The Husseins, In the name of Allah (MggFb,pedo,inc)

The Husseins, In the name of Allah (MggFb,pedo,inc)

Introduction: Muslim little girls and little boys have family sex with their parents, sisters and brothers according to the Holy Quran.

Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party

Introduction to the Hussein family part of the Ummah community in Bradford (England), and their little 10yo boy and three girls4yo,9yo and 12yo

Amal ,9yo Asian girl born in Bradford (North England) of Bangladeshi parents, she has long black hair, dark eyes and brown skin, Amal hasn’t got tits or pussy hair yet and as a good Muslim girl she usually wears hijab (dress covering her up from head to toes hiding her body shape), and sometimes niqab (full black dress with veil, only eyes visible).

Tasneem ,12yo girl born in Bradford (North England), sister of Amal and of very similar looks except by the fact that she is taller and she has peach sized bouncy boobs. Tasneem has also developed some fuzzy brunette pussy hair but only her parents, sister, brother and some close family friends know about that it.

Aaysha ,the little one, she is also born in England, Aaysha is only 4 years old, Aaysha likes to run around the house naked, daddy tellls her that due to her age she does not have to worry yet about covering up her smooth flat chest and childish hairless cunt .

Ahmed ,10yo boy, the only brother of the girls, born in Bradford. Ahmed has black short hair, dark Bangladeshi eyes, he loves to wank looking at his little sister Aaysha, but his penis is only 4 inches long, completely smooth, although he can get hard ons and leak precum, his little boy orgasms are completely dry.

Ali ,42yo man, the dad, living off the welfare state, came to England twenty years ago and never got a job but has already managed to understand English and identify the currency used in the country, he is grateful to England for his good life and spends most of his time talking about the Qur’an with his friends from mosque in the Job Club.

Sajida ,the mum, a very caring 25yo woman from Bangladesh, had an arranged marriage to Ali when she was 12yo, Ali gave two cows to her parents as a dowry for her. Sajida had her first child (Tasneem), when she was 14yo. Her religion does not allow her to work as she is female, Sajida is claiming state benefits too.

سورة الدخان ‎
Qur’an 44:51-55 Surat Ad-Dukhan 44
…Yes and We shall wed them to dark-eyed houris. (beautiful virgins)

Chapter 1: Amal and Tasneem bath (Fgg,pedo,inc): Sajida helps out her two oldest daughters bathing and masturbates them.

Today is Sunday, the girls have no school and mum has taken both to the bath and closed the door behind her.

She starts to undress Tasneem, the 12yo girl. Her mum likes to take off her niqab pulling it above her head once the veil is off, she knows her girl wears no knickers on, in two seconds Sajida has left Tasneem’s little 12yo pussy uncovered right there, her preteen daughter black fuzzy pussy hair shows that she is growing up quickly, she gets Tasneem to stand up inside the bath full of warm water, this makes the 12 year old cute girl pussy to be even more noticeable.

Sajida undresses Amal, the 9yo muslimmah is undressed by mum pulling up her niqab above her head, Amal sweet smooth tiny pussy appears to much of mummy’s delight, the contrast between both little girls is quite amazing, they both have brown skin but Amal’s pussy lips are white while Tasneem’s pussy lips can’t be seen because of her fuzzy hair covering them, mummy is proud of her beautiful girls.

Inside the bath the girls are made to stand up, they know that mummy likes a lot to rub their little Muslim cunts, first is the 12yo Tasneem who has all her fuzzy hairy pussy soaped up by mummy’s rough hands, as she soaps her up her mummy also likes to slide one finger or two in between her preteen pussy lips, mummy also squeezes her developing breasts,that makes Tasneem real wet and horny.

Before Tasneem can orgasm mummy leaves her now horny cunt and makes her suffer in waiting, Sajida rubs Amal’s 9yo smooth pussy instead, Amal tends to turn around to let mummy finger fuck her tight 9yo smooth slit from behind, she bends down to display her wet brown petite ass.

Tasneem likes to watch her little sister have a dry orgasm, Amal can’t cum yet because of her age but she shakes her body and moans and Tasneem likes that too.

Once mummy has finished finger fucking Amal’s little cunt she licks her juice covered fingers real well and goes back to Tasneem pussy, Tasneem feels very anxious, mum introduces the head of a vibrating rubber duck inside her girls wet pussy lips while she fondles her girls buddying breasts with her other hand, this makes Tasneem orgasm real loud in the bath:

”Ah! Ahhh! Uff! Muummyyy! Awh! My pussyyy mum! Aaahh!!”

Tasneem knows daddy will be listening from the dinning room but she doesn’t care, it turns Tasneemr on knowing that daddy will hear mum masturbating her the bath.

“I love you mum! Thank you so much for being so kind to us!” – says little Tasneem.

Sajida kisses her two little daughters on their mouths, she knows Muslim mummies aren’t supposed to do that but her girls are real pretty and she gets bored of men and boys penises sometimes. Sajida thinks a woman needs an occasional little pussy to make her fully happy and her 12yo and 9yo daughters are always irresistible.

After finishing washing and masturbating her preteen daughters, Sajida dries the little girls, still nude they get their clitoris played with again. Their mum introduces her adult fingers inside and rubs it, she is careful not to make her girls orgasm again, Sajida does not want to ruin the time she’s spending washing them.

The little girls get their pussies horny again, Sajida makes sure to dry the little girls cunts thoughtfully so that the niqab won’t show any wet patch on it and then she swears to Allah that she will find a proper husband for her daughters as soon as possible, the Prophet Mohammed married a young girl and she would love to see Amal to follow the path of the Prophet.


55 سورة‎ سورة الرحمن
Qu’ran 55:70-77 Surat ar-Rahman
In each there shall be virgins chaste and fair… Dark eyed virgins sheltered in their tents whom neither man nor Jin will have touched before…

Chapter 2: The Hussein’s watch TV (Mg,pedo,inc) : Naughty 4 years old Aaysha strips naked in the TV room and sits down on her daddy’s lap.

The whole family is watching Sharia Law Bradford TV , Ali(dad) and Ahmed (10yo brother) wear the traditional Asian men dress, and the older girls and their mum wear the chador, Aaysha the 4 year old girl is only wearing white cotton knickers on, suddenly the little one decides that she’s had enough of them and takes them all the way off throwing her underwear at her daddy.

Aaysha has a very sweet and smooth pussy, her daddy is always very understandable with his little girl and does not get angry, instead he decides to take Aaysha on his lap, he likes to feel his little girl 4yo sweet pussy rubbing on his crouch, it makes him hard even more than his wife can manage to do and he isn’t wearing any underwear underneath today.

Dad and daughter seem to be having a good time together. Aaysha notices her daddy hard cock pressing against her tiny toddler pussy slit, thinking it’s a game the little girl keeps rubbing her naked bottom against daddys hard on, jumping and moving her naked pussy around as she giggles, in only ten minutes Aaysha has managed to make her daddy cum under his Asian dress, a big wet patch of cum soaks it.

Ali is very happy with his little daughter now, he can’t keep himself from not giving a kiss to Aaysha’s 4yo bald pussy, holding the little girl by her arms, he lifts her up on his lap positioning his little daughter ‘s smooth cunt right in front of his eyes and gently approaching it licks her soft Asian cunt slit.

Mum smiles at the scene, his 10y son looks on having the earmarks of a horny and jealous little boy.

Amal his 9yo sister, finds it arousing, Tasneem the 12yo preteen girl wets her pussy watching the scene, the whole family turn around from the TV and stare at their dad eating Aasyha’s small pussy, daddy’s big tongue is graciously introduced inside the 4yo girl pussy slit gyrating it around and salivating all over the toddler bald cunt, the little girl feels so much pleasure on her pussy that she wets that moans:

“Oh! Daddyyyyyyy! My cunnie, my cunnie! Arf!! Dadddy!! Umm!”

Ali holds her little girl’s waist tight to stop her harming herself as she experiences a dry orgasm on his lap, after the 4yo girl has orgasmed, her daddy lies her down nude on the sofa, daddy’s mouth is salivating at the sight of her beautiful 4yo girl bare pussy, he tickles her all over and they both giggle in complicity.

Later on Sajida, the mum, holds 4yo Aaysha’s hand and takes her to the bath to wash her well, her other two daughters go to their bedroom together, they take off their niqabs and closing the door behind them start to masturbate.

Tasneem touches her small fuzzy hairy 12yo pussy without any shame sticking a finger inside her and sliding it in and out quickly wetting her private parts, on the bed next to her, Amal rubs her 9yo smooth cunt, Amal circles the palm of her hand around her smooth childish pubis, their mum opens the door of the bedroom holding Aaysha’s all naked and fresh, she just finished bathing her. Sajida, the mum, looks at both of her prepubescent daughters touching their pussies, Sajida loves the spectacle, she understands her daughters may feel horny after watching daddy eating Aaysha’s 4yo bald cunt. Sajida leaves the little girl inside with her sisters and leaves them alone to finish off their fun.


سورة الإنسان‎
Qu’ran 76:19 Surat Al-Insan
And round about them will serve boys of perpetual freshness: if thou sees them, thou wouldst think them scattered pearls.

Chapter 3: Ahmed and his friends from mosque (bb,gg,pedo): Ahmed and his two teenage male friends visit his little sisters at home and take sexual advantage from them.

Today Ahmed the 10y boy has taken some of his friends home to show them his new radio, but his friends Yusef 13yo and Nadeem 14yo only have eyes for his sisters, even thought the girls wear the niqab (black dress covering from head to toes).

Ahmed’s parent are away until late today, they have an important meeting with their local MP (Member of Parliament) to discuss why the Halal meals in the children’s school did not have the right spices.

