The Stockades (MMgg,anal,oral,bond,scat,kidnap)

The Stockades (MMgg,anal,oral,bond,scat,kidnap)

Author: Lone Dog

Prologue: Two men kidnapped two young girls to try out their homemade stockades sex contraption. Liz and Kathy both eight years old friends find themselves sharing more than friendship.

Liz eight years old was still tugging at the wide duct tape spun around her wrists behind her and trying to pull her ankles from tape rapped there too. Eight year old Kathy her friend beside her in the back seat of the car had given up, giving in to what both girl knew was going to happen to them. One man that had taken them sat in the front passenger seat watching in case Liz manage to get loose.

“You going to rape us.. aren’t you” Liz defiantly said “Better let us go or I’ll tell”

“Who you going to say did it” the grinning man in the front passenger seat said to Liz “You don’t know me.. I don’t know you”

Still tugging her arms against the tape Liz glared at him setting her jaw. There was truth in his words, worse still she didn’t even know where they were or where they were being taken. Moment later they pulled into a open house garage the sound of the garage door motor lowering down behind the car. Both men got out pulling both girls out each side, lifting them over their shoulders like sacks and taking them through the side door of the house.

Steps to the side lead down into a well lit basement Liz seeing all the high windows close off and covered. But it was what was in the basement that sent a panicked wave a anxiety over both girls. Two low near floor level stockades with head and hand holes were set up facing each other a shelf like board connecting from head hole to head hole the two devices by almost three feet. The side a person was plainly to be at there was a padded top wooden box that came out from the head hole. Both girl girl were placed down on the floor before the stockades.

They graped Kathy first cutting the tape of her legs, pulling her shorts and panties off. All the while Kathy pleading and begging them to stop to let her go. They cut the tape of her wrist behind her roughly tugging her blouse off, fully naked one man grab Kathy’s lower arms from behind bring her toward one of the stockades. The other man lifted the upper piece of wood on the stockade as Kathy was forced down her wrists place into the small cut out and held there as the other man made sure her head was in place before guiding the wood down trapping her head and wrists in place. But they were far from finished.

With Kathy crying hysterically and incoherently one man brought over a white PVC tube nearly four inches long with straps coming from is side. The other man pulled Kathy’s head up pinching in on the sides of her face till she open her mouth wide enough for the other to work the nearly two inch round tube into her mouth and strap it in place around Kathy’s head. The upper board had a padded area which her head was push back onto and a leather strap brought tightly across her forehead keeping it held firmly in place facing forward across the plank to the other side.

Liz watch as two overly long life like fake penises with fake testicles and flat bottoms that had middle of bungee cords attached to them was brought over and laid down on the plank that spanned the two stockades. Sudden the men’s attention was full on Liz herself.

“No.. No…!” Liz screamed at them as they cut the tape on her legs “You can’t do this to me”

Liz kicked about trying to stop them but they easily got her own shorts and panties off her, turning her cutting the tape from her wrist. She was in full on denial with the reality of the moment, the men were strong, real strong, and fight as she may they pulled her shirt from her leaving Liz fully naked also. Her wrist were strongly grabbed from behind and before her was the stockade, the top being pulled up.

“YOU… CAN’T.. DO THIS” she screamed as she was placed down into the device her chest across the top of the wooden box before it.

The top entrapment came down pinning her head and wrist into place. Before she could say anything else her head was pulled up. Strong fingers pinched painfully into the sides of Liz’s young jaw leaving her no choice but open her mouth wide the awaiting tube being pushed in. Straps went around her head and tied down. And like Kathy Liz’s head was pushed back and a leather strap went biting into the flesh of her forehead pinning it against the pad of the upper plank. Liz now face Kathy across the wooden blank, she could see into deep the tube of Kathy’s mouth. Liz could plainly see the fleshy thing that hang down at the back of her mouth, a bit spittle was dripping from the PVC onto the plank before Kathy. Kathy looked as terrified as Liz felt. One man came up and place a metal pin into a hole in the middle of the plank letting it stick up a couple inches. Liz watch him pick up one fake penis the back had an i-hook screwed into the back. He place the head if the fake penis into the PVC pipe coming from Kathy’s mouth before placing the i-hook over the pin the two ends of one bungee were pulled tightly to each side of the stockade and hook in place the bungee running taunt around the back of the fake cock where it was attached.

