An unwelcome surprise (Mg)

An unwelcome surprise (Mg)

Author: Uncle Tony
Prologue: Jason rescues a girl from four men. Thinking she is seventeen, he offers to take her to Europe with him. Only to find out just before they are due to leave that she is only thirteen!

The day started for Jason at about five-thirty. He woke up and knew he wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep. He got up, dressed and decided to take an early morning stroll. It was Jason’s last day in this small village. He was booked on the ferry to go back to Europe at around five that afternoon and he had been busy and he hadn’t had any time to look around.

Jason was a tall, very muscular man. His life was aikido, a martial art and his hobby was bodybuilding, not competitive, but Jason was proud of his physique. He had been here for the long weekend, running an aikido seminar for one of the big clubs. It had been a good few days and a nice break for him. Jason worked from home. He was a musician and songwriter / composer, but a good part of his life was spent on the mat and in the gym. He was twenty eight years old and in spite of having had quite a few girl friends, he had never found one that he wanted to be with for the rest of his life.

There was a park running down alongside the river and this is where he headed. It was a warm, summer morning, just right for a leisurely stroll. Suddenly, from behind some shrubbery, he heard voices and laughter. They weren’t speaking any language that he knew and normally he would have just kept walking. What attracted his attention was a muffled grunting, punctuating the voices. He walked softly towards the shrubbery and peered through. Four black men were holding a white girl on the ground. He knew it was a girl because her top had been torn off and was lying next to her. Something had been shoved into her mouth so that she couldn’t scream. She was struggling like mad, but it wasn’t going to help against four young men. One of the men, was seated behind her head and he was holding both her arms and his feet were upon her shoulders. Two of the others each had a leg of her jeans and they were pulling them off. A fourth man stood watching, rubbing his crotch.

From what Jason could see, three of the men were young teenagers. The man watching seemed older. The girl was struggling as hard as she could, but she had no hope with the four attackers. The older man had a knife in his hand. Jason looked. He has fought multiple assailants with rubber knives, hundreds of times on the mat. But this was no mat. This was for real and the knife was for real as well. Should he intervene? Even as he thought about it. The jeans came off revealing light blue panties. The men were laughing as they held her flailing legs, pulling them apart. The older one brandished the knife at the girl.

“You gonna ‘joy this nice black dick, bitch.” He told her. “An’ when we all done fuck you, you go dead, white slut.” He knelt between her legs as the other two held them apart for him and the cut the panties with his wicked looking knife, before he unzipped his pants. “See a nice big black dick for a white pussy.” He laughed

Jason made his decision. He couldn’t stand by and let them kill this woman. He pushed his way through the shrubbery and with his mobile phone, he took a picture.

“Smile for the camera.” He called.

The man between her legs said something to the two boys holding her legs apart. They let go of her and jumped up. One pulled out a wicked looking blade and charged at him. The girl’s legs were flailing at the older man but he grabbed them

“You go die, white boy.” He yelled.

All those hours that Jason had spent on the mat, paid off. The entire scene now seemed to be playing in slow motion. As the knife was about to impale his throat, Jason turned and the blade went harmlessly past. He grasped the wrist with his one hand, turning the attacker in a circle as the other arm took his assailant, just above the elbow. As the man was still turning, Jason took him down to the ground. He stepped over him twisting the arm. The knife fell from his hand and he gave a scream of pain as his shoulder was torn from its socket. Keeping the turn took him face to face with the other youth. He crouched and hit him with the palm of his hand. The hand was attached to a man who could bench press over two hundred and fifty kilos, who himself weighed a hundred and ten kilograms. It was a blow that could easily crush the sternum driving shards into the heart, but Jason didn’t want to kill. Killing one of these creeps would involve police and in Britain, he would get put in prison and the attackers family given compensation. As it was, the blow was aimed to the right rib cage. He felt the bones break in the ribs. The youth gave a strangled cry and fell down, clutching his chest. From the corner of his eye, Jason saw that the man who had been holding the girl’s arms had let go. He also had a knife as he rushed towards Jason. He saw his two mates down on the ground, one gasping trying to breathe, pink foam coming from his mouth, the other still screaming with pain. He hesitated and that was enough. Jason turned took step towards him and kicked him between the legs. It was a kick with plenty of ki power. The youth dropped to his knees clutching his damaged genitals, so Jason kicked him in the head, to make sure that he would stay out of the fight. The entire fight had only taken a few seconds. To any casual onlooker it would have appeared to be part of a well choreographed dance.

