Ball Tapping at Camp (bb, Mb)

Ball Tapping at Camp (bb, Mb)

Author: Anonymous submission

Prologue: A camp counselor has fun with a group of preteen boys and helps them out in all kind of matters.

Last summer I worked as a camp counselor at this camp in northern Minnesota, and in addition to helping run the daily activities, I was in charge of supervising one of the boys cabins, which had nearly two dozen boys. I’d be responsible for making sure they got ready in the morning, kept the cabin near and clean, and got everything ready that they’d need for the day. I also made sure that they got cleaned up at the end of the day and ready for bed. They slept in the main room and I had a small private room at one end of the cabin. The boys were between the ages of 8 and 12, so they could be rather rowdy at times. It was often difficult to get them to settle down but they just enjoyed being away from their parents for a while and have fun with other kids. Some of the younger boys got homesick and missed their parents, and I’d have to comfort them. I ended up getting pretty close with several of the younger kids.

In the evenings we had a lot of free time in our cabins after the last activity and before bed so the kids could get some time with their friends, write letters and relax a little. The boys would get changed into their pajamas and brush their teeth quick so there was more time to play around. I of course had to supervise them to make sure they did what they were supposed to, and it was certainly exciting even for a straight guy to watch them get undressed down to their cute little briefs, some of which were still super hero underwear. I would even see their penises on occasion, especially later in the summer after we had all gotten to know each other really well. They were at an age where they didn’t mind their friends, or even me, seeing their penis, and they didn’t focus too much on size or who was bigger. I don’t think any of them had reached puberty, so even the 12 year old still had little penises that stuck straight out and small, immature scrotums that had not yet begun to hang down. They liked to talk about their boy parts and even how they played with them, as well as make crude jokes like all boys that age. One boy, a tall, slender 11 year old with short light brown hair named Tyler, introduced a game that would make the entire summer incredibly exciting, fun and erotic.

We had just returned to the cabin from the last activity and after dropping my gear off in my room I came out and saw Tyler talking with one of his friends, Brendan, and they looked like they were having a fun conversation. As I approached them, however, they clammed up and blushed a little. With a smile I asked what was going on and what they were talking about. They smiled and looked at each other but didn’t say anything. With a little prodding and telling them it was ok to share stuff with me, they mentioned that back home one of the popular things for boys to do at their school was ball tapping. It was especially popular among Tyler’s friends and they loved giving each other unsuspecting nut shots. They seemed rather embarrassed to admit it but I continued smiling and told them it was perfectly natural for boys to enjoy doing that, and that I didn’t have a problem with it. The idea of Tyler and Brendan hitting each other in the balls, and then getting hit themselves between the legs, was rather arousing. I asked them if they thought the other boys in the cabin did that. They said they didn’t know, but their eyes seemed to perk up a bit at the thought. Tyler asked Brendan how crazy it’d be if everyone did that together. Brendan laughed and looked at me, not sure if I’d approve or tell them them not to. I thought for a few seconds, not sure exactly how to tell them it’d be fine with me without coming off too eager to see a room full of young boys hurting each other’s testicles. Then I just smiled again and said it’d probably wouldn’t go over well with the camp administrators if they found out about it, but it’d be ok with me if they wanted to do it. They giggled and got all excited, emphatically reassuring me that they wouldn’t tell anyone. I told them ok as they scampered off to share the news with their friends.

