Babysitting my niece (Mg,pedo)

Babysitting my niece (Mg,pedo)

Introduction: Uncle babysits his 7yo niece and fucks and sucks her virgin hairless pussy and budding chest.

Author: Charlie “the drifter”

I lay her down on my bed and stood there admiring her young body. Slender, firm petit tits, slender legs, firm tight little ass cheeks.

She was naked her cute young cunt fully exposed between her wide spread legs. She had no cunt hair being as bare as a new born baby.

I could see that her little cunt was wet with her own juices already. She was laying there just waiting for me to enjoy her young body in anyway I wanted too.

When she seen me looking at her budding womanhood, she grinned, knowing what I was going to be doing to her and believing she was going to enjoy it just like any adult woman did.

Oh she knew that she was also going to be giving me pleasure by licking and sucking my stiff cock. I had told her that.

She stared at it when I slipped my clothes off and it stuck straight out with its stiffness. She stared at my cock thickness and length. I was pretty sure she was wondering if she could even take it up into her tight little cunt. She was quite small and it had hurt when she even slipped her own little finger up into it and now here she was, knowing I was going to put my cock up into her, my cock being about the thickness of three or four of her own fingers.

I lay down beside her and began enjoying her naked, soft but firm velvet like young body. I loved the feeling of her smooth warm body pressing against mine, her small breasts pressing against my chest, as my lips met her small virgin lips.

I licked her inexperienced lips, with my tongue and slipped it between her lips to caress and lick her own small tongue.

As I taught her to kiss, my hands began showing her what it felt like to be caressed in a sexual way. I loved the feeling of her body my hands felt as I caressed them up and down her back, across her firm bare ass cheeks, up her firm shapely legs, her inner thighs, feeling their softness but firmness.

She gasp when my finger lightly brushed against her sensitive pussy lips, then up her sensitive stomach up until my hand was fondling and enjoying her firm small developing breasts and sensitive nipples.

Her nipples were stiff and swollen with her growing desire and first sexual pleasure being given to her by a boy or man.

I fondled and played with her firm little titties and nipples, pinching and twisting them.

I began kissing her face, her eyes, her nose, her neck down to her sensitive breasts. She gasp when I licked her nipples then began sucking and nibbling on them and sucking as much of her small breasts into my mouth that I could get.

At the same time that I sucked her nipples and breasts my hand went back down to her hot wet young virgin pussy to caress it and her sensitive clitoris. She was wiggling and squirming with the pleasure I was sending through her young inexperience body.

Finally I, softly told her to lick and suck my cock. Wanting to show she was growing up, she kissed her way down my stomach until she was right at my stiff cock.

Her little hand wrapped around its first big stiff cock and then her lips kissed their first cock head. She flicked her tongue out to tasting her first precum.

I seen her wrinkle her nose up and her first taste but she then licked her tongue across and around its. She licked it clean, taking her tongue back into her mouth to taste and swallow what she had licked off of it.

Then she opened her mouth and slipped it down over my swollen cock head to suck her first cock. My cock head filled her small mouth but she began slipping it in and out sucking it in deep enough that it pressed against the back of her throat.

Yes, she tried to suck my cock like an adult woman. I wanted to cum in her small young mouth but I wanted to spew it up into her womb even more. I knew I could give her a mouth full of my cum after I took her virginity and filled her womb with my hot sperm. Hell she would be in my bed not only for the night but for the next week or two while her parents were out of town enjoying themselves with their special fun. Oh yes, I knew what their special fun was, but their daughter didn’t.

While she was sucking my cock, I pulled her body around onto my stomach with her legs spread one on each side of my head. I looked at her tight young virgin cunt and it’s wetness.

She almost cried out with pleasure, but couldn’t with her mouth full of my cock, as I licked my tongue up her virgin slit starting with my tongue licking her young sensitive clitoris up across her vaginal opening and across her tight anal opening.

