The Path Home  (MMbb, ambush, anal, oral, bond, ball-tort, snuff)

The Path Home (MMbb, ambush, anal, oral, bond, ball-tort, snuff)

Prologue: Five year old Albert and his seven year old brother Lucas were heading out to play on Saturday morning. The path they took wasn’t the adventure they expected as they meet up with George and Frank, evil perverted men on the run from the law.

I opened my eyes, it was Saturday morning. Lucas was standing over me smiling broadly.

“Time to get up sleepyhead” He said “Let get going Albert”

I rubbed the last of the sleep from my eyes slipping from the bed. We were planing to go out to a small park close to home having found a creek a short ways into the wood. We planned to follow it as far as we could. It was going to be great fun. Breakfast was ate and as mom busied herself doing what moms did Lucas and I took off out the door for what would be most of the day.

We’d done this before and mom had learned we would be back before supper as that was one rule dad had. And if you missed that you were in big troubled for sure. We’d make sure we were home by then that was set in stone. Dad’s belt was long and you made sure his rules were followed, he wielded the belt freely if you broke any rule he set for the family.

We went in a bee line like boys do the park just now coming into view, the sun just cresting the tops of the trees casting dark shadows over the still dew covering the grass in most of the small park. With feet wet with dew Luke and I found the narrow path that would take us to the slow moving stream having to push the still dew wet leafy stems at the entry out of the way. The narrow path just on the other side open up with just a few damp foot high plants to trample over as we charged onward pants wet up to our knees. And soon enough we were standing over the first ledge looking down the five or six feet into the stream, our eyes looking for a way down somewhere so we could jump across the stones and rocks the water flowed around.

Following the stream’s ledge around a couple bends the ledge lowered down till we could easy slip down. In short order were on the rocks feet slipping at times into the shallow water and poking into every nook and cranny for any odd critter we could nose out to see. The sun finely rising up high enough to be poking down through the sparser branches of the trees close around the stream. The sides of the stream lowered as we went onward down a old almost gone wood fence close to the edge of the stream poke our interest with us coming out to look around. There was an old house the rotten wood fence had at one time shown the outline of a yard that was now so overgrown it almost completely blended in with the new trees and undergrowth taking everything over. Luke and I stood there looking at the run down house.

All I could think of was how spooky it looked and wondered if there were ghost haunting the inside of the rundown old home. The trees had cast a gloom over everything making the windows dark even though there were few panes unbroken of glass left. The back door was off the hinges, paint long gone and Luke and I looked at each other building the needed courage to investigate farther. We both had heard the stories of evil spirits that haunted old places like this and for some reason the story of ‘Hansel and Gretel’ came to my mind a chill going over me. Luke seemed to sense my uneasiness.

“You chicken to go in Al” he poked my shoulder “Chicken.. buck.. buck..”

I shoved him back “Am not..”

“Are too”

“Am Not”

He started forward with me hesitating, my young eyes still looking over the old building. A chill running through me as I forced my feet to do something that felt wrong. But if Luke could find the courage surely I could and move behind him as we tested the old planks of the back porch Luke tentatively entered into the gloom of the rundown structure with head and wide eyes moving this way and that as he disappeared into the gloom, I stood under the precariously sloping overhang that still somehow remain over the half gone porch for a long moment listening to his foot steps as he moved on in farther. The sound suddenly stopped leaving me in the quiet of the overhang with only buzz of a some bug flying by.

“Luke?” I said in almost a whisper, the sound loud as if announcing to every ghost around that I was here for the taking. “Luke?”

Still nothing, bet he was fooling with me ‘Damn him’ I swallowed hard squinting my eyes slowly walking forward trying to see into the darker gloom of the old house. Luke should be by the sound of his last step just a few feet into the dark of the house but I still couldn’t see him. I past under the door frame my head moving just like Luke’s a harsh shudder of ‘a feeling of an evil presence’ flooding through my young senses. I was through the door before my eyes adjusted to the gloom of the old room. Luke was there wide eyed a man standing behind him holding him tightly, one of the mans hands was over his mouth the sight stopping me in my tracks. I instinctively started backing up, this was all wrong and I needed to get away and find help.

I back abruptly into someone, a large strong adult arm going around my young body holding me in place against them. I screamed out as a hand went over my mouth cutting off the sound and was picked up by strong arms.

“We got em both, Frank” the man holding me said with a sound of triumph in his giddy voice.

“Thought we’d do without Bill” the man ‘Frank’ still holding Luke in place said “Been near a week we’ve been holding up here”

I twisted in the strong grip of the man, my mouth coming out of his hand. I screamed out. A hard slap landed against the side of my head, harder than I’ve ever been hit and it sent my world spinning my voice silenced for now.

“Damn Frank, we got two again and didn’t even have to show ourselves this time” Bill said as Luke was ushered into a room adjacent to the old rundown kitchen they were in. “Been thinking about a boy the last few day’s now, almost jacked off for some relief just last night”

“Yep Bill, nice to change things up” Frank said “The bag is over in the corner…. everything should be there from last time”

“On it” Bill replied carrying me over to the old leather bag, zippered shut.

I was terrified at being held by the stranger and when one of his fingers clamped over my face slipped into my mouth I bit down hard. That was a big mistake, the man dropped me jerking his finger from my clenched teeth then went about landing a flurry of stinging slaps to my face and torso my arm coming up trying to vainly fend off the next blow long after he’d stopped. I heard the large zipper on the leather bag as it was pulled in one quick move. The man Bill reaching in pulling out a tangle of rope. I had found myself laying on the floor with him on his knees over me straddling my body. He pulled loose a length of rope dropping it to the side. Then reached down tugging my t-shirt up working it rapidly over my head and arms, tossing it into the corner of the old room through some cobwebs that looked to have been there for ever.The man reached down forcing me over onto me stomach grabbing my arm in his strong adult grip pinning them behind me.

“Frank… Do you think the kids would like to play ruff today” Bill tied the end of one rope around one of my wrists kind of too tight.

Still in a state of terrified panic that had my young head up off the floor turning looking wildly around the room needing to see everything, having to see everything. ‘What did the men have planned’ They seemed intent on something, the meaning eluding my young five year old mind.

“Boy’s are tougher than girls…. Yea…. Go with the snugger neck tie” Frank said.

I watch as he released Luke’s mouth the hand going, slipping down along Luke’s seven year old body to the bottom of his t-shirt, lifting it up. His hand working down into the front of the elastic band of Luke’s pants. Luke’s eye went wide as Frank’s hand felt around there as he knelt behind Luke. One of his adult arms still around Luke much smaller body keeping him from bolting as any one would do. The man’s head going onto Luke’s shoulder then placing a kiss on Luke’s now embarrassed flushed red face. I had never seen Luke so confused and scared before, his blight not helping me at all.

A loop of the rope went over my head around my neck going snug as the other end tied to my one wrist pulled my arm high up my young now bare back till I yelled out.

“Stop… It hurts…. Please” My face tearing over from the intense discomfort.

But he didn’t stop, pulling my other arm up behind me till it hurt real bad too. His adult hands tying off the rope on that small wrist and when he released me he rose up off of me the loop of rope around my neck snapped tight as my arms went about instinctively pulling to find a less distressful position. I suddenly could hardly breath as my arms and wrist went about on their own writhing about behind me.

“Next!..” I heard Bill deep adult voice yelled out triumphantly leaving me dismayed at the sheer callousness of what he’d just done to me.