It was at the beginning of the evening’s rest time before bed and the boys were busy getting into their pajamas. When I walked back in Tyler and Brendan were whispering to a few of their other friends, and I could tell by their expressions they liked the plan. Soon the group of them started running around and laughing like they were playing a game of tag. A couple of the younger boys came up to me and were asking where I had been and about tomorrow’s activities, so I didn’t see where Tyler had gone, but then I heard the first cry in pain. I looked up and saw one of the older boys holding himself and Brendan standing next to him laughing. Then I saw another kid kick Brendan between the legs from behind, causing him to yelp and his knees to buckle a little. The boys next to me asked what they were doing, and I just smiled and told them they were playing a game. “A game?” one kid asked. “That kid just kicked him between the legs!” I chuckled and said, “Yeah, that’s pretty much the game! Boys love doing that with other boys. It’s fun! Haven’t you ever done that?” The kids just shook their heads, almost in disbelief. We watched Tyler, Brendan and several of the older boys run around and kick or punch each other’s balls, and the other boys in the cabin had also taken notice. A few of them came over and also asked me what they were doing. I explained that it’s called ball tapping and that it’s just a great way for boys to have fun together. They said it looked like it hurt but I scoffed and told them no, it doesn’t hurt that bad at all and that they should join in and go have fun. A couple boys grinned and ran off to join them, but most stayed close to me. I could tell they needed more convincing, so I leaned down close to them and said in a lower voice that boys also liked doing it because it was something the other grown ups wouldn’t approve of, and that it showed others how cool they were. Upon hearing that the boys looked up at me with renewed interest. This was their first time away from home and they were sharing a cabin with older boys who seemed so mature. I knew they longed to get out from under their parents for a while, do something a bit wild and be accepted by the older, cooler boys. They then looked at each other and jogged off to join the rest of the boys in a frenetic episode of ball tapping.

Tyler, Brendan and a couple of the other boys who were experienced at hurting other boys between the legs soon had the upper hand and were really focusing on kicking the younger kids. One little boy, an 8 year old named Carter, was trying his best to fit in and get the older kids, but a few of them seemed to be almost toying with him, letting him try and kick them but then easily blocking his leg. When Carter tried to punch them between the legs they’d simply grab his hand. In between his attempts the older kids would have no trouble in kicking or punching Carter in the balls. The first time he just kind of grunted, the second time he groaned louder and stumbled, the third time he yelped louder and fell to his knees clutching his balls and trying to catch his breath. The other boys laughed at his reaction and it was clear Carter hadn’t been hit between the legs too many times before, but he was eager to fit it and wanted to participate so he slowly staggered to his feet and approached Tyler, but Brendan came up quickly from the side, spun the kid around and kneed him swiftly in the balls. Carter screamed in pain and grabbed his aching testicles once again as he collapsed on the floor and curled up. He was crying why I walked over and told the other boys that Carter had had enough for tonight and to go tap each other’s balls. They just shrugged and went off to find other boys. I squatted down next to Carter, put my hand on his back and asked him if he was alright. He nodded and stopped crying, then sat up. “They really got your nuts good, didn’t they Carter?” I said playing it off like it was no big deal. “But you did great. You’ll get them back next time! Why don’t you go try and get some of other boys your age?” He wiped his eyes then got to his feet and charged off toward a few of the younger boys.