The boys go to the girls bedroom (the three girls sleep in the same bedroom and Ahmed has his own) the boys compliment the little girls about the pretty niqabs, Aaysha the little 4yo as usual only wears some cute white knickers on.

Her flat chest excites the spotty teenagers a lot so they ask Aaysha to take off her undear, to which the little girl happily agrees, slowly she pulls down her white cotton knickers and steps out of them and smiling.

Aaysha loves the boys attention even if they only want to see her smooth pussy, Aaysha is happy to help out boys and men she knows Prophet Mohammed intended it to be this way.

Tasneem tells the boys of for staring at her 4yo sister bald pussy, but she knows that being a girl there is nothing she can do about it.

The boys get upset at the insolence of the 12yo girl challenging them, they order her to take off her niqab as a punishment, Tasneem feels real embarrassed being only one year younger than the boys,and with her 10yo brother there looking, but Tasneem knows she’s broken the rules of the Holy Qur’an , she should not have said anything. Tasneem hands shake as she pulls up her black niqab and let the boys look at her undeveloped 12 yo nude preteen body, Tasneem wears no underwear underneath, her tits are too small to use bra and she does not like to wear knickers, thankfully her veil is still on and her face is covered up, the boys all laugh looking at her and Yusef rubs her fuzzy pussy hair while making some obscene comments about it.

“Pretty cute 12yo Bangladeshi pussy you have there, I bet you like me rubbing little slutty muslimmah, pretty peachy titties,too, lets see what they feel like, mmm…”

Meanwhile another boy, Nadeem, is sticking his finger up 4yo Aaysha’s pussy on the bed, it is not the first time Nadeem masturbates a little girl as he has a 6yo sister that needs it a lot, he still loves to do it every time.

Aaysha is only 4yo that’s about the same age that when he started to fondle his little sister pussy and it brings him lots of good memories, his 13yo dick gets hard under his western jeans.

Ahmed gets a real hard on loking at his sisters pussies being fondled by his older friends, he asks Amal his other 9yo sister standing aside, to kindly pull up her niqab above her head for him so he can see her young pussy and flat chest, his 9yo sister grabs the long black dress and lifts it above her head looking at him with merciful eyes knowing that his brother is being left out of the boys fun and he needs little girls pussy to get off.

Amal loves her 10yo brother a lot, she feels proud of being able to make him a happy boy by doing something as simple as letting him watch her little preteen girl smooth pussy.

Her brother unbuttons his jeans and lets them fall around his ankles, he has no underwear on, his 10yo boy penis is all smooth and stiffy, he masturbates it in front of her prepubescent sister watching at her bald cunt.

Amal wishes her brother would stick his enchanting smooth penis up her little girl cunt, he is feeling hot, but she knows that Ahmed is only 10 and he can’t cum yet, it does not appeal her that much after all.

Ahmed has a nice long dry orgasm in ten minutes of fondling himself staring at his 9yo sister’s hairless cunt and his two friends fondling his two other sisters.

Ahmed likes to see Tasneem 12yo fuzzy hairy pussy sometimes too, this time he can see his older sister Tasneem has Yusef head in between her legs eating her cunt lips and Nadeem is teaching 4yo Aaysha to give him a blow job and is now spilling all his 13yo boy cum on Aaysha’s mouth.

Ahmed is surprised, he did not know that Nadeem can produce cum already, that will be a big headache now, the white cum is all over his little sister and he doesn’t want his parents to know about this incident.

To cover up their tracks, after finishing with the orgasms, the boys take all three naked little girls to the bath and use sponge and soap to wash the prepubescent girld.

It gets difficult for them avoiding to fondle the little sisters again. Having a 4yo, 9yo and 12yo girls pussies standing up in line in front on a row does not happen everyday.

Somehow the boys manage to bath the girls without any more cum on the girls bodies. Amal is happy that Yusef has finger fucked her in the bath, sometimes she is afraid that boys and men wont like a smooth 9yo pussy and flat chest but experience proves her wrong every time.

Again with the girls wearing niqab, and Aysha some new white cotton panties, the boys make them promise in the name of Allah that the secret will be sealed, and then go to the park to play football with the filthy kafir كافر (infidels) boys .


سورة الطور‎
Qu’ran 52:24 Surat At-Tur
Round about them will serve, to them, boys (handsome) as pearls well-guarded.

Chapter 4: Niqabi neighbours visit Sajida (Fbb,pedo): Niqabi women visit the Hussein family and make all the little boys masturbate for them.

Around once a month Sajida and the other mums have a gathering in her house, she likes female only meetings because they can take off their ayabas and niqabs without strange eyes looking at them and they can also exchange tips about how to cheat the most money from the British welfare.

The kids are also free to play and pray in the backyard so its good for everyone, today there there are nine women, with twenty four kids, boys and girls aged 4 years old to 13 years old.

As usual the boys make lots of noise, their mums order them to undress and the little ones quickly obey getting their bald penises out to much of the delight of present women and girls. Three preteen boys aged around 12 years old insubordinate claiming that men do not have to obey females making the women laugh and annoyed explain to them in a displeased tone of voice that little boys have no gender yet and they must submit to the wishes of their mummies.
The boys become so stubborn that the nine women must hold them down on the floor and force undress them with some help of the girls, one of the 12yo boy has some fuzzy penis hair, this makes the girls and mums pussies real horny, they can’t stand not fondling the boy penis leaving him stiffy and leaking precum:

“We will leave you hot and erected as a punishment for your insolence you little evil boys”

The older boys with their penises out are the talk of the day, they have been left on the floor with their jeans around their ankles and their small dicks erected. Some little girls tease them with the occasional pussy flash in between giggles and quickly pulling up and down their dresses in front of the little boys.

The mums spend the rest of the afternoon talking about how many times they masturbate their little boys, and who has started to cum already or hasn’t, and how much fun it is to expose to the boys to their sisters bare pussies to see them getting all horny and hard without being able to orgasm, the women laugh and cheer in group.

Today the Muslim mums have decided that it is about time they prepare their little girls for men fucking them, just like prophet Mohammed intended, a practical demonstration is needed, the mums order all the nude boys in the backyard to masturbate for the little girls with them supervising.

The boys are already stark naked and their little penises have been seen a lot by the women and the little girls, the boys have already lost their embarrassment and comply, a line of eleven little boys aged 4 years old to 10 years old is formed, they all wank giggling to their mummies.

The women pick up three little girls at random aged 9yo, 9yo and 6yo, and after pulling their hijabs off they are made to pose dirty with their little bald cunts spread open to help turn on the little boys and make their masturbation easier.

One of the chosen girls happens to be Amal, her mind fills with dreams of the Paradise because of the good actions she is carrying out on Earth, she knows Prophet Mohammed must feel proud of her use to men and boys as a masturbation aid.

The rest of the little girls stare at the preteen boys mass masturbation, one of the mums films the little boys massaging their small prepubescent penises, the women will keep the educational video and show it in the little girls section of the mosque, some copies will also be sold at stalls in the local market to raise funds for the Jihad against British peace keeper soldiers around the World.


سورة النبأ‎
Qu’ran 78:31 Surat Al-Naba
As for the righteous, they shall surely triumph. Theirs shall be gardens and vineyards, and high- bosomed virgins for companions: a truly overflowing cup.

Chapter 5: Amal celebrates (Mg,pedo,inc) : Amal is 9 and a half years old and to celebrate it her daddy will surprise her bringing home two friends from mosque to make a child porn film with her.

Amal is 9 and a half years old today and to celebrate it her daddy has brought along some friends, two middle aged men with long beards have come home and locked up with her in her bedroom.

One of the men has a video camera they set it up with a tripod then daddy orders her little girl to fully take off her niqab and veil, her brown naked preteen girl body is filmed from head to toes, some special attention is paid to her bare smooth 9 and a half years old pussy by zooming in.

Amal already knows what men like, she turns around to let them film her brown Asian 9 and a half years ass, bends down showing her pussy slit again for the camera this time from a different angle, she turns around and directly looks at the camera with a big sweet smile.

One of the bearded men puts a hood on and takes off his clothes. Amal giggles looking at his hard hairy cock while daddy orders her to lie down on the bed and spread out her legs and show her little girls pussy to the camera, just like they did on her last two birthdays.

Amal follows the instructions and sees the hooded man getting a bigger hard on, the man gets in between her flimsy legs and taking a small amount of slippery lubricant on the palm of his hand rubs it on the little girl 9yo soft smooth pussy to make it easier fit his hard cock into her childish cunt.

The man presses his manhood against Amal tight childish pussy, he manages to introduce his cock tip in and gently starts fucking her hairless cunt. Dad’s friend keeps his fat cock sliding in and out of her prepubescent pussy and moans until he orgasms, the man then takes off his manhood out of the little girl cunt and spills all the cum on Amal’s mouth, the hooded man caresses his flaccid penis against the little girl 9yo sweet soft face, he rubs the head of the penis around Amal mouth lips, she licks cock head and cum with her eyes closed.

It tastes salty, but Amal does not mind, she only keeps thinking about the Paradise and the happiness she is bringing to the men in the World, all at no cost for her other than letting guys fuck her child pussy, which she is also enjoying.

Little Amal loves to be fucked by men, it was hard the first time because of her tight slit, but now she can hardly wait until dad brings home some strangers every six months to fuck her again and film it.

Amal is happy she has now celebrated her nine years and a half birthday by making men smile and daddy has told her that the video will be distributed Worldwide over the internet, Amal is going to be a great child porn star and Inshallah (God Willing), her dad will collect some thousands of pounds for the family.


