Neighborhood Watch (Mb,anal,oral,bond,con,semi-con)

Neighborhood Watch (Mb,anal,oral,bond,con,semi-con)

Prologue: Several men in one neighborhood have been secretly eyeing a cute young six year old boy Wyatt. Each man in their way vies for the attention of young Wyatt who without a seeming care in the world treats them like a backyard smörgåsbord getting what he wants in a way he’s discovered that works for himself.

Wyatt was one of those wide round dark eyed six year old boys with dark hair and a slight body that drew attention from a lot of want-a-be’s pedos around the neighborhood he lived. He of course did know that most all these nice men he knew in his romps around where he lived were keeping a close eye on him for other reasons than just being nice. Summer was in full swing and Wyatt in his seeming to these men ignorance, made his rounds and seeing one of friendly men setting on his back porch waved running up to say hi. The man ‘his friend’ was called Ben and was always friendly toward Wyatt.

“Hi Ben” Wyatt came up to the setting man hugging him as was Wyatt nature.

“Hi Wyatt” He said hugging Wyatt affectionately back, his one hand patting and feeling Wyatt on his butt through his shorts.

Wyatt gave it no though as most of the nice men he knew, even his dad patted him on his buttocks like that. Ben’s hand always lingered there a bit, but Wyatt didn’t care in fact he love the attention. What Wyatt didn’t know was that Ben’s wife was out of town for a week along with some of the other mens wifes around the neighborhood.

Ben relaxed on his back porch beer in hand his eyes catching sight of the now familiar young boy Wyatt coming across the rear area in back of his house.

‘Fuck’ Ben thought taking another draw off his beer his eyes looking at Wyatt’s perfect young mouth ‘Love to see that boy deep sucking my cock’

He couldn’t believe he thought something like that, well at first. It wasn’t the first time he eyed the young boy. His wife working extra hours a while back he had through the bedroom window at the rear of the house saw Wyatt playing for the longest time about where he was right now. He’d spent a better part of thirty minutes masturbating to the sight. Ben had felt a little guilty for a few days but had come to the gripping fact that fucking a young boy, especially one as cute as Wyatt would be a dream come true. His wife had taken off yesterday on a week long ladies thing leaving him here to fend for himself, and fending didn’t look like a bad thing right now.

As Ben smiled at Wyatt whom had seen him setting there the young boy waved enthusiastically as was his nature and came running over. Wyatt hugged him, his way of saying ‘hi’ with Ben’s cock reacting to the closeness of the beautiful boy’s young body. Ben’s arm hugging back slipped down, of course after a quick glancing scan around to see if any one else was about and let his hand feel over the young boy’s buttocks through his shorts. When Wyatt didn’t pull away he lifted the young dark haired boy placing him on his lap. Ben’s cock lifting in response to cute boy’s bottom pressing in just the right spot.

“You drinking beer” Wyatt asked his hand coming up and touching the cold condensation on the bottle.

“You bet” Ben said being drawn into the young boy’s exuberant attitude about everything.

“Is it any good” Wyatt’s big dark eyes looking at the bottle with deep curiosity “Can I try some”

Ben already had downed a couple bottles working on his third but wasn’t to far gone as to not to look around again to see if any one was about. Luckily his yard was well trimmed out with bushes, he like his privacy as most in this neighborhood did. Wyatt picked up on him looking about.

“What are you looking for” Wyatt ask, now looking about himself.

“Cute little boy’s aren’t suppose to drink beer” Ben said as if it was a secret of some sort.

“Please.. I won’t tell” Wyatt’s young hands going to the cold bottle now in Ben’s hand.

“Cross your heart and hope to die” Ben said.

“Cross my heart and hope to die” Wyatt replied making the cross sign on his slight chest.

Wyatt smaller hands went around the cold bottle with Ben letting him have it. Bringing it up to his mouth Wyatt took a big swallow the look on his face a reflection of not quite sure want to think but turning it up again and taking another.

“Whoa.. boy slow down” Ben warned but checked himself an evil though that maybe… just maybe “Okay you can have that one”

Ben had a small cooler on the ground beside him and reached down fishing through the ice with his hand grabbing another. His eyes scanning around seeing no one around anywhere. The bottle hissed loudly as he twisted the top off it, the squirming young boy in his lap tipping the balance in Ben’s mind into cautious controlled action. He took another long draw and Wyatt tipped his up a second later as if trying to keep up with Ben. There was still half a bottle left in Wyatt’s bottle.

Wyatt was looking around the yard like he belonged here all along. Ben bet he was a handful at home, the cute young boy seeming to expect to get what ever he wants and wondered if he got his way at home. Ben let his free hand slip into Wyatt’s lap idly slipping under the elastic band of his shorts.

“Bet I can finish mine before you can finish yours” Ben challenged Wyatt.

Wyatt smiled to himself feeling the adult man called ‘Ben’ hand feeling into the waist band of his shorts. His dad used to do the same thing trying to sneak his hand under his clothes but now did other things with him, a lot of it he liked. He had never had this man to do this and his young mind felt very curious if it would be much to different than his father. Wyatt’s father never gave him beer though, but he’d snuck some anyway liking the feeling it gave him. He also could feel through his shorts Ben’s adult cock getting hard against his purposely squirming buttocks and smiled even bigger at the thought of it being him that was doing this to the man Ben.

Wyatt liked the man Ben, he seemed to be a nice man never had being mean to him in anyway. And he gave Wyatt a beer to drink, his father never did that. Ben’s hand slipped even farther going under his underwear with Wyatt tipping up his own cold beer letting him do it, in fact Wyatt made it easier for him by leaning back purposely looking absorbed in the bottle of beer but really enjoy the power he felt over the nice man. He took another drink feeling Ben’s adult hand tentatively touch his penis then went farther to his tightly drawn up boy sack. Wyatt big dark eyes looking up at Ben plainly seeing the sexual excitement the adult was getting from touching him under his shorts. Wyatt got an devious idea.

“I gotta pee” Wyatt said still looking up at Ben “Can I use your bathroom”

Wyatt could see Ben’s eyes brighten at the prospect of letting him go into Ben’s house. Wyatt still gripping the bottle with one hand let the other one go onto the front of Ben’s pants feeling the bulge there. He watched Ben jump from the touch and Wyatt acted like he didn’t noticed, but he surely did. He really wanted to see the nice mans adult cock and wondered if the man would want to fuck him like Wyatt’s father did sometimes. Wyatt liked the warm needed feeling it gave him and if he could get more beer he would be more than willing to let the man Ben do that with him.

That ‘third beer buzz’ was kicking in pretty good loosen Ben’s inhibitions, his hand down in the the young boy Wyatt’s shorts found his young groin feeling over his hairless boy penis and testicles. He’d never done anything like this before and the newness of something this taboo swept him up. Ben eyes went scanning around uneasily and still he was unable to withdraw his hand from young Wyatt’s short, as long as the boy was not in any distress and seemed unconcerned he let his own mind escape deep into just imagining the possibilities of sex with a young beautiful boy like this one. His mind now working a mile a minute, every bit chipping away at his moral convictions till he needed to see how far this seemingly innocent cute boy would really go.

