My first time with cousin Jenny (bg)

My first time with cousin Jenny (bg)

Prologue: Little Jenny loved sex. I was too shy to talk to her until I found her fucking my grandad. Then my life changed.

Author: Uncle Tony

I discovered the joys of wanking when I was about six years old. I was an only child. My father had passed away two months before I was born. My mother was a hypochondriac and hated men and anything to do with sex, which leads me to believe that I was an accident – a result of probably the first and last time she had sex. She was too lazy to work, so when my father died, she moved back to her parents and sponged on them. We were poor, very poor. My grandfather did his best to keep food on the table. My grandmother was riddled with arthritis so there wasn’t much tha she could do. To make matters worse, I was born in 1942, so my childhood, if you could call it that, was spent in the middle of World War II.

I wasn’t allowed to play with other kids. I wasn’t even allowed to go to school until the government forced my old lady to send me to primary school when I was seven. It was good to get out of the clutches of my mother for the hours that I spent at school every day. The school was about fifty meters from the house, but she took me there, collected me at lunch time and took me back again and collected me at end of school. All of this to make sure that I didn’t have any male or female friends. My grandfather did his best to dispel the crap that my mother spoke, but it didn’t help much.

I was anti-social, shy, had no people skills at all. My only relatives lived in the next village. My mother’s brother, uncle Joe. He had a boy and a girl. They were both older than me, but I wasn’t allowed to go near them. When I was four, they had another daughter, Jenny. She was born on my birthday. The only reason that I remembered her was that she started at primary school when I was ten and she was the prettiest kid in the school, in fact the entire neighborhood.

i knew nothing at all about girls or sex. But for some reason, my dick got hard every time I saw my cousin Jenny. None of the other girls had that effect. When I got to the secondary school, she was eight years old. Rumors soon spread about her. She was gorgeous and she knew it. The boys were all over her. I heard older boys boasting that they had fucked her. I had no idea what fucking was, but whatever it was, I knew that it was something that was wrong. During my first year at the secondary school, I made no friends. I shied away from the girls and a couple of the older boys tried to bully me with very bad results, one was hospitalized with a broken arm and the other was off for a week with bruised testicles. After that everyone kept away from me. In the latter part of the school year, white stuff started coming out of my penis when I wanked. There wasn’t very much, I tried to see how far I could spurt it, but it was short of my belly button.

I’d seen girls boobs in magazines, but as far as I knew they had the same tackle as me between their legs. As I said, I was totally ignorant. School holidays came, my mother managed to get herself into hospital – again. She was really happy when she had to go to hospital. Her sole topic of conversation was her health and many operations and trips to the hospital she had done.

I would be thirteen next year in February, my sexy little cousin Jenny would be ten. The boys hung around her like flies. She had a fantastic figure. She wasn’t tall and skinny, or short and fat. She had the body of a grown woman, about five foot four, nice boobs, long muscular legs an gorgeous bum and a slender muscular stomach. She had beautiful golden blonde wavy hair. Sometimes she did it in a pony tail, but more often it was loose and over her shoulders. I really, really wanted to talk to her, but I had no idea what to say. She used to look at me a lot when I was in the same area as her, but if she saw me looking, she would turn away.

I had a bus pass, so I used to catch the bus into the city and just sit in the park and read books or if it was wet, I would sit in the city library. It was Friday, mom was in hospital, so I took a few books from the library and decided to read them at home. The front door had a Yale latch. I had a key, but we never locked the back door, so I went around the back. The door was wide open. I went inside and I heard a rhythmic thumping coming from upstairs. The only other person in the house was my grandad. I’d taken off my shoes at the door, my mother would whine and complain for hours if we didn’t, and I went to the stairs. I thought maybe he was in some sort of trouble and was banging for help. I was just about the call him when I heard a girl’s voice and the banging stopped. What was going on? Grandad was eighty six years old. Why was there a girl in his room?

