Jerked off by four girls at the same time (ffffbM)

Jerked off by four girls at the same time (ffffbM)

Prologue: Four little girls get to jerk off a young boy, before eventually getting fucked when an older one appears on the scene.
Author: Uncle Tony
After Aunt Celia and Vanessa had left, I started to take on a new view of life. I was very sad when I knew she was leaving. I told her so. I was close to tears.
“Don’t worry.” She told me, “You have a great body for a boy of your age. I’m sure that all the little girls at your school notice you. You are gentle and you are the sort of guy that they want to be with.Remember all girls from about six or seven years old want to experiment with sex. They masturbate and they all want to see a naked man. Just be kind to one of them, let her get to trust you, let her play with your dick and just be patient, she’ll let you play with her pussy when she gets to trust you and she’ll tell other girls and sooner or later, she’ll want you to fuck her. Patience gentleness and kindness are the key.”It was close to the end of school holidays and I prepared for school.

When we started, I looked around at all the girls who were either in my class or a lower class. I found a really pretty one in the form below me. She was about seven. She had lovely blonde hair, a nice smile, good legs and she looked fit. I was always a loner and I didn’t make friends easily. Most of the boys avoided me. I was much taller than most of them at the school and I was very muscular. I sort of hung around close to her. I wasn’t sure how to approach her. After a couple of days, I got lucky. She was running and she lost her footing and was falling down. I grabbed her before she hit the ground.

“Whoa there, that was close.” I told her. “Pretty girls like you shouldn’t be falling down and hurting themselves.” She blushed.
“Thanks,” and she ran off.

The next day, she came up to me.

“I never really thanked you for saving me yesterday. I’m sorry, but I was going to be late. My name is Christine, but everyone calls me Chrissie. That was nice of you. Do you really think I’m pretty?”

“You’re the prettiest girl in the school, Chrissie. I’m Tony.”

“You’re nice Tony. I like you. There are a couple of big boys that pester me sometimes. If they see I’m your friend, maybe they’ll stop. All the boys seem to be a bit scared of you. I bet you’re really strong, aren’t you? Will you be my friend, Tony?”

“I would very much like to be your friend Chrissie, and if anyone gives you a hard time, come and tell me.”

Over the next few days Chrissie and I became great friends. I could see that some of the girls were a bit envious and they would take her aside and whisper to her. I started walking her home after school. The following weekend, I suggested we meet up on Saturday and go for a walk. We went down to the river and walked along the river bank. We sat down and we started play fighting.

I let her get me down and she sat on my chest, giggling. I pulled her to me and kissed her. At first she pulled back a bit, but then relaxed and started to return my kiss. I stopped and stood up. There was a bulge in my pants. I didn’t try to hide it.

“Come on Chrissie, we’d better move or . . .” She still sat on the grass.

“Why is that bulge in your pants?” She was laughing. I didn’t answer.

“My friend says that boy’s willys get hard when they like you. Can I see?”

“I don’t think we should Chrissie. You never know what might happen”

“Don’t be mean.” She said. I just want to have a peek, I’ve never seen a boy’s thingy.” I sat down again.

“It’s not a thingy, it’s a penis. P.E.N.I.S, but not here, Chrissie. What if someone saw us? Then we would both be in trouble.”
“There’s no-one around. Come on. Just a quick peek.”

I pretended to think about it, then I said, “Alright, but not here. Let’s go somewhere else.” I stood up again. I put my arm around her and kissed her again. “Come on, I know a place.” She looked at me disappointedly.

“Well, alright, but only if you promise to let me see it.”

“I promise, cross my heart.” We walked together to the entrance to the wood. There was a big sign, ‘Private Property. Keep Out. Trespassers will be prosecuted. She pulled back.

“We can’t go in there, it’s private.”

“Don’t panic Chrissie. My grandfather is the gamekeeper. The owner knows me. We won’t get into trouble, I promise. Don’t you trust me?” She hesitated for a moment then said,”Alright, I trust you.” We walked and climbed to the little hill where I had taken Vanessa.