As he turned, he saw the older man hit the girl on the jaw with a vicious punch, knocking her unconscious. He seemed oblivious to what was happening behind him. His only thought was to penetrate this girl. Jason kicked him in the side of his head but the man was already moving to stand up. The guy grabbed his knife which was lying on the ground beside him and with a bellow of rage got up and slashed wildly at Jason. Unlike the previous assailants, this guy had used a knife before. They circled as Jason waited for the man to commit himself. His penis, still hanging out of his pants was rapidly deflating. His urge to fuck the girl lying on the ground, made him lose caution. Jason easily moved away from the knife and caught the man in an Aikido yonkyo. He screamed in pain as his wrist broke and the knife fell to the ground. Now it was pay time, for the next few minutes, Jason enjoyed breaking the spirit of Aikido, but teaching this thug a lesson he would never forget. He hit, threw and broke fingers and limbs, turning the man into a bloody cowering piece of meat until he lay on the ground, begging for his life. Jason kicked him in the crotch with all the force he could muster. The man screamed and lost conciousness. The first youth with the torn and dislocated shoulder was trying to get to his feet, so Jason kicked him in the crotch as well and he went back down.

While this was happening, the girl had regained consciousness and was pulling her jeans back on. Her blouse was in shreds and her top half was completely naked. She had two small but perfect breasts. Jason guessed her to be about seventeen. He helped her to her feet and took off his cardigan and gave it to her. Her face was swollen, her lips were cut and she was still groggy.

“Thanks.” She said as she put the cardigan on. It was miles too big for her, but it covered her exposed breasts.

“Come on.” Jason said. “Let’s get the hell out of here. If the cops come, we’ll probably be arrested, not them. I think you need a doctor or a hospital and then I’ll take you home.” The girl started crying.

“No hospital or Doctor, I’ll be fine. I just need to get as far away from here as I can. These guys.” She gestured to the four men.” Will get all their friends and come looking for me.” She limped, so Jason put his arm out for her. She took it gratefully.

“I’ll give you a ride back home.” He told her. “My car is in the hotel car park. It’s still early so not many people will be around. We don’t want to draw attention and risk being tied to this scene here.” She pulled him in the opposite direction.

“No, I must get my bag first. It’s all I’ve got.” Together they walked with him holding her up, to a small shed. She lay down and scrabbled under the shed, coming up with a rucksack and a sleeping bag. Jason took them from her and he got it over his shoulder. They walked towards the hotel. No-one was around. He took her to his Mercedes and opened the rear door.

“Get it and lie down if anyone comes near. I’ll put your things in the boot.” The girl looked scared.

“Please don’t leave me.”

“I’m going to get my bag and pay the bill. I won’t be long. Here.” He gave her a blanket. Put this over you. I’ll be as quick as I can.”

About ten minutes later he was back. He put his suitcase into the boot. People were now in the car park.

“Stay hidden.” He told her. “Until we are away from here.” He drove for a few kilometers and then stopped in a lay by. He helped her out and sat her in the front passenger seat.

“Now where do you live? I’ll drive you home.”

“I don’t have a home.” She told him. ” I left home and I’m not going back, ever. Just go wherever you are going and you can just drop me off and get rid of me.” Her eyes glistened with tears.