I tiptoed down the passage to his door. It was closed, so I knelt down and looked through the keyhole. Grandad’s bed was across the room, so I could see the entire length of the bed. On it was my grandad and my cousin Jenny. She was stark naked. She was now starting to kneel on the bed. Her hands holding the top of the brass bedstead. My grandad was behind her also naked. His dick was rock hard and glistening. I was surprised, because it wasn’t much bigger than mine. As I watched he lifted her a bit and I watched him slide the entire length of his penis inside her. Jenny cried out. “Oh grandad, it feels so good. Fuck me grandad, fuck me.” He pulled out slowly until I could see the purple head and then thrust it back inside her right up to his balls. One hand was round her tummy and the other was massaging her boobs. Then the banging started again as he thrust his rod in and out. By today’s standards, I should have been surprised to see me grandad fucking a girl at eighty sip is years old, but back then many old people were still fertile and horny.

I got my hand inside my pants. My prick was rock hard. It only took a few seconds and I came inside my pants and there was a lot of it, but instead of going soft my dick stayed quite hard, so I kept gently rubbing it. The banging got faster as grandad pumped his dick in and out. “Come on, Jenny, hurry up.” He groaned.

“Nearly there, grandad.” Then a few moments later. “Oh yes, now grandad.” She clutched the bed. Grandad straightened his back and pushed even deeper inside her.

“Here it comes.” He cried. I could see that he was pumping that white stuff into her, but he did it five or six times. Each time she groaned, but it wasn’t pain. Eventually movement stopped. He pulled his softening prick out of her, followed by a waterfall of his stuff. I couldn’t help it, I came a second time in my underpants. They were wet and uncomfortable. Grandad’s dick was still dripping his stuff onto the bed. I didn’t know what it was called then.

“Oh, grandad, I love it when you fuck me. It feels so good when you come inside me and I can feel all that sperm going inside.” More blobs of jelly-like stuff was oozing out of her. “None of the other boys can make me come three times like you do, grandad.” She told him. That boy Lawrence, he shot his sperm all over me before he even got it inside. They only last for a couple of minutes. Grandad was still hugging her and kissing and sucking her boobs. So the white stuff was called sperms and I now knew what fucking was.

“You’re a great fuck, my sweet Jenny.” He told her. “I wish I could satisfy you more often, but I’m not as young as I used to be. Why don’t you give young Eric a go. He’s got no friends, you could teach him.” My ears pricked up I was Eric.

“I like Eric a lot.” Jenny told him. “But I don’t think he likes girls. He keeps well away from me. He’s a big strong boy. Everyone is shit scared of him, but he never looks for trouble. He’s only happy on his own.”

“That’s his bloody mother’s fault.” Grandad told her. “She hates men and she thinks sex is filthy. I think if you got him on his own and talked to him, dress sexy and let him see you like him, you could be fixed up.”

“But he’s my cousin. Isn’t it illegal?” Grandad laughed.

“No more illegal than you fucking your poor old grandad. What people do in private is their business. Look I’ll try to make sure he’s here tomorrow, you come round the same time and I’ll go to town and go to the pictures and you and he can be together. I suggest you get him off first and then let him rest a bit, otherwise he’ll probably come before he gets inside. We’d better get dressed and go down, before anyone comes.” I ran quietly down the stairs, grabbed my books and shot off down the road. I hung around for about ten minutes and then went back. Grandad was sitting in his rocking chair and there was no sign of Jenny. I shot upstairs to get out of my wet, sperm-filled underpants and trousers.

For the rest of the day, I had a problem. I’d just found out what fucking was all about and I was going to get to put my dick inside cousin Jenny tomorrow. It must feel terrific, I thought. I lay awake most of the night. My prick was rock hard, I wanted desperately to jerk off again, but I resisted, because I wanted to save it for tomorrow. Eventually I fell asleep. When I woke up, I got a bath, had breakfast and tried to control my dick.

“Are you going out today?” Grandad asked. I held up one of my library books.

“No, I got some books from the library yesterday. I think I’ll stay home and read them.” I replied.