Kathy seemed to realize just then what it was for, her eyes moving wildly about and moaning loudly out with negative tones. Liz too caught on as the other fake stiff life like overly long penis was inserted into the hole of the PVC that jutted from her own mouth the blunt soft rounded end going slightly over her tongue before the man slipped the end with the i-bolt over the metal pin. She near freaked out watching the bungee being pulled tight to each side to the stockade she was held in adding a strong tension to the back of the fake life like penis.

Both young girls facing each other Liz could tell her friend Kathy was going into full panic, her green eyes flashing about at any movement from the men and eyes always going back to the seemingly weak pin holding the tight bungees back.

“Heads or tails for this one” Liz heard behind her.

“Tails” the other called out.

“She’s yours” a hand patting Liz’s naked left buttock.

“We’ll need to loosen them up before pulling the pin” the man walking around toward Kathy said.

“Yep” the other replied with a chuckle “Loosen them up or you’ll never stay in”

Liz and Kathy were on their knees, hands and heads pinned in the stockade their chests laying over the wooden boxed. Liz could see over Kathy’s low stockade the man standing now naked his cock arching up excitedly with an open jar of petroleum jelly, scooping out a glop and handing the jar to over to the man’s hands reaching over her own head for it. The man behind Kathy crudely spread it over his cock making it slick with the stuff. Liz was somewhat relieved thinking at least he wouldn’t be trying to rape her unexcited pussy. The man knelt down behind Kathy a second later Kathy’s eyes widened with shock and she squealed out around the PVC tube in her mouth, thumping sound from her knees hitting against the wooden box as the mans ecstatic face stared down onto her back side with intent interest.

Liz attention came back to herself as the man behind her knelt down behind Liz his hands touching her naked backside, opening her buttocks embarrassingly wide. Fierce anxiety washed over Liz as he scooted up closer hands feeling up over her naked flesh of her torso before moving back to her buttocks. His knees inside of her legs pushed them out wider as his hands againd spread her buttocks. One hand left and Liz prepared herself for the touch of his cock against her young pussy. The touch when it came wasn’t against Liz’s pussy but landed firmly onto her anus. For a brief moment she was sure it was a mistake but the moment the blunt tip started pressing, worming about against the much to small of her rear hole Liz was left with no doubt as to just where he was going to try to put it.

The thumping from Kathy stopped her face flushed red with pain and horror as the man behind her grinned devilishly both hands rubbing and feeling over the top Kathy’s naked back.

“Fucking tight dude” He triumphantly exclaimed.

Liz was doing her best to thwart the man’s efforts behind her. Liz’s own legs kicking about wildly, knees thumping loudly against the wooden box she was laying over. She just couldn’t get away from the pressing organ. Like Kathy Liz too cried out her frustration around the PVC tube in her mouth. In a flash of searing pain her anus slipped open going around the blunt tipped male organ, clamping down tightly onto the fleshy shaft just behind the blunt tip. Liz froze afraid to even move as the hands of the man went instantly feeling everywhere over her trembling naked torso of her back and sides of Liz’s bare chest.

Liz’s glazed over eyes slowly focused onto Kathy horror struck face. The pain of the entry vanished with her staring back at Kathy, Liz’s face now too flushing hotly from humiliation.

“Let’s get all the way in and loosen them up” the man behind Liz excitedly said.

His hand slipped feeling down along Liz’s sides slipping down to her hip, finger locking strongly around the wide bones of her young hips. Using his thumbs and palms of his hands he spread her buttock open even more. Liz could feel his eyes on where his cock entered her as the man with Kathy was staring down with gleaming eyes onto Kathy’s naked backside. Suddenly each man sprung to life. Liz’s rectum coming under assault as the thick blunt tip eagerly probed to move deeper with each try. Both girls faces twisted up within a mask of shock, pain, and humiliation crying out around the PVC tubes as first one then the other man managed move their thick cock’s through each girl’s overly snug rectum then enter into the sharp curve of each girl’s even snugger colon.