My legs kicked erratically about my young mind fully consumed in the moment as finely I rose my head up high, back arching worming my arms high up my back against the disconcerting pain till the loop of tight rope around my neck lesson enough for me to breath. Luke landed ruffly belly down in front me, his t-shirt falling over my head till I shook it off watching as Bill stepped over him kneeling down a knee to each side and grabbed one of his arms a rope coming up being tied expertly in place around his small wrist. Bill cross it over around Luke’s neck his young eyes fill with the terror of the moment having just watched me being bound the same way.

Luke’s young face form a grimace as Bill pull his arm up high the wide bone on his back sticking out as he cried out in pain. Bill already had Luke’s other arm pulling it up high, tying the other end around Luke’s other wrist as tears started streaming down his face too. When the man Bill rose I could see the rope digging into his small neck as he choked trying to gasp in air. His legs kicking as mine had done engulfed fully in the same terror fill panic that still held me.

“Got this on a little snugger Frank” Bill said a evil grin going wide over his adult face. “You want the younger one, I’m liking what I’m seeing here”

“You did get the younger one last time didn’t you” Frank said “But both were girls and both older than these”

Yea… Just what I mean” Bill grinned out his hands busy at his own clothes pulling them off and placing them neatly to the side.

“You going to burn through yours again… aren’t you”

“Can’t help it Frank” Bill jived “I am what I am”

Luke was still wallering around his head now up but still in distress as I could him choking on the snug looking rope looped around his small neck. Bill just now in his boxers moved back over Luke reaching down and pulling his pant and underwear down over his sneakers tossing them over with my t-shirt in the cobwebbed corner them both turned inside out the underwear now on the outside of the removed pants. Bill reach down with one hand grabbing what rope was left between Luke’s neck and writhing arms lifting him up onto his sneakered feet to the harsh sounds of Luke choking as the rope went suddenly tighter. There were a couple boxes in the room and Bill pulled Luke like a puppet over to the box which Bill set down on. With one hand still holding Luke up standing by the what little rope he could grasp I could see his young legs wobbling unable to really hold him upright. Bill’s other hand went to Luke’s groin feeling over his penis and tight testicular sack his adult eyes lock on Luke’s terror filled face.

“I’m going to get the ring-gags” he mumbled out to himself “Frank you gonna need a ring gag”

I felt his hands at my pants digging into the elastic waistband pulling them down like what just happened to Luke leaving me naked belly down on the hard floor with my own sneakers still in place on my feet.

“Yes.. Get mine will you Bill”

I watched as Bill reached over into the leather bag feeling around pulling out a couple odd looking dog collar looking thing with wide metal ring in the middle. One went arching through the air with Frank catching in nimbly out of the air.

“Thanks” I heard behind me as Frank knelt down a knee to each side of my body “Would had gotten myself but you were closer”

I saw Bill placing the large metal ring into Luke’s open still choking mouth the two leather straps at each side and twisted behind his front teeth forcing his mouth to open wide. The collar Frank had caught went over my head the metal ring coming into view suddenly close to my mouth. I clamped my mouth shut tight as his other hand to my face his strong long fingers digging in to the side of my face pinching hard. The pain forcing my mouth open The cold odd tasting metal ring being pushed into my mouth then twisted. My jaw was forced to open wider than I could have done on my own the discomfort competing with the way my arms were bound and snug rope going around my neck. I squealed out when some skin on the roof of my mouth felt like it may have been scraped off. My jaw opened so wide it hurt, with my mind turning inward in an effort to handle the harsh feeling the man Frank had the two strap pulled tight around my head and latched into place. He rose up as I went onto my side a surge of frightful adrenalin flooding through me had my head swiveling young eyes needing to see everything, every move the men did now, each move possibly some new hurtful unknown terror that I couldn’t hope to conceive the end purpose of.

I felt helpless, vulnerable and scared. My arm pulled high up my back ached the snug rope a reminder to will myself not to try to pull my arms in any way. And still my young mind had to struggled with the overly large metal ring wedged in my mouth, a stream a spittle came from my mouth onto one side of my bare chest. One of Frank’s hand went rubbing over the front of his pants as he stared oddly down onto me. A deathly chill gripped me, leaving me shaking all over. Still staring down he removed his shirt placing it on a old small table that wobbled precariously on it old legs. Then unbuckled his pants like I’d seen my dad do after getting home to relax before settling into his favorite chair. But when pulled down his pants and boxers in one move his adult penis swung free. I had never seen an adult penis fully engorged before let alone ever see such huge full testicles, the coarse dark pubic hair was a shock and to my young eyes looked gross, revoltingly nasty. My own small young penis got stiff sometimes but this was so much larger than mine or even Luke’s that I’d seen when we took our baths together sometimes.

A startling harsh wet gagging sound filled the room that in my state of heighten terror had my head turning back toward Luke and Bill. Bill had gripped my brother by the side of his small head, the muscles of his strong arm visibility struggling with the fight Luke was putting up to pull away. Bill’s thick stiff adult penis I could plainly see going through the same type of metal ring Luke had in his own mouth. He was hunched over at the man’s hairy loin Luke’s young body twisting, his feet dancing about the floor, arms twisting behind him in a vain attempt to pull off the intruding adult penis being pushed into his small mouth. I was shocked to see his wide eyes looking down into the mat of coarse hair Luke’s face contorted up and flushed bright red as he suddenly welled up retching as if violently ill.

A hand gripped the rope going from my own hands to looping around my neck choking me as I was pulled up standing. I staggered wildly about my legs wobbly my footing trying to elude me. The man still gripped the rope too snuggly for comfort as I was guided easily around to facing the man, his dark hairy loin suddenly filling my field of view his huge adult stiff arching penis now so close to my face I could feel the heat of it. A drop of thick clear liquid oozed from the pee slit running over the large blunt tip my young eyes having to focus cross-eyed it was so close. I tried pulling back but the grip on the rope tightened making me choke out loudly the warning not to pull away clear even to my young mind. But the harsh retching sounds coming to my ears from a few feet away making me flinch as the blunt tip closed in to the wide ring holding my mouth open.

“Hear that son” Frank said to me, an air of odd sounding excitement to his adult voice that scared me “That’s plainly your older brother over there with Old Bill. I’m a lot nicer fella”

My eye drifted up his nude hairy male torso to his downward looking adult face. He sure didn’t seem nice to me, or look it ether. My knees gave out for a second leaving me momentary hanging by the choking rope gripped tightly in his one strong hand. The stiffly arched organ flexed thicker still as I choked on the suddenly even tighter loop of rope. I gained my footing coming up till the rope slackened up enough to breath but still choke, coughing some the thick blunt leaking gland a mere inch in front of my nose.

“Damn boy… your breath is so hot” He said as even more thick clear liquid streamed out the pee slit and dripped in a long strand onto my close bare chest.

It was horribly gross my young mind revolted feeling the nasty stuff running thickly down my belly. His other hand went to my shoulder steadying me then he felt down over my harshly trembling body till his hand found my much smaller boy penis and testicular sack plainly feeling every part his fingers could.

“I always like a tight boy nut sack” Frank leaned in and with me flinching placed a kiss on top of my head breathing in deeply “Gonna take my time with this one Bill….”

A loud wet sucking pop brought my young head swiveling toward the sound. Bill was standing before poor Luke whom was hunched sharply over only supported by Bill’s strong grip on the short amount of rope between Luke’s hands high up ins back and rope looped around his small neck, a gush of puke coming from his mouth onto the floor. Luke face was contorted up from the intensity of it and I could see his stomach muscles lurching tight as he heaved up uncontrollably, through it all trying to gasp a breath of air. Bill’s adult cock was posed fully stiff bobbing slightly a gross slickness coating the entire organ. Strands of thick discolored liquid dripped from his huge adult testicular sack onto the old floor. Finished puking Luke gasped in wetly choking up thick liquid that shot out from the metal ring holding his mouth open. His young eyes watered over so heavily the tears streamed down his face. Bill’s free hand went to the hair of Luke’s head pulling it up facing his accurately aimed male rod.