Just after lunch the doorbell rang. I was up in my room, trying to read. Grandad answered the door. I heard Jenny’s voice. A bit later, grandad called me. “Eric, would you like some ice cream?”

I went downstairs. Jenny was sat on the settee. Most of her was bare. She had on a tiny pair of white shorts. The top was right at the very bottom of her waist. It looked like one of her brother’s shirts that she had tied over her boobs, her entire midsection, legs, arms and shoulders, were bare. Her golden hair was loose and tumbled over her shoulders. She was the most beautiful, sexy thing that I had ever seen. She patted the settee. “Hi cousin Eric.” I blushed.

“Hello Jenny.” Grandad came in with two bowls of ice cream.

“Here get this down you before it melts. I’m going to the pictures.” He looked at me. “Jenny is bored, why don’t you and her play some chess or monopoly or something.” There’s a bottle of stout in the pantry. You can share it if you get thirsty. There’s some ginger beer as well.” He picked up his jacket and went out, slamming the door behind him. We ate our ice cream, then Jenny came right up close to me.

“Don’t you like girls, Eric, or is it just me that you don’t like.?” I almost choked

“I do like you Jenny, it’s just, well, I just don’t know what to say to girls.” She wiggled even closer.

“We’ve never spoken before. I wanted to, but I thought that you didn’t like me or that your mom had told you not to talk to me. I like you too Eric. I like you a lot. I know you’re my cousin, but grandad says that it doesn’t matter.”

“I think you are the prettiest girl in the world.” I stammered. “I’ve wanted to talk to you, but I never thought that you would want to talk to me.” She stood up and then straddled my lap facing me. Her boobs were almost in my face. She leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. I’d never kissed anyone before, but I’m a quick learner. I soon responded. We had our arms around each other. She could feel my erection digging into her and she giggled.

“Sometimes, words aren’t necessary.” She said. She reared up put her hands behind her back for a moment and the her top came off. Up close and personal, those beautiful boobs looked ten times better than before. “Do you like my boobs?” She asked. “You can feel them, suck them, kiss them, whatever you like. Just be gentle.” I didn’t need asking twice. She got off my lap and sat beside me as I massaged and enjoyed her breasts. She unbuttoned my short pants. I wasn’t wearing underpants and my rampant dick sprang out. “Oh my God, Eric. That’s a nice one. It’s going to be a whopper when you finish growing” She leaned down and ran her tongue up my shaft as she pulled back my foreskin. When she got to the head, she licked it all over. I was bursting. I think she could see that. She quickly unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it open. Then she took my dick in her hand and very slowly started to jerk me off. I couldn’t do anything. I gave a strangled cry.

“Oh shit, Jenny.” I almost screamed the last word as my prick erupted. The massive jet of sperm hit me on my chin and was all over my chest. There was another huge one that shot past my sternum. Then she clamped her mouth over my dick and the next two shots went into her mouth. She licked my softening dick clean. Then she licked as much of my sperms off me as she could and then cleaned me with her frilly hankie.

“There now, Eric. You didn’t have to say a word. Does that feel better? You taste good too.” I held her in my arms and we kissed some more. I opened my mouth to speak, but she put her finger to my lips. “Shhh, Eric. Just sit there and relax for a minute.” She went into the kitchen and a short while later came back with two glasses of Mackeson stout. My pants and shirt were still open. Her top was still off. We drank the stout. She took the glasses and put them on the table. She held out her hand. “Come on, Eric. You don’t have to talk, just enjoy yourself.” She led me upstairs to grandad’s bedroom. I was hanging onto my pants with my hand. “Let go, silly, you don’t need those.” I let them fall to the ground. She unfastened her little shorts and took them off. She was also naked underneath. She kicked off her shoes, pushed me onto the bed and lay beside me. It was the first time that I’d seen a girl naked other than through grandad’s keyhole.

“Have you ever fucked a girl before, Eric?” She asked. I was staring at her body and the puffy slit between her legs.

“No, Jenny, I’ve never even seen a girl undressed before.”