Liz breathed out air blowing loudly around the PVC tube and nose as the man’s loin behind her went pressing up into the cleft of her buttocks, her anus twitching and grasping tightly from the assault at the base of the adult male organ. Each unintentional clench of Liz’s anus bringing forth shock moaning sounds of pleasure from the man behind her. Kathy too was plainly now fully entered, the man behind Kathy moaning out with rapture the horrid shock of it plainly showing on her terror struck face. Kathy eyes look up over Liz’s low stockade locking on the man behind Liz, making Liz keenly aware of each time her own rectum muscles or anus spasmed enough to make the man behind her moan out again.

Kathy’s eyes widened just as a hand reached over Liz and down toward the pin holding the bungees.

“Ready…” Liz an Kathy heard “One… Two…. Three..”

Both Kathy and Liz’s eyes became transfixed on the pin the fingers of the hand gripped. The pin pulled up, both bungees free to suddenly move. Liz tried to late to lift her tongue to block the rush of the fake penis to move through the tube, the tension brought to bare on the long fake penis would have too much to hold at bay. Both Kathy and Liz gagged loudly as the two fake penises went driving deeply into their throats at the same time. Both men’s hands clenched tightly onto each girls hips holding on for dear life as the legs of both girls thumped and thrashed about, the fake long cocks slipping deeper into their throats only being held at bay by the harsh stomach straining retching forced upon each girl.

The fake cock of Liz’s slid in half way before stopping, she gagged thrashing about at first but after the surge of panic she forced herself to relax her eyes fix on the threatening taunt bungee still pressing onto the back of the fake organ. Kathy wasn’t so lucky as the fake organ kept slipping in bit by bit, retching harshly, puke came spurting from Kathy’s nose and around the PVC tube as it finely went firmly against the top of the tube protruding from her mouth. The man behind Kathy tongue went licking over his lips just before he started humping harshly with strong long unforgiving strokes as Kathy thrashed about, knees thumping against the wooden box, his movement plainly timed to derive as much pleasure as he could handle.

Liz saw hands come around each side to the bungee cord of the fake cock in her throat. The hands gripped the bungee cords pulling the fake organ making it go forcibly deeper. Liz’s stomach lurched as the fake organ once moving continued slipping slowly farther in. The harsh gagging started up again Liz’s stomach tensing lurched hard, puke coming up against the plug in her throat. The fake cock paused for a moment as Liz’s puke went gushing around the thing filling her mouth, her nose all at the same time. The taunt bungee overcame the flood of puke and the end of the fake cock went against the PVC tube. An even harsher gripping retch took hold forcing a gush of more puke around the fake organ. The man behind her started deeply sodomizing Liz as panic took over the entirety of her world.

Liz’s knees pounded out a erratic tempo adding to Kathy’s, both facing each other, both being sodomized aggressively deep, gagging unable to breath as the last of their stomach’s puke was force up past the blockage of fake cock and out what ever orifice, nose or mouth it could find. Kathy started fading and the man not wanting it to end reached around pulling the hooks of the bungees free pulling the fake cock out of Kathy’s mouth with a loud sucking sound. Seconds later Kathy’s lungs gasped for air sucking in a slimy lung full sending her into a fit of choking as the man continued sodomized her deeply hard plainly enjoying the harsh choking spasms racking through out her young body.

Liz was force to soldiered on thrashing about her head pounding as tunnel vision took hold. But as her world start faded the fake cock pulled from her mouth the loud sucking sound ringing through her senses making her eyes open wide. Liz tried to breath in but couldn’t quite get things to work. In a sudden involuntary inward gasp she too gasped in a wet lungful of air and liquid. The man had lunged his cock fully into her as Liz choked harshly with honking hoarse sounds that sent liquid spraying out the tube still in her mouth. The organ flex stiffly within her colon making Liz squirm her backside about to find a more comfortable position as her rectum and anus kept wanting to squeeze tightly closed with Liz struggling to hold it at bay. But the affect on the man was making his organ seemingly grow even stiffer inside rectal passage with a eager readiness to continue.

Kathy still coughing hoarsely was being sodomized steadily by the man behind her. The back of her head still pinned to the board still facing Liz. Kathy’s face had turned beet red and she was grunting her young body straining up tensely from time to time. Liz could see her hands poking through the entrapments of the board clenched in tight balled up fists.

“I’d like to do this all day but she making my nuts ready to blow” he said never stopping his sodomizing of Kathy.

