An eight year old’s worst nightmare (Mg)

An eight year old’s worst nightmare (Mg)

Author: Uncle Tony

Prologue: An eight year old girl is raped by her step-dad, who then want to rent her out to highly placed, rich pedophiles.

Tammy woke with a start. They were at it again. Her stepdad had just come back from the pub, probably drunk again and he and mom were screaming at each other. She put the pillow over her head to drown out the racket. Her mom was very beautiful. She wasn’t very good at anything at school and she had no real skills. At 16 she got pregnant by a professional wrestler and body builder. She had wanted to get an abortion, but the man, Maxwell insisted on marrying her and they kept the result, which was little Tammy. She was only eight, but she promised to be even more beautiful than her mom.

Max had been a wonderful dad. They had lived in aa big house, big car and a great lifestyle. Her mom hadn’t really been interested in her, but her dad made up for that and she was the apple of his eye. Then, when she was six, her dad had chanced upon a house on fire. He had rushed in and rescued the two children, both of whom had survived, but David had died of smoke inhalation in the ambulance on his way to hospital. It was 1961, Mom couldn’t pay for the mortgage. She got a job at a local night club as an exotic dancer and there she had met her step-dad, Brian. He was a coalesce Tonye miner. He was fat, with a beer belly, he smoked like a chimney and he spent most nights in the pub. His one redeeming feature was that he had his own house and when mom and Tammy had been evicted, he offered them a place to stay. It wasn’t a big house. Her mom and dad had one bedroom and she had the other. Brian had a dog, a big Rottweiler called Sam. Tammy was terrified of it.

Eventually things went quiet but soon after she heard the noise of an ambulance and there was a commotion downstairs. She got up and from the top of the stairs she saw her mom being carried out on a stretcher. She ran downstairs.

“What happened? Where are they taking mom? What’s wrong?” She asked Brian.

“Your mom fell down and hurt herself. Now go back to bed and go to sleep. They are taking her to the hospital.” She went back upstairs and eventually fell asleep. The next morning, her alarm went off, so she got up to get ready for school. When she came downstairs, there was nothing on the table. She heard Brian snoring. She got some cereal and made some tea. Then she left for school, it was Friday, so she had the weekend to look forward to.

After school, she arrived home to find Brian sitting in a chair.

“How’s mom ?” She asked

“Oh, I went to see her. She’s alright. She had concussion. She’ll be home in a couple of days. Now come on, I bought food, it’s in the pantry. Make some tea and make a bite to eat for us both, there’s a good girl.” She cooked some sausages and made chips and baked beans. They ate in silence. She cleaned the table and washed the dishes.

“I’m going down the pub for a bit, don’t wait up. Go to bed like a good girl.” She did her homework and then went to bed. She woke up at the sound of Brian coming back. He staggered up the stairs and went into his bedroom and she heard him vomiting into the en suite bathroom. Some time later, her bedroom door was flung open. Her step-father stood in the doorway completely naked. His man thing was sticking out. He walked to her bed and yanked the cover off her.

“Come here.” He grabbed her wrist, pulled her out of the bed and dragged her next door to his bedroom. He picked her up and dumped her onto the double bed. Tammy was scared, in fact she was terrified.

“Daddy, what are you doing, please daddy, I just want to sleep.” She was struggling to get away, but he slapped her face hard.

“Stop your shit, you little bitch. Just behave and do as you are told. Now take your pajamas off.”

“No, daddy, please, just let me go back to bed.” He slapped her on both sides of her face.

“Shut up, stop struggling and get your fucking pajamas off – now.” He ripped her top open and the buttons tore off. “Get it off.” He slapped her again. Terrified, she took off her top, she was sobbing hysterically. “And the bottoms.” He grabbed the bottom of her pajama legs and yanked them off. “That’s better.” He told her. “Now shut up, stop struggling, it won’t help you, just keep still. It’s going to hurt a bit, but you’ll get used to it.” He opened the drawer at the side of the bed and took out a tube of stuff. He was kneeling between her open legs. He squeezed some of the stuff onto his finger and then shoved his big finger deep inside her little pussy. She screamed in pain. He slapped her face hard again. “Now keep still or I’ll really hurt you.” He rubbed his man thingy and then maneuvered himself into position and pushed his thing inside her little pussy. It wasn’t particularly big, only around seven inches, but to little Tammy, who had never seen a man’s erect penis, it seemed monstrous. It felt as if she were being torn in two.

“Fuck, this is one tight pussy.” He grunted and just kept pushing. Every time she screamed, he slapped her face again. “Keep still, we’re nearly there.” His belly was crushing her. The pain was unbelievable. She was sobbing. It didn’t help. He kept pushing and the intruder made its way slowly but surely until he was buried deep in her little vagina. “There we are, now that wasn’t so bad was it?” He started to pull the thing out. Then suddenly he pushed it back in again. It felt as if she was being rubbed inside with sandpaper. In, out, in, out. He started to pump faster and faster, she almost fainted from the pain. He was dripping sweat onto her, his breath stank of booze, vomit and stale cigarette smoke and he stank of stale sweat. He farted and the stench was overpowering. Then she felt the monstrous thing inside her get even bigger.

