A Granddaughters Summer (Mg,pedo)

A Granddaughters Summer (Mg,pedo)

Introduction: Grandad spends sometime alone with his 12 year old grand daughter and he shows her a porn video which makes the little girl go wild.

Author: Charlie “the drifter”

She was staying with me for the summer. My granddaughter, Marci, was twelve years old and sexy as hell. She was developing into quite the young lady.

No she did not have monstrous tits. She was just like her mother and grandmother, small firm tits, medium nipples, slender body, four foot eleven inches tall and ninety pounds of woman.

Almost as soon as her mother, my daughter and her father left on their summer excursion, Marci seemed to change. Of course she knew that she had her grandpa wrapped around her little finger. She knew that she could get away with almost anything.

Almost as soon as her mother and father pulled out of the yard, she went into her bedroom and when she came out twenty minutes later, she had changed clothes. She was then wearing a transparent blouse, her small braless tits showing clearly through the material.

She had put on a very short skirt that just barely covered her ass cheeks. If she bent over at all, I could see the thong covered anal entrance and pussy. The material only covered her anal opening and just barley covered her hairless pussy lips.

Even though she was my granddaughter I had an instant hard on. She said nothing just smiled at me as she went around the house as if nothing had changed.

One thing had changed from the other times, though. It seemed that she was hanging around near me all of the time. Sitting so that I couldn’t help but see her almost bare pussy, her legs spread just a bit and so that I couldn’t help but see them and her plainly visible breasts and nipples.

She also seemed to brush her tits against me whenever she got the chance and could do it with out being too obvious.

Marci didn’t know one thing about me that her grandmother had known. I had a tendency toward young girls. Her grandmother knew that about me but never let it bother her. She knew that I would not do anything to any young girl, other than look and fantasize. Yes she knew because I had told her.

After all I had fucked her grandmother when she was eleven and had gotten her pregnant just after her twelfth birthday. We had gotten married a few days after her sixteenth birthday when it was legal for her to marry.

I had been twenty when I had fucked her and took her virginity when she was eleven.

Her grandmother also knew that I had wanted to fuck my own daughter, Marci’s mother, but had not feared for the girls safety because she knew I would not force myself on the girl. Oh she knew I might touch and fondle our daughter but that would be the furthest that I would take it. I at times believed that her grandmother actually wanted me to take it further with the young girls so that she could watch but she never said anything.

I think that she wanted me to go further with our own daughters also, because she would make sure I would see them naked even when they began developing small tits and slight pussy hair. But again she never said anything.

Marci’s mother as she was growing up, was a lot like her mother. Marci as she grew would give me looks at her naked body. She would act like she didn’t see me looking at her nakedness. But she seem to not notice that she was letting me see her. I even watched her finger fuck herself. She acted like she didn’t know I was watching but I was sure that she did.

Even after she married, when she would visit it seemed that she would accidentally let me see her tits or even her full naked body, even when her husband was there. But I never took any action to see if she, they knew I was looking or watching. I had even accidentally seen and watching her suck his cock and fuck him. It was almost like they were putting on a show for me.

That first night that Marci’s mother and father left, when we were sitting watching TV that evening she had changed into her nighty and was sitting on the couch. Her knees were drawn up her feet on the couch, her arms wrapped around her knees her chin resting on her knees.

I was positive she knew that her almost naked pussy was clearly visible to me. She was actually sitting so that her pussy was almost facing me.

She could see me keep glancing over at her and would smile at me.

I was flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch when I flipped onto an X-rated channel that I had.

Naturally there plain on the TV was a man and woman with the woman straddling the man, his cock in her cunt, plainly visible to the camera, sliding in and out as the woman fucked herself up and down on the man’s cock and he fondled and played with her tits.

I fumbled with the channel changer so the picture was on for a few seconds. I glanced at Marci and seen her eyes wide with excitement.

She cried out when I changed the channel. “Grandpa no, please lets watch it, please. Grandpa I’ve never seen anything like that, I’ve never watched anything like that. Please let me watch it grandpa.” She begged.

Well, never being able to say “no” to her, it didn’t take much for her to get me to relent. “Honey, ok,” I finally told her, “but don’t you dare tell your mother I let you watch something like that.”

“I won’t grandpa, I won’t.” She promised.