I walked around the cabin monitoring things and just enjoying the sight of young boys running around kicking each other’s testicles and seeing them endure blows to their special little organs. Most were in pajamas, but a few were just wearing underwear. One kid, an 8 year old named Lucas, was in nothing but a pair of Spider-Man briefs. He was kind of cowering a bit by his bunk and then quickly slid under it when he saw one of the older boys race toward him with a mischievous grin. Aiden knew Lucas pretty well after being paired with him for a few activities. They seemed like they got along, and Aiden looked eager to get Lucas involved in all the ball tapping fun. He ran over and said, “Hey Lucas! You can’t hide under your bed! That’s no fair! Come on out here!” Lucas was laying on his tummy under the bunk trying to scramble away but Aiden grabbed him by both of his legs and pulled him out with little trouble while Lucas was protesting, saying “No! I don’t want to play!” Aiden told him that, “Everyone’s playing!” before spreading Lucas’ legs apart and giving him a good, swift kick right into the 8 year old’s tiny testicles. Lucas wailed in pain and grabbed his aching boyhood before curling up. I was a bit surprised how hard Aiden kicked him, but I think he was just too excited. I went over to them and told Aiden he needed to settle down and not kick so hard. He grinned and said ok, then looked down at Lucas whimpering on the floor before seeing one of his friends run by. He chased after him and I kneeled down next to Lucas to see how he was. “That really hurt!” he cried as he rubbed his private parts through his underwear. I didn’t doubt it. I think if Aiden had been wearing shoes there’s a chance Lucas wouldn’t be a boy anymore. “I know it hurts a little, Lucas,” I replied. “But it’s ok, you’ll be fine. Here, let’s get you into your bunk.” I scooped him up and laid his in his bed. He was still rubbing himself to ease the pain but then pulled out the front of his briefs with one hand and inspected his boy parts with the other, feeling over his testicles to presumably see if they were still round. “Are they ok?” I asked him. “I don’t know,” he responded. “I think so.” Lucas was one of the kids who I had gotten to know pretty well. This was his first time at camp and he was feeling a little lonely, so I stayed close to him and we became fast friends. I asked him if he wanted me to check him to see if he was ok, and he nodded, then pulled the front of his Spider-Man briefs down and showed me his little private parts. Lucas was a cute boy and his immature sex organs were equally adorable. He had a small circumcised penis that stood straight up about two inches, and a tiny scrotal sac a little bigger than a cherry tomato below it. And thanks to Aiden it was a bit swollen and red like a tomato. He was completely hairless and smooth down there, and his round scrotum didn’t even look like he had two testicles in it, but after I said, “Ok, let me see how they’re doing,” and gently took his scrotum between my fingers I could feel each of his precious little peanuts in there. He looked down and watched me play with his testicles, squirming around from the unfamiliar sensations. I was supposed to just be examining his boy parts to make sure he’d still be able to make babies someday, but I couldn’t help but linger a little longer to enjoy touching this cute little boy’s scrotum. His sac was so soft and his testicles so tiny. After what seemed like a minute he asked nervously, “So are my nuts ok?” I smiled and replied, “Yes, Lucas, your little nuts are perfectly fine. You really don’t have to worry about them. Boys get kicked between the legs all the time.” As I was talking to him I gave his sac a gentle squeeze then quickly ran my fingers up his short shaft. He noticed and it either gave him a little thrill or he was just surprised, but I kept talking and he didn’t say anything about it. “By the morning you’ll feel all better and tomorrow you’ll be back to having fun and getting the other boys in their balls. “But I don’t want to get kicked in the balls!” he protested. “Lucas,” I explained, “This is something all boys do and the other kids won’t want to pal around with you if you don’t play along. I’ll tell the older boys to go easy on you and not kick your balls so hard, ok, but it’s a lot more fun having everyone participate. It’ll be more fun tomorrow.” I knew I was guilting him into letting the other boys kick his balls, which were small and vulnerable to begin with, but it was so arousing watching Aiden hold the young boys legs apart and drive his foot into the kid’s tiny nuts, and then seeing Lucas curl up and spasm on the floor crying like a baby and wailing, “My nuts! My nuts!”

But I did realize that I needed to make sure the big kids didn’t really hurt the little kids, and that the little kids were able to hurt the big kids. With their bigger size and greater strength, Tyler and his friends were really giving it to the little boys without getting hurt in return. I left Lucas to recover and snuck up behind Jacob, a 12 year old, who had an 8 year old by the hands and was repeatedly kneeing him between the legs. I grabbed Jacob’s arms and pulled them away while using my feet to keep his legs apart. Then I said to the 8 year old, “Ok! Now’s your chance!” The kid wasted no time in gritting his teeth and swinging his foot with as much force as he could muster into the bigger kid’s testicles to pay him back for what he had be doing to his own little balls. Jacob shrieked, clutched himself and fell to his knees groaning. I told the kid good job and he smiled and ran off. I looked down at Jacob and told him he had to give the little kids an opportunity to kick his balls too, and not to kick them so hard because their tiny balls can’t take it.

I then went around and helped the younger boys score some hits on the older boys so that it was more equal and fair. After about 20 minutes every kid was exhausted and not walking very well. I could see that in a cabin of 22 boys there were 44 very sore and aching testicles! But almost all of them seemed happy and cheerful, like they had gotten away with having some naughty fun. A few of the younger boys looked a little unsure about things, so I went over to each of them and saw how they were doing. They said it really hurt getting hit in the nuts and that the bigger kids would kick them too many times. I told them again that this was something boys like to do with each other because having testicles is special and it shows you can be tough and hang around with the big kids. I also reassured them that I’d talk with the other boys and tell them to go a little easier on the younger boys. One of the youngest kids said he had gotten kneed in the nuts four times and that it hurt really bad. He asked me if his balls were going to be ok. I just laughed, tousled his hair and told him his nuts were going to be perfectly fine and there was nothing to worry about.