سورة الواقعة‎
Qu’ran 56:7-40 Surah Al-Waqʿia
…We created the houris (the beautiful women) and made them virgins, loving companions for those on the right hand..
Chapter 6: Sajida rents out her daughter (Mgb,pedo): A merchant comes to town and Sajida can’t pay for a pretty veil she likes. Sajida decides to rent her 10yo boy and 9yo daughter for sex instead.

An old man carrying two camels pretty Arabic clothes has come to the Muslim controlled sector of Bradford today, being Sajida a niqabi she loves veils, the first piece of clothing a niqabi must wear is a veil and she has really fallen in love with a lovely pink veil, she thinks that the little boys in town will love to see a woman like her with it, the problem is the merchant asks ten British pounds for it and she has already spend her benefits money buying some educational films depicting little boys and girls of smooth pussies and
penises having sex on the mosque carpet.

After some bargaining the merchant agrees to barter the pink veil for 24 hours alone with Amal and Ahmed, it turned out that the merchant is a single man, Sajida feels its her good muslimmah Samaritan obligation to help out unlucky men without little kids to stick their cocks in.

She wasn’t too happy when he also asked for her 10yo son to be in the deal, but at the end of the day little boys have no gender yet, she knows Ahmed is more of a sissy than a boy. Ahmed looks like a girl when she plays with him in the bath and hides his little smooth penis and balls in between his thighs to make the girls laugh, she does not think the little boy will mind that much.

This grey haired merchant who is 67yo, locks himself with Amal and Ahmed in the Hussein’s main bedroom, the kids have been told by mummy to obey anything he says because he is an elder and has the right to ask whatever he liks.

The old man tells the kids to undress, he lasciviously stares at the brow skinned 10yo boy naked body and his 9yo sister bald pussy, to much of the the kids surprise he ask the siblings to suck each other.

Amal and Ahmed’s start to lick their smooth chests, bald penis and hairless pussy, the old man takes some pictures of the nude kids having sex with his digital camera and thinks about selling it at the next Muslim controlled town of Britain.

Amal and Ahmed smile at each other, they had never done porn together before and they like the thought of other Muslim or adult infidels masturbating watching their porn video sucking their kiddie bodies.

When the kids get tired of sucking he pulls out his grey haired dick and gets the little boy and girl to kneel in front of him and lick his erected cock.

The kids seem to love the idea of helping an old man to cum, Amal and Ahmed know that the Prophet will reward them for their good actions, they lick the man’s hard cock from the head to the base, as they do this Ahmed can’t seem to take the sight off his little 9yo sister smooth pussy, he is stiffy too!

The old man seems to take for ever with his cum, Amal has tried her best tricks on him, like taking the whole penis inside her mouth and suck it had, but it does not speed up the old man orgasm.

Sweating and visibly tired, the old man asks for a break and lights a shisha (water pipe), the old man gets hard again contemplating both children smooth penis and pussy, he really loves Ahmed’s 10yo smooth brownie Bangladeshi naked body and his soft little preteen boy bouncy dick. While Ahmed is sat down on the floor the old man can’t resist, he gets down and licks his little smooth penis making him hard too, the man then turns the little boy around and fondles his small butt, squeezing his ass cheeks first and opening it up with both hands putting his hard penis inside afterwards.

Ahmed’s 10yo ass is taking him from behind, the old man fucks the little boy slowly, Ahmed has never been fucked by an old man before, he feels glad knowing that the old man will like it and that 10yo petite ass can be of use for the old man.

Amal feels rejected and becomes sad, she does not like men and boys having fun without her, as her little bro has an adult cock rammed up his prepubescent boy ass she grabs the water pipe hose and sticks it in her smooth pussy making her pussy lips using it as a masturbatory aid and wetting as she observes the old man having sex with her 10yo brother.

Eight hours later the old man has managed to fuck Ahmed’s smooth ass two times and cum on his mouth too, he has also fucked Amal’s little pussy once to much of Amal’s happiness, the old man knows he still has 16 hours left with the kids but his penis hurts after so much kid sex, his cock has shrank a lot so he decides he’s had enough child sex, his heart is weak and the man does not want to risk health problems.

Sajida, the kids mum, knocks on the door and comes in, she observes her two little kids both covered in dry cum from head to toes, she is upset that the man would cum so much on the kids bodies, Sajida just bathed them the day before, but as the old man has renounced to the next sixteen hours of the kids company she feels she just got herself a bargain even if she still has to wash the kids again.

Sajida considers men very easy to please and feels very lucky that Allah has given her some cute little kids with which to earn a living and make men and women happy beings.


سورة الصافات‎
Qu’ran 37:40-48 Surat As-Saaffat
…They will sit with bashful, dark-eyed virgins, as chaste as the sheltered eggs of ostriches.

Chapter 7: Little Aaysha gets a prize (FgM,pedo,inc): Aaysha the little 4 year old girl climbs to her parents bed naked and lets dad lick her tiny bald pussy.

Ali is fucking his wife at night when 4yo Aaysha climbs up the bed all naked, her brown skin is a pleasure to see, Sajida knows how much men like little girls, after all the Prophet married one of them, so she decides not to let this opportunity pass by and stages a lesbian exhibition for her husband.

She tells Aaysha to open up her smooth pussy and licks it up and down to much of Ali’s delight,once Aaysha is well wet down there she offers her little daughter with legs spread out to her husband who put his penis tip on the little girl’s cunt as she is being held down by mummy. It’s the first time Sajida sees her husband cum in under ten minutes! Ali has just spilled all his sperm on Aayshas naked brown skin after fucking her little girl with just the tip of his cock, Ali’s sperm is all over her little girls 4yo pussy slowly trickling down
towards the more white lips of her slit.

Sajida is very happy that she has been able to help her loving caring husband to feel like a man, as for Aaysha, she knows even if she complained a little bit when she had her husbands cock up her pussy she knows little girls are in this World to be fucked by men in their smooth cunts before they become too old like her who is already 25yo.


سورة الرحمن
Qu’ran 55:57-58 Surat ar-Rahman
Virgins as fair as corals and rubies. Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?

Chapter 8: Girls party to celebrate Eid (gg,pedo): It is time to celebrate Eid, one of the preteen girls can’t resist not to lick 4yo Aaysha bald pussy as she strips naked.

At last the girls get to have their own party, Amal 9yo, Tasneem 12yo and Aaysha 4yo have invited eighteen school friends aged from 5 years old to 11 years old at her home.

The family is celebrating that today is Eid (the end of Ramadan). Their mums are next door and the girls are allowed to eat dates and play games.

The little ones like Aaysha and four more girls take off their hijabs and run around naked without a care in the World showing their smooth pussies wherever they go.

One of the older girls, a 12yo, starts to feel horny, it has been happening to her since she was 9, every time she sees a little smooth pussy her own pussy lips get wet.

She approaches Aaysha whom is naked on her fours on the sofa, the preteen girl watches the little 4yo bald pussy closely and she sticks a finger from behind inside Aaysha’s cunt, that makes Aaysha blush, she did not expect that from another girl.

Aaysha likes feeling the finger inside her cunt too much as to say anything, she spreads out her tiny legs to let the 12yo girl stick her finger deeper into her bald pussy continuously going in out while lubricating itself with Aaysha’s own juices as this happens.

The rest of the girls look on with astonishment, this is not the Eid celebrations they had in mind, the 12yo girl still with the finger inside Aaysha’s pussy slit slowly approaches her salivating tongue to Aaysha’s 4yo cunt lips and licks them real well at the same time as she fingers fuck her, tiny Aaysha can’t resist moaning of pleasure.

After some time of having her little cunt eaten and finger fucked at the same time, Aaysha has a dry orgasm right there in front of the group of girls whom by now have made a circle to observe the lesbian lolitas.

The preteen girls giggle at the scene and try to tease Aaysha and her lover, both standing nude on the sofa exhausted, the group of preteen girls laugh and shout obscenities at the seemingly lesbian lolitas: ”little muslimmah whores!”, “hot pussy girls!”, “you open your cunts to anyone you sluts!”, “pussy eating dykes”.


سورة الطور‎
Qu’ran 52:17-20 Surat At-Tur
…They shall recline on couches ranged in rows. To dark-eyed houris (virgins) we shall wed them…

Chapter 9: The Imam visits the Husseins (Mggb,pedo,inc): The local Imam has some time on his own with the kids and makes the little girls give their 10yo brother and him a blowjob.

The local mosque Imam, a fifty year old man with a long beard named Bagh, has gone to the Hussein’s home to make sure they follow Islamic law strictly, the whole family waits for him at the door. The Imam quickly gets rid of the parents sending them to pray at the mosque as he tells them he will take care of the kids (Tasneem(g) 12yo, Aaysha(g) 4yo, Ahmed(b) 10yo).

“Ahmed you should not be wearing those filthy western jeans, that clothing is not appropriate”

“I am sorry Imam” – Ahmed looks down.

“To be sorry is not enough, take them off”

“But…my sisters are here”


“I do not have anything else underneath sir”


“I mean…” – Ahmed voice shakes at the thought of her 12 yo sister seeing his bald penis and laughing because hasn’t got dick hair yet.

“Do you want Allah to be upset with you?, Do you want me to tell your parents?” – the Imam looks at the 10yo boy with anger.

“No Imam, I am sorry” – Ahmed unbuttons his trousers and pulls them down slowly with his little boy hairless dick and small boy testicles coming to clear view of all the present.

Ahmed stands still, naked waist down, with only his t-shirt on, but his t-shirt is far too short it barely reaches his waist, his brownish smooth preteen boyish dick is very much on display.

Ahmed’s 4yo sister, Aaysha, laughs, she hasn’t seen her brother’s dick for a long time. Aaysha is wearing a black hijab without veil, just like her sister 12yo Tasneem.

“What is it so funny little girl?” -asks the Imam standing by Ahmed.

