Ian’s Mother, “Mrs Denny” (Fg,pedo)

Ian’s Mother, “Mrs Denny” (Fg,pedo)

Introduction: An adult woman teaches a preteen 10 year old little boy about sex.

Author: PeachKisser2004 (Part 1 – Seduction)

The first time Mrs Denny “took advantage” of me I was only ten years old. Mrs Denny was the mother of my best friend Ian and I got along pretty well with her. She thought I was a very polite boy and told me often about how she thought I was very well-behaved.

One day I came over to swim at their house with Ian, but when I arrived Ian wasn’t there. Mrs Denny said that Ian had gone down to the corner store to buy some candy and he would be right back. “You can just go ahead
and change into your swimsuit,” said Mrs Denny.

I went in the downstairs bathroom and changed into my suit, a rather skimpy pair of speedos, then in fashion for little boys, as this was the late 1970s. Mrs Denny was sitting on a chair out by the pool now. When I came through the patio doorway she called me over. “Come here Kurt. I want to show you something.” she said.

I thought I detected a strange or mysterious tone in her voice, but I went over to her nonetheless. When I was just a few feet in front of her chair, she pulled open the upper part of the white terry cloth robe that she was wearing. She had nothing underneath! My mouth hung open as I just stared at her bare breasts. Suddenly I felt embarrassed and tried to look away, but my eyes kept wandering right back to Mrs Denny’s bare chest.

“Do you like my breasts?” she asked, smiling earnestly at me. I gulped and nodded quickly, unable to take my eyes away from her. I was fascinated by her pink nipples and how “naked” they looked. They looked very soft and tender and I wanted to touch them very badly.

As if she read my mind, Mrs Denny spoke again. “Do you like how they look enough to want to touch them, sweetie?” she asked. Again I just stood there, nodding lamely.

“Well come over here…” she said, beckoning me. “Stand between my legs.” Mrs Denny parted her long legs and I stood between them. I reached out tentatively for her breasts and touched them lightly. I was amazed at how
soft they felt.

“Rub them very gently honey,” she whispered to me. I rubbed up and down, then around and around and she sighed softly. “That feels very nice for me,” she said. I kept massaging her boobs and found that it felt very good to me to be making her feel good like this. In fact, all of a sudden I realized that my penis was incredibly erect! I looked down to see it bulging out against my swimsuit.

Mrs Denny noticed it too, and the next thing I knew, she grabbed the front of my swimsuit and pulled it down my thighs a few inches, just enough to free my erect penis. I was very embarrassed and moved to cover myself up. She said “No, don’t worry, you just keep stroking my breasts…”

I went back to massaging Mrs Denny’s breasts, but gasped loudly as her fingers first touched my bare penis. “Oh, my goodness, your penis is so hard!” she exclaimed with genuine delight. She began stroking it delicately with her long fingers and I gasped with surprise. At this time my penis was only about 3-4 inches long, and it was straining hard now as I continued stroking Mrs Denny’s breasts.

“Have you ever touched a woman’s breasts before?” she said. I just shook my head slightly.

“Have you ever had a woman touch your penis before?” Again I shook my head.

“This is fantastic! You’re getting two new pleasures at the same time!” She hesitated. “You do enjoy touching my breasts, right?”

“Um yes,” I said, my face flushing.

“Good. For now you just keep massaging my breasts and I’ll just keep massaging your penis. Does that sound good?”

I grinned widely and nodded. I was starting to enjoy this and I became more relaxed as I got hornier from Mrs Denny’s adult fingers stroking my small penis.

“Do my hands feel good against your penis?” she asked me earnestly. I nodded and gasped again as she stroked more firmly.

“Okay, let’s try this then.” She let go of my penis and untied the band around her waist. Now her terry cloth robe pulled apart to reveal that she was completely naked underneath. I let go of her breasts and peered down curiously at her pussy, admiring how neatly it fit between her long tanned legs.

Mrs Denny leaned back in her chair now and just sat there for several moments, her legs apart just a tiny bit, offering me a perfect view of her adult body. God she was so beautiful! After allowing me to stare for several moments, just sitting there smiling at me, she reached out and drew me towards her. My pointy little penis pressed against her warm belly as she hugged me close to her chest.

I was still standing between her bare legs and felt the wispy hair of her pussy just above my knees, as well as the soft skin of her tummy on my penis. “Does your penis feel okay like this?” she asked. I gasped a quiet “Yes,” and thrust my hips, trying to rub it up against her tummy.

“Okay then, let’s move to the floor,” she said, letting go of me. Moments later she was lying on her back on the terry-cloth wraparound that she had been wearing earlier. She pulled me down on top of her and I fit neatly between her long legs. She humped her hips up at me and I felt something hairy pressing against my tummy.

“Lift up just a little, sweetie…” I did, and then gasped as her fingers again gripped my penis.

