Chatlog: Mummy of two preteen boys (bb,F,M)

Chatlog: Mummy of two preteen boys (bb,F,M)

Introduction: Chat between a mum of two preteen boys and a stranger. Sofcore child eroticism.

Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party

<someguy> is tony the 8yo or the 11yo?
<mummy> tony is 11, james 8
<someguy> mmmmmmmmmmmmm bet they are really cute too ๐Ÿ™‚
<mummy> yeah they are!
<someguy> Tony should be reaching the peak of his boyish beauty soon. Most boys do that around age 12.
<mummy> I expect tony to grow some pubic hair when he reaches 12, he already gets funny down there…
<someguy> any peach fuzz down there yet?
<mummy> not yet! but he’s got a big pecker
<mummy> james of course nothing yet too and a smaller one
<someguy> ๐Ÿ™‚
<mummy> tony even gets hard ons in the bath! lol
<someguy> :))) has he had any dry orgasms yet?
<mummy> yeah quite a few! and he blushes a lot
<someguy> ooooooooooo would love to give him one
<mummy> i try not to embarrass him and turn him around in the bath when he gets hard
<someguy> has he had the orgasms on his own or has he had help?
<mummy> that is a tough one!
<someguy> why is that?
<mummy> tony leaked precum last week when I was drying him with the towel, and then had a dry orgasm but did not mean to do that! lol
<mummy> the boy had an orgasm on the towel!
<someguy> cool!
<someguy> think he’ll start wanting to dry himself?
<mummy> he blushed a lot! I had to comfort him and tell him it was normal for boys and not to worry
<mummy> I am now going to be more careful when doing that thought
<someguy> he must be a very sensuous boy
<mummy> oh, yeah, they both cuties when nude in the bath and their dangling things wet
<someguy> I’d love to bathe them both together ๐Ÿ™‚
<mummy> lol, most men would!
<mummy> and probably the boys would feel more comfortable if a man bathed them
<someguy> yes I’d take care of any erections that came up
<mummy> I bet the boys would not mind that much if it was a man who did, you both understand each other
<someguy> yes
<mummy> cool
<someguy> you wouldn’t mind if I did that?
<mummy> it all comes down to experience, ever bathed boys?
<mummy> it can get messy at a times, not that easy
<someguy> ๐Ÿ™‚ but fun
<mummy> oh yeah! lots of fun! ๐Ÿ™‚
<mummy> until the splash your clothes! or run out of the bath nude! or stuff!
<someguy> wouldnt bother me
<mummy> many men say so until they find themselves there
<someguy> have many men bathed them?
<mummy> my last bf stopped bathing the boys because of all the work it took
<mummy> i only had two bf bathing the boys
<someguy> well my interest would be in the boys
<mummy> so you would not wash them properly would you?
<someguy> oh yes but I’d take my time and enjoy the smooth young bodies
<mummy> like sponging their dickies and stuff?
<someguy> and caressing those smooth tummies
<mummy> and cute ass too… ๐Ÿ™‚
<someguy> cute all over I imagine
<mummy> yeah very cute, my last bf would jerk off thinking about the boys
<someguy> did he ever do anything with them besides bathing?
<mummy> he liked to touch himself in front of the boys
<someguy> what about touching them?
<mummy> of course he had to touch the boys to bath them! lol
<someguy> I hope he didnt rape them or anything like that
<mummy> no he didnt of course, all consensual, the boys had fun
<someguy> good. We’d definitely have fun.
<someguy> I would love to give Tony his first wet load
<someguy> I’m sure they are lovely boys. Wish I could find a mother like you around here.
<mummy> lol, well you always can relief yourself thinking of it
<someguy> yes ๐Ÿ™‚
<someguy> I presume the boys are asleep now
<mummy> yeah they are, i put them in bed after the bath
<someguy> well if you go in to tuck them in give each of them a kiss from me ๐Ÿ™‚
<mummy> sure i will, easy to do!
<mummy> next time i will rub their asses in the bath for you too! ๐Ÿ™‚
<someguy> and give each of their smooth tummies a gentle rub ๐Ÿ™‚
<mummy> yeah! ๐Ÿ™‚ I know you men love that!
<someguy> mmmmmmmmm do you rub their bellies a lot?
<mummy> yeah they boys love that too! and they laugh when i do!
<someguy> We would get along splendidly!
<mummy> i think so, u seem a nice man
<someguy> thanks. well I have to go. I enjoyed chatting with you about your boys
<mummy> yeah, i’ll see you around honey
<mummy> bye

*** END ***

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.


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