“Nothing, nothing, Imam” -the 4yo girl blushes

“May it be this what makes you giggle?”- smiles the Imam kneeling down and grabbing Ahmed’s prepubescent penis with two of his fingers and making him erected.

The Imam pulls up Ahmed’s t-shirt, as he does so he feels the 10yo boy’s naked body all over with his bare hands, the Imam seems to enjoy fondling the little boy while he stays quite and silent, the Imam’s hands caress Ahmed’s butt cheeks and one of his fingers gets inside the little boys anus, he then moves it around.

“Approach here!”-the Imam yells to Ahmed’s sisters -“as it is written in the Qur’an, girls will be girls, and boys will be boys, it is your duty to fulfil the needs of this obviously horny little boy”

“But…” – Ahmed attempts to speak

“Shut the fuck up boy! I have spent most my life in the maddrassas (Islamic religious schools) with little boys and I know far well what they do all the time and their needs! ” – shouts the Imam.

“Now you little girls, you will kneel down and suck your brother’s smooth penis”-Aaysha smiles and seems happy about it, but 12yo Tasneem thinks her brother hasn’t got any dickie hair yet and doubts about the Imam’s knowledge of the Qur’an.

“I see you doubting girls…and you are right…we can’t allow boys to cum on the holy hijab (islamic dress) you are wearing, take it off!”

While Tasneem attempts to mutter something and blushes, Aaysha the 4yo smiles, the little girl has done it before and she loves men and boys getting an erected penis looking at her childish bald pussy.

Aaysha undresses quickly uncovering her flat chest and smooth tiny 4yo cunt, she then kneels next to her 10yo bother erected hairless penis.

“Your sister seems to be more Islamic than you”- says the Imam looking at 12yo Tasneem still dressed. Tasneem doubts but she does not want to upset the religious man, she starts to pull up her hijab too, taking off her headscarf first.

“You got some pretty black dark hair girl”

Tasneem blushes on hearing this, she feels the Imam is lasciviously stating at her, but she has no choice, Tasneem pulls her hijab over her head and shows off her brown Asian 12yo naked girly body.

Tasneem has peach sized tits with puffy nipples and some small dark fuzzy pussy hair running all along her pussy lips, the Imam approaches the preteen girl as he drools.

“Allah the merciful made you a pretty one, I see you even have some fuzzy pussy hair”- the Imam says as he gets a feel of Tasneem prepubescent pussy.

“Do you like it my child?”

“Yes Imam, a lot”

“That’s why the Prophet married little girls so they could enjoy having a big cock inside their preteen tight pussy”- Ahmed hard on gets bigger watching his two sisters nude.

“I think someone needs your help girls” – smiles the Imam.

“Get down on your knees and suck your little brother’s cocklet”

“Even if he has no penis hair, Imam?”

“That,s right, little boys of smooth penis also have the right to dry orgasms according to the Qur’an. You and Aaysha are going to prove that you love your brother, go and suck your brother tiny penis until his body shakes! I will supervise”

Aaysha and Tasneem kneel down and start to lick her 10yo brother smooth little penis, one girl from each side, with their wet tongues hardening the boy’s penis as they work it, the little girls lick their brother cocklet as if it was an ice cream, smiling and looking straight into their brother eyes already leaking precum, the Imam gets a hard on too under his robe, he can’t stand from rubbing himself on the top.

Ahmed, the 10yo boy feels hard spasms and shakes his waist, Ahmed is having a dry orgasm-“Ohhh, wow! Yes sis! Thanks! Thank you! Mooooore!Aaaaahh!” – little Ahmed can’t keep it any longer, his eyes are closed, he has some moments of hard shaking, moans harder and then his little bald penis goes back to flaccid.

The Imam lifts up his robe showing his big hard hairy dick to the kids

“It is now your duty to suck me little girls, I command you”

Tasneem and Aaysha still kneeling drag their bodies towards the Imam adult hairy cock and lick as they have done with their 10yo brother, only that this time the cock is much bigger, they need to employ their salivating tongues real well to soak up the Imams hard shaft, the little girls work on the Imam’s hard cock until his first precum first, by then 12yo Tasneem is feeling real horny, she decides to take the whole dick inside her mouth and suck it hard like she does when daddy buys lollipops for her, Tasneem can taste the salty cum of the Imam, somehow Tasneem likes making the old man happy, she knows the Prophet would have been proud of her.

Tasneem sucks and sucks right until the Imam shakes hard, not letting her go the Imam he holds Tasneem head tight as he orgasms, the preteen girl can’t take off her mouth out of his dick, the imam spills all of his white stuff inside Tasneem mouth using it as if it was her pussy, Tasneem can’t speak as she is forced to take it all in.

“Urggghhmmmm..arghhmmmmmmmm” – Tasneem is about to gag with the Imam’s cock, he lets her go spilling the rest of his cum on her cute little girl brown face.

“Well done children, Allah will be proud of you!” – The Imam’s cock goes back to flaccid, her allows the kids to dress, puts on his robe and leaves.


سورة الرحمن
Qu’ran 55:56-57 Surat ar-Rahman
In them will be bashful virgins neither man nor Jinn will have touched before. Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?

Qur’an 4:24 “…So for whatever you have had of pleasure (Istamta’tum) with them by the contract, give unto them their appointed wages as a duty…”

Chapter 10: Tasneem marries (g,M,pedo): 12 year old Tasneem is given away in Mut’a marriage to her uncle, they have 48 hours for sex before the marriage is over.

* Note: Mut’a Marriage (or Istamta’tum) in Islam is a short term contractual relationship, lasting hours or a few days, where the man gives something of value to a woman and they marry and engage in sex for an agreed length of time. Once the contractual time expires the marriage is over and they go their own ways. The Arabic word Mut’ah means pleasure.

Tasneem is already 12yo and her parents have decided that is about time she married, they have arranged a Mut’a marriage with her uncle Ragaad, a 39yo man.

Once the celebrations are over Tasneem and her uncle are left alone in Ragaad’s Bradford council flat.

“Ok sweetie, we have two full days for us, I am now your husband and I will teach you what a wife must do”

“Yes uncle” – says Tasneem who is still wearing her niqab on.

“Don’t call me uncle anymore and start by taking off that filthy veil then come to me and kneel down” – Tasneem takes off the veil and uncovers her face.

“Do you have pussy hair already sweetheart?”

“Only some little since last year”

“Let your new husband see it sweetie”- Tasneem lifts up her long black dress above her waist showing the man a close up view of a 12yo cunt, he fixes his eyes on the prepubescent pussy.

“Take the dress all the way up little slut” – Tasneem does as told letting her uncle husband contemplate her Asian brown 12yo naked body.

“As a I thought, small peach sized tits only” – Ragaad massage the girls tiny boobs as he inserts a finger up her fuzzy haired pussy.


“You feel real tight there, doesn’t daddy fuck you in your pussy my girl?”

“She prefers my sister Amal, she is 9yo, daddy says I am too old for him”

“What about mummy?”

“She fingers fuck me every time she bathes and sometimes licks my cunnie”

“You have a caring mum, good for you, ok my child it is now time for you to offer your pussy to me, lie down on the carpet with your little 12yo cunt spread out and open your legs”

Tasneem does as told as her new husband gets hard watching it, the man takes out his big fat cock and kneeling grabs Tasneem 12yo ass lifts it up with his hands and proceeds to inserts his now wet dick into her tight pussy lips.


“Do you like it little muslimmah slut?”

“Yes it feels nice”

“Allah is rewarding you with pleasure for being a girl Tasneem” – as the man slowly fucks the 12yo girl pussy getting his shaft in and out of the girl he keeps yelling “Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah“ “أشهد أن لا إله إلاَّ الله و أشهد أن محمدا رسول الله” (there is no god except Allah) both him and Tasneem keep getting their private parts wet and hot.

Man and kid fuck for no less than half an hour, the man cums inside the 12yo girl pussy, and when his cock loses its hardness he takes it out of the preteen sexual hole and spills some of the cum on the prepubescent girl tummy before they both fall asleep next to each other hugging.

A few hours later Ragaad awakes and can still observe the 12yo Asian girl naked next to him, the Mut’a marriage will finish soon he must make the best of it before it is over, as the little girl sleeps Ragaad ties her hands behind her back and opening a shopping bag he pulls out a pink vibrator, on seeing this Tasneem maliciously smiles again and spreads out her legs and cunt.

Her new husband is about to plunge the vibrator on her preteenie pussy, she’s never had a vib stuck inside before, as soon as Tasneem feels the movement of the vibrating pink shaft she closes her eyes and lets her husband to masturbate her freely, she notices the moist of her prepusbecent pussy lubricating it all and she loves it, Ragaad makes the little girl orgasm.

Tasneem has been untied and Ragaad feels real hard again after finishing masturbating her, the man stands naked with a huge erected cock, Ragaad sticks his cock inside the little girl still wet pussy once more and fucks her very hard, this time Tasneem shouts real loud.

“Ah, ah, my pussy! Oh please!, it hurts”

“Don’t worry Tasneem, you will like it, I promise”- Ragaad keeps fucking his preteen wife for as long as he can.

Tasneem 12yo body feels tired, but they still have some hours left, the preteen girl is loving every minute of her Mut’a marriage she never thought it would feel so good and she would get so much fucking in so little time.

To make the best of the time left, the man decides to fuck Tasneem preteen pussy two more times and forces her to suck his cock three times, the little girl also has her cunt eaten once.

It all goes well until midnight, Tasneem parents knock the door, the 12yo girl opens up the door naked and filthy, covered in cum. Tasneem feels a bit embarrassed with her parents her like that and she can spot her daddy getting a hard on under his robes.

