Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

Author: Uncle Tony

Prologue: Jack hated his niece, until she got foised onto him whilst her parents went on a cruise.

My sister Jessica was six when I was born. Mom had her when she was sixteen. After she divorced and remarried, she decided to have another and that was me, Jack.  I think in the beginning, Jessica resented me, but when I started school, she was my guardian angel. My mom was very beautiful. She had been a model before she married. Jessica was also very pretty, and she knew it as well. The boys followed her like flies.

I was only nine, when all hell broke loose in the house. Mom and dad were yelling; Jessica was crying. I had no idea what was going on. A few weeks later, I was dressed up and we went to Jessica’s wedding. The young man, Ricky, that she married was very handsome, but then I found that I had to give up my bedroom for Rick and her, because they were going to live with us for a while until Rick got a job and a house. I ended up in the box room on a camp bed.

Worse was to come, because Jessica was pregnant, she gave birth soon after my tenth birthday. It was a girl. They called her Jennifer. I Hated her. She cried and screamed; we were woken in the middle of the night. It was hell. After six months, Rick got a job and a house about a hundred miles away from us. Peace descended again. I got my room back, and I could properly sleep again. I was very much a loner. I wasn’t a team player. I played for me. I loved sport, music, and writing. When I was twelve, I joined a Judo club. The instructor said that I was a natural. The next year, I started weight training.
I was fifteen when Jessica came to visit us, with Rick.  They brought Jennifer. She was five. God was she ugly. She was overweight, sullen, missing front teeth, hair in two ridiculous pigtails. She whined, and I hated her even more. I was so glad when they left. I left school at sixteen. I had already written a couple of short stories which had been bought be a magazine. I started writing a novel. My folks weren’t happy until they saw the money from the short stories. Dad wanted me to work in the Bank. We reached a sort of truce until my book was finished. The bargain was that if to got published, it was fine for me to carry on. If it were rejected, dad had me lined up at the local bank for a job.

The book was published, and it was selling like wildfire. Mom and dad decided to celebrate and go on a fortnight’s holiday in Spain. I took them to the airport, but soon after I got home, the news broke that the plane had gone down and there were no survivors. Jessica came down on her own. She was busy getting a divorce, and she had left Jennifer with friends as she was at school and doing well. She was now nine.

Jessica stayed until after the funeral. I inherited the house and contents.  There wasn’t much in the way of money, but I was quite well off and busy with my follow up novel. Jessica and I stayed in touch afterwards. We would call each other every few weeks. Sis found a new boyfriend. He was a farmer. She liked him a lot. Life went on. I had almost finished my second novel when I got a call from Jessica.

“Jack, I need your help. I have a problem.”

“You’re pregnant?”

“Good God no. I won a competition, and it’s for a three-week holiday in South Africa for two. Brett that was her farmer friend, asked me to marry him. I said ‘yes,’ and we decided that it would be great in we used my win for a honeymoon.” I was relieved.

“That doesn’t sound like a problem to me,” I replied, “just do it, as long as it’s what you want.”

“No, it’s Jennifer. We can’t take her with us. It’s for two. I did ask them. There’s no one here that she can stay with. We are going by sea. Fortunately, school holidays start a few days before we are due to leave. Please Jack, can you take her for three weeks. I know you don’t like her but, she’s a bit like you. She doesn’t seem to have many friends, and she sends most of her time on her room with her books.” Oh, my God. I’d have to put up with this spoiled brat for three weeks. I was silent for a moment. “PLEASE, Jack.”

“Oh, all right. As long as she doesn’t make a fucking nuisance of herself.”

“No Jack, she’s a good cook and she can cook food and clean around the house.  Thank you Jack. I owe you one.”

“You surely do!” I replied.