“Give me your hand.” She took my hand and then took my middle finger. She guided it to the slit between her legs. “There, now push your finger inside my cunt.”

Oh my God, it was wet, hot and slippery. She pulled my finger out and guided me to the little button. “Now rub gently there, Eric. No, not like that, like this.” She showed me. “Don’t press so hard, be gentle. There, like that. Oh that’s nice. Don’t stop, just keep it like that.” I settled down to work. Her eyes were closed. It took a minute or two, my hand was starting to ache. Then I felt her stiffen and a great shudder went through her body. I knew she had reached that final spot. Time after time her body spasmed. Each time she reared up her head off the pillow. “Fuck, I needed that. Thank you Eric. You’re a quick learner. Now I want you to fuck me. Just one thing. This isn’t just for you. I know you guys can only come once, but it’s different with us girls. First it takes longer and second, I like to do it a few times. I know it isn’t easy, especially your first time, but please try to let me get off before you flood me with all your beautiful sperm.”

“You’ll have to teach me.” I told her. She guided me between her legs and guided my rock hard dick inside her. I had never felt anything like it. I almost shot my load right there and then, but I remembered the conversation that she had had with my grandad. “Jesus, Jenny. Oh my God, I’ve never felt anything like this.” I had to keep still and concentrate. Her hips were grinding against me. “Jenny, keep still a minute. Please.” I found that if I thought about other things I could keep moving . I fell out a few times, but she quickly guided me back in. It felt so good as I pumped my dick in and out of her. I never wanted it to end.

“Nearly there.” She gasped. I felt her body start to stiffen. Two more strokes and I unloaded. Her inner muscles clamped rhythmically on my dick. Stream after stream of my hot creamy sperm shot inside her. “Oh fuck, Eric, that was good.” I expected my prick to soften, but the feeling of being inside the most beautiful girl I had ever seem, the silkiness of her canal, and the muscles working my prick, wouldn’t let it go soft. It wasn’t as hard as it had been, but hard enough for me to start moving again. “Oh my God, Eric. This is fantastic. Don’t stop, don’t ever stop, just keep that up.” All the time her hand had been working with me. Now she was really going. Her hips slammed up to meet my downward thrusts. I was crazy with desire. I didn’t want to come again. I just wanted to keep this going forever. I pounded away. “Fuck, Eric, I’m coming again,” she shouted. I slowed down until her orgasm was over. Then I carried on. We were like animals. My sperm was leaking out of her. We were making utterly obscene farting like noises as my dick pounded in and out of her. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hang on much longer. I started doing math problems in my head again.

“Come on, Jenny. One more, but hurry, for God’s sake hurry.” I shouted. Her hand was going crazy, she was slamming against me as hard as she could. Then she gave a gurgling cry. “Aaarrggghh, oh shit.” That did it. I shot my lot for the third time that day. Her nails dug into my back. I realized that we were both drenched in sweat. My heart was pounding and I could hardly breathe. Jenny wasn’t much better. My poor shriveling dick fell out of her along with lots of my sperm. It was all over us and the bed as well. I rolled off her and held her in my arms.

“Jenny, that was the most wonderful thing that I’ve ever done.” I told her. “You really are fantastic. I though that I was going to die with pleasure” She sat up and looked at me.

“I never knew a man could come twice in a row like that before. If you really enjoyed it, can we do it again – a lot?” She kissed me. “I know you’re my cousin, but I don’t give a fuck. Will you be my boyfriend? I mean really. I don’t care what people think. If you say yes, I promise you, I’ll just be yours. I won’t do it any longer with any of the other boys.” This was fantastic.

“I think I’m already in love with you, Jenny. I’ll try not to be jealous, but I don’t want you to make other boys feel like you make me feel. I want to be with you as much as I can and I think I’m going to love fucking you – a lot.

When I left school, I started working in a hospital laboratory. I found a little cottage that I could rent. Jenny moved in with me. Her parents didn’t care what she did. People talked, but we really didn’t give a fuck. I saved up my money and we bought a little place miles away, where no one knew us. Life was great.


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