Tasneem kisses her uncle on his mouth, Mut’a marriage is over, this is a good by kiss. The preteen girl puts on her niqab and veil again and with her tiny pussy aching of so much fucking in so little time, she heads home with her parents and a big smile on her face.


سورة الواقعة‎
Qu’ran 56:17 Surah Al-Waqʿia
Round about them will serve boys of perpetual freshness.

Chapter 11: Ahmed’s mosque friends (Fbb,pedo): 10 year old Ahmed and some of his friends from mosque get mummy’s special bath time.

Tuesday evening, Ahmed the 10yo boy has brought home two other Asian preteen boys aged 9yo, Mahmoud, and 11yo, Wasood, they go to his bedroom to study the Qur’an until right at 7pm sharp Ahmed’s mummy knocks the door.

“Ahmed you know that is bathing time, come on hurry up!”

“Yes mum”- Ahmed heads towards the bath with resignation.

“And you too boys, I am sure your mummies would not want you to go around the mosque filthy”

“Mummy does not wash me any more, I am big boy now”- says Wasood the 11yo boy.

“Ha, ha, ha! You still have to grow up more to be a big boy Wasood, come on in silly!”

The boys slowly follow Ahmed’s mum to the bath, the tube appears ready full of warm water. The woman starts to undress his 10yo son Ahmed uncovering his angelic preteen boy nude body to all the present, Ahmed’s mummy tickles his soft little boy chest until Ahmed gets into the bath giggling.

Wasood blushes as Mahmood, the 9yo little boy starts to take off his clothes in front of the 25yo woman. Without any kind of shame the preteen boy shows off his smooth penis and flat brown chest

Wasood remains dressed with a red faced and doubts on his mind, Wasood believes himself too old to be bathed by a woman at 11yo, Ahmed’s mum slaps Wasood ass.

“Come on boy! I don’t have all day for bathing you! Strip naked now!”

Wasood blushes even more on hearing the woman say this, with his two friends already naked inside the bath, Wasood decides he does not want to look bad at one of his mums friend’s home.

Wasood starts to undress pulling above his head his Asian robe, he has no underwear underneath. Sajida, the woman, stares at the beautiul and slim 11yo boy naked and getting inside the bath with her nude 10yo son and the other 9yo boy, Sajida smiles at the sight of the three prepubescent boys standing up inside the bath, Allah must have decided to reward her today somehow, she thinks.

The woman starts to rub the little boys olive skinned bodies with a soaked sponge, first she wets the preteen boys flat smooth chests, after that Sajida proceeds to rub he boys butts with the sponge and soap, she orders the little boys to turn around to wash their smooth tiny prepubescent penises, this makes the woman real horny and wets her cunt, she thinks this is too good not to be shared with her preteen daughter.

“You boys sure are hard work and today there are too many of you for bathing. I think I will need some help…Tasneem!”

The woman calls her 12yo daughter inside the bathroom. Tasneem comes in quickly without even knocking the door, she smiles and gets a good eyeful of the three naked and wet little boys before they put their hands on their penises to cover up.

“But she is a girl!”- shouts Wasood distressed and red faced.

“Oh dont be silly Wasood! You are still little boys with nothing to see! Come on boys hands off your hairless front bits!”

Ahmed’s mummy slaps the little boys wet asses with one hand saying this and the boys, reluctant, take their hands off their front and let 12yo Tasneem and her mum get a good look again at their hairless prepubescent penises.

“I’ve bathed lots of little boys before don’t worry” – says Tasneem maliciously smiling.

“You are only one year older than me!” – protests Wasood.

“So what?” – Tasneem proceeds to rub Wasood’s cute 11yo smooth penis giving him a small erection, this makes Tasneem hot, she fondles Wasood rubbing his little boy penis head with her fingers giving it a good massage on the tip of the penis blushing the preteen 11yo boy, until the inevitable happens and the prepubescent Muslim boy has a dry orgasm inside the bath for all to see . Ahmed’s mum looks and smiles at him as she rubs the other two little boys naked bodies.

Her son and 9yo Mahmood got their bald penises erected too. Sajida knows far well that she can’t leave little boys in this state and proceeds to give them a good hand job grabbing their small testicles with one hand and sucking their tiny bald shafts, erected as the little penises are, the woman kneels and fits the preteen boys cocklets inside her mouth, she licks them properly up and down until her 10yo son and 9yo friend have a dry orgasms too, they do not spill any cum but suffer hard spasms and body shaking as her daughter Tasneem and she watch it with pleasure.

Sajida and Tasneem finish washing and rinsing the three little preteen boys, get them out of the bath to proceed to dry their brown soft skin, Sajida plugs in the hair drier and and uses it to throw warm air at the boys flaccid bald penises, the little boys laugh as it makes them tickle. While Sajida dries the nude lilttle boys with her electrical hair drier, her 12yo daughter is using a soft fluffy towel to rub the boys nude angelic prepubescent bodies.

Tasneem can’t stand it any longer and fondles the three boys ass cheeks and bald penises with her bare hand giving the little boys a small hard for a couple of minutes before her mum Sajida dresses the prepubescent erected boy.



أشهد أن لا إله إلاَّ الله و أشهد أن محمدا رسول الله
The first pillar is the recitation (preferably in Arabic) of the creed, “There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet.”
The Holy Qur’an, Surah 112:1-4

Chapter 12: Reciting the Qur’an (bgg,pedo): The Hussein’s little kids recite the Qur’an all naked.

Tasneem(g) 12yo, Amal(g) 9yo, Aaysha(g) 4yo and Ahmed(b) 10yo

All four kids are inside their council flat prayer room, it is time to pray to Allah as a thank you for life, the problem is that the little boy, Ahmed, hasn’t masturbated for quite a few days and he needs to see little girl pussy, Ahmed talks with his mum about this and she arranges for a naked Shahada الشهادة

* Note: Shahada: First pilar of Islam, Muslim declaration of belief.

Tasneem the 12yo girl has her niqab ripped off first displaying her small underdeveloped tits and fuzzy pussy hair to her brother, her sister Amal has her black niqab taken off by mummy too, she shows her flat chest and tight 9yo smooth pussy, Aaysha, the 4yo girl likes to pray nude anyway, she knows Ahmed and her daddy appreciate to see her prostrated on the floor with her little cunt on display, dad and brother touch her there sometimes.

The three naked little girls form a line in front of 10yo Ahmed, the little boy positions himself behind and looks at the nude little girls as they bend down on the floor to pray, the little nude girls remain still on their fours praying to Allah:

“Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah” أشهد أن لا إله إلاَّ الله و أشهد أن محمدا رسول الله

Ahmed keeps looking at the girls tiny pussies from behind, they have pretty smooth pussy lips and his two older sisters pussy lips seem puffy, Ahmed can’t stand inserting one finger inside Amal’s cunt from behind, Amal the 9yo, loves it every time her brother or daddy do that.

She is now praying at the same time she is being finger fucked on her pussy from behind, 10yo Ahmed bends down low and long enough to lick his sisters smooth pussy slit from behind, just like a small dog would do. After some licking and salivating over his 9yo sister prepubescent cunt, the little girl experiences a dry orgasm on the praying mat and this stops her worshipping.

Time to finger fuck Tasneem, this time Ahmed is going to put his smooth penis inside her, Ahmed knows his older sister isn’t as tight as Amal, Tasneem fuzzy pussy hair itches him but he still decides to go ahead and take her from behind, he keeps fucking his 12yo sister doggy style with his smooth penis all the way in, coming in and out as his sister chants “Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah”.

Tasneem’s preteen pussy gets lubricated quickly, that helps a lot to get Ahmed’s little bald penis inside her, soon enough they both have an orgasm, Ahmed’s experiences a dry orgasm because of his age, but his 12yo sister spills sticky cum on the praying mat.

To finish off Ahmed gets his 4yo sister Aaysha to lick his dick clean, Aaysha loves sucking boys cocks, she makes her brother Ahmed dry orgasm again.

The boy is now served, praying time is over for him, unfortunately for Tasneem who is feeling her pussy still horny, Tasneem’s 10yo brother can never fuck her properly with his small hairless cocklet, Tasneem gets 4yo Aaysha to lick her cunt.

Aaysha gets on the floor and licks her older sister fuzzy hairy cunt, this is not the first time she does it, Aaysha is an expert making her 12yo sister cum, her small wet tongue is inserted right in the middle of the preteen girl cunt slit as Aaysha twists it around the tight vagina until her sister’s naked body shakes with pleasure.

Both little girls kiss then on their mouths and finish the day on their way to a communal bath.


صلاة Salah :
The second pillar of Islam, Salah صلاة , a daily ritual prayer. This is mandatory only five times per day, prayer requires a person to face Mecca and the Ka‘aba (in Mecca). On Fridays, prayer is communal and conducted
in a mosque.

Chapter 13: Friday prayers (Mgggg,pedo): Fifty beautiful little girls honouring the Prophet in the mosque take off their hijabs.

Today is Friday and fifty little girls aged from 4yo to 12yo are in the mosque, the girls are all prostrated on the floor. Aaysha the Hussein’s 4yo girl decides to take off her hijab, she has no underwear on, Aaysha wants to pray with her little smooth pussy on display, she hopes the Prophet will enjoy it and reward her.

Some of the other girls follow her idea, they all want to become the wives of the Prophet, in a few minutes there is a big pile of hijabs on one side of the mosque and the fifty little girls are all disrobed and naked.

There are little girls of all shapes, most of them with a hairless bald pussy only some 12yo like Tasneem appear to have fuzzy cunt hair, they little girls are most of them flat chested too, all of them with olive brown skin besides a couple of Western little girls converts, Jenny and Sarah, both aged 10 years old, they shine like the moon with their pale naked bodies in between all the Bangladeshis, the Western little girls smooth pussies is all white and shiny too.