I watch as Bill callously stepped up his stiff thick cock going back into my brother’s mouth a shockingly big bulge forming on his young throat as Bill’s hand in Luke’s hair slipped to the back of his head pushing my brother’s head fully down onto the long rod of flesh. The man’s face snapping into intense pleasure fill rapture as he gazed intently down at Luke whose young body well up arms going fully taunt against the unmoving tightness of the tied rope. My knees gave out again and was jerked upright back onto my feet.

“Hey… Going to need your full attention over here son, it’s your turn”

But the horrid sounds of wet gagging escalated from Luke and Bill and I could plainly hear my brother trying to cry out as I turn my head back seeing Bill’s adult loin working the long thick shaft of his stiff penis, pummeling it into Luke’s face, the huge ball sack of the man swinging under Luke’s chin with each frantic stroke till suddenly it was over as Bill jammed his loin against Luke’s boy face which disappeared into the thick mat of Bill’s adult pubic hair.

“Oh god… this is fucking perfection” Bill cried out.

I could plainly see the man’s heavy balls lifting and the bulge in my brother’s throat swell larger as if pumping something from his penis. Luke went frantic his young body lurching and twisting wildly as Bill held on to his young small head so tight I could see his adult arm muscles trembling in the effort. Then he tugged back with the same loud sucking wet pop I’d heard earlier letting Luke go to staggering open mouth around the floor hunched over gagging and gasping for a breath that for a bit eluded him. Luke went staggering back against the wall and went to his knees before leaning over wheezing and choking up all kinds of thick stuff. My head was turn by a strong hand a wet slimy fleshy warmth touched the side of my face near my mouth as my face was firmly brought facing the loin of the man Frank.

I was looking down the full length of the adult sexual organ the bulbous leaking gland at the tip already entering the metal ring in my mouth. The heavy tuff of bristled wiry hair that was close seemed suddenly farther away than I’d liked. The thick leaking liquid from the strange adult male pee slit filled my mouth with its strange taste.

“Looks like it your turn boy” Frank’s voice sounding loud and cruel my young eyes looking up seeing nothing but sadistic focused intent on this strangers face my legs wobbling again threatening to give out.

His strong hands slipped to each side of my head in such a way I couldn’t even hope to wrench free. But the odd nasty taste of the thickly leaking liquid still had me trying to pull away anyway, his hands were like a vice as my young body writhed about legs and feet working to back free my head firmly held in place as the thick blunt fleshy shape filled my mouth. As it went in farther into my mouth the rear of my tongue came defensibly up into place, the image of want happen to my brother still flashing shockingly through my young mind and I just knew he was going to try the same thing on me. I heard the man Frank groan out in pleasure the sound a shock to me as I knew it was his adult penis my mouth that was apparently giving him this pleasure. The blunt thick tip pressed harder worming about against the rear of my up lifted tongue seemly at a impasse for a short bit till the muscle’s of my tongue at the rear started to tremble, weakening under the constant effort. The overly wide jaw hurting ring making it all but impossible to lock enough of my tongue up into place and the thick blunt tip move farther over the uplifted rear of my tongue.

“You’ll be fine son… You’ll be.. fine…” I heard Frank say “The tongue is a surprisingly weak muscle”

But I knew it wasn’t going to be ‘fine’ I’d just seen what happen to my brother Luke and I was scared. Panic was welling up as the rear of my tongue ached from the consent effort to block the now even harder pressing of the firm blunt fleshy gland. Still trying to hold my tongue up I could feel the adult slimy organ slipping over it slowly till my tongue gave out the blunt tip popped against the back of my throat, my eyes going wide with lose. Strong hands at the side of my head forced me to hunch over some, my head being tilted back up level to his loin as he purposely lined my mouth up with my throat and no amount of squirming to stop it had any affect. A harsh gag took hold the reflex hitting suddenly with no warning and as I well up my the muscles of my abdomen tensing with the impending now escalating effort, the blunt tip charged forward stretching open my throat painfully as it went in seemingly deep.

I lost all control fighting for my very life as I twisted about in full panic. The muscles of my entire body seemed to strain in the vain effort to wrench free somehow. But my head stayed locked in place, my tear blurred eyes looking down the length of the man’s fleshy rod into the mat of thick awaiting wiry pubic hair. My very feet stomped rabidly over the old wooden floor the as I danced about under full panicked duress. My throat hurt as it tried to swallow instinctively over and over, my young ears fulled with the man’s loud groans of blatant uninhibited ecstasy.

“Damn Bill” I heard Frank cry out “Oh god… look at him go”

“Fuck Frank, you hit the jackpot…. Remember that young girl two weeks ago, she went on for a full minute” Bill said “I unloaded till it hurt”

It was awful I could stop my throat from the involuntary swallowing a harsh gag hit me welling up in a flash then the god awful reflex to swallow again. The muscles in my throat used to swallowing food almost unable to work and it hurt with each strong surge to swallow that took hold. Then a fierce gag before the hurtful hard swallowing started again. The thick girth seem to be moving farther down my throat and I blinked the tears from my eyes seeing the thick mat of wiry hair close to my face.

“It’s like a vacuum cleaner sucking my cock deeper” Frank said, I could feel the girth swelling even more “Here we go…”

A huge gush of very warm liquid filled my throat suddenly. The thick rod swelled rapidly again this time the flood of slimy liquid was to much for my throat to hold some of the nasty tasting stuff making it past the stiff shaft into my mouth, even up into my nose. Another gush came that had me suddenly taking it into my lungs aspirating on it suddenly. To my horror my throat muscles worked swallowing everything it could as a last huge gush of stuff came from the end still deep in my throat. A few seconds later he pulled my head from the still stiff organ a loud sucking noise ringing through my young head as it popped from my throat.

“Look Bill, no puke, only cum” Frank said breathing rabidly “Cleanest throat fuck I’ve had yet”

“Best too… I bet” Bill replied.

“That too. Lets cop a buzz and go for some of that rear end action” Frank said letting me go.

I dropped to my knees choking and hacking up a large amount of white slimy stuff that had come from the man Frank’s penis. The taste of it, even the smell of it consumed my thoughts with horror that it could only have come from his pee hole. And As I remained hunch over on my knees I looked down at the stuff I choked up, a slimy white goo with small lumps that felt nasty as my tongue work to get it all from my mouth letting it drip in strands to the floor. My throat hurt where it had been forced to stretch around the man’s huge adult penis. A involuntary reflex to swallow had my buttock coming up off my ankles shaking my head side to side in hurt so bad before sagging back down hunch back up looking at the goo on the floor again.

“You gotta give me a go at him” Bill said to Frank

“Only if you promise not to snuff him” Frank replied a leery sound to his voice “I know how you get carried away, and I’m really wanting some of that tight tail before his to spent to care, that girl you liked so well a while back didn’t survive the third go you had with her”

“Yea, but you know how hard it is getting off the third time in a hour” Bill chuckled out “Took longer than she did er.. had… But I still got off didn’t I”

“Okay, but be quick. I’m going to break out some smoke, want to be good and stoned when I sodomize the little bastard” I looked up as he rose “And Bill, we still got that some of that lube cream that makes them have to shit. I’m in just that kind of a mean mood for this one”

“We got plenty dude” the merriment exploding from Bill “Something we can’t go without, better get a bucket of water if we go that route”

“On it, you just finish with my boy, and Bill leave him alive, I’m serous about this one” Frank was already heading out of the room his voice fading as he went.