A month later, they arrived. Brett was a nice guy. Jennifer was in her school uniform, they had just broken up and they had brought her straight from school. She was wearing a grey pleated skirt, knee length grey socks, a grey tunic and blue shirt with a black tie and a stupid grey hat. She had definitely grown a lot since I had last seen her, she wasn’t fat any longer.  She was about five feet six or more, quite tall for her age. She looked sullen and morose.  No smile. She handed me a dish with a cover.

“You remember Uncle Jack, love?” Jessica asked.

“Vaguely.” She took off the stupid hat. Her hair was done up in a tight bun. I held out my hand. She shook it. Surprisingly, she had a nice firm grip.

“Jennifer made this lasagne for you.” Jessica told me. “I’ve told her to help with the cooking and cleaning and not to disturb you when you are working.”

“I made up a room for you. Shall we all go up and have a look?” I announced. We all went up to her room. I’d given her a comfortable bed, a desk, a chair, and an easy chair. I’d also put in a TV for her.

“What do you think? Is it OK for you?” She sat on the bed.

“I suppose. Let me get my stuff out of the car.” We helped carry her suitcases up to her room. There was a built-in wardrobe for her. She started unpacking. We went downstairs.

“Beer, tea, coffee?” I asked. Brett looked at his watch.

“It’s well past seven. We’d better be getting back. I’ll take you up on the beer when we get back.” We spent a few minutes doing the usual congratulations, have a nice time and suchlike and they drove off. I sat on the settee. Thank goodness that was over. Jennifer was still in her room. Maybe she would only appear for food. That would be great.
I heard footsteps on the stairs. Now what? I got a shock when this girl walked through the door. Gone was the grey, drab uniform. I saw a pair of tanned legs. A pair of very short white shorts and a pale blue T-Shirt that was skin tight, showing two small but well-developed breasts. I could see her nipples, so it was obvious that he had nothing under it. Gone was the tight bun. Her honey blonde hair cascaded in waves over her shoulders. She looked gorgeous. If she were planning to walk around like this, I would have a problem. She walked up to me on the couch and plonked herself down beside me about as close as she could get. She was wearing some kind of perfume. It was very subtle, but it emphasized her femininity.

“Thank you very much for having me, Uncle Jack. I do remember you, but not very well. I was young and from the photos that my mom has, I was a horrible little brat. I’ll try not to give you too many problems. How about a kiss?” I turned to giver her a peck ion the cheek, but her lips found mine. Her hand went behind my head and that kiss was getting hotter by the second. To make things worse, her breasts were rubbing on my T-shirt. Oh shit! I was getting an erection, and she could feel it. I tried to break away.

“Jennifer.” I spluttered. Her lips found mine again. Her other hand unzipped my fly. I had nothing under my shorts.  She hauled out my erection. I managed to break away from her kiss, but she was already gently massaging my erection.

“You can’t.” I started to say, but she put her finger on my lips.

“Shhh Uncle Jack. It’s cruelty to leave it like this. Stop fighting it, let me take care of you.” She had done this before. Her hand was in exactly the right place. The sensation was incredible. That perfume that she was wearing took all my resistance away. “Just relax and enjoy it.” Oh Christ, I was going to come. My body started to stiffen. She stopped, “Don’t be in such a rush. There’s no hurry. Take your time, just enjoy it.” She started again. I didn’t have the will power to stop her. She pushed my T-shirt right up under my chin. “We don’t want it to get all over your top, now do we?” I couldn’t hold on. I groaned and load after load of my hot creamy semen spurted all over my chest and stomach. Still holding my rapidly deflating cock she got of the settee and knelt down between my legs.

“There now, Uncle Jack. Doesn’t that feel better. I think you needed that.” She started to lick the ropes of semen off my body. Christ, she was eating my sperm. I didn’t know what to say or do. She greedily licked off every last drop and then put my flaccid penis into her mouth and cleaned that also. I just sat there, speechless.

She got up and came back onto the settee. She unfastened the top button of her shorts and pulled down the zip at the side.