“Don’t be silly. I’m not trying to get rid of you. I want to help you, but I can only help you if you let me and tell me what the hell is with you. Where are you headed? Why did you leave home without a job or place to go to? Have you committed a crime? How did you get involved with those four guys back there? She started to cry.

“I’m not a criminal, I’ve done nothing wrong. I don’t really know where to go. I thought maybe London where I can disappear, but after today, I’m scared, really scared. They grabbed me as I was walking to get my bag. I’d just been into the village for something to eat, but no-one was open. They were going to rape me and then murder me. I wouldn’t have been the first, there have been several that I’ve heard about. I just never though that it would happen to me. You saved my life. Please take me with you.”

“Why have you left home?”

“It’s a long story.”

“I’m not in a hurry, so come on, maybe we can fix things so that you can go back.” She looked horrified.

“Never. I won’t go back there.”

“Come on, the truth, what happened? The whole story, then we can decide what to do.”

“Alright.” She told him. “I had a great mom and dad. My dad did everything for us. Then he got killed in a car smash. We were devastated. My mom couldn’t handle it and she started drinking. Then she started bringing men home. Then she met this one guy. I think he got her started on drugs, but she wasn’t the mom that I used to know. Then the guy moved in with us. I didn’t like him, but I didn’t want to upset mom. He smelled, he drank a lot and he smoked all the time. Mom went shopping. I was getting a shower when he came into the bathroom naked. He pulled me out of the shower, dragged me into my room and he raped me. It was horrible. He really hurt me, his, er his penis was huge, it seemed to be about a foot long and it was thick and it smelled horrible. I was bleeding and his stuff was running out of me. I felt soiled. I went back into the shower. He told me that he was sorry that it hurt, but it wasn’t his fault that I had been a virgin. He said that it wouldn’t hurt next time. He said that if I told mom, he would tell her that I had started it.

I kept quiet about it, but a few nights later mom went to Bingo and he came into my room and raped me again. When he had finished, he held me in the bed and told me that the only reason he had moved in with us, was that so he could fuck me. He told me that if I was nice to him, he would make sure that I was well cared for. I tried to get away but he’s very strong, like you. Then he got on top of me and started fucking me again, but neither of us heard mom come back. When she saw us she went ballistic. He told her that it was all my fault and that I had begged him for sex and undressed for him. Mom started throwing things at me and told me to fuck off out of her house and that if I ever came back she would kill me. I went to my room, packed what I could into that rucksack in the boot. I heard them arguing and screaming at each other. He told mom that if she made me leave, he would leave her and follow me. I got out of the bedroom window. I almost broke a leg when I got down. I’m still limping. I started walking and I’ve been walking now for almost two weeks. Just stopping to sleep and buy some food.” Jason thought for some time.

“Look, there’s a problem. If I lived here, I would look after you for a while until you could get a job, but I don’t I have a place here. I live in Spain and I’m heading home today. I can’t take you with me because you don’t have a Passport . . .”

“Oh, but I do.” She broke in. “Dad took us to Disneyland, so I’ve got my own passport and it’s still ok. It’s in my bag. I could come with you. I’ll cook and clean for you. I’ll do anything you want. Oh please.”

“What makes you think,that I’m not married with a couple of children at home?” He asked. She looked at him

“I hadn’t thought of that, but I’ll be a maid, a cook. Wouldn’t your wife like some help?” Jason laughed.

“Well, I’m not married and I don’t have any children and I don’t even have a current girl friend, but I can’t take you across the channel with your face looking like that. They would think it was my work. Don’t panic, I have a plan.” He called one of his friends in Kent.

“I’m over here for a few days and I need somewhere to stay. Can I come? I have someone with me. I’ll explain when I get there.”

“I’ll sleep with you.” She told him. “You saved my life, you own me. You can do whatever you like with me, you can beat me or you can fuck me, I don’t care. Just don’t dump me. I’m really scared now. If it wasn’t for you, I’d be dead. It’s happened once it might happen again and next time . . .” She shuddered.