Ben rose letting Wyatt slip onto his feet what was left of his beer still gripped in one of his small hands. The other came up touching the obvious bulge of his adult cock showing on the front of Ben’s pants. Ben placed a large hand on Wyatt’s small shoulder guiding the younger boy toward the empty house knowing and thankful his wife was away for the week. Ben looked around again, just to be sure, the heavy brush giving him a sense of security he needed to continue. Sliding open the back screen door open letting Wyatt go through. Ben stopped sliding the first the screen door closed then the glass door, locking it and sliding the curtains into place.

Wyatt knew the moment Ben got up that they were going to go into his house. His own young body was feeling the effects of the beer he had already drunk and he lifted the bottle again taking another big gulp as his big dark eyes studied the man and seen the bulge in his pants that he’d felt pressing against his bottom. The man Ben would want to see him naked soon and his own smaller penis rose at the prospect of being able to play with the nice older mans bigger one. Wyatt liked feeling of the Ben’s strong guiding hand on his shoulder, he could sense the heightened sexual uneasiness of the older man. Wyatt’s own growing beer buzzed brain was at the just right place that made him want to encourage the older man into some sort of action. Wyatt was familiar with what his father like to do but kinda like the sense of the unknown with this nice man, wondering what he like doing to young boys like Wyatt. When Wyatt saw the man Ben turn and slide the curtain closed he placed his beer down into a small table against the wall and pulled his t-shirt off and was just stepping out of his short and underwear when Ben turn back to facing him. Wyatt naked now picked up the bottle of beer again tipping it up and taking another drink finishing what little was left of it.

“Can I have more” Wyatt asked looking up now totally naked into the shocked face of the older man ‘Ben’ liking the way the man looked really surprised.

“Ah… ah… sure.. ah… okay” Ben stuttered as his own mind skipped and stuttered with the shock needing to just stand there a few more seconds looking at the most perfect young naked boy he’d ever seen. Even better than he imagined while masturbating through the windows before.

“Please-e-e..” Wyatt open his big dark eyes wider in a way that seemed to get him what he wanted from most older men.

“A-ah..” Ben still taken aback fought to get himself focused “I’ll split a cold one with you, okay”

Wyatt followed Ben through the house to the refrigerator standing there naked in full view of Ben letting the man look him over, enjoy the focused attention. He let Ben take one out and twist the top off and take a couple big drinks from it till it was a little under half full before handing it to Wyatt.

“You going to get naked too” Wyatt asked as he grasp the cold bottle with two small hands and took a big drink “I know you want too”

Ben at first was awestruck and then dumbfounded but quickly recovered his senses. Well not all of them cause he was now only focused on the one fact that he needed to fuck this young boy bad. All his common sense of a life long moral convections slipped from his thoughts and only a animal like sexual need for using this young boy for release seemed to be guiding him, what alcohol he had being enough to push him over that guarded cautious edge. Ben knew he was going to fuck this cute boy and as quickly and as soon as possible.

Wyatt turned the bottle up again seeing the nice man Ben slipping into the same state-of-mind he’d seen his father and other men do when he was going to be forced into doing thing his father thought he didn’t like, but Wyatt secretly did like it, not all but a lot of it. Adult men sometimes liked to use Wyatt to make their bigger cocks squirt sperm in ways only they seemed to understand. His own father like to make Wyatt think it was something dirty and wrong, but Wyatt liked most of it anyway and he himself secretly let his young adolescent mind slip into a surreal state, fantasizing about being used deviantly only for the adult man’s pleasure, even as he was being being used deviantly.

“Come with me” Ben told him.

Wyatt followed Ben through his house and into the man’s bedroom letting him close the bedroom door and lock it. Young six year old Wyatt lifted the bottle to his mouth his big wide dark eye’s watching as Ben started quickly removing is own clothes. Wyatt’s young mind attentive, his own small penis half hard as his young mind remained unsure of what Ben was wanting from him. Wyatt was sure Ben wanted some kind of sexual contact but wasn’t sure if he’d want to do something different he didn’t know about or something he’d already done before. Ben was an unknown yet scary element and that kinda excited young Wyatt a lot. Ben had given Wyatt some beer and might give him more if Wyatt was nice in a way the man liked.

“I really didn’t need to pee” Wyatt told Ben grinning mischievously still holding the beer bottle with both hands close to his face “But I do now, you want to watch”

All Ben was wanting was to get into some kind action, his sexual juices had been stirred with some sort of release needed. He’d never had sex with a young boy but his mind could see quite a few intriguing things he like to try. He watch Wyatt take another swallow of the beer with Ben’s cock lurching fully stiff, a blowjob from Wyatt would be real nice and the boy seemed all too willing. Both of them went into the bathroom Wyatt leading the way still bringing the bottle to his mouth for sips from it. Ben following eying the naked backside of the young lad thinking about all the possibilities, his cock sticking out so stiff that when they both lined up at the toilet Ben had to lean forward and then tilt his adult cock down to piss. Young Wyatt’s eyes locking on it in seeming total admiration.

“You have a big one …Ben” Wyatt said with big dark eyes gleaming then tipping up the bottle and finished up the little beer he had left in it. Wyatt able to just stand there and pee into the toilet still holding the bottle with both hands his eyes intently watching Ben’s effort to get his pee into the toilet.

Both peed their last Ben squirting his last through his stiff cock then straitening back up, his cock arching up out in front of him. Wyatt handed his empty bottle to Ben who placed it on the back of the toilet, his small hands came up one grasping Ben cock shaft the other feeling through his ball sack.

“I bet you can squirt a lot of sperm from these.. Want to put your cock in my mouth” Wyatt hinted to Ben his his young big dark eyes never leaving Ben’s throbbing cock his mouth opening wide for Ben to see that he could.

All Ben could see was the boy’s hot moist open mouth, his hight standing there would have him lined up just about right and Ben stepped forward unable stop the impulse.

Wyatt had never seen a man with testicles so big, his father’s were not as full nor his cock as long. He’d sucked on his father’s more than once the first time his father shot his sperm into his mouth was a shock but he’d gotten to expect it to happen and kinda enjoyed seeing his father’s ecstatic face while he was shooting his load of cum deep into his throat and wonder if the man ‘Ben’ liked doing it too. Wyatt gripped Ben’s stiffly arched cock with both hands lowering it down lining it up with his wide open mouth. Ben wasted no time slipping his cock toward Wyatt’s young gaped open mouth and Wyatt eagerly met the thick organ. His mouth sucking over what went into his mouth hearing the older man moan out with pleasure. Pleasure he himself was doing to the man and he opened even wider moving his small head farther onto the thick blunt tipped adult organ till suppressing the urge to gag it pressed to the back of his throat. Knowing Ben like his father probably liked getting it deeper still Wyatt braced himself and lunged his head forward toward the loin of the older man. The tip of the man’s cock slipped a little into his throat but as most always he involuntarily pulled off his face locked up in a frozen gag for a bit just inches from the now spittle covered head of the adult male organ. Recovering a bit Wyatt struggled to swallow a couple timed then look up at Ben.