Oh fuck, yes.” He grunted and she felt something warm splash inside her. This was disgusting. Her step-dad was peeing inside her “oh Jesus, yes.” Another spurt. Then he just kept grunting and with each grunt, the intruder swelled and more pee went into her. She could feel it running out of her. Finally he pulled his thing out of her and a flood of liquid poured out. He collapsed on top of her. She struggled to breathe. She thought she was going to die, then he rolled off her, panting. “Jesus, that was good. Best fuck I’ve had in years. Go on, get into the bathroom and clean yourself up. Come on, get a move on.” She jumped out of the bed. “Don’t try to get out of here, or Sam will have you. Sam, make sure she stays in here.” The dog was lying outside of the door. He stood up and gave a rumbling growl. Tammy fled into the bathroom and put on the light. Her tummy and the inside of her thighs were covered in blood and as she watched a big blob of white slimy stuff that looked a bit like snot, oozed out of her little pussy. It wasn’t pee, but she had no idea what it was. More oozed out. She ran some water into the bath and washed herself. It seemed that the slimy stuff he had pumped into her was still coming out. She shuddered. Her little pussy was so sore and she was burning inside.

“Come on, don’t take all fucking night. Get your arse back in here and look sharp about it or I’ll send Sam to fetch you.” She dried herself and naked, still crying and trembling with fear, she came back into the bedroom. Brian patted the bed. “Come on, jump in and get a move on.” Trembling and still crying, she got back into the bed. Brian started stroking her skin and playing with her little nipples.

“Christ, you’re a pretty little thing.” He ran his hand down to her pussy.

“Please daddy, please don’t. It hurts real bad and I’m bleeding. I think you broke something inside me.”

“Don’t be such a fucking baby, I just popped your cherry. All girls bleed a bit the first time they get fucked and yeah, it hurts a bit, but it’s already stopped bleeding and this time it won’t hurt as much.” He forced her legs open and she saw his thing was still wet. “Now just keep still and stop trying to fight it. You’ll soon get used to it and start to enjoy it.” He took the tube and squeezed some of it onto his thing and then started to push it back inside her. He got it all the way inside her quicker than the previous time. She was very sore and she almost fainted from the pain, but he pounded away at her for much longer this time. It was a nightmare. Then she felt it swell again and he pumped more of his slimy stuff inside her. He held her tightly to him and rolled right over so that she was now on top, with his thing buried deeply inside her still.

After a while it got smaller and smaller until it fell out and the liquid poured out onto him and the bed. She tried to get up to go to the bathroom again, but he grabbed her arm and held her.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” He asked her.

“I’m going to the bathroom to clean up.” She sobbed.

“No you’re not, just go to sleep, it will dry out soon a bit of spunk won’t hurt you. Come here.” He dragged her close to him and put his arm round her. Within minutes he was snoring. Carefully she tried to get out of bed. She wanted to put on her pajamas and go back to her own room but the moment her feet touched the floor, there was a menacing growl. She quickly got back into bed. Exhausted from her experience, eventually she fell asleep.

She was awakened by something pushing into her pussy. She was lying on her side with her back to her step-dad and he was pushing his thing inside her, holding her close so that she couldn’t get away. He was grunting and he pushed his thing in and out of her. It didn’t take very long before he squirted his slimy stuff into her for the third time. It wasn’t quite as painful as the previous night, but it still hurt a lot. When he finally pulled out, he stroked her long blonde hair.

“You see, it isn’t so bad. You’ll soon get used to it, because I’m going to fuck you a lot from now on and I’ve got other plans for you as well. You’ll just need to learn how to get yourself wet and ready. You’ve been a good girl so far. If you keep it up like that, I’ll take good care of you and your mom, but, if you ever tell anyone, and I mean anyone about what we are doing.” He sat up in bed and got a handful of her hair and he almost lifted her off the bed with it. Poor little Tammy was screaming in pain. “I’ll drag you up and down stairs with you hair and then I’ll beat you and your mom until you wish you were dead and then I’ll throw you both out onto the street with nothing, not even your clothes.” He shook her by the hair a couple more times and then let go. “All that you have to do, is be a good girl, do as I tell you, stop crying and struggling and you and I will get on fine. Now get up and make us both some breakfast. You can do me two eggs and don’t forget the toast and marmalade.”

After breakfast, he set her to cleaning the house, making the beds and changing the bloodstained sheets and washing them. Around lunch time, he went out, locking her in an telling Sam to keep an eye on her. He wasn’t gone long and he came back with a pile of fish and chips. They ate and then he informed Tammy that he was going to see her mom in the hospital.

