Jason Visits The Family Swingers Club (bFg,pedo)

Jason Visits The Family Swingers Club (bFg,pedo)

Introduction: A little boy has his penis played with by women, this story will be told through the eyes of a 10yo preteen boy attending the Family Swingers Club.

Author: PeachKisser2004 (Part 1 – Jason On The Prowl)

Jason was ten years old and loved coming to the Family Swingers Club, playing all the sexy games with the people he met there.

Today Jason went over to the shallow wading pool area and started talking with some of the naked mommies who were watching the younger kids in the wading pools.

As Jason chatted with some of the mommies, one or two of them asked if they could touch his little pink boy cock, and of course Jason let them. He would stretch back on the edge of the pool and spread his boyish legs while the horny adult women would reach their hands in between his legs and examine his exposed genitals. Some women seemed interested in his balls and Jason would sigh as their painted fingernails traced over his wrinkly little scrotum, making his little testicles churn and swirl around.

Other mommies seemed interested in his shaft, which of course had become very stiff by this point. One mommy even went so far as to put her mouth over the end of his penis and suck for a little while. Jason just loved that feeling, the warm wetness of her mouth working up and down, while another mommy kneaded his little balls.

Fortunately for the mommies, Jason was still too young to ejaculate, so his little erections basically lasted as long as they wanted to play with him. Before long the women were all fingering their own hairy pussies, groaning as they explored Jason’s youthful body, which thrilled Jason even further, smelling their musk and arousal building.

One mommy was apparently still breast-feeding her baby and when she approached her climax, her breasts began leaking milk! She squealed and cupped her full breasts with one arm, still masturbating, and leaned over to Jason, offering her teats to the little boy.

Jason locked his mouth eagerly onto the mother’s lactating breasts, remembering how long he had nursed from his own mother’s chest. He sucked eagerly and the thick warm liquid flowed freely from this woman’s chest. Jason drank it down greedily while the other women continued moaning and climaxing, their hands feeling all over Jason’s lovely hairless body.

Once all the mothers had gotten their fill of Jason’s body, they all sat there around him and relaxed. Jason’s stiff little cock still stuck straight up and he smiled and thanked the ladies for their attentions.

But while Jason enjoyed the mature women’s touching, what Jason really wanted was a little girl or boy to play with sexually. Right then two little kids came over to the edge of the pool to talk with their mommies. One was a little girl, one a little boy, both about three or four years old. Each child climbed into their mother’s lap and sat there contented, hugging their mommy and facing them. Jason loved how their pudgy little thighs spread so wide and wrapped around their mommy’s wide hips as they hugged. His horny mind had an idea.

“Hey, can you turn your kids around?” he asked the two mommies, who were more than happy to do anything Jason asked, as he had so freely let them play with his boycock earlier. Lifting the little kids in their laps, the mommies spun them around and sat them back in their wet laps, little pudgy childish thighs now stretching around their own thighs.

Jason sighed. This was what he loved seeing: on one mother’s lap the little girl’s pussy was spread wide, completely hairless of course, and she was still so young that even when spread wide, the plump outer lips of her vulva did not part, did not reveal anything. Her pussy was the exact same color as the rest of her body, pale and smooth and slicked with water droplets.

The little boy was similarly hairless, and almost all his genital area was also the same creamy pale color as his body, except for the little pink knob on his limp little penis, which was slightly pinker. In fact, his penis was tiny, no bigger than a thimble it seemed, just the tiniest little knob poking up from his hairless pubic area.

“I’m going to check the kids out,” announced Jason, and got onto his knees and moved before the first woman. The little girl grinned down at him, as she knew exactly what was coming. Because her little pussy was so cute and plump, she had received lots of oral attentions at this club over her short lifetime, having been licked by dozens of adults whenever she attended, so it was no surprise that this little boy wanted to lick her pussy as well.

Jason rested his chest on the mother’s knees and angled his head down to the girl’s spread pussy. He kissed her there, just his lips against her tiny vulva, kissed up and down her slit, making her giggle. She spread her legs wider and Jason moved his mouth up to her plump mons, kissing her there, nuzzling her little round baby belly with his nose.

Moving his mouth back to her pussy he started licking her slit, opening up the child’s outer lips, revealing her coral-pink inner lips, the tiny bump of her clitoris plainly visible up at the top of her slit. The child sighed as Jason swirled his tongue over her little love bead, wrapping his lips around the nubbin and suckling eagerly. Jason’s own boy cock throbbed between his legs and he eagerly devoured the little girl.