Naked hairy man legs stopped in front of me with the man Bill kneeling down lifting my head wiping a rag over my face, digging it into my mouth wiping what remained of the goo out leaving my mouth dry. He placed the rag to my nose.

“Blow” he said just like my mom might have.

I blew out of habit shock that I did as he told me to do. But my nose was now clear even if my throat still ached.

“Nothing like a fresh start, is there”

He raised upright onto his knees his adult penis pointing at me arching up stiffly. His hands gripped in on the side of my head like the other man had guiding my opened mouth toward the end of his organ.

“Fucking seconds don’t have to be sloppy now does it boy”

If I though the man Frank’s handling of me was harsh then this man was brutal. His hands more gripping hard more onto my ears than head and pulling me over the long adult penis he had. Unlike Frank this man charge as deep as he could holding onto my ears till his grip slipped the hands going around my head pulling me fully into place. The coarse hair of his pubes was all I could see as my throat lurched into cycling through the involuntary actions of trying to swallow then gagging, then swallowing.

“Almost there boy” I heard him cry out, then “Here we go”

This time I gagged so hard a stream of pee shot from my own small penis then stopped as my throat started trying painfully to swallow, the man’s penis swelled up spitting warm liquid that went quickly to my stomach mixing with the flood of Frank’s adult slime. My lungs lurched to gasp in air with blind panic sweeping through me suddenly as the need for air became overwhelming. The stiff rod of flesh pulled out suddenly another pop resounding through my young senses as released I fell slipping over sideways choking, gasping all at the same time.

“Not a fucking drop of puke” I heard “Amazing”

A bucket slammed down close enough by I felt a splash of some cool water hit my legs.

“Got a couple hits of Viagra in the bag… want one” Frank said “I’m doing one.. Want to do this boy right”

“Yea toss me one, and I’m ready for that buzz now too”

I was struggling just to get my lungs working as gasp after gasp seemed to only suck in wet slime, leaving me choking till I had to in a spasm suck in again. Through it all I could hear Luke sobbing somewhere close. The men went about their business, setting against one wall the sounds of a bottle being opened.

“Beer?” one said.


A strong smell filled the room of marijuana, some of Luke friends smoked the stuff. I was still tied my hand numb but was recovering enough to look around. The men had a small pipe almost like Luke’s friends had and were passing it back and forth taking long drags off it then blowing the smoke thickly across the old room. The man Frank finished his beer and reached over to a small cooler taking out another.

“Viagra’s kicking in” he grinned “Dick’s getting hard again…. Another beer?”

“Sure” Bill said turning up the last of his grinning broadly looking really stoned “My cock’s getting stiff too”

Frank reached over grabbing my leg pulling me over to him. I short order I was setting against him nestled in his strong arms. Bill had leaned over grabbing Luke whom flinched wide eyed as he to was pulled over. Bill placing him setting up a arm going over Luke’s shoulder to his crouch adult finger playing absentmindedly over his much smaller penis and testicles. Luke was trembling harshly his eyes moving wildly about. A hand touched my small penis then went over my small sack.

“Remember the ducked tape thing we did to that one boy a few months back” Bill said reminiscing.

“You must mean the one we tucked his nuggets back up onto him and taped them so they couldn’t drop back out” Frank chuckled a bit “The kid freaked out through the entire ass fucking I gave him”

“Yea.. that’s it… I’m going to do that” Bill said.

“Still using the special lube cream”


Bill rose up pulling wide eyed Luke with, there was a nail sticking from the wall bent up just about head high to Luke and Bill slipped the rope over it leaving my poor brother having to rise up onto his toes to keep the rope from biting in to his neck more than it was.

“Gone to need to take a piss myself” Bill said rising up “Be right back”

Frank’s hand went to my head turning it up toward his. I was under his intense adult gaze for a long bit.

“You don’t know how special you are” his hand felt over my face then went feeling over my young body. “I’m going to nasty sodomize you for sure, but that way your tight throat milks my cock make me want to give that a real good go again”

My face flushed hotly as he tilted my head up to look deep into my mouth. I pulled my head away trying to avoid his gaze. My throat still hurt and a deep cough took me with Luke still against the wall echoing the same a second later.

My eye caught sight of his throbbing penis and massive looking balls. And a flash of having that rod stuck into my throat flooded my mind making me flinch with momentary enhanced fear.

“If you thought that few seconds of being raped was scary boy, you just wait” He leaned in planting a hard pressing kiss on my forehead “You’ll just plain shit yourself when the fun really gets started and I mean that… really”

I heard footsteps going through the old house then Bill appeared at the door to the room. His adult organ was arched up in front of him as he stood there it taking a few seconds for his eyes to grow accustomed to the dimmer light.

“Lets get this party started” He grinned cheerfully “The two boys got a long day ahead of them still”

Bill looked over to Frank “Hows the beer holding out”

I saw Frank reach over to the cooler tilting the top up a little looking in.

“Little more that we’ll finish” he replied his voice taking on the same joyous tone “And we got plenty of smoke”

Bill pulled out a radio from somewhere ‘click!’ heavy rock music filled the room, the kind your parents would get mad if they found you listening to it.

“I’m always surprised how hard my cock get after a hit of Viagra” Bill said looking down at his up turned arching organ. “Balls always hurts the next day but damn sure worth it”

Frank rose with a half a roll of duct tape in one hand leaving me alone against the wall. I eyed the door as they both moved toward my brother Luke still on his tip toes against the wall. I slipped my legs under me and with all my strength rose onto my wobbly legs. Bill and Frank had knelt in front of Luke I heard a strip of tape being pulled free. Willing my legs to move I slipped fearfully toward the doorway. Luke screamed out as second later the men rose up stepping back still looking at him like a job well done. I was in the doorway tiptoeing through it but had to see what they had done to him making him scream out so loud.

Where Luke boy testicles were suppose to be was the square of duct-tape I’d heard being pulled free. His small penis was still visible but the tape had been smoothly placed over the spot his tight boy sack should be. A look of sickening horror was frozen on his young face as he stared dazedly at nothing. Tears welled up inside me. I needed to get help and quickly pulled my sight from Luke and the evil men as went on through the house. The back door came into sight as a blurred brightness my feet picking up the pace. I was through the door and with eyes searching for the creek we’d just come from and I caught sight of it and ran nude with arms still bound toward the running water of the stream.

“There he goes” I heard loudly in Bill’s voice.

Looking back as I ran I could see the man Frank nude too his stiff adult penis swinging closing in on me. I had just gotten to the creek with the trees closing in when his hand grabbed my shoulder.

“Nice try boy” He said “Looks like I’ll have to take your shoes too”

He picked me up easily in one strong arm his other hand tugging my shoes off and tossing them into the brush as he walked back to the old vacant house in the woods. My sock followed being tossed before I was carried back into the run down house and room. As Frank carried me into the room Bill tossed a jar to Frank whom caught it nimbly out of the air.

“Bind him tighter and fuck the shit out of brat” Bill jested “That’ll teach em from trying to get away”

“Just my thoughts exactly” Frank’s tone less joyful than before “Think he needs to to be brought around the world a few times”

A song ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ blared out from the radio. Bill had pulled Luke from the wall and was guiding him on wobbling legs to a old chair. Luke seemed not to know where he was and as he passed me it was as if I wasn’t even there. Bill’s stiffly arching adult penis was coated thickly in the stuff from the jar bobbed about as he forced Luke belly first onto the beat up chair, the smooth tape clearly visible as his legs were opened wide. I could see his soft boy penis pointing down, the tape covering where his tight boy sack should be was a inch short of covering his pink anus. Bill knelt down guiding his iron stiff adult rod, placing the blunt tip onto the pink ring of muscle and pressed.

