Allison and Uncle Kurt (Mg, oral, cons)

Allison and Uncle Kurt (Mg, oral, cons)

Introduction: Uncle Kurt has consensual sex with his lolita niece.

Author: PeachKisser2004

Allison knew from the moment she got home from school that tonight would be a busy night. The pretty little ten-year-old brunette girl walked into the living room to find her uncle relaxing in his housecoat on the couch, reading. But Uncle Kurt had let the housecoat fall open and underneath he was naked. Allison caught her breath as she took in the sight of her Uncle’s slightly-spread legs, the two heavy testicles in their little skin sac, his flaccid shaft lying atop a shock of red pubic hair. She felt her little pre-teen pussy twinge with anticipation of the pleasures ahead, and looked up just in time to see her favorite Uncle put his paper down and smile warmly.

“Hi sweetie pie!” he said enthusiastically, getting up to hug her. He let his housecoat open so she could slip her arms inside it. Uncle Kurt’s back felt warm to the child as she embraced her favorite uncle, feeling his bare belly against her cheek, feeling the lumpiness of his genitals pressing warmly against her chest. She felt her nipples tingle and stiffen at the warmth in her cleavage, and she lifted her eyes and smiled up at the horny adult.

Uncle Kurt leaned down to peck her face lovingly and stared for a few moments at her. “You sure are a pretty little girl!” he added.

“Thank you, and you’re my favorite Uncle in the whole wide world,” she replied, feeling a stirring against her pre-teen chest.

Stepping back slightly she gazed down at her Uncle’s penis, now rapidly inflating from the thought of what was in store.

“Hmm,” she said mischievously, a childish twinkle in her eye. “Looks like you’ve got some swelling down here, Uncle Kurt,” she said, patting the front of his hip right beside his crotch, rubbing the hairs gently and earning a groan from her uncle, his shaft thickening noticeably before her very eyes.

“Oh yes, I’m afraid I do!” said Kurt earnestly. “It’s been swollen up all day long waiting for you to come home and help me make it feel better.” It was their favorite game together, and Allison knew exactly the part she was to play.

“Why did it get all swollen?” she asked her Uncle, concern on her face as she glanced questioningly up at him.

“I think it might be because of my balls this time,” said her horny Uncle.

“Really? Because of your balls?”

“Yes, I think that’s it… you see, they feel really full right now, so that’s why I think it’s my balls making all this swelling happen.”

By this point Kurt’s cock was completely erect, jutting up and away from his body like an angry purple fist, his testicles drawn up tight beneath.

“I see,” said Allison. Kurt groaned as she drew one fingertip along the side of his shaft, and his shaft jerked upward suddenly when her finger grazed his ultra-sensitive glans.

“But it seems all swollen up here too… don’t you think the problem might be here?” said the the little girl, trying to be helpful as she wrapped her small hand around the base of the enormous adult member before her, adjusting her grip as she marvelled at the throbbing heat within.

Kurt closed his eyes and groaned as the child’s small hand gripped his elongated shaft. Kurt humped his hips helplessly against his niece’s hand,
bumping his taut scrotum against her cool wrist.

“Oh, now I see the swelling,” she said, taking her hand off to caress the front of Kurt’s balls where they had bumped her wrist. The wrinkly scrotal sac was drawn up tight, small red hairs tickling the back of her fingers as she traced the little central dividing seam from the base of her uncle’s erection on down beneath and between his balls. “Yes indeed,” continued the precocious child, “They really are swollen all right.”

“Do you think you can help make Uncle Kurt feel better?” gasped Kurt.

“Well, I can sure try!” she said enthusiastically.

Parting his legs slightly, Uncle Kurt made plenty of room for his young niece to reach underneath, and she did so in search of clues as to how to make her favorite uncle feel better. She knew that this type of swelling could be very painful for some men, and she wanted to do anything she could to help her poor uncle feel better.

Allison’s cupped her hand gently under her uncle’s sac and with her fingertips she felt the two balls within churn slightly and adjust themselves. It thrilled her to think of the millions of sperms that her uncle’s testicles were creating right now, even as her fingers lovingly grazed by only millimeters away. She felt another tingle in her pussy as she thought back on the last time she had watched her uncle ejaculate, how much better it had made him feel, and how happy she had been to have had a part in it, to have helped him relieve the terrible pressure in his balls.

Allison’s pudgy little thumb now moved in slow circles against the side of the base of Kurt’s cock, while she lifted more on his heavy scrotum, making Kurt groan and hiss out to her, “Oh god Allison, I think you found the problem!”

The child nodded thoughtfully, a small smile spreading across her features. “But how are we ever going to fix it?” she asked innocently, glancing up at her uncle. Kurt could only groan as he stared down at her through lust-slitted eyes.