Her eyes widened when I changed it back and she was once again watching the woman on the TV fucking the man’s cock. Then a second man came in, the second man supposedly the woman’s husband. When he seen what was going on, his wife fucking the other man, he stripped and shoved his cock into her mouth.

I watched my granddaughters reaction to the movie and saw that she was becoming hot watching it. She was squirming around and her legs were beginning to spread just a bit. The look in her eyes was the look of desire.

She never took her eyes off of the woman as she sucked one cock and fucked the other. Then her supposedly husband pulled his cock out of his supposedly wife’s mouth and moved behind her. With the other man’s cock in her pussy, fucking her, her husband shoved his cock up her ass into her bowels and she was being double fucked.

Glancing at my granddaughter, she was staring wide eyed at the TV. She had never seen anything like this before.

She didn’t even realize that she had her own hand between her legs, her finger rubbing her thong covered pussy. She also didn’t notice that I was watching her caress her own now well visibly wet pussy. Then her finger slipped under her thong and she was caressing her own bare pussy slit. As she did the thong panty slipped to the side and I was staring at my own granddaughters bare hairless pussy slit, watching her finger slip up and
down between them and up to tickle her little clitoris.

I watch as she suddenly gasp and her young body shook as she brought herself to orgasm, with her own finger. Her little finger even slipped up into her tight little cunt hole as she finger fucked her self to and through her orgasm.

I wasn’t even watching the TV, I was watching my granddaughter finger fuck herself through and intense orgasm. I was watching her finger slipped in and out of her own tight little cunt.

Watching her, I knew that my little twelve year old granddaughter was at that point in life when she was now sexually curios and was, wanting to know about the sex.

Thinking back I realized that she had been at that point for sometime. Even her mother had not realized that she was at that age when she wanted to know all about sex.

Well, now I knew it and I knew that I was going to have to probably answer a lot of her questions about sex, her mother being gone. Could I answer her questions? I didn’t know. But I would have to try.

Marci suddenly realized that she was letting her grandpa watch her finger fuck herself, and jerked her finger out of her pussy and lowered her legs.

“Oh grandpa I, I’m sorry, I, I couldn’t help it. That’s the first time, I, I ever seen anything like that. Grandpa it’s the first time I, I ever done anything like that too. I’m sorry Grandpa.” She said, acting almost like she was in tears.

“Sweetheart, it’s alright.” I told her. “Honey, we all do that. even when we’re older we do it. Both men and women do it honey.” I told her.

“You, you do it grandpa? You mean mama does it too?” She gasp.

“Yes, love, I do it and Yes I am sure your mama does it even when your daddy’s watching. I know your grandma let me watch her do it. I always enjoyed watching her do it and she knew it.” I told her.

“You, you like to watch a girl do it, grandpa,” she ask.

“Yes honey, I enjoyed watching you do it too. I hope you didn’t mind me watching you honey, I loved watching you do it.” I told her.

“You did!?” she exclaimed.

“Oh yes, honey, I loved watching you and I would love to watch you do it again. It’s exciting watching you.” I told her.

“Did you ever watch mama do it? Did she let you watch her?” Marci ask. She was looking at me wide eyed. Her legs now down and together.

I looked at her and finally told her. “yes, honey, I watched your mama do it too, but she didn’t know I was watching her. At least I don’t think she knew I was watching. Sometimes I think she did know and let me watch her.” I told her.

She kept glancing at the TV as the men continued fucking the woman.

Marci was quite for a couple of minutes, then she looked at me with a serious look on her face. “Grandpa do you want to watch me, do you want to look at me?” she ask.

That caught me by surprise. I thought a minute then I answered her honestly. “Yes, honey I want to watch you do it and yes I want to look at you. Yes I would like to look at you naked. Your beautiful and I love your body.”

I was almost afraid of what she would think of me.

“Grandpa did you and grandma, do what their doing on TV? Did you ever watch grandma with another man?” She ask.

“No, honey, I never did, we talked about me watching her with another man, but we never did it.” I told her.

“Why didn’t you, if you talked about it?” she ask.

“I guess, honey because we didn’t know another man that we trusted to do it with us and not tell everyone.” I told her. I was telling her the truth.

“Did you ever want to do it with mama?” She suddenly ask.

Startled I answered with out thinking. “Yes, I wanted to do it with your mother.” Then realized what I had just revealed to her. “Don’t you ever tell your mother I told you that.” I told her.

