gila being taken, and felt ashamed at the thought.

“Please… No…” Gila screamed out.

A harsh slap went over one side of Gila’s face leaving it bright red. Debra watched as they went about binding her arms behind her tightly. Debra could hear her high pitched grunts of discomfort as they snugged each tight loop of the coarse rope around her folded arms behind her. Then bringing her up to a stout looking inverted ‘V’ thing with a padded top having to lift her up slightly onto a affixed step placing her facing the waist high pad. Supports on the device came up somewhat like an upside down ‘V’ with a padded top. The men tied Gila’s legs to it her legs forced to spread wide to conform to the angle. Gila’s young spread clit could just be see a little down through the top of the upside-down ‘V’. The rope as they tied Gila’s legs in place biting in to the young girl flesh. A tight loops going around her ankles and another placed higher on her thighs before going around the inverted ‘V’ braces holding her in place belly first against the hard unforgiving beams. The men then threw a rope over an exposed beam over head that look like a hang-mans noose setting a wooden box under it.

The men finished rose and turn walking toward Debra. Anxiety welled through her leaving her trembling wildly as one of them inserted the key into the cuff releasing the tight ring of metal. She had to be half carried her legs refusing to respond to the wooden box, her arms were pulled behind her, coarse rope biting into her flesh as they snugged each loop down tightly the shock of all of it together keeping her senses engulfed in the unpleasant harshness of the coarse biting rope going around her folded arms behind her. She was lifted onto the foot high box. The hang-mans noose was lowered and place around her tear streaked head, being snugged down. One man pulled on the other end Debra was forced onto her toes before the rope end was locked into place.

Gila stood a mere two feet in front of her, like her eyes glazed over in pained shock of the overly tight rope biting into her flesh. Debra’s arms were going numb. She looked around seeing the man called Bill picking up a video camera beside a glowing monitor as he swung it around the monitor displayed what the camera was pointed at. The other man was picking up a jar of petroleum jelly popping the top his fingers digging in scooping out a bit and as he glanced up at Gila, spread the slick thick stuff over his stiff adult penis. Debra found she couldn’t take her eyes from looking at the adult male organ never see one in full excitement before. It look menacingly huge. The man Bill having already brought the camera up to his own face kept it pointed at the other man and Gila.

“Okay Bill lets start with a couple good ouchie’s then a good run for the money” he set the jelly down and picked up a length of rope that looked like a short jump rope with wooden handles on each end tossing one end over his shoulder.

Gila was crying openly tears going down her face, one side of her face still glowing red from the hard slap she took moments ago. Debra stood there if you called it that on her toes, arms tingling, going numb as the coarse rope around her neck bit in abrasively she could only watch as the other man moved up behind Gila, his one hand clearly guiding his stiff adult penis between her open buttocks. Debra’s gaze turned to the clear picture being displayed on the monitor as the man Bill kept what was happening in clear view as he moved about around Gila and the other man. Debra could seen her own image come into view and barely recognized herself, nude, tightly bound, and looking scared standing precariously on the wooden box.

Looking back Gila’s face was in a state of complete confused turmoil as the man behind her was clearly pressing his adult cock hard up into the open cleft of her buttocks. Debra could tell he was clearly trying to get it into her butt-hole and she realized this was going to be her fate also before this was all over. Suddenly Debra’s anxiety spiral out of control with disbelief that this could happen at all, but the reality of it hit her as Gila screamed out, her whole young body going ridge, shakingly tense, the scream cut off as the man clearly lunged his loin strongly. Gila’s upper freed torso move tensely about her young face locked in a contorted grimace for the longest time.

“Take it out.. Take it out..” Gila finely cried out “It hurts too bad”

And she screamed out again with wide unseeing tear filled eyes as the man held his thick adult penis in place up in her rectum as if to prove some point before pulling it out in a swift move leaving Gila still grimace faced as the pain still plainly held her in its grip for a long moment afterwards. Debra found she was crying openly in empathy and fear for herself. ‘Why were these men doing this’

Through Debra’s wet tear filled eyes she saw the man spreading more of the thick jelly on his stiff penis covering the previous disrupted shine showed that showed at least half of his thick stiff organ had been up into Gila’s young still smarting rectum. A dark smear of poop showed on the bulbous head, the man simply spreading the thick jelly over it and moving back into place behind Gila. Her long black hair spun out following the man as he scurried back into place behind her going where she couldn’t turn enough to see. Panic took full control of her.