By this time the boys were finding their way back to their bunks to go to sleep. Usually there’s a lot of chatter, but tonight they calmed down quick and fell asleep fast. When it was quiet I went to my room, stripped down and jerked off thinking about all the young boys who had their little balls racked.

The next evening I had a private chat with Tyler and the other older boys, telling them if they wanted to continue having their ball tapping fun they’d have to take it easier on the little kids. I explained that a few of them had complained to me about getting hurt especially hard between their legs and that they were worried about their testicles getting damaged. The boys laughed but said they’d take it easy on them. Things went better that night, with the younger boys staying to themselves more and kicking, punching or kneeing each other on their own. The older boys sometimes grabbed a little kid and kneed him in the balls, but there was a lot less complaining and even the younger kids seemed to have fun tapping each other’s balls. I got to enjoy the sight every night, and even helped hold some of the boys so he could get his nuts kicked. The best part was seeing the youngest boys running around in their cute little briefs, wrestling their friends to the floor, spreading the kid’s legs apart, lining up his knee with the boy’s testicles, hearing the other kid plead with his friend not to do it, then seeing him drive his knee up between his legs and score a direct hit on the kid’s tiny, vulnerable testicles. His friend would then yelp in pain, cry “Oh! My nuts!” and curl up and the first boy stood up and gloated over his triumph. Then, another boy would invariably tackle him as he was gloating and waste no time in kneeing him in the balls too. And on and on it went. Little boys kicking each other in their tender testicles for fun.

Most boys had gotten into the fun of it, but one kid in particular still didn’t want to participate and always ran off to hide. He was a small, skinny 8 year old named Ethan who wore glasses. He loved school, especially science, and came off a little nerdy. Like Lucas this was also his first time at camp and away from his parents, so he was a little shy and gravitated to me. We hung out together a lot and I got to know him pretty well. One night he had mentioned that some of the older boys, mostly from other cabins, had been picking on him a bit. He also told me that the first couple of nights when the boys started the ball tapping fun he had gotten kneed between the legs pretty hard and cried, so the other boys made fun of him. I comforted him and told him I understood how difficult it is being picked on, but I said the best way not to get picked on is to play along with everyone else so you don’t stand out. He said he tried but that it hurt too much getting kicked in his nuts. I reassured him that while it may sting a little his testicles will be just fine, so he should just play through the pain and have fun kicking other kids in their nuts. He said he tried but wasn’t able to because the other boys are stronger. I then showed him a few techniques he could use and I think he felt better.

Ethan then got up to go but I asked him since he was worried about how his nuts were doing if he wanted me to check and make sure they were ok. He hesitated for a second and said, “Well, I don’t know.” I quickly replied that it’d be fine and then he’d know for sure his nuts were ok. I could tell he didn’t really want me looking closely at his private parts but I was one of his closest friends at camp and he probably didn’t want to say no. He still hesitated, so I said, “Come on, it’s ok, Ethan. I’ll just check them for you ok?” He finally replied with an unsure, “Ok,” but that was all I needed. I was sitting in a chair and he was standing beside me. I held his hips and guided him in front so he was facing me. I kept talking to him to put him at ease and take his mind off of what I was doing with him. My heart was racing because I had hoped to see Ethan’s penis from the first time I saw him when he arrived. He was so sweet and small and I just got to wondering what the little kid had in his pants. I undid Ethan’s belt and unbuttoned his shorts, trying not to go too fast and seem too eager, then pulled his zipper down and slid his shorts down to the floor. He was now standing there in just a t shirt and a cute pair of x-men briefs. His hands were fidgeting around and he looked nervous, looking around the room as opposed to me. Even though his underwear was rather tight, he didn’t really have much of a bulge at all. I could tell where his penis was poking out a little but his scrotum was less apparent. He looked so cute standing there in his briefs but I didn’t want to stop for fear of him changing his mind. So with a quick, “Ok let me see how your nuts are,” I grasped the waistband of his briefs by his hips and pulled them down to his knees, watching his adorable little penis pop out. He blushed a little more but I told him again it was ok. His penis was only about an inch long, sticking straight out from his body. He was circumcised and his foreskin ended just before the head. As cute as the kid’s dick was, it was rather small, even for a boy his age. He probably didn’t realize how small he was compared to other boys, but I’m sure his mom knew that her kid didn’t exactly have a penis to be proud of. As a prepubescent boy, his scrotum was still held up against his body and had not begun to hang down yet. Just like Lucas’ sac, it was simply a small, round orb under his penis.