“I think it’s exciting grandpa. I think you should have.” she said with a giggle.

“I think mama would have let you too. I heard her and daddy talking one night, they didn’t know that I was listening. Mama said that she knew you were watching and looking at her and that she had always wished you would have made love to her. She told daddy that she had always wanted you to do it with her, that she had always wished you had done it when she was young and had been the one to take her virginity. She even told daddy that she still wished you would make love to her.”

Now talked about shocked. My own granddaughter telling me her mother had always wanted me to fuck her and still did at times.

Marci, ask me. “grandpa can I take my clothes off so you can see and look at me? I want you too.”

I stared at her finally telling her. “Sweetheart if you want to it’s ok. I told you I would love to look at you.”

She grinned and standing up she slipped her nighty off and then her thong panties and stood right there if front of me naked, letting me see her bare titties and her hairless pussy.

She came over to stand right next to me. “Grandpa you can touch me if you want too. I, I would like for you too. You can even touch me down there to, I, I would like to know what it feel like for you to touch me there.”

She was serious. She stood there in front of me, presenting me with her body. As if hypnotized my hand slowly went up to caress her small titties. God were they firm and soft. She gasp as my hands fondled and caressed her young mounds.

“Oh grandpa that feels good. I love it.” she whispered. “Touch me down there grandpa, please.” she begged me.

Well my hand, as if on it’s own, caressed down her soft stomach to her pubic mound. She spread her legs, standing there presenting her young virgin pussy to me. My finger travelled all around her wet slit. I felt her soft thighs, her soft intimate groin, finally my finger traced a line up her hot wet pussy slit that her own fingers had been enjoying a few minutes before. My finger slipped between her pussy lips to travel up and down her slit from her small swollen clitoris down to her tight vaginal entrance.

I was lost, I couldn’t stop myself. My finger tickled and caressed her small sensitive clit, it circled and traced her vaginal opening, finally pressing against the tight entrance that her own finger had just enjoyed being in. I pressed my finger tip against it. She gasp and was breathing hard as my finger slipped up inside of her and she moaned with the feeling.

I slipped my finger in and out of her working it deeper until I was feeling her virginity, her tight hymen. She had her eyes closed, holding my one had on her small breasts as the finger of my other hand sent waves of pleasure up into her young body.

I could feel and see her actually shaking from the pleasure spreading through her young body. She suddenly went weak and she began sinking to the floor. I pulled her onto my lap. It was glorious sitting there with my naked granddaughter sitting on my lap leaning against me, letting me enjoy her young body.

My finger slipped back inside of her tight pussy to again send waves of pleasure through her.

“Oh grandpa, grandpa I, I love it. Oh yes grandpa do it to me, please do it with me. Show me what it feels like grandpa, please I want you too.” She begged me as her arms went around my neck and she kissed me on the lips.

Her little pussy was so tight as her vaginal muscles squeezed and milked my finger.

“Oh grandpa I want you to do it to me. Grandpa I want to touch you, see your cock and play with it. Grandpa I want to lick and suck it like the woman on TV was doing. Please let me grandpa,” She begged in an almost whisper.

I kissed her and told her softly. “Honey if you really want too. But I want you to be sure this is what you want.”

“Oh yes grandpa, I want it, really I do, I want you to do it to me. Oh grandpa I want you to make love to me and fuck me. I want you to be my first, I want you to be the one to take my virginity and teach and show me
all about sex. Please grandpa. Please.” She moaned.

“Alright honey if you really want me too.“ I slipped her off my lap and then picked her up and packed her into my bedroom. I lay her on the bed, then slipped my own clothes off as she watched.

She gasp when she seen my stiff cock. When I lay down beside her, her hand slipped down and wrapped around my cock shaft. Her fingers didn’t even touch.

“Oh grandpa, can I can I lick and suck it like she did on TV?” she gasp.

“Honey you can do anything you want now.” I told her kissing her.

Well she moved right down until her head was right at my cock. She was holding my big cock up, then she leaned in and licked her tongue around my precum coated cock head. She didn’t hesitate, she licked it clean, then she opened her mouth and slipped it down over my cock shaft. She took my cock head and about half of my thick cock into her small virginal mouth, the she began fucking her mouth up and down on it, like the woman in the movie had done.