“I can do it…” Wyatt struggled to force his throat muscles to swallow again and repeated “I can do it”

Wyatt gagging some still staggered a little as he brought a hand up over the top of the thick shaft pulling it back down from arching back up stiffly into the air. Wyatt kinda like trying to do it himself before letting his father take control and wanted to show Ben he could do it. He felt ready for another try and ignoring the heavily oozing pre-cum coming from Ben’s pee slit opened his mouth wide, slipping his mouth over the spittle wet head. Ben’s pre-cum tasted different than his fathers and Wyatt wondered if when his cock spurted if that would be different too, his other small hand coming up feeling the man’s heavy testicular sack. Wyatt was feeling the affects of the beer he’d drank liking the way it made him feel, and he felt he could really do this himself this time. With his young throat having been already opened a little he close his mind off to the shock he knew went with the thickness opening his throat deeply, he went for it.

Ben was awestruck at the shear perseverance of Wyatt. He himself was still reeling from the aftereffects of his cock head slipping into the cute boy’s hot moist mouth then the feel of his tight throat had his cock lurching stiffly into the air just after the boy pulled his small head free. The sight of Wyatt’s face locked up for a long moment in a silent gag had a stream of pre-cum streaming out of his cock mixing with the coating of the boy’s spittle on his cock. Ben’s balls lifted up at the ready, his mind struggling to keep his release at bay as his cock went stiffer still in front of Wyatt’s young beautiful boy face. And when the boy recovered staggering about a bit, none of it helping Ben’s control at all, the boy Wyatt just blurted out that ‘he could do it’. Hell his own wife couldn’t even just ‘do it’ at least not all the way into her throat. Ben was in one hell of a state, his cock as stiff as an eager teenager and just as ready to blow. He hadn’t been in this state in years.

Ben’s felt his stiff cock being lowered by one of Wyatt’s small hands the young boy’s hot breaths making his adult cock try to lurch free of the boy’s grip. Then the feel of his warm moist mouth as his cock head disappeared into Wyatt’s open mouth his small tongue feeling along the underside of his organ as the boy apparently serious about doing it ‘again’ drove his small head forward onto his cock. Ben felt his cock head pop into Wyatt’s tight throat going even deeper this time. Ben had a desire to grab the boy’s young head and pull him farther still but checked himself although both his hands did come down to mere inches behind the young boy’s head at the ready but letting the boy stay in control. Ben though was in a terrible state, ready to blow, his balls really wanting to, and with him needing to instinctively be making the moves of sex. But just as his resisting balls oozed the first of the cum Ben was trying to keep at bay Wyatt pulled his head off his cock coughing and gagging again, his young face contorted wonderfully, white cum oozed up and out of Jake’s pee slit running down along the underside of his upturned adult cock his adult mind struggling to keeping his balls from fully lurching into cumming outright.

“Okay…” Wyatt got out finely his young voice sounding wetly hoarse “Your turn, I… I can’t do it”

“You sure” Ben breathed out lustfully in disbelief “I can.. Okay..”

Ben’s trembling hands were already slipping around Wyatt’s small head as he coughed up a spray of slimy spittle over the head of Jake’s slimy spittle coated cock head.

A thrill went threw Wyatt felting Ben’s strong hands go gripping around each side of his young head taking control. He really loved this part for some odd reason he didn’t fully understand himself. He knew from his experience with his own father what was about to happen but like the feeling of helplessness it gave him. And when it would be finely over kinda gratifying too. He also was curious about the nice man’s big testicles, if it really held more sperm or not and if it tasted the same as his own father’s or close to it. With his big young dark eyes teared over from gagging on the thick organ just a few seconds ago he let Ben’s strong trembling hands bring his open mouth to the tip of the man’s thick cock head. Wyatt took the chance to take several deep breaths not sure how long Ben would want to do his moves. Wyatt’s own father sometimes did it till Wyatt head pounded with the lack of air and he couldn’t stand upright before pulling out.

The cock Wyatt was staring down seemed much longer than what he was use to, even Ben’s man oder was kinda different lending to an uneasy feeling that Wyatt found he really liked, liked a lot. The blunt tip entered his mouth, squeezing into his throat with Wyatt fighting to suppress the urge to gag but in the end failing and giving in to the urge letting Ben, the best the man was able, to finish in the way the man wanted to, but as Wyatt’s head was forced in close to the unfamiliar looking hairy loin, had his small hands coming up defensibly, locking onto Ben’s strong forearms knowing that after the first deep probe into his young throat the man was to far into the act to think anything about Wyatt as a real person anymore and Wyatt liked that thought too even though it didn’t stop him from still tugging wildly to get free. Both of the strong hands of the adult were tightly gripped around his young head the adult cock already farther into his throat than his father could have ever done and still his wide dark eyes could see there was more as his small nose wasn’t but just touching the thick wiry tuft of adult pubic hair. An intense gag had Wyatt staggering, pivoting about around the in the stationary, immobile strong hands of Ben.

Ben’s hand gripped the young boys cute head seeing his moist mouth open as his cock approached, his young lungs working taking air in. Ben let Wyatt prepare himself enjoying the young boy’s hot moist breath going over the head of his cock. Ben’s mind though was working overtime imagining what it would look like with the Wyatt’s head mashed up against him, combining with the thought of just how far down the boy’s throat his long cock would have to be. He was becoming lost in a real life fantasy only a few men would ever have for real and pulled the young beautiful open mouth of the boy over his cock. Ben’s cock squeezed into Wyatt’s tight throat with only a slight contorting of his young face. Encouraged Ben stepped closer pushing his cock deep, over half way and pulled Wyatt’s head farther still onto his stiff cock with his small young hands coming up grasping onto his forearms. His little fingers digging in painfully adding to the effect.

Ben became lost in the moment, the alcohol he’d had tipping the balance of being or even able to turn back from finishing what he had imagined in his minds-eye. With arms muscles tensing, going ridged, ready to anticipate any move Wyatt might make that might impede what he needed to witness his loin pressed to finished what he started. In the back of Ben’s mind he knew he need to finish this quickly as the boy wouldn’t be able to breath at all, his eyes flashing to a clock on the wall noting the second hand. ‘This might have to be a two parter’ went through his mind and lunged the remainder home, staring down as the arms of Wyatt started swinging wildly against him, pushing hitting and trying to twist his small head free. Ben looked up at the clock, he mentally was giving the boy ninety seconds and had a full twenty seconds left of ‘me’ time left he wasn’t going to give up readily.