Luke’s legs jerked and his torso rose up stiffly when the thick blunt tip went slipping up into his bottom. One hand of Bill gripped the short length of rope between Luke’s hands and neck the other fiddling with the leather strap, undoing the catch and pulling it free of my brothers mouth.

“I f-feel sick mister…. P-please let me go” Luke’s voice weak hard to hear over the music.

“You’ll feel sicker still boy before I’m finished sodomizing your tight gut” Bill’s voice taking on a threatening tone “That’s the reason I pushed your young nuggets up inside you, boy…. Now come on young-en, let’s get my rod fully into place”

The man Bill pulled back hard on the rope with Luke choking/gagging out loudly. Bill’s loin pushed worming his ridged adult penis back and forth working it in farther in tune the the beat of the music seemingly having a joyous time his adult lips mouthing the words to the music.

“It’s in too d-deep” Luke’s voice loud and shrill cried out amidst his gagging and choking.

Bill’s loin went fully up against Luke’s backside with his free hand feeling over the bare front of my brother’s nude boy body till finding his small limp penis. His adult hand feeling over the area of the tape as if making sure it was well in place.

“We’ll see if you’re like a old Timex, takes a licken and keeps on ticken” His lion drew back a shudder went through Luke with him sagging down held up only by the tight grip of Bill’s hand in the rope.

Luke’s screams echoed around the old room. I was suddenly pulled back to focusing on the man Frank. His hand had going to the rope behind me close to my neck guiding my head around facing his ridged adult organ my young eyes seeing first the thick mat of wiry hair of his loin then rapidly refocusing on the ridged adult organ that pointed stiffly at my face. The tip leaked a huge amount of the clear liquid from the tip and a strand dripped off the center of the arched organ going to the floor. He was going to cram the thing into my throat again. Even though I knew the effort was going to be futile I didn’t want it to happen again. My throat still ached from the two previous rapes of my young oral cavity.

Horrible guttural sounding plea’s for Bill to stop were cut off by choking/gags that I knew had to be coming from my brother but sounded nothing like him at all had me flashing a panicked glance over his way. The man Bill’s long male penis was being forced fully up into Luke’s backside before being pulled back again. The man behind him looked like he was trying to kill my brother, his adult hand on the rope seemed way too tight as he used it to pull Luke much smaller body back as he worked quickly to get his long stiff rod back up into Luke’s backside. The slimy thick tip of the man Frank’s adult organ slipped into my mouth. My mind snapped as I slipped into a panicked tantrum jerking my head away the thick organ pulling back for another try for the opened metal ring. The hand on the rope tightened the rope around my neck restricting my movements a harsh choking cough escaped me as the thick leaking tip approached again, my full attention now given over to it. A strong thumb went to one side of my head a finger the other with him still somehow strongly keeping hold of the rope.

His other hand went to the shaft of the long stiff fleshy organ guiding it more accurately. I tried twisting my head cupped in his thumb and forefinger but the man seemed to precisely anticipate any move I tried, the tip entered my mouth slipping over my tongue going to the back of my throat.

“Hunch up kid” Frank commanded “Make it easy on yourself”

I wasn’t sure what he really want of me and felt my self shaken hard for a quick moment.

“Listen to me boy, bend over slightly and tilt your head back” His hand on the rope urging me over slightly as the tug on the rope looped around my neck had my head tilting back.

I was lining up and terrified as my young mind realized now why he want me like this. The world went suddenly surreal and it seemed as if I was on the outside looking in as it happening to someone else.

“Around the World” His voice above me seemed to be everything now the music barely heard “A boy has only two holes, but we’re making the day of it so I hope the taste of your own shit is to your liking”

Even though I had mentally set my young mind to the fact of what was about to happen the reality of it was still a shock as my racing mind slowing down the world, sensing his muscles tensing for the lunge. The tightening grip of his hand in the rope, the controlling grip of his thumb and strong forefinger of each side of my head keeping me from making any move that would inhibit his harsh lunge forward. The thick rod sunk deep, stretching my aching throat around the thing. Not fully in place his grip tightened even more his muscles driving his loin forward again and as if in slow motion my face went into the mat of coarse pubic hair the long adult organ somewhere deeply lodged in my young throat. The shock of the aching stretching flexing even thicker rod in my young throat had me immediately tugging back with sudden panic. My feet stomped over the old wooden floor, body trying to twist free for a seeming long moment with Frank holding my head in place now with both strong adult hands.

I froze when my stomach lurched painfully hard with the horrid uncontrollable swallowing that followed. My stomach lurched again this time even harder, longer even, then my young body tried swallowing this time it wouldn’t stop. The rod swelled thicker I could feel his huge adult testicles lifting against my small chin and gush of thick adult sperm flood into my throat.

“That’s it boy drink it all up” The man Frank cried out “Bout time to get you sodomize too”

The stiff rod popped from my throat leaving me staggering forward gasping for needed air, choking on the taste of adult sperm. I fell over onto my face with my young head bounding from the lack of air, choking for each breath. I was lifted up and place belly first over a old wooden box hearing a lid pop off the cream. Turning my head weakly I watch as Frank scoop a goodly amount out with two fingers, spreading the thick stuff over his spittle wet stiff organ. His eyes met mine.

“This is going to hurt at first boy” he grinned devilishly “But the stiff legged dance you’ll be doing will be the least of your problems”

“Please mister… Please..” I heard my brother cry out across the room “It feels like I have to poop real bad”

I swiveled my head to see Bill’s gleaming eye’s staring down at Luke his loin humping even stronger now with a sadistic eagerness that scared and shocked me to see.

“Uhh…” Luke cried out open mouthed “Your making to worse… Please stop… Uhhh…..!”

“Your turn” Frank said as he knelt down on his knees scooting up behind me “It’s not over till the fat lady sings”

I lurched up in mid-cough as a slick finger was pushed up into my rectum, my anus clenching down from the sudden sharp pain and surprise as it started feeling around deeply spreading the slick creamy stuff around.

“Ya got a real tight passage there boy” Frank’s voice taking on as excited tone “Bet your father was too nice to give you the fucking you deserved”

The slick cream he worked up into my rectum seemed cool but took on quickly a nasty tone I didn’t like even after he pulled his finger out, wiping it clean on a old rag I felt a hand go onto my back.

“Word of advice boy, best if you make like your pooping when I press my cock onto your puckered hole” He move up and I felt the huge slick blunt firm tip of his penis go between my buttocks onto my anus “Okay…. Now”

The blunt pressure was already pressing hard onto my butt-hole, a ache turning rapidly into something more “Now boy… Now!”

He never gave me a chance and I don’t think he really wanted me to cause I lurched up into his strong hand that slapped down strongly keeping m torso from coming off the box, my legs shot out stiffly to each side of his upright upper legs. A loud squeal escaped from my mouth as the sharpest pain I’ve ever felt came from my suddenly opened anus.

“Next time you’ll know to do as you’re told” a snicker to his voice “If there is a next time”

The pain died back slowly the flexing adult organ not helping the pain fading away not near quickly enough. I was held by the shear thickness of the blunt tip my anus muscles were clenched around and afraid to even move in fear of the sharp pain coming back.