As she sucked on my cock, I pulled her onto me until her pussy was right at me mouth. I looked at her tight virginal pussy that my finger had just been in finger fucking. Then I began licked it . I licked her pussy slit, sucked on her pussy lips. I sucked and licked her little clitoris, and tongue fucked her tight pussy opening.

Suddenly she gave a groan and her body, shivered and stiffened. Her pussy began flowing it’s vaginal nectar into my mouth. I swallowed every drop I could.

It didn’t take long and her young body was quivering and spasming from the orgasm sweeping over her from my mouth and tongue.

I rolled her off of me, pulling my cock out of her mouth. I spread her legs wide, and moved between them. As my lips, pressed against her and my tongue caressed her lips slipping between them to caress her tongue, I guided my stiff cock to her tight virginal entrance.

She moaned as she felt my cock head caress and spread her pussy lips. Then I lunged forward and plunged my cock up into her virginal body. I felt her hymen give way to my invading cock. I had it buried deep inside of her before her short cry of pain from her lost virginity escaped muffled from her throat.

I held still until I felt her young body relax then I began giving her the pleasure that she had wanted to feel. I fucked her slow and easy until I felt her own young body responding to the pleasure and begin it’s own movements
to pull my cock up into her. Her hips raised each and every time my cock plunged up into her, pulling my cock in even deeper.

Her arms were around my neck, her lips against mine. Her tongue was lashing mine as my cock plunged in and out of her. After a minute or two her legs went around my waist and she was pulling me up into her even deeper
than I had been.

I fucked her through one orgasm, her cries of pleasure muffled with my lips as her arms held my lips against hers and her legs held me deep inside of her. I kept flexing my cock deep inside of as her orgasm swept her young body.

I continued fucking her, not letting myself realize my own pleasure of filling her young womb of my hot sperm.

It didn’t take long before she was swept with her second intense orgasm which I had been working and waiting for. As her second orgasm swept over her, I plunged my cock up into her as deep as I could get it then I flooded her young cunt and womb with my hot sperm.

The feeling of my hot sperm coating her sensitive womanhood, intensified her own orgasm. She cried out with pleasure as her orgasm swept her very being. Her young body pulled me into her as she stiffened and held me deep. Her young strong vaginal muscles milked my sperm out of me like a milking machine.

I knew from the way my granddaughter was reacting to her first fuck, the loss of her virginity, that she was going to be one hot young sexy lady that loved to fuck. I knew with out a doubt that from then one, this little one was going to want me to fuck her again. Not only again but she would be wanting it a lot.

I knew that she was going to want her grandfather to teach her and show her all about sex. She was going to want to be shown different position, different ways and different kinds of sex.

I knew with out a doubt that I would be spending the summer letting my granddaughter experiment with different kinds and different ways of having sex.

Yes, as I filled my granddaughters pussy and womb with her grandfathers hot sperm, my summer was going to be a full filling one of teaching, training and full filling her desire to learn all ways and kinds of sex.

We lay there on the bed my cock buried as deep inside of her as I could get it, not wanting to pull it out of her tight hot wet, now sperm filled cunt. She held me tight kissing me.

Finally she whispered, “Oh god grandpa that, that was great. I loved it grandpa. God I want more of it. I want a lot of it grandpa. God I love your cock in me grandpa keep it in me please.”

Well I did just that. Slowly I began pumping it in and out of her again. She quickly began using her own body to fuck herself back at my slowly plunging cock.

She was moaning and groaning with pleasure from her grandfathers cock. She wanted to keep it buried inside of her.

I managed to fuck her through two more orgasms that night pumping my cum up inside of her twice more.

We went to sleep tied together with my cock buried deep inside of her.

My dreams were filled with dreams of my cock buried deep inside of one hole or the other of my granddaughter, buried in her mouth, her cunt and her ass, sperm filling all of them.

As I drifted off to sleep, I knew I had my summers work cut out for me, training my beautiful granddaughter all about sex and sex acts.

But I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my summer. Then as I lay there, I recalled her telling me how my daughter, her mother had told her father how she still at times wished that I would make love to her and fuck her.
Maybe when they came back from their gallivanting around the country, I would show my daughter what it felt like to have her own fathers cock buried in her cunt filling her fertile womb with her own fathers fertile sperm. Now that would be exciting, especially if her husband was laying right there beside us watching.

Yes, I would have to see how that would go when they returned. In the meantime I had to take care of my loving sweet hot sexy granddaughter.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.


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