“You don’t owe me a thing.” Jason told her. “I only sleep with women who want to sleep with me not because that feel that they owe me. You know, I haven’t even got your name.”

“I’m Jackie.” She told him. “I don’t know your name either.”

“I’m Jason. Fancy offering to sleep with a man and you don’t even know his name!”

Jason took stock of the situation. Her face was a mess, but she seemed that she would be quite pretty when it healed. She had a great pair of legs, nice breasts and quite an athletic body. The more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea of having sex with her. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t already done it, so he certainly wouldn’t feel guilty. Maybe she was the girl he was looking for. Only time would find out.

“If it wasn’t for you, I’d be dead now and my body dumped in the river probably.” She told him as they drove to the house of Jason’s friend.

“What in the name of God have you done to this poor woman?” His friend demanded.

“It wasn’t him.” Jackie jumped to his defense. “He saved my life.” They told Jason’s friend Dennis the story.

“So what are you going to do?” Dennis asked.

“All that I can think of, is to take her back with me, but I can’t go to the ferry with her beaten up face. That’s why I need a place to stay for a few days. You were a doctor before you retired. I’m sure you can help us. They may be looking for her if she stays here.”

“Yes, I can, but she is going to need a Passport.”

“I’ve got one.” Jackie told him. “In my rucksack.” She fished around and waved it in the air.

“So what are the sleeping arrangements?” Dennis asked, tactfully.

“She can have the bed and I’ll take the settee.” Jason told him.

“No you won’t, I’ll make up a second room after I’ve treated her face.”

For the next ten days, they stayed with Dennis. She never offered to sleep with him again. She cleaned and cooked, kept busy, read books and watched TV, but she never made any effort to leave the house. Her face healed up and for the first time, Jason could take stock of what he’d got himself into. Jackie was quite tall around five feet six or seven. She was slim but quite muscular, she had a visible ‘six-pack’. Her hair which was lank and dirty when he had rescued her, now hung over her shoulders like burnished gold. She was really quite beautiful now that her face was almost healed. Jason had bought her new underclothes and new jeans, slacks and blouses etcetera.

It was their last night here. They would leave the next day for Europe. He had bought Jackie a suitcase and she was transferring all her belongings from the rucksack to the suitcase. Her passport lay on the table. Jason picked it up to check it wasn’t out of date and then he saw something that made him turn ice cold. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He looked again. It would be Jackie’s birthday next month. Her FOURTEENTH. birthday. He gasped. Jackie saw what was in his hand. Tears welled up in her eyes.

“I’m so sorry, Jason.” She sobbed. “You never asked and I didn’t want to say anything in case you dumped me. Please forgive me. The age difference doesn’t bother me at all. You saved my life and I love you.” She sank to the floor, sobbing uncontrollably.

Jason was at a loss. What was he going to do? In this crazy fucking country, they would lock him up. He had never had sex with her, but who would believe him? A twenty-eight year old man with a thirteen year old runaway, gorgeous, sexy girl. No longer a virgin. He could tell her to fuck off. That would let him off the hook, but what would happen to her. Raped, hooked on drugs, a life of prostitution? Once he got her to Spain it would be better, the age of consent in Spain was thirteen but they were going to change it to sixteen next year.

He sat down beside her and put his arms round her shoulders. She clung to him like a leech.

“Don’t cry, Jackie. It’s OK. You should have told me, but I can’t just drop you. We’ll think of something. Just relax and stop crying. Let me think this out. He called Dennis and explained the situation. Dennis was also shocked.

“If this were the nineteen fifties or sixties, it wouldn’t have been so bad, but now they’ve brainwashed people to enforce these taboo subjects, you will be in deep, deep shit. They’ll call you a child rapist, doesn’t matter if you did anything or not. It’s a huge fucking witch hunt now. There is one thing going for you, she doesn’t look her age. I thought she was much older, more like eighteen. She’s very mature for her age.