“Please don’t do it again” she cried “It hurts to much… Please don’t hurt me again…. Please!”

The man was already in place behind her looking down toward her buttocks seemingly oblivious to Gila’s earnest pleas. If fact Debra could see a devilish cruel gleam that scared her on the mans face. Debra’s heart pounded hard in her young chest as the man mercilessly surged up with his loin, the long adult penis going between Gila’s buttocks again aimed with seemingly precise precision hard onto her already abused anus. Then in a flash he was up into Gila’s rectum lunging, seating the thing to a stop as a ear piercing squeal came form Gila, her entire small body trembling wildly, the mans big hands feeling over the young girl’s slight body, his face a mask of pleasure-lust Debra had never seen on an adult before.

With two hands the man gripped Gila’s stiff trembling torso guiding her slightly over the padded top his loin lunging up, hips moving as if he could guide his penis that way. His cock slipped deeper as Gila squealed her whole small body shuddering as the mans hairy loin went against her bottom the entire length of the adult cock up into poor Gila’s backside. And with out a pause started humping.

“A-a-R-Gg-gg” Gila grunted, making a sounds Debra had never never thought possible coming from the other young girl.

Gila would squeal out and between gasps yell “Stop.. Stop” before she quieted down to guttural grunts and body swelling strains Debra had never before seen before. Sounds from the escalating movements of the mans penis became grossly audible Gila’s young body gave out a sudden harsh body gripping strain a loud wet sharp fart resounded through Debra’s senses. The man still humping in earnest pulled the small swinging jump-rope thing from his shoulder looping it quickly around Gila’s head pinning her long hair under it as he pulled on the two handles on the end. The length of rope going tight around her small neck cutting off her harsh sounding high pitch girl grunts. Debra couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“Stop!! Stop!!” Debra cried out “Your Killing Her”

The mans loins worked at a feverish pitch pummeling his cock up into Gila backside. Debra could see Gila’s wide eyes showing disbelief and terror, a strong stream of piss shot from Gila clit just before she collapsed, the still taunt rope the only thing holding her up. The man released the rope letting Gila sag over the patted top of the device she was tightly roped against pumping his cock with one hand. It spitted a huge wad of white sperm that sailed through the air landing on Debra’s young chest. Another came flying her way hitting one of her legs and running down the rest the man aimed onto Gila’s slumped form each spit of sperm mixing in a puddle on her back the rope still around her small neck, her black long hair still pinned under it.

“Your turn Bill” the man grabbing a rag and wiped his softening cock clean.

Bill handed off the camera Debra watched as he picked up the jar of petroleum jelly and went about making his even bigger organ slick with the stuff. Her legs felt weak wanting to give out. It was her turn and her fear was overwhelming her senses. Debra’s arms tugged vainly in the confines of the harshly coarse tight rope binding them behind her. The same cruel coarse bristled rope was around her neck each movement abrasive to her young skin. All the pleading Gila did was to no avail but as Debra’s time approached the need to beg, to plead for a reprieve of some sort became overbearing. The man Bill sat the jar down approaching her his large adult cock throbbing stiffly out in front of him. Debra could sense his perverted lust he had and could see on his face that no amount of pleading would grant her what she sought, to be somewhere else.

“Okay Bill the client wants the best ouchie you can give before we move on to the finale” the man lifted the video camera the on LED glaring brightly.

The box had Debra at just the right hight, that is for the approaching man. That fact hit Debra hard as her eyes lock onto the thick long adult penis. He looked at where the other mans sperm was still wet on her.

“My cum will be for your tight girl gut” Bill said to her.

His hand came up cupping Debra’s face, he move in placing a open mouth kiss over hers leaving his adult male taste there. He pulled away moving behind her eagerly. What she saw happen to Gila was about to happen to her and she heard herself crying out.

“Please don’t.. Please don’t.. Please don’t” she repeated

One of his arms came around her abdomen steadying her on the box. She felt the thick blunt slick head of his cock go up into the crack of her buttocks unerringly finding and pressing hard against her her anus, her anal mussel involuntarily clenching tight as if to ward off the mans intentions. The camera looming in close to her panic filled face, she’d seen Gila when the other less endowed man entered her, that image burned into Debra’s mind as the overly blunt thickness lunged up. Her toes and leg went stiff as if she could rise farther away from the cruel lunge. Her anus held for only a fraction of a second against the sudden lunge then open in a flash around the strongly unconstrained blunt rod digging a path through her young rectum. She too screamed out as her rectal tube was stretched with gripping unendurable pain to conform to the overwhelming thickness of the mans excited organ.