When Ben lunged his adult loin fully against Wyatt’s face the end of the much longer than his father’s cock sent his young body lurching out of his control. Gags hitting like harsh reverse hiccups as his young body would gag then try to suck air, seemingly all at the same time. This was something really new to him and he couldn’t quite get a handle on it needing to pull away for a moment to gather himself but couldn’t even budge his head even one little bit. This was worse than the first time his father had done it to him. With his arms still swinging and feet kicking at Ben’s shins Wyatt’s head swam dizzily. The thick cock finely pulled free leaving him still with his young head gripped in Ben’s strong hands choking up thick slimy spittle even puking up a little of the beer he’d drunk. Still gasping and coughing but ready to continue Wyatt looked up at Ben with his dark eyes.

“Ag-gain-n..” he said his voice even to Wyatt hard to understand then repeated more clearly “Ag-gain”

Wyatt open his mouth looking back over the long adult cock onto the mat of wiry pubic hair. Wyatt recognized and knew that next time the cock entered his throat Ben would want to fuck him there in order to get his adult cock to squirt. The adult hands gripped tighter lining his young open mouth up with the thick long male cock.

“Ready” Wyatt heard questioningly, soundly more like a warning.

Wyatt’s own small penis lifted going stiff for the moment, that he could plainly feel his young body wanting this to happen. Sometime even after his father throat fucked him his much smaller penis would be real stiff afterwards. Wyatt shook his head ‘yes’ in the tight grip of Ben’s hands barely able to move his head at all. He stared looking at Ben’s huge adult testicles under the long cock knowing real soon he’d be drowning in the baby making thick liquid. Wyatt’s little cock stiffened even more. The adult thickly spittle coated cock entered his mouth going quickly into his throat and snapping into an immediate sexual movement as it worked to fully get as quickly as the man could get it all the way into his throat again much to the distress to his young throat and suddenly lurching stomach, his abdominal muscles clenching up tight with harsh protest to the working adult cock.

Wyatt let his world fall apart and kinda relished the welling fear that went with being used this way by the adult Ben. The hairy adult loin mash into his wide eyed tear wet gag contorted young face. His young bare feet stomped down loudly as his young body tugged vainly to involuntary pull away. Although still gagging hard he still was able to sense the man adjusting himself in front of Wyatt forming the pose of all adult males ready for sexual action. All of this happening in a fluid move that ended with the cock starting an eager motion time to get squirt as fast as the man could get it to, there was going to be nothing Wyatt could do but endure it. Then as it was getting all way too much to handle the hair mashed into his face, the adult cock swelling in his now more than just slightly sore throat with Wyatt stuck, froze in place, his body going through involuntarily half gags and swallows all happening at the same time.

Wyatt’s young mind was fully tuned to Ben’s loin muscles making the movements of release he’d sensed before from his own father. His small hands came clumsily up feeling for those huge adult male testicles he’d seen. Both Wyatt hands did found them, feeling them lifting tensing tightly as a huge gush of sperm flooded deep into his young throat, a lot of it. Another gush, more than his tight throat could handle this time and his young penis that had gone soft snapped up stiff again just as another gush flooded back passed the thick shaft some going out his mouth and nose the taste flooding through his young mind as strangely different but not too different than his own father’s sperm. Wyatt’s world on the next gush fell apart as he was suddenly aspirating on the thick liquid the feeling of drowning to real to ignore. The cock pulled out but the damage was done leaving him choking up the thick huge amount of sperm, spitting it out, swallowing it and hacking up to clear what had made it into his lungs too.

Ben hadn’t unloaded so intensely in years his cock pumping till his balls hurt but lurched up in an attempt to try again anyway. He could see his cum like snot come from Wyatt’s nose deep into the hair of his loin. He pick up on the gurgle sound coming from the boy’s lungs and realized he was in trouble. Ben tugged his cock out. Wyatt remained hunched up mouth open in a silent gag. Ben’s cum was all around the boy’s young mouth even inside it, some even coming out of his nose. Even though freaked out the sight having his cock lurch, his balls squeezing out one last high speed wad of sperm into Wyatt’s young face, straight into one of his dark open eyes. Ben was almost ready to react to Wyatt’s apparent inability to breathe when the young boy gasped in choking out a goodly bit of Ben’s seed. He slapped Wyatt’s back trying to help out, really not knowing what else to do.

Wyatt stood there his world a flood of adult sperm, his lungs had sucked in some of it and he stood there unable to at first to breath out or in, mouth still open wide in shock, his small penis though still fully stiff and Wyatt’s young mind reeling in a gratifying way that he’d done something forbiddingly nasty. He knew the man was happy cause he’d squirted a lot of stuff from his thick adult cock. His lungs kicked into gear, finely, with him choking up harshly for a bit. The nice man Ben’s hand tapping on his back to help out. Wyatt still light headed but kinda recovered hugged Ben, his side of his head going against him his abdomen.

“Can I come over again sometimes” Wyatt strained out like a whisper “And get some more beer”

Ben had to think, cause his wife.

“You have a week Wyatt” Ben tried to word it in a way Wyatt could understand “My wife is sometime around she’ll be back after that”

Wyatt knew he was going to get his way now as Ben seemed scared of ‘his wife’ and he just knew that was something he could use the man too nice to tell him otherwise like his father might.

“Okay” he beamed “Can I get another drink of beer”

“Only a drink” Ben said thinking himself in control “Only if you promise to say nothing about what just happened”

“Okay” Wyatt beamed out again.

“Lets get dressed boy” Ben said “And get that beer”

Wyatt got his beer and before leaving Ben tucked the beer under his clothes so Ben wouldn’t see it. He wave goodbye the affects of the alcohol he’d had needing tweaked and looking around knowing adults didn’t seem to like kids drinking beer checked to be sure and pulled the beer out taking a big drink out of it. Wyatt needed something more and knew just where to go now. He kept to the rear of the row of houses, where he was heading was just around the next big bush. He slowed down and peered around into the yard. ‘Good’ he thought to himself. The man Jake was there. Wyatt stayed hidden from his view watching and sure enough he saw Jake looking around seeing no one Jake pulled his hand up and lit a marijuana cigarette inhaling deeply, holding it in for a bit.

Wyatt’s wanted a marijuana buzz too. He’d gotten stoned with Jake more than once but Jake wanted something in return. Jake liked boys too. If Wyatt was going to get stoned he’d have to do what Jake liked a lot at this time. Wyatt’s own father liked doing the same thing to him but Jake liked to be much rougher than his own father, the beer he’d just drank gave Wyatt the courage to step out into Jake’s view. He’d really like just that kind of buzz right now too to add to the beer.

Jake saw motion and hid his joint, seeing Wyatt he brought it back up showing it to the cute boy, waving to him to come closer. Wyatt had been over more than once looking to get high and Jake had taken advantage of the boy’s wanting to get high. He saw the beer in young Wyatt’s hand and could tell the boy was a little drunk. Jake’s cock lifted in anticipation, he’d been thinking about the boy these last few days and been checking out back for just this kind of thing setting out for hours at a time, watching, waiting.