Liz’s own young body strained up suddenly a sharp crack of gas popping around the thick cock in her rectum. Liz’s rectum kept straining trying to expel the thick adult penis from her bowel. The suddenness of it catching her at unawares, she’d grunted out crudely her mind realizing instantly the affect it had on the man behind her, his cock lurching stiffer still, his movements becoming more exaggerated as he seemed intent into acerbating Liz’s sensitive spasming rectal passage even farther. Liz struggled to restrain the again building sensation starting to flood through her rectum and colon, the man seated his cock fully, his loin pressing hard against Liz’s buttocks groaning out lustfully as her rectal muscles tightened erratically over his cock shaft, Liz’s anus working overtime at the base of the thick cock as if fed up with being held open for so long.

“I think we need another go at the throat plunge” The man behind her said “You know… to finish on”

“I’m with you man” the other said from behind Kathy “Some excitement to finish on”

The thick stiffness pulled from Liz’s rectum leaving her rear sensative passage suddenly empty. Her young body shuddered as a wave of weakness swept through her. The man behind Kathy also pulled his cock out of her backside and stood up staring down at his rigid arching organ. Liz was shocked to see the first third of his cock held a coating of Kathy’s deep stool. Looking to Kathy Liz could see her eyes were on the man behind Liz and Liz suddenly was struck with wondering if the cock Kathy was seeing of the man just sodomizing Liz was soiled in a similar fashion, ‘god’ Liz hope not. But as each man move into view picking up the fake penises Liz eyes just had to see, turning sharply toward the man till she caught sight of his erect organ. Liz’s face flushing hot seeing a dome of poop coating its erect head and a thick ring of brown at the base of his lightly stool streaked cock where her stretched anus had been at the end of each long stroke.

Kathy too was straining her eyes toward the man that had been behind her, horrid humiliating shock flash across her face as she caught sight of his heavily soiled organ. But Liz and Kathy both realized the men were going to set the fake cocks back up both started both girl started crying out through the PVC tubes still in their mouths, their whining voices jagged and hoarse after the last time the fake cock had enter deep into their throats. The metal pin was placed into the hole in the center of the blank. Kathy’s hight pitched pleading voice got muffled first as the blunt tip of one of the fake cock was inserted into the PVC tube jutting forward from her mouth over the plank the other flat end i-hook placed over the metal pin and bungee’s pulled taunt to each side of the wood stockade.

Liz was still loudly crying out knowing now just how awful it was going to be. She whined pleadingly with incoherent emphasis hoping for some empathy from the men. But the fake cock’s blunt tip was inserted into Liz’s mouth tube the i-hook at the end slipped over the pull pin. Liz wide eyes watch as the bungee’s ends were pulled taunt and ends hooked onto the sides of the stockade she was pinned in. Both men hurrying back to their places.

Liz felt the man kneel down behind her and scoot up close seeing the man behind Kathy doing the same. A blunt pressure went against her anus but didn’t enter into her.

“We’ll do it on three” the voice behind her rung out “One… Two… THREE!”

“HggGg!” both Kathy and Liz grunted out loudly around the PVC tubes as men’s cock’s lunged into each girls rectum at the same time.

Liz’s knees thumped forward against the wooden box as the thick cock painfully reopened her anus and rectum in on swift move, her back arching up sharply as the tip lodged to a stop into the curve resistance of her snug colon, another heartless shove from the man came before his loin went fully against her buttocks. Kathy’s hands were balled up into tight fists, her eyes tearing up as several deep sobs racked through her. Liz too felt a deep sob sweep over her, her own eyes tearing up and running down her face she too felt the shear unfairness of what was happening to them.

The thick cock just plunged into Liz’s bowel flexed stiffly as if purposely calling attention to just how deep it was inside her rectum. Strong male hands went lustfully feeling over Liz’s still highly arched up back and taunt muscles of sides of her abdomen. Her intestines groan gurgling loudly the rigid organ stiffening instantly even more, taking on an air of crude intent. The man behind Kathy spoke up as Liz’s intestine gurgled and groaned louder in protest of being probed into.

“Lets fuck the shit out of em while they’re gagging on fake cock” he excitedly called out reaching over Kathy with one long arm and grasping the pull pin with his fingers.