“How about this, Jason?” Dennis was deep in thought. “You have a black Mercedes, top of the range. Most ordinary folks take care not to piss rich people off. Why not dress her like a spoiled rich brat. You are taking her over to France to meet up with her parents, who have flown over, but this spoiled brat refuses to fly, so you, her uncle have been instructed to bring her by car. If she can act the part and we dress her up to kill, the age won’t get their attention as much as they will feel sorry for you.”

“Can you do that, Jackie?” They asked.

“I think so.”

“They are pretty lax at the Channel Tunnel on this side. A Merc with Spanish number plates usually gets waved through, but I don’t like leaving things to chance.” Jason told them.

They put her into Dennis’s car early the next morning and went to the shops. Jason got her several gold bracelets, an expensive white dress which mounded to her figure, white stiletto heeled shoes, sheer nylon stockings and several ropes of pearls as a choker. She looked fantastic. They got her some lipstick and face powder and she had to paint her nails. She looked every bit a rich man’s daughter. There had been no word of her disappearance anywhere. They were going to take a chance, but Jason decided that it was worth it. Jackie took to the part beautifully. She could put on quite a ladylike, demanding voice. She practiced for a while a being a petulant brat and she played the part perfectly.

“I do watch TV, you know,” she told them. She put on dark glasses and draped herself languidly in the back seat.

“Oh do hurry up, uncle Jason.” She demanded haughtily. You know I just hate to be kept waiting.” They all laughed. Jason had changed his plans and decided to go via the Channel Tunnel. Dennis had been correct. The spotless, shiny black Mercedes, with a driver in a white shirt with a bow tie didn’t draw any attention. The car was pulled out and checked for explosives, but when they got to the French Passport Control, he just had to wave the two passports and the tired looking official just waved them through. Once on the train, they were home and dry.

“Keep up this behavior until we get home.” He told her. “Just in case.”

On the way home, they spent a night in a small hotel. Jackie kept up the act, but toned it down considerably. They had separate rooms. Jason knew that when they reached home, the thing he wanted most was to fuck her. He didn’t care that she was only fourteen, well almost. He loved being with her. She made him happy, she was bright, beautiful, a good cook and he had no doubt that they would be good together in bed.

The house was out in the countryside. There were no neighbors. There had been a security service looking after the place whilst Jason was away, but he had called that morning and dismissed the guard. The house was very big in a huge amount of land. The furniture was old, but well cared for. It was late afternoon. As soon as they got inside, Jackie flung her arms around him.

“Thank you, Jason. I was so scared. I thought you would tell me to get lost. I’m so happy to be here with you. You won’t throw me out, will you?” She looked pleadingly at him.

“I took a big chance.” He told her. “I’m not sure why, but I feel very strongly about you. I’m not a pervert, but you are so lovely and you were so lost and vulnerable. I can’t let anything happen to you.” He held her close to him and she felt the bulge in his pants pressing against her. She put her hand down and stroked his hardness.

“I refuse to take no for an answer, uncle Jason.” She said, in the same imperious tone that she had practiced for the Channel Tunnel. “Now take me to your bedroom immediately and fuck me silly. You know how I hate to be kept waiting.” He picked her up and took her into his bedroom, laying her gently on the bed. The confident attitude vanished and she clung to him.

“Please be gentle with me, Jason. You will be the first and last man I want to do this with. I’m not proud of what happened to me before and I have to admit, I’m a bit scared in case I do it wrong and I don’t please you. Please be patient, I’ll learn, I promise.” He kissed her again, she wasn’t very experienced but she learned very fast.

“You don’t need to worry, my sweet.” He told her. We have lots of time. Just relax and trust me. I want to ask you a question. Are you sure that your step father or whatever you want to call him, didn’t make you pregnant?”

“Thank God, yes. I had my period already and I’m due again in just over a week.” Jason heaved a sigh of relief. He hated condoms, especially the first time.