But he didn’t want the little boy to feel left out, so he moved over to the other mother, where he knelt again and lowered his head to examine the boys tiny little dingle, just a little knob in his lap. Jason kissed the tiny glans, exhaled his warm breath onto the little boy, then began delicately licking the sides of the boy’s short little shaft. Jason kissed the baby boy’s pudgy inner thighs and even licked each of the boy’s tiny testicles, no bigger than a pigeon’s egg, then returned to kissing and licking the little penis before him.

It took a few minutes but finally Jason was rewarded with a rapidly- growing little boy erection. The baby boy spread his legs wider and instinctively thrust his hips forwards on his mother’s lap as his penis began to fill with blood and stick out straight from his body. Jason admired it for a moment and then gobbled it right up into his mouth. Jason spent a while nursing on the little boy’s cock like this, loving the texture of the tiny erection, no bigger than his little finger, but hard as a rock now, the pink skin stretched thinly over the stiff throbbing inner hardness.

“Hey, looks like you guys are having fun!” he heard an adult male voice say. Looking up from the little boy’s lap Jason spotted a redheaded man approaching. Some of the mothers apparently knew him and greeted him. “Hi
Kurt, how are you?”

“Just fine,” said the tall redhead, surveying the sexy scene before him, a half dozen naked mommies, all of them relaxing from their recent orgasms, the smell of their arousal still in the air, and two of them with kids in their lap, a little boy, a little girl, while Jason was kneeling in front of the mother with the baby boy, sucking on the baby boy’s stiff little boner.

Needless to say, within a few seconds Kurt’s cock was completely erect as well, and as he knelt down next to Jason and the baby boy, the mother reached around and gripped Kurt’s cock at the base. “Oh god, what a lovely
stiff cock,” she hissed as she slid her fingers back and forth along his hardness.

Moving closer on his knees, Kurt put his arm around the mother and thrust his cock out over her baby boy’s lap, just above Jason’s exploring mouth. The mother still kept her hand on his shaft and jerked him up and down, sliding Kurt’s silky cockhead against the little baby boy’s bare chest.

Kurt looked down at Jason and said. “When you get tired of that little cock, why don’t you try this one,” he said with a groan, as the mother increased the tempo of her stroking on his penis.

“Okay,” said Jason, lifting his head up from the quivering little boycock and bumping his nose on Kurt’s thick adult shaft, jutting angrily across the boy’s chest. Jason kissed the side of the overheated organ, letting his tongue wander up and down the underside, feeling the urethra, the hardness within, the swollen veins along the side. He licked the mother’s fingers too, making her moan while she continued stroking Kurt’s cock.

The other mother, the one with the little girl in her lap, whispered to her little girl. “Susie, go suck on Kurt’s penis, right on the end sweetie…” She knew Kurt well and knew how much he loved little girls putting their mouths on his penis.

Susie hopped up from her mom and stood next to the little boy’s mom. She leaned her little mouth in and down and put her pink tongue out. Kurt thrust his cock forward, bumping his balls against the boy’s bare chest. Jason kept sucking on just the side of his stiff shaft while Susie made her mouth into the biggest “O” possible, which was just barely big enough to accommodate Kurt’s giant purple glans.

The mother behind Kurt kept jerking her hand along his saliva coated shaft, and now she reached between Kurt’s legs and kneaded his heavy balls. Jason kept slurping along the side of his shaft and Susie did her best to keep her mouth around the head. The little boy just sat there in his mother’s lap, all this amazing sexual action taking place right on his chest, right before him, and he was fascinated. His stiff little boycock still jutted up underneath the slurping action and he was completely aware of how much everybody was enjoying themselves.

Finally Kurt’s balls could take it no longer and he grabbed frantically at the little boy’s mother and clawed at Jason’s back as he started shooting off. Little Susie gurgled and her eyes went wide as the first blasts of Kurt’s thick sperm filled her childish mouth, and then a giant gout splattered back out of the corner of her mouth and onto the little baby boy’s bare chest, dribbling down his tummy. Kurt kept cumming, and since Susie’s mouth was already full, she choked a bit and sperm drooled from her lower lip, down her chin, down onto the baby boy’s stiff erection.

Jason kept slurping along Kurt’s erupting shaft, and he used his hands to smear the spilled semen into the little boy’s lap, gripping his little tool and smearing the slippery liquid around, making the baby boy grunt with pleasure.

End of Part 1

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.

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