Both Kathy and Liz’s eyes froze on his fingers as he pulled up, his fingers slipped off the pin that remained place. The man behind Liz hands grasp tighter onto each side of her hips pulling her firmly against his loin but when the pin didn’t come free he paused.

“Damn oily fingers” the man behind Kathy said and tried again.

Kathy and Liz were force to watch in horror as he wiggled the pin back and forth several times before it came free the taunt bungee snapping the fake blunt tipped life like cock’s through the PVC tubes and lodging into both the girl’s throats. Liz went blind to all else but to the thick blunt rod being forced down into her throat, gagging her, making her empty stomach spring to life to retch up anything at all. Liz’s arms went tugging trying to pull free of the wooden holes they were in as her young body thrashed about behind the wooden planks of the stockade. She was only dimly aware of the man now sodomizing her with demeaning enthusiasm as the bungee finely urged the base of the overly long fake penis against the PVC tube jutting from Liz’s young mouth.

Liz felt her intestine loosen stool into the path of the sodomizing cock behind her as she strained gagging with every muscle of her body coming into play, the man seemingly unaffected by it only hump deeply with more vigor. With knees thumped up against the wooden box she was laying over Liz’s young bladder also let go loudly wetting the floor behind her where the man’s knees were, the warm piss splashing over the man’s legs.

“Fuck” the voice behind Liz rung out “Mine is pissing herself”

“That’s nothing” the man humping Kathy said “Mine just shit herself”

Then a second later..

“Oops… she pissing herself now”

The cock sodomizing Liz started swelling thicker, moving erratically before being jabbed fully against her open buttocks. All the while Liz remain lurching wildly about gagging, choking, her bowel forcing even more stool around the rigid organ embedded into her rectal passage and her pussy shot one last strong stream of piss onto the floor Liz’s bladder empty. The man’s cock plainly moving through an intense orgasm pumped out spurt after spurt of sperm into Liz’s intestine as the world around her formed a tunnel and faded out…

Liz woke with a start, coughing, hacking up and gasping for air. She was out of the homemade stockade the man that had been sodomizing her slapping her face.

“Thought we lost you” he grinned.

Liz heard crying and looked to see Kathy still naked standing by a deep utility sink. The man that had been sodomizing her holding a hose rinsing her off over a drain on the floor. Kathy stood slightly hunch over both hands held over her abdomen as if she felt very nauseous.

“I’ll get you and me cleaned up next” the man with Liz said.

Liz felt weak and she tried to speak to plead but nothing would come out but rasping squeaks, her throat ached horribly. Looking back to Kathy the man finished hosing her off then towel dried her. His cock hung limply down over his hairy adult testicles looked now clean. Dried now the man pulled Kathy’s arms behind her, folding them and rapped duct-tape around them. Kathy the fight gone from her let him do it with out a fuss. He pick up what looked to be a dog collar at first but it had a large ring in the middle of if which he force into Kathy’s mouth turning it behind her front teeth before pulling the strap on each side around her head and fastening in place.

“For later when I ready hon” he said patting her bare bottom and guiding her to a sofa, setting her down and setting down beside her.

Liz’s young mind realized instantly the purpose of the ringed collar. And as she was pulled onto her wobble feet she resisted weakly trying to talk, to plead but her voice too scratchy, too hoarse to be understood. He rinsed his own soiled loin off over the sink before turning to Liz. The water was warm as he rinsed over her face body and soiled buttocks. Liz’s jumped as he cleaned over her sore anus and she too stood hunched slightly over her own hands going to her out of sorts abdomen. But after he towel dried Liz she resisted as he grabbed her by the wrists and fought with him as he worked her arms behind her folding them together and got the tape rapped tightly around her forearms. Next was the ringed collar, she made him wrangle her, pin her down as he pinched both sides of her jaw till Liz had no choice but open her mouth and the ring inserted, turned into place behind her front teeth. He spun her ruffly facing away as he fastened the strap tightly in place.

“Your going to regret that” he said turning Liz toward him a finger wagging in her young face.

She could see his near limp cock a mere foot in front of her face and realized soon he would be pushing it through the ring that held her mouth open. He plainly saw her staring at it.

“Yep little girl” he informed her “We got one more treat to be had before we let you go”

He guided Liz over to the sofa making her set as he lowered himself down next to her.