“Here we are. No-one can see us or disturb us here. If anyone comes in we would hear them long before they got up here.” We sat down together.

“Come on then, you promised. Let me see.” I unfasten my short pants and slipped them down with my underwear, revealing my very erect penis.” She stared at it.

“Doesn’t it hurt when it’s like that?” She asked.

“It doesn’t exactly hurt, but it’s very uncomfortable.”

“Why does it stand up like that? How do you stop it?

“Chrissie, when a boy really likes a girl and she’s close to him, it starts to get hard like this. It takes a while, but it eventually shrinks, but whilst it’s like this it’s uncomfortable.”

“Ooo, so you really DO like me. Wow. So how do you make it go down? Show it to me when it’s down. Make it go down. Can I touch it first?”

“Yes, of course you can touch it, but It doesn’t work like that. I can’t just make it go down, but you could.” She cautiously touched my penis. Then she got hold of it.

“Oh, it’s hard, but it feels kinda nice Tony. So how could I make it go down then?”

“Well, you hold it and you gently rub it up and down. Like this.” I took her little hand and placed it in the right place and still holding her hand, I moved it up and down.

“Oh, I see, so it’s the same as it is with me. You rub it and it feels real good until suddenly – wow. It’s just fantastic. Is that how it works?”


“Can I do it for you, please?”

“That would be really good, but only if you want to do. Be gentle, don’t squeeze too hard.” She started to jerk me off. I told her to go slow at first and after a while I asked her to speed up. I could see that she was getting excited because she was trying to rub her crotch against my leg. It didn’t take long.

“Oh, Chrissie, this is fantastic. I’m nearly there. Please don’t stop.” My body stiffened. My cock swelled. I got hold of her hand.

“Very slowly, now, it gets very tender afterwards.” My dick started to shrink until it lay flaccid against my leg. Chrissie looked pleased with herself.

“Did I do it right? Did it feel good?” She asked “Bloody fantastic, but what about you?” I asked her. “I let you look at mine and play with it and make me come, let me do the same for you. I know how to do it, my cousin showed me during the holidays.” She only hesitated for a moment.

“Alright then, but be gentle.” She stood up. She was wearing jeans. She unfastened them and let them fall to the ground then she hooked her thumbs in her panties and pulled them down as well.

I got down and looked at her lovely, little pussy. It was completely bald and it was wet. Her little labia were already slightly parted. I licked her vagina with my tongue and slowly moved up to her tiny clit. She started to groan and squirm. I sucked her clitty into my mouth and really got to work on it. At the same time, I slid my finger into her super wet pussy, just about an inch or so and started to tickle her G-spot. She went ballistic and it only took a couple of minutes before her whole body went stiff.

“Tony, Tony, oh yes, oh shit, oh my God, yes, yes, yes!” When she eventually came down, she clung to me.

“That was incredible. I never felt like that. Did your cousin teach you that? It was fucking fantastic.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it Chrissie. I really enjoyed getting you off. We’d better go now, Chrissie, It’s been wonderful. We can come up here any time, but don’t ever tell your mom or dad or any grown-ups what we did. We don’t want to get you home too late. Best be in time for lunch.”

“I’m not silly, I’ll never tell anyone. Can we do it again tomorrow? I have to go to church in the morning, but we can go out after lunch.”

For the next 3 weeks, we came to my little nook. I got hold of a big blanket, wrapped it in a waterproof bag and hid it in the base of a tree near my ‘nest’. I never tried to fuck her. I knew that I was going to do, but as Vanessa had told me. I was being patient and hoping that she would make the next move. She did. After three weeks of jerking each other off, she waited until Friday afternoon when I was walking her home.

“Can I bring my friend Pauline tomorrow please, Tony. She wants to play too?”

“Are you sure she won’t tell anyone?” I asked. Of course she won’t, we aren’t stupid you know!”