I gently took his penis in my fingers and moved it around, checking it out for him. I felt it twitch and he adjusted his stance out of nervousness. “Well, your penis seems perfectly fine, Ethan,” I said to him. “But I know you’re more worried about your nuts.” I held his penis up and out of the way with my left hand so I could feel over his testicles with my right. I actually could have let go of his dick since it was so small and wouldn’t have gotten in the way, but it was a good excuse to hold his penis. I then started surreptitiously squeezing it and rolling it back and forth between my fingers to stimulate his special spot and see if I could get him hard. Luckily he didn’t notice what I was doing to him but I did feel him get an erection. I took his scrotum in my fingers and gently felt over his testicles, which to my surprise seemed only a little bigger than peanuts. I knew he had small boy parts but now I realized why he was so worried about his testicles. Tyler could probably bust both of them with one good kick and end up castrating the kid. I took my time, rolling around each of his tiny testicles in my fingers and feeling over his small scrotal sac as he breathed heavy and looked down with anticipation as to what I might say about his little balls. When I couldn’t draw it out any longer I finally let go of the boy’s genitals and said, “Well Ethan, you don’t have anything to worry about. Your testicles are just fine.” He seemed to breathe a sigh of relief before quickly pulling up his briefs and putting his penis away. Then he pulled up his shorts and as got his belt buckled as I told him that if he ever had any problems with the older boys to let me know and I’d speak with them, but the best way to avoid getting picked on is to just join in. He huffed and responded, “I guess. I don’t know. I can try.” I gave him a hug and said, “That’s a good boy! Just try to enjoy it and have fun. Your boy parts will be fine.” He then walked off to go back and join his friends. I was happy the rest of the day after having played with a little kid’s penis!

Over the next couple of days the ball tapping fun continued as usual, and I’d watch the boys rack each other again and again, then go back and furiously jerk off when they were exhausted and their balls were too sore to continue. One night, as I was watching a 10 year old wrestle an 8 year old to the floor and give him a swift knee to his testicles, I thought about Ethan and wondered where he was. I looked around but didn’t see him. I also noticed that a couple of the other boys weren’t there. I walked into the bathroom and hear some kids laughing in a back corner. I followed the sound until I saw three boys in one of the shower areas. They couldn’t see me but I could see them, and apparently Ethan had run off and hid in the shower but Tyler and Brendan found him. The two older boys were in their pajamas, but Ethan was dressed only in a pair of batman briefs.

“Come on Ethan,” Tyler said to him. “You can’t hide in here. Every kid’s got to play!” Ethan took a step back and replied nervously, “I don’t want to play! You guys do it too hard and it really hurts!”

“It’s supposed to hurt kid!” Brendan replied, walking around behind him. “That’s what makes it fun!” Ethan tried to keep both boys in front of him so he could see what they were doing, but Brendan got behind him and quickly held his arms behind his back. Ethan struggled to get free but Brendan was much stronger. He then positioned his feet between Ethan’s legs to keep them spread apart. Ethan pleaded with them to let him go, saying “Stop! Let me go!” But the other boys just ignored him. Brendan held him tight, looked up at Tyler and said, “Ok, do it now!” Tyler smiled broadly, thought for a quick second how he was going to hurt the kid, then put his hands on Ethan’s shoulders and swung his knee up into the boy’s testicles. It wasn’t a particularly hard shot, but Ethan’s legs buckled and he yelped in pain. Brendan held him firmly and held his legs between Ethan’s to get them spread apart again. Then he looked at Tyler and said, “That wasn’t that hard of a kick. Get him again!” To which Ethan cried, “No! Stop! Let me go! It hurts!” But the boys paid no attention to him. Tyler repositioned himself and waited for Brendan to fully expose the kid’s private parts, remarking, “Yeah, I’ll get him harder this time! Maybe I should try and pop his nuts!” Brendan laughed and said, “Yeah! Do it! Pop his nuts! He’s got tiny ones! It’ll be easy!” Ethan was still crying from the pain and tried to catch his breath to protest, but all he could manage was a weak sounding, “No! Please don’t pop my nuts!”