“You girls have been righteously sodomized” he said pulling Liz in close “Shit fucked to be sure, but in a bit me and my friend are going to stick our cocks down your sweet throats and fuck you there till we explode again”

Kathy and Liz had to set there as the men talked crudely about how great it felt sodomizing her and Kathy. The talked about how each girls rectum wonderfully felt and worked over their cock’s as each girl’s bodily control totally broke down. The man with Kathy went on and on about the moment Kathy shit over his cock then pissed with the other man joining in saying Liz and Kathy wouldn’t be the last. Beer was gotten and drank as they rehashed how both girl look while gagging and puking through their nosed. Liz noted movement at the man’s loin she was force to set beside. His cock was swelling, stiffening, rising up from its sleep.

“Damn if I’m not starting to feel a bit amorous again” he said to Liz looking into her face, his eyes focusing on her open ringed mouth.

Liz turned her her head to the side but his arm around her came up, his hand guiding her head back to facing him as his eyes focusing into the open spittle dripping hole of her mouth. Liz’s eyes glanced quickly down at his loin seeing his cock starting to form an arching stiffness. His other hand came up inserting a finger into Liz’s mouth touching her tongue, running his finger over the middle of it sliding it toward the back of her mouth, making Liz pull back against his other arm still around her.

The hand of the arm around her came up grasping into the hair at the back of Liz’s head, balling it up tightly in a tight grip. She was being strongly turned onto her back on the sofa, her legs going up the back, her head pulled down over the front of the sofas soft cushion with him kneeling on the floor in front of Liz’s forward facing face. She tried to turn back over but he slapped his other hand down onto her chest pinned her down. Liz eyes became locked onto the close erect penis arching toward her, his testicles, huge hairy sacks hanging at the base of the long fleshy shaft. Liz saw his loin move aiming the tip of the penis at the ring keeping her mouth open.

Liz tried to twist her head to one side the fleshy blunt tip missing the opening of the ring and went across the cheek of her face. It pulled back taking aim again his grip in her hair tightening keeping her head down over the side of the sofa. Liz could see thick clear liquid leaking from the pee slit on the top of the bulbous adult organ just before it went into the ring holding her mouth open. Liz now could clearly see every bump and vain along the thick fleshy underside of the shaft as the taste of the thick slimy liquid filled her mouth. The blunt tip slid over her tongue she knew seeking out the the deeper path into her throat. All Liz could do was look down along the part of the shaft that led to the large looking real testicles coming toward her wide eyed face.

The blunt tip probed into Liz’s throat making her gag, but pulled back into her mouth with a head ringing sucking sound. But came instantly probing back, this time Liz gagging hard the cock pulling all the out as she remained posed gagging till the reflex died back. A string of thick spittle ran from her mouth the few inches to the head of the stiff cock.

“Oh yes… this is going to be good” he exclaimed excitedly

The organ slipped back through the opened ring, this time driving forward. Liz could only watch gagging as the testicles came to a mere inch of her face, her nose tucked between the two warm pustular orbs. He jabbed his loin strongly forward the large testicles mashing against Liz’s face covering her nose her wide eyes looking up in shock between his legs along the area past the testicles at the mans snugly closed anus just before he pull back and started hump, fucking Liz’s throat like her did to her sore still aching rectum. But the shock of the constant movement inside her already sore throat was more than she was able to tolerate sending her into a frantic state of trying to writhe free somehow as wet horrid sounds from the moving cock in Liz’s throat made her need for it to stop eminent.

The cock pulled out leaving Liz gasping and choking up wetly her eyes locking onto the deadly organ still posed before the ring keeping her mouth open. The organ itself dripped with stringy slimy goo seeming coming from her throat and mouth. Her hoarse loud coughed sprayed out more slime with her managing a few valued breaths before the tip reentered back into her mouth as she screamed loudly out. The deep plunge of the cock silenced the Liz in mid scream as his cock started its rapid fucking motion. The scream was a mistake as it emptied Liz’s lungs of air leaving her panicked as the cruel humping went on for a bit before his loin went mashing hard up against her face, the full length of the organ swelling, pumping out what was left in his near empty testicular sack the orbs moving against her face as his cock shot a couple last wads it had of sperm deep into Liz’s throat.