“Can I come too, please?

“I suppose so, but just remember what I told you this morning. If you ever say a word to anyone, you’ll regret it until the day that you die.” Mom had a swollen mouth, a black eye and a cut over her eye.

“They say that I might have a thyroid problem as well.” She told them. “They are going to do some tests on Monday and they say that I should be able to come home either Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.” Tammy was very quiet, she was still very sore and uncomfortable. They caught the bus home.

“Put the Telly on.” Brian ordered, we can watch the Avengers and Saturday Night at the London Palladium.” She turned on the TV. “Now, come and sit here by me on the couch.” He ordered. Frightened, she obeyed. He put his arm around her and pulled her close. “Time you learned how to give your dad a blow job.” He unbuttoned his fly and pulled out his semi-erect thing. “Now just imagine my penis is a big lollipop and suck it nicely. If you try to bite me, or hurt me with your teeth, I’ll feed you to Sam.” She looked at it in horror. There was a drop of glistening liquid coming out of the hole.

“No daddy, please.” He grabbed her hair and forced her head down. “Open your fucking mouth and put it inside or I’ll beat the shit out of you. Don’t throw up, don’t bite, just suck it nicely. Come on, all the way in.” She gagged as he forced it into her mouth. He held her head so that she couldn’t get away and then his hips started to move as he pushed it in and out of her mouth. “Now when I come, I want you to swallow every drop of my spunk.” He told her. “If you try to throw up or spit it out, I’ll knock shit out of you. Now come on, move your head up and down and get me off.” Holding her hair and head, he was forcing hr up and down getting deeper and deeper into her throat. “That’s a good girl. Here it comes. Swallow all of it.” His penis swelled in her mouth and the first spurt of his semen hit the back of her throat. She swallowed and gulped, but it seemed that it would never stop. She was choking and gagging and trying desperately not to throw up, but it was running down down her nose and down her chin.

“Good girl. You’re a fast learner.” He got up and poured her a small glass of Port. “Here drink this. It’s a reward for doing such a good job. With a bit of practice, you’ll be an expert.” She drank the port and it took the taste of his slime away. They sat together until the TV was finished.

“Now, go upstairs into my bathroom, clean your teeth and get ready for bed. Then get into the bed. My bed. Don’t bother to put pajamas on or I’ll just have to rip them off and then burn them. When you’re in bed, try and make yourself nice and wet down there because I’m coming up to fuck you again and I don’t want any of your shit. Understand?” Tammy was terrified. He was going to do it again. Tears ran down her face. He slapped her hard. “I’m not going to keep warning you. Stop crying. Get used to it, because I’m going to fuck you a lot. Your mom won’t help you, because if she starts her shit, she’s out on the street.” Tammy crept upstairs. She washed and brushed her teeth and then climbed naked into the big bed. She had no idea how she was supposed to make it wet for him. She just lay trembling with fear.

He came into the room, took off his clothes and stood naked at the side of the bed. He fondled and pawed her little body for a while and then he seemed to reach a decision.

“We’ll try it different tonight.” He told her. “The sooner you learn the sooner you can start to earn some money. Come on get onto your hands and knees. We’ll do it doggy style. Trembling, she did as she was told. He pulled her around until she was on the edge of the bed and then he stood on the floor behind her. He tried to push his finger into her pussy, but it was very dry, so he took,the tube of stuff and lubricated her. “I think your mom might be able to teach you how to get it wet.” He told her. “Now keep still and behave.” He pushed his penis inside her and started thrusting into her. It wasn’t as painful as before, but it still hurt and she fell soiled and humiliated. His arms were round her, he squeezed and rubbed her budding breasts and nipples. It didn’t take very long.

“Oh fuck it, I’m coming.” He groaned and he pumped his slimy spunk into her little body. He pulled out and watched his slime as it oozed out of her. “OK, time for sleep. No don’t bother about cleaning, it soon gets dry. It won’t hurt you. I suppose you are too young for me to have to worry about knocking you up, but I suppose we have to be a bit careful or your earning potential will drop.” Eventually, she fell asleep. She woke to her step-father shaking her.

“Come on, wake up, time for a nice Sunday morning fuck. You can come on top this time.” He took out the tube and this time he coated his penis with it. “Come on, climb on top of me and sit on it.” He stroked his penis until it was hard. Come on. Stop fucking around. Just sit on it and let it all go inside.” She did as she was told. It still hurt, but not nearly as much as before. “Now rock yourself on it, not too far or it will come out. I’ll help. ” It took her a while before she could do what he wanted and then he started to move as well. “Fuck it, you are one really beautiful little girl. Men will pay hundreds to fuck you. When you grow some tits, you’ll be fucking gorgeous. Oh Christ, I’m going to fuck you plenty times. Come on, speed it up, I want to fill you with my sperms.” He made it last a lot longer this time before he pumped another load of his slimy spunk inside her.