“Hi Wyatt” he said loud enough for him to here “Been waiting”

Wyatt stood there staring seeing the end of the joint smoking, the hint of the smoke touched his nose the odor tantalizingly good, he stepped closer. Wyatt’s young mind wanting a hit from it and willing to pacify what he knew Jake would want. Wyatt’s father would make him strip and lay over the side of his own bed placing his petroleum jelly lube adult cock into Wyatt’s rectum doing what he called ‘sodomy’ to him. Jake, Wyatt knew liked it a lot too and would want him to do it in exchange for smoking some of his marijuana. Wyatt waved at him keeping quite for now but lifting up his beer to his mouth taking another drink.

“Where you get the beer Wyatt” Jake ask still showing him the joint Wyatt knowing to lure him closer.

Wyatt did walk closer lifting up his hand to take the joint, unwilling to say where the beer came from. That was his own secret. Jake pulled it away as Wyatt knew he would.

“Lets go inside where its comfortable” Jake grinned at him.

“Can I take some with me too” Wyatt ask looking up with his big dark eyes.

“Lets play ‘let make a deal’ okay” Jake winked his forefinger finger coming up motioning for Wyatt to follow him inside.

Wyatt turned the beer up again swallowing a little more and followed Jake into the house.

Jake’s wife had divorced him a year ago and he lived here alone now. He’d been coming out back out of habit to smoke some weed because back then his wife didn’t like it smoked inside. That was when he discovered cute Wyatt’s curiosity with smoking marijuana. Back then the first time, his wife was out for a couple days and getting the even then younger boy real stoned he pulled the curtains closed and undressed him, unable to resist the temptation of trying something new. It was easier than he thought it would be and in short order he had lube in hand and his cock up Wyatt’s fucking tight ass. He sodomized the stoned young boy that day but good, twice if he remembered right. After his wife left the boy showed up out back at odd times to smoke more and Jake had taken to keeping some handy for when he might show up.

Today Wyatt had been on his mind all day and he was hoping the boy would be wanting to get high, the main reason he was camped out back all day. But Wyatt’s asking for some to take with him gave Jake an idea to take his recent night-time fantasy to something more that just that. Wyatt followed him in and Jake turn and locked the sliding door.

“So you want something to take with you, Wyatt” he asked bluntly.

Wyatt shook his head ‘yes’ bring the beer up for another sip.

“I’ll do it if you’ll let me tie you up this time” Jake asked with all seriousness.

Wyatt was getting pretty drunk and staggered a bit with Jake reaching down placing a hand on his shoulder to keep him from falling. Wyatt didn’t say anything but he handed Jake the still half full beer that was starting to get warm and pulled his t-shirt up over his head and off.

“Do we have a deal” Jake ask again going farther with his fantasy “I want to gag you too… okay”

Wyatt shook his head ‘yes’ as he pulled his shorts and underwear off then kicking his shoes off and standing naked before the man Jake.

“Fuck.. your a beautiful boy” Jake mumbled out “I’m going to sodomize you but good this time”

Wyatt let him take him by the arm bringing him through the house into the man’s bedroom. The room spun a bit Wyatt knew from the beer he’d drank and watched as Jake left coming back quickly with some rope and the joint he’d been smoking. Wyatt watch Jake relight it taking a hit himself before handing it to Wyatt, his smaller hand taking it and taking a good hit off it too. His throat burned as the smoke went into his young lungs and Wyatt held it in a bit knowing just how to do it by now. Jake had an extra small empty clear bag with him and he place some of his marijuana in it.

“This is for you when were finished” Jake said placing it to the side.

Wyatt could see the rising sexual excitement sweeping over Jake, more so than normal and figured that like his father that when he ‘played’ tie-up-games he’d be lied to when he said he’d take it easy but if he could get a some of the marijuana to take with him he’d let Jake do what he wanted. And it’d be nothing his father hadn’t done already.

Jake was buzzing real good and his cock needed the freedom it sought. He, like Wyatt, pulled his t-shirt off and slipped, pants underwear and all off onto the floor of his bedroom. Picking up his pocket knife and rope he went to the bed where Wyatt was setting still watching and taking small hits off the joint his young dark eyes already showing the effects of the really good weed.

“Your looking good and stoned” Jake said standing before Wyatt his cock arching high before him.

Wyatt just shook his young cute head ‘yes’ handing Jake the little bit that was left of the joint. He took it from Wyatt having to set the rope down on the bed and sucked the last bit of it almost burning his fingers and place it into a tray on top of the night stand beside his bed. Jakes buzzed mind was slipping into the planned fulfillment of his fantasy. He’d seen a few pictures of a young naked young boy with his forearms tied along the outside of his lower legs. And the knew from past experience it was much to difficult control a young kid that was in the throws of being sodomized too enthusiastically, always lurching away at the just the moment things were getting really really good. Even willing Wyatt had ruined a couple good endings by being able to lurch off his working cock.

Wyatt wasn’t dumb, his father had smacked him more than once for lurching off his cock that was humping way to hard or fast up his ass. Not that he could help it either cause sometime it would hurt out of nowhere and his body would just react. When his father wanted to be real ruff he like to use that wide gray tape not rope. And when he wanted something even more his dad would cut a small piece of bar soap and form it into a small ball about the size of a marble and push it up into Wyatt’s rectum first. Wyatt looked over to the small amount of marijuana he would be getting and wondered if he could get more.

“Jake.. Jake..” Wyatt said his young dark blood shot eyes looking up “I know how you can give me more of your marijuana”

“Now how can I do that.. Wyatt”

Wyatt grabbed the opened up pocket knife and slipped off the bed. He first went to his bottle of beer and took another sip, setting it back down he went into the bathroom and got the bar soap from the side of the bathtub, he cut a small chunk from it and walking back to Jake in the bedroom handing him the knife. Wyatt formed the chunk of soap into a small ball maybe a little bigger than that his father used sometimes but small enough. Done, he handed the small soap ball to Jake.

“You give me a little more of your marijuana and you can put this in my butt too” Wyatt said and climbed back up onto the bed.

If Jake agreed Wyatt knew he’d be in for a hell of a time but he’d get that little extra marijuana for sure. He would ask Jake to roll it up like cigarettes for him too, he do that for him, for sure.

Jake hadn’t thought of that but had heard stories of soap used as a stool softener even as a laxative and his mind-eye slipped into seeing himself hanging on to the hips of young Wyatt as he struggled to strained up, but bound into a doggy position by the rope. He was more than game for that, he had that type of rock hard cock that was more than up to challenge.

“We have a deal” Jake breathed lustfully out moving quickly before Wyatt could change his mind.