Pauline turned out to be another girl in Chrissie’s class. She was quite pretty, so I wasn’t objecting. We went up to my special spot. I brought out the blanket and the three of us sat down. Pauline had brought some sandwiches and a bottle of pop. Chrissie started the ball rolling. She started kissing me and by this time, she knew how to kiss. My cock obliged by making a tent in my pants. Pauline stroked it through my pants.

“Come on, Tony, don’t be mean.” Chrissie said and promptly started to unfasten my shorts and the two girls pulled them off. Chrissie got hold of my cock and slowly started to jerk me off.

“Let me try now, please.” Pauline whispered. Chrissie, gave her a lecture on how to hold it, how not to squeeze to hard or hurt me and then handed my cock to Pauline, who carried on.

“This isn’t fair.” I complained. “I let you bring your friend, but now you are both fully dressed and I’m naked. I want to enjoy seeing both of you as well if you want me to come before you both get tired.” The two girls giggled and then both stripped off apart from their shoes and socks. I had one at each side of me. I was cuddling them and playing with their little nipples a they jerked me off. It wasn’t quite the sex I wanted, but being wanked off by two pretty little girls when you are only eight, isn’t bad! It’s even better when you get to eat their little virgin pussies, knowing that you are the very first to be doing it.

The weekend trips were curtailed as the weather got colder, then my grandfather came to the rescue.

“Listen lad, I saw you and two girls in the wood last Saturday. Good for you. I hope you know what to do with them. If you need any advice, just ask. Trouble is, it’s coming up for winter and it’ll be too cold for anything like that. You know that I have a little cottage on the estate. You can have it every Saturday, for the day as long as you are all out by eight o’clock and you leave the place clean and tidy.

I often go there myself an take a lady with me, so I don’t want you to to go there on Sunday’s. It’s got gas heating as you know, so I’ll switch it on for you on Friday night so it’s nice and warm for you.” This was really good news. It wasn’t very big, a room with a couch a couple of easy chairs a small kitchen and a small bedroom with a double bed.

“Thanks grandad, you won’t tell my mom will you?”

“Don’t be daft, I sometimes wonder if she’s really my kid. She’s got some very funny ideas. Just you enjoy yourself lad. I was a randy little bugger as well when I was your age.”

The next weekend, I took Chrissie and Pauline to the cottage. We played games, helped each other with our schoolwork and of course enjoyed our jerking off. The following week, Pauline asked me if she could bring her friend Janet. Who was I to argue? Janet was a tall, willowy blonde girl. She wore spectacles, but she got down to business with her two friends and enjoyed three orgasms before the morning was over.

Before we left the cottage, she asked me if it would be alright to bring her best friend Sybil next week. She said that Sybil really liked me and she was very keen to come. I wasn’t going to say ‘no’, but I thought four would be enough. I seemed to be spending most of the morning eating pussy and getting jerked off.

“Alright, but that’s the last.” I told them.

Sybil turned out to be the oldest. I hadn’t seen her at the school. It appeared that she was already in the secondary school, she was over twelve years old. She was very pretty and very sexy. We started the day as normal, joking around and playing the fool, then Sybil said,”Come on, let’s get going, I’m feeling really fucking horny this morning.” Chrissie grabbed my pants and pulled them down whilst Pauline and Janet helped me get off my shirt. Sybil got hold of my cock.

“Hmmm, nice. Bigger than I expected.” She got down on her knees and started to lick it and then put it in her mouth and started to give me a blow job. I almost blew there and then. After a while I stopped her. The other three girls looked surprised.

“How can you do that, Sybil. Doesn’t it taste bad?”
“No. When he’s a bit older and he starts to make sperm, then it will taste much better. Here, have a try, it won’t hurt you.” All three girls took turns at licking and sucking my dick. It was all I could do to stop myself from reaching a climax.