“It’s time again boy…. Now push like you are pooping, I’ll tell you when to stop”

This time I really did as told willing my rectum to push just like I did using the bathroom, those base muscles slowly coming to life the wrongness of it like a surreal weight taking control of me. The world had turned into a horrid dream that I could feel and knew was all to real but couldn’t escape from. Even though my eye’s were wide open my mind had turned inward to the embarrassing wrongness of what I was doing, focused on the harsh realization that this man was deriving pleasure from my panicked submission. I felt the thick blunt tip slowly opening my rectal passage the shear thickness as it went in deeper taking hold of my young senses of something new I never had to endure before now. My rectum burned as it was forced to stretch over the thick blunt organ till it filled my young rectum from end to end the blunt tip a dull ache somewhere deep inside my bowel. An adult hand slipped around my hips going to my young boy organ feeling over my penis which now was embarrassingly fully stiff too.

“Me thinks perchance he likes it, we do” The man Frank said close behind me.

The fingers rubbing over my much smaller stiff penis made the muscles of my groin tense up from the sensation of his moving fingers making my rectum squeezed too over the unsettling thickness of the adult organ.

“Good boy… you know just how I like it don’t you”

His fingers rubbed over my small stiff boy penis the sensation of him doing it made the unwanted reflex grip me again, the muscles of my groin clinching tight, my rectum involuntary squeezing Franks thick adult penis real hard as a growing urge that I may need to use the bathroom real soon surge to the front of my mind. He groaned out in pleasure placing a kiss on top of my young boy head. My face burn hotly from embarrassment that this might just be what he wanted me to feel remembering when my daddy had whipped me my boy penis had gotten stiff almost every time. I had all but forgotten to keep making like I was pooping and slowly willed my rectum to push again.

“That’s… my boy” a hand caressed feeling over my young body.

A wave of satisfaction shamefully went over me, something nasty and wrong was being forced onto me but the man Frank’s words made me want, no need to please him irregardless of the earlier abuse. In fact the earlier abuse seemed to heighten the shameful gratification I wanted the man Frank to have from me. The thick blunt tip at the end of my tight rectal tube move deeper as the feeling of going to use the bathroom went from just a thought to something all to real. I tried stopping the urge with shear will power but there was nothing I could do to suppress the apparent slow movement of stool through my large intestine, the feeling of dread and shame, and…. something else…. submissive anticipation?

I was pulled up slightly from the wooden box, my knees not quite on the floor had me going down hard onto the stiff adult organ that suddenly entered into my large intestine the sensation having me attempt to lurch up but I had no support to do so and I slid down onto the arching thickness, the man Frank hands keeping my shuddering body centered so there was no escaping the deepening thick blunt tip adult organ. My moving stool no match as I went fully down settling in place, his loin press firmly up against my bottom. My young mind having to absorb the onrush of shocking gross and debasing sensations I could have never conceive as possible. The man Frank moaned out the stiff organ flexing as my little penis had under his rubbing. I collapsed shamefully back against his warm adult body.

A controlling hand in the rope urge me forward though over his strong muscled arm now around my waist, a long ear splitting scream from my brother cleared my mind enough to see the man with him humping like a demon possessed up into his backside.

A fear swept over me ‘was Frank going to do that to me’ his strong grip now scared me as I was positioned over his arm, there was no doubt that he was, and he wasted no time as his penis tugged back my world dropping away as I collapsed over his arm held up by only the rope in his other strong hand, the sensation was beyond describing. What thickness he had pulled back was forced cruelly back my surging stool barely a hindrance to him but to me a shameful embarrassment, he grunted deeply as he lunged as if needing me to feel the purposeful gross debasement that was his intent. His wiry haired thick pubes went up into the cleft of my buttocks having to angle around some to fully come up against me again. I tried to anticipate the next harsh withdraw and follow him as his loin tugged back but he greedily held the rope in place leaving me to collapse down again my young mind flooded by the sudden bowel tugging sensation. I screamed out unable to come to grip with the flood of abrupt debasing sensations and went twisting about under the strongly held rope but found out quickly he was in total control of every move I tried to make to ease the suddenly horrid abuse.

Then to my horror my young body seemed to suddenly surge on its own with me coming up in an intense bowel strain I couldn’t hold back at all. The uncontrollable act seemingly turning the man crazy his loin forcing his seemingly stiffer penis up into me at a more frantic rate and I screamed out again, the room filling with horrid nasty crude sound coming from his rapid movements deep up into my bottom. I was let go suddenly the thick movement pulled from my rectum leaving me to weak for my legs to hold me up and I went onto my knees my bowel still in a state of a straining bowel movement even though nothing was coming out. The man Frank appeared in front of my of me a hand bringing me upright still on my knees. His arching penis surprisingly clean except for a dome of poop coating the bulbous head and the base showing a ring of the lube with some brown mix with it. There was a single streak of brown poop going under the head but that disappeared from my view as he tilted the stiff adult male organ down the thickly coated head aimed at the ring of metal holding my young mouth open jaw achingly wide.

My rectum was still in a full state of dry straining to move something from it as the nasty smelling blunt poop coated head of his penis charged into my mouth not hesitating as he angled my head down lining everything up to his liking, it wedge deep into the hole of my throat. I gagged up with combined effort of the foul taste and reflex of something in my throat.

“Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of” Frank chimed out “But I’ve found out that poop and puke is what little boys are made of”

This time I did puke something up and it was horrible as he humped his loin the puke getting past his thick penis in gushes, going into my nose and mouth, even aspirating on it. The thing tugged out leaving me choking up slime and gasping. All the while my rectum still feeling like I needed to go the urge to push making it impossible not to.

“I juiced the anal lube up some more” Bill cried out lustfully “This one’s posed up perfectly”

I looked over seeing Luke wide eyed red faced straining as if he was on the toilet. Bill was humping up into his butt, his adult hands gripped tightly to each side of my brother’s hips. A mad gleam was on Bill’s face as he looked down at poor Luke’s blight. My own rectum surged up wanting to push again my eyes going to Frank as he wipe a rag over his arched up organ picking up the jar again, scooping two of his large fingers in and rubbing the scooped up cream over his long penis his eyes looking devilishly joyous as he too stared over at Luke seemingly enjoying what he saw.

“Think you got it almost perfect” Finished lubing his organ he turned looking down at me “I’ll let you know in a short moment”

Then he had me again, hands guiding me about, I was too much unrecovered from the shocking bout of his last on-slot to resist though my wide tear watered eyes took in everything with frightful need to know what was happening around me. Still coughing and my bowels intensely unsteady the man Frank moved behind me pulling me up into position his strong hand back in the rope between my neck and hands. I glance over to poor Luke again and swallowed involuntary the aching pain coming from my throat a reminder of the man’s cruelty. The thick slick blunt tip of his male organ went pressing threw my buttocks onto my still pushing to go anus.

“A-A-H-aaa..” escaped from my ringed mouth my head coming up from the shock of his thick organ re-stretching my rectum as is slid through it to the very end.

“Fuck Frank I’ve cummed twice now” Bill cried out. “My balls ache but I’m going for three soon as soon as I smoke some more dope”

“Get it fired up, be there in a flash” Frank replied sounding like he was running a marathon “See if I can get this one posed up real quick”

Through the corner of my eyes I saw Bill rise up and go to the bucket of water washing his still stiff penis and loin, he took a rag and wiped Luke’s buttocks area then brought him over to the nail hooks making sure his was on his toes in place there. The man Frank’s thick blunt tip found the end of my rectum and seemingly in a well practiced moves angled his stiffly arched organ in such a way it slipped into my large intestine his large strong arms and hands place over my small body in such a way there would be no way to lurch off the stiff intensely uncomfortable thick rod. And I did lurch and lurched but was contained in his strong grip as the rest of his organ was forced into place, the hair of his loin going against my buttocks. He moan out the stiff penis flexing forcing me to twist in his grip to attempt to angle my body to conform to the almost unbendable organ. His lips went to the top of my head breathing deeply in again his nose buried in my hair the thick adult organ flexing again making me tense up from the discomfort. My gut rumbled coming to life with a escalating urge to push like I was pooping.