Jake had managed to ass fuck his ex-wife on more than one occasion and liked the feeling of total dominance it gave him. She’d never really liked it but sometimes relented it he kept trying and she was drunk enough. But young Wyatt was in another class altogether. Jake had never fuck a kid before him and at one time the thought of sex with a boy wouldn’t have even crossed his mind. But after that first time almost a year ago now when he took that frightening step into doing the cute young boy, it now was all he could think about sometimes. He had to be leery, keeping his thoughts in check because his cock would snap to full stiffness like an over eager teenager if he allowed his mind to go wandering when he was around other people.

Jake’s heart raced and his hands trembled as he went about lifting Wyatt back up onto the bed, roughly measuring out each length of rope and taking Wyatt’s right lower leg and right forearm. Placing the young boy’s arm along the outside of his leg and tying it by rapping several loop around both forearm and lower leg till tight enough to hold. He did the same to the left side, stepping back and admiring his work.

Wyatt let Jake tie one side and start on the other but some doubt did creep into his thoughts thinking that maybe he’d gotten over eager on wanting more of the marijuana. As Jake finished he tested the rope, his legs an arms tugging at odds with each other. Wyatt kind of felt like an upside down crab out of water, unable to control one cause the other was doing something else. Looking up he saw Jake standing back rubbing his long adult cock as he watch Wyatt’s lack of coordination, his young open legs held high by his arms in an exaggerated missionary position that left everything open to Jake view.

“Damn Wyatt, as good as that looks I’m more in the mood to come at you from behind” Jake was grinning like the devil incarnate.

A wave of apprehension swept over Wyatt at being tied up this way. A feeling of helplessness and a growing barely controlled panic that lent something frighteningly erotic to what Jake was doing. Wyatt saw Jake go to his sock drawer and pull out two socks.

“Lets get you gaged.. Okay” Jake said coming over.

Wyatt though he better say something if he was going to change his mind on getting the extra marijuana. He wasn’t sure if he was up to being fucked that way and tied too. The bed sunk down beside him with Jake starting to bring the one of the sock that he’d balled up into a tight roll toward his mouth.

“Jake” Wyatt said “I’m-m-mm…”

To late as Jake stuffed the balled up sock into his mouth and was rapping the other quickly around Wyatt’s young head, tying it off tightly in back of his head.

“We’ll talk more after…. Okay Wyatt” His voice shaking as much as his hands sounding excited, lustful.

Wyatt’s own father would tied him down when he wanted a hard fucking quickie. He didn’t like it that way but he’d get a worse whipping if he resisted. And looking at Jake he could see that same gleam in his eyes that he was wanting something that Wyatt wouldn’t let him do otherwise, and was probably right. His father had to tie him down for that kind of sex, as it sometimes hurt too much not to stay in place and take it.

Jake reached over to the nightstand getting the small jar of petroleum jelly there and popped it open. He knelt before the bed, young Wyatt was a mere foot in front of him. His open legs inviting as his tight pink anus was in full display under his tight young nut sack. Wyatt’s penis was half hard. Jake had learned to read the boy’s emotional state by how stiff his young cock was. He wasn’t in the mood to be pleasing the boy this time around and liked the face Wyatt was in an interim state of sexual indecision. It gave Jake a sense of dominance when ever Wyatt wasn’t really enjoying it. He knew it was the weed that kept the young boy coming back and had been pushing his luck with the boy the last few times.

Jake couldn’t resist any more and leaned in between Wyatt’s legs engulfing the entirety of the boy’s perfect organs into his mouth, running his tongue over everything, tasting and feeling till his own throbbing cock begged to take things farther still. He raised up eying the tight pink ring of muscle that will be soon hugging over his thick cock even squeezing involuntarily at the hairy base of his organ.

When Jake pulled his mouth away from Wyatt’s loin the cooler air drew his young nut sack up even tighter still. The hot wet mouth of Jake had launched his smaller cock to it full stiffness for now. Except for his father Wyatt had been getting his way with the men around the neighborhood for these last few months and he want to this time too.

“N-mm g-mm” Wyatt said though the sock gag his tongue working to push it out.

Jake ran a hand through his short dark short hair on his head his other hand rubbing over his rigid adult cock. His friendly face taking on that look of focused intent. Wyatt could feel his own small stiffie going soft as Jake reached down his strong hands turning Wyatt over with his knees on the edge of the bed his head forced down into the mattress from the way he was tied. Wyatt felt oddly vulnerable kind of liking the sense of not having any control of what was happening. Jake positioned Wyatt’s leg opened a hand going under feeling over his tight sack and dangling half hard young penis. The open jar of lube was just a mere foot in front of Wyatt face that was turned to one side and he saw a finger of Jake’s hand dip in scooping out some.

Jake looked down over Wyatt’s young back that was held in a sharp arch going down to his head, a position the young boy would be held in through out this adventure. He stepped up closer and reach over to the thick lube he liked and scooped some out. Jake’s eyed Wyatt anus and was always amazed at how the tiny ring of muscle could stretch enough to slip around his cock, but it did. He wiped some of the lube over the tight ring and watch Wyatt jump as he pushed a finger in his young body coming up with arm pulling against the rope holding them against the side of his lower legs. Jake’s cock swelled even more stiffly wanting to get into the action ASAP. Pulling his finger free he dipped it into the small jar for more and went spreading it thickly over his adult cock his eyes locked onto Wyatt’s perfect backside.

Finished Jake reached over and grabbed a hand towel he had folded on the nightstand and wiped his hand. The nugget of soap was still on the bed and he picked it up. Bring up his fingers of the other hand to his mouth Jake placed some spittle on them and wiped the spittle around the ball of soap making it slick. He place the small ball of soap against Wyatt’s jelly slick anus and popped in through the tight ring of muscle a forefinger following pushing it as deep as he could with Wyatt’s bottom going up as high as he could make it go in seeming distress for a short moment. Jake made sure it had gone through hugging Wyatt’s rectal passage and now rested somewhere in the boy’s colon Jake’s much longer than his finger cock would take care of the rest.

Wyatt could feel the ball of soap, feel it starting to do its laxative work the deep sensation building up like the first imagined beginnings of needing to go for a bowel movement. His father like doing it to him saying he just like how Wyatt squirm around more while fucking him. But to Wyatt it was much more than just squirming around. It made the act of being sodomized feel more… well… like he just had to poop real bad and couldn’t hold the feeling back.

The blunt tip of Jake’s cock went pressing against his anus with Wyatt raising his bottom up as high as it would go which wasn’t far, his arms went stretch tight held in place by the rope, and his head was pulled deeper into the mattress. He willed his anus to relax but knew this part always hurt at first.

“Hu-n-n..” Wyatt grunted as the thick tip popped past his anus then “Hu-mm..g”

Jake’s hands gripped both sides of Wyatt’s hips the thick cock worming to wedge deeper through the still unstretched area of his rectum as if wanting to find the lost ball of soap as quickly as it could. Wyatt was doing kinda fine until Jake’s cock went worming through the curve of his colon push the found ball of soap ahead of it, spreading the dissolving ball’s stuff farther into him. The once latent sensation turning into something more dire his breathing becoming more rapid as young mind struggle to gain some level of control.