He helped her to cook some food for lunch and after they had eaten, he made her sit with him on the couch. He unbuttoned his fly and pulled it out.

“Time to learn how to do a hand job.” He told her. He lay back along the couch. “Get on your knees, put your hand around it and work it up and down. Start slowly and when it tell you, get faster and faster until I come.” She has no choice but to obey. He lay there as she jerked him off. He kept stopping her “hold on, not so fast. I’m really enjoying this.” Eventually, she watched in awe as jet after jet after jet of his thick, hot semen spurted out all over his chest and stomach. “Now lick it off me. Come on, none of your crap. Just do it.” He sat up. “Let’s go upstairs. We can lie down and rest for a bit, and then we can fuck again.” He half dragged her to his bed and they lay down together. She fell asleep. When she woke up, Brian was still snoring. She wanted to get up, but every time she moved, Sam growled.

When Brian woke, he made her turn to face him and after a bit of positioning, he pushed his penis inside her and fucked her face to face. His foul breath an constant farting almost made her throw up, but she was helpless. She had no chance against her step-father and his brute of a dog.

“See.” He told her as he pulled his flaccid penis out. “It doesn’t hurt any more, does is?”

“Not as much.” She admitted. “But I’m still sore inside and it hurts, but not as much.” He ruffled her hair.

“You can be a good kid. You’re a pretty little thing. When your tits are a bit bigger, you’ll be a real cracker. All you have to do now is start to enjoy it, because you are going to get plenty. Now off you go like a good girl and make breakfast. While you’re busy, I’ll pop down to the phone box and call the hospital.” He wasn’t long gone “Mom is coming home this afternoon, so tidy up and make the bed in case she wants to lie down. Best make your bed as well. She can sleep in your bed whilst I’m fucking you and you can sleep in your own when I’m fucking her. We don’t any any jealousy.” He laughed. “Don’t worry, you’ll both get plenty, I promise you.” Tammy was pretty sure that her mom would intervene, she had just gone numb and resigned herself to being fucked all the time and being a toy for he step-father. She was helpless. She was only eight, she had no real friends and she shuddered at the thought of what he would do to her if she told anyone.

At tea time, a taxi arrived with her mom. She was smiling. She kissed Brian.

“Have you missed me?” She asked. Brian looked at her.

“Not really. I’ve been teaching young Tammy how to fuck and she’s a quick learner.” Tammy’s mother looked horrified.

“You haven’t molested my daughter, have you? You wouldn’t dare.” She looked at Tammy.

“Yes.” He raised his huge fist threateningly. “And I’m going to fuck her a lot more. You’ll get yours, don’t worry. If you don’t like it, you can pack your stuff and fuck off, both of you right now. Now before you start your shit, just listen to me. There are men out there who’ll pay hundreds of Pounds just to fuck a little girl. I’ve got a mate at work, who knows a bloke. He organizes little girls like Tammy for these rich bastards. They are Bank Managers, lawyers, doctors, fucking Government Ministers who like to fuck little girls. They pay premium prices. I talked to him in the pub after I’d broken her in and he reckons that he can get five hundred quid from some of these guys just for an hour. He says some of ’em can hardly get it up, but they like to play with kids and finger fuck them and get blown. We can start her off with one a night and build it up. I reckon she can do five or six every night. That’s a lot of money. You can stop working after a while, and so can I.”

Tammy couldn’t believe her ears. The thought of five or six fat old men sticking their things into her and filling her with their slime was horrifying. She was even more horrified when she saw her mother warming to the idea.

“Yes, but we can’t let them come here, Brian, and what if one of them knocks her up? What if you’ve already knocked her up?”

“She can’t get pregnant and have a kid at eight, can she?” Brian asked.

“I doubt it, but until she starts her periods, they’ll have to use a condom, we can’t take chances.” Brian thought for a minute.

“No worry. These rich cunts won’t wear condoms. If she does get pregnant one of my mates knows a doctor who do an abortion for her. They won’t give a fuck if the put a bun in her oven. Once she starts her periods, it will be essy.” Tammy went cold, this wasn’t happening. “When I go to work tomorrow, I’ll talk to my mate and he can start setting things up. The ones who live near will send a car, we’ll stick with the nearer ones for a while until we have a bit of cash in the kitty, then I can take her down to London and stay in a hotel, so some can come to her and others will send a limo to take us to them. I’m going to insist that I watch, to make sure that they don’t mark her. I’m going to give you two weeks until the end of the month to teach her how to get wet and how to at least look as if she’s enjoying it.” Tammy knew that she had only one option and that was to run. She had no idea where. She knew where her mom kept some money. She was thinking furiously. Brian eyed his wife, she was a stunner.