“Then we are perfectly safe for a few days.” He told her. “After that we need to be careful. You are far too young to get pregnant.” His hand wandered to her breasts. The kisses got more and more passionate, his hands more and more demanding. Her breathing was staring to get ragged.

“Wait.” She said.” Let me take these lovely clothes off. I don’t want to spoil them.” She took off the dress and the pearls. He moved to her breasts’ caressing her hard nipples with his tongue before engulfing them one by one with his mouth. She groaned and held his head against her. She was panting and squirming. So he started to kiss her body, down past her belly button. She wriggled out of her panties, revealing her triangle of soft, golden hair. When he ran his tongue down her wet slit, she cried out. The labia were open like the petals of a precious pink orchid. He found her clit. For such a young girl, it was quite pronounced and incredibly sensitive. He flicked it with his tongue for a while and then changed to continuous licking without taking his tongue away from it. She was squirming and wriggling, her breathing was labored and she was making meaningless noises. She grabbed his head and it seemed that she was trying to pull him inside her. Her breathing got even more ragged. Suddenly she gave a shriek and her body arched into the air. She was holding his head quite tightly and it was a painful experience for him. He slowly moved up the bed, kissing her body all the way up until her reached her breasts, which he proceeded to lick and suck noisily. He moved higher until his erection touched her waiting cunt. She grabbed hold of it and rubbed it up and down against her sopping wet labia. He felt the head slip inside and he pushed.

He was surprised how tight she was. He gently and slowly pushed into her willing body.

“Oh God, that feels good. It’s not painful like the other one.” She reared her head and looked down. He was more than halfway inside her. She wanted all of it and she pushed back at him. Slowly and inexorably his penis continued its journey. Looking again she was disappointed to see that there was still about an inch of him still outside, but even as she watched he pushed more and she watched it slide into her until his dark pubic hairs were intertwined with her soft blonde ones.

He pulled back and she felt a moment of panic as she thought that he might pull out completely. She grabbed his buttocks and just as she was about to say ‘no’, he pushed back all the way inside her again. It was a slightly painful, but a wonderful feeling. He pulled back again and then slowly pushed all the way back. It was getting more comfortable as her body stretched to mold with his. In, out, in, out. The tempo started to get faster. Slowly the tempo was speeding up. Her mind was flooded with lust as she desperately tried to stop her oncoming orgasm. She didn’t want this to stop. So this is what it was like to be fucked. Not something to hate as she had done with her mother’s man friend, but something out of this world as sheer ecstasy overcame her. She clung to him, her fingers digging into him like she never wanted him to get away. A few days ago, she had been sure that she was going to die. Had it not been for this wonderful man looking down at her, she would have been dead.

Faster and faster the rhythm sped up. The strokes were shorter now, but much faster. She couldn’t wait. Her body was quivering as she felt the first wave of her orgasm overtake her. It felt as though she was in another galaxy, there were stars and patterns in shades of blue and magenta. Time stood still, she felt that she was floating in space. She was sure that nothing could ever be as wonderful as this moment. Her body stretched, her toes curled around the bedsheets. She started to quiver. Involuntarily she screamed.

“Oh Jesus. Oh yes, I can’t hold on. Of shit, I’m coming, aaaarrrgggghhh.” Her vaginal muscles contracted, Jason felt as if his dick had been caught in a vice. It was too much, it triggered his own massive orgasm as he shot stream after stream of his hot sperms into her waiting womb. Her spasms seemed endless, so did his. He felt that he would never stop as he pumped load after massive load into her. They clung to each other in a death grip. Their sweat-drenched bodies locked together. She felt that she was a part of him. She belonged to him, her very life belonged to him. As she lay clutching him, she vowed that she would do everything in her power to keep him and never let him go.

“Oh, Jason, I never would have believed that fucking could be this fantastic. I was a bit apprehensive before. The experience I had with that horrid man made me worried that it would always be similar. Oh Jason, please don’t ever leave me. I love you so very much. He held her tightly in his arms.