“Now just push forward a little bit with your penis, just a few inches.” I did as she told me, and felt the head of my penis bump against her very warm pussy.

“Scoot up a bit,” she tugged on my penis. “Now push your penis forward again…” I grunted as I felt soft resistance to my thrusting. Reflexively I pulled back and pushed forward a few more times. The head of my penis was definitely getting wet, and the slippery feeling of her outer pussy lips on either side of the head of my tender penis felt very good.

“That’s it sweetie, just pull it in and out like that… you’ve got it…” she said encouragingly. Wrapping her arms around me she hugged me and added, “You are just the cutest little boy I’ve ever seen!” I kinda blushed, but most of my attention was on the warm slick feelings down in my groin. Soon it felt like my stomach was bumping against Mrs Denny’s pussy and that my penis wasn’t really able to go any deeper. I stopped moving my hips at that point, and Mrs Denny smiled up at me.

“Do you like that?” she said.

“Uh huh,” I nodded, a big grin on my face.

“Do you know that your penis is actually all the way up inside my pussy now?” she asked me.

“Really?” I had a feeling that was what was going on here, just from the limited information I knew about sex, and now Mrs Denny was confirming it.

“Yes, it feels really good up inside my pussy too.”

“Um, does that mean, um…” I didn’t know what word to use, as I’d only heard “fucking” and “having sex” and a few other euphemisms, and wasn’t completely sure what they all meant.

“Yes sweetie, we’re having sex now!”

“Oh…” I said simply.

She smiled and threw her arms around me and drew me close to her. “You’re such a dear, dear boy, what a sweetheart!” she gushed.

“Thank you,” I said, a little bit embarrassed. A moment after Mrs Denny hugged me I could feel contraction and wet slippery motion around my penis and I grunted at the feelings.

“Go ahead and move your penis in and out a little bit,” she whispered into my ear. “See how good it makes you feel…” she urged me.

I lifted my hips a bit and let out a gasp. Holy shit that felt nice! Mrs Denny’s inner warmth had completely engulfed my penis now and I felt a strange ache in my hips and found that it took almost no effort to move myself in and out. In fact my hips almost seemed to have a slow rhythm all their own, and I kept moving in and out almost effortlessly.

“Oh yes sweetie,” urged Mrs Denny. “You’re such a lovely little boy! You’re so sweet!” she said, kissing my face and my neck, rubbing her arms over my bare back. This was seriously beginning to feel really good, but there was still that odd dull ache that was getting stronger and stronger in my hips.

I tried my best to smile at Mrs Denny but when I looked at her face I saw she was sweating a little bit now, and often her eyes closed and she would whimper or sigh. I was also aware that I was sighing too sometimes, breathing very heavily in fact, and every few strokes my vision would shake and I would lose sight of Mrs Denny’s face.

After several more minutes of this strange motion, my hips going up and down, my small hard penis slipping in and out of Mrs Denny’s body, I felt the ache in my hips suddenly bloom, spreading up my body. In alarm I
attempted to stop my hips from moving, but found I could not! Literally my hips were on complete autopilot at this point and I found it slightly alarming, but Mrs Denny spoke up, almost as though she knew what I was

“Don’t worry sweetie, it’s okay, you’ll be fine, just keep moving your hips, don’t worry, it will all be okay, just relax, keep breathing for me sweetie,” she said, kissing my neck, hugging me to her soft chest, her hands roaming down my back and holding me close to her. I felt trapped between her adult thighs, held in place by her strong adult arms, while I couldn’t seem to stop my hips from doing their automatic pumping motion.

Suddenly I went blind! I felt an intense pain in my groin, a pain that shot up through my stomach and doubled me over, pressing my chest into Mrs Denny’s soft breasts, my penis stuffed as far as possible into her, our crotches mashed together. Jolts of fire flashed through my groin, a burning sensation of heat and fire blasting through my erect penis. I had never experienced anything like this before!!

When my vision returned the fire was still throbbing through my penis but it was subsiding and coming in pulses now, and Mrs Denny was still under me, kissing my face now, telling me again and again how beautiful and wonderful I was, how much she loved me. One of her hands was now down on my bottom, pressing me firmly into her body, making it impossible for me to move my hips at all, even though they still would hump and jerk a little bit every so often, small spasms of motion.

Finally I was still, just dazed and unsure of what had just happened. I relaxed and let all my weight onto Mrs Denny’s body, my arms falling limp on either side of her. She stroked my damp hair and whispered in my ear. “There you go sweetie, there you are…” she said reassuringly. I had no idea what she was talking about but I found myself unable to resist or complain, and it sure did feel nice lying on top of Mrs Denny like this!!

Another few minutes passed and I felt very groggy, very sleepy, the Sun beating on my back, the soft rise and fall of Mrs Denny’s breathing, her occasional sighing in my ear, her caress on the back of my head, the feeling of warmth between our bodies, pressed together, especially down by my penis.

End of Part 1

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.

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