“Come on, let’s celebrate. I think it’s time you got a good fucking. Get undressed we can do it here.” Tammy’s mom started to strip. Tammy got up and went towards the door. “Where do you think you’re going? ” he yelled. “Get your arse back her and get your clothes off as well. You can watch.” Tammy had no option. Slowly she stripped off her clothes. “And the shoes and socks.” He shouted. He started to fondle her mother’s breasts.

“No Brian. I want to watch you fuck my daughter. The thought of you filling her with sperm is too much. Come on love, fuck her good. I can’t wait to see that big ole dick of yours sliding in and out of my little girl’s hairless cunt. Shit, her real dad will be turning in his grave if he can see what we are doing with his little darling” Brian didn’t need telling twice.

“On your knees, both of you. We’ll do doggie.” He stuck his fingers into her mother’s pussy. It was swollen and Tammy could see the glistening pink. “Tammy, come and stick your fingers up moms cunt and feel how wet she is. You have to learn how to get like that. He forced her fingers in, then he picked her up and put her on a low table. It was just the right height so he could penetrate her standing up. He wet his fingers in her mother’s pussy and then stuck them into Tammy’s. He did it several times and then he grabbed Tammy around the waist and rammed his swollen penis into her. He started thrusting. Tammy’s mom was rubbing herself.

“That’s it Brian, give her a good fucking. Oh Jesus, I’m coming. Oh fuck.” Brian kept going for about ten minutes, then he pulled Tammy hard against him and thrust his prick into her further than it had ever gone before. She felt it swell and pump his slime into her nine or ten times.

“Oh fuck, Brian, fill her up. Oh shit, this is so fucking sexy, oh Brian, I can’t help it, I’m coming again.” Brian pulled out his softening penis. It was followed by a flood of liquid semen. Tammy tried to move.

“Keep still.” He told her. Great ropes of white creamy semen was oozing out of Tammy’s bald little pussy and down her thighs. Her mother just lost it.

“Oh my God, that’s the sexiest sight I’ve ever seen, my little girl dripping your baby juice from her hairless little cunt. “Oh my God, I’m coming again. Oh Brian for Christ’s sake get ready and fuck me too.”

“Go and make some tea.” He told Tammy lifting her off the table. No you don’t need to get dressed. Go on.” Tammy ran naked into the kitchen, his slimy semen was running down her legs. She felt humiliated and dirty. Her own mother had turned on her. They were going to rent her out to dirty fat old men who would fill her with sperms and make babies in her. She made up her mind as she made the tea. The next day she was going to run far away and they would never find her. Maybe she would find someone who would help her’ but nothing could be worse than what her mother and step-father had planned for her.

When she got back with the tea, her mom called her.

“Come here, Tammy. I know this all sounds weird to you at the moment, but you’re going to make a lot of money and I mean a lot. Daddy and I are going to give you twenty-five percent of everything you make. We’ll put it into a bank for you. You could e earning as much as five or six hundred pounds every night. If you work a six night week, you could be getting three thousand pounds every week. You’ll have to keep your body in shape, like I’ve done. I hated it at first when your dad made me go to the gym, but look at me now.” She stood up. She was naked. Slim and muscular, with her stomach muscles showing. Her breasts were small but firm. She had a triangle of golden hair, the same color as her long wavy hair. “When you get past sixteen, you’ll have enough money to set yourself up with a swanky apartment in London and you can be a high class escort for rich old men. As soon as Brian has recovered, I’m going to give you your first lesson.” They had tea, her mom buttered some scones, with strawberry jam. Mom and Brian talked about her new ‘career’ as they called it. Poor Tammy was absolutely mortified at the thought of what they were going to make her do. After an hour or so, mom was playing with Brian’s penis and he started to get hard. “Go and put your clothes on.” Mom told him. Brian got dressed

“Now Tammy, watch and listen carefully. I’m going to pretend to be you, and Brian will pretend he’s a client. It’s your first time with him. Tonight’ it’s your turn, you are going to do this with Brian, so pay attention. Sit there.” She got up and went out of the room, closing the door behind her. A little while later, she knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Brian called. Her mom came slowly into the room. She had got dressed in a pair of very short shorts and a very short top. She walked in looking very timid and demure.

“Hello, sir.” She said to Brian. My name is Tammy. I’m only eight years old. What’s your name?”

“I’m Brian.”

“Oh Brian’s a nice name. I’d like to be your friend Brian, would you like to be my friend?”

“I would very much like to be your friend, Tammy, Brian replied.

“May I sit near you please, Brian?” Plonking herself tightly next to him. “I do naughty things sometimes, Brian. Do you do naughty things as well?” She put her hand high on his thigh and started to stroke his leg.

“Ooh Brian. There’s a lump in your pants. I think we should do something about that, don’t you?” While she was talking, she unbuttoned Brian’s fly and pulled out his penis. She stroked it gently.

Ooh, it’s beautiful. So nice. I want to kiss it. She bent over and licked the length of his shaft. After licking several times, she put it in her mouth and started to give Brian a blow job. She stopped and looked at Tammy.