The organ pulled back and out as Liz’s lungs gasped in wetly for needed air. As her eyes cleared she watched the man wiping a hand towel over his softening organ and standing up leaving Liz choking up the sperm and slime from her throat, coughing and gasping to finely fill her lungs with air only. Liz rolled her leg down off the back of the sofa hitting Kathy still being held in the arm of the other man.

Kathy had watch the whole thing, Liz could tell by the expression on Kathy’s face. From the look of if Kathy knew she was going to next. Liz fell back into the far corner of the sofa still hacking up slime that went running down onto Liz’s bare chest.

“Damn that look erotic” the man with Kathy said, his hand going to the back of her head grasping her hair “Come on little girl time to give up some of that sweet slimy oral sex”

Kathy tried to pull away but was like Liz unable to match the strength of the man. Kathy attention became focused on being pulled down onto the sofa by her hair. Soon enough Kathy was on her back laying on her taped arms with her legs going up the back of the sofa. His hand in Kathy’s hair kept her head pulled down over the side of the sofa facing his cock as he knelt in front of her. Liz could see the terror in Kathy’s eyes looking up and under the length of his cock. Liz felt a rush of the same anxiety she had felt earlier knowing the terror of it. Liz could see the length of the man’s cock with Kathy, her mind struggling with the math as she looked along the top of Kathy’s exposed neck seeing the path the long cock had to follow. The man too was staring down onto Kathy’s young neck intently as his loin angled his cock aiming it toward the ringed hole keeping Kathy’s mouth opened.

Kathy cried out squealing negatively trying to jerk her head out of the aim of the long male organ. But she wasn’t lucky as Liz had been, the blunt tip finding the opening and pushing into her young mouth with the man groaning out at the plainly to him pleasurable experience. He had one hand on top of Kathy’s naked chest pinning her in place, the other hand with a tight holding grip in her hair as he eased farther in, his eye staring down as Kathy suddenly gagged a bulge forming as his penis went deeper. He pulled out, his adult body shuddering with pleasure as his cock arched up stiffly a couple inches in front of Kathy’s face as she coughed and hacked.

“Damn this is going to get wild” he moaned out “Okay let get to fucking”

His grip tightened as if expecting Kathy to strongly react. Staring down with gleaming eyes he aimed his cock for Kathy’s ringed mouth hole ignoring the deep hoarse ongoing coughing coming from her mouth he slipped it in urging the organ far into her throat stifling the wet coughing instantly. Liz cringed back farther into the corner of the sofa seeing a showing over the top of Kathy’s neck where her throat was, the bulging form of the man’s cock. Kathy young body lurched and jerked about unable to break from his grasp as the man teased out a few crude humping moves all the while his eyes locked on Kathy’s neck watching the rise area moving bulge moving along the top of her throat.

Worse was the horrid wet gagging sounds as Kathy’s stomach muscles lurched several time the man only pulling out when Kathy’s clit piss out a short stream of piss.

“Fucking bitch..” he angry said “Does everything make you piss”

The other man with a beer in one hand whom was standing and watching reached over to a hand towel coming in and tucking in where Kathy’s backside touched the back of the sofa but still left Kathy’s pussy expose to their view.

“Better” he asked the other managing

“Much” was the reply as he aimed his spittle coated cock back in through the ring of Kathy’s loudly coughing mouth.

His mild anger had him plunging in, his loin fully going against Kathy’s face, his heavy testicles covering most of her face as his hip writhed about against her opened gagging mouth.

“Bitch” was all he said as he started humping aggressively

The wet gross horrid sounds assaulted Liz’s ears her own oral rape still vivid in her own memory had her trembling with the ghastly ebb and flowing sounds as Kathy seemed to be trying to scream as the organ was pulled and pushed through her gagging throat. Moments later the man groaning, his movements took on a few seconds of strong erratic movements before mashing his loin forward. Kathy’s clit released another, stronger spray of piss as the man started his orgasm. Liz eyes became transfixed on seeing the man moving through the throws of an orgasm, seeing what it really looked like, the raptured pleasure he plainly enjoyed was a shock knowing just what Kathy was mentally and physically being forced to endure at this very moment.