The nude little girls face their pussies to Mecca and masturbate on the floor in honour of the Phophet Mohammed, as the little girls do this they keep repeating “Subhaan-Allaah wa’l-hamdu Lillaah wa laa ilaaha ill-Allaah wa Allaahu akbar “ (Glory be to Allaah, praise be to Allaah, there is no God except Allaah and Allaah is Most Great) the thought of the Prophet fucking his 9yo wife as the Qur’an says, makes the little girls wet, it is an impressive scenario.

Everything finishes when the Imam comes in to preach and sees the fifty preteen girls praying naked and fingering their tiny cunts. The Imam praises the little girls for their dedication to Allah and tells them they can dress and go home with their mummies once they have experience an orgasm on the prayer mat.

At home the Hussein’s girls gossip with their mummy during bath time and tell her that the Imam at mosque had a hard on and a wet patch under his robes, this makes mummy and the little girls laugh.


The third pillar of Islam, giving of a fixed percentage of one’s property to the poor, Zakat.

Chapter 14: Amal chosen for Zakat (MFg,pedo): The Hussein’s decide that during Zakat instead of sharing material property they will share 9yo Amal’s and they offer her for fucking to men and women.

The Hussein’s have decided that this year during Zakat they aren’t going to give money instead they will let their kids to be fucked by single men, since the kids are their property and the men are Muslim paedophiles without kids it should conform to their particular interpretation of Zakat.

Amal the 9yo girl has been chosen for this, the Hussein’s only need to share a part of their property, sharing only one little girl should be enough.

Amal has been dressed by her parents with seven veils hanging around her waist and a veil on her face and nothing else on.

Amal’s flat chest is clearly visible and her hairless 9yo child pussy can sometimes be glanced at in between the seven veils hanging around her waist, a long queue of men wait outside to fuck her, Amal feels happy she can help out her family comply with Zakat.

The first man is a 19yo Muslim paedophile with no sisters, he claims needs the little girl badly. Amal dances around him dropping her veils one by one until they are all off and her 9yo smooth pussy is clearly visible at which point the man grabs her, gets his dick out of his trousers and positions the little girl 9yo bald pussy on top of it, he can’t get his dick fully into Amal because she is real tight there but he manages to get his tip inside her childish cunt, this is enough to make the young man cum after just a few strokes the man’s white sticky cum gets splashed all over Amal’s prepubescent pussy and he goes away.

Amal has had to wash herself, luckily her mum is next door to assist as needed and she bathed her quickly, but her veils have been spoiled with cum as the young man used them to wipe off his cock, Amal has decided she will just wait the men fully nude then.

The second man is a 23yo man, as soon as he sees the little girl naked and ready on the bed he undresses himself, with some difficulty because of his hard on, he jumps to bed grabbing Amals 9yo arms tightly, he realises that the child will not take more than the head of his cock inside her small pussy, he decides to fuck her tight cunt with just his dick head, twenty minutes later he has managed to cum but instead of cumming on her tummy as she expected he grabs her brunette hair and forces her mouth to suck his cock making Amal lick all the cum.

The third and last person given Zakat by the Huseein’s is a woman, she has three small boys and she likes girls, it was the Hussein’s duty to help her out.

The Hussein’s know one of her little boys, 11yo Mahmood, today he has also been offered by her mummy as a contribution to Zakat and he is being fucked by old men up his ass in his bedroom, it is only fair they rewarded the kind woman.

The middle aged woman is wearing a niqab (black dress with veil) but takes it off pretty quickly, she looks like a typical Bangladeshi muslimmah, long brunette hair, dark eyes, brown skin, firm tits, and a hairy pussy, the woman is on her late thirties could well be Amals mum by age,

The woman, now naked lies down on the bed with 9yo Amals who is also nude on the bed, the woman gets makes both of their pussies stick together, she likes to feel little girls bald cunts rubbing her but this is very itchy for Amal as she is naturally smooth on her prepubescent cunt.

Amal knows she but she must comply with Zakat, woman and child pussies rub constantly as the woman kisses the 9yo girl mouth at the same time, the woman’s pussy is flowing with juices, she is obviously loving her child sex session.

Amal doesn’t like lesbian muslimmahs she hopes she will finish off fucking and touching her soon. Both, the woman and child have their pussy lips still rubbing each other, Amal closes her eyes and she thinks of the Prophet as the woman fondles and licks all of her 9yo prepubescent body.

That seems to be it! A hard long orgasm! The woman’s pussy is shaking and flowing cum flow on Amal’s leg, Amal has been pussy rubbing the woman with her knees to speed it up. Amal dreams with cock and she is only doing this to please her family and the Prophet.

The day is over, Amal can now go back with mummy, waiting for her next door for a nice deserved bath, she hopes next year it will be Aaysha the chosen one, she loved being fucked by the poor men but it was her first lesbian experience and Amal did not specially enjoy it although on second thoughts Amal doesn’t think that mummy’s pussy eating really counts as lesbian lolita sex, she likes it a lot and it does not itch her. Mum’s love for her is always nice.


The fourth pillar is the fasting required during the lunar month of Ramadan

Chapter 15: Playing with dates (Mgb,pedo,inc): During the breaking of Ramadan Ahmed misbehaves and throws a date inside the hijab of his 9yo sister. Ahmed is made to strip naked for a spanking and his sister is made to strip too to search for the date inside her dress.

It is Iftar, the evening meal marking the end of Ramadan, the whole of the Hussein’s family has gathered together in the dinning room and Ahmed (b) the 10yo boy throws a date inside Amal’s hijab, his 9yo sister, daddy gets very upset, orders Ahmed to face the wall and takes off his clothes in front of everyone.

The little boy’s brown skinned ass cheeks are going to get a good damn spanking daddy says, but before that his daddy embarrasses him furhter by exposing his little smooth boy penis to the girls and mummy.

“Pussy boy”, “small penis” and “naked sissy”, are the kind of things that Ahmed has to hear before his dad turns around to use a newspaper rolled up to spank his ass real hard, leaving some marks on the little boy ass cheeks as daddy spanks him. Once finished, Ahmed’s dad orders him to do corner time.

As all this happens Amal’s is being undressed by mummy to try and find the date inside her hijab, Amal’s 9yo is fully nude but the date is not to be seen anywhere, her daddy looks at her flat chest and then lowers his eyes to her bald pussy, tells her to be quite and starts to open the little girl pussy lips with two of his fingers, the date falls on the floor and the whole family laughs.

Daddy tells Amal she is real pretty with her bald cunt and chest uncovered, kisses her on her mouth lips with his tongue going in as he fondles her little
girl delicious hairless pussy at the same time.

Amal enjoys this, she lets her daddy to carry on touching and kissing her in front of the whole family, she can feel a real hard on from daddy right in the middle of her slit ,her daddy grabs her little girl ass cheeks tightly and pushes her small pussy against him, that makes her wet. Amal guesses her daddy is wet too, she is feeling the top of her daddys dick pressing against her hard.

Amal’s dad can’t control himself anymore, Amal’s daddy grabs his naked preteen daughter and humps her with his trousers on. The dad gets an orgasm inside his trousers, its all sticky and cummy.

“Ah!ahahah! Wow that’s my girl!”- daddy undoes his zip and takes out his flaccid wet penis covered with cum as Amal’s mum looks on, glancing her daughter, she signals her to suck daddy’s penis.

Amal follows the unspoken instructions, kneeling, she takes the whole of her daddy’s penis inside her mouth, hardening the cock again. Amal licks from the cut head to the base like as if it was a long sweet lollipop, savouring her daddy’s sperm on its way down, the cock sucking slut gives a blowjob to her daddy for the next twenty minutes while her mum look on.

As this happens, Amal’s older sister, 12yo Tasneem, is having fun with her 10yo brother smooth penis, Ahmed is still naked facing the corner, her 12yo sister has knelt and is mimicking Amal in all of her movements giving the little boy a blow job too.

Both preteen girls smile at each other in complicity as they attempt to make the man and the little boy orgasm at the same time, they even stop and start their blowjobs at the same time looking at each other.

“Arfffff!” – Ahmed’s 10yo smooth penis is experiencing a dry orgasm.

“Uuuhhhh”aaargggHhh” – his 42yo dad spills all the sperm on Amals face with a big smile on his face.

“Well done girls! I love you so much kids, you really know how little girls must behave with men and boys”- says the girls mum rubbing her hairy pussy under her hijab while watching the whole thing from the armchair.

That night the whole family sleeps the together naked in the same bed and forgive the little boy for the date incident.


حج‎ Hajj
The fifth and final pillar of Islam is the the pilgrimage to Mecca, every able bodied Muslim is required to make at least once in his life in order to cleanse his/her sins. Once they have done Hajj, everything bad they have done in life is forgiven an the sins counter resets to zero.

Chapter 16: Holidays to Mecca (Mggb,pedo): The Hussein’s neighbour gets to look after the kids while their parents go to Mecca for a week and he fucks all of them, girls and boy.

Sajida(f) and Ali(m) have decided that this year they are going to go the Hajj in Mecca to clean their sins. They leave their kids Aaysha (g) 4yo, Amal (g) 9yo, Tasneem (g) 12 yo and Ahmed (b) 10yo with their neighbour, a 46yo widow man with not kids.

The first day after lunch time, Aaysha the 4yo girl takes off her hijab and walks around the house with just her white knickers on, her 12yo sister quickly apologies:

“Sorry sir, Aaysha likes to go around our house with just knickers on”

“Don’t worry Tasneem, I understand, she is only 4yo, it’s ok. Actually I don’t think little girls that age need any underwear at all”- saying this the man pulls down Aaysha’s white knickers leaving the little girl totally nude and getting a good view of the small child bald pussy.