Jake was totally absorbed into watching his cock squeeze into Wyatt’s backside. Watching the even tighter ring of the boy’s anus slip farther as a slight crease along the shaft of Jack’s rock hard adult cock. A sharp cough came from Wyatt as Jake’s cock head enter into the boy’s young colon and Jake was finding he had to adjust his angle of entry some to get his stiff arching cock to conform to its new path. Wyatt’s young body tried twisting too and Jake was in awe of what he was getting to see taking place. What muscles along the slight torso the boy had were tensing in oddly sexual seductive ways as the boy tugged and twisted getting nowhere, if anything his unconscious tugging against the way he was bound caused his bottom to push back farther onto Jake’s worming cock.

“Ag-m-m-ah-mm..” came from young Wyatt’s gagged mouth enhancing, adding to the affect of what Jake was wanting, expecting.

Jake could feel the hard slimy dissolving ball of soap against the head of his cock being forced even deeper still, he chased it like a lewdly enticing game he never before could had conceived existed. The inciting scene taking place with young Wyatt taking on a level of forced degradation he’d never had hoped to achieve. Even the now guttural sounds coming through the makeshift sock gag was different than at anytime before. Jake’s hands gripped more eagerly around Wyatt’s young hip bone tighter, his fingers digging into boy’s abdomen pulling Wyatt onto his organ as much as worming his cock to enter him even deeper, into a growing rumble of protest coming now from deep inside Wyatt’s young intestine. And as his cock slipped through the last curve of Wyatt’s resisting colon and into the relative freedom of his large intestine Jake pulled the boy’s bottom fully against him coming up proudly at seeing the young boy trying to twist up in a manner that attempted conform the contours of his young bowel to Jake’s ridge wanting to be stiffly arched up cock. As it was Jake felt to his delight it was otherwise as his rock stiff cock now was forced to conformed to odd shaped curves of Wyatt’s warm tight passage it was lodged fully into.

Jake flexed his cock watching Wyatt lurch the arch in his back going even more twisted and sharper, his small perfect buttock were driven hard back against Jake’s loin by the sudden involuntarily movement. Jake’s hands leaving Wyatt’s hip went feeling over the tense rapidly panting young boy body, Jake’s need for release reaching a point of a coiled spring. His adult mind snapped into finishing fulfilling his fantasy to feel like he was debauching this young boy, it was a deeply wantonly selfishly vile need to use Wyatt in a seeming perverse manner with only Jake’s own sick needs being pacified.

Wyatt struggled to conform his young body somehow to the rigid stiff cock of Jake as it entered and move threw his soap sensitive colon but couldn’t twist enough to make the passage of the stiff cock deeper into him easier at all. He tried another angle and another but couldn’t do them either, the way he was bound was a hindrance to any comforting moves that needed to be done. All of Wyatt’s disconcerting movements seemed to be making Jake all the more aggressive in the way he was entering into him. All of that going on combined with the spreading sensation of what the soap was doing deep inside of him drew his young mind into a deeply confusing surreal state balanced on the edge of panic. It was one thing to be tied down and sodomized but being unable to make it even slightly bearable was starting to scare him.

Then in a flash Wyatt’s world change his young body going through the shutters that went with a thick adult cock making its final moves into his large intestine His colon unable to conform to the harshly rigid organ threatening to cramp up with his focus being totally placed into subduing the impending reflex. But as Wyatt’s buttocks were held firmly against Jake’s loin the mental fight to keep the slowly forming cramp at bay became a lost cause with everything drawing up inside him tightly around the thick adult male embedded sex organ.

Jake’s eyes rolled back in his head as Wyatt’s entire bowel slowly clamped tightly around his cock. He’d felt nothing like it before, it was fucking amazing and his hands went back locking onto Wyatt’s hips and held on riding it out, wanting this to last forever.

“MM-mMm….” Wyatt cried out with Jake’s cock snapping stiffer enjoying hearing the discomfort in Young Wyatt’s muffled cry.

Jake was already adjusting his stance eager to give his new found fetish a swing. His adult balls were lifting, tingling already, he wouldn’t last long even if he just stayed unmoving. And feeling Wyatt’s bowel ease off he took it as his cue to fully engage Wyatt into the wicked vileness of his imagined dream. Turning off temperately any empathy he still harbored Jake went to work tugging his cock back without regard, in fact gleefully enjoying the way Wyatt responded to the abrupt sudden move.

Wyatt had hardly recovered his wit after the worse bowel cramp he’d ever been through, he was sure he cried out but wasn’t really sure he did. His young arm hurt from tugging against the tight rope that held them against his legs. But when Jake pull his cock suddenly back Wyatt collapsed or would have if he could have. With the way he was tied and Jake’s tight grip on his hips he remained buttocks high and back arching up high, one side of his shocked locked face pressed flat into the mattress of Jake’s bed. The thick male organ went forcing its way back through the curve of his colon and into his large intestine flexing harshly just before tugging back again before Wyatt’s young mind could lurched him unwillingly back into the fight, forcing him into action. One of Jake’s big hands went swarming over his struggling young body as Wyatt tried to find some way, any way to maybe ease the passage of the almost unflexible penetrating shaft of the adult organ as it seated is self again and then again, feeling its way or just plain being shoved into place whenever the man could. And of course the ball of soap now deep, dissolving, and being spread about bring on an intense feeling he was about to defalcate real soon, the soap doing just as it was intended to do. Adding a lot into the mix of distress Wyatt’s young body was going through.

The almost painful discomfort faded, kinda of turning into a more intense feeling each time the thick cock passed through his colon and pushing into his gut cycling for another go. It was like becoming seasick, starting out almost bearable then the realization that it wasn’t going to ever end, turning the tide of the welling sensation inside Wyatt’s young back passage till there was no way to block it out and in a rush the sensations flooded through his bowel, taking over his body, washing over him like a steam-roller. The outside world faded with all remaining was letting his young body do what it could within the restraints of how Jake had bound him, his legs and arm tugging at each with his young body moving erratically about Jake’s strong gripping hands on his small young hips keeping Wyatt’s bottom firmly in place for his personal use. Wyatt’s young body kept welling up harshly in fits of bowel straining that were almost beyond endurance.

“Fuck me” Jake cried out his loins working strongly “Will you look at yourself now, it’s fucking awesome Wyatt…. Fucking Awesome”

A welling of pride swept over six year old Wyatt even as he still was overcome, sensation racked, each move of Jakes loin sending electrifying gripping crude mentally debasing feeling of being used for only Jake’s gratification, and Wyatt like it. Liked it a lot. For some reason he Wyatt knew he should hate what Jake was forcing on him but through the escalating tempo and welling uncontrollable crude sensations Wyatt was deriving a perverse kind of pleasure that he was giving the man something that no one else could.