I thought about intervening at that point, worried that Tyler would actually rupture Ethan’s tiny testicles, but I really wanted to see this little kid get his nuts racked. I knew how small they were and that they were probably especially susceptible to popping, but I just had to see what would happen to Ethan. Tyler got into position again as Brendan struggled to hold Ethan steady. The kid was really fighting it now, but there wasn’t much he could do. Tyler grabbed Ethan’s shoulders once more looked down between the boy’s legs to line up his knee with his scrotal sac, which was visible through his tight briefs, and then drove his knee up into Ethan’s waiting testicles, nearly picking the kid up off the floor. Ethan shrieked in pain and tried to close his legs to protect his testicles, then lost his breath and could only make weird groaning noises. Brendan had been able to keep the boy’s legs apart and Tyler took advantage, saying, “I’m gonna get him again! Hold him still! I’m gonna bust his nuts open!” Brendan laughed and replied, “Yeah! Bust his nuts!” Ethan was in so much pain he couldn’t even speak, but he finally caught his breath after Tyler rammed his balls again and screamed again before wailing like a baby and spasming so much that Brendan couldn’t hold him anymore. Ethan collapsed to the floor and curled up sobbing and crying, “Ahhhh! You popped my nuts! Oh crap! You guys popped my nuts!!” Tyler and Brendan just stood over him and laughed as they watched him roll around on the floor in his underwear clutching himself. “Do you think you really popped his nuts?” Brendan asked. “I don’t know,” Tyler laughed. “Let’s see if we can kick him again! Let’s grab his legs and pull them apart. Then I can kick his balls with my foot!” Tyler said excitedly.

That’s when I knew I should step in. With the abuse Ethan’s little testicles had already taken I figured a kick from Tyler’s foot could definitely pop the kid’s nuts. I walked over asking, “What’s going on? What’s this I’m hearing about popping someone’s nuts?” Tyler and Brendan were startled, but laughed and said they were just tapping Ethan’s balls. I looked down at Ethan and he was still curled up on the floor holding his private parts. He looked so cute like that, cradling his precious boyhood. He was crying, but said, “They popped my nuts!” I looked at the older boys, but they didn’t say anything. “Ok,” I told them. “Go back out and play with the other boys. I’ll check on Ethan and make sure he’s alright.” Tyler and Brendan giggled and scampered out of the showers. I picked up Ethan and carried him to my room, laying him down on the bed. I was able to get his hands away from his boy parts but he was obviously concerned about them. “Did my nuts pop?!” He asked nervously. “Well let me see, Ethan,” I replied. I slowly pulled down his batman briefs and once again I saw his cute little penis pop out. I then looked at the kid’s scrotal sac and it was really red and swollen. I took his penis in one hand, holding it up like before just so I could feel the boy’s immature sex organ, then carefully felt over his scrotum with the other. He winced as I felt his testicles so I told him to relax and that it’d be ok. Luckily the kid’s balls were still round. I rolled each one between my fingers and told him, “You’re ok, Ethan, see? They didn’t pop your nuts. You’ll be fine.” He looked down as I inspected his vital boy parts and replied, “They still really hurt! Are you sure they didn’t bust them?” I smiled and said, “No, they didn’t bust them. Your balls will be just fine. But I can make them feel better if you’d like. I can make all your boy parts feel better. Would you like that?” He looked at me inquisitively and said, “Um, sure. How?” I told him to just lie back and relax. Then I started slowly rubbing his scrotum and massaging his testicles. I could tell it was helping and he let out soft little sighs as I soothed his battered sex organs. I soon began also rubbing his penis and he looked a little unsure of being touched like this, but he didn’t say anything. Soon his little guy got hard, though, and he blushed. He got even more uneasy before finally asking, “Why are you rubbing my penis?” I just smiled at him while I stroked his small shaft and said that it’ll help ease the pain and make his balls feel better. He shifted around and asked, “Can’t you just rub my nuts? It’s weird you touching my penis.”