“If you’re clever and you do this properly, you can get him to shoot his load in your mouth. I’m going to pretend daddy just did. Listen.” She bent back down over him and worked for a few minutes, then she pulled her head back suddenly.

“Oh no, oh, I’m sorry. It was just so nice. Boy, do you taste good, she smacked her lips and pretended to lick him clean. “Oh please make it hard again, Brian. I so much wanted to feel that inside me. I like it when you come inside my little pussy. It feels so good and I imagine all your little fishies swimming around inside me trying to make me a baby.” She turned to Tammy. If you take your time, you can be sure he won’t be able to get it up again before the hour is up. You can either stay and let him paw you, or some men will want to finish right there. Then, once it’s time.” She turned back to Brian.

Oh Brian, I’m so sorry that I made you come so quickly. I really do want to feel you inside me.may I come back again. I’d like that.” She turned to Tammy. “If you play your cards right, you’ll have hooked a regular customer. Now I’m going to pretend that I couldn’t get him off and he wants to fuck me.” She turned back to Brian.

“Oh, it’s so nice, I can’t wait to feel it inside me. Will you fuck me Brian? You won’t hurt me, will you? I’m only an innocent little girl. Can we do it in your bed. I like to do it in bed.” Brian stood up and took her moms hand and led her up to his bedroom.

“Let me help you undress, Brian. You can undress me if you like, or I can just take them off.” She helped Brian out of his clothes and took off her own. Then she got on top and straddled him. “Tammy, you should always try to go on top. Some men won’t let you, but most will. It’s more comfortable for you if you are on top, then when he’s done, he won’t flop on top of you like Brian does quite often” Tammy knew all about Brian flopping on her! Her mom massaged Brian’s erection and then sat on it and took his full length.

“Oooh Brian, that feels soooo very very good.” She started moving slowly. “Ooh, I like being fucked. It’s the nicest thing there is.” Her movements started to get faster. “Ooh yes, oh Brian, I think I’m coming, oh God, yes, yes, yes. Her mother was having spasms and shudders. “Oh Brian, that was so good, please Brian, make me come again, fill me with your sperms, please Brian.” Tammy saw that Brian was indeed going to come and he did. Her mom was moaning and writhing on him. Oh my God, I’m coming again, oh yes, so good, fill me Brian I want every drop of your lovely hot love juice deep inside me. Oh, it’s beautiful.” She sank on top of Brian and lay there panting for a few minutes. Then she reared up and climbed off him. “That was fantastic Brian. Can we do it again soon, please Brian. I like it when you fuck me so nicely. You made me come twice. It was great. Thank you so much.” She got off the bed and started to dress.

“Now Tammy, if you do it like I showed you, you’ll soon have a whole bunch of regular customers. I want you to try it with Brian tonight before we go to sleep. Even if he smells and you hate him, he’s paying for you to make him feel like he’s a real man. Some of the old bastards can’t even get it hard enough to put inside you. You just have to let them paw you and give them a nice wank or a blow job. Think of the cash and keep smiling and telling them what they want to hear.” That night, Tammy’s mom took her into the bedroom.

“Before we do this with your dad, I want to show you how to fake an orgasm.”

“What’s an orgasm mom?” Tammy asked.

“Well, you know what happens where a man spurts his semen into you. To the man it feels really, really good. Once you settle down and get used to being fucked, you’ll have orgasms as well, but only with guys that you really like. It’s hard to explain, but take your panties off and I’ll show you how to fake it.” Tammy had no choice. She took off her panties and lay back on the bed. Tammy’s mom stuck her finger into Tammy’s little pussy.

“When he’s been humping away at you for a while, not too quickly mind you, you start to gasp, then you tighten your cunt muscles as hard as you can on his cock. Now squeeze my finger, harder, as hard as you can. At the same time you scream something like, oh Jesus, this is so good oh my God I’m coming. Then you relax count three slowly then squeeze again. Make a face. Keep squeezing him rhythmically, for a while. Now show me.” Tammy did as she was told and practiced until her mom was satisfied.

Next, Tammy had to go through the entire scenario with her step-father. She did exactly as she had been taught. When she screamed ‘oh my God, daddy, I’m coming, I’m coming’ and clamped down on Brian’s dick, he lost it completely and pumped a load of his sticky semen into her.

“That was fantastic.” Tammy’s mom told her. You learn very quickly. We can practice this every day for a while and I’m going to try to teach you how to make yourself ready for sex. You’re going to make us all very rich.” Tammy slept very badly. She was having thoughts about what she was going to be forced to do. Next morning, she got ready for school. Her mom had made breakfast. Brian already gone to work.

“Are you going to the shops this morning, mommy?” Tammy asked innocently.