While they were busy, Sybil was looking around. She found the bedroom. She came and grabbed my hand and almost dragged me into the bedroom. She pushed me onto the bed and started yanking off her clothes. She had two small but beautiful breasts. I just wanted to get them in my mouth, but Sybil had other things on her mind. She took off everything and then straddled me. She positioned herself over my rigid cock and lowered herself onto it.

I slid all the way inside her. She was incredibly wet. It was the first time since Vanessa. I grabbed both her breasts as she started fucking me. The other three girls looked in absolute amazement. Sybil bounced on me like a mad thing. I desperately tried to keep myself in check. Sybil was grunting and gasping and it didn’t take long before she arched back and yelled,”Oh sweet Jesus, I’m coming, I’m coming. Oh fuck I really needed this.” It just took a couple of quick thrusts and I had a massive orgasm. I reared up, pulled her to me and got one of her nipples into my mouth. It was far better than any of the jerk offs.

“Fuck, Sybil. That was incredible.” I told her. Sybil looked at the other girls.

“Who is next?” She asked.

Chrissie was the first to speak.

“How do you do that, Sybil, didn’t it hurt? How can you get that big thing inside you? It would never fit in me.” Sybil looked astonished.

“You mean none of you girls are getting fucked? I don’t believe it. No, it doesn’t hurt, it’s the best thing in the world. It will fit in you, your vagina stretches. The very first time, it hurts a bit because you have to have your hymen broken. It hurts a bit, but only for a minute or two, then it feels better than anything else in the world. I can see I have to teach you girls a lot. Right, give the poor guy a while to recover and then, who’s next? How about the one who found him first?” Chrissie put up her hand.

“Are you sure it will fit in me.”

“I was only six when my daddy first fucked me.” Sybil said. It took him a while to get it inside me, he was quite a bit bigger than Tony. It hurt a bit when he popped my cherry, but after that it was just wonderful. As long as Tony takes it slow, and let’s you stretch, it will fit. I think Tony has fucked a girl before. Have you?”
“I did it with my cousin during the holiday.”

“Was she a virgin?”


“Alright, here show it works. You can get your dick inside for a little way and then it stops, it’s just a bit of skin. Best to get it over with quickly, pull back a bit and then give a big push. Once you are through. KEEP STILL. I know it’s not easy, but she needs to have a bit of time to stretch and get used to feeling you inside her. She will probably cry out and she might even cry a bit, but it’s no worse than banging yourself on something or grazing your knee.

It’s only painful for a minute or two and then it will feel better and better for her. Best if you help him by rubbing your clit with your fingers, Chrissie until you come.”

“Wow, does your daddy still fuck you?” Janet asked her.

“Not at the moment, he’s working abroad for the next six months, that’s why I’m so horny. I miss him.”

My dick was starting to rise again. The thought of fucking little Chrissie was really turning me on. She was my favorite.
“I think you should be on top, Tony. Do you know how to do that?”

“Yes.” Chrissie stretched out on the bed. Sybil helped open her legs, then she got down and started to work on Chrissie with her tongue. When she had the little girl nice and wet, she beckoned to me.

“Come on, I’ll guide you in.” I positioned myself and Sybil guided me into her hot little pussy. I only managed a little bit and it was a dead end. Sybil massaged Chrissie’s little clit. She told Pauline and Janet to lie down one on each side and play with her nipples and kiss her. Chrissie was moaning with pleasure.
“Right Tony, do it” I pulled almost right out and then gave a big thrust. I felt it tear. Chrissie let out a yell and started to cry.
“Ow, that hurt so bad.” She sobbed. I kept very still.

“It’s all over now, Chrissie, it will never hurt you again. Just relax, it only hurts for a minute or two.” Sybil told her. She started to rub Chrissie’s clit again. The crying stopped. My cock wasn’t even half way in. I pulled back a bit and then in, just a bit deeper. As I continued to gently push in and out, the crying turned to groans. With each stroke, I got in a bit deeper. She was unbelievably tight. It took me a couple of minutes before I got my entire length inside her.
“That’s it, you are all the way in. How does that feel, Chrissie?”