I was suddenly gripped in the mist of all the muscles that went into the act of defecation coming to life, my young body tensing with gripping effort to perform the act. It was only then the man Frank relaxed his holding grip letting me hunch up, straining unable to do anything else. I felt his hands moving over my body feeling me everywhere and also at the ready to keep me from lurching free. An arm slipped around my abdomen the other going to my small penis all two and a half inches of it stiffly arched his finger rubbing over it, pumping it with his forefinger and thumb till my young body reacted by my loin muscles clamping up my anus and rectum doing the same. The man moaned out his own large penis flexing to counter the strong grip of my groin muscles. But then it was over and my bowel was back to the harsh need to push again.

“I think this is a game we can both play little boy” I heard and was pull up slightly.

His movements behind me signaled his intent to start and strangely I was at mixed odds as to what I was feeling. I was scared ‘yes’ but again there was a strange inner urge for the man to continue. The sight of the man Bill humping up into my brother’s back side, and Luke so freaked out seemed strangely appealingly nasty my little penis flexed stiffer at the thought, the man Frank groaning as my groin muscles went gripping his thick deeply place adult organ again. I stared forward facing a old blank wall my young mind fully attuned to the man controlling my every move till the moment came.

A waif of marijuana smoke filled the room plowing thickly over me a split second later my whole world dropped away as the thick adult penis that had been filling me tugged back my straining muscles assisting the sudden move but with strong hands gripping me, keeping me from doing anything but accepting the thick stiff organ as he rammed back starting the animal like reproductive moves in gleeful earnest. My mind escaping rapidly into the submissiveness of the act trying to just handle the sudden surprising sharp stabs pain that suddenly had me yelling out then screaming as the man seemingly went about doing his best to make it feel worse, every few seconds planting his stiff organ his one hand pumping my little stiff penis till my pushing bowel would clamp tight around his own adult penis before humping again. He planted the thing fully up into me his hand pumping my little stiff penis I felt his organ swelling as my groin went tense my young rectal passage clamping over his thick organ tightly.

“Fucking tightest ass I’ve ever had” his hand left my little penis going to my tight young sack.

I felt a shock of nauseous stab of pain as he pinched the flesh of my sack gathering it up then pressed his flat hand. I plainly felt my little testicles pop up inside of me just as the thick deeply planted penis swelled spiting sperm into my urgently spasming intestine. My whole young body shuddering from the combined sensation of the deep thick adult organ and both of my testicles being held up inside of me a taste of what my brother was still going through with his tape up inside him still.

“Going to get stoned again… may have another beer” Frank breathed as if out of breath close to my head “There’s a hook waiting for you”

His hand pulled from my groin one of my small testicles slipped down but the other stayed up in place having me froze in place as he pulled his long penis from my bottom. A hand pulled me upright by the rope the loop biting into my neck, my insides still felt like I needed to poop or something with a harsh strain taking me up. My other nugget slipped shockingly in place. I was pulled over to the wall beside my brother my feet barely touching the floor at all, I wouldn’t have been able to walk at any rate my whole body trembling in the aftermath of all the harsh abuse hardly finished. Suddenly I was up on my toes the rope hooked over a large nail there.

The man Frank turned going to the bucket cleaning himself quickly Bill handing him a already lit small ornate pipe. He took it taking a long draw off it holding it in for a bit before letting the smoke fill the room blending in with the smoke Bill had breathed out.

“I’m thinking about snuffing mine” Bill said looking over to my brother Luke “My balls are going to be hurting tomorrow and I want a reason”

I watch Frank turn taking another long draw as he looked strait at me trembling and struggling to stay up on my toes against the wall. He finely let the heavy smoke out the cloud coming my way till it went over me the smell of strong high end marijuana heavy in the air.

“Were needing to relocate anyway” Frank finely said his mind lost in thought “We’ll hit another bank on the way out, still got time if we rap this up… Grab me another beer”

Bill’s hand went into the cooler getting two bottles tossing one to Frank. The top was twisted off and flipped out the window.

“Got any ideas Bill” Frank said still looking me over a chill flooding over my young spent body “I’ve always been partial to slow garroting, kinda love the panic near the end”

“Yea.. I know what you mean, but we just did those girls last week” Bill took the marijuana pipe back taking a long hit off it and talking as he breathed out the smoke “There’s a rafter beam exposed up there, how bout a duel anal hanging”

Frank looked up eying the exposed cross beam then looked around the room pulling a couple wooden boxes under the area of the beam overhead.

“We could get them facing each other and cream em up real good” Bill said as he sprinkled some more marijuana from a bag into the top of the pipe handing it and a lighter up to Frank still standing there.

Frank brought the pipe to his face the other hand striking the fire to the lighter and drew in another large lung full savoring it as he breathed it slowly out. He picked up the bottle of beer he’d set on one of the boxes and down almost all of it.

“In lieu of a better idea I’m game” Frank replied now looking at the brown bottle in his hand, turning it around upright his mind lost in thought. He put it to his mouth and down the rest.

Luke groan out beside me and I looked over thick spittle dripping out of the opened ring in my mouth.

“I don’t feel well Al” he moaned out “Why are they going this to us”

I couldn’t say anything only stare back.

“I want to go home” Luke pitifully moaned. I could only shake my head ‘yes’.

Bill rose up his adult cock still stiff and arched up. He took the pipe from Frank and took another long draw off it before placing it down. Both men went to work digging out rope from a back pack, pushing and shoving one another in jest, both laughing out loud as they did. Bill had a looped some rope together and tried several times to get it over the exposed beam slightly out of reach before it finely went over. He handed it to Frank whom went to work tying a slip-knot in it and looking around the room till he located a place to tie the other end.

“How was that jack-off job you did to your boy” Bill asked Frank.

“Your telling me you’ve never rubbed a wee willie while ass fucking a young boy”

“Nope..” Bill said as he got the other rope over the beam and handed to Frank.

“Ya know how when you flex your cock your muscles clench up” Frank said to Bill whom just shook his head ‘yes’ “Well it make em do the same thing, it’s fucking hot having a young boy’s rectum squeezing your cock real hard…. I’ve gotten real good at it”

“We’ll need more rope for next time” Bill said looking down into the open backpack “Unless we finish em quickly and take what we got”

Bill had scooted two rickety wooden boxes under the ropes that were a mere two feet apart and was already over at my brother his hand going to the tape covering his groin and pealing it off.

“Guess his balls will drop once my cock goes back up his tight ass” Bill laughed out.

He unhooked Luke pulling him the short distance to a box then lifted him up. Frank slipped the slipknot over his head snugging it down and as Bill held Luke up right Frank went to the other end an pulled till my brother went up onto his toes before tying it off. Bill just let him go coming toward me. I could hear Luke’s effort to stay upright on the rickety old box he was on as I was unhooked and pulled over to the other unstable box. Bill lifted me easily up onto it with The man Frank slipping the other slipknot over my head and snugging it down. I could see my brother wide eyes swaying around his toes struggling to stay on top of his box the only thing keeping him from toppling over was the added hang-mans rope around his neck.