“Yes, and I’ll bring ice cream an chocolates for you for being such a good girl.” Tammy left, but she didn’t go to school, instead, she hid behind some bushes, watching the door. Soon after, her mom came out, walked to the bus stop and caught the bus to town. Tammy went to the house. She had a key. She went to the spare room. She had watched her mom move a piece of the skirting and put money into a box. She carefully moved the skirting. The box was full of money, fives, twos and one pound notes. She thought that there were several thousand pounds there. Carefully she counted out one hundred pounds in various denominations. A hundred pounds was a small fortune in 1961 and she reckoned that her mom wouldn’t even miss. She ran down to th e bus stop and caught a bus to Nottingham. She was very scared, she asked an elderly woman where the train station was and found a train going to London. She spent most of the trip hiding in the toilet. When everyone got off in London, she managed to mingle with the passengers and get past te ticket inspector. Why would expect a little girl with a knapsack and a small suitcase to be traveling on her own.

She looked in a map book she had brought with her and decided that she wanted to get right down to the south of England, so asking a few more people and riding on a bus with a friendly old woman who took pity on a little girl who was going home after being with her auntie who was too sick to travel with her. At Victoria station, she found a train bound for Canterbury. It was now afternoon. She was starting to wish that she hadn’t left home. She walked aimlessly around after she left the station and found the Main Street. She went into the town and found a middle aged man sitting alone on a bench outside of the library. She approached him.

“Hello, my name is Tammy and I’m only . . .” The man scowled at her.

“Go away or I’ll call a policeman.” She hurried away. She saw a very big church, through narrow twisty streets she made her way to it. People were feeding the pigeons, but they ere mostly couples and women. She decided to go into the big church and find a place where she could hide and sleep for the night. She passed a bench and a young man was sitting on a bench, with a drawing pad. He called to her.

“What’s the matter?” He asked, “are you lost, have you lost your mom and dad?” He was very pleasant and smiling. It wasn’t what she expected or wanted, but she was starting to get very frightened and desperate. He reminded her of her father, big and very muscular and powerful.

“My name’s Tammy, I’m only eight years old. I’m scared and I’m lost. I need a friend. Would you be my friend.”

“Sure, I’ll be your friend Tammy. I’m Eddie, now where’s you mom and dad. You’ve lost them, haven’t you? Come on, where were they? Let’s go and find them.” He was going to stand up, but Tammy sat down beside him. She started to cry.

“My mom and dad are dead, I’m all alone, I’ve got no place to stay. I’m tired and I’m hungry. I’ve got some money. Will you help me please?” The man looked at her.

“So you’re an orphan are you? Where did you live before, how long have you been on your own? You’re not a very good fibber. You’ve run away, haven’t you? What did you do? Did you break something. Your folks love you, you know. Running away is a really bad idea. Come on, dry your eyes and let me take you home. I’ll sort it out with your mom and dad. They’ll be worried sick.”

“No, I’m never going home. They want to do really bad things with me.” The light was starting to fade.

“It’s getting late, Tammy. I can’t just leave you here, anything could happen. You can come home with me and tell me all about it and tomorrow, we can try to solve your problem. Come on.” He put out his hand and she held it tightly. He led her to the bus depot and they got onto a bus.quite a way out of the city, they got off at a bus stop and walked down a lane to a house which stood on its own in a big garden. When they got near the door, Tammy started to panic.

“I’m only a little girl Mister Eddie, you won’t hurt me, will you?” He smiled at her.

“Don’t be silly, Tammy, of course I won’t hurt you. Do you think I’m an ogre or something and I’m going to eat you?” He led her into the hallway and put on the light in the living room. He lit the gas fire and she say on the settee.she mulled her options. He was probably going to fuck her, but it couldn’t be worse than her step-dad. She hoped he wouldn’t just throw her out in the cold after he had finished. Should she tell him the truth or continue with her story. She decided to see what happened. He made a pot of tea and brought some biscuits.

“Now then, Tammy. Tell me all about it. Things aren’t as bad as they look at the time. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, your parents will forgive you. What did you do?” Tammy really started crying. “We have two choices. You can tell me now, and I’ll try to get you home before it’s too late or tomorrow. I can take you to the police station in Canterbury and they will contact the police in your town and send you home and if they can’t find your parents, they’ll put you into an orphanage and God knows what terrible things they’ll do to you. A pretty little girl like you would be fair game for some of these people.” Tammy decided that her only way out was the truth.

“My daddy was a hero, he died rescuing some children from a burning building. My mom is very beautiful and when he died, she gor a job as an exotic dancer. Then they threw us out of the house and my mom went to live with this coal miner, and we went to live in his house. He smokes and drinks and when he gets drunk, he sometimes hits my mom. I think he hit her too hard a week ago, because she had to go to hospital. My step-dad tore my pajama off and he fucked me. It was horrible. He kept doing it until mom came home. I thought that she would stop him, but the two of them were going to send me around to rich old men to let them fuck me and they were going to charge a lot of money every time. My mom even gave me lessons on how to do it and how to fake enjoying it. I couldn’t bear the idea of lots of fat, smelly old men pawing me and sticking their things inside me and filling me with their slimy stuff, so I ran away.” She was sobbing. “That’s the truth. You can fuck me if you want to do if you’ll let me stay here until I can find somewhere else.” Eddy looked horrified. She was a gorgeous little girl, and he could well imagine how much money old perverts would pay to have sex with her. What to do?