“It’s ok,” I told him calmly. “It’ll really help you feel better. Besides, your little testicles took quite a beating!” I focused more on his penis, stroking it harder and rubbing his special spot to stimulate him. He got a little fidgety but didn’t quite know what to say. I continued rubbing the kid’s knob and got it as hard as his little dick could get, possibly two inches. He was clearly embarrassed by his erection, but I just smiled at him and told him not to worry about it. Every boy’s penis gets hard when it’s touched and it’s fun and enjoyable to make it hard. But he still didn’t seem right with me playing with his dick and said, “I think it’s better now, you don’t have to rub it any more.” I wanted to do more with him though, replying “Just relax Ethan,” as I placed my other hand on his chest to settle him. “It just needs a little more. It’s about to feel really good, you’ll see.” I started to really rub the kid’s dick and get him right on his special spot. He tried to protest a little but found it hard to speak. I saw him grab the sheet with both hands and his breathing got deeper and louder. When he started groaning softly I knew I was going to soon bring the kid off. I then thought about his mom and how she’d freak out knowing the first time she sent her little boy off to camp other boys would be kneeing him numerous times in his tiny testicles and a camp counselor would be molesting him. But Ethan was such a cute boy I just needed to play with his little penis! I didn’t think fondling him a little would screw him up or anything. He’d probably look back on it fondly as the time he had his first orgasm. As the boy got more and more aroused his little noises got louder, he gripped the bed tighter and he stared intently at what I was doing to his penis. He looked a bit unsure of things so I calmly told him it was ok and to just relax and enjoy it. Then I saw him close his eyes tightly and grunt, “Uh! Uh! Uh!” while instinctively bucking his hips slightly as if trying to pump out some sperm. But of course he was too young for that and he probably didn’t even know that’s how boy orgasms worked. He certainly seemed to enjoy it though, with his face looking flushed and his body trembling a bit. His penis was also throbbing and twitching.

After his orgasm peaked I stroked him slower and slower, then rubbed the kid’s immature sex tool in my fingers for a few seconds before cupping his tiny scrotum and giving it a gentle squeeze. “How did you like that?” I asked him. “Do you feel better?” He was still trying to catch his breath, but replied, “Yeah, I guess. It felt kinda weird though,” as he pulled up his batman briefs. I smiled, tousled his hair and said, “I know kid, but it’s definitely a good weird. And playing with your penis like that is a great way to feel better when someone hurts your nuts. Have you noticed when you guys are done tapping each other’s balls that the older boys climb into bed and start playing with their penises?” Ethan sat up and responded “Yeah, I always thought that was strange. I was like, why are they doing that?” I sat on the bed next to him and said, “Well, they do it to feel good. Just like I made you feel good. That’s what boys do, so you can try that too. Or just ask me for help doing it. It’s often tough for young boys to make their penis feel as good as I just made yours feel, so don’t be shy about asking me to do it again, ok?” He answered with a simple “Ok.” I wrapped my arm around him and said, “And it’s good those other boys didn’t pop your nuts. If they ever hurt your testicles like that again just come find me and I’ll check them. You don’t want anything to happen to those little guys!” He smiled and again said ok before hopping down off the bed. “Think I’m gonna go to bed now,” he said. I walked him back into the main room where the other boys were finishing up and staggering back to their bunks, laughing and joking as they soothed their little boyhoods like silly young boys do. Ethan climbed into bed and after checking on the other kids I looked over at him. He was under his covers and I could tell he had one hand between his legs either checking his testicles or playing with his penis. I smiled, knowing I had taught a little kid about the joys of his penis, before turning off the light and going back to my room, where I masturbated furiously thinking of how the boys tried to actually pop Ethan’s little nuts and how I fondled him to orgasm.

The next morning I pulled Tyler and Brendan aside to talk about Ethan. I told them they could knee him in the balls but not to kick him there because his testicles are so tiny. And I emphasized that they shouldn’t try to pop his nuts. They giggled embarrassingly and said he would have been fine and that his nuts would have healed, which caught me by surprise. So I explained to them that while it’s difficult to actually pop a boy’s testicles, if they do burst they won’t heal and it’s makes the boy very, very sad because his penis won’t work anymore. He won’t be able to have fun with girls and he won’t be able to even make himself feel good by playing with his penis. The boys turned serious and said they wouldn’t try to pop Ethan’s testicles.