Liz realized the men raping them had never once show any attention to either Liz’s or Kathy’s pussies. The men weren’t here for any kind of real sex Liz realized, they were kidnapped to be purposely demeaned, debased, humiliated and embarrassed in the most inhumane way the men could devise. The kind of thing Liz had always though was ‘sex’ had nothing to do with all of ‘this’.

The man’s orgasm finished Liz watch the slimy cock pull from Kathy’s mouth her face frozen in shock as the cock making a wet nasty sucking sound came pulling from her throat and mouth. Kathy coughed out with a long haggard hoarse cough/gag sound before gasping in sharply for breath and moving into a fit of spittle spraying coughing she couldn’t control. Liz too setting curled up in the corner of the sofa kept sporadically coughing up deep phlegm from her sore abused throat the taste of man sperm still there when she did.

The men were plainly finished with them at that point Liz and Kathy ignored as they huddled together on the sofa their arms still taped, the rings in their mouth’s still strapped in place.

“Time we get rid of them” one man said

“Need to get rid of the DNA” the other replied “Let’s get em to the sink and rinse them out”

They grabbed Kathy first bringing her to the large deep sink that had a short hose, standing her over the floor drain.

“Make her drink a bit of water and puke it out” one said “Then we give her the enema from hell… sound like a plan”

One man held Kathy’s head facing the other man holding the running hose as he inserted the end into the ring keeping Kathy’s mouth open. Seconds later water came from Kathy’s nose and mouth as the man urge the hose farther in. Kathy must have inhaled a large bit as a spray of water shot out and around the hose accompanied by a gurgling scream as she lurch about in the other man’s tight grip.

The hose was pushed deeper into her throat, the water coming out abated for a moment. Kathy body lurched gagging, the man pulling the hose back out as a gush of water came up, then another. The man handed the hose to the man behind Kathy as she dropped to her knees hunched over coughing, gagging and puke out another large gush of water onto the concrete floor by the drain.

“That’ll take care of my end”

Liz watched the man that now had the running hose kneel down behind Kathy placing one hand around her abdomen to keep her in place and inserting the running hose into her anus till a backwash of liquid came out before removing it and releasing Kathy to fall over. Kathy kept coughing up water, each time she coughed water came spurting out from her buttocks.

“This one is a done job” both rising turning their attention to Liz

Fear drove Liz’s thoughts as she slipped off the sofa her eyes flashing around the basement for a place to go. Her legs though took off sending her scurrying, her arms tugging to pull free of the tape as the men stalked her around the fair size room. Liz ducked and dodged the grasping hands for a bit but quickly they had her. She kicked and hoarsely scream out of her sore throat as she was brought to the sink over the large drain. Still Liz twisted about as one man grabbed into the hair at the back of her head making Liz face the man with the running hose.

“Can’t have those pesky cops finding out who we are… can we” he grinned at Liz bringing of the end of the hose up toward Liz’s face.

The cool water splashed over Liz’s bare chest as it was brought up and aimed into her mouth. She struggled with all her strength to twist free, lurching within the man’s grasp that was holding her but it wasn’t enough as the end of the hose went in through the ring holding her mouth open. Water filled her mouth instantly flushing out through her nose, the sensation making her gasp in a lungful as the hose kept being pushed deep into her sore throat. Liz’s was drowning, water was everywhere, the hose went deeper into Liz’s throat flooding into the stomach filling it till in a gagging fit her stomach muscles clinched sending a spray of water back up around the flooding hose just before the man pulled it out.

Liz’s stomach clinched again sending up another powerful spray of liquid up and out before her. Liz dropped down onto her knees held up from toppling all the way over by the hand still gripped in her hair. The running hose was inserted into Liz’s rectum suddenly flooding her rectal passage and filling large intestine and as she puked up another gush of liquid water shot out from her anus around the hose held there in a strong stream.

The hose was pulled from Liz’s backside as her young bowel working to expel the huge amount of liquid it now held in a long steady push as Liz slowly sagged down onto her lower legs.

“You know thirty years ago DNA wasn’t even a thing” one man said

“Yea, I know” the other replied “But I’d still done this to them just for the fun of it”

Both men laughing together in jest as Liz and Kathy continued weakly leaking and spurting liquid from both ends of their digestive track.

Liz and Kathy were finely redressed and released a few miles from where they were taken. Both to shocked to move for a long bit but finely, with a word to each other went to their own homes not sure if anyone would believe them