“Tammy, I believe you. It’s horrible. We could go to the police and tell your story, but you would end up in an orphanage, which could well be just as bad. Let’s make you a bed up in the spare room and you can stay here tonight and we can decide what we are going to do in the morning.”

“No Eddie, I’m really scared, honest. Let me sleep in your bed with you. You seem nice. I don’t think you would hurt me. I meant it when I said you can fuck me if you like. I’ve done it a lot of times in the last week, it doesn’t hurt any longer.” In spite of himself, Eddie was turned on at the thought of having sex with this stunningly pretty little girl. Part of him was revolting against the idea, and another part was telling him that he would be an idiot to pass up a chance like this. Plenty of families were doing it, but not using their kids as prostitutes for old men.

He made a meal for both of them. After dinner, they watched TV for a while, then Tammy got hold of Eddie’s hand.

“I’m very tired. Can we go to bed now?” She asked. They went upstairs. Tammy took off all her clothes and unashamedly climbed into bed. Eddie put the gas fire and went into the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and washed up and put on his pajamas. He was determined not to do anything to this little girl. He walked into the bedroom and there she was, lying naked on the bed. Tammy had decided that the best way to stay here would be to give herself to him. Eddie stared at he, he was gorgeous, the thought of this lovely little girl, lying naked on the bed, waiting for him, was making him wild. He mentally skied himself how many men of any age could turn their back on something like this. It wasn’t as though he had coerced her or promised her anything, but he knew that he certainly couldn’t walk away from this promise of carnal delight.

She watched him as he walked from the bathroom. A bulge was starting to show in his pajamas. He was trying hard to hide it. As soon as he got upon to the bed, Tammy, put her hand on the bulge.

“Oh Eddie, that must be uncomfortable. Let me do something about it. She pulled out his penis, it was slightly smaller than her step father’s. She got it into her little mouth and started working on it. She wanted to be careful so he wouldn’t finish. After a while, she stopped and looked innocently at him. “I like you Eddie. I want you to, please.” Instead of getting on her like before, he slid way down the bed and started to lick the lips of her little pussy. It was actually feeling nice. Then he started to lick her sensitive spot with his tongue. It was feeling better and better. She groaned, she couldn’t help it. She had never felt like this before. She started to squirm and she grabbed his head with her hand. She never wanted this to stop. Suddenly something happened. It was an amazing sensation, her entire body tensed, the world seemed to stop and she was completely lost in a void of sheer pleasure. It was affecting her entire body. Involuntarily she cried out, a cry of total ecstasy. She lay back gasping, her body sill spasming. So this was an orgasm that her mom had talked about. It was incredible. If men felt like that when they spurted their stuff in her, no wonder they did it a lot.

Eddie pulled himself back up the bed and kissed her. Her step-dad hadn’t kissed her.she kissed back and soon their lips were locked. Edit got over her and she guided his iron hard penis. She suddenly realized that she was wet the entire inside of her little pussy was just full of slippery liquid. Eddie slid inside her. It didn’t hurt at all. Slowly he started to move. She had watched her mom and she got her little fingers working on that sensitive spot that Eddie had been licking.

“Oh Eddie. This feels so good. Take your time. I love feeling you inside me. I never thought that fucking could ever feel like this. Oh Eddie , it’s so good.” They worked together varying the tempo and sometimes stopping so that Eddie could keep himself in check. Finally he could hold on no longer.

Oh Tammy, I can’t help it, sorry. He swelled inside her and the first fountain of his seed splashed deep inside her little womb. It was just too much for Tammy. She cried out as her second orgasm hit..

“Yes, yes, oh God, I’m really coming. Oh yes, yes, yes.” She knew exactly what her mother had been showing her how to fake as they we’re both swept away in waves of sheer delight which swept over her. They rolled over clinging tightly to each other gasping and panting.

“So that’s what it’s really like, not like when my step-dad forced himself into me. I never enjoyed it before, even when it stopped hurting. I though it was just something that women had to put up with and only the men seemed to get something out of it. I’m so glad that I met you Eddie. You’ve been wonderful to me, but please don’t send me back to my mom and dad or send me to an orphanage. I want to stay with you always.”

“Well Tammy, in the short time that I’ve known you, you’ve turned me from a nice easy going bachelor into a pedophile and a pervert as well as a dad, sort of. I won’t send you home or to an orphanage. There is always a way. All we have to do is find it and make it work.”

They did find it and they did make it work. Eddie always did.