“Fuck me… Fuck me…” Jake cried out closing in on the end game.

Wyatt’s snug gut was doing all kinds of things ‘must be the soap’ Jake thought as he charged his cock through the hot tight passage that seem to trying to do a little of everything that he liked with temporary tight areas that he had to force a path back through again and again. He felt gripping wonderful rectal lock ups from young Wyatt of the types Jake would want to receive again sometimes, threw it all Wyatt’s grunts and vocal strains making its way through the sock gag. Jake had never seen a young boy’s slight bodily muscles tense and strain so seductively in his life making him surge toward release. Jake started humping like a mad man just because he could, the boy unable to pull away making everything all the more intense as Wyatt’s movements became even more erratic, limbs of the young boy tugging at odds with one another.

“Oh God… Fuck me” Jake cried unable and unwilling to stop his balls lurching into instant action.

Jake let natures natural urge to lunge fully into place against Wyatt’s perfect six year old buttocks take hold and Jake seated himself firmly holding the the boy tightly against his loin. His seed erupted, blasting out into Wyatt large intestine his young rectal passage and colon not yet realizing things had come to an abrupt stop still milked and quivered tightly around the shaft of his cock. Wyatt’s body still being jerked about as his young limbs kept up their erratic movements for a bit longer adding to the effect Jake’s balls squeezing off another violent blast and another till it hurt, his balls dry pumping shockingly pulling up undiluted chunks of sperm toward the end.

As a final glorious act Wyatt’s young bowel cramped up around Jake’s spent cock, the young boy groaning out with intense discomfort. The base of Jake’s cock was being squeezed by Wyatt’s tight anus and rectal muscles as if his cock could be pinched off, Jake had the feeling the boy’s deeper young bowel was trying to suck the rest farther up into his young gut. Jake’s balls lurched a couple more times. Pulling his cock out Jake was just as amazing as it took some surprising amount of effort to withdraw his organ, with it making a popping sucking sound as it finely pulled free, Wyatt remaining pleasingly tucked up in discomfort a bowel cramp keeping its prolonged hold on the young boy. Jake’s adult cock although spent remained stiff.

“Fuck me” Jake said one last time secretly knowing and enjoying that Wyatt remained somewhat discomforted long after in was all done and said.

Wyatt let his young body lurch about oddly bound as he was, he couldn’t do but otherwise anyway. This was one of the few times that he should be angered by the purposefully focused ill treatment meant to only debase him. Even so for some reason it gave Wyatt a masochistic sense of gratification like this was something he sort of deserved. Then when Jake cried out his cock driving cruelly in deep pumping more hot adult male sperm into his intestine than any adult before his young mind slipped into the scary thought his father liked to say to him sometimes ‘I’m going to make a baby with you sometime… boy’ and he wondered if Jake’s sperm could do that to him, not really sure how all that worked. But that thought passed as he was taken up by a deep cramp that had his entire over sensitive rectal passage clamping up tightly, then even more so. This sometimes happened after being sodomized real hard and he road it out with his teeth sunk deep into the now spittle wet sock stuffed in his young jaw clentched mouth.

Wyatt felt Jake’s thick cock do a couple more spasms of release and even still in the throws of the harsh bowel cramp he secretly giggled at he himself being able to do that for Jake. When the Jake pulled his cock from Wyatt still constricted passage Wyatt knew from experience his insides would be jittery for a long while. Jake untied him and Wyatt rolled over stretching out finely able to get into a position that eased the cramping into submission. Wide eyed Wyatt pulled the gag down spitting the balled up sock out with Jake still eying him his adult cock stuck out a little more than half hard now, a soapy film coating the adult organ. Wyatt need to get to the bathroom and quick. He slipped onto the floor the sock gag still around his young neck.

“I gotta go to the bathroom” He said his buttocks clenched up staring at Jake’s cock as it lurched a little stiffer at Wyatt’s words.

“You look like it… Go” Jake’s head motioning the way toward the little boy’s room one of his hands coming up rubbing over his semi-stiff cock with his eyes never leaving young Wyatt as he half waddled in a rush to get onto the toilet.

Wyatt sat on the toilet till he poop out the what was left of the ball of soap. Jake came in going to the sink and went washing over his hands and still half stiff adult cock. A sharp pain passed through Wyatt’s rectum but passed quickly making him groan out and grimace till it faded away. Wyatt wiped and stood up with Jake handing Wyatt a cool rag to run through his buttocks.

“I’d like to do that again sometimes” Jake said reaching down and ruffled his hand through Wyatt’s dark hair.

Wyatt ran the cooling rag through the cheeks of his small buttocks and placing down the rag onto the sink he turn and hugged Jake needing some close reassuring contact right now. Jake hugged him back too.

“I’ll give you a little extra if you do” Jake added as an incentive.

“Will you roll it for me too” Wyatt added looking up with his big dark eyes “Like a cigarette, you know like you do yours”

“I’ll roll it too” Jake grinned broadly felling better and thankful that Wyatt wasn’t taking his abuse to badly “You’ll come back soon won’t you”

Wyatt shook his young head ‘yes’ still hugging Jake. Jake rolled the marijuana like Wyatt wanted and even gave him a spare lighter to use.

“Don’t go starting a fire” Jake jived at Wyatt now dressed and at the back sliding door “And don’t tell anyone if you get caught where you got the smoke…. Promise”

“Promise” Wyatt said happy he’d gotten all this marijuana as it would place him in good standing with some of the other kid’s he played with.

Jake kissed him forcing his adult tongue into Wyatt’s mouth. Wyatt did the same knowing that was what Jake wanted. Jake ruffled his hair up one more time and Wyatt took off out the back yard.

Wyatt passed by the man’s George’s house, he was setting out in a chair and called out waving his hand in greeting.

“Hi Wyatt, what you up to” George said loud enough for Wyatt to here.

Wyatt waved back knowing that George only wanted to cuddle, he liked doing that with Wyatt and Wyatt like it too but Wyatt had been with two nice neighbor men today and needed to get home as his young mind was buzzing from the marijuana and beer he’d drank. Sleep was what he wanted and Wyatt like doing what he wanted to do.

“See you Wyatt” George called out as he saw Wyatt moving on passed his yard.

Two housed down he passed the nice man Fred’s house. He too was out back standing there smoking a cigarette. He liked to slip his hands into Wyatt’s pants when he thought no one was watching, feeling Wyatt’s penis and young testicles. Fred let him have some beer sometimes to drink but wouldn’t let him take a full bottle. Fred waved and Wyatt waved back as Wyatt went on passed.

Wyatt knew all these neighborhood men were waiting out at the back of their houses because of him and he like knowing that cause there were older bullies about and more than once one of these really nice men had come to his rescue. Wyatt knew why, he wasn’t dumb you know. It was his own personal ‘Neighborhood Watch’ and the price wasn’t all that high, it came with benefits and sometimes was really fun.