The rope going up went snug pulling me up onto my toes suddenly and like my brother I was let loose to fend for myself my brother doing better at it as my box seemed to shake wildly about my neck taking my full weight at times, till finely I found the rickety center and froze afraid to move a inch as I teetered about.

Luke was now frozen on his box too, if I moved only my eyes I could see him there shaking like I was with terrorized fear of more hurtful abuse to come. The led to the lube jar popped open with both my brother and me jumping at the sound. Luke started crying quietly at first but getting louder.

Bill walked around into view rubbing the lube over his long adult penis as I felt Frank turn me facing my brother. Bill finished with the lube handed to the man Frank behind me. Bill turning Luke to facing me and moving up behind him. My brothers face had tears streaming down.

“I don’t want to die” he cried a racking sob taking him.

“We all die son” Bill told him as he closed in farther behind him a hand going around Luke’s slender body to stabilize him “It’s all a matter of how and when”

“U-U-H-h-a..” Luke gruntedly moaned as Bill’s hip shot up.

I knew the man Bill’s stiff penis had entered my brother’s rectum. Hands went to the leather strap in back of my head unlatching the two ends pulling the metal ring from my mouth. My jaw having trouble closing after being open so wide for so long. And shortly I saw the small jar being tossed into the backpack and a arm went around my abdomen. My heart skipped a beat feeling the thick blunt hard fleshy tip of the man Frank’s adult penis slip between my buttocks finding its mark expertly. Tears now started streaming from my eyes too as the blunt oversize hardness pressed firmly against my already abused and sore anus.

“This one’s little cock is stiff now” Bill asked of Frank “I just rub it like my own?”

“Remember, the little head’s real sensitive” Frank said “Rub on that and you’ll be more than happy with the outcome”

Bill’s hand went to Luke’s groin feeling there for a bit as I felt Frank’s huge tip painfully force my anus to open around the adult sex organ till I jumped grunting out loudly as the head popped past my now opened anus.

“Yep, both nuggets dropped” Bill said over my brothers sobbing “Let’s put your suggestion to the test”

Bill started rubbing Luke’s stiff boy penis his adult fingers staying moving over the small tip. Seconds later Bill groaned out in pleasure as Luke’s boy groin tensed up from the consent rubbing. Bill’s fingers now rubbing in earnest till.

“What happen…. He’s going limp” Bill said’

“It’s an art form Bill” Frank said giggling like a kid behind me “You may have just pushed in to deep, he’ll be back with a stiffie soon enough, go ahead and get planted”

Taking his own suggestion the man Frank pushed up into my rectum while holding me firmly over the wobbly box. Frank’s free hand coming around feeling over my groin, my small boy penis limp but starting to stiffen as he started rubbing over it. I now knew what he was doing and fought to keep my little boy penis from reacting to his rubbing finger. The thick adult penis reached the end of my rectum my boy penis now fully stiff in his moving finger, my groin muscles tensed up, my rectum hugging the man’s adult penis real hard.

“Now that’s how you do it Bill” He jived, egging the other man on.

Luke’s eyes went wide. I knew from the look Bill had entered deeply up into my brother rectum, the thick blunt tip of the adult man behind me was on the verge of doing the same to me as it press at the end of my rectal passage. Luke’s whole young body shuddered as Bill loin went up into Luke’s buttocks. My dazed brother was left panting as he struggle to come to terms with the deeper penetration.

Bill’s hand went over Luke’s limp boy penis trying again to get some reaction. I could see at first frustration then an anger coming over him. My groin tensed up hard again as Franks large hand moving over my small penis sent a gripping sensation through me. Bill seemed to give up suddenly.

“Fuck you Frank” He said “I’ll show you how it’s done”

He gripped Luke by the hips a hand on each side, his loin planted firmly up into his young buttocks and kicked the box away leaving Luke hanging suddenly. He tugged his loin back and started humping aggressively as my brother went into a fit of panic I’ve never seen on anyone before. The man Bill looked like the devil himself the way his eyes gleamed watching Luke thrash about in his tight grip on his narrow boy hips.

I suddenly went tensely rigid with my spine arched back toward the man behind me and was up higher on my toes as the deeply planted stiff organ moved almost past the tight turn into my large intestine.

“Looks like it your turn boy” I heard from Frank close to the back of my head.

A wild stream of pee shot from Luke’s small penis going everywhere as Bill went humping more aggressively, warm piss went over my legs as ghastly wet sounds from Bill’s pummeling organ grew more harsh. I felt the box under my toes slipping to the side slowly, my feet working to stay up till the edge came and I dropped a couple inches the stiff rod of flesh staying in place impaling me farther down on to the upright waiting adult organ the rope going up the the ceiling went tight, real tight. The same panic that had gripped my brother now surged through me, all I want to do was grab the tight rope to elevate the choking hold it had around my neck.

“HuggKK-kk” Came from me as hands also gripped tightly at my hips the thick rod being shoved fully up through my young intestine.

All it the man seemed to want to do was worm the final bit of the long male organ up into me, his hips churning as his hands at my hips held me in place there leaving the rest of me thrashing about trying to twist my head free of the tight rope around my neck. My smaller body came up momentary locked in a straining surge freezing me in the bowel strain for a seeming long second. The man Frank struggling to keep his stiff penis fully up inside me. But the moment it was over his loin slammed pressing up working now a fevered pace with lengthening harsh aggressive strokes. Luke whom was just hanging seemingly dead suddenly thrashed about with leg kicking here and there wildly I realized searching for the box a mere foot out of reach before going back silent, swinging around before me.

I realize I would be left swinging as soon a the man Frank finished with me. I’d seen the old western movies when they hung the bad cowboys and they seemed to die quickly but they lied. They really, really lied. My body surged up again with shockingly loud escape of gas going around the thick adult organ, terror of being left there swept through me and I saw pee shoot from my loin, the yellow stream coming strongly out of my own small stiff penis striking Luke’s swinging torso. The long organ was shoved swelling thicker fully up into me and I now sat on the man behind me hairy loin, thankfully it took some the load off the tight overbearing rope from my neck. Frank kept me facing my brother as my pee strongly shot for a bit then ebbed off with each adult organ thickening surge of sperm from the long penis that was shot with force deep inside my young gut.

“Now that hit the spot” Frank said as if he just finished a satisfying meal.

“Lets get the hell out of here” Bill said pulling up his pants over his underwear. “Leave the boys to their new home”

“Be a short moment got to get rid of some beer”

Frank had left his huge still stiff penis up inside of me. I felt a gush of warm liquid, then a horrid flood that seemed to go on more than my small intestine could hold, ‘he was peeing in side of me, a lot…’ I heard him breath out in a sigh of relief as the warm liquid after filling my inside managed to flood around the thick flesh of his penis going down my slightly swinging legs onto the floor. He pulled his cock free and I was then left swinging the rope around my neck becoming overbearing till I found myself kicking and squirming trying to get my head free somehow.

“There he goes” I barely heard from Frank as panic swept through me “Always love this part… be with you in a second”

His grinning face went flashing by more than once as I struggled to twist my head free. My head did manage to find a place in the rope that wasn’t so oppressive with me freezing in place, my young body swinging in small circles warm liquid still running down my leg and onto the old dusty floor.

“Okay, I’m good” Frank said finishing up wiping his half hard cock dry “Lets run by that bank close to the entrance ramp to the interstate”

Both men now dressed, scooped up their other stuff and were gone leaving my brother and me still hanging, both still slowly swaying the old rickety boxes just out of reach. All was suddenly quiet except for a bird singing merrily outside somewhere….