“I hope that you realize that according to British law, I’m now a pedophile.” He told her, “But I really don’t give a shit, that was wonderful for me as well. Don’t worry, I will never leave you. You’ve got everything that any man would ever want.” His penis had now shrunk and fallen out of her along with a flood of semen, leaving a big wet patch on the bed.. He pushed her up away from it and they lay side by side, both clinging to each other until they fell asleep.

They must have slept for hours. When they awoke, it was dark. They were still both locked together. Her arms had gone numb. She groaned and tried to stretch. In doing so, Jason awoke. He too stretched and grunted, then he held her again and kissed her tenderly on her lips. She returned the kiss, but as she did so, a wave of lust swept over her. She wanted him again. Her kisses became demanding. His hands roamed over her naked body. She had watched some porn movies on a friend’s computer, so she slid down the bed and took his erect penis into her mouth. It tasted funny, but it didn’t matter, she wanted to please him, to thank him for her life. After a few minutes, he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back up the bed.

“You aren’t getting off that easily.” He chuckled. She straddled him and positioned his organ under her pussy.

“No, it’s your turn.” She told him. “Just lie still and let me do the work.” She sat and his penis entered her completely. It felt even better this time. The slight pain she had felt before as her body tried to accommodate him, had faded. She started to slide up and down. He gripped her and started moving with her. She smacked him on his chest.

“I told you to keep still. It’s my turn now and get ready to suffer.”

“If this is suffering, I like it.” He murmured. She started moving again. She kept it up for some time and with kisses and words, she brought him to the point that he knew he would have to let go. She felt him and suddenly stopped.

“No way.” She informed him. “I’m just starting to enjoy myself. Don’t you dare get off just yet.” A short while later he could see that she wasn’t going to be able to keep it up. Her body started to tense, she leaned over and kissed him as her orgasm hit. He hung on to her until her spasms stopped. She was panting now. He rolled her off and got her onto her knees, entering her doggy style. This was good for him, he could massage her breasts and her tummy as well as her clit as he fucked her. She was gasping and grunting as he slammed into her. There was nothing gentle now. They were like animals on heat.

“You can make it.” He told her. “Hurry up, I’m bursting here.” The fucking got even more intense. Until he felt her muscles start to contract. For him, that was enough, he rammed into her as far as he could as he pumped rope after rope of his hot semen into her young and willing body. She cried out for release as the first fountain of his hot spunk shot into her and her own orgasm hit. The world ceased to exist and she marveled at the kaleidoscope of colors that swirled around in her head. She never wanted this to end. She imagined all those millions of his sperm, swimming around inside her. It was a wonderful feeling to know that the two of them could get such raw pleasure whenever they wanted it, and it cost nothing at all. At last, she was happy and carefree again.

For a few months, they kept out of the public eye. Currently, there was no problem, but the EU were persuading countries to raise the age of consent to sixteen. Once she reached her sixteenth birthday, everything would be fine, but they needed to keep a very low profile once the law was changed and only then would their cohabitation be legal. It didn’t seem that anyone was looking for her, but they both decided to keep a very low profile until she reached sixteen, just to be sure. He doubted that her parents had even reported her missing. Kids ran away from home all the time. Even so, with the current hysteria and the witch hunts against so-called pedophiles, they were concerned that maybe the UK could invoke their sixteen year old age of consent, in spite of living in Spain where it wasn’t a problem. As it turned out, no-one bothered them at all and the pair of them were able to stay together without any problem.

Jackie refused to contact her mother. So she never found out what had happened to her or the man who had raped her. Several weeks after they had left the UK Dennis informed them that six black men had been arrested for raping and murdering a young girl in the same village that Jason had rescued Jackie in. Two of them had only recently recovered from a brutal beating when they said that they had been attacked by a group of ten or more youngsters. One had been treated for a punctured lung, another for a dislocated shoulder and a third for a crushed testicle. All the men had been arrested an were now waiting trial for murder.

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