“You kids should all go like her you will feel more comfortable”

“But we are much older than Aaysha!” – complaints Tasneem.

“Don’t make me laugh silly girl! I bet you don’t even have pussy hair yet” – without any further word the man quickly lifts up Tasneem’s long dress to have a look at her cunt. He sees the 12yo girl pussy has some fuzzy pussy hair.

“Oh! My pussy!”- exclaims Tasneem blushing.

“I have seen lots of little girls pussies before, don’t be shy Tasneem” – the man takes off the preteen girl dress completely leaving her nude and red faced with her shining brown skin peach sized tits and little hairy cunt for her sisters and brother to see.

“You see it wasn’t that difficult, now your sisters turn” – says the man looking at 9yo Amal who without shame and much to his delight proceeds to take off her hijab showing off her flat chest and smooth pussy with pride.

“Mmm, you got a real smooth and soft childish pussy Amal” – smiles the man caressing Amal’s 9yo child cunt.

“Your turn Ahmed” – says the man looking at the 10yo boy.

“ I mean…”- before he can finish the man is unbuttoning the little boy jeans. Ahmed has no underwear on and his small bald prepubescent penis stands half erected.

“Look at his penis girls! Your brother likes you apparently! Ha ha ha!” – laughs the man finishing undressing the boy.

“Aren’t you going to help him out? What kind of Muslim girls are you?”

“I will help him! I don’t mind!” – says little Amal all proud as she lies down on the carpet with her 9yo bald pussy wide open.

“You lucky boy! Go and fuck your sister, come on!” – blushing Ahmed goes up to his 9yo sister Amal and lies on her top getting his 10yo penis into his sister’s bald pussy, he slides it in and out and fucks her slowly making her moan.

“Isn’t it beautiful a girl and boy loving each other?” – smiles the man looking at Tasneem.

“I think it’s time for me to have some of that too” – the man opens takes out his hard cock and grabbing 12yo nude Tasneem by her waist gets her close to him introducing his big manhood into her preteen pussy, both couples, the little boy and his sister and the man with the preteen 12yo girl fuck without stop.

For the rest of the week before the kids parents come back from Hajj, the man has already fucked Amal the 9yo and eaten the cunt of Aaysha the 4yo girl, he has also convinced Ahmed to let him suck his smooth preteen penis.

The man has choosen a different kid to fuck each day of the week. He hopes next year the Hussein’s will still go to the Hajj so he can have sex again with the kids, maybe by then Amal or Ahmed will have grow fuzzy pubic hair like 12yo Tasneem has.


سورة محمد
Qur’an 47:15 Surat Muhammad
Here is a Parable of the Garden which the righteous are promised. In it are…rivers of wine…

Chapter 17: Playing truant (Bgg,pedo,cons): The two eldest girls of the Hussein family Amal 9yo and Tasneem 12yo wonder around and are caught by two white teen boys outside the Muslim part of the city. The teen boys fuck the little girls.

Today the older girls, Amal 9yo and Tasneem 12yo, have decided to play truant and skip afternoon mosque class, the girls both wearing the niqab (black dress full length with veil) walk around Bradford (North England) non Muslim quarter to have a look at how the kafir (infidels) live.

The girls have also managed to get hold of a bottle of whisky from their local corner shop, which sells alcohol to kids under the counter.

Tasneem knew the man at the corner shop liked her because every time she goes there to buy bread he stares at her. It was just luck that the shopkeeper offered her a bottle of whisky in exchange for her sucking his cock under the counter.

Tasneem is telling her sister this is the easiest money she has ever earned, although the shopkeeper also fondled her preteen 12yo pussy under the niqab without being in the deal, it is still a bargain getting a £20 whisky bottle for a blowjob. Tasneem loves being a little girl because of the control she gets over men.

Amal and her sister have managed to drink half of whisky when two white boys aged 16yo and 18yo see them.

“What are you doing here so far from the Muslim part of the city little girls?”

“Oh..we just wanted to see how the infidels live”

“You both smell of alcohol! I think I should tell your people”

“No please! We were just experimenting”

“If you don’t want us to tell the Imam in your mosque and get flogged you will have to offer me something in exchange. Come with us to my house sluts” – both teenager boys and the little girls walk to a private apartment.

“We have never seen little girls Muslims skin because you all wear the niqab, if you want us to keep the secret show us your skin”

“We aren’t allow to take off our veils”

“Oh well, I guess is just bad luck your Imam will know you drank whisky then”- one of the boys takes a mobile phone out of his pocket.

“No please!” – says 12yo Tasneem looking at her 9yo sister.

“No need for that” – the two little girls start to undress, first of all they take off their veil , then the scarf covering their dark hair, and then their long dress covering their silky brown skin.

Amal the 9yo girl shows her flat chest and her hairless prepubescent pussy Tasneem the 12yo girl shows her peach sized boobs and fuzzy pussy hair. Both little girls feel flattered that the white boys seem to be attracted to them.

Both teenager boys smile while stating at the naked preteen girls, the boys have a visible hard on under their jeans.

The boys go around the naked little girls, once behind them, the little girls can hear the boys unzipping their trousers. Amal and Tasneem feel a big fat cock in between their legs coming in from behind.

“Wow! Wow that seems big!” – says Tasneem as the wet cock tip of a big cock is getting inside her slit.

“Keep still little Muslim whore, keep still!” – the boy goes back and forth fucking Tasneem 12yo pussy, the girl fuzzy pussy hair along her slit itches him but he likes the feeling of a tight cunt wrapped around his teenager shaft.

The boy grabs and plays with Tasneems tennis ball sized tits, turning her on a lot, the boy fucks Tasneem getting deeper and deeper inside her preteen pussy.

Tasneem is loving it, this is one of the best fucks she’s ever had, she loves being taken from behind and the feeling of the teenager boy grabbing her still not fully developed breast. Tasneem spreads out her legs to let the boy cock further inside her preteen cunt, the teenager boy is pounding her wet tiny pussy until he has an orgasm inside her cunt and all of his hot cum fills her preteen pussy from bottom to end, the boy takes off his cock as Tasneem’s wet cunt drips juices down her legs, the both feel tired now.

Meanwhile the other teenager boy has taken the other naked prepubescent girl from behind:

“Aaaahhhhh! I can’t” – screams 9yo Amal as the other boy tries to ram his cock into her 9yo hairless tight pussy holding her waist from behind.

“A little muslim slut like you should be able to” – Amal loves being called a slut as much as she loves the thought of men’s cocks around her.

“No please! Your cock is too big!” – implores the little Asian girl.

“Then you will have to suck it real well” – says the boy turning Amal around, a big young cock awaits her in position, erected and wet. The 9yo girl kneels and sucks it like a professional whore, Amal knows what daddy likes and she does exactly the same tricks on the boy by moving her tongue around the teenager cock head making him go crazy and then sucking the whole shaft until the boy spills his cum on her sweet brown face.

The teen boy smiles while fondling her tiny pussy and introducing one finger inside masturbating the little girl. Amal lies down on the floow and allows the teen boy carry on finger fucking her until she has a dry orgasm to much of the delight of everyone there.

The kids take a break before carrying with the fucking. The teen boys exchange little girls an hour later Amal and Tasneem have had their brains fucked out and their olive skinned Muslim prepubescent pussies played with.

As Amal and Tasneem head back to their zone of the city, dressed but covered in cum underneath, they smile at each other and gossip about how much they loved the sex praising the teen boys in their prowess fucking little girls.


سورة الواقعة
‎ Qu’ran 56:7-40 Surah Al-Waqʿia
They shall recline on jewelled couches face to face, and there shalt wait on them immortal youths with …fruits of their own choices and flesh of fowls that they relish…

Chapter 18: Boys will be boys,or maybe not? (Fb,inc,pedo): Ahmed is alone with his mum and she catches him playing with his sisters dolls. To humiliate him his mum strips the preteen boy naked and fucks him with a pink vibrator.

Ahmed the 10yo boy is alone at home with mum and his daddy has taken his three sisters with the Imam to teach them about girls obligations to men in the Qur’an.

Ahmed feels jealous as he suspects the Imam will fuck his little sisters up their ass and pussy holes, daddy said that little boys aren’t allowed and only when he is aged 14yo he will be able take part in little girls training sessions.

His mum, 25yo, Sajida, is feeling real hot looking at Ahmed, she thinks he looks like sexy little boy in his jeans and a t-shirt. Ahmed has a pretty boy Asian face too, with black deep eyes and dark short hair. Ahmed is standing on his fours and playing on the floor with some of his sisters dolls.

“Ahmed, those are girls dolls you shouldn’t play with them”

“Why not mummy?”

“Because you are a boy”

“But I like them!” – this infuritates Sajida and she decides to teach him a lesson. Grabbing Ahmed she undoes the little boy trousers and pulls them down, Ahmedhas no underwear on, Sajida leaves his son smooth 10yo bald penis on display with his trousers around his ankles immobilising him.


“So you want to be a girl? I will teach you a lesson Ahmed!” – Sajida fondles his 10yo son’s penis first and then hides his little shaft and balls in between his legs so that it appears he doesn’t have dick, Sajida grabs the digital camera and takes a few pictures of her boy in that position with his small cock hidden and looking like a girl, she laughs at him as she does this.

“Ahmed, do you like being a sissy with no penis? I will show this pictures to all of your friends so they will do with you what they do with little girls”

“I did not mean to play with dolls mum, please” – begs Ahmed humiliated and naked in the dinning room.

“Too late for that pussy boy!” – Sajida comes backs from her bedroom with her plastic vibrator switched on and introduces it inside Ahmed’s Bangladeshi smooth ass.