She had lost her footing on the wooden box but didn’t care her entire world consumed by the sheer body gripping agony coming from her rectum. She’d been constipated before and remembered the pain of trying to poop that hard stuff out but this was a level far above that. The coarse rope bit into Debra’s neck her body stiff with the rectal pain, her arm taunt in the loops of rope holding them tightly bound behind her and still the man pressed, worming his loin this way and that forcing more of her rectal tube to open to his thickness. The cock suddenly without warning pulled free but the pain cruelly continued for long moments after. She became aware of her toes brushing the wooden box and of the coarse rope biting into her neck, in a flash she was up on her toes leg mussels trembling, her anus hurt badly and she couldn’t will the stretched ring of mussel to clench. Her entire rectum didn’t feel like it would ever be the same.

The man Bill came around her eyes going to the stiffly arched throbbing thickness. Some of her poop showed on the head and maybe a little blood she wasn’t sure. Bill like the other man relubed his organ in full display of Debra and all she could do was watch, shaking her head ‘NO’ ‘NO’ ‘NO’ over and over. Debra’s neck felt raw the rope had tightened some and was even more uncomfortable. She felt tears drip from her face onto her chest a racking sob went shuddering through her. Bill moved back behind her. A supporting arm going around her again. She went to plead for some kind of mercy but the biting coarse rope around her neck made the her voice a jagged harsh croaking sound. The thick tip slipped through her buttocks again, the throbbing thick bluntness lunged up, her anus offering no resistance.

“H-u-R-Ugg” came gutturally grunting deeply from her as the thick cock sunk home.

The tip pressed somewhere deep as she came up stiffly again against the horrid pain that took her over. Debra teetered stiff legged on her toes in the supporting arm of the man Bill. The fleshy thickness flexed stiffly his stance changing she knew he wanted more of his adult organ up into her but was powerless to even voice protest, the coarse neck rope biting in again getting tighter. His loin lifted suddenly the thick blunt head forced deeper going past a point up into her that all of her being shouted it shouldn’t be. She screamed out shrilly the man simply lunging again her legs gave out cutting off the shrill scream. The wooden box went scooting across the floor in front of Debra the full weight of her young body in the tight thick noose around her neck. The man lunged again planting his loin up into the cleft of her young buttocks.

The camera loomed in close going up and down in front of her as mind consuming panic took hold. Debra’s legs went kicking out searching vainly for a foot hold that wasn’t there the man Bill gripping her waist to keep her in place and started humping deeply the horrid thickness moving through her large intestine eagerly. They were killing her and this was the way she was going to die. She could still breath, barely, and a with surge of mindless adrenalin she flailed about in the controlling grip of Bill whom without regard to Debra’s predicament started humping with gleeful disregard to what was happening to her. Her intestine revolted to the harsh treatment with a rush of an intense sensation of having a bad case of uncontrolled diarrhea sending her over an edge, her body taking over from her mind the vile sounds of his actions and her body’s uncontrollable reactions taking her through her fading grasp of this world.

Her body went limp and she stared out in horrid disbelief as a strong stream of hot yellow piss came from her young clit the camera in front of her taking it all in, LED glaring, the thick deep cock up inside her surged to a hammering stop the man working his loin back and forth forcing her buttocks apart to get that last bit up into her. The deeply planted thickness swelling, sperm flooding into her intestine in pumping waves as her world was fading.

Gleeful words came from the man behind her “Fucking perfect” a strong squirt of cock thickening sperm “Fucking Perfect” Another strong squirt. “Fucking Per….”

Debra shook her head trying to move it away from the strong ammonia filling her nostrils, the strong ammonia came back. She opened her eyes.

“She’s still alive” she heard.

“Good” it was the man Bill’s voice.

It wasn’t a nightmare. Debra opened her eyes her wrist was cuffed to the handrail. Her whole body hurt, her free hand came up feeling her neck. She could feel on her neck where the rope had been and could see the marks left on her arms by the tight rope there. She sat up against the wall. Gila was there cuffed by one hand too staring blankly out into the room ‘She was alive too’ Debra thought some how encouraged.

“Okay Bill, whats next” Debra heard from across the room.

“Lets see….” was the reply “This client wants…..”