“My turn. Please Uncle Jack. Help me as well.” What to do? She’d given me a very professional hand job. If anyone ever found out, I’d be deep in the shit, so I guessed that getting her off couldn’t make things much worse. Her lips found mine again.

“PLEASE, Uncle Jack. I need this.” I slipped my hand down her shorts. She had no panties under them. Her cunt was wet with her juices. I found her clitoris and started to massage it gently. Her kiss got more demanding, and she moaned. From past experience and I admit that I hadn’t had very many, it could take five or ten minutes to bring her to orgasm.  It couldn’t have taken more than two minutes before her body went into a shuddering orgasm.
“Don’t stop, please don’t stop, it feels so good. It’s been so long. Oh Uncle Jack, I need to come again.” A couple of minutes later and she reached another climax. Christ, this was one sexy girl. Well. At least I hadn’t fucked her, so there would be no traces of intercourse or semen, but I would still be deep in the shit if anyone found out or if she went to the cops.  She fastened her pants. My dick was still out of my pants, and it was getting hard again. She tapped it gently.

“Don’t be greedy. You go to sleep for a bit.” She tucked me back in. “Thank you Uncle Jack.  I really needed that. You’re fantastic. Now let me warm that lasagne up. We have to keep your strength up.” With that, she strode off into the kitchen. I was now on very dangerous ground. After a while, she came back in with a plate of lasagne for me, she fetched her own and sat down.

“Look Jennifer.” I started.

“Please Uncle Jack. Not Jennifer, just call me Jenny.”

“OK, Jenny that was very nice, but we shouldn’t make a habit of it.”  She giggled.

“Oh Uncle Jack, I agree.” Well I guessed that solved that problem. She washed up, and we sat for a while and watched something on TV. I switched off and stood up.

“I don’t think there are any rules about what time you go to bed, are there?” I asked.

“Not to my knowledge.” Like a good girl, she went up stairs to her room. I heard her in the bathroom and then all went quiet. I worked on my book for about half an hour and then decided to turn in. I couldn’t help but think of Jenny, and I decided to go to bed and probably jerk off. After brushing my teeth and suchlike, I climbed into bed. And turned off the bedside lamp. Suddenly, I heard a noise and Jenny climbed into my bed. She was as naked as the day she was born. Her lips clamped down on mine again. This girl could kiss and how! My hair almost stood up straight and so did my dick. She took hold of it.

“I thought we agreed not to make a habit of this?” I asked. She threw back the duvet and straddled me. Before I could even speak, I felt the head of my penis enter that hot slippery, velvet tunnel as she sat and took my full length inside her. That was it. It was futile to attempt to resist. She started to ride my cock.

“I agree, Uncle Jack. This is much better. Fuck I’ve missed this. Come on Uncle Jack. Fuck me and come inside me, please. I’m safe right now, so fill me with your sperms.”  She had done this before as well. I definitely didn’t have to worry about her virginity. I just gave in. She rode me to her climax, then I pulled out, got her onto her knees and we did it doggy style. Her breasts were small, but firm and her nipples rock hard. She’s done that before as well. I got her onto her back into missionary, and we carried on. She had another orgasm, and I started to thrust harder and faster. My body stiffened. I groaned, my penis swelled, and I shot fountain after fountain of my hot spunk into her.

“Oh fuck yes. It’s been so long,” she moaned and her body went into another shuddering orgasm. We lay together for quite some time. My penis had deflated but not completely. Eventually, I fell out of her. I grabbed a hankie, but already the bed was soaked. She jumped out, and I switched on the light. She ran into the bathroom and came back with a towel to cover the wet patch. Shit, she had a fucking fantastic body. She got back into bed, and I started licking and sucking he breasts and nipples. I was getting another erection. She was starting to breathe heavily. She turned onto her side with her back to me and pulled up her knees, I slipped into that wet tunnel of love and fucked her again for about ten minutes, before I shot my load again into her. She clung to me.