“It feels real nice. I feel, – well, – full.” Her hips were moving as she spoke. I started to increase the length of my strokes and then the speed until I was fucking her properly. Chrissie was crying out, her hips were coming up to meet my thrusts. It was a fantastic feeling, to be fucking this really beautiful little girl for the very first time. Pauline, Janet and Sybil were all helping her, fondling her little nipples and their hands were all over her body, caressing it.

“Oh shit, this is so fucking good, but, oh Tony, I’m coming, yes, oh God.” Her little body arched and stiffened, her vaginal muscles gripped me so hard, I almost cried out. Then I too, exploded inside her. It was the most wonderful thing. My cock started to shrink and I rolled off her. We held each other tightly.
“Thank you Tony, that was wonderful.”

“No, you were wonderful, Chrissie.” Pauline got hold of me.

“My turn next Tony. My turn.” I groaned.

“Gimme a break, I’m not superman.”

“Just you lie there and relax.” Sybil told me. “Chrissie and Janet will make you a sandwich and some coffee I’ll stay her with you and keep you warm. Come on you two, if you want to get fucked today, you had better be good to the poor guy.” When they had gone, Pauline started to kiss me and Sybil’s hands were all over my body. My dick still had Chrissie’s juices on it, but Sybil didn’t care, she got to work on my dick with her tongue and mouth and by the time the girls came back with the coffee and sandwiches, I was already hard again.

We repeated the performance with Pauline. She had two orgasms and this time I pretended to come, but I didn’t, my prick was sore from the work so it went down as soon as I pulled out. I lay gasping. Sybil giggled.

“Only one to go, big guy and then we might let you rest. There’s still plenty of time, it’s only eleven o’clock. Maybe I’ll get seconds before we have to go home.” Janet was ready, we repeated the same thing as we had done with the others. This time I did have my orgasm. It had been a hard morning for me.

We sat down after we had dressed.

“I can’t understand how you guys have been together for weeks and have never actually had proper sex until today. You’ve done it before, Tony. Why didn’t you fuck them?”
“They never asked me to. They were happy to jerk me off, and I was happy to help them. I just wanted to please the girls, same as I wanted to please you. I didn’t want to force them to do anything that they didn’t want to do.” She looked at the three younger girls.

“Did you enjoy it? Are you glad that you did it? Do you want to do it again?”

“Yes, Yes, Yes.” Three voices shouted in unison.

“Right, so you can’t expect poor old Tony to fuck all four of us every Saturday morning.  Do you have this place at any other time, Tony?”

“Yes, all day on Saturday until eight o’clock at night.”

“So let’s do it this way, if Tony agrees. Two of us come here with him on Saturday morning and two of us on Saturday afternoon. Can everyone come in the afternoon and what time must you be home by? Chrissie, you first.”

“Saturday mornings are better for me.”


“Either is OK, but I have to be home by six.”


“My folks don’t give a shit. I can stay out until eight no problem.”

“So Chrissie and Pauline get Tony every Saturday morning and Janet and I get him Saturday afternoons. Now listen up all of you. Be careful. Don’t fuck around with other boys. That’s how you get a disease.

Be careful of older men, they will hurt you or get you hooked on drugs or turn you into prostitutes. One guy at a time. We all have Tony, he’s a good guy. He might be a bloody fool or the worlds greatest gentleman. Every other boy that I know would have fucked you all long ago! You don’t get many of them around! He’s big and strong and everyone is shit scared to tackle him, so if anyone gives a problem, tell Tony.

I’m doing Karate, so I can help him if there trouble. Finally, when anyone starts their monthlies, tell me, and when Tony starts to produce sperm, we have to be careful. None of us want to get pregnant, so we can only do it at certain times of the month then. Everything clear?” We all nodded. She had taken charge. Things were looking good.