The weeks of camp continued like this, with the boys having fun kicking each other between the legs most nights. Sometimes a boy, usually one of the younger kids, would get hit too hard and I’d carry him to my bunk and make sure his testicles were ok. They always let me inspect their private parts because they were so worried their testicles had gotten damaged, but each time, after a thorough inspection, I’d tell them their nuts were still good. I always tried to play with their penises too to make them feel better and the younger kids usually went along with it and enjoyed me giving them little orgasms. It was incredible fun not only fiddling around in these kids’ underwear and feeling their little penises, but watching them actually get off. Seeing an 8 year old boy grunt and moan in a mix of surprise and pleasure as his body quivered from me rubbing his little dick was incredibly erotic. While I was stroking them I’d tell them how nice and big their penises were to make them feel at ease, even Ethan, who had the smallest penis of all the boys. They mostly just smiled, breathed heavy, moaned softly and made cute little noises when they orgasmed, but a few would say stuff like “Oh that feels good! Yeah! Just like that! My thing is starting to tingle! Don’t stop! It’s gonna happen! Oh yeah! Ahhhhhhhh!” I’d always smile hearing them enjoy their orgasms. For most it was a new and amazing experience. Some of the kids, like a 12 year old named Ryan, would even thank me afterward for rubbing them off.

Ryan was one of the few older kids who asked me to inspect his testicles after a particularly hard hit to his sac. I took him to my bunk as usual and felt over his scrotum, taking my time to enjoy holding his larger testicles in my fingers. His penis naturally responded and quickly stood straight up a few inches. We both smiled and looked at each other. I told him he had one of the biggest penises in the cabin, which made him smile, and he replied that he loved it when it got big. I asked him if he liked to play with it, and he blushed. After telling him it was ok and that every boy plays with his penis, he said that most nights he’d rub it after going to bed. I then asked if any of his friends did it for him to make him feel even better, and he said no, then asked how it felt better. I smiled, pretty sure I’d soon be rubbing the kid’s penis, and told him it just feels better when someone else does it because he can just relax and enjoy it. He gave me a mischievous smile, which I returned before slowly sliding my hand from his scrotum to his stiff little dick. He closed his eyes as I started to stroke him and then spread his legs apart and just melted into the bed. He made cute noises as I fondled him and it wasn’t too long before the boy was bucking his hips and grunting from a happy little dry orgasm. When he caught his breath he’d look down at his twitching penis then look at me and thank me embarrassingly. I’d tell him I’d do it any time he wanted while pulling up his briefs. And fortunately he came to me a couple times during the summer asking me to rub him off, even without me needing to check his testicles after getting hit. I was hoping that by the end of camp I would be able to jump start his body into puberty, and I know he was eager to finally shoot his sperm for the first time after I told him how enjoyable ejaculating is. He had just a tiny amount of fuzz above his penis, though his scrotum, which had recently started to hang down, was still completely smooth. Playing with his testicles was quite a bit different than with the younger kids because his sac was more developed and his testicles were bigger, and it made both of us feel good. To encourage him to let me fondle him I said that having me massage his testicles would help him to ejaculate, so whenever he’d come to me looking to have some fun he’d spread his legs and let me spend a good 10 minutes just rubbing and gently squeezing and pulling his testicles. He was also curious about my dick and balls, so I’d pull down my shorts and let him feel around between my legs. He loved seeing how big my dick got and how much my balls hung down. After we casually played with each other’s parts I’d stroke his penis and though he was so determined to cum, unfortunately it never happened. We both still had fun and I told him if he kept playing with his penis that pretty soon he’d start shooting his sperm.

A few days before camp ended I told the boys we had to be done with the ball tapping fun. They kind of groaned in disappointment but I certainly didn’t want any of them getting picked up limping from sore testicles! On the last day it was fun watching Ethan’s mom dote over him, having no idea what her little boy’s genitals had been though over the past four weeks. The boys all got picked up and none of them mentioned anything about all the ball tapping that had gone on. And I was pleasantly surprised that all 22 boys went home with two intact testicles!