“Ah! mumm…”

“I knew you would love this pussy boy”

Sajida passes a hand around his boy naked waist from behind him and with her other hand she inserts the vibrator inside the preteen boy anus, Sajida’s pussy gets wet masturbating her son, she crosses her legs tight as she always does when her son gets her hot.

Sajida fondles her Ahmed prepubescent hairless dick with her hand, Ahmed gets a hard on, his penis has come out from between his legs real erected.

“You like being fucked like a little girl Ahmed?”

“mmm…feels nice mummy…mmm”

Sajida kisses her boy’s neck from behind still with the vibrator inside his ass she holds his boy tight and turns up the speed.


Little Ahmed has a dry orgasm right there in the dinning room with his trousers still around his ankles, mum stops the vibrator and kisses h er boy on his mouth first then kisses his now flaccid penis and swallows his little boy precum leaking from the penis head.

“You must not tell daddy Ahmed remember, otherwise mummy will not be able to fuck you with the vibrator any more”

“I will not tell mummy, I want you to fuck me like a little girl more days!”

Sajida switches on the vibrator again and introduces it below her dress into her 25yo pussy as she looks at her 10yo son’s naked body, she closes her eyes and lets her dreams run wild fucking herself.


سورة الواقعة‎
Qur’an 56:7-40 Surah Al-Waqʿia
They shall recline on jewelled couches face to face, and there shalt wait on them immortal youths with bowls and ewers and a cup of purest wine

Chapter 19: Ahmed’s birthday (Fbg,pedo): There is a huge present for the Hussein’s boy Ahmed, today is his 11th birthday. His prepubescent sisters and his mum await for him nude in the dinning room to make him orgasm.

Little 4yo Aaysha is sleeping on the coach, she is only wearing some white knickers on, it hardly covers her cute Bangladeshi olive skin body. Daddy approaches her little girl and gracefully pulls her underwear down keeping his eyes on her girl’s tiny smooth pussy, he then kisses Aaysha a few times right in the middle of her pussy, daddy’s saliva runs over her little girl smooth slit and she wakes up.

“Good morning sweetheart, get ready for breakfast!”

“Mmm…morning daddy!” – little Aaysha smiles back to daddy, she realises daddy has taken off her knickers again but she doesn’t care. Daddy has seen her cunnie plenty of times before and she loves being waked up this way.

The man goes to Amal(g) 9yo and Tasneem(g) 12yo bedroom he slides the curtains to let the light in, he pulls out Tasneem’s bedsheets, the 12yo girl sleeps in the nude, and he admires her preteen daughter’s fuzzy pussy hair and peach sized tits, Ali gets a hard on watching her and pulls out his cock, he then approaches his dick to her 12yo daughter’s mouth and pushes his cock against it, he leaks some precum, this wakes her up.

“Aaahaaa!” – now awake Tasneem laughs at the sight of her daddy’s hard cock on her mouth lips she smiles and kisses daddy’s erected cock.

“Morning daddy!”

Amazingly, despite the noise, 9yo Amal hasn’t woken up yet, her daddy pulls out the bedsheets, his 9yo girl also sleeps in the nude, she is facing down and her pretty Asian brown ass cheeks are all on display, daddy looks at her daughter’s prepubescent smooth pussy from behind and tickles her soft cunt with his middle finger.

“Aaahhhh!” – Amal wakes up and turns around quickly, daddy has managed to get her horny, she feels embarrassed with her pussy spread and daddy there but Amal does not attemp to cover up.

“Hello my princess! Dreaming with little boys dickies tickling your cunnie?”

“Uh? Yeah daddy very funny, good morning”

“You girls both get ready for breakfast, today is Ahmed’s birthday and we will do as we talked last night, ok?”

“Yes dad, we will give him the big present”

Ali goes to see his wife Sajida, she is in their bedroom sleeping, the man pulls out her bedsheets too, the 25yo woman is naked showing off her firm Asian 34B sized tits and a hairy adult pussy, Ali rubs her wife’s cunt with the palm of his hand to wake her up,even if that itches he knows his wife loves it.


“Hello, honey”

“We are going to give that birthday present to Ahmed today love”

Sajida heads towards the dinning room in the nude where her three little girls await all naked.

“Mummy, will I get a hairy pussy like you one day?” – enquiries 9yo Amal looking at her mums hairy cunt.

“Of course Amal, look at your sister Tasneem she’s already got some hair” – Tasneem pulls her tongue out to Amal mocking and teasing her

“Bald cunnie bald cunnie you will never grow pussy hair”

Meanwhile their daddy is in Ahmed’s bedroom, he wakes him up tapping his arm.

“Happy birthday Ahmed!” – he kisses the now 11 yo boy on his mouth.

“Thank you dad!”

“The family has present for you! Come to the dinning room Ahmed!”

The little boy, wearing pyjamas, follows daddyto the dinning room there he sees four pussies: his mum standing up smiling up him and his three prepubescent sisters who are giggling not even trying to cover up their private parts, mum, girls sing happy birthday to Ahmed in the nude and his mummy approaches Ahmed pulling down his pyjama bottoms uncovering his bad penis.

“Oh what are you doing mum! I have no underwear on!”

“We are going to give you a big birthday present my little boy”

Ahmed’s mum signals her three nude daughters and they all make a circle around 11yo Ahmed, they pull him to the floor and start to lick his body all over, his flat chest is being sucked by Aaysha the 4yo, mum kisses the boy’s mouth telling him not to say a word and rubbing her tits against his face getting her nipples erected, and 9yo Amal and 12yo Tasneem both lick their preteen boy 11yo bald penis like and ice cream. His sisters look at each other giggling as their wet tongues pause in turns wishing him happy birthday before licking his erected smooth dickie once again.

“Oh..oh..I…ahhhh!!!” – Ahmed has a dry orgasm right there while his three nude sisters and mum watch.

“This..this is the best ever birthday! Thank you mum! Dad!Tasneem! Amal! And you Aaysha! Real thank you!” – Ahmed seems very happy.

“Ok now girls go get dressed and come back to eat breakfast before the toasts get cold, I will take Ahmed to the bath” – Sajida holds his 11yo son hand and leads him to the waiting bath full of warm water.

“I think now that I am 11yo maybe I could bath on my own mum”

“Don’t be silly Ahmed, you still haven’t got any dickie hair, and I want to see it growing”

“And you wouldn’t want to miss all this would you?” – says his mum rubbing his preteen boy shinning naked wet body with the sponge going inside his ass provoking him a small erection.

“Mmm…no mum, I don’t want to miss all this…ummm…”

“That’s my boy!”


Quote from the Hadith:
Al Hadis, Vol. 4, p. 172, No. 34
Ali reported that the Apostle of Allah said, “There is in Paradise a market wherein there will be no buying or selling, but will consist of men and women. When a man desires a beauty, he will have intercourse with them.

* Note:The Hadith الحديث , is another holy book for the Muslim faith, this chapter is inspired by it.

Chapter 20: Market in downtown (Mg,pedo,nosex): The older preteen Muslim girls in Bradford are sold at the local market to the highest bidding men.

Today is Muslim Market day in Bradford (North England) Tasneem(g) the 12yo girl is undressed by her mum behind some curtains at the market, Tasneem is there together with six more girls from her mosque, the girls are all from 10 years old to 12 years old.

Prophet Mohammed married a 6 yo girl and had sex with her aged 9 yo, the girls in the market must be married as soon as possible before it is too late, they are going to be sold on stage.

The six little girls are accompanied by their mummies, the 10yo and 11yo girls are all pussy hairless with a flat chest, Tasneem seems to be the only little girl with fuzzy pussy hair along her slit, her dark cunt hair makes her stand out a lot, the six girls, all of Asian origin, come out to the stage and form a line, a dozen of local men in their forties cheer them up.

“Hooray! Pretty girls”

“Yeah! There walks my wife!”

A man is on the stage with them, makes the presentations describing all the girls as gifts from Allah who must be found a husband, he walks around looking at the little naked girls commenting their prepubescent body thoroughly:

“Skin as soft as peach, mouth lips sweet as candy, pussy lips tight like real virgins, the girls of Paradise here on Earth my friends! And now show us how you masturbate little girls!”

Tasneem, like the other little girls, tart to rub her pussy slowly on stage as the men cheer them up, a bearded man bids first. Tasneem was at last year little girls market as a spectator, she knows how all works.

“£500 for Tasneem!” – the men are all local, they know each other from mosque and she suspected that man had the hots for her as he always attempts to look under her hijab, Tasneem isn’t surprised at his bid.

“£600 for Tasneem!” – some other bloke shouts.

“£800 for Tasneem!” – the bearded man fights back, 12yo Tasneem loves being exposed nude for the men to bid, it makes her feel pretty.

“£800 at once, 800 at twice and…deal!”

Tasneem smiles, she has now stopped rubbing her pussy lips for the audience. She hopes her knew husband will be happy with her, Tasneem considers herself pretty, the bearded man approaches her with a blanket and wrapping it around her naked preteen body kisses her mouth.

“We will have those fuzzy hairy cunt hairs removed my love, little girls look better that way”

“Sure my master whatever you want”

“Call me Uncle from now on, we will tell the British authorities you are my niece, ok?”

“Yes uncle”

Tasneem walks away with her new husband and a blanket wrapped around her nude body. Mum blows a kiss to her and grabs the money given by the man, she knows they will still meet at mosque and her daughter will still be allowed to fuck with her dad, brother and sisters. Tasneem will be producing kids for the men in a couple of years.


** END **

* Note: Although the Qur’an clearly talks of the existence of wine in Paradise, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) also said that this wine will be so special that nobody gets drunk on it.

Disclaimer: Story inspired by the Quran but based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.

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