She wiggled and squirmed and I could hear her moaning around my cock head as I licked my tongue between her pussy lips and up into her cunt opening. Yes, I could tell her cunt was tight, and would be so tight on my thick cock.

It didn’t take long before she gurgled with pleasure as my tongue put her over the edge and she enjoyed her first orgasm.

I licked and tongue fucked her until her orgasm faded then I rolled her off of me pulling my cock out of her mouth.

I then moved between her young legs and rubbed it up and down her tight young virginal slit. I knew that it was going to take some pressure to force my cock up into that tight opening and planting my entire length up inside of her.

I also knew that when I did she was going to feel pain, but I was also sure that the pain would not last long and she would enjoy her first fuck after the loss of her virginity.

She smiled at me when she felt my cock slipping up and down her tight cunt lips. her lips were shiny with my precum as she licked her tongue over her lips cleaning them of my precum.

I could see her looking down staring at my cock slipping up and down her cunt. Her eyes were shining with as her desire began building again toward another orgasm. She love the feeling and wanted to feel it again.

I took hold of her legs and held them spread wide with my cock pressed against her cunt opening. I decided to take her virginity as quickly as I could to give her only a short burst of pain as her virginity was taken from her.

I suddenly lunged and my thick cock plunged up into her tight never before fucked cunt, stretching her wide and ripping her virginity from her. I buried my entire length up into her young body.

She gasp then cried out with that first surge of pain that shot through her body as she became the woman that she wanted to be.

I lay without moving holding my entire length up inside of her. Her cunt spasmed and squeezed my cock shaft as if trying to squeeze it out of her, but I held it deep.

When her cries of pain faded and her body slowly relaxed I began taking my pleasure from her young body. I also began giving her the pleasure that she was looking for and was wanting.

In a short time she was wiggling and squirming as I plunged my thick cock up into her now stretched wide little cunt. I took my time fucking her. I loved the feeling of my cock being squeezed tight by her tight young cunt muscles as I fucked it in and out of her.

She finally wrapped her legs around my waist and began using them to fuck herself back at my cock each time I drove it up inside of her.

I enjoyed her virgin cunt for sometime before her young body once again spasmed with her second orgasm this time from my big stiff cock. When she did orgasm I let go and filled her young virgin womb with my hot fertile
sperm. I made no attempt to not fill her cunt with my sperm. In fact I hoped she did get pregnant with my baby, that would be another exciting enjoyment.

Yes, I would enjoy knowing that I had knocked this very young thing up, planting my baby in her young womb. Hell she wasn’t even a teenager yet.

After she orgasmed and I filled her cunt with my sperm, we lay with my cock buried deep in her cunt. Oh yes I was just resting but my cock stayed stiff enjoying that hot tight young cunt.

Well that first night I managed to spew my hot fertile sperm up inside of her five time, the most times I cum in one night of years. After that, for the next two weeks, I kept her young cunt and womb full of sperm as I would cum in her at least three times a day or night.

By the time her parents returned home, I had taught her how to suck a cock and swallow it’s cum, take a cock up into her young bowels. She didn’t have a virgin opening left in her body by the time they returned home.

When her parents came to pick her up and take her home next door she hugged me and kissed me and told me she would be visiting with me a lot.

As they left with my niece, my sisters young daughter, my sister grinned at me and told me she would also be enjoying a visit with me shortly.

Yes, I knew what my sister meant. I also knew what it was like to enjoy my sisters body. Yes, I knew since I had been the one to take her virginity and teach her all about sex and how to suck and even take my cock down her throat and how to enjoy having a cock in her tight cunt and ass spewing my hot sperm up into her.

As she left, sis turned and then told me that they were going to have to make arrangements for me to take care of their youngest daughter, my young seven year old niece.

Yes, I would enjoy being the one to keep her for a couple of weeks and teach and train her just like I did her older sister. That would be something I was sure I would soon be enjoying.

** END **


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