“My mommy always says that if something hurts, it’s best to give it a big kiss,” said Allison. “Do you think maybe I should give your penis a big kiss?” she asked. Kurt just nodded and held his breath.

Leaning her pouting lips down she kissed the shiny purple tip of her Uncle’s penis. Pulling her head back she gazed down the swollen penis in her hands, then brought her other hand over to wrap fully around the shaft.

As Allison adjusted her grip on Kurt’s swollen shaft, still cupping his balls, a gleaming dewdrop of clear pre-cum fluid oozed out of the tip, gathering in a large dollop right at the very end. Allison squeezed the shaft to get it all out, then leaned forward and lapped it up. The salty fertile taste made her shiver with anticipation. Allison loved the taste of her uncle’s penis juices, his ‘sperms,’ as he called them, and this leaky stuff tasted almost like it, but not quite as thick or as salty.

Allison had actually first heard about ‘sperms’ in her health class at school, but she was pretty sure that none of the other girls had ever actually seen real sperms, let alone tasted them firsthand. Allison felt like she was a pretty special girl, lucky to have a loving uncle like Uncle Kurt who would take such an interest in her early sexual education.

The groan as her warm breath flowed over his penis told Allison that her uncle was probably ready to cum now, so she knew to move the game along a little faster. Squeezing both his shaft and his balls gently, Allison helpfully asked “Do you think maybe you just have too many of those ‘sperms’ in your balls, maybe?” Kurt groaned and nodded.

“Okay, let me try and get some of them out,” said the child, and began stroking her hand firmly along the unlubricated shaft, sliding the loose silky skin along the rigid insides.

“Ungh!” groaned her uncle, and Allison felt the veins along his shaft bulge out, the huge cockhead swelling even more as her hand pumped fresh blood into the penis before her. The silky warm skin slipped effortlessly up and down the rigid stiffness within, and the two balls in her other hand continued churning, so she cupped them more firmly and squeezed her fingertips around them, adjusting them in their tight sac, making her uncle moan with pleasure.

“Not gonna be long,” he hissed. A few more moments of stroking and Allison got an idea. Bobbing her head down to her uncle’s cock she wrapped her pre-teen lips around the head and opened her mouth around the purple head.

Kurt had his eyes shut at that exact moment and he jerked with surprise as
he felt the girl’s warm little mouth engulf his sensitive cockhead. “Oh my God Allison!” he said with surprise. Allison just grinned up at her uncle, swirling her tongue around the bulby head of his shaft.

But Uncle Kurt worried because the orgasm he felt approaching was unbelievably powerful, and he worried he might hurt his darling little niece if she wasn’t careful.

“Careful sweetie… gonna cum… really hard!” he said almost unintelligibly, grunting and gasping the words out.

She pulled her head back. “That’s okay Uncle Kurt, you can blow off into my mouth if you really want to.” She wrapped her small mouth around the swollen glans and Kurt let out another long groan and then it was over.

Even Allison was surprised at the violence of Kurt’s orgasm. The sperm literally blasted into her mouth like a firehose, its potency and power gagging her momentarily as she kept up her stroking and squeezing of Kurt’s bulging cock and balls. Allison’s mouth quickly became filled with Kurt’s milky seed, but she couldn’t really swallow from the angle her neck was bending forward at. Kurt tried desperately not to fuck his niece’s face, but his hips were beyond his control, and once he shoved forwards hard enough to fill most of Allison’s mouth, and a huge gout of his spent cum splashed out from between her lips, dribbling down her chin and along the underside of his cock.

As Allison felt her uncle’s heavy testicles begin to relax and his scrotum unwind and sag, she felt just a few more pulses of sperm flow into her mouth, and now her uncle’s breathing was short and raspy, but at least his legs appeared more steady. “Oh God sweetie,” he groaned.

Keeping her mouth in place until she was sure Uncle Kurt was done squirting, she pulled back and tried to swallow the salty mass in her mouth, but the stuff was so sticky she still had a lot left in her mouth. Allison just loved the taste of her uncle’s sperm, and some of it seemed to have gotten up into her nostrils in fact, as she could smell her uncle’s potent sperm.

She let go of his shaft but kept kneading his heavy testicles as they descended further. The forward half of Uncle Kurt’s pink penis glistened wetly with her saliva, and sperm had run down his shaft and onto his balls and now onto Allison’s fingers. She massaged the sticky fluid right back into the very place where it had originally come from, and watched as her uncle’s cock continued to deflate.

Kurt’s voice was only a whisper now as he rested both hands on her narrow shoulders, squeezing her gently. “Thank you so much sweetie!”

Allison beamed up at her uncle. “There, all better now! I knew a big kiss would work!” Allison looked forward to a wonderful weekend with her uncle Kurt.

End of Part 1

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.