“I think we should make a habit of this, don’t you? Now we’ve really got to know each other, can I drop the ‘Uncle’ bullshit and call you Jack?”

“You can call me anything you like Jenny. Yes, I really do want to make a habit of it, That’s the best sex that I’ve ever had.” Jenny chuckled.

“You might regret saying that, Jack. I love sex more than anything else in the world. Since dad left, I’ve had to pleasure myself and it isn’t the same. I tried a couple of the older boys at school who thought they were studs, but they were fucking useless. The one came in my hand before I could get it inside, and the other lasted about 30 seconds before he came. My dad was like you. He loved it as well.”

“You did it with your dad, with Rick?” I asked incredulously.

“Yeah. Mom was a receptionist at the local vet. She worked until eight o’ clock every night except Sundays. I used to hurry home from school, and we would do it as soon as I got home. If mom were working on Saturday, we would do it two or three times. He taught me how to pleasure myself and him, when I was about six, and we started fucking when I was eight. Just think, Jack, we’ve got three weeks and we can fuck each other silly every day.” We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

I awoke late; it was already nine o’ clock. I hadn’t slept that late for years. Jenny stirred. She had her back to me. I started to caress her breasts. She pulled up her knees and helped me to guide my raving erection into her waiting cunt. The feeling as I entered her was just indescribable. I couldn’t ever get enough of this. I fucked her slowly and gently for well over half an hour. She must have felt that I was getting close, because her inner muscles were also massaging me. I pulled her close and groaned as I felt myself swell and as my first load left my rigid dick, she cried out as she orgasmed with me. I stayed inside her as long as I could until my flaccid dick fell out. I didn’t care about the stream of semen which oozed out of her. Fuck the bed. I would change it later. She turned over and kissed me. Our hands explored each other’s bodies, and we just lay together, wallowing in each other for about another hour.

“I think we need a shower.” Jenny murmured. Together we walked to the shower. She washed me down, and I started to wash her. The sight and feel of that wonderful slim, naked body, turned me on again. My dick was going crazy. She bent over, and I slipped inside her from behind. We fucked like two animals as the warm water showered over us. It wasn’t the most comfortable position for me, but I didn’t care. I was full of wild animal lust. Afterwards, we finished washing, dried each other off and climbed back into bed. We both fell asleep holding each other tight.

It was almost lunch time when we finally woke up. I fought back the urge to do it again, but I was besotted.  I couldn’t get enough of her. I had never felt like this before; nothing else mattered.

“Are you sure that I’m not going to knock you up, Jenny?” I whispered.

“Sure Jack. Dad taught me that It’s safe 8 days before my period is due and today is 7 days, Then it usually lasts for four days and after that, I’m good for another 6 days.” I made a few calculations.

“I’d better get some condoms for the last few days you are here.” I told her.

“Yes. I hate the bloody things, but better be safe than sorry, I suppose.” Jenny and I made lunch. We decided to go out shopping. Then, we went onto the river and drove around for a while. Warwickshire is a very beautiful county. We had tea at a small teashop. We finished off with dinner at a steakhouse.

All too soon, the three weeks were drawing to a close. I’d done nothing with my novel. The only thing that occupied my thoughts was sex. I’d never thought that sex could be this good. We had fucked on the floor on the settee. We’d done it three, four, or even five times a day. I was insatiable and so was she.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do when you go.” I told her. “All that I’m going to be able to think about is you, getting fucked by some young stud.”

“Hah!” She replied, “They aren’t men; they’re a waste of space. You aren’t getting rid if me that easily. I won’t be able to get down at Christmas, but perhaps in Easter, and definitely next school holidays. That us, unless you are fucking some bimbo.”

Her mom and dad called a few days later and asked me if I would bring her back.  She promised to write, but after a few months, I was pretty sure that I had been forgotten. The problem was, now my taste for underage girls had been well and truly whetted.  I was determined to find something to replace Jenny.


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